Cardinal Classic X: Modified Berkeley Intramurals

Questions by UC-Berkeley E

(A few people who aren't Eok Ngo and at least one who is)

Round 4


1. The only economical way to extract it is to electrolyze its oxide in cryolite by the Hall-Heroult process. Its mixed hydrated sulfate with potassium is known industrially as (*) potash, but the pure metal is most often found in bauxite. FTP, name this most common metal in the earth's crust, which is pronounced differently on the other side of the Atlantic.

answer: _aluminium_


2. Secret Article 39 says that marriages of priests and nuns shall not be disturbed, but almost every other article deals with the (*) rights of the Pretended Reformed Religion, which were greatly increased in all parts of France other than Paris. FTP, name this 1598 decree of Henry the Fourth, which legalized Protestantism.

answer: The _Edict of Nantes_


3. It runs along a plateau created by the same volcanic hot spot that is right now under (*) Yellowstone National Park. The rough topography of that plateau is reflected in the names of the American Falls Indian Reservation and the towns of Twin Falls and Idaho Falls. For 10 points, name this Idaho river with a reptilian name.

answer: _Snake_ River


4. It was founded by Liu Pang, who overthrew an authoritarian dynasty but adapted most of its bureaucratic structures, softening them with (*) Confucian doctrine. The dynasty was remembered as a golden age that was briefly interrupted by Wang Mang, whose reign divides it into a western and eastern period. FTP, name this longest-ruling Chinese dynasty, in power from 206 BC to AD 220.

answer: _Han_ Dynasty (accept _Western Han_ before "Wang Mang")


5. Graham Greene once said of him that only Yeats could take his poetry seriously, and the West sided with Greene. Bangladesh, however, chose his "My Golden Bengal" as its national anthem. Despite his dislike for the (*) Mahatma's nationalism, contemporaries often linked the two as the most influential Indian thinkers of their era. FTP, name this Bengali poet, winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize.

answer: Sir Rabindranath _Tagore_


6. Before being martyred on an X-shaped cross, he may have preached in Russia, and is therefore the Roman Church's patron saint of Russia. He was a disciple of John the Baptist before meeting Jesus, to whom he subsequently introduced his (*) brother Simon, later called Peter. FTP, name this patron saint of Scotland, after whom a Royal and Ancient Golf Course is named.

answer: Saint _Andrew_


7. He once collaborated with Shel Silverstein on an collection of comic songs titled "Lullabies, Legends and Lies," but his better known songs are generally sentimental numbers such as (*) "500 Miles away from Home," and "Detroit City," but he is most famous as the singer of Bill Clinton's famous song. FTP, name this country artist of "Dropkick Me, Jesus, through the Goalposts of Life."

answer: Bobby _Bare_


8. As a professor at Karlsruhe, he tried to prove Maxwell's theory of (*) electromagnetic waves and managed to determine that they could be reflected and refracted just like heat and light waves, and that their velocity could be measured. The result amounted to the discovery of radio waves by, FTP, what German physicist for whom the most popular unit of frequency is named?

answer: _Heinrich Hertz_


9. He causes wine to pour out of the sides of a table, thus impressing Frosch, Brander, Siebel and Altmayer, whose party in (*) Auerbach's Cellar he has just crashed. His purpose is to introduce his companion to the wordly pleasures that the latter gets as part of a bargain involving his soul. FTP, name this "spirit of negation," the tormentor of Faust.

answer: _Mephistopheles_


10. E. Leopold Trouvelot was experimenting in his backyard in Medford, Mass. with eggs of this creature, which had no (*) predators in North America. When specimens escaped, Trouvelot warned entomologists, and within ten years its caterpillars were wreaking havoc. FTP, name this insect whose larvae have devastated oak trees in the eastern US for 100 years.

answer: _Gypsy Moth_


11. Livy blamed it on the machinations of Marcus Livius Drusus, but the immediate cause was a massacre in 91 BC of resident Romans in Asculum. Shortly afterwards, a government was established in Corfinium of all the (*) rebel Italian tribes. By 89, Rome had granted citizenship to most of Italy, thus ending FTP what savage Italian civil war with an oxymoronic name.

answer: The _Social War_ (accept _Marsic War_ accept _Italic War_ do not accept _Italian War_ as it is too easy)





12. Its protagonist relates the story of his father giving him a rifle and telling him that it is wrong (*) to take the life of a harmless animal. That character himself has an avian name and a preoccupation with protecting the innocent that drives the plot of, FTP, what novel about Jem, Scout and their father Atticus Finch?

answer: _To Kill A Mockingbird_


13. The landscape around his native Aix-en-Provence [EEX ahn pro-VAWNCE] is dominated by the (*) Mont-Sainte-Victoire, which inspired 60 of his works, and his sense of the geometric forms underlying nature caused Picasso to call him "the father of us all." FTP, name this Post-Impressionist painter of "The Blue Vase" and "The Card Players."

answer: Paul _Cezanne_


14. Historian Jakob Burckhardt thought him the savior of the office to which he was elected in 1503. He added (*) Parma and Piacenza [pyah-CHEN-za] to his domains, and attempted to root out simony through the constitutions of the Fifth Lateran Council. FTP, name this Renaissance pope, the builder of St. Peter's and patron of Michelangelo.

answer: _Julius the Second_ (accept _Giuliano della Rovere_)


15. It is actually made up of three bodies, two of which make up a spectroscopic binary and a Cepheid variable. While these will continue to interest (*) astronomers, it will lose its chief distinction to Vega in 12,000 thanks to the precession of the Earth's axis. FTP, name this star in Ursa Minor that currently points navigators north.

answer: _Polaris_ (prompt on _Pole Star_ or _North Star_)


16. If the 49ers started giving away tickets but didn't fill a single extra seat, then the coefficient of this property would be zero, because demand is completely (*) unresponsive to price. The coefficient is generally a percentage of how much one variable responds to change in another. FTP, name this property, which physicists associate with collisions.

answer: _elasticity_ (accept "_price elasticity_ of demand" on the first sentence)


17. In early medieval France it referred to an official in charge of the king's horses, and the Marshal was his subordinate. In England it became a military post, which gradually acquired the civil powers associated with Shakespeare's (*) Dogberry. FTP, name this lowest rank in a modern British police force, which shares its name with the painter of "The Hay Wain."

answer: _constable_




18. On 27 August 1883, fire engines were called out in New York State because the sky appeared fiery, and a (*) tidal wave simultaneously reached Dover. The sound of the event was heard in Sri Lanka and central Australia. FTP, name this island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra, two-thirds of which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

answer: _Krakatoa_ (accept _Krakatau_)


19. By it "there is a pit of shame, and in it lies a wretched man, eaten by teeth of flame." Actually, the flame is quicklime, thrown into the grave of a man (*) hanged there for killing the thing he loved, as its chronicler says all men do. FTP, name this institution of correction described in a ballad by inmate Oscar Wilde.

answer: _Reading Gaol_ [pronounced "jail"]


20. He was already near middle age in "Printer's Devil," "Obsolete Man," and "Time Enough at Last," all (*) episodes of "The Twilight Zone." But he became famous portraying octogenarians such as Jack Lemmon's father in "Grumpy Old Men." FTP, name this rencently deceased actor who was nominated for an Oscar for playing Mickey, trainer to a Philly fighter named Rocky Balboa.

answer: Burgess _Meredith_


21. He learned to play on a piano that had been bought for his brother, and in later life he wrote one conventional piano (*) concerto, in D, but his most famous work for piano and orchestra was composed in three weeks for the Paul Whiteman orchestra and can easily be accompanied by a swing band. FTP, name the composer of "Rhapsody in Blue."

answer: _George Gershwin_


22. He lived "at the mouth of the rivers," across the lethal waters that only the god Shamash could cross. He had ended up there after his patron god Ea (*) forewarned him about a coming flood. FTP, name this Sumerian version of Noah, who was visited by a seeker after immortality named Gilagmesh.

answer: _Utnapishtim_ (accept _Atrachasis_ accept _Ziusudra_)


23. Take a disc of conducting material and spin it rapidly through a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of the disc. By the law of induction an EMF is induced radially on the disc. If you can connect a load between a contact and the center axis and a sliding contact on the edge. You'll have, for 10 points, what device which is generally not efficient enough to be useful?

answer: Faraday's _homopolar generator_ (accept _disk generator_)






24. He appears to Bill as a moving photograph, to (*) Richie as a werewolf and to Mike as a flying dinosaur. He describes himself as "everything you were ever afraid of," but the rest of us may simply know him as a common monosyllabic pronoun. FTP, name the title character of the 1986 Stephen King novel.

answer: _Pennywise_ (accept _It_)


25. Money troubles made him refuse George Washington's request that he become U.S. Attorney General, but he did help negotiate the treaty with France that was named for (*) John Jay, whose old job he would step into in 1801. FTP, name this Federalist who defeated Thomas Jefferson by agreeing with him in the 1803 case Marbury v. Madison.

answer: John _Marshall_


26. Its name comes from a rare Latin adjective meaning "full," (*). Quintilian called it the only wholly Roman literature, in spite of its debt to comedy and other Greek genres. FTP, name this form of prose practiced by Persius and Juvenal and more recently by National Lampoon and the Onion.

answer: _satire_




































CCX: Berkeley Ngo Bonuses


1. Given an African novelist, name his or her country of origin, FSNPE.

A. (5)Chinua Achebe [chin-WA a-CHEH-bay]

answer: _Nigeria_

B. (10)Alan Paton

answer: _South Africa_

C. (15) Ngugi wa Thiongo ['n-GOO-gee wah thee-AHN-goe, or something like it]

answer: _Kenya_


2. Given song titles, name the U2 album, F10PE.

A. "Shadows and Tall Trees"; "A Day Without Me"; "The Ocean"

answer: _Boy_

B. "Exit"; "Mothers of The Disappeared"

answer: The _Joshua Tree_

C. "Babyface"; "Numb"; "Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car"

answer: _Zooropa_


3. Name the authors of the following sociological works, FSNPE:

A. (5)"Economy and Society"; "Religious Rejections of the World and their Directions"

answer: Max _Weber_

B. (15)"Philosophical Foundations of the Social Sciences"

answer: Harold _Kincaid_

C. (10)"Hitler's Willing Executioners"

answer: Daniel Jonah _Goldhagen_








4. Answer the following about gauge bosons, FSNPE.

A. First, name all four gauge bosons, FFPE.

answer: _gluon_




B. Now, FTP, which of these gauge bosons carries a strong nuclear force that can bind quarks together to form hadrons.

answer: _gluon_


5. Name the following rulers of the Egyptian New Kingdom, FPTE:

A. Wife and half-sister of Thutmose the Second, she was the first woman to declare herself pharaoh of Egypt.

answer: _Hatshepsut_

B. Pharaoh who tried to replace Egyptian polytheism with the monotheistic worship of the god Aton.

answer: _Akhenaton_ (accept _Amenhotep the Fourth_)

C. The second pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty, he fought off invasions by Libyans and the Sea Peoples and built the Medinet Habu temple near Karnak.

answer: _Ramses the Third_ (accept _Rameses the Third_)


6. Given a painting or paintings, name the Belgian responsible, FTPE.

A. "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" [suh-SEE nay PAHZ oon PEEP]

answer: Rene _Magritte_

B. "Christ's Entry into Brussels"

answer: James _Ensor_

C. "Descent from the Cross" and "Henry the Fourth Receiving the Portrait of Marie de Medici"

answer: Peter Paul _Rubens_










7. Answer the following about Sherlock Holmes' adversaries FSNPE:

A(5) Name Holmes' most dreaded opponent, the "Napoleon of Crime" whom he pushed off of the Reichenbach Falls.

answer: Professor _Moriarty_ (If you can find his first name, you're a better man than me)

B. (15)Moriarty's chief lieutenant was a former Indian Army officer whom Holmes caught in his first case after returning from Reichenbach Falls. Name either him or the story in which he appears.

answer: Col. Sebastian _Moran_ or The Adventure of the _Empty House_

C. (10) T.S. Eliot modelled one of his most famous poetical cats after Moriarty. Name this "mystery cat" whose paw-prints are not found in any file of Scotland Yard's.

answer: _Macavity_, the Mystery Cat


8. Given a Secretary of State, name any president under whom he served, FTPE.

A. William Seward

answer: Abraham _Lincoln_ or _Andrew Johnson_

B. Henry Clay

answer: _John Quincy Adams_

C. Elihu Root

answer: _Thedore Roosevelt_


9. Name the Bond movie from plot description, FTPE.

A. The evil SPECTR organization is stealing spaceships and hiding them in a Japanese volcano.

answer: _You Only Live Twice_

B. A psychotic industrialist is planning to cause an earthquake that will submerge the place you are currently sitting and the rest of Silicon Valley.

answer: A _View to a Kill_

C. An Afghan prince, a rogue KGB general and a bunch of circus performers steal lots of jewellery and plan to set off a nuclear bomb in Germany.

answer: _Octopussy_





10. Answer the following about contemporary architecture, FSNPE.

A. Name both the architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum's Bilbao facility and the one who designed the main Guggenheim in New York, five for one, 15 for both.

answer: Frank _Gehry_

Frank Lloyd _Wright_

B. Now name the Seattle museum that Gehry is designing under a commission from Paul Allen.

answer: The _Experience Music_ Project


11. Identify the member of the Bloomsbury Set given works, FSNPE:

A. (5)"The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money"

answer: John Maynard _Keynes_

B. (10)"Eminent Victorians"

answer: Lytton _Strachey_

C. (15)"Since Cezanne" and "Landmarks in Nineteenth-Century Painting"

answer: Clive _Bell_


12. Name these immortal Greek ladies, FTPE.

A. The daughter of Nereus that he gave to Poseidon as a wife.

answer: _Amphitrite_

B. The goddess of hearth and home who good-naturedly gave up her throne on Olympus in favor of Dionysus.

answer: _Hestia_

C. The wife of Cronos, mother of Zeus and Hera and namesake of a flightless bird.

answer: _Rhea_


13. Identify the Shakespearean drunkard from clues, F15PE.

A. Along with Pistol and Nym, he is a follower of Falstaff in "The Merry Wives of Windsor," and addresses another character as "You Banbury cheese."

answer: _Bardolph_

B. This obnoxious uncle in "Twelfth Night" carouses with Sir Andrew Aguecheek and consults Malvolio regarding the abolition of cakes and ale.

answer: Sir Toby _Belch_


14. FTP each, or five points if within five years, give the year in which each of the following countries last became independent. Please provide the date when independence was recognized by international treaty. Brief wartime annexations do not count.

A. Albania

answer: 1912 (1907-1917)

B. Belgium

answer: 1831 (1826-1836)

C. Brazil

answer: 1825 (1820-1830)


15. Name the Russian novel from secondary characters for 15 points, or the protagonist for five.

A. (15)Svidrigaylov, Luzhin


answer: _Crime and Punishment_

B. (15)Nikolai Kirsanov, Madame Odintsov

(5)Yegevny Bazarov

answer: _Fathers and Sons_


16. Name these planets from clues, FTPE.

A. Its year lasts only 88 days, but it rotates so slowly that one day there is equivalent to 59 days here.

answer: _Mercury_


B. Small amounts of methane in the atmosphere give a distinctive color to this planet, visited in August 1989 by Voyager 2.

answer: _Neptune_

C. This planet has an atmosphere full of clouds of sulphuric acid and steam that rotate 60 times faster than the surface of the planet, creating ferocious winds.

answer: _Venus_






17. Name the following about the early days of the European Union, F15PE:

A. The original ancestor of the EU, formed in 1952 to bring down tariff barriers on basic industrial commodities.

answer: The European _Coal and Steel Community_

B. The French diplomat who wrote the Schuman Plan that formed the ECSC and who was its president from 1952 to 1955.

answer: Jean _Monnet_


18. Given a prehistoric reptile, say whether it primarily walked on two legs, walked on four legs, flew or swam, FFPE and five for the lot.

A. Parasaurolophus

answer: _two legs_

B. Elasmosaurus

answer: _swam_

C. Ankylosaurus

answer: _four legs_

D.Ramphorhynchus [RAM-fuhr-IN-kuss]

answer: _flew_

E. Dimetrodon

answer: _four legs_


19. Given an opera, name the composer, FSNPE.

A. (5)"Fidelio"

answer: Ludwig Van _Beethoven_

B. (10)"Die Fledermaus"

answer: _Johann Strauss_

C. (15)"Hansel und Gretel"

answer: Engelbert _Humperdinck_







20. Name the African country given its capital, FTPE.

A. Bamako

answer: _Mali_

B. Rabat

answer: _Morocco_

C. Conakry

answer: _Guinea_


21. Name the Old Testament figure from his family problems, FTPE.

A. This son of David rebelled against his father, and was eventually killed by Joab after his hair got caught in a tree.

answer: _Absalom_

B. Abraham fathered this son on Hagar, Sarah's servant. When Hagar started putting on airs, mother and son were thrown out, and the son went on to found the Arab race.

answer: _Ishmael_


C. This priest from Shiloh had sons who were "sons of Belial and knew not the Lord." Instead of his sons, he raised Samuel to inherit his office.

answer: _Eli_


22. Identify the following different painting methods or media FTPE:

A. Applying paint directly to a thin layer of plaster so that the paint dries into the wall

answer: _fresco_

B. An emulsion of egg yolks and water commonly used as a base before the invention of oil paint.

answer: egg _tempera_ (accept _temper_)

C. A heavy, strongly covered watercolor medium also called body color.

answer: _gouache_ (pron. gwahsh or GOO-ahsh)







23. Identify the following aristocratic titles, FTPE:

A. The class of Prussian nobleman whose most famous representative was Otto von Bismarck

answer: _Junker_

B. Viziers and provincial governors of the Ottoman Empire used this highest Turkish honorific, still used by Turks as a mark of respect.

answer: _Pasha_

C. This Anglo-Saxon title ranked just below that of earl, and was also used by Scots such as Ross and Lennox in "Macbeth."

answer: _Thane_


24. Name the following figures from the reign of Charles I of England, F15PE.

A. His father's unpopular former favorite, whom Charles kept in office until the former was assassinated in 1628 by George Felton.

answer: George _Villiers_, Duke of _Buckingham_

(either underlined word is sufficient)

B. The author of the Petition of Right, who later became Charles' chief minister. Parliament forced Charles to execute him in 1641.

answer: Thomas _Wentworth_, Earl of _Strafford_

(either underlined word is sufficient)


25. Take two identical chambers, A and B, filled with gas at the same temperature. Between them is a valve that a "very small but lively being" operates to allow fast-moving particles from B to enter A, and slow particles from A to enter B.

A. First, FTP, will the temperature of the gas in A increase, decrease, or stay the same?

answer: _increase_

B. What name did Lord Kelvin give to the being who operates this valve in this thought experiment?

answer: _Maxwell's demon_

C. If the demon can operate the valve without doing any work himself, what physical principle has he circumvented?

answer: the _second law of thermodynamics_