Cardinal Classic X:

Packet by Prasun Ray of Stanford


1. This man brought Ansbach and Bayreuth [BYE-royt] into his kingdom. His domestic measures included "The Religious Edict" (*) which led to the reprimand of Immanuel Kant. He withdrew his country from the War of the First Coalition by concluding the separate Treaty of Basel with France due to his preoccupation with dividing up Poland. FTP, name the Prussian successor of Frederick II.

answer: _Frederick William II_ (accept _Friedrich Wilhelm II_)


2. It was founded on the work of the structuralist Ferdinand de Saussure and pragmatist Charles Sanders Pierce, whose seminal work in the field categorized (*) signs into three types: icons, indices, and symbols. Within the last 20 years the field has been redefined by the work of Umberto Eco. FTP identify this study of signs and sign-using behavior.

answer: _semiotics_ (accept _semiology_)


3. It evolved from the failed Lifehouse Project developed by Pete Townshend. Originally released in 1971, two years after (*) Tommy, this album includes classic rock radio favorites "Baba O'Riley" and "Behind Blue Eyes". FTP, name the Who album that features "Won't Get Fooled Again."

answer: _Who's Next_


4. The most important member of this group of plant hormones is beta-indolylacetic [in-doh-LIL-uh-SEE-tik] acid (*). They play a role in the formation of roots from cuttings and apical dominance. They also influence phototropism and geotropism. FTP, name these hormones that are primarily responsible for the length-wise growth of plants.

answer: _Auxins_


5. This Italian Renaissance poet's early work includes "Rinaldo" and the pastoral play (*) "Aminta." "Jerusalem Vanquished," a sequel to his best known work, was unsuccessful. The writer himself was the hero of a dramatic soliloquy by Byron and a play by Goethe. FTP name the writer of the romantic epic, "Jerusalem Delivered."

answer: Torquato _Tasso_


6. The interior design part of this artistic style was represented by Meissonier [may-sahn-YAY] and Berain (*). Characterized by lightness, elegance, and curving natural forms, the movement in painting was led by the portraiture of Nattier, the genre painting of Fragonard, and the nudes of Boucher. FTP, identify this 18th century movement led by Watteau.

answer: _Rococo_


7. Their language is similar to many North Indian languages, but with a mixture of Slavic and other groups. Their word "gadje" [GAD-yeh] means something like "peasant" but refers to everyone not of their race, which is often divided into Kalderash, Manush and Gitano branches. FTP, name this people scattered all over Europe, traditionally wandering in caravans and speaking Romany.

answer: _Gypsies_


8. The works of this Italian scholar include "Heptaplus," and "Of Being and Unity". In 1486,he planned a defense of (*) 900 theses, for which scholars from all of Europe were invited. Thirteen of the theses were found heretical by a papal commission and the assembly was prohibited. FTP, name this member of Ficino's academy and author of "Oration on the Dignity of Man."

answer: _Pico della Mirandola_


9. This man, the second president of the National Academy of Sciences , once built an electromagnet that supported a then record 2086 pounds. The first secretary of the (*) Smithsonian, he observed electromagnetic induction one year before Faraday. He went on to note the principle of self-induction. FTP, name this man who built the first electric motor.

answer: Joseph _Henry_


10. These 16 articles were issued in order to curb the power gained by ecclesiastical courts (*) in the reign of Stephen. They were in part meant to prevent clerks from claiming benefit of clergy when accused of civil crimes. Thomas Beckett's repudiation of an oath to follow them led to his exile. Issued in 1161, FTP identify these provisions put into effect by Henry II.

answer: Constitutions of _Clarendon_

(do not accept _Clarendon Code_ as they are very different things)


11. George Blanda , Ken Stabler, Bart Starr, and (*) Joe Namath all came up through this school, which Jay Barker led to its most recent national title in 1992. Andrew Zow couldn't get the job done in 1999, causing consternation in Tuscaloosa. FTP, identify this university where Bear Bryant once coached the Crimson Tide.

answer: University of _Alabama_


12. This mathematician received his Ph.D from the University of Budapest in 1926. He gave a proof of the ergodic theory (*) of statistical mathematics in 1932. He also wrote the classic "The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" and solved a special case of Hilbert's 5th problem. FTP, name the designer of game theory.

answer: Johann von _Neumann_



13.Its main purpose was to sort out land claims of the Habsburgs, and Charles V gave Austria and Bohemia to his brother. It is now known, however, because of a friar (*) who arrived from Wittenberg and was kidnapped on his return journey and taken to the Wartburg after being condemned for heresy. FTP, name this 1521 Imperial council at which Martin Luther took a stand.

answer: The _Diet of Worms_


14. This act was passed because the lowering of tariff rates under the Payne-Aldrich (*) tariff was inadequate. It reduced average tariff rates from 40 to 25 percent, and, like the Wilson-Gorman tariff, it included an income tax that was allowed under the recently passed 16th amendment. Woodrow Wilson threw his support behind, FTP, what 1913 piece of trade legislation?

answer: The _Underwood_-Simmons Tariff Act


15. Born in 1837, this American novelist and critic wrote several realistic novels such as "Their Wedding Journey" and "A Chance Acquaintance." A close friend of Mark Twain and Henry James, he exercised considerable influence as (*) editor of the Atlantic Monthly from 1871-81. FTP, name the writer of "A Modern Instance" and "The Rise of Silas Lapham."

answer: William Dean _Howells_


16. For a fluid, this quantity gives the ratio of momentum and viscous effects. First proposed in 1883, flow in a pipe usually transitions to (*) turbulence when this figure is around 2300. When the Navier-Stokes momentum equations are non-dimensionalized, it appears as a dimensionless constant in front of the Laplacian operator. FTP, identify this number named after a British engineer.

answer: _Reynolds_ number


17. This movement in psychology, with roots in associationism and functionalism, began with a focus on the idea of stimulus-response. The (*) purposive branch was developed by Robert Tolman and the type of conditioning known as reinforcement was postulated by the radical branch. Founded by John B. Watson, FTP name this movement that also included B.F. Skinner.

answer: _behaviorism_


18. This work, the only novel by the author, begins with Lord Henry Wotton admiring the work of (*) artist Basil Hallward. It examines the relationship between morality and aesthetics and descends to a gothic-horror-like setting with the suicide of actress Sibyl Vane and murder of Basil. The increase in decadence and debauchery is reflected in Basil's painting. FTP, identify this novel by Oscar Wilde.

answer: _The Picture of Dorian Gray_




19. After an unsuccessful three-part cavalry charge was defeated by German horsemen, the rebels retreated to a hilltop fortress of the Mandubii, where they are tightly besieged. A relief force led by the Aedui was stopped by (*) Labienus and dissolved, leaving no option but surrender for Vercingetorix. FTP, name this 52 BC battle in which Caesar subdued a Gallic revolt.

answer: _Alesia_


20. It was formulated due to the need of an absolute entropy (*) value for chemically reacting systems. Low-temperature physics research led to its statement in 1906 by Nernst. Identify this thermodynamic law which, FTP, can be stated as: the entropy of a crystal at absolute zero is zero.

answer: The _Third Law of Thermodynamics_

(accept _heat theorem_)


21. He was captivated by the writings of Jean Paul, and adapted the Romantic personae of Florestan and Eusebius. With like-minded artists he formed a league called the (*) Davidsbund in honor of which he composed the "Davidsbundlerstanze" piano pieces which, along with "Carnaval" and "Papillions," were the beginning of free-form Romantic piano music. FTP, name this German composer.

answer: Robert _Schumann_


22. This Roman poet was born in 65 B.C. in Venusia and educated in Athens and Rome. He wrote the hymn Carmen Seculare (*) to celebrate Augustus' revival of the Secular Games in 17 B.C. The first book of his most famous work begins with an encomium on his patron Maecenas. FTP, name this Latin lyric poet of four books of odes.

answer: _Horace_ (accept Quintus _Horatius_ Flaccus)


23. His father had lost a judicial appointment because of Thomas Hutchinson, and this man opposed Hutchinson and his former law teacher Jeremiah Gridley in 1761 by attacking the (*) writs of assistance for Massachusetts arguing that "a man's home is his castle." FTP, name this man who lost control of the Boston revolutionary movement to Samuel Adams, and eventually went insane.

answer: James _Otis_


24. It ends with the image of "a black avenging host...thrusting upwards for the harvest of future ages." This is the image created in the protagonist's mind by the subterranean sound of his former (*) comrades mining coal. Etienne Lantier is that character in, FTP, what angry 1885 novel of protest by Emile Zola.

answer: _Germinal_





25. Set in Kindle County, it focuses on the undercover work of a once-crooked lawyer working for the FBI in the hopes of convicting Judge (*) Brendan Tuohey. It explores greed and human failing through the character of Robbie Feaver who is aided by agent Evon Miller, and supervised by U.S. attorney Stan Senett,. FTP, name the most recent novel by Scott Turow.

answer: _Personal Injuries_


26. This sculptor often used wood to fashion prototypes for his works, some of which include "The New-Born," (*) "The Beginning of the World," and "Princess X." Early in his career he refused entrance to Rodin's workshop stating, "one can do nothing beneath great trees." FTP, name the Romanian sculptor of "Bird in Space."

answer: Constantin _Brancusi_











































1. Answer the following questions about solutions, FTPE

A. This law states that the vapor pressure of a solution is directly proportional to the mole fraction of the solvent.

answer: _Raoult_'s law

B. This factor is the ratio of moles of particles in solution to moles of solutes dissolved.

answer: _Vant Hoff_ factor

C. In the case of a suspension, this is the scattering of light by the particles of a suspension.

answer: _Tyndall_ effect


2. Name the following about the operas of Richard Strauss FSNPE.

A. This librettist played Gilbert to Strauss' Sullivan, writing the words to "Elektra," "Der Rosenkavalier" and four other Strauss operas.

answer: Hugo von _Hofmannsthal_

B. Strauss' "Salome" was not written by Hofmannsthal, but based on a tragedy by this Irishman.

answer: Oscar _Wilde_

C. This 1932 opera, set in 1860 Vienna, was the last collaboration between Strauss and Hofmannsthal, due to the death of the latter.

Answer: _Arabella_


3. Answer the following questions about the 1999 men's NCAA basketball tournament

A. Led by Matt Santangelo and Richie Frahm, this team made a Cinderella run to the Elite Eight before losing to Connecticut.

answer: _Gonzaga_ University

B. This player dropped in 36 points for Weber State in a first-round upset of three-seed North Carolina.

answer: Harold _Arceneaux_

C. Steve Francis led this team to the Sweet Sixteen, where they fell to St. John's.

answer: The University of _Maryland_


4. FTPE, answer these questions related to Charlemagne

A. The foremost scholar of the Carolingian Renaissance, this Yorkshireman was the head of the Palatine school established by Charlemagne at Aachen.

answer: _Alcuin_ of York

B. This advisor and biographer of Charlemagne, based the style of his Life of Charles the Great on Suetonius' Lives of the Ceasars.

answer: _Einhard_ (accept _Eiginhard_)

C. This pope departed from the usual liturgy to crown Charlemagne emperor on Christmas Day 800.

answer: _Leo III_


5. FTPE, identify the following 19th century English poems from first lines.

A. "Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me."

answer: _Crossing the Bar_

B. "O, what can ail thee, Knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering;"

answer: _La Belle Dame sans Merci_

C. "I leant upon a coppice gate When Frost was spectre-gray, And Winter's dregs made desolate The weakening eye of day."

answer: _The Darkling Thrush_


6. FTPE, name the following women in Theseus' life.

A. A daughter of Minos, she helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur, but deserted her on Naxos shortly afterward, where Dionysus found her.

answer: _Ariadne_

B. This taurophilic wife of Minos was the mother of the minotaur.

answer: _Pasiphae_

C. For some reason, Theseus chased after yet more women in this family, including this younger sister of Ariadne, who developed a fatal passion for his son Hippolytus.

answer: _Phaedra_




7. FTPE, Identify these vodka-swilling Russians, none of whom, surprisingly, is Elliot Mandel

A. He was prime minister from 1906-1911 and instituted many agricultural reforms with the support of the Octobrists.

answer: Peter _Stolypin_

(do not accept whatever incoherent noise Elliott makes)

(unless, of course, it's correct)

B. This Russian revolutionary leader was head of the provisional government just before the Bolshevik takeover.

answer: Aleksandr Fyodorovich _Kerensky_

C. Put in charge of the Petrograd military district after the February Revolution, this general was later accused of attempting to overthrow Kerensky's provisional government

answer: Lavr Georgiyevich _Kornilov_


8. FTPE, answer the following questions about heat transfer.

A. This law linearly relates the temperature gradient with conductive heat transfer in a solid.

answer: _Fourier_'s law

B. This law relates the total emissive power of a black body to temperature raised to the fourth power.

answer: _Stefan-Boltzmann_ Law

C. This law states that the maximum wavelength of a black body spectral distribution is inversely related to the temperature.

answer: _Wien_'s displacement law


9. Answer these questions about seismology, FTPE

A. This Englishman invented the seismograph in 1880 and published the books "Earthquakes" and "Seismology."

answer: John _Milne_

B. This man's studies of earthquake records led in 1909 to the discovery the first evidence for the existence of the Earth's core.

answer: Richard Dixon _Oldham_

C. In 1909 this separation of the crust from the underlying mantle was discovered.

answer: The _Mohorovicic Discontinuity_ (accept _Moho_)


10. Answer the following questions about a contemporary novelist FTPE.

A. This writer of Hindu Indian descent was born in Trinidad and received the 1971 Booker Prize for "In a Free State."

answer: V. S. _Naipaul_

B. This novel by Naipaul details the struggle of a man to assert independence against ritual in the Tulsi family, which he married into.

answer: _A House for Mr. Biswas_

C. In this 1979 novel, Naipaul follows a transplanted Indian from his home in East Africa to the title location in a post-colonial Central African state.

answer: _A Bend in the River_


11. FTPE, name the following regarding the philosophy of aesthetics.

A. In this influential 1757 treatise, Edmund Burke attempted to distinguish between two aesthetic concepts and to analyze the separate attitudes towards them.

answer: _On the Sublime and the Beautiful_

B. The first half of this 1790 work is devoted to Immanuel Kant's theory of the relationship between the perception of beauty and cognitive understanding.

answer: The _Critique of Judgment_

(accept _Critik der Urteilkraft_)

C. This man's 1953 work, "Philosophic Investigations" focused on the aesthetic experience and attitude rather than the observation.

answer: Ludwig _Wittgenstein_


12. Name the following about Sparta, FTPE.

A. From archaic times to the late third century, Sparta had two kings at a time, each taken from one royal dynasty. Name either of those dynasties.

answer: _Agiad_ or _Eurypontid_

B. Sparta's brief period of military supremacy after the Peloponnesian War ended with this 379 BC defeat at the hands of Thebes.

answer: The Battle of _Leuctra_

C. This last king of Sparta was vilified by Romans and Achaeans alike as a social revolutionary. He briefly gained Argos, but was finally assassinated in 192 BC.

answer: _Nabis_


13. Identify the following 19th century composers, FTPE

A. This student of Saint-Saens, began as an organist. His major works include two violin sonatas and an 1888 Requiem.

answer: Gabriel _Faure_

B. This Austrian composer is known almost entirely for his 300 songs, including "Italian Songbook" and "Spanish Songbook." He died insane in 1903.

answer: Hugo _Wolf_

C. This Italian opera composer found his greatest success in Napoleonic Paris where his succeses included 1804's "Milton" and 1807's "La Vestale."

answer: Gaspare _Spontini_


14. Answer these questions about the soon-to-be cancelled television show, Party of Five.

A. What is the name of the restaurant that the family owns?

answer: _Salinger's_

B. This actress left the show last year to do the spin-off, "Time of Your Life."

answer: Jennifer Love _Hewitt_

C. Finally, name the actress who plays Kirsten, Charlie's wife, who was kicked out of a Ph.D. program at Berkeley for plagiarism.

answer: Paula _Devicq_




15. FTPE, answer these questions related to special relativity.

A. The Lorentz transformation was necessary because this transformation of classical mechanics did not satisfy the postulate of the speed of light being a universal constant.

answer: _Galilean_ transformation

B. The acceptance of the theory of relativistic dynamics was strengthened when this man demonstrated the scattering of X-rays from matter in 1922.

answer: Arthur _Compton_

C. Name either of the two men who in 1932 caused nuclear disintegration in the first high-energy proton accelerator, thus confirming the relativistic mass-energy relation.

answer: Sir John Douglas _Cockcroft_ or Ernest _Walton_


16. Identify the following servants from Shakespeare, FTPE.

A. The officer attending on Macbeth, who helps him arm for his last battle.

answer: _Seyton_

B. The tapster who attends on Mistress Overdone in "Measure for Measure," and is hauled into court by Constable Elbow.

answer: _Pompey_ Bum

C. Either the jester or the drunken butler from "The Tempest," who together find Caliban and thoroughly intoxicate him.

answer: _Trinculo_ or _Stephano_


17. There's more than one way to unite hydrogen and sulfur. Given a compound of these two elements, give its formula FFP and the oxidation number of the sulfur in the compound, for another 5 points.

A. Hydrogen Sulfide

answer: _H2S_ and _negative 2_

B. Hydrogen Sulfate

answer: _H2SO4_ and _positive 6_

C. Hydrogen Sulfite

answer: _H2SO3_ and _positive 5_


18. Name the following Israeli statesmen, FTPE.

A. This Labor politician was prime minister from 1963 to 1969, including the period of the Six-Day War.

answer: Levi _Eshkol_

B. This native of Cape Town was Eshkol's foreign minister during the war, and defended Israeli actions to the United Nations.

answer: Abba _Eban_ (accept Aubrey _Solomon_)

C. This Likudnik succeeded Begin [BAY-ginn] in 1983 and then in 1984 formed a coalition with Labor whereby he and Shimon Peres alternated as prime minister.

answer: Yitzhak _Shamir_






19. FTPE, answer these questions related to Jack Kerouac's "On The Road."

A. The narrator, this character was based on Kerouac.

answer: Sal _Paradise_

B. One of the leaders of the Beat movement, this writer was the basis for madman Dean Moriarty.

answer: Neal _Cassady_

C. William Burroughs was the basis for this New Orleans character.

answer: Old Bull _Lee_


20. FTPE, answer these questions dealing with economics.

A. This branch of economics uses mathematical methods and models to analyze and predict economic factors and systems.

answer: _Econometrics_

B. This Russian-American economist received the 1973 Nobel for his input-output technique that divided industry into sectors and modeled their interactions.

answer: Wassily W. _Leontieff_

C. This Norwegian pioneer in econometrics as well as working on trade cycles and how economies adjust to disequilibrium. He shared the 1969 Nobel.

answer: Ragnar _Frisch_


21. Answer the following questions about the Jazz album, "Kind of Blue," FSNPE.

A. (5) Who arranged the music and led the group, playing the trumpet?

answer: Miles _Davis_

B. (10) This jazz great played tenor sax on the album, his work includes the classic, "Giant Steps"

answer: John _Coltrane_

C. (15) The pianist on all but one of the tracks, this man also wrote the liner notes to the original LP.

answer: Bill _Evans_


22. FTPE, answer these questions about treaties of the Monroe administration

A. This 1817 agreement with England limited naval forces allowed on the Great Lakes.

answer: _Rush-Bagot_ Agreement

B. This treaty, signed in 1819, resulted in the acquisition of Florida from Spain.

answer: _Adams-Onis_ Treaty

C. An 1824 treaty with Russia led to the establishment of a Russo-American border at this line of latitude.

answer: _54-40_ (54 degrees, 40 minutes)


23. FTPE, identify these eighteenth-century French writers.

A. The comic writer of the plays "Crispin" and "Turcaret," and the novel of manners "Gil Blas."

answer: Alain Rene _Le Sage_

B. He, is best known for the comedies "The Barber of Seville" and "The Marriage of Figaro."

answer: Pierre-Augustin Caron de _Beaumarchais_

C. This man's most famous work, Manon Lescaut, was adapted musically by both Massenet and Puccini.

answer: Abbe Antoine-Francois _Prevost_


24. Name the following related Dutch artists FTPE.

A. This painter founded the avant-garde art review, De Stijl, he explained his theory of elementarism in a 1926 manifesto titled "De Stijl."

answer: Theo van _Doesburg_

(accept Christian Emil Marie _Kupper_)

B. This Dutch member of de Stijl, named his desired style neoplasticism. His works include "Broadway Boogie Woogie" and "Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue."

answer: Piet _Mondrian_

C. The chief proponent of de Stijl in architecture eventually departed from the style when he designed the Shell Building in the Hague.

answer: Jacobus Johannes Pieter _Oud_



25. FTPE, name these pioneers of geology.

A. This Scottish geologist put forth the theory of uniformitarianism in his "Principles of Geology."

answer: Sir Charles _Lyell_

B. This British geologist summarized Lyell's theories in his "Theory of the Earth."

answer: James _Hutton_

C. This Frenchman provided one of the earliest non-Biblical geologic histories of the Earth in his 36-volume "Natural History," published between 1749 and 1789.

answer: George Louis Leclerc _Buffon_