Swarthmore I JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions by Ben Schak, Rebecca Paul, and Josh Miller


1. "I have no intention of resigning. A man whose conscience is cleanis not afraid and does not flee." The man who said this may havedone so because he cannot be tried unless he resigns or 90 legislators voteto remove him from office. Accused by journalist Yoav Yitzhak of notreporting cash gifts, he admits receiving money from French millionaire Edouard Sarousi, but claims he is being targeted by Hawks for hissupporting Ehud Barak. FTP identify this 75 year-old President of Israel.

Answer: Ezer _Weizman_

2. It first appeared in a 1935 paper entitled _The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics_. It sits in a box that contains a radioactive atom in the metastable state and a Geiger counter which triggers a hammer that shatters a vial of poison if the atom decays. Since, with equal probability, the atom may or may not decay, the Psi function of the system expresses this creature as both dead and alive. FTP identify this feline hero of a thought experiment.

Answer: _Schroedingerís Cat_

3. He studied with the poetess Corinna who defeated him in a contest and advised him, "sow with the hand, not with the whole sack," or, in other words, donít ramble so much about mythology. He visited Hiero of Syracuse where he composed encomia for the king and his family, and his extant work is 44 odes that honor victors of the Panhellenic games. FTP identify this poet whose house Alexander spared when sacking Thebes.

Answer: _Pindar_

4. It originated in 1916 in Zurich, and it soon spread to New York City through Francis Picabia and Man Ray. It was named by poet Tristan Tzara who randomly selected its name from a dictionary, and its members who included Hugo Ball and Jean Arp tried to negate aesthetic and social values by using incomprehensible literary and artistic methods. FTP identify this artistic movement, named for the French word for hobby-horse.

Answer: _Dada_ (accept variations, ie _Dadaists_, _Dadaism_, etc.)

5. The beta or fibroblast type of these is made by skin cells, thealpha or leukocyte type by white blood cells, and the gamma or immune typeby lymphocytes after stimulation by antigen. Discovered in 1957 by AlickIsaacs and Jean Lindenmann, they are cytokines that are not species-specific, and engineered recombinant ones are used to treat diseases likehepatitis and multiple sclerosis. FTP name these proteins produced by thebody to combat viruses.

Answer: _interferons_


6. The man who proposed it had two sons who became generals on opposite sides of the Civil War. It consisted of a preamble, four congressional resolutions, and six constitutional amendments. The House rejected it in less than a month and the Senate, swayed by President-elect Lincolnís criticism of it, rejected it in March. FTP identify this measure proposed by a Kentucky senator, a final effort to prevent the South from seceding.

Answer: _Crittenden Compromise_

7. One of his earliest groups was the Bluesbreakers, and he left the Yardbirds, ironically, because he thought they had become too pop. One of his most famous songs was a combination of a piano instrumental with his longings for the wife of a Beatle set to a Duane Allman riff. He married her, but they divorced some time after he had a child with an Italian actress. After his son Connor fell out of a Manhattan highrise, he wrote a 1992 Grammy-winning song. FTP identify thisformer member of Cream who made the solo album _From the Cradle_ and thesong _Tears In Heaven_.

Answer: Eric Patrick _Clapton_

8. Founded in 1729, its theology extends from Arminianism, but rejects Calvinist ideas on predestination, and it recognizes only the sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist. Its first members were a group of Oxford students called the Holy Club, and it was brought to America by Francis Asbury who, with Thomas Coke, became the first American bishops of this sect. FTP name this Protestant sect founded by John and Charles Wesley and named for its meticulous worship practices.

Answer: _Methodism_

9. Its residents include a Dutch hedonist named Mynheer Peeperkorn, a Russian woman Clavdia Cauchat, Settembrini the Italian philosopher, and Naphta, a converted Jesuit. It is located in Davos, Switzerland, and engineer Hans Castorp goes there for a short visit but gets tuberculosis and stays seven years. FTP identify this institution properly known as the International Sanatorium Berghof, the title site of a book by Thomas Mann.

Answer: _The Magic Mountain_

10. He divorced his wife decades after she ran off with their cook, and after retiring from his professorship in Lausanne, he surrounded himself with more faithful Angora cats. His 1916 work _Mind and Body_ explores and compares individual and social action, and it contains his theory of the circulation of elites which impressed his student Mussolini who made him a senator. FTP identify this Italian sociologist and economist, also remembered for his eponymous optimality.

Answer: Marquis Vilfredo Frederico Damaso _Pareto_

11. It was created in the mid-16th century by Saint Filippo Neri in Rome,and in 1979, John Cage wrote one with a title that begins with the letter Rand so is a pun on the name of this type of composition. More traditional examples include _Jephtha_ and _Judas Maccabaeus_ both by Handel and _Elijah_ by Mendelssohn. FTP identify this type of musical composition in which a usually religious theme is dramatically depicted.

Answer: _oratorio_

12. He remarked, "Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics." His ratio, symbolized by mu, isthe fractional decrease in width over the fractional increase in lengthof an elastic object. His spot was the prediction which was observed byand renamed for Arago. His brackets appear in differential equations, andhis equation is the differential form of Gaussís law. FTP name thisFrenchman whose distribution is a special case of the binomial distribution.

Answer: Simeon-Denis _Poisson_

13. At age 12 he succeeded his father and became sovereign of Fergana which he lost almost immediately. He tried but failed to retake Fergana as well as Samarkand, the capital of his ancestor Tamerlane, so then he turned his army south. By 1526, he had founded a new empire by defeating the Rajputs at the battle of Kanwa and Sultan Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat. FTPname this emperor, the founder of Indiaís Mughal dynasty.

Answer: _Babar_ or _Babur_

14. He was born at Daisy Hill, his motherís name is Missy, and he has seven siblings including Molly, Andy, Olaf, Belle, and Marbles. He first appeared on October 4, 1950, but he didnít stand on two legs for another eight years. His first owner was a girl named Lila, but another girl called him Rex, and he has performed magic as Hugo the Great. FTP, identity this hack writer, Flying Ace, Flashbeagle, and friend to CharlieBrown.

Answer: _Snoopy_

15. Its name derives from either the Chickasaw words meaning "splitland" or from the original name of a small river which runs through Lafayette County. It is bordered on the north by the Tallahatchie River and on the south by a river of the same name, and its seat is Jefferson. Its population is 15,611, and its 6298 white members include the McCaslins and the Compsons. FTP identify this setting of many of William Faulknerís works.

Answer: _Yoknapatawpha_ (YOCK-nuh-puh-TAW-fuh) County

16. The fascist bloc of the European parliament tried to meet in the Reichstag on the 55th anniversary of this event, and on its 51stanniversary, the Berlin Wall fell. It began three days after Herschel Grynszpan, a Jew living in Paris, killed diplomat Ernst vom Rath. The signal to begin it was the burning in Berlinís Orianenberg Quarter of a synagogue. FTP, identify this pogrom of November 9, 1938 in which the Nazis looted and destroyed Jewish property.

Answer: _Kristallnacht_ (accept English language equivalents)

17. It was first noted by Swiss naturalist Charles Bonnet, but it is namedfor the German mathematician who ostensibly proved it in 1766 and theastronomer who published it six years later. The 1781 discovery of Uranus seemed to justify it, but the discovery of Neptune and Pluto deviate from its predictions, and it is likely a mathematical coincidence. FTP identifythis law which poses an arithmetical relationship between the distances ofthe planets from the sun.

Answer: _Titius-Bodeís_ Law


18. Examples of applying this theory for treatment could include persuading a depressed scientist that only he can make certain scientific discoveries or a suicidal mother that only she can care for her child. The central doctrine of the Third Vienna School, it was put forward in the book _Manís Search for Meaning_ and first conceived while its creator was in a concentration camp. FTP, name this theory of psychology which says our primary need is to find meaning in life, proposed by Victor Frankl.

Answer: _logotherapy_

19. In the play _Dear Brutus_ by J. M. Barrie, this character hosts ahouse party and gets his butler and guests lost in a forest. Rudyard Kipling depicts him as wearing a blue cap, and has him meet two children named Una and Dan. In a 1595 play, he first speaks in Act II and goes by the names Lob, Hobgoblin, and Robin Goodfellow. FTP identify this character who Shakespeare has exclaim, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Answer: _Puck_

20. A Catholic saint, although Arian, he was probably born of transplanted Cappadocian stock.and, in 341, created bishop by Eusebius of Nicomedia. The emperor Constantius II allowed him to bring his congregation to Moesia in modern Bulgaria, where some say he helped the Christians he converted escape persecution by the Goths. FTP, name this supposed inventor of the Gothic alphabet.

A: St. Ufilas

21. Though illiterate and born in Germany, he was appointed ambassador toEcuador. President Grant said the sword of Sheridan and the pencil of thisman determined the 1872 election. Boss Tweed complained, "Myconstituents canít read, but damnit, they can see pictures" andunsuccessfully ordered him to stop drawing. FTP name this cartoonist whoattacked Tweed and introduced the modern image of Santa Claus.

Answer: Thomas _Nast_

22. Born in Etruria, he is the title hero of a 1603 Ben Jonson play, andhis father was a Prefect of Egypt. He arranged the banishment of Agrippina the Elder and likely poisoned Drusus so he could marry the boyís wife. He aligned himself to the imperial family by marrying his sister to the future emperor Claudius, but he fell in 31 when Tiberius denounced him in a letter to the Senate. FTP, name this commander of Romeís Praetorian Guard.

Answer: Lucius Aelius _Sejanus_

23. He remarked, "This great party of the center is too important for the stability and the future of this republic to let it suffer lasting damage from this affair," but was booed by members of his own party. He has admitted taking 52,000 dollars in cash from an arms dealer, and his friend Wolfgang Huellen recently committed suicide. He also forced his mentor, a former chancellor, to resign an honorary post. FTP name this party leader of Germanyís Christian Democrats.

Answer: Wolfgang _Schaeuble_



Swarthmore I JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions by Ben Schak, Rebecca Paul, and Josh Miller


1. For the stated number of points, identify the cgs unit from the physical property it measures.

a.5 force Answer: _dyne_

b.5 energy Answer: _erg_

c.10 magnetic flux density Answer: _gauss_

d.10 magnetic field intensity Answer: _oersted_

2. Identify these films of William Shatner, FTP each.

a. Shatner appeared in this 1961 black and white film as Captain Byres. It stars Spencer Tracy as Judge Dan Heywood and Marlene Deitrich as Madame Bertholt.

Answer: _Judgment at Nuremberg_

b. Shatner reprises the role of James T. Kirk in this 1982 film. Itfeatures the death of Mr. Spock and the return of an enemy who appeared inthe episode _Space Seed_.

Answer: Star Trek II: _The Wrath of Khan_

c. Shatner starred as Marc in this 1965 horror film about female demons who seduce men to steal their souls. It is the only known film made entirely in Esperanto.

Answer: _Incubus_

3. 5-5-10-10. Iíll identify a playwright and the year he won thePulitzer Prize for Drama, and you tell me his prize-winning play.

a. Arthur Miller, 1949 Answer: _Death of a Salesman_

b. Edward Albee, 1994 Answer: _Three Tall Women_

c. Archibald MacLeish, 1959 Answer: _J.B._

d. Mary Chase, 1945 Answer: _Harvey_

4. FTPE, identify these ancient battles.

a. This battle was fought about 1290 BC or in Year 5 of the reign ofPharaoh Ramses II. In it, the Egyptians defeated the Hittites who were ledby King Muwatalli.

Answer: Battle of _Kadesh_

b. It was fought on October 1, 331 BC, nearly two years after Issus.In it Alexander defeated a Persian army led by Darius III who was killedwhile fleeing by one of his own satraps.

Answer: Battle of _Arbela_ or _Gaugamela_

c. It was fought on August 9, 48 BC near a small town in southernThessaly. In it, Julius Caesar defeated the larger army of Pompey theGreat who escaped but was murdered a month later.

Answer: Battle of _Pharsalus_

5. Identify these works by Beethoven, FTPA

a. This 1804 symphony in E-flat major begins with two sudden chords.Its first movement contains three themes, and it was only the second symphony to contain a scherzo for its third movement.

Answer: _Eroica_ or the _3rd_ Symphony

b. Beethoven inscribed on its original manuscript "From the heart-- may it go from the heart." Completed in 1823, it is a five movementmass that its composer considered his greatest work.

Answer: _Missa Solemnis_

c. This opera with libretto by Joseph Sonleither has several different overtures, but traditionally, the _Leonore Overture Number 3_ is played between Act II, scenes 1 and 2.

Answer: _Fidelio_

6. FTPA, identify these mythological locations.

a. In Greek myth, this is the river of forgetfulness that flowsthrough the underworld. The dead Anchises tells Aeneas that, beforereturning to the living world, the dead must drink from it.

Answer: _Lethe_

b. In Norse myth, this is the realm of heat. It is separated fromNiffleheim by the Ginungagap and it melted the ice of Niffleheim from whicharose Ymir.

Answer: _Muspellheim_

c. In Hindu mythology, this is the home of Vishnu in the heavens. Itis also the source of the Ganges river which flows from the feet of the god.

Answer: _Vaikuntha_

7. Time to take the George W. Bush intelligence test. FFPA

a. First, identify two of the four world leaders who George W. wasunable to name in a television interview in November. They are the leadersof Taiwan, Pakistan, India, and Chechnya.

Answer: _Lee_ Teng-hui, Pervez _Musharraf_, Atal Bihari _Vajpayee_,and Aslan _Maskhadov_

b. Now, identify the incorrect terms Bush used to describe thepeoples of Greece and Kosovo.

Answer: _Grecians_ and _Kosovarians_

c. Finally, identify the two European nations that George W. recentlyconfused. One has its capital at Ljubljana and the other at Bratislava.

Answer: _Slovakia_ and _Slovenia_


8. Identify these missing body parts. Youll receive 5 points for naming the correct part and 5 for naming its original owner.

a. The mother-in-law of explorer Robert Livingston was the last womanto admit seeing this body part, claiming a French Marquis showed it to herat a party. It was cut off on July 17, 1793, four days after its original owner stabbed Jean-Paul Marat.

Answer: the _head_ of Charlotte _Corday_

b. In 1921, this part was put in an urn because its first owner wanted to be buried at Stinsford Church in Dorcester, but all England wanted him buried in Westminster Abbey where his ashes rest. Dorcester natives claim they buried it, but one story says a cat tipped over the urn and ate this body part.

Answer: the _heart_ of Thomas _Hardy_

c. France says this body part rests in the Hotel des Invalides with its original owner, but in 1821, an abbe most likely sliced it off. It was exhibited at the Museum of French Art in 1927, and its current owner is urologist John Lattimer.

Answer: the _penis_ of Napoleon _Bonaparte_

9. FTPE, identify these scientific effects.

a. Named for its German discoverer, this is the decrease of themagnetic flux within a superconducting metal when it is cooled below thetransition temperature.

Answer: _Meissner_ effect

b. This is the separating of spectral lines of a light source whenthat source is placed in a magnetic field, a discovery that won itsdiscoverer a 1902 Nobel.

Answer: _Zeeman_ effect

c. Named for its Indian discoverer who won a 1930 Nobel, this is achange in frequency when light is scattered through a transparent material.

Answer: _Raman_ effect

10. Identify these African authors, FTPE.

a. This Nigerian wrote a book of poetry entitled _Christmas in Biafra_and the novels _Arrow of God_ and _Anthills of the Savannah_. His first novel tells the story of the Ibo warrior Okonkwo.

Answer: Chinua _Achebe_

b. This South African playwright wrote a number of anti-apartheid plays, most notably "Master Harold and the Boys."

Answer: Athol _Fugard_

c. This Kenyan wrote about the Mau Mau Rebellion in the novels _TheRiver Between_ and _A Grain of Wheat_. His 1978 novel _Petals of Blood_led to his arrest because it criticized the governmentís response to poverty.

Answer: _Ngugi_ wa Thiongo

11. Identify these glands, FTPA.

a. It is absent only in crocodiles and mammals of the order Edentata.It is a photoreceptive organ that secrets melatonin, and in humans it growsuntil year seven and then collects mineral deposits.

Answer: _pineal_ gland

b. Humans have four groups of these encapsulated, quarter-inch longorgans in the throat area. They secrete a hormone which controls thelevels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

Answer: _parathyroid_ glands

c. This gland lies just beneath the upper portion of the sternum andcontains areas of epithelial tissue called Hassallís corpuscles. It isa site of formation for lymphocytes and antibodies.

Answer: _thymus_ gland

12. FFPA, identify the titles and authors of the Romantic poems that begin with these lines.

a. "Thou still unravished bride of quietness, Thou foster-child of silence

and slow time"

Answer: _Ode on a Grecian Urn_ by John _Keats_

b. "Hail to thee, blithe spirit! Bird thou never wert"

Answer: _To a Skylark_ by Percy Bysshe _Shelley_

c. "Bob Southey! You're a poet -- Poet Laureate, And representative of all

the race"

Answer: _Don Juan_ by George Gordon, Lord _Byron_

13. Answer these questions about philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, FTPA.

a. Wittgenstein belonged to which school of thought that included Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore as members and centered in Vienna? It heldexperience and mathematical verification as the basis of all knowledge.

Answer: _logical positivism_

b. Published in 1921, what was the only major work that Wittgenstein published during his lifetime? Its title is in Latin, and it proves thatall philosophical problems are a byproduct of misunderstanding language.

Answer: _Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus_

c. Which two-part, 1953 work by Wittgenstein is a collection ofseveral hundred numbered propositions? It begins by quoting SaintAugustine and contains the theory of language games.

Answer: _Philosophical Investigations_




14. FTPE, answer these questions about TCP-IP.

a. What does TCP-IP stand for?

Answer: _Transmissions Control Protocol (over) Internet Protocol_

b. IP divides data into what, the basic units of data transferred overa network?

Answer: _packets_

c. How many layers are there in the TCP-IP model?

Answer: _5_

15. FTPA, identify these contemporary political theorists.

a. This theorist wrote the book _A Theory of Justice_ in 1971. Heargues that we naturally choose to be governed by the Two Principles ofJustice and proposes the Veil of Ignorance thought experiment.

Answer: John _Rawls_

b. This professor at Chicago wrote _On Tyranny_ and _Natural Right andHistory_. He is noted for his method of reading texts to discover their hidden meanings, and Harold Bloom is one of his followers.

Answer: Leo _Strauss_

c. This British author of _Foundations of Modern Political Thought_poses his own method textual interpretation to recover the original illocutionary force of an author.

Answer: Quentin _Skinner_


16. FTPA, identify the work of fiction in which these title characters appear.

a. Dolores Haze Answer: _Lolita_

b. Bigger Thomas Answer: _Native Son_

c. Father Jean Marie Latour Answer: _Death Comes for the Archbishop_

17. 5-5-10-10. Identify these wars from the treaties that ended them.

a. Treaty of Ghent, 1816 Answer: _War of 1812_

b. Treaty of Utrecht, 1713 Answer: War of the _Spanish Succession_

c. Treaty of Portsmouth, 1905 Answer: _Russo-Japanese_ War

d. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748 Answer: War of the _Austrian Succession_

18. Given a party and a year, identify their presidential nominee for that year, for five points each with a five point bonus for all five.

a. Libertarian Party, 1992 A: Andre _Marrou_

b. States' Rights Party, 1948 A: Strom _Thurmond_

c. Progressive Party, 1924 A: Robert _LaFolllette_

d. Democratic Party, 1904 A: Alton B. _Parker_

e. Republican Party, 1884 A: James _Blaine_

19. FTPA, identify these Dutch artists from their works.

a. _Potato Eaters_ ; _Starry Night_

Answer: Vincent _Van Gogh_

b. _Broadway Boogie-Woogie_ ; _Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue_

Answer: Piet _Mondrian_

c. _Maidservant Pouring Milk_ ; _Girl With a Red Hat_

Answer: Jan _Vermeer_

d. _A Young Lady Trimming Her Fingernails_, _A Woman Playing A Virginal_

Answer : Jacob _Ochtervelt_

20. 5-10-15. Identify these television characters.

a. On _The Simpsons_, this character shot Mr. Burns.

Answer: _Maggie_ Simpson

b. On _Dallas_, this character shot J.R.

Answer: _Kirsten_ Shepard

c. On _Twin Peaks_, this character killed Laura Palmer.

Answer: _Leslie_ Palmer


21. FTPA, identify these sects of Buddhism.

a. Sanskrit for Greater Vehicle, this sect arose in the 2nd century BCand was spread by the philosopher Nagarjuna. It rejects the doctrines ofTheravada and embraces the concept of bodhisattva.

Answer: _Mahayana_

b. Its two main branches are Soto and Renzai, and it was founded byIndian monk Bodhiharma. Popular in China and Japan, its members try toreach trishna by pondering Koans.

Answer: _Zen_

c. This sect worships the Buddha Amitabha or the Buddha of InfiniteLight by repeating his name countless times. Members believe that Amitabhawill deliver them into a Western Paradise after death.

Answer: _Pure Land_