Quesadilla 4
Packet by Berkeley B (Juliana Froggatt, Steve Kaplan,
Eok Ngo, Mike Usher)


1. When the causative agent of this disease is
inhaled, the result is a fatal form of bronchitis
sometimes called "woolsorter's disease," but the name
of the disease itself originally derived from another
of its forms, in which sores whose centers are the
color of coal form on the skin. Casimir-Joseph Davaine
discovered in 1850 that it could be transmitted
through blood transfusions and identified the bacillus
that causes it in 1863, but its most famous
investigators were Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. FTP,
name this disease common among cattle and sheep,
namesake of the castle where Zoot lives in Monty
Python and the Holy Grail.
Answer: anthrax

2. This actress began her career at the age of 4 in
commercials touting such products as Oreos, Six Flags,
and, ironically enough, McDonald's, which her current
co-star dissed in an infamous commercial for Burger
King. She has appeared on Roseanne, Touched by an
Angel, and Picket Fences, but her real fame came as
the lesbian witch Willow Rosenberg on Buffy the
Vampire Slayer. FTP, name this red-head, now seen on
the big screen as Michelle the clarinetist in American
Pie 2.
Answer: Alyson _Hannigan_

3. Bernardo of Lombardy was imprisoned by his nephew
and died in prison. Pedro of Spain was driven out of
his kingdom by his brother and killed. Hercules is
poisoned with a shirt by his beloved. Samson's hair is
cut off causing him to lose his strength and commit
suicide. Julius Caesar, Nebuchadnezzar, Nero, Adam,
and Lucifer are some of the doom filled and gloomy
subjects of, FTP, which Canturbury pilgrim whose order
of affiliation is never quite mentioned?
Answer: The _Monk_'s Tale

4. He was only nine when he eulogized his natural
father, although he had had a step-father for 7 years
by then. His stepfather made him divorce his wife and
marry the widow of her father. This was done to tie
him more closely to the Imperial line, and although he
had to wait for Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Gaius and
Lucius Caesar, Drusus, and Agrippa Postumus to die, he
would become first in the line of succession. FTP,
name this man who, with the death of Augustus, became
the second Roman Emperor.
Answer: _Tiberius_ Claudius Nero

5. The Curie-Cheneveau version of this device was used
by Pierre Curie to discover his namesake law relating
temperature to magnetism, while a few years later
Lorant von Eotvos constructed a version which allowed
him to show to high precision that inertial and
gravitational mass are equivalent. Eotvos' device uses
a beam with smallmasses at each end which is suspended
by a wire; the difference in the gravitational forces
on the balls causes the wire to experience a torque.
Charles Coulomb invented, FTP, what type of balance
most famously used by Henry Cavendish to find the
value of the universal gravitational constant?
Answer: _torsion_ balance (accept "magnetic balance"
before "Eotvos")

6. This musical composition's success led to its
composer's being nicknamed "The Latin from Manhattan".
Written in only 3 weeks in 1932, it was originally
called the Rumba, but it was renamed after its indoor
premier at the Metropolitan Opera House. FTP, which
Overture was George Gershwin inspired to write after
visiting an island nation south of Florida?
Answer: The _Cuban_ Overture (accept _Rumba_ on an
early buzz)

7. He "sang his didn't he danced his did" and
"children guessed (but only a few/and down they forgot
as up
they grew/ autumn winter spring summer)/ that noone
loved him more by more". "someones married their
everyones", but this was not to be his fate, and "one
day" he "died i guess". FTP, name this e e cummings
character who "lived in a pretty how town".
Answer: anyone

8. Sacked by Tamerlaine in 1401, this city only began
to recover from a long period of decline in the 1860s
with the modernizing efforts of Turkish governors such
as Midhat Pasa, who restored it to a level of
prosperity it had not seen since being seized by
Hulegu in 1258. It was controlled by unruly Turkish
bodyguards for 56 years in the 9th century, having
been temporarily abandoned in favor of the northern
city of Samarra by the descendants of Harun al-Rashid.
Abbasid caliph al-Mansur moved his capital from
Damascus to, FTP, what city, again a world capital,
that underwent heavy U.S.-led bombing in 1991?
Answer: Baghdad

9. The seventh verse reminds readers of the example of
"punishment by eternal fire" that God gave us when he
destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and the 14th verse cites
a passage from the book of Enoch about God's wrath,
while verse 23 exhorts the faithful to "snatch others
out of the fire." The author introduces himself
as a brother of James, which might mean that he is
claiming to be a brother of Jesus, or that he is the
apostle sometimes called Thaddeus. FTP, name this
penultimate book of the New Testament, written by the
patron saint of desperate causes.
Answer: Epistle of _Jude_

10. This actress, whose father was also a famous
actor, appeared on TV Shows like The Love Boat, The
Family, and Marcus Welby M.D. She even garnered a
brief appearance in the Elvis Presley movie Kissing
Her political aspirations soon got the better of her
and she ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 1982 and
the U.S. House in 1992. In addition to co-chairing the
Republican National Committee for two years, she was
also a major activist against Alzheimer's disease.
FTP, who is this recently-deceased author of First
Father, First Daughter: A Memoir, a daughter of Ronald
Answer: _Maureen Reagan_

11. Members of this class of organic compounds can
react with Grignard reagents to form alcohols which
have two more carbon atoms than does the reagent, and
the simplest member of the class, oxirane, appears as
an intermediate in the synthesis of ethylene glycol
from ethylene. They can cause cellular malfunctions by
reacting with DNA, and their high reactivity results
primarily from the small bond angles in the ring
structure that differentiates them from ethers. FTP,
name these compounds which have a three-membered ring
which includes an oxygen atom, commonly formed by the
epoxidation of alkenes.
Answer: epoxides

12. At the age of 17, he solved a problem which Pascal
had solved but not published. He later argued that the
phenomenon of aphasia demonstrates the independence of
mind and body in his 1896 work Matter and Memory.
Attracted to Spencerian thought early in his career,
he changed his point of view after developing his idea
duration, and came to believe that the "elan vital"
was the motive force of evolution. FTP, name this
philosopher, a cousin-in-law of Marcel Proust and
author of the influential works Creative Evolution and
Time and Free Will.
Answer: Henri _Bergson_

13. The name's the same. An Alan Parsons song found on
the Vulture Culture album. A comic book hero whose
real name is Clint Barton who made his first
appearance in Tales of Suspense #57. A weapon
effective in the back row that can be used by Locke in
Final Fantasy 3. The name of a 1988 TV show starring
Chuck Jeffreys as the title character. Captain
Benjamin Franklin Pierce of M*A*S*H has this nickname
taken from a character in The Last of the Mohicans.
FTP, what is this common name, also the mascot of the
University of Iowa?
Answer: Hawkeye

14. One for the Road, Victoria Station, Old Times,
Family Voices, Party Time, Moonlight, Night School,
The New World Order, The Dwarfs, The Room, and
Celebration are all plays by, FTP, what absurdist
author of The Birthday Party and The Dumbwaiter?
Answer: Harold _Pinter_

15. The son of a pharmacist, this author went on to
study law and was admitted to the English Bar in 1879,
but he retained his post as a classics fellow at
Trinity College, Cambridge, which he held all but one
year from 1871 to his death. His first work began with
a translation of Pausanias, the Greek traveler. Some
of his other works include The Quest of the Gorgon's
Head, The Worship of Nature, and Totemism. A major
influence on figures as diverse as T.S. Eliot and
Bronislaw Malinowski, FTP, who was this author of The
Golden Bough?
Answer: Sir James _Frazer_

16. This state had its first colony established in
1824 at Moreton Bay, and Bartle Frere is its tallest
peak. The Diamantina River and Cooper Creek are major
rivers that flow south to Lake Eyre. The Cape York
Peninsula is surrounded by the Torres Strait, the Gulf
of Carpenteria, and the Coral Sea. The eastern third
of this state is dominated by the Great Dividing
Range. FTP, which Australian state, the site of
Survivor Two, lies just north of New South Wales and
has its capital at Brisbane?
Answer: Queensland

17. The opposing forces, which totaled 5000 men
including 2000 French mercenaries, landed at Milford
Haven. Most of the action occurred around Ambion Hill
and the fighting only lasted about two hours. The Duke
of Northumberland may have cost the new English king
the battle because he failed to provide reinforcements
after the Stanley brothers defected in the middle of
the battle to Henry Tudor's side. Thus, FTP what
battle on August 22, 1485 saw the death of Richard
Answer: Battle of _Bosworth Field_

18. According to Andre Weil's autobiography, the goal
of finding generalizations of this theorem was what
first inspired the formation of the Bourbaki group,
and Jenny Harrison recently generalized it to some
fractals using objects she called "chainlets." In its
orginal form, it first appeared as a problem on an
exam given by its namesake, while an immediate
consequence of the form usually seen in advanced texts
is that the integral of an exact differential form
over a manifold without boundary is zero. FTP, name
this theorem which, as seen in second year calculus
classes, relates the line integral of a vector field
around the boundary of a surface to the flux through
surface of the curl of the vector field.
Answer: _Stokes'_ Theorem

19. In this type of painting, lime chemically
combines with the carbon dioxide in the air to form a
thin film
over the paint. In an aesthetically inferior version
of this form, the painting surface is rubbed with
and then washed with a mixture of water and lime. FTP
name this type of painting that comes in "buon" and
"secco" varieties and is done on plaster.
Answer: fresco

20. As a United States congressman he has sponsored a
bill to commend another organization of which he
was long a part for its child identification program.
In the world of sports he compiled a coaching record
of 255, 49 and 3 with three national championships
coaching college football from 1973 to 1997. FTP
name this long time head football coach of the
Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Answer: Tom _Osborne_

21. There is some dispute as to the location of his
birth, some say Logan county Kentucky in 1796, while
others claim Burke county Georgia in 1799. There is no
doubt that he settled in Mexico in 1828 and became a
Mexican citizen. Eight years later while sick with
typhoid and pneumonia he would die on Mexican soil at
the hands of Mexican soldiers. FTP name this frontier
hero who is the namesake of a type of knife.
Answer: James _Bowie_

22. It was named for Catherine of Branganza, consort
to Charles II. It is bordered on the south by Jamaica
Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. At about 109 square miles
it is the largest of the five constituent parts that
form the political body of which it is a part. It
shares its name with the county that it constitutes.
FTP, name this region on western Long Island, the
borough of New York which is home to both Kennedy and
LaGuardia airports.
Answer: Queens

23. Snowball, to search for a sexual mate, tackle
used to hoist an anchor, a devotee of jazz music, a
prostitute, a trademark of a tractor company, a type
of scan, a guy, a type of burglar, a type of scratch
fever, and a type of fish, are all, for ten points,
the same word as what carnivorous mammal long used as
domestic pet?
Answer: Cat (pronounced "kat")

24. He has a happy enough life, a wife and three
kids, two girls and a boy. He actually has a lot in
with the British aristocrat Sir Gerald Doak who likes
to kick back with some illicit alcohol as much as the
next guy. Things seem to be going well except for his
consistent visions of an abstract fairy child and his
falling in with some bohemians collectively known as
the Bunch. FTP who is this man who struggles
against conformity in Zenith only to embrace it?
Answer: George Follansbee _Babbitt_

Bonus Questions

1. Given a tech or dotcom company, state whether it is
still independent, bought out, or bankrupt for 5
points each.
a) TheGlobe.com
Answer: Bankrupt
b) Deja.com
Answer: Bought Out
c) Juniper Networks
Answer: Still Independent
d) MySimon.com
Answer: BoughtOut
e) Ricochet
Answer: Bankrupt
f) Wingspan.com
Answer: Bankrupt

2. Given some characters of a Dickens work, name it
for 10 points, or 5 if you need an easier set of
a) 10: James Harthouse, Stephen Blackpool, Mr. Sleary
5: Josiah Bounderby, Thomas Gradgrind
Answer: _Hard Times_
b) 10: Alfred Jingle, Dodson, Fogg
5: Mrs. Weller, Mrs. Bardell, SerjeantBuzfuz
Answer: The _Pickwick Papers_
c) 10: Madaline Bray, Ned and Charles Cheeryble,
Wackford Squeers
5: Kate, the title character's sister, Ralph, his
uncle, and Sir Mulberry Hawk
Answer: _Nicholas Nickleby_

3. Answer the following about the career of
mathematician Michael Freedman, FTP each:
a) Freedman won a Fields Medal in 1986 primarily for
proving the 4-dimensional analogue of a famous
still-unresolved 1904 conjecture by this French
mathematician, which states that every
simply-connected closed 3-dimensional manifold is
topologically equivalent to the 3-dimensional sphere.
Answer: Jules-Henri _Poincare_
b) In 1998 Freedman became the first Fields Medalist
to leave academia when he joined the Theory Group in
Research Division of this corporation.
Answer: Microsoft
c) Freedman joined the Microsoft Theory Group mainly
to investigate whether computational problems
belonging to
this class, which includes the traveling salesman
problem, can be solved in polynomial time.
Answer: _NP_-complete (or non-deterministic polynomial
time-complete, or _NP_-hard)

4. Name the following rulers in Asia after World War
II, FTP each:
a) This man assumed the Presidency of South Korea when
it was founded in 1948 and remained in power
throughout the Korean War, but was obliged to resign
amid demonstrations against the government's absurd
claim that he had won 90 percent of the vote in the
1960 election.
Answer: Syngman _Rhee_
b) This man served as Prime Minister of Singapore for
the first 31 years of that country's existence,
overseeing its rapid economic development. Because the
main opposition party boycotted Parliament in 1966,
party won every seat in Parliament in every election
from 1968 to 1980.
Answer: _Lee_ Kuan Yew
c) This U.S.-backed dictator ruled South Vietnam from
1955 until his pro-Catholic, anti-Buddhist policies
and his brutal treatment of suspected insurgents
resulted in his November 1963 assassination.
Answer: Ngo Dinh _Diem_

5. The Simpsons has had many famous guest voices.
Identify the following 2, 15 points for the name they
used in the credits, 10 for the part they played on
the show, or 5 for an additional fact.
a) 15: Sam Etic
10: Mr. Bergstrom, Lisa's substitute teacher.
5: He won Oscars for Rain Man and Kramer vs. Kramer.
Answer: Dustin _Hoffman_
b) 15: John Jay Smith
10: Leon Kompowski, a brick-layer from Paterson, New
5: This gloved one will reunite with 4 of his brothers
for a concert in New York.
Answer: _M_ichael _Jackson_

6. Name the characters from Jane Eyre, given
descriptions, FTSNOP.
a) FFP, Jane's employer, and her eventual husband.
Answer: _Edward_ Fairfax _Rochester_ (either first or
last name acceptable; prompt on just Fairfax)
b) FTP Jane's guardian is this aunt, a cruel and
self-centered woman.
Answer: Aunt or Mrs. _Reed_
c) Jane is rescued at Moor House by Mary and Diana.
F15P, name their brother (the family name will do).
Answer: _St. John_ _Rivers_(either acceptable)

7. Answer the following about the discovery of parity
nonconservation in particle physics, FTP each:
a) Along with Tsung-Dao Lee, this physicist won a
Nobel Prize for a paper which showed there was no
experimental evidence for parity conservation in the
weak interactions. He is also notable for a
fundamental equation in gauge theory on which he
collaborated with Robert Mills.
Answer: Chen Ning _Yang_
b) Parity violation was confirmed in 1956 when this
woman ran experiments that Yang and Lee had suggested
would settle the issue of whether parity was always
Answer: Chien-Shiung _Wu_
c) Yang and Lee's speculations that parity
conservation might be violated were based on
observations of the decay of this meson, discovered in
1953, into either two or three pions.
Answer: charged _K_ meson ("neutral K" or "K-zero" is
wrong; either "K-plus" or "K-minus" is fine)

8. Answer the following about voodoo:
a) F5P, voodoo priests appear to create these beings,
regarded as corpses that have been raised from the
grave and have become will-less automatons, by
administering a paralysis-inducing poison to a
victims skin.
Answer: _zombi_s
b) FTP, this is the name given to the numerous deities
that appear in day-to-day voodoo life, demanding
service and communicating with people by possessing
them during trances.
Answer: loa
c) F15P, the term "voodoo" is derived from a word
meaning "god" or "spirit" in the language of what
culture of southern Benin?
Answer: Fon

9. 30-20-10 name the kingdom.
30) Its history is divided into two periods named for
the capitals, the Napatan Period and the Meroitic
(Meh-Ro-Ih-Tic) Period. The first known ruler was
Kashta who was succeeded by Piye (Pie).
20) Taharqa (Tah-Har-Ka) spent most of his reign of
this kingdom repelling the Assyrians, though he is
also known to have constructed a Temple to Amon at
10) This kingdom found to the south of Egypt lied in
Nubia. A Central Asian mountain range partially shares
its name.
Answer: Kush (prompt on Nubia before it is mentioned)

10. Given characters, name the Mozart opera, FTPE.
a) Ferrando and Guglielmo, Dorabella and Fiordiligi
Answer: _Cosi fan Tutti_ (_Thus Do They All_, or
somesuch; reasonable translations accepted)
b) Pamina, Tamino, Papageno, the Queen of the Night
Answer: The _Magic Flute_ (Die _Zauberflaute_)
c) Donna Anna, Zerlina, Leporello, The Commendatore
Answer: _Don Giovanni_

11. Identify the following people featured in the
September 2001 issue of Playboy magazine 5-10-15.
a) (5) The article entitled Heavier then Heaven: The
Fall of this man, tells about the brief career and
untimely demise of a grunge musician married to
Courtney Love. Name him.
Answer: Kurt _Cobain_
b) (10) The feature pictorial this month features this
cast member from Survivor 2 who apparently often
wore a blue bikini on the show.
Answer: Jerri Manthey (either name acceptable)
c) (15) The Babe of the Month is this redhead who was
in six feature films in 2001 including Last Will and
Vegas C.O.D. She also used to be on Baywatch.
Answer: Angelica _Bridges_

12. Identify these African-American authors based on
a description 5-10-15.
a) (5) His best known work, Invisible Man, was
published in 1952.
Answer: Ralph _Ellison_
b) (10) In 1938, her family challenged Chicago
segregation laws by moving into an all-white
neighborhood. A family in one of her works does nearly
the same thing.
Answer: Lorraine _Hansberry_
c) (15) In 1887 his story ?The Goophered Grapevine?
became the first by a black author to appear in the
Atlantic Monthly. Other works include The House Behind
the Cedars, and The Marrow of Tradition. He
received the Spingarn Medal in 1928.
Answer: Charles Waddell _Chesnutt_

13. Given the physics-esque concept in the lyrics from
a country hit, give the song title for 10 points each
and 5 more for the artist.
a) "its centrifugal motion, its perpetual bliss"
Answer: _This Kiss_, Faith _Hill_
b) "I hope you never fear those mountains in the
distance, never settle for the path of least
Answer: _I Hope You Dance_, Lee Ann _Womack_

14. Answer the following about a cellular process, FTP
a) Also called "programmed cell death," this is the
mechanism which allows cells to self-destruct when
stimulated by a certain signal. Its name derives from
the Greek for "falling off."
Answer: apoptosis
b) Apoptosis is frequently induced by this
tumor-suppressor gene located on chromosome 17,
mutations in which are believed to be responsible for
over 50% of all human cancers.
Answer: p53
c) The importance of apoptosis was first demonstrated
by MIT biologist Robert Horvitz in experiments on this
959-cell nematode, one of the simplest organisms to
have a nervous system, which has been a popular lab
subject since the 1960s.
Answer: _C_aenorhabditis _elegans_

15. Identify these unique people and events from the
history of the United States Supreme Court FTPE.
a) This South Carolinian was the first, and only,
Chief Justice appointee to be rejected by vote of the
Answer: John _Rutledge_
b) Although he would decline the appointment, this man
is the only man who would later become United
States president to be appointed to the court.
Answer: _J_ohn _Q_uincy _Adams_ (prompt on "Adams,"
but obviously not on "J(ohn) Adams")
c) This man was the first to resign as Chief Justice
and then be renominated for that same post.
Ans: John _Jay_

16. Given a mountainrange, give the tallest peak found
in that range FTSNOP.
a) FFP, the Caucasus Range
Answer: Mount _Elbrus_
b) FFP, the Karakoram Range
Answer: K2 (or Mount _Godwin Austen_)
c) FTP, the Saint Elias Range
Answer: Mount _Logan_
d) FTP, the Pennine Alps
Answer: Mont _Blanc_

17. Given a state name its largest city according to
the 2000 census F5PE.
a) Kansas
Answer: Wichita
b) New Jersey
Answer: Newark
c) South Carolina
Answer: Columbia
d) Virginia
Answer: Virginia Beach
e) Tennessee
Answer: Memphis
f) Montana
Answer: Billings

18. Answer the following about a type of rock, FTP
a) This volcanic rock is the main constituent of the
ocean floor, and is also forms a number of large
plateaus such as the Deccan plateau in India.
Answer: basalt
b) Sometimes referred to as the intrusive equivalent
of basalt, this coarse-grained rock makes up most of
the oceanic crust below the basalt floor.
Answer: gabbro
c) Because both basalt and gabbro are composed mainly
of minerals which are rich in dark-colored magnesium
and ferric oxides, they may be referred to by this
adjective, thus contrasting them with felsic rocks.
Answer: mafic (do not accept or prompt on

19. Identify these surrealists based on descriptions
a) This painter of works such as Time Transfixed and
This is a Piece of Cheese was known for being
the primary exponent of Magic Realism.
Answer: Rene _Magritte_
b) The principal surrealist sculptor was this Italian
who exposed the frailty of humanity in works such as
The Palace at 4PM.
Answer: Alberto _Giacometti_
c) This Barcelona born artist is known for such works
as Harlequin?s Carnival and the two large ceramic
murals on the side of the UNESCO building in Paris.
Answer: Joan _Miro_

20. Identify these people with cool baseball names
a) This current Blue Jays middle infielder is more of
a stolen base threat than a power hitter like his
name might suggest.
Answer: Homer _Bush_
b) This Hall of Fame pitcher played twenty-three years
with the Senators and Indians. His 290 career
complete games indicate that he often lasted the whole
nine innings without leaving prematurely.
Answer: Early _Wynn_
c) In fourteen seasons with the Phillies, Braves, and
Pirates this pitcher racked up 606 of his namesake
Answer: Bob _Walk_

21. Name the civilization, 30-20-10-5.
30) Their calendar had a cycle of 52 years of 260 days
20) Their name means "master builder" in Nahuatl.
10) The Chichimec brought about the downfall of their
capital, Tula ("too-la") or Tollan in the 13th
5) They were influenced by the Olmecs, and their fall
allowed the ascendancy of the Aztec.
Answer: Toltec

22. Given some works, name the economist FTP each:
a) The Affluent Society, The New Industrial State, The
Nature of Mass Poverty
Answer: John Kenneth _Galbraith_
b) Representative Government, The Subjection of Women
Answer: John Stuart _Mill_
c) Theory of Moral Sentiments, Essays on Philosophic
Answer: Adam _Smith_

23. Identify these works of philosophy, with similar
English titles, FTPE.
a) Written by Parmenides, it asserts that anything
that is rationally conceiveable must exist.
Answer: On _Nature_ (Peri _Physeos_)
b) This poem by Lucretius explicates the physical
theory of Epicurus.
Answer: On the _Nature of Things_ (De _Rerum Natura_)
c) Cicero's examination of supreme beings refutes
traditional Greek fables.
Answer: On the _Nature of the Gods_ (De _Natura

24. Name the author, given works, 30-20-10-5.
30) The Elective Affinities
20) Torquato Tasso
10) Faust
5) Sorrows of Young Werther
Answer: Johann Wolfgang von _Goethe_

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