Cardinal Classic X: Hey, It Beats Cow Tipping

Questions by UC-Davis A (Brian Green and three draft picks)


Round 5

1. He is first mentioned as one of the deacons selected by the Twelve to minister to the Greek widows, but in the same chapter of the book of Acts, he recapitulates most of (*) Genesis and Exodus in the course of testifying before the Sanhedrin. That body is unconvinced and allows the people to stone him to death. FTP, name this "crowned one," the first Christian martyr.

answer: Saint _Stephen_


2. He throws the Bishop of Coventry into prison and gives all of his possessions to the newly created Duke of Cornwall. The insulted nobility rally to the cause of his neglected wife (*) Isabella and her lover, young Mortimer, who succeed in deposing him and murdering him in a particularly disgusting fashion. FTP, name this English king, lover of Piers Gaveston and protagonist of a tragedy by Christopher Marlowe.

answer: _Edward the Second_


3. Originally it referred to a political club in colonial Boston, and the name was either an Algonquin word for "advisor" or, a dialect reference to the large number of shipwrights or "caulkers" in the club. The term expanded to refer to the party cadres that chose presidential nominees until 1824. FTP, what is this term for a preliminary political meeting before an election, still how candidates are picked in Iowa?

answer: _caucus_


4. The only review his "Foundations of Arithmetic" received was a withering attack by Georg Cantor. A more important criticism, however, was made in 1902 by an admirer, (*) Bertrand Russell, whose paradox pointed out a basic contradiction in the logic of his whole system. But the conceptual language of predicate logic is still based on the "Begriffsschrift" of, FTP, what German founder of modern mathematical logic?

answer: Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob _Frege_ [FRAY-guh]


5. Attila the Hun appears as a character who, after the death of his first wife Helche, sends to Burgundy for a second wife, who promptly tears his court apart in order to get revenge on (*) Hagen and her brother, Gunther. Attila is Germanized into Etzel in the second half of, FTP, what story of the Icelandic princess Kriemhild, who is somehow entirely absent from the operatic adaptation by Richard Wagner?

answer: Das _Nibelungenlied_



6. They hoped to control the coastal trade in gold and slaves, and made war on the neighboring Fante [FAHN-tay] states, which however gained the backing of the (*) British, who ran the forts along the Gold Coast and had recently abolished slavery. Sir Garnet Wolseley defeated them in 1871 and 20 years later the British annexed the territory of, FTP, what tribal empire in modern-day Ghana?

answer: The _Asante_ Empire

(also accept if pronounced _Ashante_)


7. In the early nineties, this group had to find a new bassist to replace Yamamoto, who left right before they hit it big. This Seattle-based band is credited by some with inventing grunge music. In 1999, Euphoria Morning marked lead singer Chris Cornell's first solo album since the breakup of, FTP, what audio-botanically named band?

answer: _Soundgarden_


8. Colored versions may contain green diopsides or actinolite, and the onyx version, called alabaster in ancient times, contains bands of aragonite. The base, however, is usually calcite grains that have (*) recrystallized from dolomite or limestone during metamorphosis. FTP, name this metamorphic rock found at Carrara in Italy and Paros in Greece, a favorite of sculptors and interior decorators.

answer: _marble_


9. All shipowners need lighthouses, but none is rich enough to finance one alone. If they pooled their resources, each individual would have a disincentive to contribute because he (*) benefits whether he pays or not. Therefore a means of collective or state intervention is needed to build the lighthouse because lighthouses, along with roads and defense forces, are an example of, FTP, what kind of economic good?

answer: _public good_ (accept just public after question is over)


10. The French speak French to one another, and the Germans speak German to one another. The Germans speak French to French officers, but (*) Rauffenstein and Boidlieu [BWAH-lyoo] sometimes switch to English. This linguistic code is a symbol of the aristocratic ethic referred to in the title, which cannot survive the First World War in, FTP, what film by Jean Renoir, set largely in German prison camps?

answer: _Grand Illusion_

(prompt if not pronounced with a French accent. Just kidding.)


11. As a result of antigens generated elsewhere in the body accumulating in the capillaries that make up the glomerulus, (*) Bright's disease may affect this organ, whose disorders more often result in oliguria followed by polyuria, or no urination followed by heavy urination. FTP, name this mass of over a million nephrons whose primary function is to eliminate waste products in blood.

answer: _kidney_


12. Originally formed by the merger of Juneautown and Kilbourntown in 1839, it immediately received a wave of German immigrants, who gave the town its Socialist mayors, most recently (*) Frank Zeidler, and its beer industry, made famous by Joseph Schlitz and continued by Miller. FTP, name this Wisconsin city where the Brewers attempt to play baseball.

answer: _Milwaukee_


13. It takes place in a room from which the view is described as "Mortibus" in the French and "corpsed" in the English. This view is seen through a telescope by the only one of the (*) four characters who can both see and walk. It is into this outer darkness that Clov goes, leaving his father Hamm at the end of, FTP, what typically bleak play by Samuel Beckett?

answer: _Endgame_ (accept _Fin de Partie_)


14. The Italian version was resurrected after the fall of Mussolini by the leader's of a movement founded by Father Luigi Sturzo, the (*) Italian Popular Party. Its first premier was Alcide de Gasperi. The German version is allied with the Bavarian CSU and is currently struggling under the leadership of Wolfgang Schaubel. FTP, name this center-right political party of Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl.

answer: The _Christian Democratic_ Union

(accept anything with the phrase _Christian Democrat_)


15. He theorized that art had originally been ritualistic, and defined in terms of its aura. As technology made it possible to reproduce art, the elite maintained superiority through a negative theology that emphasized art's lack of social function. This would lead inevitably to the politicization of art. FTP, name the Weimar-era German critic who set out this theory in "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction."

answer: Walter _Benjamin_ (pron. BEN-yah-meen)


16. Erasmus misread the Greek word for "jar," thus confusing us as to one of her gifts, but the others included "sly manners and the morals of a bitch" and tremendous beauty. These were the (*) gifts of Hermes and Hephaestus respectively, and were more than enough to overcome Epimetheus. FTP, name this instrument of Zeus' revenge on man, who opened her jar or box and thus released all earthly evils.

answer: _Pandora_









17. He created a narrator whose son, Gavin, disappears after a student protest in Berkeley, an event which the narrator blames on the (*) governor of California, to whom the author enjoyed close personal access when the former became President. FTP, name this former historian who made a controversial and rather craven detour into fiction with his recent "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan."

answer: Edmund _Morris_


18. His first shows were performed at the Princess Theater, and he often collaborated with P. G. Wodehouse on songs such as (*) "An Old-Fashioned Wife." Later, Oscar Hammerstein wrote him the lyrics for "The Folks Who Live on the Hill" "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "You Are Love" and "Ol' Man River." FTP, name this Broadway composer of the score to "Show Boat."

answer: Jerome _Kern_


19. Her first husband, Henri Gauthier-Villars [GOAT-ee-ay vee-LAHR] took her to Paris, where in 1900-03, under his pen name of Willy, she published four racy novels about a heroine named (*) Claudine. Postwar works such as "Le Ble en Herbe" [luh BLAY on AIRB] won her fame in France, but Americans are most likely to recognize the story of a girl raised by her sisters to be a courtesan. FTP, name this one-named French author of "Gigi."

answer: _Colette_


20. His physician, Galen, and his childhood teacher, Fronto, are more famous than his principal military opponents, the Quadi and the Marcomanni, or his colleague until (*) 169, Lucius Verus, or his predecessor Antoninus Pius. FTP, name this man, who is less famous for being Emperor of Rome between 161 and 180 than for writing a book of Stoic philosophical meditations.

answer: _Marcus Aurelius_ (accept Marcus _Annius_ Verus)


21. He realized that postal coupons costing one cent in Spain were redeemable for six cents in the US, which gave him the idea for his Securities Exchange Company, which gave investors who put in $1,000 a note (*) promising them $1,500 within 90 days. In fact, the investors' money was used to pay off previous notes, and the scheme produced nothing at all. FTP, name this eponymous Italian-American swindler.

answer: Charles _Ponzi_


22. In 1942, Konrad Block and David Rittenberg discovered that this chemical was the main agent in the biosynthesis of (*) cholesterol. It can also be combined with natural cellulose to produce a synthetic fiber similar to rayon. FTP, name this most important carboxylic acid with formula CH3-COOH, which is sold retail in dilute solution as vinegar.

answer: _acetic acid_


23. It stemmed from a questionable 1804 treaty, but was settled by a massacre at Bad Axe in 1832, carried out by a Sioux war party and the white troops of Gen. Henry Anderson. Afterwards the (*) Sauk and Fox were moved to Iowa and Abraham Lincoln's company never did see action. FTP, name this Indian war, which shares the rebel leader's avian name.

answer: The _Black Hawk_ War


24. His first name, a legacy of his Quaker mother, is Endeavour, a fact which embarrasses him deeply, so that he only unwittingly reveals it to Sergeant (*) Lewis. His other hang-ups include drinking too much, listening to too much opera and fighting constantly with superiors on the Oxford police force. FTP, identify this TV police inspector, portrayed by John Thaw.

answer: Inspector _Morse_


25. Introduced as an analytic technique in 1930 by Swedish chemist Arne Tiselius, this method is primarily used to analyze and separate (*) colloids -- especially proteins. Another common usage is to deposit coatings, as on elements used in electron tubes. FTP, what is this technique, the movement of electrically charged particles in a fluid under the influence of an electric field?

answer: _electrophoresis_

(accept "_cataphoresis_"; do not accept "_electroosmosis_")


26. In an effort to depose his brother Andrew, he sided with (*) Mongol invaders and became ruler of Kiev, Novgorod and Vladimir with their blessing. He was made a national hero, however, for opposing Swedish and German incursions, most notably near Pskov at a 1242 battle on a frozen lake. FTP, name this saint of the Russian church and hero of an Eisenstein film with music by Prokofiev.

answer: _Alexander Nevsky_


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Bonus Questions



1. Answer the following about the Third Crusade, FSNPE.

A. The army that took the Cross in 1189 was led by the Kings of England and France and the Holy Roman Emperor. Name these three monarchs, FFPE.

answer: _Richard I_ (accept _Richard Lionheart_ or _Richard Coeur-de-Lion_)

_Philip II_ (accept _Philip Augustus_ or _Philippe-Auguste_)

_Frederick Barbarossa_

B. The major successes of the Crusade were the capture of one island province by Richard and the capture in 1191 of a city in Palestine after a long siege, which was followed by a massacre of the inhabitants. Name the island and the city, 5 for one, 15 for both.

answer: _Cyprus_



2. Name the linguists from clues, FTPE.

A. The 19th-Century German diplomat who proposed that language was an expression of national character and studied native Javanese tongues.

answer: Karl Friedrich von _Humboldt_

B. The Chicago and Yale professor who made a major study of Algonquin languages and whose major general work was "Language" published in 1933.

answer: Leonard _Bloomfield_

C. The writer of "Methods in Structural Linguistics," whose work foreshadowed the transformational grammar of his pupil, Noam Chomsky.

answer: Zellig _Harris_


3. Given a son of Jacob, name his mother, FFPE and five for all correct. Your choices are Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah.

A. Reuben

answer: _Leah_

B. Naphtali

answer: _Bilhah_

C. Simeon

answer: _Leah

D. Benjamin

answer: _Rachel_

E. Asher

answer: _Zilpah_


4. 30-20-10. Name the author from characters created.

A. Mr. Turveydrop; Mrs. Plornish; Caddy Jellyby

B. Horace Skimpole; Uncle Pumblechook

C. Fagin; Pip

answer: Charles _Dickens_


5. Name the cities in which the following cathedrals can be found, FTPE.

A. When it was completed in 1842, 600 years after it was begun, it was the tallest building in the world. The Eiffel Tower soon beat it out and pollution has turned the facade almost black.

answer: _Cologne_ (accept Koln)

B. Claude Monet painted this cathedral over and over again to capture different light effects.

answer: _Rouen_

C. A new St. Michael's Cathedral was built there in 1962 next to the spire that is all that remained of its predecessor after World War II bombing.

answer: _Coventry_


6. This question was written on Super Bowl Sunday. Given an NFL franchise, give its Super Bowl won-lost record since the first game in 1967, FFPE, five for all correct.

A. Green Bay Packers

answer: _3-1_

B. Miami Dolphins

answer: _2-3_

C. Minnesota Vikings

answer: _0-4_

D. Oakland Raiders (include LA Raiders)

answer: _3-1_

E. Pittsburgh Steelers

answer: _4-1_


7. Answer the following about the French Revolution of 1830, FSNPE.

A. (5) The revolution deposed what monarch, the last of the Bourbon dynasty?

answer: _Charles X_

B. (10) In what month of 1830 did the revolution take place?

answer: _July_

C. (15) Charles tried to appease the mob by firing what unpopular chief minister who was responsible for the Four Ordinances that had made the King so unpopular?

answer: Auguste-Jules _Polignac_


8. Given a very large lake, name the country that controls all or the largest percentage of its coastline, FFPE, five for all.

A. Lake Maracaibo

answer: _Venezuela_

B. Tonle [TAHN-lay] Sap

answer: _Cambodia_

C. Lake Balkhash

answer: _Kazakhstan

D. Lake Nyasa

answer: _Malawi_

E. Lake Tana

answer: _Ethiopia_


9. Given a description of a work of 20th-Century European feminist literature, name the work and its author, 5 points for one, 15 for both.

A. This 1949 work extends Sartre's philosophy to gender, and argues that to be a woman is to be objectified, and that a woman is forced to reject her femininity to become a subjective person, but at the cost of self-alienation.

answer: The _Second Sex_

Simone de _Beauvoir_

B. With sections titled "Body," "Soul," "Love" and "Hate," this 1970 work by an Australian writing in England asserts that female sexual passivity is the result of men's having turned sex into an act of male conquest of an emasculated female.

answer: The _Female Eunuch_

Germaine _Greer_


10. Given a planet, name its second largest moon by diameter, FTPE

A. Jupiter

answer: _Callisto_

B. Saturn

answer: _Rhea_

C. Uranus

answer: _Oberon_


11. Identify the following from "War and Peace," FSNPE.

A. As everyone knows, the heroes of the novel are Prince Andrei and Pierre. FTPE, give the last names of these two characters, identifying which is which.

answer: Prince Andrei _Bolkonsky_

Count Pierre _Bezukhov_

B. So much for peace. Now name the Russian general who headed the effort against Napoleon, swearing to make the Emperor eat horsemeat.

answer: Mikhail Illarionovich _Kutuzov_


12. Answer the following about the works of Mozart, FSNPE.

A. One of Mozart's early operatic successes was this tragedy about a King of Crete whose makes a desperate vow that has tragic consequences for his son.

answer: _Idomeneo_

B. Mozart's 36th. and 38th. Symphonies are both named after Central European cities. Name either city FTP.

answer: _Prague_ or _Linz_

C. He also wrote a series of piano variations in C major on a French tune that has since become a popular children's song. Give either the French title or the later English one, FTP.

answer: _Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star_ or _Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman_


13. Name the following ancestors of Homo Sapiens, FTPE.

A. This imperial-sounding name is given to three species of ape that lived 20 million years ago and were the common ancestors of all hominids.

answer: _Proconsul_

B. In 1995, French paleontologists discovered this Central African contemporary of 3-million-year old Australopithecus Afarensis.

answer: _Australopithecus bahrelghazalia_

C. "Java Man," "Peking Man" and "Heidelberg Man" are all in fact examples of this species that started wandering around about a million and a half years ago.

answer: _Homo erectus_


14. Name the following Counter-Reformation saints, FTPE.

A. This Swiss doctor of the Church extolled lay piety in devotional works such as "Introduction to a Devout Life," and was made patron of writers and journalists.

answer: _Francis de Sales_ (accept _Francois de Sales_)

B. As cardinal of Milan, he took charge of the final stages at the Council of Trent and became famous for founding seminaries and schools in Milan.

answer: _Carlo Borromeo_ (accept _Charles Borromeo_)

C. In 1535, she founded a teaching order of nuns parallel to the Jesuits. Because she had seen a vision of St. Ursula, the order was dedicated as the Ursuline order.

answer: _Angela_ Merici


15. Given a cycle or set of German lieder, name the composer, FTPE:

A. "Winterriese" or "A Winter's Journey"

answer: Franz _Schubert_

B. "Kindertotenlieder" or "Songs on the Death of Children"

answer: Gustav _Mahler_

C. Four Serious Songs, Op. 121

answer: Johannes _Brahms_







16. Identify these peoples that the Romans fought, FTPE:

A. This Italian tribe fought three wars with Rome between 354 and 290, winning the battle of the Caudine Forks and were not decisively defeated until the Social War.

answer: The _Samnites_

B. These inhabitants of East Anglia are chiefly known for an AD 60 rising against the Romans led by Queen Boudicca.

answer: The _Iceni_

C. This Germanic tribe invaded the Empire in AD 406 and settled briefly in Spain before taking off to conquer North Africa in 429 under King Gaiseric.

answer: The _Vandals_


17. Given a Broadway musical, name the author of the book on which the musical is based, FSNPE.

A. (5) "Kiss Me, Kate"

answer: William _Shakespeare_

B. "Guys and Dolls"

answer: Damon _Runyon_

C. "Cabaret"

answer: Christopher _Isherwood_


18. Name the actors from roles FSNPE:

A. (5) She played Linda Partridge in "Magnolia," Amber Waves in "Magnolia," and Sarah Miles in "The End of the Affair." You may have seen more of her in "Short Cuts."

answer: _J_ulianne _Moore_ (accept "_Julie Anne Smith_")

B. (10) He played Bob Sugar in "Jerry Maguire," Zack in "Go," and Peter Dragon on "Action."

answer: (John) "_J_ay" _Mohr_

C. (15) She played recurring character Peggy McMillan on "The Andy Griffith Show," played Marcia Linnekar in "Touch of Evil," and appeared in "Son of Flubber" of Desiree de la Roche. She is best-known as Ryan O'Neal's first wife and the mother of Tatum.

answer: _J_oanna Cook _Moore_ (prompt on "_O'Neal_")


19. Identify the following works of Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa from plot descriptions, F15PE.

A. A group of social misfits upset about the census and the metric system found a wilderness commune in 19th-Century Brazil, which the government promptly tries to destroy.

answer: The _War of the End of the World_

B. The hero pursues an affair with a rich aunt in a novel punctuated by episodes from a radio soap opera written by the narrator's friend. The novel was made into the movie "Tune in Tomorrow."

answer: _Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter_


20. In 1886, a French artist finished a painting of middle-class Parisians at a popular outdoor leisure spot. The painting is a favorite example of his "pointilist" technique.

A. First, name the painting and the artist, 5 for one, 15 for both.

answer: Georges _Seurat_

_Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte_

B. Nearly a century later, a Broadway composer had an unlikely hit with a musical centered around Seurat painting "La Grande Jatte." For 5 for one, 15 for both, name the musical and its composer, who is probably still best know for the lyrics he wrote for "West Side Story."

answer: _Sunday in the Park with George_

Stephen _Sondheim_


21. Group 1A of the Periodic Table starts with hydrogen and goes on to the alkali metals. Name all six of those alkali metals FFPE.

answer: _Lithium_







22. Name the writers of the following 20th. Century American dramas, FTPE.

A. "Waiting for Lefty"

answer: Clifford _Odets_

B. "Come Back, Little Sheba"

answer: William _Inge_

C. "On the Waterfront"

answer: Bud _Schulberg_


23. Name the World War II battle from clues, FTPE.

A. In July 1943 the Germans try to cut off a Russian advance in the Ukraine, but are defeated with 70,000 casualties. The last German offensive on the Eastern Front.

answer: _Kursk_

B. Rommel's biggest African coup was taking this Libyan port in a two-day battle in June 1942 that followed months of siege.

answer: _Tobruk_

C. This October 1944 battle was the largest naval engagement of the war. The Japanese fleet was fatally crippled while making its last big stand in the Philippines.

answer: _Leyte Gulf_


24.Forty-two is, of course, a terribly significant number. Given the decimal number 42, convert it into the following number bases FTPE.

A. 6

answer: _110_

B. 2

answer: _101010_

C. 13

answer: _33_


25. Answer the following about the Black Friday panic of 1869, FSNPE:

A. The panic was caused when the government pulled it support for the efforts of two speculators to corner a commodity market. FTPE, name the two speculators, who had previously manipulated the stock of the Erie Railroad.

answer: Jay _Gould_ and James _Fisk_

B. FTP, name the commodity Gould and Fisk were trying to corner.

answer: _gold_