1. The duct of Wirsung and duct of Santorini contained within it empty
into the duodenum with a rate controlled by the vagus nerve and the
hormone secretin. Its enzymes are produced by the acinar cells,
embedded in which are smaller regions which secrete somatostatin to
control the production of insulin and glucagon. For 10
points--name this exocrine and endocrine gland which contains the
islets of Langerhans.
answer: _pancreas_
2. His wife was known as Bertha of the Big Foot. He was anointed
first by St. Boniface and then by Pope Stephen II, whom he aided
twice in recapturing Ravenna from the Lombards. In those military
campaigns, as well as wars with Saxony and Aquitaine, he wielded a
six-foot-long sword, which, when stood on end, was a foot and a
half taller than he was. For 10 points--name this Carolingian king
of the Franks and father of Charlemagne.
answer: _Pepin III_ or _Pepin the Short_
3. Arrigo Boito was too embarrassed to put his name on its libretto,
so he used the anagram Tobia Gorrio for the credits. Act II ends
with Enzo torpedoing a ship onstage, and Act III features its most
famous musical number, a ballet tune which is interrupted by
antagonist Barnaba accusing the title character's poor blind mother
of witchcraft. For 10 points--name this opera which features the
Dance of the Hours and a saintly street singer who shares her name
with Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
answer: La _Gioconda_
4. In his first work, he argued that man's ability to form moral
judgments in the face of self-preservation was due to the presence
within him of an "impartial spectator" whose approval or
condemnation of his own or others' actions could not be
disregarded. This ~Theory of Moral Sentiments~ also first
suggested that self-seeking men were led to advance the cause of
society by an "invisible hand." For 10 points--name this political
philosopher who explored that idea further in 1776's ~The Wealth of
answer: Adam _Smith_
5. Hardly are these words out when a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
troubles the sight of the author, a shape with lion's body and the
head of a man about which reel shadows of indignant desert birds.
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of
innocence is drowned since the falcon cannot hear the falconer,
things fall apart and the center cannot hold. For 10 points--what
hour has come round at last when a rough beast slouches toward
Bethlehem to be born in a poem by William Butler Yeats?
answer: The _Second Coming_
6. Though an Austrian national, he served in the 16th Bavarian Reserve
Infantry Regiment at 1st Ypres and the Somme, where he was wounded.
At 3rd Ypres he won the Iron Cross First Class, a rare honor for a
non-commissioned officer, but was never recommended for a
commission, probably due to unpredictable rants about an invisible
foe of the German people which was a greater danger than the
biggest cannon of the enemy. For 10 points--name this man who got
into politics after the war and founded the Nazi party.
answer: Adolf _Hitler_
7. It is related to a material's electric polarizability and can be
changed by the application of an electric field, a result known as
the Kerr effect. A material with a negative one could act as a
perfect lens, focusing light to a resolution beyond the diffraction
limit. For 10 points--what property, equal to the velocity of
light in vacuum divided by its velocity in the material, measures
the degree to which a material bends light?
answer: _index of refraction_ or _refractive index_
8. William Blake's poem ~Jerusalem~ restates the legend that Jesus
once accompanied this figure, a distant relative, to the tin mines
in Cornwall from which he derived his wealth. After the
crucifixion, a thorn tree bloomed where he planted his staff at
Glastonbury, where he allegedly also hid the Holy Grail. For 10
points--identify this religious figure who, according to the Bible,
buried Jesus in his own tomb.
answer: _Joseph of Arimathea_
9. The energies it produces are not eigenstates, but this
quantum-mechanical concept can be quantified by the s-character,
which is usually either 25 or 33 percent. It gives rise to bond
polarity and explains why ethylene is a planar molecule, because
it allows a double bond to form between the carbon atoms, which
gives the molecule torsional rigidity. For 10 points--give the
term for this mixing of atomic orbitals on the same atom.
answer: _hybrid_ization
10. Two answers required: One was the president of the Utah Stake of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints; the other was the
president of Willamette University in Oregon. Had the first been
denied his Senate seat because his church had practiced polygamy,
or the second had remembered some of the lessons he taught as an
economics professor, Vienna's Kreditanstalt might never have failed
and the Bank of England might not have gone off the gold standard.
For 10 points--name these Congressmen, neither of whom were
re-elected in 1932, whose namesake tariff was the highest in
U.S. history.
answer: Willis Chatman _Hawley_ and Reed _Smoot_
11. Around 1908 he invents seventeen ordnance devices in eighteen months,
including a recoilless rocket grenade launcher, a low-pressure land
mine, sonar-directed depth charges, infrared illuminated rifle sights,
tracer bullets, a repeater rifle, a lightweight machine gun, a shrapnel
grenade, puttied nitroglycerin, and a portable flame thrower, all while
working in the fireworks factory owned by his sister's husband. He
then flees to Mexico to become a revolutionary, after using his genius
with explosives to help Coalhouse Walker Jr. For 10 points--name this
character in E.L. Doctorow's ~Ragtime~, referred to only as the junior
sibling of Father's wife.
answer: _Mother's Younger Brother_ (prompt on "Younger Brother")
12. Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz became possibly the
best-paid poets in history, receiving $350 million in cash and 14
million shares of stock, some of which was immediately sold for
another $300 million, in return for selling this tiny poetry
publishing company to broadband provider [email protected] For 10
points--name this company in Boulder, Colorado, whose website had
become a top-ten destination for people wishing to send free
electronic greeting cards.
answer: _Blue Mountain_ Arts (accept: _bluemountain.com_)
13. Their trademark color symbolized their connection to the element of
"earth", which would overthrow the red "fire" element of their
opponents. Their leader Chang Chueh, a Taoist faith healer, was
killed in the first year of their rebellion, but they fought on for
another two decades, contributing to the fall of the Han dynasty.
For 10 points--name these Chinese rebels with distinctive headgear.
answer: _Yellow Turbans_
14. The first in France to observe the 1758 return of Halley's comet,
he was dubbed the "comet ferret" by Louis XV for his independent
discovery of 21 comets. Often mistaking other hazy objects for
the comets he searched for, in exasperation he compiled a list of
102 objects for comet hunters to avoid. For 10 points--name this
astronomer still remembered for his catalog of nebulae and star
answer: Charles _Messier_
15. The first line of a poem by this author inspired Ian Fleming to
title his 12th novel ~You Only Live Twice,~ which the poet
asserted happens "once when you are born, and once when you look
death in the face." He interspersed verse with lush prose in
travel books like ~The Narrow Road to the Deep North~, criticized
the works of his fellow poets in ~The Seashell Game,~ and won
several poetry competitions with his renga. For 10 points--name
this 17th-century master of the haiku.
answer: Matsuo _Basho_ or Matsuo _Munefusa_
16. The ongoing intrigue of this 1987 TV series involves the identity
of the Man In Black who stalks the heroine and her American
boyfriend through the streets of Paris; in the final episode we
discover that he just wants Mireille and Robert to star in his new
movie. Many viewers apparently enjoyed gawking at braless lead
actress Valerie Allain even though they had no clue what the
actors were saying. For 10 points--identify this PBS series
created by Pierre Capretz which teaches French by immersion.
answer: _French in Action_
17. He's not Bob Patterson, but he's a member of the American Speakers
Bureau whose hobbies include operating heavy equipment. This host
of ESPN's ~Stihl North to Alaska~ and ~Suzuki Great Outdoors~
might also tell you about fishing and hunting, but his
motivational speeches will mostly focus on the obstacles he
overcame to become the MVP of Super Bowl VIII by rushing for 145
yards and two touchdowns. For 10 points--name this key player in
the Miami Dolphins' perfect season whom you can hire to motivate
you through his namesake company, Zonk Productions.
answer: Larry _Czonka_
18. His siblings are Peter, Martha, and Belinda, with whom he sings a
song in a plaintive little voice about a lost child travelling in
the snow. According to his father, he was as good as gold at
church, but he gets thoughtful sitting by himself so much, and
hopes the churchgoers saw him, because it might be pleasant to
them to remember who made beggars walk and blind men see. For 10
points--who is last to say "God bless us, every one" at dinner in
Charles Dickens' ~A Christmas Carol~?
answer: _Tim Cratchit_ or _Tiny Tim_
19. Wolfgang and Benno provide comic relief by trying to woo the
village girls who hope to win the hand of Prince Siegfried, but
the only maid for the prince needs a vow of eternal love to break
the curse placed on her by the evil Rothbart. He swears to be
faithful only to find that Rothbart has substituted his daughter,
Odile, who just happens to be the evil double of his true love,
Odette. For 10 points--this is the plot of what ballet by
Tchaikovsky, at whose end Odette turns into a swimming bird
answer: _Swan Lake_
20. In ~For Your Eyes Only~, Melina Havelock explains to Bond that her
vengeful attitude is because "Greek women, like [this mythological
character] always avenge their loved ones." In ~The World Is Not
Enough~, the woman who tries to blow up Istanbul shares her name
with the same mythical figure. For 10 points--name this daughter
of the house of Atreus who killed her mother Clytemnestra with her
brother Orestes, and who looks very becoming in mourning.
answer: _Electra_
21. The voice of Commissioner Barbara Gordon on ~Batsman Beyond~, she
was nominated for an Oscar for reprising her Broadway role as
Ouisa Kittredge in ~Six Degrees of Separation~. She also plays
the First Lady Abbey Bartlet on ~The West Wing~. For 10
points--what actress was thirty-four when she played high school
student Betty Rizzo in ~Grease~?
answer: Stockard _Channing_
22. In 1916 she married a U.S. Navy pilot called Earl W. Spencer, but
divorced him in 1927. Her second husband, an American-born
British subject, introduced her to London high society. Winston
Churchill, who would later make her the first lady of the Bahamas,
was the only notable politician in favor of her third marriage, to
a husband who could no longer remain Head of the Church of England
and abdicated the throne. For 10 points--name this wife of Edward
answer: Wallis _Warfield_, or Wallis Warfield _Simpson_ (prompt on "Duchess of Windsor")
23. Its flag has a red-and-white-checkered shield and a blue crown on
a field of red, white, and blue horizontal stripes. Formed as a
kingdom under Tomislav in 924, it joined with Hungary in 1102, and
Austro-Hungarian influence westernized its people and separated
them from the Slavs. Nominally independent from 1941 to 1945, it
then became a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. For 10
points--name this country which in 1991 again declared
independence under Franjo Tudjman.
answer: _Croatia_
24. The actress who played the female lead was directly descended from
the character she played, through both that character's first and
second marriages. The actor who played the male lead was playing
that character for the second time, having done so four years
earlier in the movie ~Becket.~ For 10 points--name this 1968 movie
based on a play by James Goldman which starred Katherine Hepburn
and Peter O'Toole as Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II.
answer: The _Lion in Winter_

1. A Super Squishy made entirely of syrup made us go crazy ACF-style.
For 10 points each--identify the following from a certain episode of
~The Simpsons~, or get 5 points if you need another clue.
A. (10) Warren's dad was in prison, so Flanders got this celebrity to
sub in on the Junior Campers Father/Son rafting trip.
(5) He was pretty good at rafting, having played the lead in "McHale's
Navy," but playing Sergeant "Fatso" Judson in "From Here to
Eternity" didn't help save him from the bear, especially after
Homer stole his Swiss Army knife.
answer: Ernest _Borgnine_
B. (10) While lost at sea with Bart, Flanders and Rod, Homer misquoted
this famous work.
(5) Homer drank seawater, claiming the line was "Water, water
everywhere, so let's all have a drink."
answer: The _Rime of the Ancient Mariner_
C. (10) Bart scoffed at the poor grasp of reality displayed by this
episode of ~The Itchy and Scratchy Show~.
(5) Although humorous, the episode couldn't match the genius of Eugene
O'Neill's only comedic drama, with which it shared its name.
answer: _Ah, Wilderness_ or _Aaaaaaaaaah Wilderness_2. Three of the most influential scientific books ever were published
in Europe in 1543. For 10 points each:
A. ~De humani corporis fabrica~ was a book of anatomical drawings by
what physician?
answer: Andreas _Vesalius_ or Andries van _Wesel_
B. Which ancient scholar's mathematics and physics, including ~The
Sand-Reckoner~, was published in English translation from the original
answer: _Archimedes_
C. Which six-volume treatise on celestial movements was published by
Nicolas Copernicus?
answer: On the _Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres_ or De
_revolutionibus orbium coelestium_ (libri VI)...you can be lenient
with translation!3. Answer these questions about the madness of King George III for 10
points each:
A. Modern medical knowledge suggests that George III's insanity may
have been due to this inherited metabolic defect causing an excess of
purple-red pigments in his blood.
answer: _porphyria_
B. After becoming almost blind, George was afraid he might be tricked
into agreeing to a bill which he couldn't read. He asked his Whig
ministers never to even bring up this subject, out of fear that he
might betray his duty to the Church of England.
answer: emancipation of Roman _Catholics_
C. Because of George's madness, all productions of this play were
banned from 1788 to 1820.
answer: _King Lear_4. Answer these questions about sartorial spies for 10 points each:
A. In this John Le Carré novel, "Tailor" is a code name for a member
of British intelligence who turns out to be a Soviet mole.
answer: _Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy_
B. In this novel, also by John Le Carré;, Harry Pendel is recruited
by British intelligence and starts making up things to report.
answer: _The Tailor of Panama_
C. This Cardassian, who worked as a tailor on board ~Deep Space
Nine~, had previously been a secret agent in the Obsidian Order.
answer: Elim _Garak_5. Identify these Verdi operas from very brief plot descriptions given by
Sir Denis Forman, for the stated number of points:
A. (5) The one where the call-girl is a social embarrassment to her
lover's family so she gives him up, her golden heart is broken, and
she succumbs to tuberculosis.
answer: La _Traviata_
B. (5) The one where the gypsy woman throws the wrong baby onto the
bonfire and thus causes the grown-up unburnt baby to be killed by his
answer: Il _Trovatore_ or The _Troubadour_
C. (10) The one with lots of singing crusaders, a hermit in a cave and
a brand of mineral water with supernatural powers.
answer: I _Lombardi_ or The _Lombards_ (on the First Crusade)
D. (10) The one where a duke turned bandit dressed up as a monk hides
in a cupboard and promises to kill himself if he hears his host
blowing a horn.
answer: _Ernani_6. For 5 points each and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify whether
the following are true of Anaximander, Anaximenes, Anaxagoras, or none
of the above. The moderator will not reveal answers after each part.
A. Was not a pupil of Thales of Miletus.
answer: _Anaxagoras_
B. Postulated an unlimited substance called the apeiron which unified
things like hot and cold and wet and dry.
answer: _Anaximander_
C. Thought the universe was hemispherical and made of air.
answer: _Anaximenes_
D. Was prosecuted for impiety for asserting that the sun was an
incandescent stone somewhat larger than the Peloponnesus.
answer: _Anaxagoras_
E. Posited an infinite number of elements that make up the universe.
answer: _Anaxagoras_7. Name these people who wrote about unusual holiday destinations for 10
points each:
A. "Holiday in Cambodia" was the second single by this American punk
answer: The _Dead Kennedys_
B. In ~The Trouble with Nigeria~, this Nigerian novelist wrote, "Only
a masochist with an exuberant taste for self-violence will pick
Nigeria for a holiday."
answer: Chinua _Achebe_
C. This humorist described sight-seeing in war-torn Lebanon,
Nicaragua, and El Salvador in his book ~Holidays in Hell.~
answer: P. J. _O'Rourke_8. An Imagist poet saw it "among the rain and lights on a red firetruck"
from the window of Marsden Hartley's studio on 15th street. For 10
points each--
A. Name this title entity of the poem "The Great Figure."
answer: the _figure 5 in gold_ (prompt on partial answer)
B. What American poet, famous for "The Red Wheelbarrow", wrote "The
Great Figure?"
answer: William Carlos _Williams_
C. What modern painter, a friend of Williams', painted the 1928
precisionist masterpiece ~The Figure 5 in Gold~ based on the poem?
answer: Charles _Demuth_9. Identify these mathematicians who made things by taking something
away, for 10 points each:
A. Starting with the interval [0,1], he took away the middle third,
then took the middle third away from each of the remaining intervals,
ad infinitum, to form his namesake set.
answer: Georg _Cantor_
B. Starting with an equilateral triangle, he removed the equilateral
triangle formed by connecting the points at the center of each side,
then did the same with the smaller triangles ad infinitum to form his
namesake "gasket."
answer: Waclaw _Sierpinski_
C. Starting with a cube, he divided it into 27 smaller cubes and
removed the center cube and the cube at the center of each face,
repeating for all the smaller cubes and forming his namesake "sponge."
answer: Karl _Menger_10. Identify these U.S. presidents from unusual details of their
inaugurations, for 10 points each:
A. He was the only president who chose "to affirm" rather than "to
swear" the Executive Oath of Office.
answer: Franklin _Pierce_
B. Thomas Edison's new motion picture camera and gramophone were used
to record this president's inaugural address.
answer: William _McKinley_
C. Rather than the Chief Justice, this president's father, a justice
of the peace and a notary, administered the oath of office.
answer: Calvin _Coolidge_11. Name these regions in Norse mythology for 10 points each:
A. With a name meaning "the home of mists," it is the far northern
region of icy fogs, darkness, and cold.
answer: _Niflheim_
B. With a name meaning "the home of desolation," it is the land of
fire in the far south.
answer: _Muspell_ or _Muspellheim_
C. With a name meaning "seeming emptiness," this was the primordial
void that existed between Niflheim and Muspellheim. Eventually icy
water from Niflheim and hot air from Muspellheim filled this void and
created some kind of livable zone.
answer: _Ginnungagap_12. Name these places of religious significance in Japan for 10 points
A. Japanese prime ministers can show they're patriotic, and annoy
other Asian countries, by visiting this principal shrine of state
Shinto, which now commemorates the Japanese war dead including General
Tojo and other convicted war criminals.
answer: _Yasukuni_
B. This Buddhist temple, the largest wooden building in the world,
houses the Daibutsu, a large bronze Buddha.
answer: _Todaiji_
C. Todaiji is located in this city of many Buddhist temples, which was
the capital of Japan before Kyoto.
answer: _Nara_13. Answer these questions about concocted currency-crisis conspiracies
for 10 points each:
A. In the mid-1960s British Secretary of Economic Affairs George Brown
claimed the British economy was under attack from what shadowy
financial figures? (Hint: They were one of the secret societies in
the original Illuminati card game.)
answer: the _gnomes of Zurich_
B. In the late 1990s, what prime minister of Malaysia claimed that
what Hungarian-born financier was trying to undermine the economies of
Asia by creating a run on currencies?
answer: _Mahathir_ Mohamad, George _Soros_14. Name these historical novels by Robert Graves, none of which is ~I,
Claudius~, for 10 points each:
A. This book was inspired by Samuel Butler's theory that the
~Odyssey~ was written by a Sicilian princess.
answer: _Homer's Daughter_
B. This book supposes that Jesus was the illegitimate grandson of
Herod the Great, thus having a literal claim to be "King of the Jews."
answer: _King Jesus_
C. This book argues that the English serial killer William Palmer was
really innocent of murder.
answer: _They Hanged My Saintly Billy_15. Identify these autobiographical artists on a 15-10 basis.
A. (15) The autobiography of this humanist scholar is found in the
second book of his ~Comentarii~, along with admiring words about other
14th-century artists.
(10) His scene of the sacrifice of Isaac won him a 1401 commission to
construct the bronze doors of the baptistery of the cathedral of
answer: Lorenzo _Ghiberti_
B. (15) His 1562 autobiography contains details of his participation
in the 1527 defence of Rome, during which he shot the constable of
Bourbon and the Prince of Orange, and his pardon by Pope Paul III for
the murder of a fellow goldsmith.
(10) His only authenticated work in precious metals is a golden
saltcellar constructed for Francis I of France.
answer: Benvenuto _Cellini_16. Identify these celebrities who contributed to the best-selling
cookbook, ~NASCAR Cooks with Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce~, for 10
points each:
A. This "Million Dollar" driver from Dawsonville was voted most
popular a record 12 times by fans of his Snappy Pea and Chicken Pot
answer: _B_ill _Elliot_
B. This youngest two-time Winston Cup champion, who won in 1995 and
1997, makes a mean Mediterranean Chicken Salad.
answer: Jeff _Gordon_
C. This man, a fan of Grilled Rosemary Flank Steak, won the final race
of 1996's Winston Cup championship. His brother, who prefers Catfish
with Tomato-Jalapeno Chutney, was crowned NASCAR Winston Cup champion
the same day.
answer: _B_obby _Labonte_17. 30-20-10. Give the common name.
A. Ida, the first female Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia
University, developed a system of deep bodywork based on yoga,
osteopathy and chiropractic which she called "structural integration"
and which is now named for her.
B. Played by Daniel Truhitte in the 1965 movie, this is the first name
of Liesl's love interest in ~The Sound of Music.~
C. It's also the name of the piano-playing dog Muppet.
answer: _Rolf_18. Identify these principles applicable to statistical mechanics, for 10
points each:
A. This hypothesis states that any system starting out in any
energetically allowed state will, if we wait long enough, eventually
reach any other allowed state.
answer: _ergodic_ hypothesis
B. This theorem, named for the Frenchman who discovered transcendental
numbers, states that the density of states of the system in phase
space is conserved in time.
answer: _Liouville_'s theorem
C. This quantum mechanical analog to Liouville's theorem tells us
that, if states a and b or a system have the same energy, the
probability per unit time of a transition from a to b is the same as
that of a transition from b to a.
answer: principle of _detailed balance_19. He was Bill Clinton's secretary of commerce and Al Gore's campaign
chairman. For 10 points each:
A. Name him.
answer: _W_illiam (Bill) _Daley_
B. Daley plans to run for governor of what state, of whose largest
city his brother is mayor?
answer: _Illinois_
C. If elected, Daley would replace what current Illinois governor?
answer: George _Ryan_20. Given some one-word song titles from an album, name the album for 10
points. You'll get 5 points if you need the artist.
A. (10) Crucify, Winter, China, Leather
(5) Tori Amos
answer: _Little Earthquakes_
B. (10) Drive, Ignoreland
(5) R.E.M.
answer: _Automatic for the People_
C. (10) Possession, Wait, Circle, Ice, Fear
(5) Sarah McLachlan
answer: _Fumbling Towards Ecstasy_21. Answer the following for 10 points each:
A. In 1951 this woman died of cervical cancer, but cells from her
tumor became the "HeLa" cells, the first human cell culture to divide
and survive indefinitely outside the body.
answer: Henrietta _Lacks_
B. The first of many medical applications of Henrietta Lacks' cells
was to grow this virus, distinguish between its strains, and test a
vaccine to fight it.
answer: _polio_ virus
C. On the other hand, the HeLa cells also ruined years and millions
of dollars of medical research---for what reason?
answer: they replicated so well they _contaminated_ other cell cultures22. Name these hunchbacked authors, for 10 points each:
A. Born in Mexico, this Spanish dramatist wrote plays about morality
in Madrid, like ~The Suspicious Truth~ and ~The Walls Have Ears.~
Teasing him and tossing sticks at him was a favorite pastime of rival
playwright Lope de Vega.
answer: Juan _Ruiz de Alarcon_ (y Mendoza)
B. This Englishman got back at the meanies who made fun of him, like
Lewis Theobald and Joseph Addison, by openly satirizing them in works
like ~An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot~ and ~The Dunciad.~
answer: Alexander _Pope_
C. As his name suggests, this medieval writer did lots of things
first, like inventing the French secular theatre and foreshadowing the
modern comic opera with musical dramas like ~Play of the Greensward~
and ~Play of the Pilgrim~, in which he blasts his friends for teasing
him about his deformity.
answer: _Adam_ de la Halle or _Adam_ le bossu (the hunchback)23. Answer the following about Robert the Bruce for 10 points each:
A. Robert Bruce's grandfather of the same name was a claimant for the
Scottish throne in 1292, but was passed over for what man?
answer: John _Balliol_ (prompt on "John")
B. In what 1314 battle did "the Bruce" decisively defeat the larger
army of Edward II?
answer: _Bannockburn_
C. What letter to the Pope by thirty-eight Scots lords in 1320
officially declared independence and asked the Pope to recognize
Scotland as a separate nation with Robert as king?
answer: the _Declaration of Arbroath_24. Answer these questions about superlatively bad poets for 10 points
A. Probably the best candidate for "worst poet of all time" is this
Scotsman born in 1830, also remembered as "Dundee's most famous
nobody." His best-known poem, ~The Tay Bridge Disaster~, begins:
"Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay! Alas! I am very sorry
to say That ninety lives have been taken away On the last Sabbath day
of 1879, Which will be remember'd for a very long time."
answer: William Topaz _McGonagall_
B. According to Douglas Adams, the worst poetry in the universe is by
Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England. The
second worst is by the Azagoths of Kria. What species produces the
third worst poetry?
answer: _Vogons_
C. In March 1998, the British publisher Anchor Books released an
anthology which the Observer newspaper described as "possibly the
worst book of poetry ever published." The $30 paperback contained
poems by amateurs paying tribute to what deceased person?
answer: _Diana_ Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales