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VETO IV Packet
By B2B/Maple Ridge, July 20, 2002


1) His book is subtitled, "Bringing good Health to You, the Medical System, and Society through Physician Service, Complementary Therapies, Humor, and Joy."  A social revolutionary, he founded the Gesundheit Institute, a home-based West Virginia medical practice.  FTP, name this healing doctor and clown, portrayed on film by Robin Williams.

Answer: Patch Adams, M.D.

2) The planner of the Lille Grand Palais, Japan's Nexus Housing, and Netherlands Dance Theater, in 2002 he was commissioned by Romano Prodi to replace 14-year old flag.  FTP, name the Dutch architect who created the Berlin Embassy of the Netherlands, the winner of the 2000 Pritzker Prize and designer of a new European flag that represents diversity and unity simultaneously.

Answer: Rem Koolhaas

3) Site of Edgar's crowning in 973, the Diocese of Wells transferred to this longtime resort in 1090.  The Romans, who called this site Aquae Sulis, mainly used the King's Bath Spring in their earliest grand civil building complex in Britain.  Smaller springs include the hot bath, Hetlin, and Cross Bath.  FTP, name this site of thermal springs that erupt from the floor of the Avon valley, a word mentioned three times during this question.

Answer: Bath

4) February 20, 1986, had they known then what'd it become, they might have set a decay date.  Part of the Salyut program, it was named for peace and world, and was partially responsible for killing Kenny, (although nothing really does kill Kenny except for some muscle disorder).  FTP, name the object, after serving 15 longs years, (and you can ask Valeri Polyakov about his 14 long months aboard it,) finally came down to Earth on March 22, 2001.

Answer: The Mir space station.

5) Russia received southern Bessarabia from Romania and Kars, Ardahan, and Batum from Turkey.  Serbia, Montenegro and Romania gained additional territory and full independence from the Ottoman Empire.  FTP, which treaty, established by the congress of the same name, was signed on July 13, 1878 and was an attempt to restore the diplomatic balance of power following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.

Answer: The Treaty of Berlin

6) A crime reporter in Mexico and America, this native of Missouri was an Associated Press editor in New York City.  His first novel, Black Sunday, was published in 1975.  FTP, name this author, best known for the trilogy books that became movies, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal.

Answer: Thomas Harris

7) In English and French, they are presented for translation, children's literature text, children's literature illustration, drama, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.  Began in 1937, they were presented by the Canadian Authors Association, and now by the Canada Council, for books written in the previous year.  Robertson Davies did not win for Fifth Business but did for The Manticore.  FTP, name these awards, first presented by Baron Tweedsmuir and later by Vincent Massey and Jean Sauve among others.

Answer: Governor General's Literary Awards

8) Gelasius I banned Christian participation in it in 494 when it was transformed into the feast of the Purification of the Virgin.  Celebrated by Romans on February 15, its odd rites included the sacrifice of goats and a dog in a cave at the foot of the Palatine, believed to be where Romulus and Remus were reared by a she-wolf.  This Roman festival depicted in art by women being struck by men clad in goat-skin thongs, the holiday on which Caesar was offered a royal diadem.  FTP, name this celebration conducted under the auspices of the association of the wolf, the Luperci.

Answer: Lupercalia

9) The chemical has a wide variety of uses, including injection into racecar air intakes to increase the relative oxygen concentration to increase engine power, or as a propellant in whipped cream and other food dispensers. It is also generated as an air pollutant in high temperature combustion. In California, possession with intent to use as an intoxicant is a criminal misdemeanour; inhalation may produce disorientation and fixated vision. FTP, name this chemical compound, historically used as a surgical anaesthetic, colloquially known as laughing gas.

Answer: Nitrous Oxide or N20 (prompt on Nitrogen Oxide, do not accept Nox)

10) Eight-eight strategically positioned high-powered searchlights were illuminated in March 2002, around the same time that a 22-ton orb of steel and bronze, "The Sphere," was being removed from this same site.  In July 2002, six proposals were made public for future use of this site.  FTP, name this Empire State landmark that once stood tall above the Empire State Building and all of New York City.

Answer: World Trade Center site (accept Ground Zero)

11) At 7,741 base-pairs, it is one of the simplest viruses, though has severe effects, causing nerve damage and muscle wasting and paralysis. In 1966, it was discovered in chimpanzees, one of the best-known cases of human diseases infecting other species. In July 2002, researchers at the State University of New York - Stony Brook announced that they had created this virus from standard chemicals obtained from a scientific supplier. FTP, name this virus for which a vaccine was developed in 1952 by Jonas Salk.

Answer: Polio Virus or Poliomyelitis

12) A plant established by Jacob Suchard of Switzerland in 1987, it is the only one of its kind.  Dealing with large chains such as Tim Horton's and Starbucks, it offers a "natural" alternative to the more common method.  FTP, name this Burnaby, British Columbia-based coffee decaffeinating facility.

Answer: Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.

13) He attempted to kill the one called the "Man after God's own heart, even though he soothed his nightmares with lyre music and defeated a rather large enemy.  Anointed by Samuel, in his darkest days, he consulted the Witch of Endor.  FTP, name this first king of Israel who was succeeded by David.

Answer: Saul

14) Evidence of it was compiled by analyzing the glossopteris fern and the lystrosaurus, a reptile.  This landmass was named by a German meteorologist in the 1915 book The Origin of the Continents and Oceans.  FTP, name this ancient super-continent whose name means "all lands".

Answer: Pangea

15) I am the galloping ghost of the Japanese coast. You don't hear of me or my crew but ask any man off the coast of Japan if he knows of the Trigger - Maru.  FTP, this poem, the name of a warship, was written about one of the Pacific's most successful weapons of World War Two.

Answer: SS-237 Trigger submarine

16) He began the tradition of Commander-in-Chief ceremonial first pitches as well as being the first in that office to use a car.  Standing 6-feet, 2-inches tall, he went to Yale and the University of Cincinnati, in his hometown.  FTP, name this good dancer and tennis player, an average golfer, who was quite sporting despite his 300-plus pound frame.

Answer: William Howard Taft

17) The opening act the night the Fab Four and the Monkees met in the United Kingdom, he was an a favourite of the older Microsoft co-founder.  Jealous of the girls swooning over Davy, he quit that tour.  FTP, name this guitarist son of a Canadian, who was kicked out of several Seattle high schools before becoming an influence for a music museum there.

Answer: Jimi Hendrix

18) America's controller of prices during World War Two and an ambassador to India under JFK, he opposed the Vietnam War.  Making academic ideas accessible to the public, he advocated public service and limitations of the marketplace.  Among his memoirs is 1964's The Scotch, although he is better known for his work at Harvard.  FTP, name this liberal author of The Affluent Society and The New Industrial State, a noted Canadian economist.

Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith

19) In 1982, Still by b.p. nichol and 1985, Momentum by Marc Diamond are winning works by better known writers.  The 1989 winner, Wastefall by Stephen E. Miller is being made into a screenplay by Crescent Entertainment.  David Zimmerman's Socket won in 2001.  FTP, name this competition, celebrating 25 years in 2002, that has writers create a story over 72-hours on Labour Day weekend.

Answer: Anvil Press' 3-day novel contest
20) After overseeing May 1998 tests, he first shot to national prominence.  This brahmacharya bested his closest rival, Lakshmi Seghal, by over 800 thousand electoral college votes.  A Muslim who reads Hindu scriptures, he is a rocket scientist and former head of India's nuclear program.  He was supported both by the National Democratic Alliance and the Congress party.  FTP, name this Indian technocrat turned President who is noted for the unkempt hair that he gets cut once every four months.

Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

21) Winner of over 60 duels by the age of 30, he killed all of his opponents.  He then retired, convinced of his invincibility.  Retired, he became a hermit and wrote the book of five rings.  FTP, name this greatest of the Japanese samurai.

Answer: Miyamoto Musashi

22) A Florida State mascot assailant on national television, he was born Dwayne Johnson.  A top 20 sexiest listee, he is a popular entertainment personality.  FTP, name this single syllable named WWE Smackdown competitor, and star of The Scorpion King.

Answer The Rock

23) 7250 kilometers by 325 kilometers, at its widest, it is 650 kilometers and is one of the world's longest high barriers.  Having more than 40 peaks above 6100 meters, it runs in a similar direction to a range on the continent to its north.  FTP, name this mountain range that has its highest peak exceeding 6900 meters on Aconcagua.

Answer: The Andes Mountain Range

24) Two answers required.  A lesser-known philosopher and a successful and better-known composer, their hated was both personal and professional.  A 2001 epic movie used the composer's work while the philosopher is infamous for the doctrine of "will to power."  FTP, name these high brow Europeans and quiz bowl favourites.

Answer: Richard Wagner and Frederick Nietzsche


1) Identify these famous problems of computer science FTP each:
(10) Given a finite number of cities with fixed distances between them, the objective of this problem is to find the shortest way of visiting all the cities and then return to the starting point. It becomes very complex as the number of cities increases. One version was recently solved using DNA computing.
Answer: Traveling Salesman Problem
(10) This classic  problem consists of five philosophers sitting at a table who do nothing but think and eat. Between each philosopher, there is a single fork. In order to eat, a philosopher must have both forks. A problem can arise if each philosopher grabs the fork on the right, then waits for the fork on the left. In this case a deadlock has occurred, and all philosophers will starve. Also, the philosophers should be fair. Each philosopher should be able to eat as much as the rest. This simulates threads competing for limited resources.
Answer: The Dining Philosophers
(10) This philosophical (test) was proposed as a method of distinguishing artificial intelligences from human intelligences by interviewing them with real humans.
Answer: Turing Test

2) Answer these questions about Blue Jays and home runs for 10 points each:
(10) The Blue Jays became the second team to end the World Series with a home run, joining this other team that did so over three decades earlier.
Answer: The Pittsburgh Pirates (accept either)
(10) This Blue Jay is the club's all-time home run leader.
Answer: Carlos Delgado
(10) This first baseman launched a ball out of the park in the bottom of the first inning on April 7, 1977, becoming the first-ever Blue Jay to hit a regular season home run.
Answer: Doug Ault

3) Name that default Canadian Reach for the Top author from works.  5-10-15 points basis.
(5) Negotiating with the Dead; Surfacing; Alias Grace.
Answer: Margaret Atwood
(10) Jest of God; Dance on the Earth: A Memoir; Stone Angel.
Answer: Margaret Laurence
(15) Literary Lapses; Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town; Arcadian Adventures with Idle Rich.
Answer: Stephen Leacock

4) 30-20-10.  Given the works, name the artist:
(30) 1902's "Self-Portrait," 1889's "Agnew Clinic," and 1884-1889's "The Artist's Wife and His Setter Dog"
(20) 1875's "Baseball Players Practicing" and 1875's "Gross Clinic"
(10) 1873-74's "John Biglin in a Single Scull" and 1874's "Starting Out after Rail"
Answer: Thomas Eakins

5) Conjunction bonus! In this question, the clue will lead to the titles of two novels, one Canadian, which must be combined in your answer. For example, if I said "An ancient fisherman goes out on the ocean to catch an enormous marlin, but becomes delirious and is rescued by the Nietzschean superman Captain Larsen. The two later fight over the poet Maude Brewster", you would combine "The Old Man and the Sea" and "The Sea Wolf" and say "The Old Man and the Sea Wolf". Ten points each. 
[NOTE: The team that gives the most correct authors gets no points, but a prize at the end of the tournament. Both teams are requested to write down the authors on a sheet of paper.]
(10) In this dystopian fable, the slave woman Offred (OF-FRED) bears children for the aristocratic rulers of Gilead, as exemplified by Madame and Monsier Defarge. The story ends in rebellion and overthrow of the French government.
Answer: A Handmaid's Tale of Two Cities
(10) Tyler Johnson, a materialistic young man who cares only for his stylish bedroom the "Modernarium", and his "extensive collection of fine hair-care products", crash-lands his spaceship on a mysterious planet populated by intelligent but barbaric simians.
Answer: Shampoo Planet of the Apes
(10) The young orphan Wart struggles to grow to be the equal of his older brother, and does through the tutelage of someone who lives his life backwards. This is the utterly average Daisy Goodwill Flett, a woman who relates a disjointed, fictional autobiography from her 1905 birth in Manitoba to her death in the 1990s.
Answer: The Sword in the Stone Diaries
[At the end of the bonus, get the teams' guesses for the six authors.  Reveal the answers to both teams.  The authors - order not important - are Margaret Atwood, Charles Dickens, Douglas Coupland, Pierre Boulle, T.H. White, and Carol Shields.  Record which team got the most authors correct.]

6) Name these non-fascist French leaders for 10 points each:
(10) After a dozen years as Minister of Finance, he became the third President of the Fifth Republic.  Later he began to oversee the formation of constitution for Europe.
Answer: Valery Giscard d'Estaing
(10) Prime Minister from 1906 to 1909, the Tiger owned a newspaper that championed Dreyfus.  Noted for anti-Germanism, he was again Prime Minister when his capital played host to post-war peace conference.
Answer: Georges Clemenceau
(10) A member of the personal staff of de Gaulle, he became President in 1969 and moved France towards the European Community.
Answer: Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou

7) Let's see who has traveled Canada. The following the questions have to do with Canadian Landmarks for 10 points each:
(10) Name this town, which is home to Tommy the Turtle and the Canadian Turtle Derby.
Answer: Boisevain, Manitoba 
(10) Name the Prairie town that is home to Max the Moose.
Answer: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
(10) In which city would I find the world's largest Nickel?
Answer: Sudbury, Ontario

8) Given a work of American literature, name its author for 10 points each:
(10) 1933's Pity is Not Enough.
Answer: Josephine Frey Herbst
(10) 1926's Torrents of Spring.
Answer: Ernest Miller Hemingway
(10) 1944's A Bill for Adano.
Answer: John Richard Hersey

9) Answer these questions about the running of the bulls for the stated number of points:
(5) For 5 points, in what Spanish mountain town do the bulls run each summer?
Answer: Pamplona
(10) For 10, what Hemingway work records the festival.
Answer: The Sun Also Rises
(15) For 15, the running of the bulls is part of the fiesta or festival of what saint?
Answer: San Fermines or St. Fermin

10) Given the New York Times bestseller, name the author for the stated number of points:
(5) For 5 points, Seabiscuit.
Answer: Laura Hillenbrand
(5) For 5, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
Answer: Rebecca Wells
(10) For 10, all or nothing, name both authors of volume 10 of the "Left Behind" series, The Remnant.
Answers: Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
(10) Slander
Answer: Ann Coulter

11) Given a work of art, name the artist for 10 points each:
(10) Circa 1895, he painted "Frieze of Dancers."
Answer: Edgar Degas
(10) In 1891, he painted "The Large Tree," also known as "Te raau rahi."
Answer: Paul Gauguin
(10) Circa 1890, he painted "The Apple Seller."
Answer: Auguste Renoir
[All of those works can be found at The Cleveland Museum of Art.]

12) Answer these questions about a plant for 10 points each:
(10) This giant ash tree grew out of the body of the giant Ymir, when he was killed by Odin, Vili, and Ve. It symbolizes the universe, fate, and knowledge.
Answer: Yggdrasil
(10) At the bottom of Yggdrasil is this corpse-eating dragon, who gnaws away at the roots of the tree in an effort to destroy it. When Ragnarok comes, the dragon will succeed. Its name means "dreadful biter."
Answer: Nidhogg
(10) This Squirrel of Strife carries messages between Nidhogg at the roots of the tree, to a watchful eagle who perches at the top of the tree. Its name means "swift-tusked"
Answer: Ratatosk

13) Answer these questions about a song by a fan of bananas and peanut butter for 10 points each:
(10) What Elvis song was remixed in 2002, becoming a number one hit in the U.K.?
Answer: A Little Less Conversation
(10) What Amsterdam group remixed Elvis?
Answer: JXL or Junkie XL
(10) Scott "Mac" Davis and Billy Strange wrote the song for this 1968 Elvis film.
Answer: Live a Little, Love a Little

14) Answer these questions about genomics FTP each:
(10) It is a classic case of a reverse problem in science. Strands of DNA are cut up into fragments, sequenced, and then the entire sequence reassembled based on the overlapping sequences.
Answer: Shotgun Sequencing (do not accept Whole-Genome Shotgun)
(10) Name the company that in June 2000 announced at a conference with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair that they had successfully sequenced the human genome using a whole genome shotgun technique.
Answer: Celera Genomics
(10) Name the former president of Celera Genomics who pioneered the whole-genome shotgun technique. 
Answer: J. Craig Venter

15) Answer these questions about the history of Vancouver for 10 points each:
(10) Which Spanish sailor was the first European to see the area?
Answer: Don Jose Marie Narvaez
(10) George Vancouver arrived in Burrard Inlet the next year.  Name either the year Vancouver, or the year Narvaez arrived.
Answer: 1791 or 1792
(10) What was the nickname of saloon owner John Deighton.
Answer: Gassy Jack
[Moderator: He was the namesake of Gastown, just a block east of SFU Harbour Centre.]

16) For 10 points each, given a Canadian community (unincorporated places do not count), name the province or territory in which it can be found:
(10) Biggar
Answer: Saskatchewan
(10) Summerside
Answer: Prince Edward Island
(10) Oka
Answer: Quebec

17) Answer these questions about Canadian politics for 10 points each:
(10) In 2002, this second female leader of the New Democrats decided to step down as party leader.
Answer: Alexa McDonough
(10) Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning was succeeded in his riding by this leader of a party with a different name.
Answer: Stephen Harper
(10) This Conservative replaced Mike Harris as premier of Ontario.
Answer: Ernie Eves

18) They said what? The following questions have to do with stupid quotes. FTP each, which head of state said:
(10) "I was not lying. I said things that later on seem to be untrue."
Answer: Richard Nixon
(10) "If Lincoln were alive today, he'd role over in his grave."
Answer: Gerald Ford
(10) "I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor."
Answer: King George III

19) Answer the following assorted mythology questions for 10 points each:
(10) Name the oldest god in the Aztec Pantheon. He is also the god of fire.
Answer: Huenueteoth
(10) Name the Celtic god of war, worshiped widely across the Celtic world.
Answer: Camulo
(10) In Norse mythology, who is the equitant of Zeus and Jupiter?
Answer: Odin

20) 30-20-10.  Name the Barnard College graduate:
(30) She was assistant curator of ethnology at the American Museum of Natural History when she was only 25 years old.
(20) Among her later works were Male and Female and Growth and Culture.
(10) She studied for a Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1929 under Franz Boaz and wrote Growing Up in New Guinea.
Answer: Margaret Mead

21) Answer these questions about an Italian city built on seven hills for 10 points each:
(10) This hill was the site of the oldest settlement in Rome and the home of Evander and Romulus.
Answer: Palatine
(10) This hill, Rome's northernmost hill, was traditionally occupied by Sabines and was the site of many temples.
Answer: Quirinal
(10) This hill is between the Esquiline and the Quirinal and is not as significant as other hills.
Answer: Viminal

22) Do you have one of those long distance phone plans?  Answer these questions about Canadian area codes that you might dial for 15 points each:
(15) What is the area code for Resolute Bay?
Answer: 867
(15) If I were to call the Olympic Oval in Calgary, what area code would I use?
Answer: 403

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