The Mark Discordia Singles Tournament

Seeding Round 1

Question Set 1: 60 tossups


Editing and non-science questions by Matt Weiner

Science by Anthony de Jesus, the Washington University Academic Team, and Matt Weiner


1. One of the lesser purposes for introducing this bill was to facilitate the re-election of Senator David Atchison, while its passage allowed Eli Thayer to grow wealthy from an interest in the recently founded New England Emigrant Aid Company. Opponents of both this bill itself and its sponsor, Stephen Douglas, coalesced into the Republican Party. FTP, name this 1854 law which voided the Missouri Compromise, allowing for �popular sovereignty� to decide the slavery question in two newly organized territories.

ANSWER: Kansas-Nebraska Act


2. A companion of Catullus in the novi poetae, he claimed to be �the Roman Callimachus.� Although his surviving texts are inconsistent, there is general agreement that he wrote his poems in four books. His first book is entirely about his mistress, who also appears as a ghost in book four. Scholars are not certain as to what real individual is represented under this poet�s name for his mistress, �Cynthia.� FTP, identify this poet to whom Ezra Pound wrote an �Homage.�

ANSWER: Sextus Propertius


3. Although four of them have four lobes, the fifth has a doughnut shape in the x y plane and two lobes along the z axis. Associated with a value of two for the azimuthal quantum number L, they are encountered in the third electron shell and higher. FTP, name these orbitals which are generally not filled before the p and s orbitals of the same shell.

ANSWER: d orbitals


4. Because they add a connotation of collective well-being, they are stronger than folkways. They are sometimes defined as norms with formal punishments or rewards attached, and when they are negative and extreme, they are called taboos. FTP, identify this concept developed by William Graham Sumner, describing core cultural beliefs about right and wrong.

ANSWER: mores (MOR-ays) [prompt on taboos before it is mentioned]


5. In 2000, his biography of Camille Pissarro was published under the title of Tiepolo�s Hound. His first successful poetry collection was In a Green Night, while critics usually cite The Dream of Monkey Mountain as his premier play. The fishermen Philocrete and Achilles are the central characters of his 1990 epic, Omeros. FTP, name this winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature, probably the most important author to come from St. Lucia.

ANSWER: Derek Alton Walcott


6. A member of the Tetsus clan, his family was hunted by the competing chieftain Navik the Red, causing him to flee to Nar Shaddaa, where he learned his trade while apprenticed to Goa. His corpse was distilled into a prized liqueur after his death, which occurred shortly after he informed a target that his boss had no time for smugglers who drop shipments too quickly. FTP, name this Rodian bounty hunter who met his end while attempting to kill Han Solo.

ANSWER: Greedo


7. It�s an archaic word for �to shudder,� as well as a remarkable property that�s the subject of Goodman�s Paradox. An objects possesses this property if and only if the object is green before some time T and blue after time T. Additionally, according to the Encyclodpaedia Frobozzica, it is the most evil-tempered of all creatures. FTP, identify this word, the name of the thing which is likely to eat you in the dark in Zork.

ANSWER: grueness


8. During his apprenticeship to a printer, he supervised the publishing of Fourier�s The New Industrial World and Society. Marx�s The Poverty of Philosophy was a mocking response to this man�s System of Economic Contradictions: or, The Philosophy of Poverty. The last word in the title of his most famous essay has long been mistranslated in English; a better rendering would be �profit from landholding.� FTP, name this theorist who answered �theft� to the title question of his essay �What Is Property?�

ANSWER: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon


9. The component passages of this piece include Lentement, Bourr�e, Rigaudon, Sarabande, and Air. The usual grouping is into three suites in D, G, and F, respectively. Newspaper accounts of its first performance say that it was played three times, until 4:30 in the morning. FTP, name this 1717 work composed for a Thames excursion of George I, by George Friederic Handel.

ANSWER: the Water Music


10. Memphis�s Grotto Caf�, owned by Joe, is the scene of Red�s funeral. Ruby La Marr calls the sherriff on Vernon Tull�s telephone after Tommy is killed. Another death is that of a man who is hanged for committing a crime at The Old Frenchman�s Place. However, that man is the innocent Lee Goodwin, due to the weakness of Horace Benbow and the lies of Temple Drake. FTP, name this novel about the infamous Popeye, by William Faulkner.

ANSWER: Sanctuary


11. They must be observed after the amrit and Khandey di Pahul ceremonies, in which one of them plays an integral part. They became a component of the religion during the reforms associated with the founding of the Khalsa Panth by Gobind Singh. Their name is derived from the Punjabi words for a steel bracelet, a comb, a sword, uncut hair, and shorts. FTP, identify this quintuplet of practices among Sikhs.

ANSWER: Five K�s [or Kakkars]


12. They are described as "wide" or "narrow" based on the degree of change from beginning to end and "closing" or "opening" based on the manner of the change. The �falling� and �rising� kinds are uncommon in English, where most are "centering," meaning that they move towards schwa. FTP, give this word, describing a multiform sound composed of two or more vowel sounds.

ANSWER: diphthongs


13. In prison under treason charges, Timoci Silatolu and Metusala Mua of this country�s Conservative Alliance Party were not permitted to take their seats in this country�s newly elected Parliament. President Josefa Iloilo remained in office, while the Labor Party of Mahendra Chaudhry was returned to a legislative majority. FTP, name this country, which, in summer 2001 elections, saw democracy restored for the first time since a May 2000 coup led by George Speight.

ANSWER: Republic of Fiji


14. This structure is an improvement on direct addressing because it uses an array proportional to the number of keys used rather than the total number possible. Keys for the elements are computed with an internal function and serve as the index into the array. Collisions of the key values can be resolved by chaining or by open addressing.FTP, name this data structure with expected constant-time search.

ANSWER: hash table


15. One team, composed of two right-handers, saw both members forced to take lefty shots. Further cramping the players� style were the 110-degree temperatures and 25-mile-per-hour crosswinds. The winners split a 1.2 million dollar prize after shooting par on a playoff hole. FTP, name this July event in which Karie Webb and David Duval lost to Annika S�renstam and Tiger Woods in a playoff.

ANSWER: 2001 Lincoln Financial Group Battle at Bighorn


16. Alfred Kempe�s 1890 proof turned out to be defective, but the Kempe chains were used in later attempts that turned it into a graph theory problem, where regions became vertices and shared boundaries became edges. The final proof, in 1976, was the first ever to require a computer. FTP, name this theorem which stumped mathematicians for years but had long been accepted by mapmakers.

ANSWER: four color theorem


17. She played Dr. Wickings in the 1985 post-apocalyptic teen biker movie City Limits. The appearance of that film on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in June 1992 led to an infatuated Crow composing a song which called Mannequin �a really good movie� due to her performance as Emmy. Other film credits include gym teacher Miss Honeywell in Porky�s, Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI, and Gracie Law in Big Trouble in Little China. FTP, name this actress, now on television as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City.

ANSWER: Kim Cattrall


18. His ten extant paintings include The Meeting of Saint Erasmus and Saint Maurice, the Stuppach Madonna, and The Temptation of Saint Anthony. His masterpiece in nine panels was set up at a hospital for plague sufferers, who were to take comfort in the depiction of wounds being healed. FTP, name this German artist, a contemporary and philosophical opposite to D�rer, the creator of the Isenheim Altarpiece.

ANSWER: Matthias Gr�newald [accept Matthias Gothardt; accept Matthias Neithardt]


19. He led a military unit which spent six years stealing livestock from farmers in Shiliudaogou before scoring defeats of the Japanese at Mount Paiktu, Liudaogou, and Hyesanjin. During his subsequent political career, he propounded the ideology of juche, an egoistic concept of communism, and he spent more time as the political leader of one country than any other twentieth-century individual. FTP, name this man who, from the country�s founding to his 1994 death, ruled North Korea.

ANSWER: Kim Il Sung [prompt on partial answer; accept Kim Sun Ju; accept Kim Il Sun]


20. Tradition dictates that the Israelites overslept on the day commemorated by this holiday, so some now stay up through the night as it begins to avoid repeating the mistake. Customary celebrations include decorating the home and temple with greenery and eating dairy-based dishes. FTP, name this Jewish holiday with a name meaning �Feast of Weeks,� which commemorates the receipt of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.

ANSWER: Shavuot [or Shavuos; or Shabuot]


21. Predictions due to this theory were substantiated in 1983 by Simon van der Meer and Carlo Rubbia, when they observed W and Z particles. Using a mathematical technique known as gauge symmetry, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam independently developed this theory in 1967 and 1968. FTP, name this first step towards a Grand Unification Theory, which reduced the number of fundamental forces from four to three.

ANSWER: electroweak theory [accept electroweak interaction, etc.]


22. The bottom 1200 meters of this lake contain no living organisms and are estimated to be full of �fossil water� in place for up to twenty million years. The Lukuga is the only river that flows out of this lake, the exclusive home of 176 species of fish. It has the longest maximum distance between two coastal points of any lake in the world. Cities on its shore include Mpulungu, Kigoma, Kalemie, and Bujumbura. FTP, name this lake, which borders Burundi, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania.

ANSWER: Lake Tanganyika


23. Their cosmology envisioned a world divided into four quadrants, with the northeast the area of riches and the west the abode of the underworld. A wise child-god named Tages revealed their religious doctrine to them near the Marta River. Other gods included Fufluns, Turan, and Turms.Their sky-god and chief of the pantheon, Tinia, is said by some to be more influential than Zeus in shaping the Roman concept of Jupiter. FTP, name the people with such beliefs, the pre-Roman inhabitants of Italy.

ANSWER: Etruscans [or Rasenna]


24. As a result of an attempt to sneak into Sleary�s circus, the clown Jupe and Jupe�s daughter Sissy move in with the central family of this novel. The clerk Bitzer gives false evidence against a man accused of robbing a bank owned by Josiah Bounderby; Bounderby eventually enters an unhappy marriage with Louisa, whose brother Tom, not Steven Blackpool, is the bank robber. FTP, name this Dickens novel which attacks reliance on material fact as exemplified by the philosophy of Thomas Gradgrind.

ANSWER: Hard Times


25. In the mid-1970s, this river was the object of a program to restock the salmon which had been forced out by pollution in the nineteenth century. Its sources are the small streams which gather and flow through Lake Francis, and its tributaries include the Wells, Millers, and Farmington. Cities upon its banks include Brattleboro, Holyoke, Bloomfield, and Northampton. FTP, name this river which forms the boundary between Vermont and New Hampshire but is named for another New England state.

ANSWER: Connecticut River


26. Characters in this novel include Eva, who cut off her leg for insurance money and sets her drug-addicted son Plum on fire; Nel Wright, who begins to question her mother Helene after a trip to New Orleans; and Shadrack, who proclaims January 3 �National Suicide Day.� Taking place in the area of Medallion, Ohio called �The Bottom,� it climaxes with the title character accidentally killing Chicken Little. FTP, name this novel by Toni Morrison.



27. The executioner Abhorson fails in an attempt to substitute Barnardine for a condemned man, finding a third victim instead. Pompey Bum and Master Froth are accused of having an affair with Constable Elbow�s wife, Claudio is ordered to die for impregnating the unwed Juliet, and Mistress Overdone frets the loss of her brothel as Vienna is forcibly moralized. FTP, identify this Shakespeare play in which Duke Vincentio resumes the throne after posing as Friar Lodowick and orders Angelo to love Mariana.

ANSWER: �Measure for Measure


28. This process begins with an impulse from the SA node which causes a p-wave. The impulse then flows through the AV node and then the bundle of his. The next contraction is represented by the QRS complex, and the T wave shows the re-polarization of the muscle. FTP, identify this common bodily action, graphically illustrated by an ECG.

ANSWER: heartbeat [accept equivalents]


29. Except for the absence of downward curve in the horizontal arms, it is identical to the tiet. An ideogram derived from the shape of part of a sandal, it is commonly held in front of the nose by figures in art, as it was believed to be the vessel for the �breath of life.� FTP, identify this hieroglyph for �life,� now a symbol of Egypt.

ANSWER: ankh [accept crux ansata; accept ansate cross; prompt on Egyptian cross]


30. While he was imprisoned under the orders of Grand Vizier H�j� M�rz� Aq�s�, his followers organized the Conference of Badasht at which his successor was proclaimed. Executed at Tabr�z in 1850, his ashes are buried in a temple on Mount Carmel. Taking a title which means �the gate,� he proclaimed that he was ninth in the line of ten �Great Manifestations of God.� FTP, name this man who, along with the tenth Manifestation, Baha�u�llah, is considered the founder of Bahai.

ANSWER: Bab [or Siyyid Ali-Muhammad]


31. His Still Life With Old Shoe was an artistic response to Picasso�s Guernica. Attempting to filter a primitive conception of nature through modern intelligence, he painted The Farm and The Tilled Field, and he created six aquatints to accompany William Butler Yeats�s poetry collection The Wind Among the Reeds.FTP, name this Spanish surrealist painter of Red Sun, Harlequin's Carnival, and Dutch Interior.

ANSWER: Joan Mir�


32. His wife Rohe left him to become ruler of Uranga-o-Te-Ra. His adventures included capturing all of the winds except Fisaga and attempting to become immortal by crawling through Hina�s body, which resulted in his death when he was crushed by Hina�s genitals. Earlier, he had slowed the progress of the sun to please Hina. While fishing, he pulled a porch from the bottom of the sea, creating the north island of New Zealand. FTP, name this Polynesian trickster-god, the namesake of a Hawaiian island.

ANSWER: Maui [or Maaui-tikitiki; or Maui-Potiki; or Koriro; or Rongo]


33. In 1831, this estate was purchased by James T. Barclay, who failed in an attempt to turn it into a silk farm. Its eponymous main building has no single main entrance, with fully styled fronts on both the east and west sides. It has thirteen skylights; one is above a room of uncertain purpose, said by some to have hidden a billiards table. Its name comes from an Italian word used by Palladio, describing the hill on which the Villa Rotunda is located. FTP, name this Charlottesville estate of Thomas Jefferson.

ANSWER: Monticello


34. To make ends meet during the Depression, he sold the trademark diamond cap on his front tooth. The leader of such bands as the Levee Serenaders and the Steamboat Four, his records included �King Porter Stomp� and �Animule Dance.� FTP, name this pianist who claimed to have personally invented jazz in a whorehouse in 1901, the leader of the Red Hot Peppers and the holder of a gustatory nickname.

ANSWER: Jelly Roll Morton [or Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe; or Ferdinand Joseph La Mothe]


35. Acquaintances of this Columbia City, Wisconsin native include Mrs. Hart, Mr. Ames, and Mrs. Vance, and she variously assumes the names of Wheeler and Madenda. After briefly working at a shoe factory, a performance at the Elk Lodge launches her career as an actress. She pretended to be married to Charlie Druet, then became the lover of George Hurstwood. FTP, name this title character, whose real name is Caroline Meeber, in a novel by Theodore Dreiser.

ANSWER: Sister Carrie [accept Caroline Meeber before it is mentioned; accept Caroline Meeber before it is mentioned]


36. The holder of a master�s degree in engineering from the University of Southern California, he is currently the spokesperson for the organization Recovery of the Grizzly Bear, and he has written the autobiography It Doesn�t Take A Hero. After several decorations for service in Vietnam, he was the deputy commander in the Grenada action, and from 1988 to 1991, he led U.S. Central Command. FTP, name the general who in that role oversaw the Desert Shield and Desert Storm operations.

ANSWER: H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.


37. Named for its sponsoring Minnesota representative, it was passed over the veto of Woodrow Wilson. Repealed in 1932, it defined its subject as containing one-half of a percent of a certain organic compound by volume, and allowed the continuance of religious and medicinal uses. FTP, name this 1919 law which acted upon the Eighteenth Amendment by prohibiting the transport, manufacture, and sale of alcohol.

ANSWER: Volsted Act


38. It includes both a wildly popular bass-baritone aria, �Non piu andrai,� and an equally popular mezzo-soprano piece, �Vo che sapete,� the latter sung by Cherubino. Marcellina and Bartolo are found to be the parents of the title character, the beloved of Susanna. FTP, name this opera in which Count Almaviva fails to stop the title event, adapted from a Beaumarchais play by da Ponte and Mozart, the sequel to The Barber of Seville.

ANSWER: The Marriage of Figaro [or Le Nozze di Figaro]


39. Examples include benzocaine, which is found in some sunburn lotions, the explosive nitroglycerin, and aspirin. When hydrolyzed in the presence of a base, the reaction is known as saponification. The naming convention for these is to first use the group from which the alcohol is derived and then the group from which the acid is derived. FTP, name this class of organic compounds that includes the diuretic ethyl nitrate and the banana flavor pentyl acetate.

ANSWER: esters


40. The losing side in this battle recorded it as a two-day fight, while the winners claimed that it lasted for seven. The heavily burdened horses moved slowly over the terrain, leading to a rare victory for infantry over a previously invincible cavalry. The battle was concluded with the capture and execution of the governor of Spain, Abd-er Rahman, which sparked a massive retreat. FTP, identify this 732 CE battle at which a Muslim army was defeated by Charles Martel.

ANSWER: Battle of Tours [or Battle of Poitiers]


41. He turned his acceptance of a bloodless surrender into the title of �Hero of Tampico.� He financed his dictatorship by selling shares in a nonexistent mine to foreign investors. He was once captured while napping in an unguarded tent during an important battle. He lost his right leg in the �ludicrous skirmish� known as the Pastry War. He deceived James K. Polk into sending an American fleet to end his exile in Cuba. FTP, name this hilarious figure of history, the winner at the Alamo and loser at Buena Vista.

ANSWER: Antonio L�pez de Santa Anna


42. He served as his country�s ambassador to Canada and spent four years leading the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. In another role, he attempted to mediate crises in Cyprus and Iran, but it was his position on the Vietnam-China war which led to a veto of his bid for a third term. He became president of Austria in 1986, just as revelations about his involvement in the Nazi army came to light. FTP, name this secretary-general of the United Nations from 1971 to 1981.

ANSWER: Kurt Waldheim


43. A resident of the valley of Sorek, she was paid 1100 pieces of silver by each lord of her people for her deed. Three lies were told to her, involving seven undried withs, unused ropes, and the construction of a web. FTP, name this Philistine woman who, in the Book of Judges, was answered truthfully the fourth time on the subject of a lover�s strength and had soldiers cut the hair of Samson.

ANSWER: Delilah


44. In September 2001, Captain Christopher Ramsey, Lieutenant Colonel Odin F. Leberman, and Colonel James E. Schleining were found to have been derelict in duty as a result of actions at a New River, North Carolina facility which trains Marines in the use of this item. Five other officers were cleared of doctoring reports to exaggerate the performance of this vehicle. FTP, name this tilorotor aircraft which has crashed several times, endangering plans for it to become the standard aircraft of the U.S. military.

ANSWER: V-22 Osprey


45. His first name means �Saturday,� following the Akan tradition of naming children for the day of birth. With George Padmore, he drafted a militantly anti-colonialist declaration at the Fifth Pan-African Congress. He was selected as Prime Minister under the Constitution of the Coussey Commission five years before total independence; by 1964, he had declared himself President for Life and banned all parties except his own Convention People�s Party. FTP, identify this first prime minister of Ghana.

ANSWER: Kwame Nkrumah


46. The first body to bear this name developed from the druzhina council of Kiev and was composed of boyars. A later incarnation, created by the October Manifesto, was dominated by the Trudovik and Kadets parties and selected Sergei Muromstev as speaker. It was selected in four increasingly unfree elections until the Bolshevik Revolution, then restored under the current constitution. FTP, identify this lower house of the Russian parliament.



47. Anaxagoras was the first Greek mathematician known to try to solve it, but it became a popular enough problem that Aristophanes referenced it in The Birds. Although several good approximate solutions have been discovered, Carl von Lindemann proved in 1880 that pi is transcendental, and thus the impossibility of solving this problem with a ruler and compass. FTP, name this ancient problem of constructing two certain shapes with identical areas.

ANSWER: squaring the circle [or obvious equivalents]


48. Twenty-three years after the first one was removed in 1872, the Supreme Court ruled that the third, established by the Wilson-Gorham Act, was unconstitutional in Pollock v. Farmers� Loan and Trust. Reinstating it became a chief goal of the Progressives, and it was made legal in 1913. FTP, identify this subject of the Sixteenth Amendment.

ANSWER: federal income tax


49. Ribot�s Law deals with one form of this disorder. The diencephalic type is also known as Korsakoff�s syndrome and can be caused by alcoholism. Its three major types are psychogenic, which can be caused by emotional trauma; anterograde, which affects events before some physical incident; and retrograde, which involves events after the incident. FTP, identify this disorder associated with an inability to remember facts or events.

ANSWER: amnesia


50. He became the Minister of Health in 1939 and President of the Senate six years later. After three failed attempts, he reached the national presidency on the National Unity Coalition ticket. His government seized vast amounts of private property and he added military officers to his cabinet to control a trucking strike, but his inability to prevent rampant inflation was the breaking point for the 1973 coup which caused his death. FTP, name this Chilean President who was replaced by Augusto Pinochet.

ANSWER: Salvador Allende Gossens


51. Eeple Jote Hyewze, Daniel Hearing, Peter Crew, and Jonathan Dyce are some of his pen names. His children�s verse books include What Is the Truth? and Under the North Star, and his critical career is marked by several reviews of Dr. Seuss works. His ownbooks include Tales of the Early World and the poetry collections Lupercal and The Hawk in the Rain. FTP, name this late English author, author of �The Iron Man� and onetime husband of Sylvia Plath.

ANSWER: Edward James �Ted� Hughes


52. In this work, the coming of night is miraculously delayed so that revenge may be taken after a massacre. Baligant is killed in a duel and the people of Saragossa are forcibly Christianized, but Bramimonde is expected to convert voluntarily. Pinabel and Thierry go from legal arguments to a duel in the treason trial of Ganelon, who betrayed Charlemagne�s rearguard to the court of Marsile. FTP, name this work in which the title character dies blowing his horn at Roncesvalles, a late eleventh-century French epic.

ANSWER: The Song of Roland [or Le Chanson de Roland]


53. He left his birthland with a silver goblet full of native soil, never to return, an experience which inspired the �Revolutionary Etude.� Joseph Elsner expressed disappointment that he never wrote an opera set in his native country, but his

works did include �Barcarolle,� and �Sonata in B Minor.� Twenty-four of his twenty-six Preludes were written in Mallorca during a winter with George Sand. FTP, identify this Polish-French pianist and composer.

ANSWER: Frederic Francois Chopin


54. The A variety of this substance is more compact and exhibits a large tilt with respect to the axis. The Z type is left handed instead of right and shows a zig-zag appearance. In addition to the normal B type, there is a triple helix type, which only occurs when one strand contains purines and another, pyramidines which allows the third strand to join.FTP, identify this substance containing the nitrogenous bases adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine.

ANSWER: deoxyribonucleic acid


55. Vozrozhdeniya island, located within it, hosts waste from Soviet biological warfare research. Found to the southeast of the Ustyurt Plateau and northeast of the Kyzyl Kum desert, it is fed by the Syr Darya and Amu Darya rivers. Over the last fifty years, its fish have been killed and its surface area has been cut in half by its use to irrigate cotton farms. FTP, name this sea found on the shores of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

ANSWER: Aral Sea


56. Its predictions are demonstrated by graphs with two peaks, where the wavelength of one peak doesn�t change, while the other peak varies with the angle. The non-changing peak corresponds to the tightly-bound inner electrons of the target atoms, while the variable peak is a function of the scattering angle. FTP, name this effect, in which radiation scatters from loosely bound, nearly free electrons.

ANSWER: Compton effect or Compton scattering


57. As chief of government, he negotiated a peaceful settlement to a dispute with Spain over the Falklands and instituted a lottery to reduce the national debt. Serving in Parliament as representative of the rotten borough of Banbury, he took control of the coalition government formed with James Fox by engineering the defeat of the East India bill supported by Fox�s Whigs. FTP, name this British prime minister who oversaw passage of the Intolerable Acts and remained in office during the American Revolution.

ANSWER: Lord Frederick, Eighth Baron North


58. His sword fought giants without any prompting from the wielder; he gave the sword to his servant Skirnir as compensation for winning him Gerda. His possessions included Gullinbrusti, a glowing, flying boar; and Skidbladnir, a boat which could be folded to pocket size. He rules over the light elves in the world of Aflheim. FTP, name this Norse Vanir god of sunshine, rain, harvests, and fertility.

ANSWER: Freyr [or Frey; do not accept any other variations]


59. His dislike of his father, a lazy debtor, causes him to be authoritative to the point of frightening his own wife and children. He even assists when the Oracle of the Hills and Caves orders his adopted son Ikemefuna to be killed. His forcefulness is his downfall when he kills a messenger from the District Commissioner. FTP, name this resident of Umuofia, the protagonist of Chinua Achebe�s Things Fall Apart.

ANSWER: Okonkwo


60. Their demands included greater leeway for individual preachers, communion for the laity, poverty of the clergy and Church divestiture of land, and legal retributions for prostitution and other sins. A crusade was called against them by Martin V; leaders in their defense included Procopius the Great and Count �i�ka, whose Taborite faction was responsible for a 1419 defenestration. FTP, name this group which issued the �Four Articles of Prague,� the followers of a Bohemian religious dissident.

ANSWER: Hussites [prompt on Taborites before �Taborite� is mentioned]