Cardinal Classic X:

Questions by Berkeley C (Steve Kaplan and accomplices)

Round 3




1. The author reviles it for its servitude to fate, chance, kings and desperate men, and its habit of dwelling with war, poison and sickness. He also compares it unfavorably to (*) poppy or charms before, in the last line, defiantly telling it that it shall die. FTP, name this addressee of John Donne's Holy Sonnet X, whom he bids "be not proud."

answer: _death_


2. Its five stages are "Savage State," "Arcadian or Pastoral State," "Consummation," "Destruction" and "Desolation." These (*) paintings describe the rise and fall of a classical city, whose setting in a romantic landscape is characteristic of the Hudson River School. FTP, name this portrayal of cyclical history painted by Thomas Cole.

answer: The _Course of Empire_


3. In the ring of integers, all ideals generated by primes are of this type. A factor ring of a ring is a field if and only if the factoring ideal is of this type.[*] FTP, name this type of ideal, defined as a proper ideal of a ring such that there are no other proper ideals which properly contain it.

answer: _maximal ideal_


4. He sailed for the Jamestown settlement at age 24 and became a successful planter[*]. His biggest success was developing the strain of tobacco that would become the staple of crop of Virginia. FTP, Name this man who is best known for marrying chief Powhatan's daughter Pocahontas.

answer: John _Rolfe_


5. The teachings of both John Wyclif and Jan Hus were condemned there, and the latter was burned, but the real issue at stake was the fallout from the Council of Pisa, and John the (*) Twenty-Second convened it to figure out what to do about the simulatneous existence of two other popes. FTP, name this church council in Switzerland that ended the Great Schism.

answer: The Council of _Constance_








6. It was what Dana Scully wanted most for Christmas when she was twelve. Released on 8 December 1976 on Asylum records, this concept album features such tracks as (*) "Try and Love Again," "Last Resort," and "Pretty Maids All in a Row." Featuring Randy Meisner on bass and Joe Walsh's first appearance with the band, this, FTP, what classic by The Eagles?

answer: _"Hotel California"_


7. First described by Linus Pauling and Robert Corey in 1951, this protein structure is a delicate coil held together [*] by hydrogen bonding between every fourth peptide bond. FTP, name this type of secondary protein structure.

answer: _alpha helix_


8. In 1792 he opposed warfare to spread the French Revolution, noting that the world did not like "armed missionaries." At home, however, he viciously attacked the (*) Girondins during the rising of 2 June 1793, which instituted the Committee of Public Safety. FTP, name this "Incorruptible" who was the driving force behind the Reign of Terror from 1793-94 until his own execution in July of 1794.

answer: Maximilien _Robespierre_


9. At his birth, the three Fates prophesied that he would live only so long as a certain log of wood that his [*] mother was burning. She quickly snatched the log out of the fire, and he grew to be a hero. Later in his life, he slew the Calydonian Boar. Unfortunately, he also slew his uncles, and his mother burned the log when she heard the news. FTP, name this Greek hero.

answer: _Meleager_


10. Its founder, asked to define it while standing on one foot, listed its premises as: that reality is absolute; that reason is man's only way to perceive it; that man must live as an (*) end in himself without sacrificing his interest for others; that laissez-faire capitalism was its ideal political-economic system. FTP, name the philosophy illustrated in the popular novels of Ayn Rand.

answer: _Objectivism_


11. In 1902, he proclaimed himself Imam of his local Wahabi sect, and used followers called Ikhwan to recruit (*) bedouin in his fight against the Hashemite ruler of Mecca for control of the Hejaz. Except for Yemen and the Gulf sheikhdoms, by 1932 all of the Arabian peninsula was in the hands of, FTP, what founder of the dynasty that still rules from Riyadh?

answer: Abdelaziz ibn _Saud_






12. He is much concerned that his wife, Juana, will not make much of a queen when he is given his promised reward of an (*) island kingdom. Later on, he distresses his master by asking for wages, an arrangement unknown between knights-errant and squires. FTP, name this proverb spouting peasant who calls a windmill a windmill, companion to Don Quixote.

answer: _Sancho Panza_ (prompt on either name)


13. A member of this family was invited to become King of Greece in 1830, but refused, only to become King of the (*) Belgians the following year. As Leopold the First, he persuaded his nephew to marry a royal cousin and become Prince Albert of England. FTP, name this family, whose name was judged embarassingly Germanic by George the Fifth and changed to Windsor.

answer: _Saxe-Coburg_-Gotha


14. The artist of this piece died in December of 1999 at 94 and achieved his greatest notoriety with this contribution to the WPA's Federal Art Project. His satirical, near-illustrational style got him in trouble with the [*] Navy, which pulled this piece from a show because it portrayed sailors with a gay man and prostitutes. FTP, name this controversial painting by Paul Cadmus.

answer: The _Fleet's In_


15. He moved to England after the Revolution of 1688 and joined the household of Sir William Temple. The author of such works as (*) "The Battle of the Books", "A Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit", and A Tale of a Tub, FTP, this master satirist's most famous support of the Irish cause is the classic "A Modest Proposal."

answer: Jonathan _Swift_


16. His first composition, the song "Please Say You Will," was published in 1895, followed by other works including his 1911 opera, "Treemonisha." But it took Robert Redford and (*) Paul Newman's film "The Sting" to bring him recognition long after his death for such piano pieces as "The Easy Winners" and "A Breeze from Alabama." FTP, name this King of Ragtime, composer of "The Entertainer."

answer: Scott _Joplin_


17. The amount boiling point changes with higher elevation; the amount the freezing point of a solution changes due to the dissolved (*) particles; the pressure of an ideal gas. All of these have nothing to do with the nature of the particles involved, but only with the number of particles and are therefore, FTP, what sort of property?

answer: _colligative_ property




18. Its government was dominated by such aristocratic families as the Karin, Gev and Surenas, who were massive landowners in the Iranian territories conquered by (*) Mithradates the First and Second in the second century BC. Eventually it swallowed up most of the Seleucid empire and became an enemy of Rome. FTP, name this empire crippled by Trajan and overthrown by the Sasanid Persians.

answer: The _Parthian_ Empire (accept _Arsacid_ Empire)


19. The Playhouse, Daydreams, Cops, Balloonatic, Our Hospitality, The Cameraman, Doughboys, Sidewalks of New York, In the Good Old Summertime, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, [*] A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Seven Chances, The Navigator, The General, Sherlock Junior. FTP, name the comedian, namesake of Diane and Michael, who appeared in all of these movies.

answer: Joseph Francis _"Buster" Keaton_


20. It is more popular than the "Celestial Home Care Omnibus," and better selling than Fifty-three More Things to Do in [*] Zero Gravity. However, its information on Earth is rather meager, certainly compared with that on a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. FTP, don't panic, just name this publication, employer of Ford Prefect and greatest invention of Douglas Adams.

answer: The _Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy_


21. He resigned from the House of Representatives in 1821, but became governor of his state by 1825. In 1826 he was elected Senator from Virginia. He supported [*]Andrew Jackson for the presidency in 1828, but by 1840 was on the Whig Presidential ticket. FTP, name this man, the first vice-president to become president of the United States.

answer: John _Tyler_


22. For a disk of radius R, it is R times the square root of 1/2. For a sphere, it is R times the square root of two-fifths. Sometimes symbolized [*] k, it is defined for any object so that I=mk^2 [capital I equals m k squared], where m is the object's mass and I is the moment of inertia about the object's center of mass. FTP, name this physical quantity.

answer: _radius of gyration_


23. Based out of Boston, they began on Columbia Records and recorded hits such as "Train Kept a Rollin'" and ""Last Child." [*] After a slow first seven years of the 1980's they came back with a new album called "Permanent Vacation." Since then they have released albums entitled Pump, Get a Grip, and Nine Lives. FTP, name this rock band with lead singer Steven Tyler.

answer: _Aerosmith_




24. As the book opens, he is "eloquently drunk, lovingly and pugnaciously drunk," in Cato, Missouri, where he is studying at (*) Terwilliger College and fancies himself an atheist. Later, assisted by his attraction to Sister Sharon Falconer, he changes his mind about religion. FTP, name this revival preacher and title character of a novel by Sinclair Lewis.

answer: Elmer _Gantry_


25. Its inventor wanted to explain the apparently contradictory abundance of both basalt and silicic minerals such as granite. He placed quartz (*) at the bottom, with two independent series at the top, one for olivine and biotite and another for plagioclase. FTP, identify this framework that places minerals in order of the temperature at which they crystallize in a magma flow.

answer: _Bowen's reaction series_


26. Now known as Ceanannus Mor [chun-ANN-uhs mawr], it was the site of an 1152 council that regularized the hierarchy of the Irish church. The monastery there received a famous work (*) of art in from Iona in the 8th Century, and its illumination was completed there. FTP, name this Irish town for which the most famous of Irish gospel manuscripts is named.

answer: _Kells_



































1. In 1868, an English poet published "Ave Atque Vale," [AH-way AT-kway WAH-lay] an elegy for a French poet whose "Flowers of Evil" the Englishman had much admired. The title "Ave Atque Vale," or "Hail and Farewell" is a quotation from a Latin lyric poet's elegy on his dead brother. FTPE, name these three poets.

answer: Algernon Charles _Swinburne_

Charles _Baudelaire_

Gaius Valerius _Catullus_


2. Answer the following questions about Married with Children, FSNPE.

A. (5) What is the name of the store where Al works?

answer: _Gary's_ Shoes

B. (10) What county is Peg Bundy originally from?

answer: _Wanker_ County

C. (15) Steve divorces Marcy and moves away to pursue what occupation?

answer: _Forest Ranger_



3. 30-20-10. Name the author from works.

A. "Iphigenia in Tauris: A Play in Five Acts", "The Accomplices"

B. "Gotz von Berlichingen," "Egmont"

C. "The Sorrows of Young Werther"

answer: Johann Wolfgang von _Goethe_





4. FTPE, answer these questions about ancient Mesopotamian history.

A. Called the "first world conqueror," this man conquered Sumer circa 2330 B.C. and established his capital at Agade.

answer: _Sargon I_ (accept _Sargon of Akkad_)

B. Reigning from 721-705 B.C., Sargon II conqured Palestine and Syria as ruler of this empire.

answer: _Assyria_


C. The last great Assyrian king, about 15 years after his death, the state was destroyed by a Chaldean-Median coalition.

answer: _Ashurbanipal_


5. On the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the South tried unsuccesfully to turn the Union left by charging up a hill defended by one regiment under a former college professor who beat them with a highly unorthodox flanking maneuver. FTPE, name the ex-professor, the hill, and the state from which his regiment came.

answer: Joshua Lawrence _Chamberlain_

_Little Round Top_



6. Name the following physical moduli from their definitions FTPE.

A. The ratio of shear stress to the angle of shear.

answer: _shear_ modulus (go figure) (accept modulus of _rigidity_)

B. The ratio of tensile stress to tensile strain, or compressive stress to compressive strain.

answer: _Young's_ modulus

C. The ratio of pressure to volume strain. More generally, it is defined as -V(dp/dV).

answer: _bulk_ modulus


7. Name the 17th-century poet from obscure works F15PE or easy ones FFP.

A. (15) "On a Drop of Dew", "Daphnis and Chloe", "The Mower against Gardens"

(5) "To His Coy Mistress"

answer: Andrew _Marvell_

B. (10) "The Constant Lover", "A Ballad Upon a Wedding", "A Doubt of Martyrdom"

(5) pts: "When, Dearest, I but think of Thee"

answer: Sir John _Suckling_










8. Name the following about the Oxford Movement in the Anglican Church, FSNPE

A. (5) The Oxford theologian who eventually left the movement for the Roman Church, a move he defended in his "Apologia Pro Vita Sua"

answer: John Henry, Cardinal _Newman_

B. (10) The series of pamphlets Newman began publishing in 1833 to promote the movement's views on doctrine.

answer: _"Tracts for the Times"_

[prompt on _Tracts_ Yes, I know you're not supposed to prompt on partial titles. Just do it, OK.]

C. (15) The clergyman and professor of poetry whom Newman credited with starting the movement by preaching a sermon titled "National Apostasy."

answer: John _Keble_


9. FTPE, answer the following questions about the Ramayana

A. This man, whose name means "anthill," is credited with writing it.

answer: _Valmiki_

B. This king of Lanka abducts Rama's wife Sita but is ultimately defeated.

answer: _Ravana_

C. This brother of Rama follows him into exile and fights valiantly at his side against Ravana's army.

answer: _Laxmana_


10. Given a major orchestra or orchestras and a time period over which it had one principal conductor, name that conductor FTPE.

A. Philadelphia Orchestra 1938-1980

answer: Eugene _Ormandy_

B. New York Philharmonic 1907-1911

answer: Gustav _Mahler_

C. La Scala, Milan 1898-1903; New York Metropolitan Opera 1908-15

answer: Arturo _Toscanini_









11. Name the following coincidentally related works of literature from clues FTPE.

A. T.E. Lawrence's memoir of the World War I Arab revolt.

answer: _Seven Pillars of Wisdom_

B. Aeschylus' account of Oedipus' sons fighting it out for the city he ruled.

answer: _Seven Against Thebes_

C. William Wordsworth's 1798 poem about a little girl's inability to understand the death of her siblings.

answer: _We Are Seven_


12. Identify the following terms associated with matrices FTPE.

A. A matrix M is this type if and only if the transpose of M equals minus M.

answer: _skew-symmetric_

B. It is defined as the number of linearly independent columns or rows of a matrix. or as the dimension of the subspace generated by the matrix's columns or rows.

answer: _rank_

C. For a square matrix, it is defined as the sum of the diagonal elements.

answer: _trace_


13. FTPE, name the following.

A. The Austrian composer of the song "Gretchen am Spinnrade" [SHPIN-rah-duh] and a Fourth Symphony in C minor subtitled "Tragic"

answer: Franz _Schubert_

B. While in Vienna, Schubert studied under this man, court composer of Joseph II.

answer: Antonio _Salieri_

C. The 23-song cycle based on poems by Wilhelm Mueller that Schubert wrote in 1823, including "Wohin?" [voh-HEEN] and "Trockne Blumen." [TRAHK-nuh BLOO-mun]

answer: Die _Schoene Muellerin_

(accept "The _Fair Maid of the Mill_" or equivalent)



14. In recognition of his recent re-appearance in pop culture thanks, name the following regarding Bud Cort, FTPE.

A. Name the movie that brought him world-wide fame.

answer: _Harold and Maude_

B. Bud starred in this adaptation of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story.

answer: _Bernice Bobs her Hair_


C. Bud's role in Kevin Smith's current movie Dogma.

answer: New Jersey _John Doe_

(accept _God in human form_ or something like it)

(if you get a chance to accept that, please do)


15. Given a functional group and its formula, name the type of compound it forms when attached to a carbon skeleton FSNPE.

A. (5) Hydroxyl group, -OH

answer: _alcohol_

B. (10) Carbonyl group, -C=O, ["C double bond O"] attached at the end of the skeleton.

answer: _aldehyde_

C. (15) Sulfhydryl group, -SH.

answer: _thiol_


16. Answer the following about 20th-century Indian history, FTPE.

A. In what city did British troops with machine guns kill 400 peaceful protestors in the Jallianwallah Gardens in 1919?

answer: _Amritsar_

B. Either the Viceroy or the head of the India Office in 1919, whose work was the basis for that year's Government of India Act.

answer: Frederic, Lord _Chelmsford_ or Edwin _Montagu_

C. The Muslim leader who left Congress in 1920 and eventually became the first head of state of Pakistan.

answer: Muhammad Ali _Jinnah_





17. Name the James Thurber story from plot summary F15PE.

A. A man sees a "mythical beast" in his garden, causing his wife to question his sanity. When she attempts to have him committed to a mental institution, it is instead she who is carted off.

answer: The _Unicorn in the Garden_

B. A male chipmunk, left alone by his female companion for a weekend, is saved from death twice by his bad habits. After she returns and cleans up, she makes them take a walk and they are both killed by the brother of the bird who killed himself trying to eat the male chipmunk in the dark.

answer: The _Shrike and the Chipmunks_


18. Name the following characters from the Acts of the Apostles, FTPE

A. Paul's teacher, at whose feet he learned after his conversion.

answer: _Gamaliel_ [guh-MAY-lee-ell]

B. The woman of Joppa whom Peter raised from the dead.

answer: _Tabitha_ (accept _Dorcas_)

C. Either of Paul's companions on his first two missionary journeys through Asia Minor and Greece

an0swer: _Barnabas_ or _Silas_


19. Name the following Mexican artists F15PE.

A.This muralist was forced to leave Mexico in 1917 by the outrage caused by an exhibition watercolors of prostitutes titled "House of Tears."

answer: Jose Clemente _Orozco_

B.He painted a 4,500-square-foot mural titled "From Porfirio's Dictatorship to the Revolution" for the National History Museum in Mexico City, and later organized the Experimental Workshop in New York, where Jackson Pollock was a student.

answer: David _Alfaro Siquieros_ (either surname suffices)












20. Name the following pioneers in the development of cell theory, F15PE.

A. In 1903, this American geneticist provided the first conclusive evidence that chromosomes carry the units of inheritance and occur in distinct pairs.

answer: Walter Stanborough _Sutton_

B. This German cytologist's work with roundworm eggs proved that chromosomes are separate continuous entities within the nucleus of a cell.

answer: Theodor _Boveri_


21. Answer the following about the creators of Central Park, FSNPE.

A. First, name the two landscape architects who created Central Park, an American and an Englishman, 5 for one, 15 for both.

answer: Frederick Law _Olmstead_ and Calvert _Vaux_ [VAWKS]

B. Olmstead and Vaux designed three other major New York parks, one on the far West Side of Manhattan, one near Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn and another near St. John's Cathedral and Columbia University. Name any one of those parks for 5, or any two for 15.

answer: _Riverside_ Park

_Prospect_ Park

_Morningside_ Park


22. Answer the following about the fallout of the Peloponnesian War, FTPE.

A. What name is traditionally given to the oligarchy imposed on Athens by the victorious Spartans in 404 BC?

answer: The _Thirty Tyrants_

B. Name the Spartan commander who imposed the tyranny on Athens only to be overruled by Spartan King Pausanias.

answer: _Lysander_

C. Name the commander of the democratic forces who defeated the Thirty and recaptured Athens in May 403.

answer: _Thrasybulus_


23. FTPE, identify the following market situations.

A. In this case, each of a few producers affects but does not control the market.

answer: _oligopoly_

B. In this case, there is a large number of sellers, and no individual seller, by changing his selling price or output, can perceptibly influence the market. Product differentiation is not necessarily an aspect.

answer: _atomistic_ competition

C. This situation of atomistic competition with product differentiation, market conduct and performance is said to roughly follow the tendencies attributed to pure competition.

answer: _monopolistic_ competition


24. Identify the following types of binary star systems on the basis of their observational classification FSNPE.

A. (5) A bound pair of stars is deduced from periodic changes in the total light from the system which can be interpreted in terms of one star moving in front of the other.

answer: _eclipsing_ binary

B. (10) Two stars are seen as separate images that orbit one another with the passage of time.

answer: _visual_ binary

C. (15) The physical association of two stars is inferred, although only one star is actually observed, because the proper motion of the visible star wobbles in the sky.

answer: _astrometric_ binary


25. Identify these ancient Greek philosophers, FTPE.

A. He refuted Thales' belief that water was the ultimate building block of the universe, instead postulating the existence of something he called "the Unlimited."

answer: _Anaximander_

B. He believed that air was the building block of the universe. He believed that "primordial air" could be transformed into everything else through rarefaction and condensation.

answer: _Anaximenes_

C. He was Empedocles' successor among the pluralists. He replaced Empedocles' "four roots" of air, earth, water and fire with a theory of "infinite seeds." He also replaced Empedocles' forces of Love and Strife with one force which he called "Nous," [noose] or mind.

answer: _Anaxagoras_