UC-Irvine Open May 1999

Round 5 Tossups by UCR College Bowl


1. He was one of the few baseball players to have played for three New York teams, the Giants, the Dodgers, and the Yankees, but he is more famous for his work with the Baltimore Orioles. He led the National League batting average in 1897 and 1898 with an average of .432. He also hit safely in 44 consecutive games. FTP name this player nicknamed for his small stature, who said the quote "Keep your eye on the ball and hit 'em where they ain't".

Wee Willie Keeler


2. This is a thin, watery solution to which the gall bladder attaches a mucus solution. It is bitter, and neutral or slightly alkaline in nature. It is stored in the gall bladder and and passes through the duodenum. FTP name this secretion of the liver, which the absence of causes a disease know as jaundice.



3. He was shot while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972. FTP name this man who, whûile governor of Alabama, gained notoriety in 1963 with his unsuccessful attempt to prevent integration at the University of Alabama.

George Corley Wallace


4. His Italian novelist and poet bom 1785 was a leading figure in the Romantic movement. His novel The Betrothed inspired many later writers. FTP name this man whose death inspired Verdi's Requiem.

Alessandro Francesco Tommaso Antonio Manzoni


5. Born in Dublin he later moved to London where he began his literary career. In 1884 he became a founder of Fabian Society, the famous British socialist organization. FTP name this writer whose works include Saint Joan; Man and Superman; and Widowers' Houses.

George Bernard Shaw


6. This son of the great general Hamilicar Barca was also a brilliant Carthiginian general who almost defeated Rome in the Second Punic War. FTP name this general who is known for his trek across the Alps with 40,000 troops and *a force of elephants.



7. This tradition attempts to awaken the internal force called the kundalini in order to merge with God. An esoteric tradition stemming from Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, it combines ritual, yoga, mantras, and in Hinduism, worship of Shakti, the female deity. FTP, name this tradition which is renowned for its use of meat, wine, and sexual intercourse in order to achieve realization.

Tantra (accept tantric)


8. Though there is no treatment for this disease, it can be detected via Chorionic Villus Sampling or Amniocentesis. Occurring primarily in Jews of Eastern European descent, it is a genetic mutation in which the body can not produce an enzyme necessary for fat metabolism in nerve cells, leading to neural degeneration. Infants with the disease face progressive mental deterioration. blindness, paralysis, epileptic seizures, and death by age four. FTP name this genetic disease.



9. This city, inhabited since before 2000 BCE, is bisected by the Barada River. From the 2nd millennium BCE to 395 CE, it was ruled by the Egyptians, the Israelites, the Assyrians, the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, and the Romans. It became Christian quite early; St. Paul was converted on the road to this city. FTP, name the capital of Syria.



10. This device is formed by joining the ends two strips of dissimilar metals in a closed loop. If the two junctions are held at different temperatures, a voltage arises in the loop that is proportional to the temperature difference. Therefore, if the temperature at one junction is maintained at a known temperature, the temperature at the other junction can be obtained using the voltage. FTP, name this device.



11. It is the largest and easternmost of the Lesser Sundas Islands, and is long, narrow, and almost wholly mountainous. Divided between populations of Malayan and Papuan descenti and then further divided by the Dutch and the Portuguese by treaty in 1859 and 1914, the region now exists in a state of conflict. The western, Dutch half declared independence as Indonesia in 1950, invading the eastern portion which attempted to declare independence in 1975. FTP name this island where a war is going on between Indonesia and guerrillas.

Timor (accept East Timor before the beginning of the third sentence)


12. This novel is about an elite cult of intellectuals who play a game which uses all of the cultural and scientific knowledge of the ages. The protagonist is Joseph Knecht, a master of this game. FTP name this novel which was Herman Hesse's last and crowning achievement that also won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1946.

The Glass Bead Game


13. Holding the record for the lowest score in the final day of a PGA tournament, he won the two tournaments immediately before this year's Masters, but unfortunately he did not coin the green jacket. FTP. name this golfer is cðurrently #1 in the world.

David Duval


14. He was trained as a musician at Tuskegee Institute from 1933 to 1936. Following a visit to New York and a meeting with Richard Wright, he began his first attempts at fiction. He wrote two collections of essays, Shadows and Act and Going to the Territory. FTP name this author of Invisible Man.

Ralph Ellison


15. The following are various dictionary definitions for this word- #6: dissolute, licentious. #5: given to social pleasures. #2: bright or lively, especially in color. #1: showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry. FTP identify this word, dictionary definition #4 is homosexual.



16. This novel begins when Delaney Mossbacher hits the poor Mexican immigrant Candido Rincon with his oar. It then proceeds to tell the tale of the hard life of Candido and his wife America as compared with the Los Angeles liberal couple Delaney and Kyra. FTP name this T. Coraghessan Boyle novel.

Tortilla Curtain


17. A genius of the Enlightenment and an enemy of tyrants everywhere, he spent much of his life in exile. His Letters Concerning the English Nation extolled the religious and political toleration and the ideas of Newton and Locke. FTP, give the pen name of this French satirist, poet, dramatist, etc. whose actual name was François-Marie Arovet.

Voltaire (accept Arovet before "pen name")


18. This folk religion, chiefly of Haiti and West Africa, involves worship of spirits of saints and ancestors who can possess participants. It includes prayers, drumming, dancing and feastas as part of its rituals. FTP, name this religion, in which a cult goup's priest or priestess is believed to act as a medium, work charms, lay curses, and recall zombies.



19. The name's the same. It's a unit of volume, equal to two hogsheds. It's an embankment or hollow used as a blind by hunters of waterfowl. It is the larger or thicker end of an object. as of a rifle. It refers t*o an unburned end, as of a cigarette. FTP, identify this term, which also refers to the person's rear.



20. This Irish poet and dramatist was the leader of the Celtic Renaissance in Ireland Nationalism was a major element in his early poetry such as The Wandering of Oisin. He cofounded Dublin's Irish Literary Theatre, later the Abbey Theatre. FTP, name this winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize in literature and writer of The Wild Swans at Coole and The Tower.

William Butler Yeates


21. It is the part of South America, South of the Rio Negro or, more commonly, the dry tableland in this region between the Andes and the Atlantic including Tierra del Fuego. FTP name this region which shares its name with a brand of mountaineering wear.



22. This German born U.S. advisor on foreign affairs gained international recognition with his book Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. He was instrumental in initiating the Strategic Arms LimitaĄtion Talks on disarmament, in ending U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and opening policies towards China. FTP, name this man who was special assistant for National Security Affairs and Secretary of State under Nixon and Ford, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

Henry Alfred Kissinger


23. This ancient Rabbi can be thought of as an extremely learned teacher. Some of his commentaries on the Torah are still prevalent among all of the true sects of Judaism. This scholar was so well respected, it is now quite an honorable name to bestow upon one's child especially honorable for that child should he/she choose to become a Rabbi. FTP, name this Rabbi, whose name currently leads to a college organization for Jewish students that is run under the auspices of B'nai B'rith.



24. Since some amino acids contain both an acidic and basic group, they can undergo an intramolecular acid-base reaction and exist primarily in the form of this dipolar ion-with the positive andà negative charges canceling each other. FTP name this German word for hybrid that describes this situation.



25. Command centers with scvs, Nexi with probes, and drones with hacheries - all exist as the starting materials for the Terran, Protoss and Zerg, respectively. FAQTP name this Blizzard computer game that has these things.



UC-Irvine Open May 1999

Round 5 Bonuses by UCR College Bowl


1. Hey all you electrochemistry buffs, lets see if this one shocks you. Given the definition, name the electrochemistry term for the stated number of points,

a. (5) This is a quantity of electrical charge passing through a point in a conducting circuit in one second when the current is one ampere.


b. (10) This is the transfer of 6.24 times 10 to the 18th electrons through a one-volt potential difference.


c. (15) This is based upon the removal of 1 mole of electrons from one mole of silver, and one of these is equal to 1 e*quivalent of electrons.



2. Go tell it on a mountain. For the stated number of points answer the following questions about mountains.

a. (5) This is the sacred mountain upon which the Book of Exodus states that Moses received the ten commandments from Yahweh.

Mt. Sinai

b. (10) This mountain was first ascended in 1786. It is situated in the Haute-Savoie department of France on the French-Italian border and is the highest peak of the Alps.

Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco

c. (15) This volcanic mountain is situated on the east coast of Sicily. It covers 1605 square meters and was 3323 meters tall in the early 90's. It contains the villages Cantania, Acircale, and Nicolosi. Its first recorded eruption was in the eighteenth century BCE, and has since then erupted 90 times, most recently in 1992.

Mt. Etna


3. Identify the following composers for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Falstaff and Otello Guiseppe Verdi

b. (10) His only full length opera was Fidelio Ludwig van Beethoven

c. (15) I Premessi Sposi and La Groconda Amilcare Ponchielli


4. How much whey could a Zim-Bob weigh, if a Zim-Bob could weigh whey? Answer the following questions about Zimbabwe for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Identify its capital and largest city Harare

b. (10) Identify Zimbabwe's eastern neighbor in Africa Mozambique

c. (15) Name the leader of the Rhodesian white government that declared independence from Britian in 1965. Ian D. Smith


5. If our packet has been giving you gas thus far, we apologize. Nevertheless, answer the following questions about the gastrointestinal tract FTPE.

a. What is the medical term for the inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract.


b. Everyone is familiar with the sphincter ani, which closes the anus. However, what is the term for the sphincter muscle found b∑etween the stomach and the duodenum?

pyloric sphincter

c. Identify the term that describes the wave-like motion that allows the GI tract to move its contents along, induced by longitudinal and circular smooth muscle lining its walls.



6. It ain't easy being cheesy, unless you're writing the UCR packet. Identify the type of cheese FTPE.

a. Invented by John Jossi, it's a slightly milder version of Limburger and rhymes with "Dick."

brick cheese

b. This semisoft cheese is made from cow's milk and has a greenish-blue mold and flavor similar to Roquefort cheese

blue cheese

c. Also called Dutch cheese or smearcase, this type of cheese is a soft, white cheese made of cream and milk.

cream cheese


7. Holy kumquats, Batman! Help Robin out and answer the following questions about bats - the animal kind, not the baseball ones - for the stated number or points.

a. (5) This type of bat feeds on the blood of other animals.

vampire bat

b. (10) Bats navigate by emitting high-pitched sounds and interpreting their echoes to determine direction and distance of objects. Give the common name for this ability

echo location (prompt on partial answer)

c. (15) Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, which is further divided into two suborders based on size, among other things. Name either of these suborders.

Microchiroptera or Megachiroptera


8. Identify the Shakespearean play from characters, FTPE.

a. Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick, Leonato, and Balthasar Much Ado About Nothing

b. Priam, Margarelon, and Agamemnon Troilus and Cresside

c. Ferdinand, Berowne, Dumaine, Don Adriano, and Sir Nathaniel Love's Labor's Lost


9. I am Cain. I will help you. Actually, this question is not about Kung Fu, and the legend doesn't continue. Instead, given the martial art, give the name of its inventor, F15PE.

a. Shotokan karate Gechin Fukanoshi

b. Judo Jigoro Kano


10. Most people can play Heart and Soul on the piano, but without a heart, most people can only play dead. However, to answer this question, you don't have to play anything - just recall remedial cardiac physiology from your gross anatomy class. Answer the following questions about our favorite cardiac muscle, if you have the heart, for the stated number of points.

a. (5) What is the common name for a myocardial infarction? heart attack

b. (10) Which chamber is the most muscular? left ventricle

c. (15) What is the name of the membraneous, fluid-filled sac that encloses the heart?



11. Name these enzyme classes FTPE.

a. This enzyme class transfers phosphate and wnino groups, respectively called kinases and transaminases.


b. This enzyme group includes epimerases that cause the isomerization of a stereogenic center.


c. This class of enzymes that is responsible for the addition of carbon dioxide and the formation of a new bond. Hinît: think of the lagging strand.



12. It's time for a trans question, meaning all answers start with trans. Answer for the stated number of points:

a. (5) This term describes a person having physical characteristics of one sex but having the psychological characteristics of another.

transsexual (accept transgender)

b. (10) What is the term for the conversion of the elements in the Eucharist to the body and the blood of Christ

transubstantiation (do not accept Communion)

c. (15) In Chemistry, this term, sometimes used as a prefix, denotes the opposite nature of groups and is considered the reverse of cis.

trans- isomer


13. Given the ending lines of the novel, give the name of the novel FTPE or 5 points if you need the author.

a. (10) "27 April: Old father, old artificer, stand me now and in good stead" Dublin 1904 Trieste 1914.

(5) James Joyce

A Portrait of the Artist of a Young Man

b. (10) "You your best thing, Sethe. You are." His holding fingers are holding hers. "Me? Me?"

(5) Toni Morrison


c. (10) I scarely add that her uncle was the illustrious Professor Otto Lidenbrock, corresponding member of all the scientific, geographical, and mineralogical societies in the world.

(5) Jules Veme

Journey to the Center of the Earth


14. Match the fibrous (or insoluble) or globular (or soluble) proteins with their occurrence and use. for five points each with a bonus five for all correct. First the proteins: collagens, hemoglobin, fibrinogen', immunoglobulins, myosins. Occurrence:muscle tissue, immune response, connective tissue, oxygen transport, blood clotting

collagens=connective tissue hemoglobin=oxygen transport fibrinogen=blood clotting immunoglobulins=immune response myosins=muscle tissue


15. Do you have an environmental science major on your team? If not, you should because all ES majors know the answers to these questions (or else they should pick a new major). Given an acronnym for something pertaining to ecological science, expand it, or name the author of the quote for stated points.

a. (5) No, this does not refer to The World According to Garp. Rather it is a project aiming to aid prediction of eco-problems by increasing the knowledge of atmospheric structure. Expand GARP.

Global Atmospheric Research Program

b. (5) The CEC is typically used in soil science referring to the amount of exchangeable cations that a particular soil or material can adsorb at a given pH.

cation-exchange capacity

c. (10) For five points each, expand EIR and EIS, one refeffing to the state, and the other, federal versions of impact assessments.

Environmental Impact Report and Enviornmental Impact Statement

d. (10) "Never doubt that a small, highly committed group of concerned individuals can change the world. Indeed. it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead


16. Now its time for Israeli Politics ... what, no applause, no standing ovation? If you don't like this question then maybe I'll spit on you. Answer these questions about the recent Israeli elections for stated points.

a. (5) Which candidate was such a bad sport that when some of Barak's supporters walked by him chanting Barak's name, he reportecfly spat on the poster and those supporters?

Benjamin Netanyahu

b. (5) How many political parties are now in the Israeli Knesset (ke-nes-set), be within 3.

15 (accpet 12 to 18, inclusive)

c. (10) Despite his long history in the army fighting off Arabic invasions, he is advocating peace in the Middle East. Truly the antithesis of Netanyahu's approach.

Ehud Barak

d. (10) Name the political party whose leader, Deri, recently resigned from the political side in light of his recent legal troubles. The number of seats it holds in the Knesset is 17, up from 10 last time around, yet Barak will not be forced to concede to their ultra-orthodox wishes in order to include them in his cabinet bringing his parliamentary supporters into a majority.

Shas (as in Shawshank Redemption)


17. It's time for you to place the person in the appropriate category: athlete, tv star, politician, or none of the above. If you get the right category you get 5 points, but if the answer is none of the above you get a chance for an extra 5 by telling me who the person is.

a. Bob Denver TV Star

b. Phil Simms Athlete or TV Star

c. Hosni Mubatak Politician

d. Loki None of the above (extra 5 for Norse god of pranks or mischief)

e. Matt Biondi Athlete


18. Foreign Languages ... translate the phrase FTPE, or if you need to know what language it is, then you get only 5 points.

a. (10) Am rotze min! (ah-knee ro-tsay mean)

(5) Language is Hebrew

I want sex.

b. (10) Cuantos es ella? (kwan-toes es ey-ah)

(5) Language is Spanish

How much is she?

c. (10) hes-say ive-fay ents-cay. (hees-say ive-fay ents-say)

(5) Language is Pig Latin

She's five cents.


19. In the world of plant oils, these two types are vital in the junk food diets we all consume, which is pretty damned ironic for something derived from a plant (ignoring sugar and all). Identify them from clues for fifteen points each.

a. This is used in confectionery applications requiring specified melting properties. Essentially the reason why the candy shell on M&Ms melts in your mouth, not Óin your hands (supposedly)


b. This is used to increase the amount of solid fat in oils for texture and consistency. (Isn't that yummy?) This is why oils feel so greasy as they slide down your throat. Oh and this is related to laurates, so it has the same ending, ates.



20. According to the Kyoto Protocol on Global Climate Change, many have to reduce their emissions by a certain percentage within the next 12 years or so. For five points each:

Given the nation or group of nations, tell me how much reduction below the 1990 emissions levels each territory must reach by the year 2012.

a. United States 7%

b. Russia 0%

c. European Union 8%

Now, answer some more questions about Kyoto.

d. In which nation is Kyoto located? Japan

e. What is the phrase for the transfer of "extra emissions" from one nation to another so that emissions permits are not wasted. Emissions Trading

f. Which of the greenhouse gases contributes most to global warming? Water vapor

(Note: carbon dioxide's role in the greenhouse effect is only about 3-8% of the total effect.)


21. Quotable Quotes, given a quote, name to whom it is attributed FTPE.

a. "The human being is a weed species" S. Dillon Ripley

b. "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness" John Muir

c. "Willful waste brings woeful want" Anonymous


22. Physics pop quiz. Answer the following FTPE.

a. The first thing you learn in any good physics class is how to convert units, so convert one millenium into seconds with three significant figures. (Give 10 seconds to compute.)

3.15 times 10 to the 10th seconds

b. Now tell me this, in the case of a rocket, what is the term for the force exerted upon the rocket by the ejected exhaust gases?


c. Applying Newton's second law to the motion of a mass in the x direction we get: F = -kx = ma. or a = - kx/m. Simply put, the acceleration is proportional to the displacement of the mass from equilibrium and is in the opposite direction. Whose law is this derived from?

Hooke's Law


23. Hey, with evervone jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon, l figured it's time for a Star Wars bonus, and I'm not referring to Darth Maul's double bladed light saber. If you've been keeping up on the X-Wing Squadron series while waiting in lines for The Phantom Menace, then you'll be in good shape for this question. FTPE answer the following.

a. This is the Rogue Squadron Commander, also a copilot of Luke's during the Death Star Run

Wedge Antilles

b. This Grand Admiral has managed to outsmart the New Republic nunerous time, and was the primary enemy for quite a few of the 8 books in the X-Wing series.


c. The other infamous squadron of X-wings, whom worked with the Rogues on recent missions.



24. 30-20-10, name the work from the clues.

(30) This milkman was not the type that would visit your mom while your dad's at work, and make a special delivery.

(20) His daughters committed various acts of rebellious nature by going against their parents wishes as to whom they should marry, even so far as their youngest daughter, Khave (ka-veh) marrying a goy, or non-Jew.

(10) This work, by Shalom Alcichem was the basis for The Fiddler on the Roof.

Tevye (tev-e-ya) (prompt on Fiddler on the Roof before 10 pt clue)


25. Name the author from works FTPE

a. King Rat and Shogun James Clavelle

b. Kalki; Burr; Lincoln Gore Vidal

c. Jitterbug Perfume and Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Tom Robbins