Quesadilla IV

Jordan Boyd-Graber





1.  In 1976 this religious group could once again safely live in Missouri, after the 1838 “extermination” order issued by Governor Lilburn W. Boggs was rescinded. Their beliefs are summarized in the succinct Articles of Faith in the Pearl of Great Price, and the priesthood is divided into the Aaronic and Melchezdik branches.  Many of their characteristic quirks like the Word of Wisdom can be found in the Doctrine and Covenants, which prohibits the consumption of red meat, strong drink, and tobacco.  Identify this American religious movement currently headed by Gordon B. Hinkley whose sacred texts, for ten points, also include the King James Bible and the Book of Mormon. 


LDS aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

acc. Mormon before Hinkley, as this disambiguates between Community of Christ (aka RLDS, which is also considered “Mormon”)



2.  This man was suspected of German sympathies by the British government because of his wife.  He probably wasn’t very trustworthy indeed since he stole her from a German professor at the University of Nottingham.  He traveled the world - consistent with the life of a globetrotting spy.  He visited Ceylon, Tahiti,  and Taos, New Mexico, where he surrounded himself with a group of female disciples.  Identify this poet and novelist who spent his Twilight in Italy before dying of Tuberculous in France who, for ten points, also wrote The Kangaroo, The Horse Dealer’s Daughter and Lady Chaterly’s Lover.

David Herbert Lawrence



3.  This third party candidate's endorsement by Harvard was a blow Harvard's favorite son Roosevelt.  Unanimously nominated by the Surprise party in Omaha, when asked by Ken Murray wether she would recognize Russia diplomatically, she replied, “I don’t know, I meet so many people.”  Since her administration would be vice free, she had no running mate, but her husband - also the costar of their poplar NBC show - followed along on all of her campaign trips.  Whose campaign said goodnight after FDR’s 1940 victory, and was - for ten points - the ditzy wife of the timeless George Burns? 

Gracie Allen



4.  Its commercial introduction was championed by Napoleon III, who thought that its high price would be a boon to the French economy. Eros, a statue made from it has stood in Piccadilly Circus for the past 108 years and remains unaffected by the elements. Napoleon replaced his solid gold dinner service with it, and commissioned a rattle of it and gold for his son. The independent discoveries of Hall and Heroult, however, made mass quantities cheaply available. And it wont run out soon because it comprises 8.1% of the Earth's Crust.  For ten points, identify this element obtained from Bauxite ore. 



Current Events

5.  John White Geary, Cornelius Kingsland Garrison, Andrew Jackson Bryant, Edward B. Pond, James D. Phelan, Elmer E. Robinson, George Christopher, John F. Shelley, Joseph Lawrence Alioto, George Moscone, Dianne Feinstein, Art Agnos, Frank Jordan, and Willie L. Brown, Jr. have all served as mayor of, for ten points, what California city home to the Golden Gate Bridge?

San Francisco



6.  This order contains two extant sub-orders, Mysticeti and Odontoceti, as well as the extinct sub-order Archaeoceti.  Along with the order Chiroptera, it is considered the most derived of the mammalian orders.   Members all have a fusiform, vestigial hind limbs, laterally flattened tail with horizontal flukes at the tip; hairless bodies, telescoped skull bones, external nares on the top of the head, compressed vertebrae, lack of sweat glands, and thick subcutaneous blubber layer filled with fat and oil.  For ten points identify this aquatic order of Flipper and Shamoo.




7.  He refused all postage due correspondence, and thus learned about his nomination for the presidency through local news.  In fact, he was so out of the political process that he didn’t even vote in his own election because he couldn’t establish legal residency. Nor would he allow himself to be sworn in - at least on a Sunday - thus making President Pro Temp Atchison president for a day.  For ten points identify this “rough and ready” president elected in 1848 who was the hero of Buena Vista.

Zachary Taylor



8.  These particles can liberate an electron from an atom, but afterward the particle has a different trajectory and momentum. Compton described this effect almost three years before Gilbert Newton Lewis named these particles in 1926.  For ten points, identify these massless mediators of the electromagnetic force which are quanta of light.

Photon (prompt on X-Ray)



9.  The descendants of these people were allowed self government on Norfolk island by Queen Victoria in 1856, but the influence of the governor of New South Wales prompted them to return to their homes on Pictairn. In 1830, they were also invited by the Queen of Tahiti to return to the homeland of many of the original settlers, but - in a characteristic aversion to authority - they left shortly after they arrived.  For ten points what ship’s crew was sent to bring back Tahitian breadfruit for the West Indies under the later deposed Captain Bligh.

Crew of the HMS Bounty



10.  Like serotonin, it has a secondary amine on pentagonal carbon ring, but it does not have an alcohol group or a primary amine.  An arene is attached to the pentagonal ring in both cases, but Serotonin also has a alcohol on the hexagonal ring.  But that’s where the similarity ends - this substance also has two ethyl groups attached to nitrogen. Because of its functional similarity, administration of this substance causees the seratonin cells in the Raphe nucleus to stop firing, although this process has not be conclusively linked to its psychedelic properties.  For ten points, identify this substance promoted by Tim Leary.

lysergic acid di-ethyl-amide (or LSD)


Pop Culture

11.  This movie was originally going to star Mickey Rourke or Sylvester Stallone, who used some of its central themes in the 1986 Cobra.  Playboy ran a feature of the film’s star entitled “Sitting on top of the world,” mirroring the tirade of the title character as he attempts to check into the Palms Hotel where Axel Foley claims that he’s writing an article called “Michael Jackson: Sitting on Top of the World.”  For ten points, what Eddie Murphy film concerns the exploits of a Detroit cop tracking down a killer posing as an art dealer in a posh titular LA suburb.

Beverly Hills Cop



12.  Garden State Parkway bureaucrats have a simple phrase to describe this task.  Given a total budget of N units, the problem is to represent this budget as a set of discrete elements, so that any k exact payments of total value at most N can be made using k disjoint subsets of the tokens. The goal is to minimize the number of coins for any given N and k, while allowing the actual payments to be made without the need to know all payment requests in advance.  Give the everyday term that has plagued the New Jersey motorists as well as, for ten point, the countless caffeine junkies who got their soda but not the extra money they paid. 

exact change budgeting (acc. equivalents)



13.  Two clowns, a priest, gravediggers, Reynaldo, Marcellus, Osric, Cornelius, Voltimand, Lucianus, Laertes, Guildnestern, Rosencrantz, Polonius, and Ophilia are all, for ten points, characters in what Shakespeare play along with the Ghost of the King of Denmark.

Tragedy of Hamlet



14.  To hit a tiger with one's own hand and walk across this body of water is a colorful metaphor for being rash or impulsive.  Rising from the Payenk'ala mountains in Tibet, the river itself has a history of impetuousness, but it’s patterns of unpredictable flooding has been quelled by the construction of the San-men Gorge and Liu-Chia Gorge dams.  Yet the river is still called The Ungovernable and China’s Sorrow. For ten points, identify this river of Northern China, also called the Huang that empties into a sea of the same name. 

Yellow River (acc. Huang He/Ho before it’s said)



15.  He grew up in a New York orphanage, and made his first million selling sugar on the wholesale market.  After the depression and WWII, his fortune had evaporated, and he went to Hollywood to pursue his career as a writer, where he quickly published Never Love a Stranger, his first novel.  His later books would become massively popular, although generally panned by critics, even those with social commentary like Memories of Another Day which paralleled the life of Jimmy Hoffa and The Storyteller which was a telling account of commercialized evangelism.  For ten points, what author created airplane and night stand tomes like The Lady, The Legend, The Truth and Carpet Baggers.

Harold Robbins


General Knowledge

16.  This technique is used in those suffering from trophoblastic disease to monitor treatment and to check for remission.  In most forms, the alpha chain specific monoclonal antibody binds human chorionic gonadotropin hormone present in urine and produces a color change of the solution because of the chrogenic substrate and buffer solutions.  Ectopic situations present lowered hCG levels, and false positives can be caused by anti-convulsants, anti-Parkinson drugs, hypnotics, and tranquilizers, while false negatives can be caused by diuretics and promethazine.  For ten points, identify this test often seen in home versions that should be taken at least five days after your last missed period.

Pregnancy Test (accept hCG test on early)



17.  In 1991 This nation gave autonomy to the Åland islands, which joined the EU in 1994, but the Åland’s parent nation didn’t join until 1995.  Åland functions as a gateway to the Gulf of Bothnia, which makes it a hotly contested region. The nation has also had territorial disputes to the East, but has refrained from reclaiming the Rybachi Peninsula and land around Lake Lagoda it lost after WWII.  For ten points, identify this country with the northernmost capital of European nations,  Helsinki.

Republic of Finland (Suomen Tasavalta or Suomi)



18.  After this battle, a monument to man’s leg was erected using the personal funds of General Depeyster, although the hero’s name is no where to be found on the massive statue.  The monument commemorates the heroism of Benedict Arnold who was wounded in the leg as lead a charge against Breymann’s redoubt against Gates’s orders.  This action, along with the assassination of the brilliant British General Frasier, caused the collapse of the Burgoyne’s forward line.  For ten points, identify this turning point of the American revolution in upstate New York.

Battle of Saratoga (prompt “less specific, doofus” on Freeman’s Farm)



19.  Some sources say that Celaeno was his mother, which would make her the grandmother of Hellen, the namesake of the Hellenistic people.  The oracle of Themis, however, didn’t refer to Celaeno when it instructed this man along with his wife to throw the bones of his mother to the ground, whom he correctly identified as “Mother Earth,” and then threw her bones - stones - to the ground.  For ten points, identify this son of Prometheus who repopulated the Earth with his wife Pyrhha after Zeus’s great flood.



Fine Arts

20.  The composer of this work has commented that its germ surfaced in the voyage he made to London in 1948 for Karhunpyynti which took a silver medal in the art competitions.  He turned to a number of poets to compose the texts to accompany the work, but finding none, wrote the text himself, which is sung by tenor and soprano solos in the first movement and joined by a full choir in the largo meditative episode.  For ten points identify this Third Symphony of Finnish composer Kalervo Tuukanen.

The Sea


Social Science

21.  The Viking lander gathered and tested some Martian soil for life with no results, as per the predictions of a British scientist brought on board by JPL, James Lovelock.  Lovelock interpreted the results as proof positive that the Earth possessed a dynamic living system unique in our solar system, and applied a name suggested to him by his next door neighbor William Golding.  The idea that the conditions for life are maintined by the presence of all life on Earth has become integrated into the Green ideas of the 20th century.  For ten points, identify this metaphysics idea that shares its name with the Greek god of the Earth. 

Gaia Hypothesis



22.  Isaias Bardales Jr., Brian Ching, and Luis Hernández are forwards.  Danny Califf, Paul Caligiuri, and Adam Frye are defenders.  Goalkeepers Kevin Hartman and Matt Reis haved helped this team achieve a 12-6 record, making them the leader in the West division, although San Jose is only one game back.  For ten points, identify this MLS team who plays their home games in the Rose Bowl, just north of downtown LA.

Los Angeles Galaxy


Fine Arts

23.  General Cartwright tries to shut down the Save-a-Soul mission after dwindling numbers, but Leutinant Brannigan’s vigilance forces the compulsive gamblers to relocate their craps game to the mission - much the dismay of Sarah, who thinks that Obediah Masterson was involved in the plot all along.  Yet Sky’s trip to Havana with Sarah actually prevented the crap game from being in its intended location - Joey Baltimore’s garage, which Nathan couldn’t pony up the big G for because he’s saving up for a present for Adelaide.  For ten points, identify the Frank Loesser musical featuring the songs Fugue for Tinhorns, Luck be a Lady, and Nathan Detroit.

Guys and Dolls


Pop Culture

24.  Admiral Cartwright tries to shut down the save-a-galaxy mission, or at least mother Earth.  The intrepid heroes, after the tragedy of the Saratoga, must face perils like an angry sea, exact change, poorly spoken Finnish, poorly quoted Hamlet and DH Lawrence, a HMS Bounty that’s a bucket-o-bolts, LDS and LSD confusion, underwater pregnancy tests, metaphors from Harold Robbins and Jacqueline Susanne, photon collection, and the meddling of Taylor - who was originally going to be played by Eddie Murphy, combining two Paramount franchises.  For ten points identify this film about traveling back in time to save George and Gracie, two humpback whales in San Francisco, the fourth Star Trek film featuring the original cast.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (prompt on Star Trek IV)



Jordan Boyd-Graber


Current Events

1.  Visual Bonus.  Identify the following world leaders from their pictures, five if you need the country they rule.

A. Indonesia

Megawati Sukarnoputri

B. Peru

Alejandro Toledo

C. Japan

Junichiro Koizumi


Social Science

2.  Answer the following about economics and law for ten points each.

A. What theorem states, if there are zero transaction costs, the efficient outcome will occur regardless of legal entitlement, making who has the legal "right" irrelevant?

Coase Theorem

B. But since there are indeed transaction costs, such a theorem, like most of the economic interpretation of law, is useless.  What USC professor made the real world observation that we can best approach the Paereto optimal Coasean world by minimizing transaction costs?

Harold Demsetz


Fine Arts

3.  Answer the following questions about opera for ten points each.

A. For ten points, what opera concerns a gruff and contrary fisherman who is cast under a cloud of suspicion because of the death of his young apprentice at sea?

Peter Grimes

B. With what author of The Age of Anxiety wrote the libretto for the Ballad of Heroes and shared a house with Britten in 1942?

WH Auden

C. WH Auden married the daughter of what novelist so that he could get a passport out of Nazi Germany, whose novel was the basis for Britten’s opera about middle-aged, middle-class man developing an all-consuming love for a teenage boy?

Thomas Mann


British Literature

4.  Given a character from a work of British Literature, identify the work that they appear in for ten points each.

A. Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice

B. Ellen Dean

Wuthering Heights

C. Thomas Gradgrind

Hard Times


Pop Culture

5.  Identify the following muppets given the show they appeared on and a short description.

A. “Muppet Babies:” Scooter’s sister introduced to create a more equitable gender balance.


B. “Muppets Tonight:” Johnny Fiama’s Sicilian simian sidekick.

Sal the Monkey

C. “Sesame Street:” The avian counterpart to real life presidential contender.

H. Ross Parrot

D. “Fraggle Rock:” The bravest Fraggle, he must venture into outer space on each episode to retrieve a postcard from his Traveling Uncle Matt.


E. “The Muppet Show:” Statler’s heckling companion.


F. The titular muppet in Jim Henson’s anthology series played by a heavily costumed William Hurt. 

The Storyteller



6.  Identify the following characters from the novel Moby Dick - five, ten, fifteen.

A. A grave older man reaching his sixties with an ivory leg, he has spent nearly forty years as a sailor, only three of which he has spent on dry land.


B. The son of a New Zeland king, he renounces the throne in order to travel the world on whaling ships and learn about Christian society.


C. He suggests that the Pequod rob the Rosebud of its whales to secure their ambergris - this

second mate of the Pequod is a Cape Cod native with a happy-go-lucky, carefree nature that tends to mask his true opinions and beliefs.




7.  Visual Bonus.  Identify the nations from their outline for ten points each - each is either suspected of developing nuclear weapons, has had nuclear weapons at some point in it history, or is currently a declared nuclear power.  Ansers will not be given until the end.

A. North Korea

B. Ukraine

C. Pakistan



8.  Identify the following people from their descriptions in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia for ten points each.

A. He possessed a soft and deep bass with a beautiful timbre and a wide range.  He sang in 20 languages, and his repitoire included folk songs from the USSR, songs by Spanish and German antifascists, and Negro and American folk songs.  He received the International Peace Prize in 1950 and the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Nations in 1952. 

Paul Robeson

B. Hiding behind a mask of Marxism, he intensified his work of revising Marxist-Leninist doctrine from the standpoint of petit bourgeois, nationalist, and “left” sectarian conceptions, evoking a sharply critical response from the overwhelming majority of Communist and workers’ parties.

Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong)

C. He served as secretary for war and as air minister from 1919 to 1921.  He was characterized by V.I. Lenin as the most bitter enemy of Soviet Russia, as he was one of the main organizers of the anti-Soviet intervention.  As colonial secretary, he approved the use of the air force for the suppression of the national liberation movement in the colonies.

Winston Churchill



9.  Ten points each, given a terrorist, identify the structure they attempted to destroy, keeping in mind that parliament is a legislative body, not a structure.

A. Ramzi Ahmed Yousef

World Trade Center Towers (in the basement of both towers, so that’s specific enough, although Tower 1 was hit harder)

B. Guy Fawkes

Palace of Westminster (note the Parliament is a legislative body, not a building)

C. Marinus van der Lubbe

Deutche Reichstag



10.  Identify the following twentieth century Chineese writers.

A. His first story, "A Madman's Diary" is considered the first story written in Modern Chinese.  Identify this author originally named Zhou Shuren most famous for his True Story of Ah Q.

Lu Xun

B. He wrote no fiction after 1950, and was rehabilitated during the cultural revolution.  This author was an astute observer of local color in such works as Imperfect Paridise, and  probably would have recieved the nobel prize had he not passed away in 1988.

Shen Congwen

C. What author of Soul Mountain became the first Chinese author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Gao Xingjian



11.  It’s time to “Get Smart” and answer these base conversion questions.  Would you believe you get one minute each?  How about ten seconds each?

A. What is the octal number 126 in standard decimal representation?  86

B. What is the decimal number 153 represented in hexadecimal?  99

C. What is the hexadecimal representation of the binary number 10011?  13


General Knowledge

12.  Visual bonus.  Identify the following kitchen implements.

A. Lemon Zester

B. Garlic Press (prompt on press)

C. Sifter



13.  Identify the following algorithms used in quantum computers.

A. The first quantum computing algorithm devised - the two bit problem - is a specific case of this algorithm to determine whether a function is balanced or constant.

Deutsch-Sosza Algorithm

B. Given an unsorted list of n elements, it finds and element in sqare-root of n time, compared to n time for conventional computers.

Grover’s Algorithm

C. The most well know of the quantum algorithms, this factors an arbitrarily large number in a single step, compared to the exponential time for an n-bit number to be factored classically.

Shor’s Algorithm



14.  Identify the following straits given the landmasses they separate and the bodies of water they join.

A. It separates Sicily from mainland Italy.

Strait of Messina

B. A channel between Sumatra and the Malay peninsula joining the Andaman sea with the South China Sea.

Strait of Malacca

C. A passageway separating Baffin Island from Greenland.

Davis Strait



15.  Identify the team from coaches 30-20-10.

A. Ray McLean coached the team during the 1958 season but resigned after leading the team to its worst record ever, 1-10-1.

B. Dan Devine, one of the three most successful coaches in the nation's collegiate ranks, succeeded Bengtson as head coach and general manager in January of 1971 and won the team’s first central division championship in 1972.

C. In 10 division playoff and World Championship games, this team emerged victorious nine times while coached by Vince Lombardi from 1959 to 1967.

Green Bay or Packers



16.  Given a pope, identify which Chinese dynasty was in power at the time for five points each. Leo XIII

Manchu or Qing

B. Gregory I, the Great


C. Urban II


D. Peter I


E. St. Leo III


F. Clement




17.  Answer the following questions about a modern religion for ten points each.

A. What religion has announced the discovery of a previously unknown and harmful part of the mind which contains many recordings of past experiences of loss, pain and unconsciousness in the form of mental image pictures.

Church of Scientology or Dianetics

B. The E-meter is based on the knowledge that the mind contains mental image pictures which contain energy and mass.  Who invented the E-meter to help guide his disciples by alerting them when their energy and mass is impacted by their resurfacing mental images?

 L Ron Hubbard

C. What process, facilitated by a psychoanalyst like guide in one-on-one sessions, addresses the Reactive Mind until its previously unknown content is uncovered and its harmful effects over an individual are erased, often with the aid of an E-meter?



Fine Arts

18.  Visual Bonus.  Identify the following paintings for ten points each.  Five for the artist, five for the name of the painting.

A. Hay Wain by John Constable

B. Sabine Women by Jacques-Louis David

C. Primavera by Sandro Boticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi)


Pop Culture

19.  Cinema.  Identify the following people in the movies for the stated number of points.

A. RSA claimed that they helped advised Warner Brothers during the filming of this movie, but no programmer can factor 512-bit keys in his head by thinking really hard, not even script kiddies use Autocad to work on their worms, and no file at Caltech would last a month without being molested, let alone a decade.  For five points, what 2001 summer movie starring Halle Berry featured a much talked about flying bus sequence?


B.  For ten points, this actor broke into tinsel town with Apocolypse Now, which was followed shortly thereafter by The Color Purple and What's Love Got to Do With It, which was a springboard into his dignified turn as Cowboy Curtis on Pee Wee’s Christmas Special, but has lately played the decidedly uncool Morpheus in the Matrix.

Lawrence (Larry) Fishburne III

C.  For fifteen points, what director’s last major film before he was blackballed by Hollywood was the Jingoistic The Man in the Iron Mask, which was released nearly twenty years before his 1957 suicide after diving into the shallow end of his swimming pool, even though he couldn’t swim?

James Whale



20.  Identify the philosopher from quotes, 30-20-10.

A. “The Established church, for instance, will more readily pardon an attack on thirty-eight of its thirty-nine articles than on one thirty-ninth of its income.”

B. “Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.”

C. “A specter is haunting Europe . . . “

Karl Marx



21.  Identify these world leaders - fifteen points each.

A. The son of devout Salvation Army parents, he worked as a Fireman with the New Zeland Railroad, and an engine driver at the Firestone Rubber and Tyre factory.  Identify this New Zeland president from 1964 to 1972, when he became Prime Minister - a post he would hold until his death.

Norman Kirk

B. A moderate Socialist, this man was premier three times between 1938 and 1949 in coalition governments and served almost continuously as foreign minister. He opposed the return of King Leopold III to Belgium. Identify this statesman who acquired international  stature as first president of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946, chairman of the Council for European Recovery, and secretary-general of NATO from 1957 to 1961.

Paul Henri Spaak (pronouncd “spock”)



22.  Visual Bonus.  Identify the following drugs from their structure for ten points each.

A. morphine

B. acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin

C. Viagra or Sildenafil citrate



23.  Chekhov plays.  Given a synopsis, identify the play for ten points each.

A. Popova, in deep mourning seven months after her husband's death, is visited by Smirnov, who loaned her husband 1,200 roubles.  After she refuses to pay, Smirnov challenges her to a duel, but then realizes he loves the brash and faithful woman.

The Bear or Medvedi

B. Olga is a high school teacher, who works with Masha’s husband.  Irina and Andrei have dreams of moving back to Moscow. Their friends include Vershinin, the new Army commander, and Chebutykin, who lets everyone know that he has forgotten all the medicine he ever knew.  After a series of affairs, intrigues and a suicide, a fire rages through the town.

Three Sisters or Tri Sestri

C. A retired professor has returned to his estate to live with his beautiful young wife, Yelena, and his daughter Sonya, who is about the same age.  He calls for Astrov, a doctor, to treat his gout.  Astrov and the professor’s brother, the caretaker of the farm, both fall in love with Yelena; she spurns them both. Meanwhile, Sonya is in love with Astrov, who fails even to notice her.

Uncle Vanya or Dede Vanya


24.  Relativistic Physics.  Answer the following questions about macroscopic relativistic bodies for the stated number of points.

A. For ten points, if you take a picture of an object moving at relativistic speeds, it will not appear contracted.  Instead, it will look like it has been rotated - what is the name for this phenomenon?

Penrose-Terrell Rotation

B. For five points, what is the general name given to the contraction that a body experiences on the axis of motion when it is moving relativistically?

Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction

C. For another five points, what particle - whose name means fast particle - is hypothesized to travel faster than the speed of light?


D. For a final ten points, the mass of the tachyon must have what property so that its energy can be real?


E = m * sqrt(1-V^2/C^2)



Visual Bonuses

Jordan Boyd-Graber