Cardinal Classic X: No Million Bucks, Just Free Bagels

Packet by Berkeley B (Jeff, Fred, Pierre)

Round 8


1. It is completely resurfaced with several meters of new material every few

thousand years. Discovered in 1610 and first closely observed in 1979 (*) by

Voyager I, various sulfur compounds contribute to its extraordinary range of

colors. FTP, name this moon of Jupiter which is known for having active


answer: _Io_


2. In opposition to eclecticism and academism, this style encompasses both

poetic inspiration and a rationalist rigor (*). The Belgian Horta and French

Guimard are major contributors to its popularization in architecture. Other famous followers are Morris, Gallie, Gaudi, Mackintosh and Klimt. FTP, what style famous for sinuous human forms paved the way for art deco and cubism?

answer: _Art Nouveau_


3. The father of the family is a tyrant in his home but goes out to party every night. He hardly ever allows his wife to leave the house, but, while he is away, she works up the courage to (*) visit a local mosque only to be injured while returning home. FTP, name this novel which takes place in Egypt in the years before 1919--the first in Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo trilogy.

answer: _Palace Walk_


4. Michael Marchetti, assistant to Dr. Rudy Wells, comes up with a radical

method (*) to bring her back from the brink, she loses most of her memory but

she still is a major agent for the OSI. FTP name her, chief associate of the

Six Million Dollar Man.

answer: Jaimie _Sommers_ (accept The _Bionic Woman_)


5. After winning at the Battle of the Great Zab in AD 750, these descendants of an uncle of the (*) Prophet grew in power until the tenth century, when local chiefs in Persia took much of their power before the Mongols defeated them altogether in 1258. FTP, name these Arab Caliphs who moved the political center of Islam to Baghdad after succeeding the Damascus-based Umayyads.

answer: The _Abbasids_









6. In botany, it is the surface of the carpel to which the ovules are attached. In zoology, it is only found in mammals and is a vascular organ (*) that mediates the metabolic exchange of nutrition, respiration, and excretion between embryonic and uterine tissue. For ten points, name this structure that unites a fetus to its mother.

answer: _placenta_


7. "The easier additional substitution is, the more elastic the demand curve for labor will be." "The demand for labor is more elastic the more elastic the (*) supply curve of capital is." "The elasticity of the demand curve for labor is greater the more elastic the demand for the final product is," and "The demand for labor is more elastic the large labor's share of total cost." FTP, what is the collective name of these four laws, fundamental to the field of Labor Economics?

answer: The _Hicks-Marshall_ Laws


8. She was known as the first lady of Britain and Geoffrey of Monmouth presented her as a Roman lady.  She is abducted in many versions of her story by various men including Melwas,  Meleagant (*), and Mordred. She is also surrounded by a tradition of infidelity. FTP, name this woman, lover of Lancelot and wife of King Arthur.

answer: _Guinevere_


9.  It contains the world's largest deposit of copper, at Tembagapura. Just

north of there lies the western end of a mountain chain that continues down the center of the (*) island of which it comprises roughly half. The highest peak in the chain shares part of the name of this province, which has lately been the site of kidnappings by separatist rebels from the Free Papua movement. FTP, name the western, Indonesian-controlled half of New Guinea.

answer: _Irian Jaya_ (prompt on "New Guinea" before "island")

(do not accept "Papua New Guinea")


10. Suppose H is a subgroup of a finite group G. If H has m elements, then every coset of H also has m elements. It can thus be shown that m is a divisor of the order of G. FTP, this describes what important theoreom of algebra whose corollary states that every group of prime order is cyclic?

answer: theorem of _Lagrange_


11. The islands of Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension, along with the

Azores are part of it (*) and it reaches a width of 1000 miles and a length of about 10,000 miles. Running down its length is a long valley. The rock near the valley is notable younger than the rock further away. FTP, name this submarine mountain range that runs from near the southern tip of Africa to Iceland.

answer: _Mid-Atlantic Ridge_


12. They have two active ingredients. One is the simplest of the fused ring

hydrocarbon compounds--composed of two benzene rings sharing two carbon atoms. The other active ingredient is a possible result of the treatment of benzene with chlorine (*). FTP, name this product, commonly found in closets, which makes use of para-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene and tastes lousy to


answer: _mothballs_


13. The first minority cartoon heroine appeared in this cartoon series that

premiered in 1970.  A show that was the all-female counterpart of the (*)

Archies, this show featured the talents of Cheryl Ladd on its album FTP name the cartoon that had Melodie, Valerie, Alexandra, Alan and Sebastien the Cat.

answer: _Josie and the Pussycats_


14. Born in 1928 to Ub Iwerks and a much more illustrious parent, he made it in the movie business despite his (*) digital infirmity. One of his most famous movies is based on a musical poem by Paul Dukas, and is being re-released this year. Who is this giant of the history of cinema whose career now spans 72 years?

answer: _Mickey Mouse_


15. Early Sanskrit writings attributed to it the ability to make people live

longer--if it came from a cow and not a buffalo. In the Hindu religion, it is

used to wash images of gods (*) and to light holy lamps. It is produced by

heating butter until separated water boils off. FTP, name this type of clarified butter, a staple of Indian cooking.

answer: _Ghee_ (accept "clarified butter" before the words "clarified butter")


16. The first version used water, but it evaporated quickly so a new substance had to be found. A closed box, with a metal top and bottom (*) and transparent sides had a small hole in the top where droplets of a liquid could pass through. By adjusting the voltage between the metal plates, any charged droplets could be made to stop falling. FTP, what is this experiment through which the charge of an electron was first established?

answer: _Millikan Oil-Drop_ experiment

17. This English dramatist, born in 1930, promotes rebellion and non-conformity in workes such as "Inadmissable Evidence" and "The Entertainer." He wrote about the last person tried for blasphemy in England in "A Subject of Scandal and Concern." The leader of the angry-young-man movement, FTP name the author of "Look Back in Anger."

answer: John _Osborne







18. It was used against Aemilius Lepidus in 77 BC and Saturninus in 100 BC, when

Rabirius carried it out. The first known one was obtained by Opimius, against

(*) Gaius Gracchus, but the most famous was used by Cicero against the

Catilinarian conspirators, but it failed to shield him from prosecution. FTP,

name this Roman decree of emergency that permitted a magistrate to use any means

necessary to see that the Republic came to no harm.

answer: _Senatus Consultum Ultimum_

(prompt on _Senatus Consultum_)

(accept _Final Decree of the Senate_, prompt on _Final Decree_)


19. He was the only person who needed to make money at the Monterey pop Festival so he could pay for his airfare.  This classical musician has been compared to Mozart by Yehudi Menuhin and his collaborations with Andre Previn (*), Phillip Glass and Zubin Mehta have spread the influence of Indian music. FTP name this greatest of sitar performers and associate of the Beatles.

answer: Ravi _Shankar_


20. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, awakens from a century-long sleep (*) to find the earth being pillaged  by an oblivious humanity, sending five rings of power to five youngsters who FTP create what amazingly, truly, stupendously cheesy environmental super hero?

answer: _Captain Planet_


21.  The eighth chapter of its first book, in which two gossiping washerwomen

gradually change into landscape features, was separately published in 1928 as

(*) Anna Livia Plurabelle. Anna is the husband of Dublin pubkeeper Humphrey

Chimpden Earwicker, whose dream at a funeral party provides the action of, FTP, what incomprehensible, pun-soaked last novel of James Joyce.

answer: _Finnegan's Wake_


22. Members of this religious group introduced the world to brewed coffee as

part of preparation for religious ceremony. Their name refers to the wool worn by (*) Muslim ascetics who resisted the worldliness of medieval Islam, and tried to seek personal experience of Allah through meditation. FTP, name these Islamic mystics, precursors of dervishes and writers of love poetry.

answer: _Sufi_


23. It started operating in 1914 and in 1997 it was given status as an

autonomous legal entity. Some fear that, after 1999, the Chinese may (*) gain

influence over it via a Hong Kong company that runs the operation of its

container ports. FTP, fulfillment of a 1977 treaty caused the U.S. recently to relinquish control of what waterway?

answer: _Panama Canal_



24. He prosecuted in the murder of Veronica Fabian, thereby earning a rebuke

from his former pupil, Liz Probert. But with that exception, he (*) never

prosecutes and generally refuses to plead guilty. This cantankerous barrister is forever quoting Wordsworth to colleagues including Ballard and Erskine-Brown. FTP, name this hero of short stories by John Mortimer and a TV series starring Leo McKern.

answer: Horace _Rumpole_ (of the Bailey)


25. In the early 19th century, they were part of the Mtetwa empire, a

Bantu-speaking confederation. They joined with the Nguni and, under king (*)

Shaka, formed a militaristic empire that was eventually subdued by the British after the Battle of Rorke's Drift. FTP, name this southern African tribe, represented in South Africa by the Inkatha party and Chief Mengistu Buthelezzi.

answer: the _Zulu_


26. Before publishing his first novel at the age of 38, he worked in theater in England and as a journalist in Canada. His works often include esotericism, hagiography and astrology. In his later works, like (*) "What's bred in the bones", the mind can almost control the material universe. His best works however are still his Cornish trilogy. FTP, who was this colorful author, one of the most respected critics of Canadian culture?

answer: Robertson _Davies_

[Editor's note: I don't know what "Canadian culture" is either]































1. For ten points each, name the ballet positions.

A. This is a body position in which the weight of the body is supported on one leg, while the other leg is extended in back with the knee straight.

answer: _arabesque_

B. The feet are in a parallel line, separated by a distance of about 12 inches and both turned outward, with the weight equally divided between them.

answer: _second position_


C. This is a position similar to the arabesque except that the knee of the

raised leg is bent. The raised leg is held at a 90 angle to the body in back or

in front. The supporting leg may be straight or bent.

answer: _attitude_


2.  Name the following novels by English authors that take place partly or

wholly in the New World, FTPE from plot description or FFP if you need the


A. (10) The title character, a disinherited architect's apprentice, takes his

servant Mark Tapley and tries to make his fortune in Eden, a city based on

Cairo, Ill.

(5): Charles Dickens

answer: _Martin Chuzzlewitt_

B. (10) The famous protagonist has to investigate a secret society of miners in the Vermissa Valley of Pennsylvania.

(5) Arthur Conan Doyle

answer: The _Valley of Fear_

C. (10) An alcoholic priest with an illegitimate child becomes the unlikely

martyr of an anti-clerical regime in Latin America.

(5) Graham Greene

answer: The _Power and the Glory_


3. Expand the following acronyms from the world of accounting, FTPE:

A. FIFO, an inventory method.

answer: _First In, First Out_

B. FASB, an industry regulatory body

answer: _Financial Accounting Standards Board_

C. EBITDA, a controversial measure of corporate profitability

answer: _Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization_


4. Name the Plato dialogue from plot summary, FSNPE.

A. (5) Socrates relates his conversations at the house of Polemarchus concerning

the best way to bring about justice in the body politic.

answer: The _Republic_ (accept _Politeia_)

B. (10) Socrates debates the meaning of piety with a foolish young man who is

busy prosecuting his own father.

answer: _Euthyphro_

C. (15) Lysimachus and Melesias discuss the meaning of courage with Socrates,

Nicias and the bluff old soldier of the title.

answer: _Laches_


5. For ten points each, give the nationality of the following 20th century


A. Joan Miro

answer: _Catalan_ (accept _Spanish_)

B. Jean Arp

answer: _French_

C. Eduardo Paolozzi

answer: _British_ (accept _English_ or _Scots_)


6. 30-20-10. Name the author from works.

A. "Williwaw" "Messiah"

B. "Rocking the Boat" "The Second American Revolution"

C. "Julian" "Myra Breckinridge"

answer: Gore _Vidal_





7. 30-20-10 Name the substance.

A. It was originally given a Latin name meaning "flat earth" by Johann Joachim Becker. George Ernst Stahl coined the current name.

B. When hydrogen was first discovered, it was supposed by some to be a pure form of this.

C. Antoine Lavoisier disproved its existence by experiments that proved

combustion was an oxidation reaction.

answer: _phlogiston_




8. FTPE, identify these spreadable foods.

A. A commercial brand of gianduja [jee-ann-DOO-ya?] made by Ferrero. This is a creamy paste of chocolate and hazelnuts treasured in France and Italy.

answer: _Nutella_

B. This is a jellylike concentrate of prepared juice and sliced peel and is

usually made from citrus fruit.

answer: _marmelade_

C. First successfuly marketed by Allen Durkee and Fred Mower, this marshmallow spread was originally sold door-to-door.

answer: _Fluff_


9. For ten points each answer these questions about number theory.

A. His theorem states that there are an infinite number of prime numbers in the collection of all numbers of the form an+b, in which the constants a and b have no common divisors.

answer: Pierre Gustave Lejeune _Dirichlet

B. These are equations that involve only addition, multiplication, or taking

powers, in which all the constants and all the solutions of interest are natural numbers or their negatives.

answer: _Diophantine_ equations

C. It states that there are no natural numbers x, y, and z such that x to the n plus  y to the n equals z to the n, in which n is a natural number greater than 2.

answer: _Fermat's last theorem_





10. 30-20-10. Name the work from clues.

A. The narrator dreams that Scipio Africanus guides him to the Temple of Venus on Saint Valentine's Day.

B. Written in 1382 this 700 line poem is done in Rhyme Royal.

C. Written by Geoffrey Chaucer it deals with he dispute amongst a group of

tercel eagles for the affecions of a former eagle.

answer: _Parliament of Birds_ (accept _Parliament of Fowls_)


11.  Answer the following questions about the 1204 sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders, FSNPE.

A. (5) What number was given to the crusade against Constantinople?

answer: _fourth_

B. (15) Name the blind, octogenarian Doge of Venice who personally led the

Crusaders' attack from the front.

answer: Enrico _Dandolo_ (prompt on _Enrico_)

Q: (10) The Latin dynasty founded in 1204 was overthrown decades later by

Michael VIII, who then founded what would become the last dynasty of Byzantine emperors. Name it.

answer: _Palaeologus_


12. Given a classic American film, name its director FFPE:

A. "It Happened One Night"

answer: Frank _Capra_

B. "On The Waterfront"

answer: Elia _Kazan_

C. Ben-Hur

answer: William _Wyler_

D. Fort Apache

answer: John _Ford_

E. Anatomy of a Murder

answer: Otto _Preminger_

F. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

answer: _John Huston_


13.  Name the following members of the Dominican order from clues, FSNPE

A. (10): This Doctor of the Church lobbied hard to bring the papacy back to Rome but died in 1380, still grieved by the Great Schism

answer: St. _Catherine of Siena_

B. (15): This half-black Peruvian was a barber-surgeon in the Seventeenth

Century, but through his devotion to the poor was drawn into the Dominican Order

and eventually canonized in 1962.

answer: St. _Martin de Porres_

C. (5): There are no plans for sainthood for this preacher, who virtually ruled

Florence for four years before being hanged and burned there for heresy in 1498.

answer: Girolamo _Savonarola_


14. For ten points each identify these places that have leant their names to

varieties of pigs.

A. One of the most successful modern varieties of pigs takes its name from two

countries. The first of these countries is located in Europe and its longest

river is the Vistula. The second country is located in Asia and its longest

river is the Yangtze.

answer: _Poland-China_

B. Another variety of pigs has the same name as the part of the Appalachians

that runs through western Massachusetts.

answer: _Berkshire_

C. This variety of pigs has the same name as an old county of England which

consisted of three ridings and contained the cities of Leeds, Sheffield, and


answer: _Yorkshire_


15. Name the works of German literature from protagonists, FTPE.

A. Harry Haller

answer: _Steppenwolf_

B. Karl von Moor

answer: The _Robbers_ (accept _Die Rauber_)

C. Gustave von Aschenbach

answer: _Death in Venice_ (accept _Tod in Venedig_)


16. It has recently become trendy at NASA to crash satellites into celestial

bodies. Name these examples FTPE.

A. Last July, this satellite was crashed into a dark crater on the moon in an

attempt to see if it contained any water.

answer: _Lunar Prospector_

B. Two probes were to be released from the Mars Polar Lander just before it

touched down. Nothing has been heard from them since. FTP, give the collective

name for these probes.

answer: _Deep Space 2_

C. In order to have a look at the inside of the comet P/Tempel-1, NASA plans to

smash this projectile weighing half a tonne into it when it comes around in 2005

answer: _Deep Impact_


17. 30-20-10. Name the region.

A. It comprised the old kingdoms of Northumbria and East Anglia and the

districts of Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Stamford in Great


B. It was largely restored to English rule in the reign of King Edward the Elder

though it retained its own customs and laws for several centuries.

C. The English language owes its Viking influences from this area of England

that was settled by people of a particular northern European nation who

established a separate kingdom in England from their Anglo-Saxon cousins.

answer: _Danelaw_


18.  Name the authors of the following short stories F15PE, or five if you need

a longer work.

A. (15) "One Trip Abroad" and " A Short Trip Home"

(5) "Tender Is the Night"

answer: Francis Scott Key _Fitzgerald_

B. (15) "The Dilettante" and "Souls Belated"

(5) "The Age of Innocence"

answer: Edith _Wharton_






19. Given a mountain chain, name the country in which all or most of it is

found, FTPE:

A. Zagros Mountains

answer: _Iran_

B. Great Dividing Range

answer: _Australia_

C. Grampians

answer: _Scotland_

(accept "United Kingdom" or "Great Britain" but not "England")


20. Given the scientific name of an herb or spice give its more common name


A. piper nigrum

answer: _black pepper_

B. crocus sativus

answer: _saffron_

C. allium sativum

answer: garlic

D. laurus nobilis

answer: bay

E. foenicum vulgare

answer: fennel

F. petroselinum crispum 

answer: parsley






21. Everybody's kung fu fighting, answer these questions as fast as lightning.

A. It's an ancient Chinese art but give the formalized term by the Chinese

government as an umbrella term for martial arts, including kung-fu.

answer: _Wushu_

B. This martial art translates as, 'the spirit way', combining Aikido, Tae Kwan

Do, Karate and Judo.  Developed by Yong Shul Choi in 1964 seen in such films as

the Billy Jack films.

answer: _Hapkido_

C. More of a concept than rigid system of fighting this "no style" was developed

by the victim of ultimate kung fu conspiracy and curse, Bruce Lee.

answer: _Jeet Kun Do_


22. Given two senators who are the chairman and ranking Democrat of a Senate

committee, name the committee FTPE.

A. Ted Stevens, Robert Byrd

answer: _Appropriations_

B. Frank Murkowski, Jeff Bingaman

answer: _Energy_ and Natural Resources

C. John McCain, Ernest Hollings

answer: _Commerce,_ Science and Transportation


23. Answer the following questions about home run records set by persons other

than Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron or Mark McGwire FSNPE:

A. (5) In what year did Roger Maris set the recently broken single-season home

run record?

answer: _1961_

B. (15) Before Babe Ruth established his lifetime record of 714 home runs, the

record was 138 hit by this first baseman for the Giants, Phillies and Cardinals

in the late 19th century.

answer: Roger _Connor_

C. Until Willie Mays broke it, the National League record for career homers was

the 511 hit by this New York Giant outfielder between 1926 and 1947.

answer: Mel _Ott_


24. Too deadly to date. Name the divine being whose love one should avoid.

A. This Sumerian deity sentenced her husband Damuzi, to die in her place after

her return from the underworld kingdon of Erishkigal.

answer: _Innana_




B. The love triangle involving this beautiful youth ended with him dead by

discus blow due to Boreas' jealousy of Apollo's possession of such a tasty


answer: _Hyacinth_

C. Love turned bad when this goddess died during childbirth and her husband

Izanagi ran away from her in the underworld in repugnance and fear.  Name this

Japanese goddess the mother of the gods.

answer: _Isanami_