Cardinal Classic X: Packet by Berkeley A (Mike Usher, Jason Hong, Jon Pennington, Nick Meyer)

Round 2


1. In the 15th century, this city became the site of an imperial college which attracted students from Japan and Thailand and where an encyclopedia was published by the emperor Yung-lo. Given its current name, meaning (*) "southern capital," in 1421, the treaty ending the first Opium War was signed here. FTP, name this city, in which the Japanese massacred 40,000 civilians when they conquered it in 1937.

answer: _Nanking_


2. The protagonist helps broker the marriage of his friend Tentetnikov in this novel's second volume, which the author (*) burned a few days before his 1852 death. The first volume features such characters as Manilov, Korobochka, and Nozdrev, all of whom are approached with the bizarre plan of the protagonist, Chichikov. FTP, name this novel about the purchase of deceased serfs, by Nikolai Gogol.

answer: _Dead Souls_ (accept _Myortvye Dushi_)


3. Their importance was first appreciated when Einstein used two, representing the metric of four-dimensional space-time and its curvature, to express the relativistic law of gravitation. In classical physics, the one representing elasticity (*) relates stress to strain and has rank four, while the one representing inertia relates angular momentum to angular velocity and has rank two. FTP, name these generalizations of scalars and vectors.

answer: _tensors_


4. Most experts believed this U. of Miami running back was chosen with the number four pick in last year's NFL draft because his team feared it would have difficulty signing (*) Ricky Williams. However, his 1553 rushing yards proved that he fit well into the position vacated when Marshall Faulk signed with the Rams. FTP, name this Offensive Rookie of the Year and running back for the Indianapolis Colts.

answer: Edgerrin _James_


5. She had to deal with a rebellion of barons led by Philip Hurepel a few years after attempting to seize the British throne upon the death of King John, (*) her uncle. Regent of France from 1226-34 and from 1248-52, she led the unsuccessful campaign to ransom her son after his capture at al-Mansurah. FTP, name this woman, the mother of Louis IX, daughter of Alfonso VIII, and grand-daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

answer: _Blanche of Castile_


6. This substance, manufactured primarily by the liver, is important in the formation of bile salts and vitamin D and is the primary component of cell (*) membranes. With chemical formula C27-H46-O, because it is nonpolar it must be carried through the bloodstream by molecules called lipoproteins called LDL and HDL. FTP, name this substance, an excess of which in blood vessel walls leads to the disease artherosclerosis.

answer: cholesterol


7. This position existed in Moscow from 1589 until 1700 and was most notably held by Nikon, whose reforms led to a controversy known as the raskol. Previously, similar offices had arisen in the Slavic cities of Tkhovo and (*) Preslav, but the most important men with this title were generally those in Constantinople, such as Michael Cerularius. FTP, what is the name given to the head of Eastern Orthodox churches?

answer: _patriarch_


8. She aspires to become the lover of Sir Lucius O'Trigger, while using Delia as a secret identity. She also schemes to prevent her niece Lydia Languish from marrying Ensign Beverly, who is really (*) Captain Jack Absolute in disguise. FTP, name this character from Richard Sheridan's "The Rivals" whose name refers to a person who misuses words in a comic fashion.

answer: Mrs. _Malaprop_


9. This composer's legendary eccentricities included owning over 100 umbrellas and eating only white foods, such as white chocolates and hard-boiled eggs. His composition (*) "Vexations" was so long that it required a relay team of ten pianists to take 18 hours to complete it. FTP, name this French composer of "Gymnopedies" and "Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear."

answer: Erik _Satie_


10. Howard is a sociological pioneer of symbolic interactionism who interviewed marijuana users in his book "Outsiders." Ernest won a Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction in 1974 for his book "The Denial of Death." Gary won a Nobel Prize in (*) economics for his microeconomic models of the family. FTP, what is the last name these social scientists all share, along with a tennis player named Boris?

answer: _Becker_


11. He is the only surviving son of Prometheus and Clymene and his name means "new-wine sailor" when translated into English. On the advice of his father Prometheus, he built himself an (*) ark to survive a deluge sent by Zeus, making him the Greek equivalent of Noah. FTP, name this figure from Greek mythology who became father of the human race with his wife Pyrrha.

answer: _Deucalion_


12. A tapestry with a map on it hangs on the wall behind a woman holding a book in her left hand and a trumpet in her right hand. A garland can be found in the woman's hair, which suggests that she represents an artistic muse for the (*) painter at the easel in the foreground. FTP, name this self-reflexive painting by Jan Vermeer.

answer: The _Art of Painting_


13. His real name is Russell Jones, but he likes to sign into hotel rooms as Big Baby Jesus. In 1998, he was heavily criticized for using his welfare identification card as the cover art for his album (*) "Return to the 36 Chambers." FTP, name this member of the Wu-Tang Clan who got his nickname because "no man's a father to his style."

answer: _Old Dirty Bastard_


14. In 1890, he collaborated with his friend John Nicolay to write a biography of Abraham Lincoln, whom he had served as a personal secretary. After he died while serving as Secretary of State in (*) 1905, his friend Henry Adams in turn edited his diary and personal papers. FTP, name this American diplomat who negotiated three Panama Canal treaties with Pauncefote, Herran, and Bunau-Varilla.

answer: John _Hay_


15. He devised a ceremony that engineering-school graduates in Canada still undergo, but his own education was at the Westward Ho school in Devon, and portrayed himself as the schoolboy Beetle in (*) "Stalky & Co." After school he became a journalist in his native India, where he published "Plain Tales from the Hills." Other works include "Barrack Room Ballads" and "The Light that Failed". FTP, name this Anglo-Indian poet and novelist of "Captains Courageous" and "Kim."

answer: Rudyard _Kipling_


16. It begins with a veiled reference to its hexameter meter, which was a novelty for its poet, who then goes on to describe the primeval chaos, and the golden, silver and bronze ages, being slowly (*) changed into the current age. The rest is mostly obscure myths such as Lycaon and Pyramus and Thisbe, linked by a motif of transformation. FTP, name this poem of AD 8, the masterpiece of Ovid.

answer: The _Metamorphoses_




17. This vitamin comes in four similar forms, each with 27 or 28 carbon atoms, and it may be derived from ergosterol or 7-dehydrocholesterol. An excess of it can lead to weakness, stunted growth, (*) yellowish deposits in the eyes and under the fingernails, and hypercalcemia. FTP, name this vitamin important in phosphorus and calcium metabolism and abundant in cod-liver oil, whose deficiency causes rickets.

answer: Vitamin _D_


18. A professor at the University of Chicago and later the New School for Social Research, her status as a major political thinker was established with a book examining Communism and (*) Nazism and tracing their origins in anti-Semitism and imperialism. FTP, who is this author of "Origins of Totalitarianism," who also described the "banality of evil" in "Eichmann in Jerusalem?"

answer: Hannah _Arendt_


19. This painter served as an assistant to the Rococo painter Hubert Gravelot, and painted such works as "Cornard Wood" and "Bumper--A Bull Terrier," 13 years before he gained attention with his (*) portrait of Earl Nugent. Other works included "The Mall in St. James Park," and "Mr. and Mrs. Andrews," and he was commissioned to paint the king and queen in 1781. FTP, who is this painter of "Blue Boy?"

answer: Thomas _Gainsborough_


20. He became Governor of the Bahamas in 1940, but the authorities there were told not to curtsey to his wife. Furthermore, he was not accorded the customary interview with the (*) King when he retired in 1945. FTP, who is this person known for his scandalous marriage to Wallis Warfield Simpson, and who abdicated the English throne in 1936?

answer: _Edward VIII_ (accept The _Duke of Windsor_)


21. Invented by C.A.R. Hoare in the 1960s, it works as follows: take a list, and note its first, or "pivot", element; construct (*) two sublists -- one consisting of those elements less than the pivot, and one consisting of those elements greater than the pivot; put the pivot at the end of the first sublist; now repeat recursively on the two sublists. FTP, name this most famous of sorting algorithms, which is as fast as its name.

answer: _Quicksort_

22. The rate of star formation, the fraction of stars with (*) planets, the number of planets suitable for life, the fraction of those on which intelligent life arises, the fraction of those that develop interstellar communication, and the lifespan of those civilizations. These are factors in, FTP, what equation, named for its creator, which provides a framework for guessing how many communicative alien civilizations may exist in the galaxy?

answer: the _Drake_ equation

(prompt on "How many aliens might contact us" or equivalent vagueness)


23. This naturalized British citizen received the Order of Merit for his war relief work a month before his 1916 death. Born an American, his (*) novels often revolve around the interaction of rich Americans and European aristocrats. FTP, name this forerunner of modernism, author of "The Princess Casamassima, "The Golden Bowl" and "Portrait of a Lady."

answer: _Henry James_


24. This son of a rabbi planned to become a cantor, but instead went on the stage and in 1909 first sang "Mammy" in (*) blackface, thus setting the style that made him famous and imitated. Among his songs were "April Showers, "Swanee" and "Sonny Boy." FTP, name this Russian-born entertainer most famous for briefly speaking in the 1927 film "The Jazz Singer."

answer: Al _Jolson_


25. In the Peloponnesian War, its king Perdiccas II tried to play both sides against the middle, resulting in the battle of Potidea. Later kings such as (*) Philip V and Perseus were equally unlucky, losing to the Romans at Cynocephalae [SYE-noh-SEF-a-lye] and Pydna. FTP, name this ancient kingdom whose military fortunes were better in the fourth century under Philip II and Alexander.

answer: _Macedon_ (accept _Macedonia_)

26. Joseph was the governor of Georgia under the Confederate States of America. His earlier contemporary Ford Madox was an English painter associated with the Pre-Raphaelites. Robert was a botanist who stared at particles (*) in a solution until he developed a theory about their motion. FTP, give the surname they share with both the greatest running back in Cleveland Browns history and the soul singer of "I Feel Good."

answer: _Brown_

































1. It takes a special movie to be the big break for more than one actor. Given a trio of actors, identify the one movie that gave all three their big break.

A. Parker Posey, Ben Affleck, and Renee Zellweger

answer: _Dazed and Confused_

B. Forrest Whitaker, Nicholas Cage, and Jennifer Jason Leigh

answer: _Fast Times At Ridgemont High _

C. Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, and Chris O'Donnell

answer: _School Ties_


2. Name the following figures from the life of King David of Israel, FTPE:

A. The son of Saul who delighted greatly in David and dissuaded Saul from executing him.

answer: _Jonathan_

B. When David intended to build a temple to the Lord, this prophet told him the Lord didn't want it.

answer: _Nathan_

C. When David got this general's wife Bathsheba pregnant, the King gave him the chance to sleep with her and, when he seemed unwilling, had him placed in the front line of battle to die.

answer: _Uriah_


3. Answer the following about the history of the World Wide Web, ten points each.

A. The web was first developed by Tim Berners-Lee while working in this particle physics research center near Geneva.

answer: CERN (accept Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire

B. Before Netscape was known as Netscape, it was called this name. The name is the same as the browser released by NCSA at University of Illinois.

answer: _Mosaic_ Communications Corp

C. Currently, this group headquartered at MIT hammers out the protocols and specifications for how the web works today and will work in the future. Give either its acronym or its full name.

answer: _W3C_ or _World Wide Web Consortium_


4. Identify the following types of poems, FTPE:

A. This refers to a poem, usually in Italian with iambic three-line groupings in the form aba, bcb, cdc, etc.

answer: _terza rima_

B. This refers to a poem of 39 lines that consists of six stanzas of six lines and one stanza of three lines. The lines of each stanza end with the same words, but placed in a different order.

answer: _sestina_

C. A simple five-line poem with one word in the first line, 2 words in the 2nd line, 3 words in the 3rd line, 4 words in the 4th line, and one word in the 5th line.

answer: _cinquain_


5. Identify the following artists known for their artistic depictions of Napoleon, FTPE

A. This Italian sculptor depicted Napoleon wearing Roman garb in his enormous neoclassical sculptures of the emperor. He also made a sculpture depicting Pauline Bonaparte as Venus.

answer: Antonio _Canova_

B. This French painter became a Bonapartist and the official court painter to Napoleon. Some of his paintings include "Napoleon at St. Bernard" and "Napoleon Crossing the Alps."

answer: Jacques-Louis _David_

C. This French film director's 1927 silent film epic, "Napoleon," was a pioneer in using split screens to tell a story.

answer: Abel _Gance_


6. Identify the poets who wrote the following lines, FTPE:

A. "A poem should not mean but be."

answer: Archibald _Macleish_

B. "Let be be the finale of seem."

answer: Wallace _Stevens_

C. In just spring when the world is mud-luscious, the little lame balloonman whistles far and wee.

answer: e.e. _cummings_


7. Identify the following philologists who studied consonant shifts, FTPE:

A. The Dane who showed that the Celtic languages are Indo-European while the Finno-Ugric ones are not.

answer: Rasmus Kristian _Rask_

B. The linguist who in 1822 stated a law describing two consonant shifts affecting nine consonants in the evolution of the Indo-European languages.

answer: Jacob Ludwig Carl _Grimm_

C. The linguist who in 1875 published an explanation of the apparent exceptions to GrimmÕs law based on the syllable on which the accent falls in a given word.

answer: Karl Adolf _Verner_


8. Identify the composers of the following works based on folk music:

A. FFP, "Appalachian Spring"

answer: Aaron _Copland_

B. FFP, "Slatter," "Norwegian Peasant Dances"

answer: Edvard _Grieg_

C. FTP, "Psalmus Hungaricus""

answer: Zoltan _Kodaly_

d) FTP, "Slavonic Dances"

answer: Antonin _Dvorak_


9. Identify the following terms from evolutionary theory, FTPE:

A. The divergence of multiple species from a single ancestral lineage, often resulting from the original species spreading out into several ecological niches. Darwin's finches are a classic example.

answer: _adaptive radiation_

B. The effect in which the genetic makeup of a daughter population differs from that of the parent population because the first members of the daughter were unrepresentative of the parent. An example is the unusual prevalence of extra fingers among the Amish.

answer: _founder_ effect (accept _founder_ principle)

C. A situation where heterozygotes for a gene have a competitive advantage over homozygotes for either allele. For example, the resistance of heterozygotes for the sickle-cell anemia gene to malaria.

answer: _overdominance_ (accept _heterosis_)


10. Identify the following terms describing certain types of matrices, FTPE:

A. Any matrix which is equal to its own transpose is described by this term.

answer: _symmetric_

B. This term describes a matrix with complex entries which is equal to its conjugate transpose.

answer: _Hermitian_ (accept _self-adjoint_)

C. This term describes a matrix in which, in each row, the absolute value of the entry on the diagonal is at least as large as the sum of the absolute values of all the other entries.

answer: _diagonally dominant_


11. Identify the following novels by Bernard Malamud, FSNPE:

A. FFP, Malamud's first novel, about the rise and fall of aging baseball player Roy Hobbs.

answer: The _Natural_

B. FTP, Malamud's Pultizer prizewinning 1966 work about a Russian Jew falsely accused of murder by the government.

answer: The _Fixer_

C. F15P, Malamud's 1957 work about a New York-bred professor's experience in a college community in the Pacific Northwest.

answer: A _New Life_


12. Identify the following terms relating to Islamic scripture, FTPE:

A. This is the set of spoken traditions attributed to Muhammad.

answer: _hadith _ or _hadit_

B. This is the term for each of the 114 chapters into which the Koran is divided.

answer: _surah_

C. When the Koran is read during Ramadan, on each day one of these thirty portions of the Koran is recited.

answer: _juz _ (accept _ajza_)


13. Identify the following military leaders of the Greco-Persian wars, FTPE:

A. This Athenian general led the victory over the Persians at Marathon.

answer: _Miltiades_ the Younger

B. This Spartan king led the stand against the Persian army at Thermopylae, dying while his 300-member royal guard fought to the last man.

answer: _Leonidas_

C. This Persian general took over the forces when Xerxes withdrew to Asia after the Battle of Salamis. He died in the Battle of Plataea.

answer: _Mardonius_


14. Identify the following novels of Hermann Hesse, for the stated number of points:

A. FFP, Hesse's 1922 novel based on the early life of the Buddha.

answer: _Siddartha_

B. FTP, The 1943 novel about Josef Knecht, the master of a 23rd-century intellectual game.

answer: The _Glass Bead Game_ or (accept _Magister Ludi _ or Das _Glasperlenspiel_)

C. F15P, Hesse's 1930 novel contrasting the lives of two medieval men, one who chooses a life of spiritual contemplation and the other of whom takes a more active and sensuous path.

answer: _Narcissus and Goldmund_


15. Name these women who have won Hugo Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel, FTPE:

A. This author of "Downbelow Station" and "Cyteen" added an 'h' to her surname because her agent suggested that it would seem more exotic.

answer: C.J. _Cherryh_

B. This author of "Barrayar" and "Mirror Dance" is the only woman to win the Hugo three different times.

answer: Lois McMaster _Bujold_

C. She won the award in 1999 for "To Say Nothing of the Dog," a takeoff on Jerome K. Jerome's "Three Men in a Boat.."

answer: Connie _Willis_




16. Answer the following about St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, FTPE.

A. The massacre took place after the wedding of this future king of France to Marguerite de Valois.

answer: _Henri of Navarre_ (accept _Henri IV_)

B. This was the king at the time, who approved of the planned massacre in 1572.

answer: _Charles IX_

C. She was the mother of both Marguerite de Valois and Charles IX of France, who feared the influence of the Huguenot leader Gaspard de Coligny [coh-lin-YEE] on her son.

answer: _Catherine de Medici_


17. Identify the following characters from the Mahabharata, FTPE:

A. The most famous of the Pandava brothers, whose conversation with Krishna is recorded in the Bhagavad Gita.

answer: _Arjuna_

B. The Kauravas took advantage of this oldest Pandava's weakness for gambling to send the Pandava's into exile.

answer: _Yudhisthira_

C. All five of the brothers married this princess won at a contest.

answer: _Draupadi_


18. Identify these chemical compounds, ten points each.

A. It is a colorless, oily, poisonous, benzene derivative used in the manufacture of rubber, dyes, and varnishes. Mauve was the first artificial dye based on this compound with formula C6-H5-NH2.

answer: _aniline_

B. Often used for coverings and sometimes clothing, it is highly reactive and easily polymerized. What is this compound with formula CH2-CH?

answer: _vinyl_

C. Colorless and flammable, it is used in dyestuffs and explosives. What is this compound with formula CH3-C6-H5?

answer: _toluene_


19. Identify these operas that will be performed by the San Francisco opera in the 1999-2000 season, FTPE.

A. Rodolfo is a struggling poet in the Latin Quarter of Paris, who meets a fragile seamstress and falls in love with her. Their love is cut off by her death from consumption.

answer: _La Boheme_

B. King Gustavo III of Sweden pays a disguised visit to a fortuneteller, who predicts that he will die by the next hand he shakes.

answer: Un _Ballo in Maschera_ (accept _A Masked Ball_ or _A Masquerade_)

C. Amfortas, protector of the Holy Grail, can only be saved by this title hero, a holy innocent whose love-interest is named Kundry.

answer: _Parsifal_


20. Name these stellar neighbors FSNPE.

A. (5) This outer member of a ternary star system comes within 4.22 light-years from the Sun at its closest; no other star gets closer.

answer: _Proxima Centauri_

B. (10) This closest one-star system to the Sun has the largest proper motion of any star; the red dwarf zips along the sky at 10.29 arcseconds per year.

answer: _Barnard's Star_

C. (15) In real life, astronomers are excited because this young star has a dust ring that may indicate the existence of planets; in science fiction, this is the home system of the space station Babylon 5.

answer: _Epsilon Eridani_


21. Answer the following about massacres in American history, FSNPE.

A. (5) This 1770 clash between British soldiers and a taunting mob left five Americans dead and provided propaganda material for Samuel Adams.

answer: _Boston Massacre

B. (10) Five proslavery men in Franklin County, Kansas, were killed by an party led by abolitionist John Brown in this 1856 episode of the Bleeding Kansas wars.

answer: _Potawatomie_Massacre

C. Colonel Chivington led a surprised attack in 1864 on unarmed Cheyennes and Arapahoes led by Black Kettle. They surrendered, but he slaughtered them anyway.

answer: _Sand Creek_ Massacre




22. Identify the following Chinese novels, F15PE:

A. The work by Ts'ao Chan that consists of a series of episodes relating to the decline of the Chia family.

answer: The _Dream of the Red Chamber _

(accept The _Dream of Red Mansions_ or _Hung Lou Meng_)

(also accept The _Story of the Stone_ or _Shih t'ou chi_)

(come to think of it, accept anything sounding even vaguely Chinese)

(come to think of it, maybe not)


B. The 14th century novel dealing with a period in third-century Chinese history whose heroes include Chu-ko Liang, Ts'ao Tsao, and Kuan Yu.

answer: The _Romance of the Three Kingdoms _

(accept _San-kuo Chih yen-i_)


23. Identify the following Eastern European Communist leaders, FTPE:

A. The founder of the Hungarian Communist Party who ruled Hungary during its brief tenure as a communist country from March to August, 1919.

answer: Bela _Kun_

B. The first secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party whose Prague Spring reforms of 1968 led to a Soviet invasion.

answer: Alexander _Dubcek_

C. The protege of Khrushchev who served as Bulgaria's head of state from 1962-89.

answer: Todor Khristov _Zhivkov_


24. Identify the painters of the following Madonnas FTPE:

A. "The Madonna of the Goldfinch "

answer: Raphael Sanzio

B. "The Madonna of the Rocks "

answer: Leonardo _da Vinci_

C. "The Long-Necked Madonna "

answer: Francesco _Parmagiano_ (accept _Parmigianino_)


25. Identify the following sports leagues of past and present, FTPE:

A. The triple-A baseball league that currently has teams in Calgary, Colorado Springs, Fresno and Iowa, in which Joe DiMaggio once played for his hometown San Francisco Seals.

answer: _Pacific Coast League_

B. The rival league to the NFL founded in 1946 which dissolved in 1950. The San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns were initially members of this league.

answer: _All-American Football Conference_

C. The basketball league that requires that its players be no taller than 6'4".

answer: _United States Basketball League_