2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 04

1. It was proposed by U.S. Navy Commander John Collins in an argument while drinking beer and first occurred on February 18, 1978. Collins pointed out that the highest recorded oxygen uptake was that of Eddy Merckx in proposing this contest, first won by Gordon Haller in 11 hours, 46 minutes, and 58 seconds. Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Natascha Badmann, and Paula Newby-Fraser are among the more dominant athletes who have competed in, for ten points, what Hawaii event featuring running, swimming, and cycling?

Answer: Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

2. Its components include a box with three small, flashing incandescent lights arranged as a "Y," located behind its carrier vehicle's passenger seat. It requires the use of a plutonium powered nuclear reactor and that the vehicle housing it accelerate to a certain speed. Its creator got the idea for it during a classic "Eureka" moment involving his toilet. For ten points, name this device invented by Doc Brown that takes Marty McFly and his DeLorean Back to the Future.

Answer: Flux Capacitor

3. In 1993 and 1994, three songs with this title hit the Billboard charts. The first, penned while its writer was a student at Exeter, tells the story of a drunken student trying to attract a woman; it launched its band to success, and they later referred to it as their "iron lung," as early audiences only wanted to hear this song. The second was the first single released from "Core" by the Stone Temple Pilots. The biggest success, though, was the third, an ode to adultery that won its band a Best R&B Performance Grammy. For ten points, name this shared name of singles by Radiohead and TLC.

Answer: Creep

4. Marvin Stone supposedly invented the drinking straw to enhance the pleasure obtained from this beverage. Probably derived from an Arabic concoction made using rose petals, it was a signifier of wealth because few could afford crushed ice. Although originally made at times with rum and brandy, it is now commonly made with sugar, bourbon, and the leaves which replaced rose petals. For ten points, name this official drink of the Kentucky Derby.

Answer: mint julep

5. Born in 1974 in South Africa, he was British Columbia player of the year in 1992 after leading St. Michael's of Victoria to a provincial title. As a college freshman, he led 15th-seeded Santa Clara to a first-round upset of Arizona in the 1993 NCAA tournament. The 15th overall pick of the 1996 NBA draft, he was traded to Dallas in 1998 for a draft pick that would become Shawn Marion. He returned to the team that drafted him in 2004, and averaged 15.5 points and 11.5 assists a game his first year back in Arizona. For ten points, name this point guard and 2004-2005 NBA MVP.

Answer: Steve Nash

6. It dates its founding back to 1649, with the motto "First toil, then the grave." Its founders, who left Maryland in search of New Sodom, were governed by the principles of chastity, abstinence, and a flavorless mush called rootmarm. Exports have included melted hog fat, sulfur, a namesake type of galoshes, and fake vomit. Neighborhoods include Crackton, Little Newark, Ethnictown, and Pressboard Estates. Name, for ten points, this city whose motto is "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man," the home city of The Simpsons.

Answer: Springfield

7. In Quest for Glory II, Rakeesh can bestow this title upon honorable characters. In Diablo II, they follow the teachings of Zakarum. In Final Fantasy IV, Cecil Harvey seeks to become one. However, Jews can't become one, at least according to Eric Cartman. For ten points, what character class is a lawful-good holy knight in Dungeons and Dragons?

Answer: paladin

8. Originally recorded in 1974 on the album, Good Old Boys, it drew less attention than the record's more inflamatory song, "Rednecks." In 1991, Aaron Neville recorded it, making it the first track on his album, Warm Your Heart. For ten points, name this Randy Newman song that concludes with President Coolidge touring a flood-devastated area by train and musing that it's "a shame what the river has done To this poor crackers land."

Answer: Louisiana 1927

9. Last name's the same. One was born in 1960 in Youngstown, Ohio, while the other was born a year later. Both played college football at Iowa as safeties, and served as graduate assistants there. The older brother worked as an assistant at Kent State and Kansas State before becoming Steve Spurrier's defensive coordinator in 1996. The younger brother also coached at Kansas State and served as his older brother's defensive coordinator from 1999-2003. For ten points give the last name of Arizona head coach Mike and Oklahoma head coach Bob.

Answer: Stoops

10. In September 2005, two Australian secretaries were fired after an e-mail flame war that began when one of these objects went missing in the company fridge. Some claim that New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler or lawyer Barry Slotnick uttered the line that a district attorney could get any grand jury to indict one of these. Urban legend falsely claims that one killed Mama Cass. For ten points, name this non-kosher meal one might buy at Subway.

Answer: ham sandwich

11. Created from a merger in 1924, famous employees include Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney, and Buster Keaton. Its major property at the time of the merger was an overbudget epic filming in Rome. David O. Selznick, a staff producer, was also the son of its chief executive. Unlike all of its competitors, it never lost money, building on the success of Ben Hur with hits like An American in Paris and Singin' in the Rain. For ten points, name this old line film production company famously represented by mascot Leo the Lion.

Answer: Metro Goldwyn Mayer (Do not accept MGM/UA)

12. Among this golfer's business interests include a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, nine vineyards in two countries and hosting the Franklin Templeton Shootout exhibition. The son of an engineer and a homemaker, he won five Byron Nelson Awards for lowest adjusted scoring average between 1988 and 1995. The 1986 and 1993 British Open champion, he may be better known for his ability to choke, primarily at the 1986 and 1996 Masters. For ten points, name this Australian golfer, who made his Champions Tour debut in 2005, and is nicknamed the Shark.

Answer: Greg Norman

13. Upon entering this attraction, you are brought into an area that's supposed to represent a training center. Suspended on one of the walls is a gravity wheel. The ride begins with the countdown, where your seats drift back into launch position of facing to the sky, on your back. At liftoff, you feel the engines roar and the gravitational pull disappear. Created by former NASA advisors, astronauts, and scientists, along with the Walt Disney Imagineering team, this is, for ten points, what Epcot thrill ride which, in 2005, was the subject of controversy when a four-year-old boy died in it?

Answer: Mission: Space

14. He endowed a chair in 2005 for Dr. Terrence O'Brien at the Wilmer Eye Insitute at Johns Hopkins, after Dr. O'Brien treated him for pathological myopia. The donation was ironic because almost 20 years ealier, he had created a fictional ophthalmological surgeon at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Cathy Ryan. For 10 points, name this author who wrote about the exploits of Cathy's husband Jack in books like Patriot Games and The Sum of All Fears.

Answer: Tom Clancy

15. Duchess lives with Madame Bonfamille, along with her daughter Marie and sons Berlioz and Toulose. Butler Edgar Balthazar tends Madame, but has bad intentions. Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley befriends Duchess and her brood. When Edgar kidnaps Duchess and her offspring, O'Malley and his colorful pals help them find their way back to Paris. For ten points, name this 1970 feature, the last movie personally greenlighted by Walt Disney, that tries to give a good name to willing all your money to your pets.

Answer: The Aristocats

16. Missing from its clean version is the last track, "WCSR", featuring Snoop Dog. Other tracks include "Trucker Anthem" and "Midnight Train to Memphis", while its first singles were "Forever" and "Lonely Road of Faith", although its biggest hit was a duet with shades of country. For ten points, name this 2001 Kid Rock album featuring "Picture" with Sheryl Crow.

Answer: Cocky

17. In 2003, he proposed that Iraqis be given free access to MTV, Nickelodeon, and CNN and that a Disney World be opened in the Middle East. Often criticized by Christian groups for methods deemed physically and spiritually hazardous, he was accused in a 1996 Weekly Standard article of visiting a prostitute, although his libel suit was later settled out of court. Others criticize his claim of a relationship between quantum mechanics and healing. For ten points, name this author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, who is influenced by the Ayurveda school of Indian medicine.

Answer: Deepak Chopra

18. In TV's golden age, he hosted such game shows as Majority Rules, The Big Surprise and Who Pays, and played Lt. Kidd in 1949's Stand By for Crime. Born in 1918 in Brookline, Massachusetts, he joined CBS in 1951, where he hosted Night Beat and the 60s version of Biography. Portrayed by Christopher Plummer in 1999's The Insider, he now does the "all this, and Andy Rooney" plug on his TV show. For ten points name this TV journalist and dean of 60 Minutes.

Answer: Myron "Mike" Wallace

19. On October 27, 2005 at 1 p.m. eastern, he had four of the Top 10 slots on Amazon.com's Hot 100. Born in 1969 in Cleveland, this former Denison student worked as a doorman, stock boy and janitor before moving to Los Angeles at age 27 and focus on writing. His first book, published in 2003, focused on his past as a drug addict, alcoholic, criminal, and time in rehab at the Hazelden Center in Minnesota. For ten points, name this best-selling author responsible for the Oprah's Book Club pick A Million Little Pieces and its 2005 sequel, My Friend Leonard.

Answer: James Frey

20. Sadly for him, his first screen appearance was in 1999's Underground Comedy Movie in which he's billed as "Chinese Man." Other work includes supporting roles in 2005's Accidentally on Purpose and in 2004's Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, in which he played Kenneth Park, a nerdy guy who thinks corporate finance is "awesome". For ten points, name this stand up comic and up-and-coming film star probably best known for playing the likes of Suchin Pak, Michelle Kwan and Connie Chung on Mad T.V.

Answer: Bobby Lee

21. Original programming on it includes Palmetto Pointe, a soapy show about a young baseball player trying to make the bigs, the fashionista drama Model Citizens, and Young Blades, which seems like misnomer as it stars Michael Ironsides, Bruce Boxleitner, and Sheena Easton. It took its name in July of 2005, but aired under old and new names until late September. Continuing to air reruns of Bonanza and Early Edition as well as those of former original series like Doc and Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, name, for ten points, this TV network which, even with the name change, is the concern of Paxson Communications.

Answer: I