Johns Hopkins A JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions : Adam Fine, Jon So


1. Its properties helped the followers of Pythagoras to discover incommensurable lines, which are the geometric equivalents of irrational numbers. Renaissance writers called it the divine proportion, while its value can be determined by using the quadratic formula to solve the equation x^2 + x - 1 = 0. For ten points, give the name for the geometric proportion in which a line is divided so that the ratio of the length of the longer line segment to the entire line equals that of the shorter line segment to the longer one.


2. The main character in this comedy was astonished that he had been talking prose all his life and had not known this until his professor told him. In it, Cleonte disguises himself as the son of the Grand Turk in order to trick his loveís father into granting Cleonte her hand. For ten points, what 1670 Moliere comedy revolves around that father, M. Jourdain, a bourgeois man who takes fencing and philosophy in order to increase his social standing?


3. Her son Parthenopaeus joined the expedition of the Seven Against Thebes. Disappointed that she was not a boy, her father abandoned her on a mountainside shortly after her birth. She was rescued by a she-bear and raised by hunters, who taught her the skill which led to her participation in the Calydonian boar hunt. For ten points, name the mythical woman who could not get enough of those golden apples of the Hesperides, which allowed Hippomenes to win a foot race against her and thus marry her.

Answer: _ATALANTA_

4. Educated at both CCNY and the University of Wisconsin, he spent most of his teaching career at Brandeis University. He judged orthodox behaviorism and psychoanalysis to be too rigidly theoretical and concerned with illness, and so developed a theory of motivation expounded in_Farther Reaches of Human Nature_ and _Toward a Psychology of Being_. For ten points, what psychologist described the process by which an individual progresses from basic needs such as food and sex to self-actualization?

Answer: Abraham Harold _MASLOW_

5. Based in Wichita, Kansas, it operates more than 35,000 miles of pipeline in the United States and Canada, and has refineries in Texas and Minnesota through its subsidiary. However, the company allegedly had more than 300 spills, resulting in three million gallons of crude oil pouring into lakes and streams in violation of the Clean Water Act. For ten points, what privately-owned company was slapped with $35 million in fines and penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency?



6. The dicalcium form of these compounds are used as a food supplement for cattle. They are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary forms, depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that are replaced, while they are also a primary nutrient of algae, which can choke lakes or rivers, taking oxygen from aquatic life. For ten points, what polyatomic ions with valence of -3 can also be found as a building block for a nucleotide in DNA, a combination of four oxygen atoms with one of element number 15?


7. His students included Lionel Trilling, John Berryman, and Allen Ginsberg. An editor and critic for _The Nation_ in the 1920s and Ď30s, he wrote biographies of Thoreau, Dryden, Shakespeare, and Hawthorne. Poetry collections of his include _That Shining Place_ and _Good Morning_, while his collected poems won the 1939 Pulitzer Prize. For ten points, identify the Columbia professor, whose son Charles was given the answers on the quiz show "Twenty-One."

Answer: Mark _VAN DOREN_

8. Classified as Lophophora williamsii, it belongs to the family Cactaceae. Nine alkaloids are yielded from its grayish, mushroom-shaped tops, called buttons, which can be eaten, brewed into a tea, or powdered and packaged in capsules. For ten points, what is the common name for a small, spineless, turnip-shaped cactus, containing the active agent mescaline and used by Native Americans in their religious rites?


9. They finally disbanded in 1791, when they had achieved their goal. Seth Warner was a lieutenant-colonel commandant in the group, as his regiment supported General John Stark at the Battle of Bennington. They also seized British-held forts at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point in New York. For ten points, what group of soldiers, led by Ethan Allen, fought for Vermontís autonomy from New York?


10. A three-part parody of the painting, in which a replica appears between front and rear-view nude versions of it, hangs in Cornell Universityís Museum of Art, while the original can be found in the Musée díOrsay (Moo-ZAY dor-SAY) in Paris. The only figure in the piece is isolated against a nondescript gray background, and the only three-dimensionality comes from realistic foreshortening. For ten points, identify the painting, a step past _Luncheon in the Grass_ in Manetís evolution toward Impressionism, which contains the title musician.

Answer: _THE FIFER_ (or _LE FIFRE_)

11. It contains the largest active volcano in the country, Mount Asama, as well as the Tone (TOH-nay), Shinano, and Kino rivers. Extending 8 degrees of latitude, it's bordered on the south by the Inland Sea and the Kammon Strait, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, and on the north by the Tsugaru Strait, which separates it from Hokkaido. For ten points, identify the island which contains Mount Fuji and over half of the population of Japan.

Answer: _HONSHU_ (or _HONDO_)


12. The story was inspired by a sledding accident near the authorís home in Massachusetts, and contains a near-fatal bobsled run. After the crash, the title characterís invalid wife takes care of both him and her cousin Mattie Silver, but as a cripple Mattie becomes a complainer. For ten points, this is the plot of which 1911 novella by Edith Wharton?


13. Though a schoolmaster and a scholar seem to be unlikely military leaders, Hung Xiuquan (ZHOO-quan) and Zeng Guofan led the rebels and the imperial army respectively. When the rebels attempted to seize Shanghai, Western volunteers organized the "Ever Victorious Army," commanded first by Frederick Ward and then by Charles Gordon; led by Zeng, the combined armies recovered Nanking, and the conflict ended. For ten points, identify the Chinese rebellion against the Manchu dynasty, which lasted from 1850 to 1864.

Answer: _TAIPING_ Rebellion

14. Justinian is believed to have instituted it in AD 541 or 542. Meant to replace the great feast of expiation and purification, the Februa, that was held in ancient Rome, it was set on the fortieth day after Christmas, in accordance with the Jewish law that required purification of mothers of male children forty days after a childís birth. For ten points, name the Christian festival, observed on February 2 in honor of the presentation of the infant Christ in the Temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary.


15. Aristotle thought of it as the search for the philosophic basis of science, and he frequently used the term as a synonym for the science of logic. One of the earliest examples of the method was the _Dialogues_ of Plato, in which the philosopher sought to study truth through discussion in the form of questions and answers. For ten points, identify the philosophic system used by Hegel which involves a concept, its opposite, and a synthesis resulting from conflict between the two.


16. The line ends when Hanno dies of typhoid fever at age fifteen. Consul Johannís daughter Toni has no goals in life, while her brother Christian is a complete bum. Another son, Thomas, cannot keep the family fortune from declining, and is attracted to art and philosophy. For ten points, give the surname of the family and you will have given the title of the first novel by Thomas Mann.


17. Formed in September1976, their first lineup included a pre-Sex Pistols Sid Vicious on drums. During tours in 1979 and 1983, Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, was enlisted as a guitarist. In 1988, they had their first top 100 single with "Peek-a-Boo," and in 1991, they had a left-field U.S. top 40 hit, "Kiss Them For Me." For ten points, identify this act led by punk legend and lead singer, Siouxsie ("soo-she") Sioux.


18. Franz Liszt wrote a set based on themes from Wagnerian (VAHG-ner-ee-an) operas, and one based on a chorale from Meyerbeerís opera _Le prophete_. Schumann composed an example in C Major for piano, while J.S. Bach wrote a "Chromatic" one for harpsichord. For ten points, what instrumental music composition in free form was also utilized by Vaughn Williams when he created one on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, and shares its name with a Disney movie?

Answer: _FANTASIA_

19. She died either in 1812 or 1884, as a 96-year old woman claimed to be her, and made a compelling case. Sold as a slave first to the Missouri River Mandans, then to Canadian trapper Toussaint Charbonneau, when encountered by a tribe led by her brother, she obtained food and horses, allowing the explorers for which she was working to continue. For ten points, name the Shoshone woman who carried her son on her back and led Lewis and Clark into Oregon, the face of the new gold-colored dollar coin.


20. A society advocating it was founded in England in 1874; two years later, an apparatus to carry it out was put in place in Washington, Pennsylvania. It was the preferred custom among Roman aristocrats, including the Caesar family, but Orthodox Jews, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Muslims are forbidden to do it. For ten points, columbaria hold the remains of the dead after undergoing what process, the practice of burning human corpses?


21. He lost a primary challenge in 1994 to Senator Charles Robb, but he won 34 percent of the vote. After serving for 23 years in the Virginia Senate, he was elected to Congress in 1996. As he voted for President Clintonís impeachment and attended a fundraiser for 2000 senatorial candidate George Allen, Democrats are worried, for ten points, that what Virginia Congressman will quit the Party and become independent, requiring the Democrats to win six seats to gain control of the House in November?

Answer: Virgil H. _GOODE_ Jr.

22. Best seen during early September, it contains many interesting objects, including the first star other than the Sun to have its distance form Earth calculated, one of the most powerful stellar radio sources in the sky, and a strong X-ray source, thought to be a black hole. Lying mostly within the Milky Way, it contains a group of six stars that form a Latin cross known as the Northern Cross. For ten points, which constellation contains the first magnitude star Deneb and has a name Latin for "swan"?

Answer: _CYGNUS_

23. Born in Belgium, as a result of his second marriage to Constance, daughter of Peter the Cruel, he laid claim to the throne of Castile. With his fatherís mistress, Alice Perrers, he dominated the English government, but on the succession of his nephew Richard to the throne in 1377, he gave up control and played the role of peacemaker. For ten points, who became Duke of Lancaster after his father-in-law died, the fourth son of Edward III and father to Henry IV?


24. He got his start in the 1940s as a waiter for Hobby House in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On one occasion, Colonel Sanders walked in, ordered a meal, and convinced him to buy into one of his new chicken franchises. Many years later, he lost his job at KFC and decided to open up a fast-food restaurant for himself on November 15, 1969, naming it after his fourth child Melinda Louís nickname. For ten points, identify the man who appears in every one of his commercials for Wendy's.

Answer: Dave _THOMAS_



Johns Hopkins A JCV6

Jan. 29, 2000

Questions : Adam Fine, Jon So


1. Identify the following characters from King Lear, 5-10-15.

a. She is Learís youngest daughter, who is disinherited by her father because "she lacks the art of flattery."

Answer: _CORDELIA_

b. All or nothing, name Cordeliaís two nasty older sisters.


c. This servant of Learís is banished by the king for interceding on behalf of Cordelia, but continues to serve him under the name Caius.

Answer: Earl of _KENT_

2. Test your knowledge of the laws of thermodynamics by answering these

questions for ten points each.

a. The Second Law of Thermodynamics gives a definition of this property, which is a measure of how close a system is to equilibrium or disorder?

Answer: _ENTROPY_

b. What French physicist proved, through the Second Law, that the upper

limit of engine efficiency is less than 100 percent?

Answer: Nicolas Léonard Sadi _CARNOT_

c. The Third Law of Thermodynamics states that this level cannot be attained by any procedure in a finite number of steps.


3. 30-20-10 identify the disorder:

30: Hydrocephalus is frequently associated with this condition. It leads to increased levels of alphafetoprotein during pregnancy, which may be

detected by amniocentesis or a maternal blood test.

20: Supplemental intake of folic acid by pregnant women during the first

six weeks of pregnancy reduces the risk of the birth defect in the fetus.

10: The occulta type is the mild version; it is a defective closure of

the vertebral column during prenatal development.


4. 30-20-10-5 identify the statesman:

30: An enlisted man in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1946, his first book, 1957ís _Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy_, advocated flexibility in U.S. foreign military activities.

20: Using "shuttle diplomacy," in 1975 he negotiated a disengagement agreement between Israel and Egypt.

10: His best known works were the memoirs "White House Years" and the treatise "Diplomacy."

5: He served as Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, the first foreign-born person to do so.

Answer: Henry _KISSINGER_

5. O the agony! Identify the following rocks and minerals, 5-10-15.

a. A dark, semitranslucent volcanic glass of the same composition as

rhyolite, it is produced when molten igneous rock pushes its way up to the

Earthís surface. It was used to make weapons and tools.

Answer: _OBSIDIAN_

b. This mineral, composed of alternating bands of chalcedony and opal,

is often found as a gemstone in cameos.

Answer: _ONYX_

c. Its gem quality is called peridot, while a rock called dunite is

composed almost entirely of it.

Answer: _OLIVINE_

6. A king of Egypt had a similar name to a current professional wrestler. Answer these questions about him for the stated number of points.

a. For ten, the son of Fuad I, he reigned from 1936 to 1952, and maintained a hostile attitude toward the nationalist party and democratic government.

Answer: King _FARUK_ I

b. King Faruk was overthrown in a military coup, and forced to abdicate in favor of his infant son. Five points for one and fifteen for both, name the General and the Lieutenant Colonel who led the coup, the first two

Presidents of Egypt.

Answers: Muhammad _NAGUIB_ and Gamal Abdel _NASSER_

c. For a final five, in what tiny country did Faruk become a citizen, and thus a subject of Grace Kelly, in 1959?

Answer: _MONACO_

7. Given a pair of works, identify the author for ten points each. If you need an easier work, you will earn five points.

a. 10: _The Square Root of Wonderful_, _Clock without Hands_

5: _The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter_

Answer: Carson _McCULLERS_

b. 10: _The Leaning Tower_, _Old Mortality_

5: _Ship of Fools_

Answer: Katherine Anne _PORTER_

c. 10: _Bayou Folk_, _A Night in Acadie_

5: _The Awakening_

Answer: Kate _CHOPIN_

8. Identify the following economic treatises from a description for fifteen points each. If you need the author, you will earn five points.

a. 15: Published in 1879, it developed the idea of shifting tax burden from buildings to land, in the form of a single tax, and brought its author fame as an opponent of destitution and injustice in modern capitalism.

5: Henry George


b. 15: This 1958 work holds that the U.S. has reached a stage in its economic development that should enable it to direct its resources more toward providing better public services and less to the production of consumer goods.

5: John Kenneth Galbraith


9. Identify these World War I battles for fifteen points each.

a. After the 1914 battle, General Samsonov went into the woods and shot himself. Lack of an effective system of sending coded messages doomed the Russians, who were routed by Hindenburg and Lutendorff to the tune of

310,000 dead or wounded.

Answer: Battle of _TANNENBERG_

b. This battle saw the first demonstration of Australian troops in the field. On April 25, 1915, General Ian Hamiltonís Allied forces landed at Anzac Cove, but their howitzers had little effect against the entrenched

Turkish army.

Answer: _GALLIPOLI_ Campaign

10. Letís play "Which Persian Emperor?"! For ten points each, which Persian emperor:

a. First conquered the Lydians and then drove out the last Babylonian king Nabonidus and his son Belshazzar?

Answer: _CYRUS_ the Great

b. Tried to fulfill his father Dariusís plans of conquest but was thwarted at Salamis?

Answer: _XERXES_ I

c. Got his butt kicked by Alexander the Great, ending the Achaemenid line in Persia?

Answer: _DARIUS III_

11. Given the opera, identify its Italian composer for five points each and a five-point bonus for all correct.

a. "The Barber of Seville" Answer: Gioacchino _ROSSINI_

b. "Norma" Answer: Vincenzo _BELLINI_

c. "Lucia di Lammermoor" Answer: Gaetano _DONIZETTI_

d. "Falstaff" Answer: Giuseppe _VERDI_

e. "I Pagliacci" Answer: Ruggero _LEONCAVALLO_

12. A number of former world leaders currently sit in jail.

a.For 5 points, what 84-year old former Chilean dictator may be released by British authorities because of his frail health?

Answer: Augusto _PINOCHET_

b. For 10 points, Turkeyís government put a stay on the execution of what Kurdish rebel leader, a move aimed at enhancing the countryís prospects of joining the European Union?

Answer: Abdullah _OCALAN_

c. What last Communist leader of East Germany failed in his attempt to stay out of jail for his role in issuing shoot-to-kill orders against people trying to flee to the West?

Answer: Egon _KRENZ_

13. Answer these questions about Englandís greatest architect, 5-10-15.

a. In 1723 he was buried in St. Paulís Cathedral Ė fitting, because he designed the modern building after the old structure burned down in the 1666 fire.

Answer: Sir Christopher _WREN_

b. In addition to St. Paulís Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren designed what structure, marked over 200 years later as zero degrees longitude?


c. Remarkably, Wren did not take up architecture until he was 29. Before then, he served as a professor in what subject, both at Gresham College and at Oxford?


14. 30-15-5 identify the book of the Bible from events in it:

30: In chapter 11, an army gathered by kings "at the waters of Merom" was slaughtered; earlier, a covenant with the Gibeonites was made.

15: The Hebrews conquered the ancient city of Ai, establishing themselves throughout Canaan.

5: After sacking the Palestinian walled city of Jericho, the Hebrews entered the Promised Land.

Answer: Book of _JOSHUA_

15. For ten points each, identify these Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn works from a plot


a. It covers a span of only three days. Vologin, a counselor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is incarcerated, and tells the story of the hero Nerzhin and longtime Communist party member Lev Rubin.


b. It centers around the moral and psychological development of Kostogolov. The title place has been interpreted as symbolizing the Soviet state.


c. It is a three-volume account of the network of Soviet prison camps as they existed between 1918 and 1956.


16. For five points each and a five-point bonus for all correct, name the Muse which the following Greeks would have called for inspiration. For example, had Mikhail Baryshnikov been Greek, he would have called on Terpsichore, for she was the Muse of dance.

a. Herodotus Answer: _CLIO_ (History)

b. Eratosthenes Answer: _URANIA_ (Astronomy)

c. Aristophanes Answer: _THALIA_ (Comedy)

d. Homer Answer: _CALLIOPE_ (Epic Poetry)

e. Sophocles Answer: _MELPOMENE_ (Tragedy)

17. Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain peak in the contiguous United States.

For ten points each:

a. In which state is it located?


b. In which mountain range is Mount Whitney a peak?


c. Within 500 feet, how tall is Mount Whitney?

Answer: _14,494_ feet (13,994 - 14,994 acceptable)

18. Suppose buzzer speed and question writing are genetic traits. Fast buzzer speed and concise question-writing are dominant traits, while slow buzzer speed and long-winded question-writing are recessive traits.

a. For ten points, if a slow buzzer and heterozygous concise question writer mated with a heterozygous fast buzzer and long-winded writer, what percentage of the children would be slow buzzers and long-winded writers?

Answer: _25_ percent

b. Two parents who are heterozygous for both traits have 80 children.

For five points each, how many children are fast buzzers and concise writers, fast buzzers and long-winded writers, slow buzzers and concise writers, and slow buzzers and long-winded writers respectively?


19. Rene Descartes published his first major work, _Philosophical Essays_, in 1637.

a. For five points, what fourth and final of the essays, describing his philosophical speculations, contains Descartesís famous statement "I think therefore I am"?


b. For five points each, identify the subjects of each of the first three Philosophical Essays.


c. According to Descartesís philosophy, God created two classes of substance that make up the whole of reality. For five points each, name them.

Answers: _MINDS_ (or _THINKING_ Substances); _BODIES (or _EXTENDED_


20. 30-20-10 identify the athlete:

30: He won the 1985 U.S. professional cycling championship. A competitor in the 1986 Tour de France, his experience ended with a frightening crash that left him prone in the back of an ambulance.

20: A graduate of Stanford Medical School, he is currently an orthopedic surgeon. His younger sister Beth won a bronze at Lake Placid in the same sport he competed in.

10: ESPN SportsCentury athlete #46, he won five gold medals in speed skating at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Answer: Eric Arthur _HEIDEN_

21. For ten points each, identify the legal term from a definition.

a. It is a sworn statement filed with the court, often offered as proof when a party makes a motion, such as a motion for summary judgment.


b. Generally, it is payment for something given. It can be money, objects, services, or a promise. When it is given, a contract is formed.


c. A document filed by each party at the beginning of a lawsuit, it states each sideís description of the controversy, and what each party thinks the court should do about it.

Answer: _PLEADING_

22. Bill Gates is handing over CEO reins to someone else.

a. For five points, Gates has been the CEO of what computer company for 25 years?


b. For ten, what man, who has been running the day-to-day operations at Microsoft as its president since mid-1998, will be the new CEO?

Answer: Steve _BALLMER_

c. "Bill Gates has a tremendous amount of confidence in Steve, and so do employees and shareholders." For fifteen points, name the CEO of, and former employee of Ballmer, who made the above statement.

Answer: Dwayne _WALKER_

23. Identify the Percy Shelley poem from opening lines for fifteen points each.

a. "I met a traveler from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert."

Answer: _"OZYMANDIAS"_

b. "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!

Bird though never wert-

That from heaven or near it

Pourest thy full heart

In profuse strains of unpremeditated art."

Answer: "Ode _TO A SKYLARK_"

24. Five Academy Award-winning films for Best Picture have contained a womanís first name in the title. For five points each and a five-point bonus for getting them in correct chronological order, name them.

Answers: _REBECCA_ (1940); _ALL ABOUT EVE_ (1950); _GIGI_ (1958); _ANNIE HALL_ (1977); DRIVING MISS DAISY_ (1989)