The Mark Discordia Singles Tournament

Playoff Round 8

Question Set 11: 20 tossups plus tiebreaker


Editing and non-science questions by Matt Weiner

Science by Anthony de Jesus, the Washington University Academic Team, and Matt Weiner


1. It claims that ��when night is bare,/From one lonely cloud/The moon rains out her beams, and heaven is overflow'd.� Its last verse requests that the subject �Teach me half the gladness/That thy brain must know.� Four successive verses make comparisons to �a poet hidden,� �a high-born maiden,� �a glow-worm golden,� and �a rose embower'd,� respectively. FTP, name this poem which pretentiously begins, �Hail to thee, blithe spirit!�, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

ANSWER: �To a Skylark


2. When the Third Army was surrounded, Leonid Brezhnev threatened direct Soviet intervention in this conflict, which prompted Henry Kissinger to put the U.S. military on nuclear alert. Planned by Egypt and Syria under Soviet coordination, it saw initial gains for the Arab confederation, but within two weeks, Damascus was on the verge of occupation. FTP, name this conflict which occurred at a confluence of religious holy days in 1973.

ANSWER: Yom Kippur War [accept Ramadan War; accept October War; accept Arab-Israeli War of 1973 or equivalents]


3. It begins similarly to Debussy's ballet Jeux with muted violins harmonizing against flutter-tongued flutes. A clarinet plays a slow solo, then a trumpet increases the pace. The glockenspiel occurs in the secondary theme until a chromatic scale in the brass signifies danger, with violins representing a flood. FTP, name this piece in which a bassoon symbolizes a pesky broom, written by Paul Dukas.

ANSWER: The Sorcerer's Apprentice [or L�Apprenti Sorcier]


4. The only one mentioned in pre-Hellenistic writings was the Erythraean Herophile. A collection of books consulted through the fourth century BCE was supposedly sold by one to Tarquinius Superbus. At Lake Avernus lived the Cumaean one, by the name of Deiphobe, who guided Aeneas into the underworld. FTP, give the collective name for these prophetesses who were inspired by Apollo.

ANSWER: Sibyls [do not accept �Oracles�]


5. Many buildings in this city were designed by Viktor Kovaeica, including the National Bank and the Church of St. Blaze. Other landmarks include a Touch Museum for the blind, Maksimir park, and the Cathederal of the Assumption. The Kamenita Vrata gateway, supposedly sacred to Mary, has not been altered since a 1760 reconstruction, while the center of the city is the statue of the knight on horseback, the Trg Bana Josipa Jelaciea. FTP, name this city on the Sava River, the capital of Croatia.

ANSWER: Zagreb


6. Also known as hypoperfusion, this condition can be caused by acute allergic reactions, overwhelming infection or hemorrhaging. It results in an inadequate blood flow to the body�s cells. The early stage, or �compensated,� leads to �decompensated,� which goes to �irreversible,� where the patient will die even with proper treatment. FTP, identify this life-threatening condition, accompanied by prefixes such as cardiogenic, septic, and anaphylactic.

ANSWER: shock


7. The characteristics sub-school is more prominent than the biological today. The term first appeared in Notebook of a Return to My Native Land by Aim� C�saire, but, ironically, it first became internationally known due to Sartre�s essay �Black Orpheus,� which prefaced an anthology edited by L�opold Senghor. FTP, name this movement among mostly Francophone African authors which emphasizes the uniqueness or superiority of Africans.

ANSWER: N�gritude


8. After being hired as a pastry chef by Agostino Tassi, he was accepted as Tassi�s studio assistant. His works are documented by his own Liber Veritatis, which contains drawings of almost all of his paintings. Early works such as The Mill are Mannerist, but he developed a unique style as shown in one of his last paintings, Ascanius and the Stag. FTP, name this seventeenth-century French painter, the universally acclaimed master of the ideal landscape.

ANSWER: Claude Gell�e [accept Claude Le Lorrain]


9. In 1996, South African policeman Eugene De Kock claimed that Anthony White, a member of South African Intelligence�s Operation Longreach, was responsible for this man�s assasination. He opened his country as an asylum for American draft refugees, acted as an advocate for small countries against superpowers, and called for aid to opposition groups in Turkey and South Africa. FTP, name this man who served from 1969 to 1976 and again from 1982 until his 1986 death as Prime Minister of Sweden.

ANSWER: Sven Olaf Joachim Palme


10. NGC 4151, the most studied one of these, is called a �type one point five� because it exhibits intermediate properties as compared to the normal scheme, which classifies them as Type I or Type II based on the width of their hydrogen emission lines. They are not quasars, but they move at up to four thousand kilometers per second. FTP, identify these cosmic entities, an intermediate between galaxies and quasars, named for their American discoverer.

ANSWER: Seyfert galaxies


11. Followers of the Nine Noble Virtues, this religion�s practices include Sumbel, a ritual drinking circle, and Blot, a sacrifice of drink. The priests and priestesses, Gothi and Gythia, observe the profession ceremony, on which members take an oath on a ring to leave other faiths. Major holidays include Fogmoon and The Charming of the Plow. FTP, name this religion, which in its theology is largely identical to classical Norse myth.

ANSWER: Asatru [accept Forn Si�r; accept Forn Sed; accept Nordisk Sed; accept Hedensk Sed; prompt on Norse heathenism or equivalents]


12. At the beginning of this work, Farnley and Moore provide an example of the hostility towards outsiders, and Deputy Mapes reacts to reports of Larry Kinkaid�s death by forming an illegal posse. The title event occurs at a meadow in the Sierras, upon a Mexican, an old man, and Donald Martin. Sherrif Risley then arrives, revealing that no crime has been committed, and Gil Carter and Art Croft leave to see Martin�s family. FTP, identify this novel about an unjust lyching, written by Walter Van Tilburg Clark.

ANSWER: The Ox-Bow Incident


13. First proposed by their namesake Ohio State University scientist, they can be used instead of andiron formulas. One convention is to use a thicker line to show which parts are pointing towards the viewer. While some lines are partially hidden by the circle, the full segments indicate those bonds closer to the viewer than the carbon-carbon bond about which there is rotation. FTP, name this three-dimensional method of representing the conformations of an organic molecule.

ANSWER: Newman projections


14. Headquartered from the second floor of 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, it was sued for one million dollars in civil court as a result of its most notorious action. Its employees included Jeb Magruder, finance chairman Maurice Stans, and, most damningly, certain Cuban immigrants. FTP, name this organization which accomplished its namesake objective in 1972 but led to the downfall of Richard Nixon.

ANSWER: the Committee to Re-Elect the President [accept CRP]


15. Citing Zahran, Kemal, Gandhi, and Hitler as his four heroes, he became the public relations minister of the Free Officers Association, then president of the country. After the Soviet Union denied a request to increase military support, he expelled Soviets from his nation. He gave in to demands from fundamentalists by declaring support for Sharia-based law, but that was not enough to prevent his 1981 assasination. FTP, name this Egyptian president who was villified for making peace with Israel at Camp David.

ANSWER: Anwar al-Sadat


16. None of his writings survive, although some quotations are conveyed in Book VII of the Lives of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius. We know that he summarized his philosophy in a Republic, which foretold a rational utopia in which laws and modesty would be unnecessary. Succeeded as leader of his school by Cleantes of Assos, he was educated by Xenocrates and Crates of Thebes. FTP, name this philosopher who taught near a �painted column,� thus gaining a name for his philosophy of Stoicism.

ANSWER: Zeno of Citium


17. Set in Bestwood, this novel�s first section describes a woman in a dysfunctional relationship who is locked out of the house, then hit in the head with a drawer. The overall central character, a son of that woman, works for Thomas Jordan in a surgical appliance factory and for siblings has Annie and the mother�s favorite, William. The protagonist has relationships with the religious Miriam Leivers and the married Clara Dawes. FTP, name this D.H. Lawrence novel about Paul Morel.

ANSWER: Sons and Lovers


18. Named after a scientist whose dissertation was supervised by Robert Oppenheimer, they have momenta of equal magnitude but exactly opposite directions. They have a binding energy in the range of ten to the negative fourth to ten to the negative third electron-volts, but are broken above a critical temperature. They acquire the same increase in momentum when a current is generated. FTP, name these pairs of electrons, associated with the BCS theory of superconductivity.

ANSWER: Cooper pairs


19. One of this group�s leaders ceded its lands to Lithuania and became the Duke of Courland and Senigallia, under the terms of the Union of Wilno. Dissolved in 1809, this group was formed in 1190 during the Third Crusade. Its notable failures included a 1410 loss to the Poles at Tannenberg and a 1242 defeat by Alexander Nevsky�s army at the �Massacre on Ice� on Lake Peipus. FTP, name this military order which attempted to Catholicize the Baltic peoples, composed of Germans.

ANSWER: Teutonic Knights of the Brethren of the Sword [accept Teutonic Order; prompt on Knights of the Cross]


20. Molvik the clergyman appears to be an alcoholic, but Relling claims that Molvik�s drunken rages are actually episodes of demonic possession. Gina and Hedvig run a photography studio while Hialmar Ekdal daydreams, but Ekdal eventually learns that Gina was the former mistress of Hakon Werle. Hakon was also responsible for the imprisonment of Ekdal�s father, who brought the title character from Hoidal forest to an attic. FTP, name this 1885 play, the only Henrik Ibsen work with a titular waterfowl.

ANSWER: �The Wild Duck� [or �Vildanden�]



First, denature an RNA sample with a substance that prevents hydrogen bonding, such as formaldehyde. Then, separate the RNA samples by gel electrophoresis and transfer the gel to a nitrocellulose filter. Expose the filter to a DNA probe, and after that to autoradiography. FTP, identify this procedure, named after its DNA analogue, the Southern blot.

ANSWER: Northern blot