UCI Open Tournament

Theme Packet by Willie Chen

Toss-up Questions

***The theme only applies to toss-up questions***

1. Some of his lesser-known books are The Gates of the Forest; The Town Beyond the Wall; and The Fifth Son. Born in Hungary in 1928, he later worked as a journalist in Paris, moving to Israel, and eventually coming to the Unites States, where he taught at Boston University. FTP identify this Holocaust survivor who described life at Auschwitz in his first book, Night.

Elie(ser) Wiesel [we-ZELL]


2. They live nomadically in small groups as hunter-gatherers. They also traded with farmers who settled in their native equatorial rainforests. Sometimes called Negrillo, FTP, who are these dark-skinned peoples of central Africa, named for their small stature?



3. Under the Jimmy Carter administration, interest rates skyrocketed, prices roseþ dramatically, and a deep recession occurred. The increase in OPEC petroleum prices was a major contributing factor to this economic condition in the United States. FTP what is this condition in which rapid inflation is accompanied by rising unemployment and steady output?



4. It persuaded the British not to recognize the Confederacy. Named after a creek off the Potomac River, this decisive battle saw General McClellan blocking Robert E. Lee's advancement into Maryland and Washington DC. FTP what was this bloody battle of the American Civil War, fought in September of 1862?

Battle of Antietam


5. In the Old Testament, it was a fertility god worshipped by the Philistines and other Semitic groups. It was also called Baal. In the New Testament, it was the leader of the devils, sometimes identified as the chief assistant of Satan. FTP what was this Biblical figure, whose name in Hebrew means "lord of the flies"?



6. Its salts are usefÒul in removing rust and bloodstains from clothing. This moderately strong acid commonly occurs as a colorless crystalline dehydrate, with a melting point of 101 degrees centigrade. A poison, it appears in many plants, especially rhubarb. FTP identify this acid that forms chelates with transition metals, also known as ethanedioic acid.

oxalic acid (accept "ethanedioic acid" early)


7. With his first wife, Susan, he has a daughter named Elizabeth-Jane. His marriage seems unhappy as he nonchalantly sells both his wife and his daughter to a sailor. He is to reunite with Susan and Elizabeth-Jane eighteen years later while he becomes the Mayor of Casterbridge. FTP, who is this character, created by Thomas Hardy?

Michael Henchard


8. Its scenic woods, waterfalls, lakes and streams have attracted such painters as Frederic Church and Thomas Cole. Its highest peak is Slide Mountain. Lying west of the Hudson River in Southeast New York, FTP, what is this mountain range in which Washington KIrving set Rip Van Winkle?

Catskill(s) Mountains


9. This city is home to Selangor Turf Club and Mimaland recreational complex. It also contains the Hindu temple, Sri Mahamariamman. Designated a Federal Territory in 1974, it is a major trade center for rubber and tin. With large Chinese and Indian population, FTP, what is this capital city of Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur


10. Its name is derived from its shape. It is the remains of a star that exploded as a supernova, observed as a brilliant point of light on Earth in the year 1054. It contains a pulsar that flashes 30 times per second. FTP what is this cloud of gas some 6,000 light-years away in the constellation Taurus?

Crab nebula or M1


11. During the War of 1812, he sided with the British and served under the Shawnee leader Tecumseh. After the war, he accompanied Õhis people in their removal from the area. He fought against the cession of Indian lands to the US government. Namesake of a hockey team, FTP, who was this Sauk Indian, permanently exiled to Iowa after a bloody war named for him?

Chief Black Hawk


12. After the captain had sworn a blasphemous oath when he failed to round a cape in a storm, his ship was condemned to sail those waters forever. Legend has it that this ship has haunted the seas around the Cape of Good Hope. FTP what is this ghost ship of disastrous portent, the title of an opera by Richard Wagner?

the Flying Dutchman


13. On the Elo grading system, he has a ranking of 2785, the highest ever, which makes him the greatest of all Grand Masters. He came out of self-imposed seclusion in 1992 to play against Boris Spassky, twenty years after taking away the world title from him. FTP name this world champion, who resigned his title shortly before a defence against Anatoly Karpov.

Robert JamesÆ "Bobby" Fischer


14. In antiquity, this machine might move 5 tons, and be worked by a treadmill. In the 1800s, the steam type of this machine could move 20 tons. Now, the floating type of this machine can move 200 tons. The most popular forms of this machine are gantry and tower. FTP what is this machine consisting of an arm carrying a pulley, used in lifting heavy objects?



15. In his most famous work, this 17th-century English writer left us such phrases as "The slough of despond", "the house beautiful", "Mr. Worldly-Wiseman", and "Vanity Fair". His first book was an autobiography, entitled Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. FTP who wrote the allegory The Pilgrim's Progress?

John Bunyan


16. The 1998 movie Gods and Monsters gave a fictionalized account of this man's mysterious drowning in his own swimming pool. He worked in Hollywood as an actor and a set designer, but he was most famous as a director âfor such horror films as The Invisible Man; The Old Dark House; Frankenstein; and Bride of Frankenstein. FTP name this director, whose open homosexuality caused him to be ostracized by the Hollywood industry.

James Whale


17. This woody climber has rough, oval leaves and creamy, 6-petalled flowers. It is native to China; thus it's also called Chinese gooseberry. Its fruit is oblong, furry, with reddish-green hairs and sweet, green flesh. FTP what is this fruit, cultivated on a commercial scale in New Zealand?

kiwi fruit


18. He served in Lloyd George's WWI cabinet and Winston Churchill's WWII cabinet. Born in Canada, he bought the London Evening Standard in 1929, having founded the Sunday Express eight years earlier. FTP who was this British financier and newspaper proprietor, the man who bought a majority interest in the Daily Express in 1919?

Baron Beaverbrook or William Maxwell øAitken


19. Founded in 1719, this city was governed successively by France, Britain, and Spain. It was ceded to the US as part of an 1803 Purchase. It is a deep-water port on the Mississippi River and contains oil-refining and petrochemical industries. Literally meaning "red stick" in French, FTP, what is the capital city of Louisiana?

Baton Rouge


20. After completing his studies at Ohio State University and Caltech, this astrophysicist established a research group working on the application of nuclear physics to all aspects of astronomy. Winning the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983, FTP, who is this founder of the theory of nucleosynthesis?

William Alfred Fowler


21. FTP, provide the word that fits both blanks in the following excerpt, a poem by John Donne: "Mark but this , and mark in this, / How little that which thou deniest me is; / Me it sucked first, and now sucks thee, And in this our two bloods mingled be."



22. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V had to defend the church against Martin Luther's 95 Theses. Thus, he called together an assembly of the empire's cities and princes. Charles V summoned Luther to attend this meeting and ordered him to recant. Upon his refusal to recant, Luther was condemned and outlawed. FTP what was this April, 1521 meeting, which sounds like a tasty meal?

Diet of Worms


23. After six weeks in hiding, he was captured and hanged in Jerusalem, Virginia. Born in Southampton County, he learned to read and, in 1831, made plans for an uprising. He led a small group of followers and succeeded in killing over 50 whites, but his revolt quickly collapsed. FTP who was this slave insurrectionist?

Nat Turner


24. In 1830, he won the Prix de Rome and, three years later, married actress Harriet Smithson. He wrote three operas: Benvenuto Cellini; Les Troyens; and Beatrice et Benedict. FTP name this French composer of the Romantic period who utilized idee fixe [E-day FEEX] in his most famous programmed music, Symphonie Fantastique.

Louis Hector Berlioz


25. A holder of over 300 patents, he invented the infra-red heat lamps, the recoil-less harpoon gun, and a method of removing water from food. He founded the General Seafoods Company, and later owned an electric company. FTP who was this New York businessman, best known for developing a process for freezing food in small packages suitable for selling?

Clarence Birdseye


26. FAQTP identify the theme of this packet.

ANIMALS!!! (okay, so some answers required a stretch)