Cardinal Classic X: Questions by UC-Davis B and Adam Kemezis


Round 6


1. He proved that reverse time travel was possible under Einstein's equations of relativity, but is more famous for pointing out an (*) impossibility, namely that any mathematical system with rigidly fixed axioms must at some point encounter propositions that cannot be proven or disproven based on those axioms. FTP, name the Austrian mathematician who proved the incompleteness of first-order logic.

answer: Kurt _Goedel_ (GEUH-duhl)


2. He has a wart on his nose with red hair like that of a sow, and a mouth like a furnace door. His profession gives him both immense strength and a (*) "thumb of gold" for judging the quality of grain and overcharging for his services. A comic story of adultery between a student and his landlady is, FTP, the contribution of which character to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales?

answer: the _miller_


3. He was on his way to Paris in 1244 when his parents had him kidnapped to prevent his joining the Dominican order, which he did anyway, studying under (*) Albertus Magnus in Paris. His academic career there saw him oppose the Averroists (ah-vuhr-OH-ists), who held Aristotelian reason to be a fundamentally different truth from religious truth. FTP, name this "Angelic Doctor" of the Church and author of the Summa Theologiae.

answer: St. Thomas _Aquinas_ (prompt on _Thomas_)


4. Most RBI titles, with 8; most extra-base hits in a season, with 119; most walks (*) in a season, with 170 and in a career, with 2,056. Highest slugging average for a season, with .847 in 1920, and in a career with .690. All of these records are still held by, FTP, what New York Yankee, whose 61 homers in 1927 was also a record until Roger Maris broke it?

answer: George Herman "Babe" _Ruth_


5. Originally it was backed by the Soviet Union and formed a United Front with the Communists, which lasted until the 1925 death of its founder, (*) Sun Yat-sen. Two years later, in a coup in Shanghai, the Communists were purged and spent the next 22 years fighting against, FTP, what nationalist Chinese regime led by Chiang Kai-shek?

answer: The _Kuomintang_ (accept _Guomindang_)






6. It takes him about four minutes to be born, followed immediately by a four-minute romance and a nearly three-minute wedding, and a short troika section before a muted (*) trumpet plays the opening theme at his funeral. Not long, but then he only exists because of a typographical error and a stupid czar. FTP, name this redundantly named army officer, subject of an orchestral suite by Prokofiev.

answer: Lieutenant _Kije_ [KEE-jay]


7. In "Nathan the Wise," Lessing portrays him as a somewhat enlightened ruler with a much more tolerant mind than the (*) Templar Conrad. In fact, he was a strong sectarian who restored Sunni Islam in Egypt before uniting that country with Syria to drive the Crusaders out of Jerusalem in 1187. FTP, name this sultan who beat off the Third Crusade and Richard the Lionheart.

answer: _Saladin_ (accept _Salah al-Din_ Yusuf ibn Ayyub)


8. He lived by the maxims "few, but ripe" and "that nothing further remains to be done" and by a belief in the utmost rigor. Since he could completely flesh out neither the theory of (*) functional analysis nor non-Euclidean geometry, so he chose to publish none of his results on them. FTP, who, the discoverer of a rule for constructing heptadecagons as well as the law of divergence?

answer: Carl Freidrich _Gauss_ (also accept "Johann Freidrich Carl _Gauss_")


9. In the third year of his reign, about 586 BC, King Jehoiakim (je-HOE-ee-AH-kim) of Judah was delivered into the hand of (*) this Babylonian king, who was subsequently tormented with a vision of an idol made of many kinds of metal but with feet of clay. FTP, name this king who tried to burn Shadrach [SHAY-drak], Meshach [MAY-shak] and Abednego [uh-BED-nuh-go] and had his dreams interpreted by the prophet Daniel.

answer: _Nebuchadnezzar_ [nuh-BOO-kad-NEZ-ahr]

(prompt on "Babylon" or "Babylonia" before power mark)


10. After being forced out of the Caucasus by the Pechenegs, they moved west under Arpad and fought the Bulgars and Germans before being defeated at (*) Lechfeld in 955. Shortly afterward they were converted by St. Stephen and settled down to consolidate the state they still control. FTP, name this Finno-Ugric speaking people, generally known in English as Hungarians.

answer: _Magyars_


11. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED The former came in varieties including familiares [fam-ill-ee-AH-rays] and domestici [duh-MESS-tih-kee], and were a form of ancestor worship. The latter had started as gods of the storeroom, and Aeneas bought those of the Roman state from Troy. In general, however, they were worshipped in small household shrines. FTP, name these always-plural Roman gods of home and family.

answer: _Lares_ and _Penates_


12. He is full of remorse for having beaten his daughter when she did not answer him because, unbenknownst to him, a fever had made her deaf. As soon as he can reach (*) Cairo, he plans to buy his family out of slavery, and although he misses the Ohio River in the night, he is freed in Miss Watson's will. FTP, name the slave who shares a raft with Huckleberry Finn.

answer: _Jim_


13. Until his Op. 33, Haydn had allowed one soloist to dominate his compositions in (*) this genre, which he fixed at four movements. Mozart dedicated six of them to Haydn, while Schubert often extended themes from songs into compositions such as "Rosamunde" and "Death and the Maiden." FTP, name this form of chamber music written for cello, viola and two violins.

answer: _string quartet_


14. Originally seen by Durkheim as a cause of suicide, it later came to refer to a condition in which a society drives its members goals without giving them the means to achieve them without violating its (*) norms. This statement of it was laid forth by Robert K. Merton, who was refining the definition, FTP, what sociological condition in which an individual lacks any guiding values or norms.

answer: _anomie_


15. In 1837, he argued cogently that a corporation grant should not be construed as a monopoly, particularly when that monopoly clearly hurt the commonwealth as the (*) Charles River Bridge Co. did. He has received less praise for his 1857 pronouncement that the slaves had no rights as U.S. citizens. FTP, name the Chief Justice of the U.S. who wrote the Dred Scott decision.

answer: Roger _Taney_ (TAW-nee)


16. We have lost whatever part of the text explains the reason, but the impotent hero, in a parody of Odysseus' plight, is pursued by the wrath of (*)Priapus. This does not prevent him from fighting with Ascyltus over shared boyfriend Giton. The three of them make peace for long enough to go to dinner with the pretentious freedman Trimalchio in, FTP, what outrageous Roman novel by Petronius.

answer: The _Satyricon_


17.If an aquifer is confined between two beds of impermeable rock, and it is replenished from a high point at which the water table reaches the surface, then at any point below that recharge point, the water in the aquifer is (*) under pressure, and if you dig a hole at such a point, water will spout out of the hole. FTP, name this type of spontaneously flowing well.

answer: _artesian_ well (accept _artesian flow_)


18. "Drivel head wears her glad rags," begin the lyrics for "Line Up," a song that follows around a rock (*) groupie. The band responsible for this guitar-heavy song probably had their own groupies in the mid-1990's when they hit it big. FTP, name this rubbery-sounding British pop/punk band known for hits such as "2 to 1" and "Stutter."

answer: _Elastica_


19. He and fellow Jesuit Michel Benoist [buh-NWAH] designed a Italianate Rococo garden that must have looked strange to the Ch'ien-lung Emperor who had them build it as part of the (*) Yuan Ming Yuan Palace near Peking. FTP, name this Italian who brought baroque painting and architecture to China in the early 18th century, whose namesake Baldassare wrote "The Courtier."

answer: Giuseppe _Castiglione_ (accept _Lang_ Shih-ning)


20. It begins because Axel manages to decipher the unintelligible Latin note his uncle Lidenbrock found in an (*) Icelandic manuscript. It ends with the principal characters being shot out of a volcano, after encountering dinosaurs and cavemen miles under the earth's surface. FTP, name this unsuccessful scientific odyssey that provides the plot and title for a novel by Jules Verne.

answer: _Journey to the Center of the Earth_


21. Wallace Beery is attempting to save his company from bankruptcy, but he'd rather chase Joan Crawford. Greta Garbo is a ballet dancer who falls in love with John Barrymore, who is trying to steal her pearls. Lionel Barrymore just wants to live it up for the last few days of his life in the title building. FTP, name this 1932 Best-Picture-winner detailing an evening's goings-on in a swanky Berlin lodging establishment.

answer: _Grand Hotel_


22. It was supposed to reach New Orleans on 17 May, but got stopped in Alabama by mob violence. The idea was revived by students from Nashville, but they were eventually (*) arrested in Jackson, Miss., after Attorney General Robert Kennedy refused to use the federal courts to help them. FTP, name this unsuccessful attempt by the Congress for Racial Equality to defy segregation of interstate buses.

answer: the _Freedom Ride_


23. Its second phase began in the early 18th century with the publication of Campbell's "Vitruvius Britannicus" and such buildings as (*) Houghton Hall and Holkham Hall. From Britain, the revival moved back to Italy, the country from which, a hundred years earlier, Inigo Jones had first brought this classical, rational style to England. FTP, name this architectural school named after a 16th-century Italian, not after element 46.

answer: _Palladianism_ (accept _Palladian architecture_)

(prompt on _classicism_ or _neoclassicism_)


24. The villain declares before his death that "one is only happy through love," and shortly afterwards makes public several of the letters from (*) the Marquise [mahr-KEEZ] de Merteuil [muhr-TOYE] that make up much of the text of the book. By then, she and Valmont have succeeded in conspiring against the happiness of virtually all of their enlightened French friends in, FTP, what 1782 novel by Choderlos [shoh-dare-LOW] de Laclos [la-KLOH].


answer: _Dangerous Liaisons_ (accept _Les Liaisons Dangereuses_)


25. He once accused a delinquent student of having tasted an entire worm by hissing all his mystery lectures, as well as (*) fighting liars in the quad. He told the student to leave Oxford by the next town drain. Such mangled sentences were the stock in trade of, FTP, what nineteenth-century clergyman who had problems exchanging initial syllables.

answer: Rev. William A. _Spooner_


26. It believes Jesus could not completely inaugurate the kingdom of God because he was crucified before he could procreate. Thus he conferred his mandate on the Lord of the Second Advent, who saw Christ in a vision in his native (*) Korea, from where he moved the church headquarters to New York in 1971. FTP, name this marginally Christian sect founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

answer: The _Unification_ Church (accept "_moonies_" before Moon's name)































Bonus Questions




1. When they began in 1962, the Rolling Stones were a five-man band. We assume you know Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, so name the other three founding Stones FTPE.

answer: Brian _Jones_

Charlie _Watts_

Bill _Wyman_


2. Give the related titles of the following plays, FTPE.

A.Nikolai Gogol's comedy about a drifter who fools a provincial town into thinking he's a bigwig.

answer: The _Inspector General_

B.Tom Stoppard's send-up of Agatha Christie, with a subplot involving the critics Birdboot and Moon.

answer: The _Real Inspector Hound_

C.J.B. Priestley's portrayal of a policeman interrogating a middle-class family over the death of a girl one of them had seduced.

answer: _An Inspector Calls_


3. List the following astronomical objects in order of their closeness to the Stanford campus, nearest ones first.

A. Betelgeuse, Deimos, the Magellanic Clouds, Juno, Spica, Arcturus

answer: _Deimos_ (it's a moon of Mars),

_Juno_ (asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars)

_Spica_ (260 light years)

_Betelgeuse (650 light years)

_Magellanic_ Clouds (160,000 light years)


4. Identify the following connected with the French revolution, F15E:

A.The 1790 law that regulated the French Catholic Church, gave the state the right to appoint bishops and the people the right to elect priests.

answer: The _Civil Constitution of the Clergy_

B.The Civil Constitution and conscription led in 1793 to a revolt in this region south of the Loire, whose name is also used to refer to the revolt.

answer: La _Vende'_ [VAHN-day]


5. Name the following connected with Abraham's near-sacrifice of his son Isaac, F15PE.

A.The mountainous land where the Lord instructed Abraham to make the sacrifice.

answer: _Moriah_

B. The town to which Abraham moved his family after the incident, where Isaac and Jacob lived, and which is still an Israeli town on the north edge of the Negev.

answer: _Beersheba_ (accept _Beer Sheva_)


6. Name the following queens from the opera, FTPE:

A.The wicked mother of Pamina in "The Magic Flute," who sings a charming coluratura aria about the Wrath of Hell.

answer: The _Queen of the Night_

B.The figure who mocks the gambler Herman and drives him to suicide in Tchaikovsky's setting of a short story by Pushkin.

answer: The _Queen of Spades_

C.The Queen of Babylon who unknowingly falls in love with her son Arsace (ahr-SAH-chay), and dies to save his life, in a Rossini opera named for her.

answer: _Semiramide_ (accept _Semiramis_)


7. Name the following Romantic German authors, FSNPE.

A.FTP, His novel "Heinrich von Ofterdingen" was published under a famous pseudonym a year after he died in 1801 at age 29.

answer: _Novalis_ (accept Friedrich von _Hardenberg_)

B.The two poets who collaborated on the folk-song collection "Des Knaben Wunderhorn," later the basis of Mahler's 2nd, 3rd and 4th symphonies. Five points for one, 15 for both.

answer: Klemens _Brentano_ and Ludwig Achim von _Arnim_

C.This creator of the Sandman changed his middle name in honor of Mozart but was himself made most famous by Offenbach.

answer: Ernst Theodor Amadeus _Hoffman_


8. 30-20-10. Name the scientist from clues:

A.Although a nuclear physicist, he turned to biochemistry in the 1950s and came up with the idea of a genetic code determined by triplets of nucleotide bases.

B.Between 1936 and 1967 he wrote a series of popular science books featuring Mr. Tompkins, who in the first volume is found in Wonderland.

C.He collaborated with Ralph Alpher on a 1948 paper called "The Origin of Chemical Elements" that proposed the Big Bang theory of cosmology.

answer: George _Gamow_ (pron gam-AHV or gam-OW)


9. Answer the following about the reign of the emperor Diocletian, FTPE.

A. First, within five years, in what year was Diocletian first proclaimed emperor?

answer: _284_ (accept 279 to 289)

B. Before Diocletian took the throne, two brothers served as co-emperor. Diocletian accompanied one of them on a Syrian campaign, and after that one was assassinated, he fought a civil war with the other. Name either brother, FTP.

answer: _Numerianus_ (accept _Numerian_)

or _Carinus_

C. Diocletian made this comrade-in-arms his co-emperor, and then forced him to retire along with Diocletian himself in 305.

answer: _Maximian_


10. Name the presidential-election loser from a description of his defeat, FTPE.

A.A congressional committee gave the 1876 election to Rutherford Hayes instead of this New Yorker, who got 250,000 more votes than Hayes.

answer: Samuel _Tilden_

B.Vocal support from Irish and German communities opposed to entering World War I probably hindered this losing GOP candidate in 1916.

answer: Charles Evans _Hughes_

C.He opposed the Wilmot Proviso but the Free Soil party took antislavery votes, thus allowing this Michigan Democrat to lose to slaveholding war hero Zachary Taylor.

answer: Lewis _Cass_


11. In the past five years, two NHL franchises have moved from Canada to the U.S.

A.First, name the two Canadian cities that were deserted and which U.S. city each team moved to, five points per city. Team nicknames also acceptable.

answer: _Winnipeg_ _Jets_ became _Phoenix_ _Coyotes_

_Quebec_ _Nordiques_ became Colorado _Avalanche_

(accept _Avalanche_ or _Denver_, prompt on Colorado)

B.For a final ten points, how many NHL franchises remain north of the border?

answer: _six_


12. 30-20-10. Name the philosopher from works:

A."The Antichrist"; "Daybreak"

B."The Case of Wagner"; "Human, All Too Human"

C."Beyond Good and Evil"

answer: Friedrich _Nietzsche_


13. Given the English translation of a Latin expression still in current usage, give the Latin, FTPE.

A."Making the necessary changes"

answer: _mutatis mutandis_

B."All other things being equal"

answer: _ceteris paribus_

C."The thing speaks for itself"

answer: _res ipsa loquitur_


14. Identify the following about the structure of muscles and joints, FTPE.

A. The most flexible of the three types of joint, in which the bones have cartilage at their ends and lubricating fluid between.

answer: _synovial_ joints

Q: The packets that contain the synovial fluid in a joint: your knee has 13.

answer: _bursae_

Q: The functional unit into which muscle tissue is divided, made up of filaments of myosin and actin, which contracts in order to make muscles move.

answer: _sarcomere_


15. Identify the following Mexican leaders, FTPE.

A.A hero of the war against France, he ran a conservative regime from 1876 until overthrown by a revolution in 1910.

answer: Porfirio _Diaz_

B.The liberal who became Mexico's first civilian president in 1861 and led the successful resistance against Emperor Maximilian.

answer: Benito _Juarez_

C.This president from 1934 to 1940 enacted massive agrarian reforms and expropriated the oil industry. His son is currently running for president.

answer: _Lazaro Cardenas_


16. Given a country, name its main national currency (the euro doesn't count) FFPE.


answer: the _schilling_

B.The Netherlands

answer: the _guilder_


answer: the _dinar_


answer: the _lev_


answer: the _pound_


answer: the _real_ [RAY-al]


17. 30-20-10. Name the actress from movies:

A."Wait until Dark"; "Robin and Marion"

B."How to Steal a Million"; "Funny Face"

C."A Nun's Story"; "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

answer: _Audrey Hepburn_ FIND REAL NAME


18. Identify the following heroes from Byron's poetry, FTPE:

A.The tourist whose travels through Spain Byron published in 1812, with installments in 1816 and 1818 describing northern Europe and Italy.

answer: Childe _Harold_

B.The Romantic hero and brother of Astarte [uhs-TAHR-tay] who rejects a bargain with evil spirits in the first scene of a verse drama set in the Alps, including a mountain known as the Jungfrau [YOONG-frouw].

answer: _Manfred_

C.A historical Cossack leader who rebelled against Peter the Great during the Great Northern War.

answer: _Mazeppa_


19. Given a pope named Pius, give his number, FTPE.

A.The canonized sixteenth-century pope who carried out the decrees of the Council of Trent and used the Inquisition to drive Protestantism out of Italy.

answer: Pius the _Fifth_

B.The pope from 1903 to 1914 who vigorously opposed the Christian Democrat movement and all other forms of modernism, and was canonized in 1954.

answer: Pius the _Tenth_





C.The pope during World War II who has been the subject of a recent biography accusing him of aiding Hitler by ignoring the final solution.

answer: Pius the _Eleventh_


20. Identify the following works of Stanford's own Larry McMurtry from description, FSNPE.

A. (5) Gus McRae and Woodrow Call, former Texas Rangers, pull up stakes for one last adventure, a long cattle drive to Montana.

answer: _Lonesome Dove_

B. (10) An earlier episode in the lives of Gus and Call, when they first become Rangers and take part in a disastrous expedition to capture Santa Fe for the Texas Republic.

answer: _Dead Man's Walk_

C. (15) This novel follows a restless Texan with no fixed residence who drives all over America looking for antiques, but almost get hooked by a woman in Washington DC.

answer: _Cadillac Jack_


21. After the First World War, the leading chemical companies of Germany formed a cartel that would decades later establish its largest plant at Auschwitz and produce the gas used in the camp.

A. First, FTP, what was the name of the combined venture, many of whose directors were tried at Nuremburg

answer: _IG Farben_

(accept _Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie_)

B. IG Farben was dominated by three companies, all of which are still massive German chemical concerns. Name one FFP, two FTP, three F20P.

answer: _BASF_




22. In 1862-63, a model named Victorine Meurent [muh-RAHNT] was featured in practically the same position, full-length nude with a blank expression, in two of the most famous works of a French Impressionist. One shows her at a picnic, one reclining on a divan. FTPE, name the artist and the two paintings.

answer: Edouard _Manet_

_Dejeuner sur l'Herbe_ [DAY-zhuh-NAY soor LAYRB]

(accept "Breakfast on the Lawn" or anything real close)



23. Name the following about the early days of photography, FTNPE.

A.FTP, The French painter and scientist who discovered the first practical photographic process in the 1830s, for whom that standard 19th-century technique is named.

answer: Louis-Jacques-Mande _Daguerre_

B.Both the Englishman who discovered the paper negative process in 1835 and whose "Pencil of Nature" was the first published book with photographic illustrations, and also the name he originally gave to the process, FTPE.

answer: William Henry Fox _Talbot_



24. Name the following revolutionary governing bodies FTPE:

A.The five-man executive council in France that succeeded the Convention in 1795 and was abolished by Napoleon after the coup of Brumaire 1799.

answer: the _Directory_ (accept Directoire)

B.The Spanish Parliament, one of which met in Cadiz in 1812 and drafted a liberal constitution.

answer: the _Cortes_

C.The Virginia legislative house that in 1774 included Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

answer: the _House of Burgesses_