The Mark Discordia Singles Tournament

Playoff Round 5

Question Set 8: 20 tossups plus tiebreaker


Editing and non-science questions by Matt Weiner

Science by Anthony de Jesus, the Washington University Academic Team, and Matt Weiner


1. As a matter of formal policy, it has been the most emphasized measure used in guiding monetary policy since 1982 and the measure for which the Federal Reserve sets explicit growth targets since 1987. It excludes savings accounts over one hundred thousand dollars and large long-term deposits. FTP, identify this measure of the money supply which includes small savings accounts, short-term non-demand deposits, and all the components of M1.



2. Though �the coolest and most courageous man was scarcely over five feet in height�, and �the best shot had but one eye,� the town resolves to adapt to the new situation, doubting the character of Red Dog. A revolver, a diamond ring, and a Bible are among the items contributed to a collection for the orphaned title character, whose bears the first name of Thomas and is the son of the deceased Cherokee Sal. FTP, name this short story by Bret Harte.

ANSWER: �The Luck of Roaring Camp


3. Political Parties and Elections in the United States and Inside the Monster are among his posthumously published works. He depicted heroic sculptures coming alive in the poem �Dream with Cloisters of Marble,� and he addressed topics such as colonialism and his relationship with his lover�s daughter Mar�a in the collections Ismaelillo, Versos Sencillos, and Versos Libres. FTP, name this Cuban author who was killed fighting for independence from Spain.

ANSWER: Jos� Julian Mart�


4. This country has not complied with a 1994 International Court of Justice order to leave the Aozou Strip, one of four disputed border areas. Inland in the northwest are the Jafara Plain and the Jabal Nafusah Plateau, while the Jabal al Akhdar, or Green Mountains, are in the northeast. Its highest point, Bette Peak, is in the Tibesti Massif range to the south and the Gulf of Sidra comprises its northwesterly border with the Mediterranean. FTP, name this country whose cities include Derna, Misurata, Benghazi, and Tripoli.

ANSWER: Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya [or Jamahiriya al-Arabiya al-Libya al-Shabiya al-Ishtirakiya al-Uzma] geography question


5. Several chhatri kiosks are found at its corners and the Shish Mahal pavilion is on the second floor. The center courtyard contains a sacred pool. Featuring four entrances, symbolizing the equality of the four old castes, this building�s nineteenth-century remodeling was done in imitation of the shrine of Mian Mir in Lahore. It was stormed by the government in 1984, 1986, and 1988 in response to successive autonomy movements. FTP, name this building in Amritsar, the center of Sikh practice.

ANSWER: Golden Temple


6. Later associated with New York City�s Famous Door Club, he joined Walter Page's Blue Devils as a pianist in 1927. His opportunity came in Kansas City when he became the leader of the Bennie Moten Band after Moten�s death. He led the recordings of �Lady Be Good,� �Shoe Shine Boy,� and �One O'Clock Jump� with his first namesake group, then formed a second in 1952 which is still active well past his 1984 death. FTP, name this pianist and bandleader, known as �Count.�

ANSWER: William �Count� Basie


7. Article 34 of the resolutions passed at this conference introduced the concept of �spheres of influence,� while Article 35 demanded �effective occupation,� meaning that colonizers were theoretically responsible for maintaining freedom of trade and conduct in territories. This meeting also ensured that the Congo would be open for trade and abolished slavery. FTP, identify the eponymous location of this 1884 to 1885 conference organized by Jules Ferry and Otto von Bismarck.

ANSWER: Berlin Conference on African Affairs


8. After leaving the chair of analysis and mechanics at the Ecole Normale in Paris, he was asked by Napoleon to become the prefect of Isere in Grenoble. It was there that he did his famous work in thermodynamics, publishing On the Propagation of Heat in Solid Bodies in 1807. FTP, name this French scientist and mathematician who also discovered that a discrete function can be written as an infinite trigonometric series.

ANSWER: Joseph Fourier


9. Robinson and Delemarch steal a photograph from the central character, who briefly runs the elevators at the Hotel Occidental. The protagonist is sent to the title location after a sexual encounter with Johanna Brummer, detailed in the opening chapter, �The Stoker.� This novel is unfinished; the two outlined possibilites for an ending involve an execution or a good job at the Nature Theater of Oklahoma for Karl Rossmann. FTP, name this novel by Franz Kafka.

ANSWER: Amerika [accept Verschollene; accept Lost Ones]


10. It declares that with �the dread voice� now past, Alpheus and �the Sicilian Muse� can return, and it notes that �Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise.� The title personage is described as �sunk low, but mounted high,� and the author concedes that the Nymphs were not �playing on the steep� �when the remorseless deep� killed him. FTP, name this pastoral elegy, written on the death of Edward King in 1637 by John Milton.

ANSWER: �Lycidas


11. Although a crossed one will normally produce a mixture of four possible products, it can yield a decent amount of a single product if one reactant, with no alpha-hydrogens, is mixed with the catalyst--normally a dilute base or acid--and the carbonyl with alpha-hydrogens is added slowly. FTP, name this condensation reaction in which two molecules of an aldehyde or ketone combine to form the namesake compound, a beta-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone.

ANSWER: aldol condensation


12. A park named for them exists in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Up to six hundred kilometers long, they include the Siegenthaler, Bridgenorth, Kaneville, Mason, and Punkaharju. Created during the Pleistocene Epoch, they are also found in Canada, Ireland, and Sweden. FTP, give the name for these gravel ridges created by ancient streams flowing under glaciers.

ANSWER: eskers [accept os; accept osar]


13. Otilio Montano and Antonio D�az Soto y Gama were the real authors of documents ascribed to this man, who was barely literate. Under the slogan, �Land and Liberty,� he promulgated the Plan of Ayala which called for the seizure of land held by foreigners and political opponents. He occupied Mexico City three times before his assasination, which was engineered by Venustiano Carranza. FTP, name this Mexican revolutionary whose name in its diminuitive form now denotes a Chiapas-based rebel army.

ANSWER: Emiliano Zapata [do not accept Zapatista]


14. They were opposed by the GAL, who killed several members in the mid-1980s. Founded in 1959, they first used violence in 1968, killing Melit�n Manzanas. Romanticized after four members were sentenced to death in a show trial at Burgos, they soon launched �Operaction Ogro,� which assasinated Prime Minister Carrero Blanco. FTP, identify this terrorist group operating in Spain, composed of Basque nationalists.

ANSWER: Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna [or Basque Nation and Liberty]


15. A graduate of Dillard High School and Memphis State, he was chosen thirty-third overall in 1994 draft. He is a two-time winner of the Daniel F. Reeves Memorial Award and, in 1996, he became the first player at his position on his team to go to the Pro Bowl since Henry Ellard. Third on the list of most receiving yards in a player�s first three seasons, behind Jerry Rice and John Jefferson, he averaged 111 receiving yards a game in 2000. FTP, identify this wide receiver, number 80 for the St. Louis Rams.

ANSWER: Isaac Bruce


16. This drug, a para-aminophenol derivative, can be used as either an antipyretic or an analgesic. It does not produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Common contraindications include patients with hepatic and renal diseases, as well as anemia. FTP, identify this common over-the-counter drug, the active ingredient in Tylenol.

ANSWER: acetaminophen [prompt on Tylenol or other brand names before the end]


17. He first came to prominence when he replaced Philip John Schuyler as commander of the Northern Department after the loss of Fort Ticonderoga. During his second tour of duty, he was replaced by Nathanael Greene after a lopsided loss at Camden. Earlier, he had been the Conway Cabal�s candidate to replace George Washington as commander-in-chief after two 1777 victories. FTP, name this general, who is not Benedict Arnold, who led the American forces to victory at Stillwater and Saratoga.

ANSWER: Horatio Gates


18. Nuclear reaction probabilities are usually expressed in this quantity, which generally depends upon the energy of the incident particle. For a target nucleus of a projectile in a specific reaction, it is usually on the order of ten to the negative 28 meters square, as it represents the effective area. FTP, name this quantity, often measured in barns.

ANSWER: cross section


19. In 1916, he wrote the Lucknow Pact, which attempted to reconcile Hindu and Muslim political leaders. He was the first person to resign from the Viceroy�s Council in response to the Rowlatt Acts, but he was booed off the stage in 1920 when he denounced Ghandi�s disobedience of the law at a meeting of the Indian National Congress, from which he resigned in 1930. FTP, name this leader of the Muslim League who, as governor-general, became the first chief of state of Pakistan.

ANSWER: Muhammad Ali Jinnah


20. He was called �the great cackler,� and his laughter was the cause of earthquakes. He was represented as a goose; in that form, he laid the egg from which the sun hatched. Often depicted leaning on his elbow with a knee contracted below the elongated form of his wife, he was the son of Shu and Tefnet. FTP, name this Egyptian god of vegetation and the earth, the father of Nephthys, Isis, Set, and Osiris by his wife Nut.

ANSWER: Geb [accept Keb; accept Seb]



Fake intelligence sent to one side in this battle promised that an attack here would lead to a key defection. The disparity in numbers was made up by attacking by surprise from Ambelaki and Farmakoussai. Eurybiades was the commander on the day of battle, although the strategy was created by Themistocles. FTP, name this 480 BCE naval battle in which 310 Greek ships won by luring 1200 Persian ships into a narrow strait.

ANSWER: Salamis