Cardinal Classic X: Buzzers, Bollards and Beer

Questions by Chicago (Andrew Yaphe et al.)

Round 7

1. Shortly after he took the throne, Bijapur and Surat were attacked by Sivaji, whom he was forced to name a raja. In retaliation, he reintroduced the jizya tax and prohibited (*) Hinduism in the empire, and fighting continued with the Marathas until his death in 1707. FTP, name this sixth Mogul emperor, whose reign saw the decline of the empire and who seized power after imprisoning his father, Shah Jahan.

answer: _Aurangzeb_ (accept _Muhuddin Muhammad_)


2. Detecting its presence was made possible by the earlier work of William Perkin and Eduard Strasburger, but it was finally observed by Walther Flemming in 1882. After (*) staining a culture of cells, Flemming was able to deduce the order of cell division due to this substance's ability to take up the dye. FTP, name this substance, whose name is derived from the Greek for "color".

answer: _chromatin_ (accept _chromosome_)


3. He was accused of being a spy in Dresden in 1807 and imprisoned, and his adaptation of Moliere's "Amphitryon" appeared while he was in jail. His "The Warrior's Battle" is a patriotic tragedy, (*) while "The Broken Jug" was staged unsuccessfully by Goethe. FTP, name this German dramatist of "Penthesilea" and "Prince Friedrich of Hamburg," whose stories include "The Marquise of O" and "Michael Kohlhaas."

answer: Heinrich von _Kleist_


4. Traveling Canadian Richard Hannay takes in a London music hall show featuring Mr. Memory, and by the end of the night he finds himself involved in an international (*) spy ring. His adventures take him to Scotland, where he becomes handcuffed to a woman he despises, and the two engage in plenty of witty dialogue. FTP, identify this 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film, starring Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll as the bickering couple.

answer: The _Thirty-Nine Steps_


5. Those who have attained it in this life are known as jivan-muktas. (*) The Bhagavad-Gita states that it can be reached through the selfless pursuit of duty, though it is generally believed to be achieved through love and meditation. FTP, identify this Hindu concept, the supreme goal of human existence which is release from Karmic cycles into pure being.

answer: _moksha_







6. Two years after his death in 1942, his "A Scientific Theory of Culture" appeared, which claimed that cultural institutions satisfy basic human needs, though he is better known for ethnographic work, such as (*) "Crime and Custom" and "Sex and Repression in Savage Society." FTP, name this Polish-born anthropologist, whose "Coral Gardens and their Magic" and "Argonauts of the Western Pacific" were based on studies of the Trobriand Islanders.

answer: Bronislaw _Malinowski_


7. When the NuMI experiment begins at Fermilab in 2005, these particles aren't expected to make the lakes turn blue with Cherenkov radiation or exceed the dose we get from the Sun, (*) but Minnesota will be on the receiving end of an extra helping of the tau variety of them. FTP, name these leptons hypothesized by Pauli, which only interact with normal matter via the weak force.

answer: _neutrinos_


8. After the failure of "The Devil Is an Ass," he stopped writing comedies for nine years before returning with "The Staple of News" in 1625. He was (*) imprisoned several times, once for his contribution to 1604's "Eastward Ho," and six years earlier for killing an actor, Gabriel Spencer. FTP, identify this dangerous author of "The Silent Woman," "Bartholomew Fair," and "Sejanus," best known for such comic plays as "The Alchemist" and "Volpone."

answer: _Ben Jonson_


9. Its creator backed a transcontinental rail line from Chicago to San Francisco rather than a more southerly one. In an effort to gain Southern support, the chairman of the Senate Committee on (*) Territories, Stephen Douglas, proposed to divide the plains west of Missouri and Iowa into two states and allow those states to vote on slavery. FTP, name this 1854 legislation that was followed by a low-level war in Kansas.

answer: The _Kansas-Nebraska_ Act


10. Born on Jupiter in the year 3000, he traveled backwards through time and arrived on earth in the 1990's. Here, he practiced gynecology and exercised an unhealthy obsession with (*) pornography, but his time was cut short when he was murdered by Dr. Dooom in 1998. FTP, name this alter ego of rapper Kool Keith, whose eponymous album was released in 1995.

answer: _Doctor Octagon_


11. In 1842, seven years after it was first published, the author published a more nationalistic revision of the story. The title character has two sons, (*) the younger of whom, Andrey, falls in love wish a Polish noblewoman and is shot by his father, who is himself captured by the Poles and burnt alive. FTP, identify this novella, made into a Yul Brynner movie, a tale of life among the Cossacks on the Ukrainian steppes written by Nikolai Gogol.

answer: _Taras Bulba_


12. In topology, this function maps two elements of some set to the real numbers such that the output of the function is positive if the elements are different and zero if they are the same. In a Riemannian (*) manifold, it gives the proper time between two points in spacetime, whereas for Euclidean space, it's simply the distance between the two points. FTP, name this function, the measure of the geometry of a manifold.

answer: _metric_


13. He became known after defeating the Megarans over Salamis and organized the diakrioi, a party of the poor. He was twice driven from power by (*) Megacles, but managed to regain control and, at his death in 527, his sons Hippias and Hipparchus succeeded him. FTP, name this Greek statesman, who introduced the cult of Dionysus and ruled sixth-century Athens as a tyrant.

answer: _Peisistratus_


14. The term is introduced in Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, where we learn that they are built up during the latency period, and join with (*) sublimation to construct human character, as sexual excitations evoke opposing mental forces that build up the dams of disgust, shame, and morality. FTP, give this Freudian psychological attitude, the direct opposite of a repressed wish, and formed as a response to it.

answer: _reaction-formation_ (accept _Reaktionsbildung_)


15. He died in May 1935, less than a month after a new constitution cut the Sejm in half, and was succeeded by General Edward Smigly-Rydz. He led a military revolt in 1926 (*) that forced Vincent Witos to resign, after which his friend Ignat Moscicki [moh-SISS-kee] became president, while he led the country as premier during a period known as the "rule of the colonels." FTP, name this military leader, who dominated post-World War I Poland.

answer: Joseph _Pilsudski_


16. In the fourth stanza, the poet asks a priest, "who are these coming to the sacrifice?" And earlier apostrophizes the "happy, happy boughs" that can never "bid the Spring adieu," because they are (*) painted on to the principal addressee, the "still unravish'd bride of quietness." FTP, identify this 1819 poem, that ends "'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' -- that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know," by John Keats.

answer: _Ode on a Grecian Urn_









17. Its atomic structure was first deduced in 1942 by Vincent du Vigneaud. At first labeled vitamin (*) H, its two-ring structure and water-solubility clearly marked it as a member of the B-complex although, like niacin, it never received a B-number. FTP, name this vitamin, the absence of which can lead to eczema and dermatitis.

answer: _biotin_


18. Their only hit was the 1989 song "I'll Be You," which peaked at number 51 on the pop charts. The public may have been indifferent to their work, but they were a favorite of critics, and their 1984 album (*) "Let it Be" was chosen by Rolling Stone as the fifteenth best album of the 80's. FTP, name this Minneapolis band, fronted by Paul Westerberg, whose other albums include "Hootenanny," "Tim," and "Pleased to Meet Me."

answer: The _Replacements_


19. Because the Lord had dealt bitterly with her, she told the citizens of Bethlehem to call her "Mara." The bitterness involved the loss of her (*) sons, Mahlon and Chilion, after which she decided to return from Moab to her home. She managed to dissuade Orpah from accompanying her, but not her other daughter-in-law. FTP, name this woman whom Ruth vowed to accompany wherever she went.

answer: _Naomi_


20. He was appointed as a professor of composition at Rome's St. Celia Academy in 1913, but left his post to focus on his composing career. He wrote operas such as "Belfagor" and (*) "Lucrezia," but his most famous work is an attempt to mimic the poetry of Gabriele D'Annunzio. FTP, name this Italian composer, best known for the suites "The Fountains of Rome" and "The Pines of Rome."

answer: Ottorino _Respighi_


21. Her autobiography, "All in the Day's Work," appeared in 1939. The author of eight books on Abraham Lincoln, she owned and edited (*) the American magazine for a number of years, though she is better known for her association with McClure's, which ended in 1906. FTP, name this writer, best known for a work that first appeared as a serial in McClure's and detailed the monopolistic and unfair business practices of the Standard Oil Company.

answer: Ida Minerva _Tarbell_


22. Conan O'Brien wanted to use this man for a sketch, but when he was unable to find him a nationwide search was launched, and he was eventually found alive and well in Atlanta. He may have slipped into obscurity lately, but in the late 1970's his character on (*) "Sanford and Son" was so popular that he was spun off to his own sitcom. FTP, name this actor, who played Grady Wilson on both "Sanford and Son" and "Grady."

answer: Whitman _Mayo_


23. Although the precise mechanism for its beginning is still a subject of debate, the results of its action are well known. Modeled as a (*) scalar field which leads to a false vacuum and an Einstein-de Sitter exponential expansion, it is theorized to be responsible for preventing magnetic monopoles and flattening out the geometry of the observable universe. FTP, name this cosmological phenomenon first proposed by Alan Guth and Andre Linde.

answer: _inflation_


24. He was dead by the age of 29, and he only made four films in his lifetime. One acclaimed example was a documentary of his trip to (*) Nice, but he is better known for his dream-like fictional work, such as "La Atalante," [a-ta-LAHNT] the story of two lovers who live on a barge. FTP, name this director whose best known work is 1933's "Zero for Conduct," an examination of life in a French boarding school.

answer: Jean _Vigo_


25. A fleet had arrived there from Egypt six weeks earlier, but Admiral Codrington convinced its commander to wait for instructions before moving on. On October 20, squadrons of (*) British, French, and Russian ships entered the harbor and blew up most of the fleet, and six months later Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire. FTP, identify this naval engagement of 1827, which was decisive in the Greek war for independence.

answer: The Battle of _Navarino_


26. The Sanskrit word for it literally means "desire for more cows," while the Latin sounds like an unrelated adjective meaning "pretty" or "charming." (*) In Old High German, the original term is a synonym for confusion, discord, and strife. In Modern German, the word is Krieg [kreeg], and in French it's guerre [gayr]. FTP, give the English word for a pointless card game or a protracted episode of mass violence.

answer: _war_



















Boni for Chicago:


1. Answer these questions about a British writer, FTPE.

A. Her first novel, "The Comforters," appeared in 1957. Her subsequent novels include "Not to Disturb" and "Loitering with Intent."

answer: Muriel _Spark_

B. Muriel Spark's also wrote this 1961 work about an eccentric teacher in Edinburgh, portrayed on film by Maggie Smith.

answer: The _Prime of Miss Jean Brodie_

C. One of Spark's most important critical works was 1951's "Child of Light," a "reassessment" of this female novelist of the early nineteenth century.

answer: Mary _Shelley_


2. Given a description of a chemical law, name it, FTPE.

A. The volume of a perfect gas is inversely related to its pressure.

answer: _Boyle's_ Law

B. The total change in enthalpy for a given process is the same regardless of the number of steps in the process.

answer: _Hess'_ Law

C. The rate of effusion for a gas is inversely proportional to its molar mass.

answer: _Graham's_ Law


3. Name the following people or places to do with the T'ang dynasty, FTPE.

A. He ruled from 712 to 756, founding the Academy of Letters. His reign saw a cultural renaissance, featuring such artists as Tu Fu, and Wang Wei.

answer: _Hsuan_ [SHOO-ahn] Tsung (accept _Ming_ Huang)

B. In 755, this Turk, who had been adopted by the emperor's favorite concubine, led a rebellion that forced Hsuan Tsung to abdicate in favor of his son.

answer: _An_ Lu-shan

C. Identify either the eastern or western capital used by the T'ang.

answer: _Loyang_ or _Ch'ang-an_


4. It's time for Funk Hits of the 1970's. Given a list of songs identify the funk outfit that produced them FTPE.

A. "Dr. Funkenstein," "Do That Stuff," and "Theme From the Black Hole"

answer: _Parliament_

B. "Funk-O-Nuts," "Skin Tight," and "Fire"

answer: The _Ohio Players_

C. "Boogie Wonderland," "Shining Star," and "September"

answer: _Earth, Wind and Fire_


5. 30-20-10. name the painter.

A. English critics hated his work, and his 1884 painting "The Misses Vickers" was named the worst painting of the year by the Pall Mall Gazette.

B. He became famous in England as the portraitist of the aristocracy, notably his 1900 triple portrait of the Wyndham sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Tennant and Mrs. Adeane.

C. His best known work, 1884's "Madame X," caused a scandal when it was too provocative by French critics.

answer: John Singer _Sargent_


6. Answer the following about magnetic fields FSNPE.

A. (5) This is the SI unit of inductance of a magnetic field.

answer: _henry_

B. (10) This term in the complete Ampere's Law gives the magnetic field induced by the current of a time-varying electromagnetic field.

answer: _displacement_ current

C. (15) This speed, given by the ratio of the magnetic field strength and square root of the density, describes the propagation of magnetic field disturbances in a plasma.

answer: _Alfven_ speed (ALF-vane)


7. Answer these questions about the Italian struggle for independence, FTPE.

A. At a secret meeting in this French town in 1858, Napoleon III agreed to join Piedmont in a war against Austria, after which Italy would become a federation of four states.

answer: _Plombieres_

B. As a result of Plombieres, France gained this large Mediterranean seaport, the birthplace of Garibaldi.

answer: _Nice_

C. After this indecisive but bloody battle of June 24, 1859, Napoleon suggested an armistice to the Austrian emperor.

answer: _Solferino_


8. Identify these works by Pushkin, FTPE.

A. Pushkin worked on this verse novel between 1823 and 1831. Its title character rejects a woman who loves him, only to fall in love with her when it is too late.

Answer: _Eugene Onegin_ (accept _Yevgeny Onegin_)

B. This 1837 poem portrays an oppressed "little man" who finds himself pursued by the title object.

answer: The _Bronze Horseman_ (accept _Medny vsadnik_)

C. This 1836 story centers around a soldier's love for the title character and his complex relationship with the historical rebel leader Pugachev.

answer: The _Captain's Daughter_ (accept _Kapitanskaya dochka_)


9. Name the following Doonesbury characters F15PE.

A. This gun-toting, pot-smoking, and generally angry man has served as ambassador to China, and general manager of the Washington Redskins, and is so clearly based on Hunter S. Thompson that the writer has threatened to beat up Trudeau if he ever meets him.

answer: _Uncle Duke_

B. Mike and Mark first picked up this bored housewife while on a cross-country motorcycle trip in the early 1970's. She wound up leaving her husband, going to Berkeley Law School, and working for congresswoman Lacey Davenport.

answer: _Joanie Caucus_














10. Identify the following from 19th-century Japan, FTPE.

A. In 1854, Commodore Perry returned to Edo Bay and got the Japanese government to agree to this treaty, which opened two ports to the Americans.

answer: The Treaty of _Kanagawa_

B. In 1867, this 15-year-old was crowned emperor and proceeded to rule until 1912, moving the capital to Tokyo and adopting a constitution in 1889.

answer: _Meiji_ (accept _Mutsuhito_)

C. In 1877, Saigo led this unsuccessful local revolt against the government, named after the province of Kyushu where it began. The revolt was crushed by an imperial army made up of commoners.

answer: The _Satsuma_ Rebellion


11. Give the following terms from statistics from definitions, FTPE

A. This is given as the sum of the squared differences between the data and the fitting function divided by the variance. For a well-fitted function it should equal the number of free parameters.

answer: _Chi Square_

B. In Bayesian statistics, this function is the predicted distribution for the data before the model is fit.

answer: _Prior distribution_

C. This distribution is used to describe random walk statistics. In the limit of a large number of trials, but constant mean number of possible outcomes, it tends toward a Poisson distribution.

answer: _Binomial_ distribution


12. Identify the German philosophers who wrote the following books, two of which are on the question writer's bookshelf and one of which isn't because it's replacing a repeat.

A. "The Phenomenology of Spirit"

answer: Georg _Hegel_

B. "The World as Will and Representation"

answer: Arthur _Schopenhauer_

C. "Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone"

answer: Immanuel _Kant_



13. Given a description of an economist, name him, FTPE.

A. Recently retired from MIT, his studies on the theories of economic growth won him the 1987 Nobel Prize in economics.

answer: Robert Merton _Solow_

B. A fellow Nobel laureate and MIT professor, he was responsible for the formulation of the life-cycle hypothesis, explaining household savings and expenditure behavior.

answer: Franco _Modigliani _

C. This 1978 Nobel Prize winner wrote "Administrative Behavior and Human Problem Solving."

answer: Herbert _Simon_


14. Identify the authors of these important works of literary criticism, FTPE.

A. "The Anxiety of Influence" and "The American Religion"

answer: _Harold Bloom_

B. "Renaissance Self-Fashioning" and "Learning to Curse"

answer: Stephen _Greenblatt_

C. "A Grammar of Motives" and "Counter-Statement"

answer: Kenneth _Burke_


15. Name the following Norse goddesses, FTPE.

A. Goddess of winter and the hunt, she intended to marry Balder, but mistakenly chose the more attractive feet belonging to Njord.

answer: _Skadi_

B. She was the goddess of the dead, represented on icons as having two faces and being half-dead and half-alive.

answer: _Hel_

C. Often mistaken for Vanir Freya, she was the Aesir wife of Odin.

answer: _Fricka_ (accept Frigg)


16. Answer these questions about Brazil under the reign of Emperor Pedro I, FTPE.

A. Within three years, in what year was Pedro I forced to abdicate the throne in favor of his five-year-old son, Pedro II?

answer: _1831_ (accept 1828-1834)

B. In 1828, the Banda Oriental became independent of Brazil, becoming what nation?

answer: _Uruguay_

C. The independence of Uruguay was largely due to Brazil's decisive defeat by the Argentinian army at this battle of February 20, 1827.

answer: _Ituzaingo_


17. Answer these questions about a historical novel published in 1861, FTPE.

A. In this novel, Gerard Eliason falls in love with Margaret Brandt, but they are separated and he becomes a monk after he is told that she is dead. Later, they get back together and live celibately until the plague kills them.

answer: The _Cloister and the Hearth_

B. Name the author of "The Cloister and the Hearth."

answer: Charles _Reade_

C. It turns out that Gerard and Margaret's son is this famous Renaissance humanist.

answer: _Erasmus_


18. Give the geology terms from definitions, FTPE.

A. The process of mountain building via rock thrusting, folding and faulting in association with deeper plastic deformation, metamorphism and plutonism.

answer: _orogeny_

B. Dark-colored rocks with high concentrations of iron and magnesium minerals. The opposite of felsic rocks.

answer: _mafic_ rocks

C. The era including the Cambrian and later times, as defined by the presence of abundant fossilized remains.

answer: Phanerozoic


19. Answer these questions about the Jewish revolt which began in AD 66, FTPE.

A. After the governor of Syria proved unable to put down the revolt, this future emperor was sent as special legate to suppress the Jews.

answer: _Vespasian_

(accept Titus Flavius _Vespasianus_, but not _Titus_ by itself)

B. One of Vespasian's prisoners was this Jewish historian, who had been commander of the army in Galilee.

answer: Flavius _Josephus_

C. When Vespasian was elected emperor, he left his son behind to finish the siege of Jerusalem, which was held by this Zealot leader.

answer: _John of Giscala_


20. Ted Danson has been a constant irritation on television since the 1970's. Answer the following questions about his TV series FSNPE.

A.(5) On this current CBS show, he plays a cynical small town doctor.

answer: _Becker_

B. (10) Name this first post-Cheers Danson TV series that co-starred his wife Mary Steenburgen, and was centered at a Washington newspaper.

answer: _Ink_

C. (15) Danson had a supporting role on this 1970's daytime soap opera, where he played Tom Conway, one of the many residents of the titular Illinois town.

answer: _Somerset_


21. Given a list of operas, name their composer FTPE.

A. "Le Villi" [lay VEE-lee], "Edgar," and "La Rondine"

answer: Giacomo _Puccini_

B. "Wozzeck" and "Lulu"

answer: Alban _Berg_

C. "Von Heute [HOY-tuh] Auf Morgen" and "Moses und Aron"

answer: Arnold _Schoenberg_


22. Name these Cary Grant films, FTPE.

A. This 1939 Howard Hawks movie stars Grant as South American mail pilot who romances traveling showgirl Jean Arthur.

answer: _Only Angels Have Wings_

B. He played a charming former cat burglar in this 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film, which co-starred Grace Kelly.

answer: _To Catch a Thief_

C. Grant's big break came in this 1935 film, in which he played a member of a touring show opposite Katharine Hepburn.

answer: _Sylvia Scarlett_


23. Identify the following about Aristophanes's "The Clouds," FTPE.

A. This roguish character approaches Socrates about ways of getting out of paying his debts. His son learns from Socrates how to argue in favor of beating his father.

answer: _Strepsiades_ (accept _Twisterson_)

B. This is the name of Socrates's academy in the play, which burns down at the end.

answer: the Phrontisterion (accept _Thinkery_ or _Thinking Shop_ or equivalents)

C. This is not in the Clouds at all, but is the Utopian city, located between heaven and earth, that appears in The Birds.

answer: Cloud-Cuckoo-Land (accept _Nephelokokkygia_)


24. Given the title of a science popularization, name the author, for the stated number of points.

A. 10 points: "God and the Astronomers"

answer: Robert Jastrow

B. 5 points: "Cosmos"

answer: Carl Sagan

C. 15 points: "Blind Watchers of the Sky"

answer: Rocky Kolb (also accept Edward Kolb)