2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 02

1. Identify these members of 50 Cent's G-Unit crew for ten points each.

  1. A Nashville-born rapper with an estimated 100-thousand dollars worth of diamonds in his teeth, this man released his debut album, Straight Outta Cashville, in 2004. Hits include "Let Me In" and "Shorty Wanna Ride."
    Answer: Young Buck or David Brown
  2. The youngest member of G-Unit, this rapper went quadruple platinum with his debut album, The Hunger for More, in 2004. His hit singles include "I'm So Fly" and "On Fire".
    Answer: Lloyd Banks or Christopher Lloyd
  3. A member of G-Unit in 2004, he split with 50 Cent later that year, leading to a confrontation outside a New York City radio station. His song "300 Bars and Runnin'" is seen by members of the rap community as a complete diss of 50 and G-Unit.
    Answer: The Game or Jayceon Taylor

2. The Kansas City Royals: 19-game losing streaks, cheap owner, apathetic fans. They're the 1962 Mets for a new generation. Answer the following about the 2005 Royals for ten points each.

  1. Probably the most well-known player on the 2005 Royals is this first baseman and permanent trade bait, who represented Kansas City in five of the last six All-Star Games.
    Answer: Mike Sweeney
  2. The 2003 American League Rookie of the Year was this current Royals shortstop.
    Answer: Angel Berroa
  3. A 21-game winner for Houston in 1999, this colorful Dominican pitcher continues to live off the glory of that year. He went 5-16 with a 6.99 ERA for the Royals in 2005.
    Answer: Jose Lima

3. Cricket sucks. It's even more pointless and boring than baseball. Ironically, cricket bats are always loads of fun. For ten points each, given clues involving these weapons of ass destruction, identify the films that featured them.

  1. Simon Pegg wields a cricket bat to fend off the undead as the titular character of this 2004 indy hit.
    Answer: Shaun of the Dead
  2. In this 1998 masterpiece, the protagonist is menaced by cricket-bat wielding, nihilist Kraftwerk clones, one of whom urinates on his rug.
    Answer: The Big Lebowski
  3. Despite the fact that cricket bats are actually used for cricket in this 1987 John Boorman film, the movie doesn't suck, but rather tells the story of a young boy whose house and school are destroyed by the blitz during WWII.
    Answer: Hope and Glory

4. Given titles of new books making a splash on Barnes & Nobles best seller list, identify the authors for ten points each, or for five if you need an earlier work.

  1. Flush
    (5 points): Strip Tease
    Answer: Carl Hiassen
  2. The Interruption of Everything
    (5 points): How Stella Got her Groove Back
    Answer: Terry McMillen
  3. Polar Shift
    (5 points): Deep Six
    Answer: Clive Cussler

5. For winning an Oscar and creating Six Feet Under, Alan Ball has been involved in a fair amount of TV crap. For ten points each, name these stinkers that had Ball's fingerprints on them.

  1. Ball spent three years writing for this CBS sitcom about an aging actress, which just happened to be named for the Moonlighting star and aging actress who played the show's aging actress.
    Answer: Cybill
  2. Ball's first regular TV writing gig was on this ABC sitcom starring Brett Butler.
    Answer: Grace Under Fire
  3. Besides Six Feet Under, Ball created this show about three guys - Hunter, Norris, and Ford - who were friends in high school and now live together. It aired for 11 episodes for ABC in 1999. The only notable cast member was Rena Sofer, who played Ford's ex-wife.
    Answer: Oh Grow Up

6. It is also the setting of the Gotrek Gurnisson novels by William King. For ten points each:

  1. Name this fantasy setting of many offerings by the British company Games Workshop.
    Answer: Warhammer Fantasy
  2. The sci-fi counterpart to Warhammer fantasy, its groups include the Xenos, Eldar, and the Space Marines of the Imperium.
    Answer: Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer 40K
  3. True fantasy football, this game has orcs, dwarves, elves, and others playing American football.
    Answer: Blood Bowl

7. Anne Bancroft wasn't just the big score in many a celebrity death pool; she was a great actress. For ten points each, given clues, identify the movies starring the late Mrs. Robinson.

  1. Bancroft won an Oscar for her turn in this 1962 Arthur Penn drama about the relationship between Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan.
    Answer: The Miracle Worker
  2. She played the disapproving Jewish mother of a female impersonator in this 1988 film co-starring Harvey Fierstein and Matthew Broderick.
    Answer: Torch Song Trilogy
  3. In this 1997 flop, Bancroft played a scheming senator whose machinations threaten Demi Moore's military career.
    Answer: G.I. Jane

8. With the WWE now officially promoting nostalgia, it's not surprising that some greats of the past have been thrown back into the ring. Identify these has-beens still finding their way into the ring for ten points each:

  1. He's made a few comebacks to the WWE in the past five years, but this time he was also plugging his VH-1 reality show in addition to fighting Mohammad Hassan and, later, Shawn Michaels.
    Answer: Hulk Hogan or Hollywood Hogan (accept Terry Bollea)
  2. His partner Hawk passed on a few years ago, but with the release of a Road Warriors DVD, it's not a surprise he would win a share of the tag-team title, this time partnering with Heidenreich.
    Answer: Animal (accept James Laurenaitis)
  3. Teaming up with his son Randy, aka "The Legend Killer," he helped beat The Undertaker in a casket match at the No Way Out pay-per-view. He also got a few licks on former partner Roddy Piper at the Raw Homecoming.
    Answer: Cowboy Bob Orton

9. For ten points each, given a crappy single, name the American Idol alum who inflicted it on us.

  1. "This Is The Night"
    Answer: Clay Aiken
  2. "8th World Wonder"
    Answer: Kimberly Locke
  3. "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
    Answer: Kelly Clarkson

10. For ten points each, name these non-quarterback Heisman Trophy winners-turned-NFL flops:

  1. He became one of the top rushers in the league, but that league was the XFL. He blamed marijuana for his sub-par performance with the Bears after cracking 2,000 yards as a Colorado senior.
    Answer: Rashaan Salaam
  2. He gained less than 3,000 yards rushing in seven seasons, all with the Cincinnati Bengals.
    Answer: Archie Griffin
  3. Considered the Big Eight's greatest player ever, this Nebraska halfback played four seasons in the CFL. He later signed with the Chargers but lasted just two seasons with hamstring and knee injuries.
    Answer: Johnny Rodgers

11. For ten points each, answer the following about first ladies from their prime time TV appearances.

  1. While her last appearance in a TV series was on an episode of Dynasty, most will remember her for her appearance on Diff'rent Strokes where she reminded us all to Just Say No.
    Answer: Nancy Reagan
  2. In a 1976 episode of this CBS sitcom classic, Betty Ford appeared as herself, showing up at a DC press seminar with Lou Grant and Mary Richards.
    Answer: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  3. This First Lady apparently played herself on an episode of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In that aired on a day her husband was inaugurated. That didn't seem so funny, later on.
    Answer: Pat Nixon

12. Famous dogs in trashy literature, for ten points each.

  1. He's big and red and was voiced in cartoons by the late John Ritter.
    Answer: Clifford
  2. The unplanned pup of Farley, the Pattersons' now-deceased dog, one For Better or for Worse storyline dealt with his neutering and the emotional toll it took on the man of the house.
    Answer: Edgar
  3. This dog, adopted by preacher's daughter Opal, is the title character in a children's book by Kate DiCamillo, recently made into a film of the same name.
    Answer: Winn-Dixie

13. For ten points each, name the people behind these cover albums:

  1. This Canadian act released Feedback in 2004, marking the 30th anniversary of their eponymous debut, their only album without drummer Neil Peart [peert].
    Answer: Rush
  2. After being promoted to the Red Sox starting rotation in 2004, this pitcher known for his kick during his pitching motion released the 2005 album Covering the Bases with his versions of modern rock songs.
    Answer: Bronson Arroyo
  3. A punk rock cover band, their most recent album, Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah, was actually recorded live at a bar mitzvah.
    Answer: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

14. Usually it's the football players that pick a fight, but occasionally the bands get involved. For 10 points each:

  1. This university's Pep Band was replaced after a 2002 halftime show at the Continental Tire Bowl, which portrayed a West Virginia girl in a "Bacheloresque" show, drawing the ire of West Virginians, including the governor.
    Answer: University of Virginia
  2. In October 1998, this University's band got into an onfield scuffle with Southern's band and was barred from the next two games. The next week the football team broke its 80 game losing streak.
    Answer: Prairie View A&M
  3. Angry fans of this university surrounded Rice Stadium in 1973 after the Marching Owl Band lampooned its mascot Revielle by forming a fire hydrant and playing "O Where, O Where Has My Little Dog Gone."
    Answer: Texas A&M University

15. In 2005, the Game Show Congress honored those game show personalities who passed on during the 12-month period between GSC 3 and 4. Answer the following about those GSC paid tribute to for ten points each.

  1. This man was honored for hosting both Do You Trust Your Wife and Who Do You Trust, although he's probably better known for hosting an NBC late night show for 30 years.
    Answer: Johnny Carson
  2. This comic impressionist and game show panelist received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal as the original Riddler in the 1960's version of Batman.
    Answer: Frank Gorshin
  3. Richard Whiteley, who died in 2005, hosted this classic British game show of words and numbers for 23 years.
    Answer: Countdown

16. Name these drivers competing in the 2005 Chase for the Nextel Cup for ten points each.

  1. This driver of the #97 Crown Royal Ford was the Nextel Cup series champion in 2004.
    Answer: Kurt Busch
  2. This veteran driver of the #2 Miller Lite Ford was the 1984 Rookie of the Year, 1989 Winston Cup champion and, as of 2004, has won 55 career Winston/Nextel Cup races.
    Answer: Rusty Wallace
  3. This driver of the #16 National Guard Ford had five wins in his first 28 starts this year, and was the 2001 Busch Series Rookie of the Year.
    Answer: Greg Biffle

17. For ten points each, name these people associated with the Velvet Underground.

  1. This artist became the Velvets' manager in 1965, introduced Nico to the band, and created the cover of their debut album.
    Answer: Andy Warhol
  2. Lou Reed and John Cale met while Cale was studying classical music with this avant-garde composer of "Imaginary Landscapes" and "4'33""
    Answer: John Cage
  3. In July of 1965, Cale gave a coopy of the Velvets' demo to this singer, hoping she'd pass it on to Mick Jagger; nothing ever came of it, and the demo wasn't publicly released until 1995.
    Answer: Marianne Faithfull

18. 40-30-20-10-1 Name the state given weird roadside attractions.

  1. (40) Look, you have a one-in-50 shot here, right? So just guess!
  2. (30) Mount Solon is home to the National Jousting Hall of Fame, while Burnt Chimney has a broken-down device called The World's Only Ass Kicking Machine.
  3. (20) Waverly is home to the America's oldest peanut museum, while Lynchburg is home to Concrete World, home to the world's largest collection of cement collectibles.
  4. (10) Roanoke is home to Elvis City, a miniature version of Graceland and all things Elvis, while Richmond has the JEB Stuart Mortal Wound Jacket at a city museum.
  5. (1) Virginia Beach is home to Mount Trashmore State Park.
Answer: Virginia

19. Identify these things you can find in Madden NFL 2006 for ten points each.

  1. In this mode, you create an NFL star from the start of his life. Choose your parents, take an IQ test and even angle for a film role in this mode.
    Answer: NFL Superstar Mode
  2. This control, introduced in Madden 2006, lets players decide exactly where you want the pass to go relative to the receiver.
    Answer: Precision Placement
  3. To help you separate the Matt Hasselbecks from the Tim Hasselbecks is this grey triangle that shows the area that your quarterback is ready to pass into.
    Answer: Quarterback Vision Control

20. 40-30-20-10-1. Name the activity.

  1. [40] It is not poisoning pigeons in the park.
  2. [30] In September 2005, two cousins from Macomb County, Michigan were charged with a rarely-enforced statute against this activity, which they engaged in with respect to $30. The 1846 law banning it allows for a maximum penalty of ten years in jail.
  3. [20] Georgia Senator Zell Miller expressed a desire to live in an age where this activity was still common in a 2004 appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews.
  4. [10] Russian authors Miklhail Lermontov and Aleksandr Pushkin and U.S. statesman Alexander Hamilton are among those who have died as a result of this activity.
  5. [1] This activity is central to the Ridley Scott film The Duellists, based on Joseph Conrad's The Duel.
Answer: dueling

21. Identify these actors based on their guest appearances on Night Court for ten points each.

  1. Already a TV patriarch in the 1960s, this actor played Harry's somewhat off-kilter father Buddy.
    Answer: John Astin
  2. Harry's all-time favorite singer, this "Velvet Fog" had a number of appearances as himself.
    Answer: Mel Torme
  3. What a country! This '80s stand-up star played a bumbling foreigner who helps get acclimated to the U.S. thanks to Harry.
    Answer: Yakov Smirnoff

22. Michael J. Fox films for ten points each.

  1. In this 1987 comedy, Fox plays a mailroom employee of a New York company who pretends to be an executive. He also has sex with his aunt and woos Helen Slater.
    Answer: The Secret of My Success
  2. This 1993 film saw Fox play a former child actor-turned-talent agent, who recruits a child pickpocket to be his first true star.
    Answer: Life With Mikey
  3. Between the releases of the second and third Back to the Future movies, Fox took a dramatic turn in this Vietnam War film, playing a soldier dismayed by the rape of a Vietnamese woman.
    Answer: Casualties of War