2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 03

1. 2005 CMA Award nominations for ten points each.

  1. This singer, who recently released the album Time Well Wasted, was nominated for single, song and video of the year, all for the tune "Alcohol".
    Answer: Brad Paisley
  2. Among this woman's six nominations included album of the year for There's More Where That Came From and single of the year for "I May Hate Myself in the Morning".
    Answer: Lee Ann Womack
  3. Dierks Bentley, Big and Rich, and Sugarland were among the artists nominated for this CMA Award, which honors rising country artists.
    Answer: Horizon Award

2. As the NHL finally resumes, a few players have decided to make their one-year exile a little more permanent. Name these players who retired before the 2005-06 season for ten points each.

  1. This Devil and 13-time All-Star played the most NHL games of any defenseman in history.
    Answer: Scott Stevens
  2. This St. Louis defenseman, who won the Norris Trophy in 1999 and ranks third in career points among defensemen, retired after 23 NHL seasons.
    Answer: Al MacInnis
  3. This forward and Montreal native, who spent 18 years with Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and San Jose, retired with 1,205 career points.
    Answer: Vincent Damphousse

3. Harold and Kumar went to White Castle. If you followed their adventure, this bonus should be a walk in the park with a giant bag of weed. For ten points each:

  1. David Krumholtz and Eddie Kaye Thomas can't go to White Castle because they want to stay home and watch a movie featuring this actress's breasts. Krumholtz later calls them the exact opposite of the Holocaust.
    Answer: Katie Holmes
  2. This actor, charged with a sex crime (that was later dismissed), plays a Burger Shack employee who adds something to the special sauce. And by something, we mean semen...animal semen.
    Answer: Anthony Anderson
  3. The boys finally stumble on a White Castle in this New Jersey town outside Philadelphia (where, ironically, no real White Castle exists).
    Answer: Cherry Hill

4. For ten points each, name these automobile makes that used to be sold in the U.S. but aren't anymore.

  1. The XR4Ti and the Scorpio were the two models of this German make, sold in the U.S. by Ford. Interestingly, in Germany they were sold as Fords.
    Answer: Merkur
  2. They stopped importing models like the Spider and Sprint into the US in 1995, but rumor says they may team with Maserati to get the 159 and Brera into the U.S. market.
    Answer: Alfa Romeo
  3. This brand, named for the last all-American designed AMC model, was co-branded with Jeep and then spun off to wither and die by 1998. Among its models were the Talon, Medallion, and Vision.
    Answer: Eagle

5. Kevin Smith, TV star? Answer these questions about small-screen appearances of Silent Bob for ten points each:

  1. On this NBC sitcom, Smith played himself, and gave the title character a movie audition when he and a friend tried to curry favor with a faked dog kidnapping.
    Answer: Joey
  2. Smith was the voice of Hal Jordan, the best-known Green Latern, in an episode of this Cartoon Network spinoff of a futuristic Daffy Duck short.
    Answer: Duck Dodgers
  3. On the short-lived Clerks: The Animated Series, we finally get a last name for Silent Bob. It's this, not too far removed from a John Belushi character.
    Answer: Plutarski

6. Famous cats in trashy literature for ten points each.

  1. Hermione Granger owns this formidable feline who terrorized Ron Weasley's rat, Scabbers, with the best of intentions.
    Answer: Crookshanks
  2. This cat once fronted the band the Boingers. A drugged out pile of diseased-looking orange fur, in some of the later Bloom County strips, his body was inhabited by the mind of Donald Trump. He also had an inexplicable lust for former U.N. Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick.
    Answer: Bill the Cat
  3. Mystery writer Rita Mae Brown claims this clever kitty as co-author of such books as Pay Dirt and Murder, She Meowed.
    Answer: Sneaky Pie Brown

7. For ten points each, given a subtitle available for the Gameboy Advance, name the video game series:

  1. Harmony of Dissonance.
    Answer: Castlevania
  2. The Minish Cap.
    Answer: The Legend of Zelda
  3. Grunty's Revenge.
    Answer: Banjo-Kazooie

8. Hired killers in film, for the stated number of points.

  1. (5) In Grosse Point Blank, he played John Cusak's competitor, Grocer, a hired killer who wants to unionize and ends up dead courtesy of a TV picture tube to the head.
    Answer: Dan Aykroyd
  2. (10) In Prizzi's Honor, he played beleaguered mob hitman Charlie Partanna.
    Answer: Jack Nicholson
  3. (15) In Blood Simple, he played Loren Visser, a sleazy private eye hired by Dan Hedaya to kill wife Francis McDormand and her boyfriend.
    Answer: M. Emmet Walsh

9. Given cookbooks, name the Food Network personality responsible for them for ten points each.

  1. The Lady and Sons Savannah Cookbook, The Lady and Sons Just Desserts, <BLANK> and Friends Living It Up Southern Style
    Answer: Paula Deen
  2. Semi-Homemade Cooking, Semi-Homemade Cooking 2, Semi-Homemade Desserts
    Answer: Sandra Lee
  3. Simple Italian, Molto Italiano
    Answer: Mario Batali

10. It only took 10 years, but UPN finally has a successful sitcom. For ten points each, answer these questions about Everybody Hates Chris.

  1. In the first episode, Chris and his family move from the projects to this Brooklyn "do or die" neighborhood, unaware of its thriving crack trade.
    Answer: Bedford-Stuyvesant or Bed-Sty
  2. Not everyone hates Chris; this kid, another target of bully Joey Caruso, becomes his best friend at Corleone Junior High.
    Answer: Greg
  3. While Rock provides voice-over, this young actor plays Rock's younger self.
    Answer: Tyler James Williams

11. To think, Apple and Moon Unit are the normal ones. Answer these questions about celebrities not thinking, or thinking too much, when naming their offspring, for ten points each.

  1. According to a British poll of the weirdest baby names, three of this late woman's offspring appears on the list: Fifi Trixibelle and Peaches, with Bob Geldof, and Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani with Michael Hutchence.
    Answer: Paula Yates
  2. Ranking just behind Apple on that list is Daisy Boo, the daughter of this Naked Chef.
    Answer: Jamie Oliver
  3. The royal family also landed a spot on the list with this younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson who was born in 1990.
    Answer: Princess Eugenie

12. Name these members of the 3,000-hit club for ten points each.

  1. The only member of the club to reach the mark with a pinch hit, this man got hit number 3,000 on May 13, 1958 against the Cubs.
    Answer: Stan Musial
  2. The only member of the club to reach the mark with a triple was this man, who got his 3,000th hit as a Twin on September 16, 1996.
    Answer: Paul Molitor
  3. The first player to join the club was this Hall of Famer, who garnered his 3,000th hit in 1897.
    Answer: Adrian Constantine "Cap" Anson

13. Young men and borrowed cars are rarely a good combination -- in movies, anyway. Given descriptions of cars trashed in films, name the movies you'd find them in for ten points each.

  1. A jet black Porsche 928 rolls down a dock and ends up sunk in Lake Michigan in this 1983 film.
    Answer: Risky Business
  2. A 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California spends a weekday being driven at dangerous speeds by a pair of parking garage attendants before hurtling backwards through a plate glass window and crashing into a ravine.
    Answer: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  3. Despite the fact that the action takes place in 1962, the ruined car in this film is a 1964 Lincoln. The wreck is transformed into a death mobile disguised as a float and helps to ruin a college homecoming parade.
    Answer: National Lampoon's Animal House

14. Answer the following about artists or groups who performed at the 1985 Live Aid concerts for ten points each.

  1. This artist performed his hit single "In the Air Tonight" at Wembley Stadium in London, boarded the Concorde and flew to Philadelphia, where he promptly performed the same frickin song.
    Answer: Phil Collins
  2. Chevy Chase introduced this legendary metal group, which performed "Paranoid" and "Iron Man" at Live Aid. Sadly, they didn't sacrifice Chase for an encore.
    Answer: Black Sabbath
  3. The first artist introduced by Jack Nicholson at Live Aid, this man performed four songs -- "Kids Wanna Rock," "Tears Are Not Enough," "Cuts Like A Knife" and "Summer of 69".
    Answer: Bryan Adams

15. Sometimes brands become so ubiquitous that they're more well-known than the product themselves. Identify some clues for ten points each.

  1. Created in the 1920s, this Kimberly Clark brand was originally promoted by Helen Hayes and Jean Harlow.
    Answer: Kleenex
  2. The original product of Chesebrough Manufacturing and now put out by Unilever, the brand name comes from the German words for water and oil.
    Answer: Vaseline
  3. A Swiss inventor and mountaineer got the idea for this brand in 1948 after seeing plant seed-sacs that clung to his pants and his dog.
    Answer: Velcro

16. Jason Bateman may have earned critical acclaim on Arrested Development, but it took him a long way to get there. Answer these questions about sitcoms that featured Bateman for ten points each.

  1. Bateman's first regular appearance on a sitcom was as Derek Taylor on this Ricky Schroeder sitcom, which aired on NBC from 1982-1987.
    Answer: Silver Spoons
  2. The 2001 sitcom Some of My Best Friends, which featured Bateman as a gay writer, was the TV version of this 1997 indie film about a straight man who moves into a gay man's apartment, after thinking "GWM" in a personal ad stood for "Guy With Money".
    Answer: Kiss Me Guido
  3. One of the first shows to premiere on the WB, this '90s sitcom starred Bateman as a man who loses his job and wife and is forced to move to a Harlem tenement with his title character brother, played by Harland Williams.
    Answer: Simon

17. Answer the following about U.S. success at the 2005 Presidents Cup golf tournament for ten points each.

  1. The top player on the U.S. team may have been this player, who teamed with Phil Mickelson to rout Angel Cabrera and Michael Campbell in Saturday fourball, then sank the putt that beat Stuart Appleby and won the Cup.
    Answer: Chris DiMarco
  2. This American with the funky swing proved to be the perfect partner for Tiger Woods, teaming up to beat Appleby and Vijay Singh in Saturday fourball and drawing with the same two in the Saturday foursome.
    Answer: Jim Furyk
  3. This 1997 British Open champ scored his first win in a Presidents or Ryder Cup singles match on Sunday, downing Tim Clark in the opener 4 and 3.
    Answer: Justin Leonard

18. So you're behind in this match? Well, I have good news for you. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO. Answer the following about GEICO TV ads for ten points each.

  1. This fitness guru who calls himself "America's Personal Trainer" delivers the catchphrase while exercising on his Gazelle.
    Answer: Tony Little
  2. This alleged guitar virtuoso and infomercial king, who sells the American Legacy Guitar on TV, delivers the catchphrase to a struggling garage band.
    Answer: Esteban (also accept Stephen Paul)
  3. This Japanese cartoon is also subject to the GEICO treatment, as Trixie delivers the catchphrase to the title character.
    Answer: Speed Racer

19. Identify these Pink Floyd albums for the stated number of points.

  1. (5) This seminal 1973 album featured such tracks as "Time," "Money" and "The Great Gig In The Sky".
    Answer: Dark Side of the Moon
  2. (10) Basically nothing more than a David Gilmour solo album, this 1987 Pink Floyd release featured the tracks "Learning to Fly" and "The Dogs of War".
    Answer: A Momentary Lapse of Reason
  3. (15) Pink Floyd's last studio album of original material, this 1994 release includes the tracks "A Great Day For Freedom" and "Take It Back".
    Answer: The Division Bell

20. In his song "One in a Million," Charlie Robison claims to have been kidnapped by beer swilling aliens as an excuse for not seeing "Meryl Streep in a part with an accent" with his girlfriend. Prove that you've missed the space beer and the anal probe and name the following Streep films from clues for the stated number of points.

  1. (5) Streep pulls out a Polish accent in this tearjerker about the Holocaust.
    Answer: Sophie's Choice
  2. (10) A dingo eats a baby in this 1988 Streep vehicle about the Lindy Chamberlain murder case.
    Answer: A Cry in the Dark
  3. (15) In this 1998 art house flick, Streep uses a realistic Irish accent to play one of the five Mundy sisters eking out a hard existence in rural Ballybog in 1936.
    Answer: Dancing at Lughnasa

21. Identify these African-American soccer players for ten points each.

  1. This midfielder and Fort Wayne native became the first American to play in the European Champions League semifinals, doing so for the Netherlands' PSV Eindhoven in 2005.
    Answer: DaMarcus Beasley
  2. This 21-year-old FC Dallas forward and frequent U.S. national team starter received million dollar offers to join Spain's Real Mallorca and Portugal's Benfica in 2004. MLS turned both down.
    Answer: Eddie Johnson
  3. Despite losing his starting job to Roy Carroll at the end of the 2004-05 season, Manchester United showed confidence in this former MetroStars goalkeeper by signing him to a two-year contract and releasing Carroll.
    Answer: Tim Howard

22. Some airports have long names. Even others have longer names. Answer the following about the latter for ten points each.

  1. In May 2005, Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich signed a bill renaming Baltimore-Washington International Airport in honor of this late Supreme Court justice, making the airport's new name 55 letters long. Take that Reagan National!
    Answer: Thurgood Marshall
  2. This city's airport added the name of former mayor Maynard Jackson to its title, which already included the name of William Hartsfield.
    Answer: Atlanta
  3. In 2002, Newark International Airport in New Jersey added this seven-letter word to its name. Given that the airport is in Newark, perhaps a four-letter word would do best.
    Answer: Liberty