2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 01

1. In 2005, the Golden Raspberry Awards celebrated 25 years of honoring the worst in film.

  1. (5 points per answer): In 2003, this pair had the special privilege of winning Worst Actress, Worst Actor and Worst Couple while co-starring in the year's Worst Film honoree.
    Answer: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (also accept Bennifer for both or J. Lo for Lopez)
  2. For ten points, this Oscar winner who took home the Worst Actress of 2004 Razzie showed up to collect her award and gave a speech complete with expletives directed at Warner Brothers for their role in her win.
    Answer: Halle Berry
  3. For ten points, in 2000, this film took five awards including Worst Director and Worst Screen Couple for the star/writer/director of the film and "any animal he abuses."
    Answer: Freddy Got Fingered

2. Nothing on earth is more important than a clean toilet. Identify the following toilet cleaners for ten points each.

  1. This cleaner with a bird-like application nozzle comes in several varieties including Liquid Rimblock and Ultra Gel and is manufactured by SC Johnson, A Family Company.
    Answer: Toilet Duck
  2. Advertisements for this line of bathroom cleaners have featured animated versions of the product attacking toilet filth to the accompaniment of Ride of the Valkyries.
    Answer: Scrubbing Bubbles
  3. Chappelle's Show aired a spoof commercial for Potty Fresh, a toilet cleaner featuring this rapper famed for such songs as "Rockafella" and "Smash Sumthin" riding a jet ski in a woman's toilet.
    Answer: Redman (also accept Reggie Noble)

3. Name these nominees for the 2006 class at the International Tennis Hall of Fame for ten points each.

  1. This Australian won back-to-back U.S. Open men's singles titles in 1997 and 1998.
    Answer: Patrick Rafter
  2. This Argentine beauty won 27 women's singles titles in her career, including the 1990 U.S. Open.
    Answer: Gabriela Sabatini
  3. This German won the Wimbledon men's singles title in 1991.
    Answer: Michael Stich

4. For ten points, identify these songs that were No. 1 on the pop chart on this week the stated number of years ago.

  1. Five years ago, Creed earned its first No. 1 hit with this song that lead singer Scott Stapp wrote in anticipation of his first child.
    Answer: With Arms Wide Open
  2. Ten years ago, Mariah Carey was in the midst of an eight-week run atop the pop chart with this single off the Daydreamer album that sampled the Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love."
    Answer: Fantasy
  3. Thirty years ago, the Rolling Stones proved not to be one-hit wonders when this grammatically challenged follow-up to "Satisfaction" hit the top spot.
    Answer: Get Off of My Cloud

5. Shel Silverstein books and collections for ten points each.

  1. Published six years after his death, this 2005 "billy sook" features such characters as Toe Jurtle, Ploppy Sig and "sharber bop" owner Pilly Belican.
    Answer: Runny Babbit
  2. This 1964 book could best be described as the relationship between a boy and the title piece of fauna.
    Answer: The Giving Tree
  3. This 1974 poetry collection is simply subtitled Poems and Drawings and features such poems as "Dancing Pants" and "The Dirtiest Man in the World."
    Answer: Where the Sidewalk Ends

6. Urban Outfitters. Maybe they should just stay away from gimmicks. Answer the following for ten points each.

  1. In 2005, Urban Outfitters was condemned by Hispanic activists for selling a shirt that said New Mexico, <BLANK> than original Mexico. What word fits the blank?
    Answer: Cleaner
  2. Urban Outfitters was criticized in 2003 for selling this board game, a spoof of Monopoly.
    Answer: Ghettopoly
  3. 2004 was also not kind for Urban Outfitters, courtesy of a controversial T-shirt that said this was for old people.
    Answer: Voting

7. Wacky poems/he once read/his number's up/yes, Nipsey's dead. Answer these questions about the career of TV's poet laureate, Nipsey Russell for ten points each. In honor of Nipsey, each question is written in the form of a poem.

  1. Decades earlier Jack Haley's/most famous role in the biz,/Nipsey eased on down the road/as this character in The Wiz.
    Answer: The Tin Man
  2. In this 60s sitcom, Nipsey/was a Bronx precinct's Officer Anderson/When remade in '94/Nipsey was promoted to Captain.
    Answer: Car 54, Where Are You (note: yes, that rhyme stinks)
  3. Nipsey, in this '86 film/as high school principal carried on/while Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson/played under coach Goldie Hawn.
    Answer: Wildcats

8. Identify these baseball players given a weird injury they suffered for ten points each.

  1. This four-decade player and longtime base-stealing threat once fell asleep with an ice pack on his ankle, and came down with a case of frostbite.
    Answer: Rickey Henderson
  2. This Braves player once burned his chest while ironing a shirt. It should be noted he was WEARING the shirt at the time.
    Answer: John Smoltz
  3. This 1989 National League MVP required dental surgery after biting into an overheated microwave donut.
    Answer: Kevin Mitchell

9. Identify these actors who make surprising appearances in the Star Wars universe for ten points each.

  1. Yes, it was this veteran sitcom actor and regular voice in Pixar movies who plays Maj. Bren Derlin in The Empire Strikes Back. Not sure if he went for a beer afterward.
    Answer: John Ratzenberger
  2. Fresh off an Oscar nomination for Whale Rider, this New Zealand teenager played the Queen of Naboo in Revenge of the Sith.
    Answer: Keisha Castle-Hughes
  3. She was nominated for an Oscar the same year as Castle-Hughes, but as a director. She had a small role as Sache in The Phantom Menace.
    Answer: Sofia Coppola

10. When you think of country, you think of New Jersey. Name these musicians on a 15-5 basis.

  1. [15] Born while his father was temporarily working in New Jersey, he had a country #1 with his debut single in 1989. [5] In addition to 1989's "A Better Man", other #1's include 1999's "When I Said I Do", a duet with his wife Lisa Hartman.
    Answer: Clint Black
  2. [15] Born in Princeton, New Jersey, she traveled the Washington D.C. coffeehouse circuit before releasing her first album, Hometown Girl.
    [5] This "Down at the Twist and Shout" and "Shut Up and Kiss Me" singer attended not Princeton, but Brown University.
    Answer: Mary Chapin Carpenter

11. Now that Veronica Mars has entered its second season, it's safe to disclose certain information. For ten points each:

  1. Who killed Lily Kane?
    Answer: Aaron Echolls (Accept Aaron, prompt for more on Echols).
  2. Who had sex with Veronica while she was drugged?
    Answer: Duncan Kane (Accept Duncan, prompt for more on Kane)
  3. Logan claimed to be with this pair when Lily was killed. Name them for five points each.
    Answer: Dick Cassablancas and Beaver Cassablancas (Prompt on Cassablancas. Accept Cassidy in place of Beaver; first names alone are acceptable).

12. The U.S. won the most medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens with 103. For five points each, name the next six countries on top of the medal table.

Answer: Russia, China, Australia, Germany, Japan, France

13. Those crazy kids and their promiscuous sex. One for five, two for ten, three for twenty and four for thirty, given the color of the sex bracelet, identify the intimate act the wearer is willing to perform.

  1. orange
    Answer: kiss
  2. black
    Answer: intercourse (accept equivalents for coitus)
  3. blue
    Answer: blow job (also accept lap dance)
  4. brown
    Answer: analingus (accept equivalents)

14. Back in the day, network TV on Saturday nights actually meant something, with several successful shows found on that night. Name these classic shows that aired fresh episodes on Saturdays for ten points each.

  1. This classic sitcom about the antics at 704 Hauser in the Corona section of Queens anchored CBS's Saturday night lineup from 1971-1976.
    Answer: All in the Family
  2. This CBS legal drama with Raymond Burr as the title character aired Saturday nights from 7:30 to 8:30 from 1957-1962.
    Answer: Perry Mason
  3. This Aaron Spelling series featuring Gavin MacLeod and Fred Grandy had a successful Saturday night run for ABC from 1977-1986.
    Answer: The Love Boat

15. Name these NBA draft busts for ten points each.

  1. In 1984, the Portland Trail Blazers used the second overall pick on this oft-injured Kentucky center who averaged 11 points a game in an 11-year pro career. The Bulls used the next pick to draft some guy named Jordan.
    Answer: Sam Bowie
  2. Now the general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, this Duke forward opted to play his rookie season in Italy rather than play for the Clippers, which drafted him second overall in 1989.
    Answer: Danny Ferry
  3. Small hands and questionable maturity have doomed this alleged high school phenom ever since he was drafted first overall by the Wizards in 2001.
    Answer: Kwame Brown

16. Earlier this year, Philadelphia radio station WXPN 88.5 released their list of the 885 greatest albums of all time. For ten points each, given descriptions, answer the following questions about horrendously overrated albums on that list.

  1. Two albums by this band, including Under the Table and Dreaming, were slotted in before the entire oeuvres of the Replacements, the Police, and Elvis Costello.
    Answer: Dave Matthews Band
  2. This 2000 breakthrough album by David Gray was #45, ahead of Stevie Wonder's Songs from the Key of Life and Marvin Gaye's What's Going On?
    Answer: White Ladder
  3. Sure, this 1993 album featuring tracks like "Rain King" and "Omaha" is a fine record, but the second-best album of the 1990s? Doubtful.
    Answer: August and Everything After [Counting Crows]

17. Horror has seen a revival in the 21st century. Five for one, two for ten, three for twenty and four for thirty, given the recent horror titles, name the directors.

  1. House of 1000 Corpses
    Answer: Rob Zombie
  2. Cabin Fever
    Answer: Eli Roth
  3. 28 Days Later
    Answer: Danny Boyle
  4. The Grudge
    Answer: Takashi Shimizu

18. With The Apprentice: Trump airing Thursday nights at 9pm eastern, NBC's two-decade run of a two-hour Thursday sitcom block has come to an end. Name these reasons there is no more two-hour sitcom block for ten points each.

  1. Airing from 1995-1999, with the first season on Thursdays, this sitcom starred Lea Thompson as a cartoonist trying to find love.
    Answer: Caroline in the City
  2. Airing from 1997-2000, with the first two seasons on Thursday, this strange sitcom saw Kirstie Alley as the title character, the head of a mail-order lingerie company.
    Answer: Veronica's Closet
  3. Airing from 1995-1997 on Thursday, this urban comedy saw Jonathan Silverman as a Manhattan novelist trying to find the woman of his dreams.
    Answer: The Single Guy

19. Need to spread your religious message the easy way and pocket moolah? Open a college! Answer these questions about such colleges and universities for ten points each.

  1. Jerry Falwell is the founder and president of this private Baptist university in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    Answer: Liberty University
  2. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Regent University was founded by this religious broadcaster, former presidential candidate and 700 Club founder.
    Answer: Marion "Pat" Robertson
  3. Founded by pizza magnate Tom Monaghan, this Naples, Florida school is the first Catholic university founded in the United States in 50 years, opening in 2003.
    Answer: Ave Maria University

20. The "Jack" format is causing a stir nationwide, but nowhere more so than in New York City. For 10 points each,

  1. What well-known New York radio station went from "oldies" to the "Jack" format on June 3, firing all of their deejays?
    Answer: WCBS-FM (accept "CBS-FM")
  2. This legendary Brooklyn-born deejay, who introduced the Beatles at Shea stadium and had been with WCBS since 1982, was among those fired.
    Answer: Bruce Morrow or "Cousin Brucie"
  3. "Cousin Brucie" can now be heard 3 times a week hosting oldies programming on this New York-based satellite radio service.
    Answer: Sirius Satellite Radio

21. All things Robert Jordan for ten points each.

  1. This is the latest book in Jordan's never ending Wheel of Time series, released in 2005.
    Answer: The Knife of Dreams
  2. Jordan wrote eight novels in this series, made famous in 1982 and 1984 films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the title hero.
    Answer: Conan the Barbarian (accept Conan the Destroyer)
  3. Under the pen name Reagan O'Neal, Jordan wrote this trilogy, 1981's The <BLANK> Legacy, 1982's The <BLANK> Pride and 1995's The <BLANK> Blood. This word fills in the blanks.
    Answer: Fallon

22. For ten points each, given locations, name the game in the Final Fantasy series:

  1. The World of Ruin and Figaro's Castle.
    Answer: Final Fantasy VI
  2. Coneria and the Temple of Fiends.
    Answer: Final Fantasy I
  3. Burmecia, the "land of eternal rain," and the Mist Continent.
    Answer: Final Fantasy IX