VETO IV Packet
By (B2B), July 20, 2002


1) This economic term was derived from the Latin verb meaning "to give judgment". A historical example was the exchange of dollars and sterling between the markets in New York and London; because there were sometimes discrepancies between the prices in the two places, traders could occasionally buy dollars or pounds in one market and sell them immediately in the other, achieving riskless profit. A market with perfect information should provide no such opportunities. FTP, name this practice of profit from a price discrepancy.

Answer: Arbitrage

2) Originally, it resembled a country fair in early years, moving from place to place before settling in Toronto in 1883.  In 1959, Queen Elizabeth II attended the 100th running, four years before Northern Dancer won the prize and the gift of coins from the monarch.  Name this race open to three year old horses born in Canada, FTP, a favourite event of the Queen Mother and the oldest horse race in North America.

Answer: Queen's Plate

3) According to an ad by Americans for the Arts, she is a treat but is not a snack cracker, but rather a member of the Denishawn company.  Noted for her angular movements, she collaborated with contemporary composers, being noted for 1960's "Acrobats of God," 1958's "Clytemnestra," and 1944's "Appalachian Spring."  FTP, name this American choreographer, a pioneer of modern dance.

Answer: Martha Graham

4) Its 39-year old predessor's last secretary general was Amara Essy.  Having the right to intervene with member states in cases of genocide, war crimes, or gross violations of human rights, it plans to aid future electoral democracy on its continent.  Long term goals include a multinational army, parliament, peace and security council, central bank, and common currency.  FTP, name this successor of the Organization of African Unity.

Answer: African Union

5) Through the Foxe Channel, it opens in the north to the Arctic Ocean.  The second largest settlement on it is Moosonee.  Ice-covered much of the year, it is shallow at only 258 meters.  The Albany, Moose, Nelson, the Nottaway, and La Grande are among the rivers flowing into this inland sea.  FTP, name this body of water to the north of James Bay and east of Churchill, which borders three Canadian provinces.

Answer: Hudson Bay (do not accept Hudson's Bay)

6) Moving at age nine from Montreal to Chicago, he has been cited for "the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture that are combined in his work."  Lesser known as a playwright, in 1964 he wrote The Last Analysis.  In 1975 he wrote a Pulitzer winner that was inspired by the life and death of a poet friend.  More than three decades earlier he wrote about an individual's self-conflict between joining the repulsive army or becoming anonymous within the army.  FTP, name this Nobel laureate of 1976 in literature, the author of Dangling Man and Humboldt's Gift.

Answer: Saul Bellow

7) The subject of books by Urquhart and Foote, he was a veteran of the Swedish labour and finance ministries.  In the early 1950s, he was that country's Foreign Minister and in 1952 headed the delegation to the United Nations.  The next year, he would begin working for that organization, playing prominent roles in conflict in Hungary and Egypt.  FTP, name this 1961 Nobel laureate, who died earlier that year traveling to the Congo.

Answer: Dag Hammarskjold

8) Born in 359BC, he was a royal hostage of Thebes for three years, where he was schooled by the general Epaminoandas (eh-PAM-in-ON-das). This led to military innovations like his powerful phalanx formation, and the creation of a year-round standing army paid. After uniting his home kingdom, he turned to Greece, causing Demosthenes to warn the people of the danger he posed; this type of oration warning of danger came to be named after him. In the end, the united force of Thebans, Athenians, and Spartans were crushed at the Battle of Chaeronea (CHAIR-on-EE-ah) in 338BC, ending the power of the Greek city-state forever. FTP, name this ruler of Macedonia who was assassinated at 23 and left the world's best silver spoon to his son Alexander

Answer: Philip of Macedon

9) Since Tom Green, she is the first Ontario musician-skater to be a pop culture hit in America.  An Arista recording artist and high school dropout, he debut album with tracks "Sk8ter Boi" and "Mobile" is titled "Let Go."  FTP, name this artist from Napanee who had a breakthrough hit with 2002's "Complicated."

Answer: Avril Lavigne [Luh-VEEN]

10) Although its possibility is still being explored, one should never underestimate the power of a Brit and an American working together.  In 1989, Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton supposedly accomplished it.  Although working similarly to its Nuclear variety, where two atomic nuclei also combine to form a heavier nucleus.  FTP, name this process which many believe would aid, if not solve, the world's energy problem incredibly.

Answer: Cold Fusion

11) The mother of Jinn, she still landed the man, although it was after he was cast out.  Having slept with the Devil, she later became known as a succubus, a demon who causes nocturnal emissions and the birth of witches and demons called lilim.  FTP, name this less than fair original wife of Adam.

Answer: Lilith

12) Arriving in America in 1960 to study at Tanglewood, he is a successor of Serge Koussevitzky.  FTP, name this namesake of a John Williams Oriental influenced orchestral study, the Boston Symphony's music director laureate.

Answer: Seiji Ozawa

13) Combining the works of William Gilbert, Ben Franklin, Charles Augustin de Coulomb, Andre Ampere, George Ohm and Michael Faraday with his own work, this Scot created many revolutionary ideas on electricity and magnetism.  Not a coffee producer, he did predict the existence of radio waves.  FTP, name this 19th century physicist who first demonstrated that light, electricity and magnetism were related.

Answer: James Clerk Maxwell

14) Born in 1949 during the reconstruction, his novels' characters tend to have a tired, ironic anxiety even when faced by the absurdist incidents that he creates. In his short story "The Second Bakery Attack", a newlywed husband discovers that the only way to cure a curse of ennui is to rob a bakery with the help of the wife and her previously unknown shotgun. Most often translated by Alfred T. Birnbaum, this author's novels include The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, A Wild Sheep Chase, and Hard-Boiled Wonderland.   FTP, name this Japanese author whose most next English publication will be is After the Quake.

Answer: Haruki Murakami

15) This adjective comes from the Greek and meant "thrown beyond" or "exceeding". Comets that swing by the sun but do not return in a periodic orbit have flight paths described by this word. Speech that is excessive or overwrought can also be described by this word. The word  also means conic sections which can be represented by the equation "x squared over a squared, minus y squared over b squared, equals one" FTP, give this adjective that also describes the set of trigonometric functions cosh [KOSH], sinh [SINCH], tanh [TANSH], et cetera.

Answer: Hyperbolic (do not accept Hyperbola or Hyperbole)

16) Succeeded by the Today Show and Kelly Ripa, from its inception in 1996 it brought forth 46 titles.  Highlighting the work of authors such as Bernhard Schlink, it often leaned towards sentimental works that would, overnight, become bestsellers.  FTP, name this segment that was ended in 2002, with the 1973 work Sula, because there were no longer books that its host was compelled to share on a monthly basis.

Answer: Oprah's Book Club or The Oprah Winfrey Show Book Club

17) This phenomenon was discovered  in 1933 by two German physicists, the unluckier of which was R. Ochsenfeld as it wasn't named after him. Superconductors should behave as perfect diamagnets as they are cooled to the superconducting state, setting up internal currents that oppose any change in magnetic fields within the conductor. Surprisngly, they actually also exclude any magnetic field already present. This exclusion explains the common lab demonstration where superconductors are levitated over permanent magnets. FTP, name this effect which is now a routine test for superconductivity

Answer: Meissner Effect

18) Its name in Spanish comes from the wild parsley that is found growing on it. It is only 300 metres by 500 metres, and a mere 200 metres from the mainland. It was occupied by six Moroccan soldiers for five days in July 2002 as a result of increased tensions between Spain and Morocca on illegal immigration, fishing, and the Western Sahara. FTP, name this island which was stormed on July 17 by Spanish troops from the nearby Spanish possession of Ceuta.

Answer: Perejil Island

19) [Distribute sheet of paper face down (see Appendix) and instruct teams to turn it over only when you start reading the tossup.]
Name the kingdom. Led by Sunni Ali Ber from 1464 to 1492, and the Askia dynasty from 1493 to 1592, it grew out of the city-state of Gao. Before its capital was sacked in 1591 by a Moroccan invasion, it had been a major trading nation, an active promoter of Islam.  Portuguese sea trading routes sealed its demise. FTP, name this last major empire of the Western Sudan.

Answer: The Songhai Empire

20) It is the one of the last buildings in a complex built from 879 - 1191 CE. A moat and three galleries encircle five central shrines. The inner wall of the first gallery is decorated with pillared windows and apsaras (heavenly nymphs), while the western wall of the second gallery contains scenes from the Mahabharata. The site as a whole represented the cosmic mountain of Hindu belief. The site was eventually abandoned by its builders in 1432  and "lost", although the Buddhist monks who passed through much later would recognize the carvings done by that Khmer civilization. FTP, identify this temple found in Cambodia.

Answer: Angkor Wat

21) His translated works by Sheila Fischman include "Floralie, Where Are You?" and "Is It the Sun, Philibert?"  Doing for French Canada what Faulkner did for the American South, this playwright and children's writer has had one of his stories adapted by the National Film Board.  FTP, name this Quebec novelist who wrote "La Guerre, Yes Sir!" and a story about children's hero, the great "numero neuf" Maurice Richard.

Answer: Roch Carrier

22) It lies on 65 kilometers northwest of Truro on the Northumberland Strait.  The site of a huge salt mine, this village supports a fishing fleet.  The birthplace of Cyrus Eaton, it became known as the site of conferences for world leaders discussing important issues.  FTP, name this Nova Scotia community noted for nuclear disarmament.

Answer: Pugwash, Nova Scotia

23) Foreign Policy's suggestions for its what follows it include pax kapital, the information revolution, the big market years, the age of open society, the age of insubordination, the interregnum, the age of enfranchisement, the new middle ages, and the age of environment.  Beginning in 1991 or 1989, it takes its name from the previous period that began after World War Two.  FTP, name this period that some believe ended on September 11, 2001.

Answer: Post-Cold War

24) Lois was the first woman Moderator of the United Church of Canada.  Eric Hamilton wrote the Tom and Liz Austen mystery series that taught interesting facts in different Canadian settings.  Thomas Leopold, who had an extra "L" in his name, invented a process for making calcium carbide in bulk from lime and coal tar.  Michael Holcombe ran for Conservative leader in 1983 and was finance minister when the Goods and Services Tax was implemented.  Ethel based The Innocent Traveller on her own life of travel.  FTP, give the last name these people share with a Gordon who led the Liberals in British Columbia before gaining the nickname "Flip."

Answer: Wilson


1) Name the Shakespearean play from the act-opening speakers for 10 points each:
(10) The Duke Orsino, Antonio, Viola, Clown, and Fabian
Answer: Twelfth Night, or What You Will
(10) Chorus, Chorus, Chorus, Chorus, and Chorus with each prologue - or The Archbishop of Canterbury, Bardolph, the title character, the title character, and Gower, based on scene one of each act.
Answer: King Henry V
(10) Gentleman, Cloten, the title character, Cloten, Posthumus
Answer: Cymbeline
[Moderator: Those three plays are presented this summer at Vancouver's Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Theatre Company.]

2) Sex in the Snow.  Answer these questions about Canadian coupling for 10 points each:
(10) In 1905, he was hired by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union to be a "purity agent," teaching sexual education in Ontario schools.
Answer: Arthur W. Beall
(10) At one time Dr. Gordon Bates was Canada's leading expert in the control of what?
Answer: Venereal Disease
(10) Who is the author of Sex in the Snow:  Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millennium.
Answer: Michael Adams

3) Given a VIA rail route, name the cities at each end of it for 5 points each:
(5/5) The Skeena
Answers: Prince Rupert and Jasper
(5/5) The Malahat
Answers: Victoria and Courtenay
(5/5) The Hudson Bay
Answers: Winnipeg and Churchill or Lynn Lake

4) Identify the architects who designed these famous chairs FTP each. If you need a clue about the architect, you'll receive only five points. In other words, you have two chances at each answer.
(10) [Show the top left picture] FTP, identify the architect who designed this chair
(5) F5P: This Canadian-born designer called this design "Little Beaver" due to its all-paper construction.
Answer: Frank Gehry
(10) [Show the middle picture] FTP, identify the architect.
(5) F5P: This "Barcelona" chair was originally designed for the German pavilion of the 1929 International Exhibition in that Spanish city.
Answer: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
(10) [Show the bottom picture] FTP, identify the architect.
(5) F5P: Created for the 1929 French lifestyle exhibition, the Club Chair from this architect's "Petit Confort" collection has an exposed metal frame that suggests the designer's credo that a house should be a "machine for living"
Answer: Le Corbusier or Charles Edouard Jeanneret

5) Do you like seafood?  Well, too bad.  Identify these sea creatures based on description for five, 10, 20, or 30 points for one, two, three, or four answers respectively.
a) Genus Hippocampus, its upright position and head set at an right angle to its body gives it a truly unusual appearance among all fishes.  It also had jointed armor that makes it look like a knight in a chess set.
Answer: Seahorse
b) Class Helothuroidea, these are elongated, cylindrical echinoderms, with the skeleton reduced to form microscopic ossicles of various types in the connective tissue.  The mouth and anus are on opposite ends of the body, and most species have five bands of tube feet that run from end to end.  Its non-"sea" counterpart is green, and cannot swim.
Answer: Sea Cucumber
c)  A coelentrate, in the class Anthozoa, oder Actiniaria, they usually attach themselves to rocks and shells, although a few species can bury themselves in sand and mud.  It has tentacles to catch its food, and a strong foot able to attach itself to rocks.
Answer: Sea Anemone
d) Also known as pycnogonids, these marine invertebrate animals of the class Pycnogonida, in the phylum Arthropoda, are distantly related to those we more commonly relate to the word. They have many legs, and a thin body, sometimes giving the impression of being entirely composed out of legs.  Having four to six pairs of legs, and one pair to carry legs, there are no special excretory or respiratory organs..
Answer: Sea Spider

6) Howdy traveler, you new to these parts?  How about these famous seven parts?  Name six of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for five points each.  If you name then all
 good for you.
Answers:  The Pyramids of Egypt
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria

7) Answer these questions about politics in a country better known for its soccer, for 15 points each:
(15) In 1994 and 1998, this man was elected President of Brazil.
Answer: Fernando Henrique Cardoso
(15) This man, a rival of Cardoso, is the perennial candidate of the left-wing Worker's Party or PT.
Answer: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

8) 30-20-10.  Given the works, name the author.
(30) A Model World and Other Stories.
(20) The Mysteries of Pittsburgh; Werewolves in Their Youth.
(10) The Amazing Adventures of Kavilier and Clay; Wonder Boys.
Answer: Michael Chabon

9) Given a description, name the mythological figure for 10 points each:
(10) The son of Althea of Calydon, his mother took his burning brand off the hearth.  He called all the heroes of Greece to join him in a hunt for the boar that was sent after his father offended Diana.
Answer: Meleager
(10) Among those hunting for the boar was this mortal who would go on to marry Thetis and father Achilles.
Answer: Peleus
(10) This daughter of Iasius of Arcadia was also on the hunt and would later be outrun with help from three golden apples.
Answer: Atalanta

10) Given a Grizzlies top draft pick, name the team he was drafted from for the stated number of points:
(5) The 1995 number six pick Bryant Reeves.
Answer: Oklahoma State University
(5) The 1998 number two pick Mike Bibby.
Answer: University of Arizona
(10) The 2001 Memphis number six pick Shane Battier.
Answer: Duke University
(10) The 1999 number two pick Steve Francis.
Answer: University of Maryland

11) How un-American! Some aristocratic questions for 10 points each:
(10) This is the oldest Dukedom in England.
Answer: Dukedom of Norfolk
(10) In 1483, this monarch created the title of Duke of Norfolk.
Answer: King Richard III
(10) The first Duke of Norfolk, John Howard, was rewarded by Richard III for support in what series of conflicts?
Answer: The Wars of the Roses

12) Identify the following works of art from the printouts which the moderator will now distribute. Five points for artist, five points for the title of the work.
(5/5) Answers: Albrecht Durer, "Melancholia"
(5/5) Answers: Edvard Munch, "The Scream" (also accept "The Cry")
(5/5) Answers: Jan Van Eyck, "The Arnolfini Marriage" (also accept "The Betrothal of the Arnolfini")

13) Answer these questions about the deceased of 2002 for 10 points each:
(10) She created Barbie 43 years before her death.
Answer: Ruth Handler
(10) Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother outlived this man, her husband, by half a century.
Answer: King George VI or Albert George or Bertie
(10) This composer of "Suicide in an Airplane" died at the age of 108 or 109.
Answer: Leo Ornstein

14) Answer these questions about Canadiana for 10 points each:
(10) Windsor, Nova Scotia, claims to be the birthplace of what?
Answer: Ice Hockey
(10) The 1844 novel The Attaché, or Sam Slick in England by this judge and author tells of youths playing hockey at Windsor in 1800.
Answer: Thomas Chandler Haliburton
(10) This law clerk took the game from Halifax to Montreal and is considered the founder of modern hockey.
Answer: James George Aylwin Creighton

15) Given an Arctic exploration, name the explorer for the stated number of points:
(5) For 5, from 1903 to 1906, he was the first to sail the Northwest Passage.
Answer: Roald Amundsen
(10) For 10, in 1845, he disappeared near King William Island
Answer: John Franklin
(5) For 5, from 1908 to 1909, he supposedly journeyed to the North Pole.
Answer: Robert Peary
(10) For 10, from 1770 to 1772, he walked across Barren Lands to the Arctic coast.
Answer: Samuel Hearne

16) Answer these questions about 1934 media frenzies in Corbeil for the stated number of points:
(5) For 5, Yvonne, Emelie, Cecile, Annette, and Marie were born at the same time to what French Canadian family.
Answer: The Dionnes or Oliva and Elzire Dionne
(10) For 10, who was the doctor who delivered the "quints"?
Answer: Dr. Allan Dafoe
(15) What was the title of the book that the sisters wrote in 1965?
Answer: We Were Five

17) Given the roles, name the red-haired actress for 15 points each:
(15) Maria Maringola, Carmen Serano, Sue Collins, Rosalie Kelly, and Carmen Garcia
Answer: Rita Hayworth or Rita Cansino
(15) Mary Tyrone, Hecuba, Sydney Fairfield, Jo March, Alice Adams, Mary Stuart, Susan, Rose Sayer, and Tracy Samantha Lord
Answer: Katharine Hepburn

18) Given an urban park, name the city it is in for 10 points each:
(10) Hama Rikyu Garden
Answer: Tokyo
(10) Ibirapuera Park
Answer: Sao Paulo
(10) Behai Park
Answer: Beijing

19) Dyslexia.  Given the clues, name the person who overcame the disease for 10 points each:
(10) He is the founder of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Records.
Answer: Richard Branson
(10) He was a Clinton advisor, author of 
And the Horse He Rode In On, and is a co-host on Crossfire.
Answer: James Carville
(10) He co-founded the computer company HP.
Answer: William (Bill) Hewlett

20) Given a brand name drug, name the company that makes it for 15 points each:
(15) Angina and high blood pressure medication Procardia
Answer: Pfizer
(15) Dandruff and fungal treatment Nizoral
Answer: Johnson & Johnson

21) Fifteenth century Christian history.  Answer these questions about Councils for 10 points each:
(10) This council negotiated church doctrine with heretics when in 1432, the Hussites of Bohemia presented the Four Articles of Prague for negotiations.
Answer: The Council of Basel (1431-1449)
(10) Cardinals who were representatives of the Roman and Avignon popes elected Alexander V at this council.  The result: neither existing pope accepted the decision.
Answer: The Council of Pisa (1409-1410)
(10) Emperor Sigismund encouraged John XXIII to call this council in 1414.  Gregory XII also recognized this council which made the declaration entitled Sacrosancta and elected Martin V.
Answer: The Council of Constance (1414-1417)

22) Given a book that was a finalist for the Booker Prize, name its Canadian author for 10 points:
(10) What's Bred in the Bone
Answer: Robertson Davies
(10) The English Patient
Answer: Michael Ondaatje
(10) The Blind Assassin
Answer: Margaret Atwood