2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 06

1. This band's last album of original material, 1996's Smashing, features a cover of the 1969 hit "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town". Formed in 1991 in Sussex, England by the Fairbrass brothers, they took their name from a 1962 British hit single by Bernard Cribbins. The first British act to hit number one on the U.S. charts with a debut single since The Beatles, their breakthrough single was inspired by the male models who frequented the gym where the Fairbrass brothers worked out. For ten points name this British trio responsible for the 1992 novelty smash "I'm Too Sexy".

Answer: Right Said Fred

2. Three movies with this title were released during a three-week period in 2005. The first, released on video on June 28, 2005, starred C. Thomas Howell and was originally scheduled to be released as Invasion. The second, a three-hour indy released on video two weeks before the Howell version, was set in 1898 London and was promoted as the only authentic film version adapted from the original book. Film three was released in theaters on June 23, 2005, and was directed by Steven Spielberg. For ten points, give the common title for these films about alien invasions of Earth, all somewhat based on an H.G. Wells book.

Answer: The War of the Worlds

3. Introduced by the Sanford Company in 1964, it originally came in one color, black, and was endorsed by Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. The brand marked its 40th anniversary in 2004 with a celebration that included an appearance by Kurt Busch and briefly re-naming the town of Shelbyville, Tennessee. For ten points, name this writing implement that comes in colors like lime, aqua and berry, a marker that can write on glass, stone, plastic, and, according to Terrell Owens, pigskin.

Answer: Sharpie

4. In 1990, this author posed as a doctor in order to deposit 80-thousand dollars in false checks. A year later, he pled guilty to larceny after using Mega Memory customers' credit cards for his own benefit. In 1998, the FTC fined him 500-thousand dollars relating to six informercials that had false or misleading claims. His self-published book, pulled by Walgreens, is loaded with treatment options not supported by scientific research, and promotes a companion website which sells subscriptions for more detailed information. For ten points, name this author/shyster responsible for the best seller Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About.

Answer: Kevin Trudeau

5. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. Elizabeth Searle used their recorded statements from 1994 to create a libretto for an opera about their feud that will premiere at Tufts University in spring of 2006. Since the incident, one married agent Jerry Solomon and had two children, while the other starred in a honeymoon sex tape and divorced her husband who changed his last name to Stone. For ten points, name these women, Olympic athletes in Lillehammer who skated for Team USA.

Answer: Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

6. Miriam Webster notes that the term was coined in 1972. The NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference joined forces to fight it, creating a special coalition for the task. Examples of the genre include Dolemite, Trouble Man and Truck Turner. For ten points, name this group of films whose stars included William Marshall, Tamara Dobson, and Max Julian, the stars of such films as The Mack, Cleopatra Jones and Blacula.

Answer: blaxploitation

7. Among this man's current gigs includes hosting the noon-to-three Eastern shift for the Music of Your Life Radio Network. Born in 1934 in Jackson, Tennessee, he moved to Los Angeles in the late '50s, hosting radio and TV shows and recording a Top 10 spoken word single in "Deck of Cards". The first game show he hosted, What's This Song, premiered in 1965 and lasted less than a year. But he had more success with other shows, including Debt, Gambit and the early '80s version of Tic Tac Dough. For ten points, name this legendary emcee whose 19 shows he hosted does not include that fictitious show he hosts in 2005 commercials for Orbitz.

Answer: Winston "Wink" Martindale

8. The official Web site for this game features web diary entries from Rob, Brielle and the boyfriend-girlfriend tandem of Kurtis and Valerie. Players in this game have the option of teaching their character six basic tricks through a special training book, as well as enter Disc, Agility and Obedience contests. You can also pamper your character with shampoos, walks and tasty vittles. This describes, for ten points, what DS game, where you choose one of 18 different breeds of pups to virtually take care of.

Answer: Nintendogs

9. This song is about the death of the jazz musician father of one of the songwriters who was only ten at the time, although it was later dedicated to Johnny Ramone. However, the music video features a teenage couple played by Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. The boy ends up in the military and is ambushed by the enemy while his girlfriend waits at home. Also associated with the victims of Hurricane Katrina, this is, for ten points, what fourth single off of American Idiot by Green Day?

Answer: "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

10. Born on December 14, 1965 in Smithtown, New York, he was a teammate of Mo Vaughn and John Valentin at Seton Hall. The first non-pitcher of the 1987 draft to reach the majors, he got his first hit off Orel Hershiser in 1988. In 1991, he was named to the National League All-Star team as a catcher. Between 1992 and 1998, he made the All-Star Game six times, but as a second baseman. A four-time NL Gold Glover at second, this is, for ten points, what long-time Houston Astros standout who, in 2005, became the all-time major league leader in being hit by a pitch.

Answer: Craig Biggio

11. Angela Arenivar's parents speak no English. Harry Altman speaks a little too much English, and has never heard of the Catholic tradition of publishing banns before a wedding. Neil Kadakia's grandfather promised to feed hundreds of Indian villagers if he won. For ten points, name the Jeffrey Blitz-directed documentary in which you'd see these people, as well as Nupur Lala whose masterful handling of L-O-G-O-R-R-H-E-A won her a national championship in 1999.

Answer: Spellbound

12. Some claim that her 1994 death at age 33 attributed to liver cancer was faked to hide her links to a major politician. She appeared in Federico Fellini's Fred and Ginger, although she is more famous for films such as Backfield in Motion, Malibu Spice, and Naked Goddess. For ten points, name this Italian porn star, who co-founded the Love Party of Italy with La Cicciolina, Ilona Staller.

Answer: Moana Pozzi

13. In August 2004, he joined Tobey Maguire on the board of advisors for EdgeTV, an in-development game channel. Born July 16, 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin, he attended the University of Wisconsin for three years, but dropped out in order to "turn pro." In 1989, he became the youngest person to win the main event at the World Series of Poker, doing so at age 24. The author of Play Poker Like the Pros and Bad Beats and Lucky Draws, he's also penning his memoirs, to be called Poker Brat. For ten points, name this bad boy of poker and nine-time bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker.

Answer: Phil Hellmuth Jr.

14. In 2005, it opened a branch in Washington, D.C., its seventh overall and first outside its original city. The original opened in 1934 by William Sianis, who gained early publicity for his place by posting a "No Republicans Allowed" sign, and for reportedly putting a hex on the Chicago Cubs in 1945. Don Novello, while working as an ad copywriter in Chicago, ate here regularly, sparking the legendary "Olympia" eatery sketch on Saturday Night Live. For ten points, name this famous Chicago eatery where there are no fries, but "cheeps".

Answer: Billy Goat Tavern

15. This school actually has two varsity basketball teams, a local red squad and the traveling gold squad that has been led by Steve Smith since 1985. While Calvin Duncan was the first alum to play in the NBA, the program took off when Rod Strickland was recruited from New York to join the team. It has by far the most McDonald's All-Americans, with 21, including Josh Smith, Jerry Stackhouse and Carmelo Anthony. For ten points, name this basketball powerhouse, a small Baptist boarding school in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.

Answer: Oak Hill Academy

16. Two men sing this duet, but it's not very romantic. The song waxes rhapsodic about an imagined funeral, including the line "He looks like he's asleep/It's a shame that he won't keep/But it's summer and we're runnin' out of ice." Other slights to the deceased include likening him to rats, who he "treated as equals...which was right," and the comment that his "fingernails had never been so clean". For ten points, name this song performed by Gordon McCrae and Rod Steiger who play rivals for Shirley Jones' attentions in the hit '50s movie musical Oklahoma!.

Answer: Poor Judd is Dead

17. Among this TV show's executive producers is former Wonder Years child star Jason Hervey, while wresting impersario Eric Bischoff reportedly played a key role in the show's creation. The show's star, under the maiden name Richards, played Shelly Warner in the 1979 horror film The Dark. Fourteen contestants are split into two squads - Team Madison and Team Park. The one that shows the most class and etiquette wins 200-thousand dollars. This describes, for ten points, what NBC summer reality series hosted by Paris's mom?

Answer: I Want To Be A Hilton

18. It samples "Aye Naujawan Hai Sab Kuchchyahan" by Indian singer Asha Bhosle. It refers to musicians Brown and Houston with the lyrics "I'll play Bobby and you play Whitney" and borrows a line from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's "I Wonder If I Take You Home." Some think the title refers to oral sex, while others believe that the singer just doesn't want to be messed with. For ten points, name this first single from the album Monkey Business by the Black-Eyed Peas.

Answer: Don't Phunk with My Heart

19. At one point, he apparently died and became a star, leading to the appearance of Abraxas, but he was later shown to be merely incubating within Eternity. Born with the name Galan on the planet Taa, he emerged from a cosmic egg following the Big Crunch. A force of nature created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #48 along with his herald. For ten points, name this "Devourer of Worlds," who was defeated when the Silver Surfer betrayed him.

Answer: Galactus

20. Premiering in 1981, its original host was Gene Shalit, though he was replaced as his personality didn't match the nature of the program. Titles shows under its name included Woman in White, Charters and Caldicott, Shades of Darkness, and My Cousin Rachel. Originally sponsored by Mobil, its opening credits featured art inspired by Edward Gorey. Vincent Price became the host after Shalit, and Diana Rigg was its host up to its pairing with Masterpiece Theater. Name, for ten points, this PBS show that brought Prime Suspect and related series to US shores.

Answer: Mystery!

21. The son of Lithuanian immigrants, he was foiled in the 1980s to buy Conrail, Harley-Davidson and Formica, and he once sued his five sisters over his mother's will. The president and CEO of First Allied Corporation, he entered the sports world in 1995 by purchasing an NFL team. For ten points, name this reclusive Florida tycoon and Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner, whose successful bid at winning a controlling stake in Manchester United has made him a thorn in the British soccer world.

Answer: Malcolm Glazer