UC Irvine Open - May 1999

Round 2 Tossups - Oklahoma Academic Team


1. His final work, The World According to Bensenhaver, was written after the car accident that broke his jaw, killed one son, partially-blinded another, and caused his wife to bite off most of her lover’s penis. His mother was a nurse and his father was a technical sergeant in the Army Air Corps during WWII. His

writings included The Pension Grillparzer and Second Wind of the Cuckold. FTP name this John Irving character, portrayed on film by Robin Williams.

T. S. Garp (from the work "The World According to Garp")


2. The subject of Isaac Asimov’s first pay-copy was about astronauts marooned in orbit around this asteroid. First observed in 1807 by Heinrich Olbers, the asteroid is the third largest in size, with a diameter about 530 km, has a mass about 0.4% of the Moon’s, and rotates in about 5.3 hours. FTP

identify this asteroid, the fourth in order of discovery, the only one visible without means of magnification, and named for the Roman goddess of the hearth and home.



3. Speaking through their lawyer on May 11th, the remaining members of this pioneering band said they will permit fans to use MP3 format to distribute live recordings of the band, but not studio recordings. Web sites could not charge for downloads, solicit advertising, including banner ads, or sell data such as

Email addresses of fans downloading the music, the statement said. FTP, identify the band, who broke up in 1995 after the death of lead singer, Jerry Garcia.

The Grateful Dead


4. This composer was born in 1678 in Venice. From 1704-1740 he taught and conducted at the Opsidale della Pieta, a conservatory and orphanage for girls. He gained fame through the touring of these musically gifted girls. His compositions were forgotten until J. S. Bach adapted his concerti to the

keyboard. He also entered the priesthood and was known as "The Red Priest" due to hair color. FTP name this Italian composer of Gloria Mass and The Four Seasons.

Antonio Vivaldi


5. In the Applelinks column "The Warp Core", John Martellaro used a picture of this leggy blonde with pistol to represent the threat to MacOS users posed by Linux, dubbing her "Lucy Linux". A native of Australia, this actress moved to the U.S. in 1991. Her feature films Sadness of Sex; Loser; and Woman Undone; the cable anthology Strangers; and the telefilm Vanishing Point. FTP identify this Linux-geek goddess and star of USA Network’s La Femme Nikita.

Peta Wilson


6. He won the presidency with 444 electoral votes, the most in history until

his defeat next election, when that opponent got 472. He spent part of his

childhood in present-day Oklahoma, and received an engineering degree from

Stanford in 1895. He is known for his humanitarian efforts in providing relief

in war-torn parts of the world. FTP identify him, thought to have beenô the

most effective Secretary of Commerce but forever vilified due to the Great


Herbert Hoover


7. A recently high-flying Internet stock drops from 100 to 80 on Monday, to

60 on Tuesday, and rebounds to 75 on Wednesday before plummeting to 40 on

Thursday. FTP what is the term for the rebound, first used in late 1929 to

describe futile rallies in the market plunge?

dead-cat bounce or dead-broker bounce


8. Nine draft picks for Ricky Williams? Has Ditka lost his mind again? You

want insanity in NFL trades, see the Minnesota Vikings; who, in 1990, traded six

active players, plus 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks in 1991 and 1st and 2nd round

picks in 1992 and 1993 to Dallas all for ONE player, whom they cut in 1993 and

was, after time with Philadelphia and the Giants, back in Dallas in 1997. FTP

identify the running back, 1983 Heisman trophy winner from Georgia.

Herschel Walker


9. He was poetry editor of The New Republic magazine through most of the

1980s. He teaches at Boston University in the graduate creative writing

program. His 1994 translation of Dante's Inferno was awarded the LA Times Book

prize in poetry and the H. M. Landon Translation Award, bestowed by the Academy

of American Poets. FTP identify the editor of Slate e-zine (ee-zeen), who was

chosen as the newest Poet Laureate of the United States.

Robert Pinsky


10. If take a wave function psi such that psi(x,y,z)=psi(-x,-y,-z), then it

is even with respect to this property. If psi(x,y,z)=-psi(-x,-y,-z), then it is

odd. The principle of conservation of this property would hold if all physical

laws could be stated in a coordinate system independent of left- or

right-handedness. FTP identify this property, conserved in all forces except

the weak-nuclear force, more commonly known as describing odd or even bits in

modem lingo.



11. Francis Bacon, found in downtown Normal IL, is typical of this

hypothetical animal. The largest statue of one overlooks the Riverwalk in

Cincinnati OH. The animal lends its name to a card game, the awards given by

James "The Amazing" Randi for gullibility in things irrational and/or

paranormal, and the computer company that produces Wings Request Management

Systems for libraries. FTP identify this creature, represented by a winged

swine, the namesake of a contender for Democratic nominee for U. S. President at

the 1968 Chicago convention.

Pigasus (accept "winged pig" or equivalents before "Randi")


12. From 1982-1987, Israel used these instead of shekels as currency to

bolster an ailing economy and reduce triple-digit inflation. Argentina’s

parliament is currently discussing using these instead of pesos. In Russia,

Turkey, and northern Mexico, more merchants prefer these than the local money

for purchases. FTP identify this financial instrument, whose use in other

countries as their official currency may radically influence US foreign

policy in the next century.

U. S. dollars


13. After Europa was abducted by Zeus, her father sent his sons to find her.

One asked the oracle of Delphi of her whereabouts, but instead of being told

where to find Europa, the oracle said that he should follow a cow out of the

city until it collapses. On that very spot he was to build a city. After he

slew the dragon which was guarding a nearby water source, he was told to sow its

teeth by Athena. Armed warriors sprung from its teeth and, in order to defeat

them, he had to throw stones over his shoulder. He did so until 5 men were

left, who then offered to help him found his city. FTP, identify this founder

of Thebes.



14. Ronald Reagan once said that if this man "is allowed to teach our

children they may come home one night and slit our throats." He began writing

in jail. When freed on parole in late 1966, he became a reporter with the

left-wing magazine Ramparts. In April 1968, he was injured in a shootout with

the Oakland police. He left for Cuba, then Algeria, but returned in 1977. FTP

identify him, presidential candidate on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket,

information minister for the Black Panthers, and writer of Soul on Fire and Soul

on Ice.

Eldridge Cleaver


15. His eloquence in protesting the Chesapeake incident of 1808 led to

election without opposition to his state's House of Representatives. He joined

the U.S. House in 1811 and was a well-known War Hawk and a co-author of the

Monroe Doctrine. He was second in the 1824 election, and supported Jackson in

1828, even though Jackson opposed his states rights policy and later became a

bitter opponent on nullification. FTP name this South Carolinian, VP under

Jackson and John Quincy Adams, often associated with Henry Clay and Daniel


John C. Calhoun


16. Known as one of the English "colorists", he was a key figure in

Britain's musical revival of the late 1800s; ending 200 years in which England

produced no composers of international stature. FTP name this composer whose

compositions include series of scores based in Sanskrit literature; the operas

The Perfect Fool and Savitri; the folk-melody work Somerset Rhapsody for

Orchestra and the seven-movement symphony The Planets.

Gustav Holst


17. This rare-earth element is the third most abundant rare-earth in Earth’s

crust. Its most common oxidation state is +3. The only stable isotope has an

atomic mass of 141. Its halide salts are almost the same color, giving it its

name, Greek for "leek green twin." FTP identify element 59, its name unique for

having six syllables, but has nothing to do with the Fugees.

Praseodymium (praz-ee-oh-die-me-um)


18. In his final collection, he drew 13 new cartoons since his editor

thought they were needed to round out the book. Of the 13 "new" cartoons, two

were actually rejected book covers, but the editor didn’t seem to remember them.

FTP identify the cartoonist responsible for Last Chapter and Worse as well as

Unnatural Selections; Wildlife Preserves; and The Chickens Are Restless.

Gary Larson


19. Subtitled Principles of Political Right, in the system it provides, each

person serves a dual role in the system: that of citizen and subject. As

citizen, one joins with others in the society to make laws to be obeyed by all.

As subject, one must obey these laws. A legislator is brought in to give the

laws and then leaves, as the author believes that he who gives the laws must not

live in the society to which he gave them. FTP, identify this work of political

philosophy which tells of the conflict between the private and general

wills, written by Jean-Jaques Rousseau.

On The Social Contract


20. A 37-yard touchdown pass from the quarterback to the wide receiver with

just 48 seconds left lifted the New York Giants to the improbable victory in

week 15 of the 1998 NFL season over the then-undefeated Denver Broncos. FTP

identify either the quarterback or the wide receiver that keep the 1972 Miami

Dolphins as the only undefeated team for another season.

Kent Graham or Amani Toomer


21. The last years of his career were spent in a vain attempt to win home

rule for Ireland. He argued that every fit man should be granted suffrage;

while this cost him the representation of Oxford University, it won him great

support among the masses. He had no plan for government aid to the masses,

since this would have been against his general policy of laissez-faire. FTP

name this Liberal party leader, four-time Prime Minister and bitter opponent of


William Gladstone


22. Herodotus claims that the first known one was created by Arion, a

lyre player of unrivaled skill. Aristotle discusses one by Timotheus that was

abnormal in that it was not associated with the usual god. Whereas a Nome is

sung accompanied by a harp and dedicated to Apollo, this is usually accompanied

by a wind instrument and dedicated to Dionysus. FTP, name this simple

dance-song that laid the groundwork for the development of tragedy.



23. In 1970, this man came close to being elected sheriff of Aspen, CO on

the "freak power" ticket. One of his campaign promises was that all sheriff's

office employees would have mescaline available to them during the workday.

Long a correspondent for Rolling Stone, he got his first big break with the

publication of The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, but only gained fame

when he published what he called, "a failed experiment in Gonzo journalism".

FTP identify the author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Hunter S. Thompson


24. It opens Listen Lord--A Prayer. The verse sermons are entitled The

Prodigal Son; The Creation; Go Down Death--A Funeral Sermon; Noah Built the Ark;

The Crucifixion; Let My People Go; and Judgment Day. FTP, these are all parts

of what poetic volume by James Weldon Johnson?

God's Trombones


25. According to this mythos, today (Saturday, May 22, 1999) is actually

Boomtime, Discord 68, 5999 A.M. They’ve be refounded many times in their

history, most recently in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. FTP identify this

conspiratorial group, which supposedly has connections with Pigasus, Richard

Nixon, Chairman Mao, John Dillinger (who died for you), fnords, and 23.

Illuminati or The Illuminatus


UC Irvine Open - May 1999

Round 2 Bonuses - Oklahoma Academic Team


1. 30-20-10, Name the author from titles.

(30) A Treatise on the Astrolabe; The House of Fame

(20) The Romance of the Rose; The Parliament of Fowls

(10) Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer


2. Bob Dole has distinct chance of becoming "The First Gentleman," but

that’s a trivia question for the next generation. You’re stuck with First

Ladies and wannabes. Answer the following for ten points each.

a. She was the only one who didn’t have to change from her maiden name,

since she and her husband already shared last names. No, they’re not from


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

b. Two women became "First Lady" by marrying the president during his term.

Name either.

Frances Folsom Cleveland or Julia Gardiner Tyler

c. She did not get to use the term "First Lady" because she married an

ex-president. Her days of uniqueness are probably numbered.

Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison


3. The San Diego Padres had some of their major-league record streaks

snapped in a series lasting from April 30 to May 2, 1999. FTP answer the

following questions.

a. The Padres held the record for most consecutive games won when leading at

the end of the 8th inning. Within 10%, how long was the streak?

181 (accept 163 to 199, inclusive)

b. The Padres held the record for most consecutive series without being

swept, i.e. most series in which they won at least one game. Within 10%, how

long was the streak?

73 (accept 66 to 80, inclusive)

c. What team swept the Padres that fateful weekend, including a

come-from-behind win in the 9th inning?

Chicago Cubs (prompt on "Chicago")


4. Five points each, identify the six "flavors" of quarks.

Up Down Top Bottom Strange Charm


5. 30-20-10. Identify the actor.

(30) A low-grade toilet paper is described by associating his name with it.

The would-be advertising slogan for this TP is: "It’s rough. It’s tough. And

it doesn’t take shit off of any asshole."

(20) He was born in Madison County, Iowa, though I doubt it was under one of

the bridges.

(10) His given first name was Marion, which explains WHY he was a tough


John Wayne or Marion Morrison


6. For five points each, identify the six "flavors" of Apple’s iMac.

Bondi Grape Blueberry Lime Tangerine Strawberry


7. I had originally had a shameless Oklahoma plug for this question, but it

was way too obscure. I mean, how many of y’all heard of Moore, Oklahoma?

Instead, I’m dusting off an old, traditional current-events bonus question. For

five points each, within 5%, and as of the 19th of May, 1999, what was the value


a. The Dow Jones Industrial Average 10887.39 (10343.02 to


b. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Average 1344.21 (1277.00 to


c. The NASDAQ composite index 2577.40 (2448.53 to


d. One troy ounce of gold, New York quote 273.00 (259.35 to 286.65)

e. One ounce of silver, New York quote 5.27 (5.01 to 5.53)

f. One ounce of platinum, New York quote 355.00 (337.25 to 372.75)


8. Name the artist from works, 15 points on the first clue, or 5 if you need

the second.

a. (15) Dante and Virgil; The Massacre of Chios

(5) Liberty Leading the People

Eugene Delacroix

b. (15) The Execution of Emperor Maxmilli¡an of Mexico

(5) Luncheon on the Grass

Edouard Manet


9. Identify the following for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Name the Spanish novel starring Rocinante and Dapple.

Don Quixote de la Mancha

b. (15) Name the novel by Samuel Butler, an English poet born in 1613,

that is loosely based on the narrative structure of Don Quixote and is a satire

of Puritan intolerance.


c. (10) Name the most famous novel of Samuel Butler, an English novelist

who was born more than two hundred years after the previous poet. Published

posthumously in 1913, it was an autobiographical family novel.

The Way of all Flesh


10. I will proclaim to the world the deeds of Gilgamesh. You will proclaim

to the world these characters from the epic of Gilgamesh FTPE.

a. This hairy strongman was created by the goddess Aruru to be Gilgamesh's

equal and companion.


b. She tries to seduce Gilgamesh, then sends the Bull of Heaven after his

sorry carcass when he rejects her.


c. The counterpart of the biblical Noah, he survived the great flood with

his family, and the "seed of all animals". The gods granted him eternal life

for his trouble.



11. Identify the Spingarn Medal winner given the year FTP, or for 5 if you

need an additional clue.

a. (10) 1975

(5) Atlanta Braves, home run #715

Henry "Hank" Aaron

b. (10) 1979

(5) It’s a shame that it took nearly twenty-five years for this civil

rights matriarch to go from refusing to surrender her bus seat to finally

earning a Spingarn.

Rosa Parks

c. (10) 1989

(5) He was given no chance of success in Kosovo by Clinton’s boys. He

returned with the three American P.O.W.’s and, indirectly, a cold wet slap for

the redneck he not-so-privately despises.

Jesse Jackson


12. Identify the parts of an ellipse of the form ‘x’ squared over ‘a’

squared plus ‘y’ squared over ‘b’ squared equals 1 and with an eccentricity of

‘e’, 5-10-15.

a. (5) This points on the major-axis are located at (ea,0) and

(-ea,0). In Earth’s orbit, the sun is located at one of these.

focus or foci

b. (10) Both answers required. Identify the minimum and maximum values

of ‘e’ for an ellipse.

zero and one

c. (15) Identify the chords of the ellipse passing through a focus and

parallel to the minor-axis. Each has a length equal to 2 ‘b’ squared over ‘a’.

latus recti or latus rectum


13. Phone numbers are not normally an integral part of a hit song. Identify

the 1980’s song or singer/band given the phone number within a particular song

for the stated number of points.

(5) 867-5309 Jenny or Tommy TuTone

(10) 1-800-788-DAVE Living in Paradise or

David Lee Roth

(15) 362-436 (Australian phone number) Dirty Deeds or AC/DC



14. Given the Major League Soccer player, identify his team as of May 16,

1999, FTPE.

a. Roy Lassiter, leads MLS with 8 goals Washington

DC United

b. Matt Jordan, leading goalie with 0.56 goals against average Dallas


c. Preki, lÏeads MLS with shots taken Kansas City



15. Identify these Biblical characters on a 15-10-5 basis.

a. (15) A worm cut down the gourd his used for a shade.

(10) Instead of preaching to Nineveh as commanded, he went to Joppa and

got on a boat.

(5) There was this really big fish that swallowed him.


b. (15) He was hiding wheat in a wine press to keep the Midianites from

getting it when he was called to lead the Israelites.

(10) Using the 300 soldiers that lapped water like a dog, he slew the


(5) A society named for him leaves the little Bibles in the hotel




16. Identify these historical figures who died near an appearance of a comet

for the stated number of points.

a. (5) He himself said, "Now here are these two unaccountable freaks;

they came in together, they must go out together." One of the freaks was Comet


Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens

b. (10) After the 1066 appearance of Comet Halley, he died at the hands

of William of Normand˜y.

Harold II

c. (15) It wasn’t Comet Halley, but Comet Hale-Bopp that blazed in the

sky the July following his death. Hale-Bopp had been so close as to be visible

during daylight that July, which was the month of his birth.

Julius Caesar


17. Name the literary character from clues FTP each, five if you need the

book in which they appear.

a. (10) He is a holy and ascetic church elder, much loved by his flock.

When he dies, the people expect a miracle, but instead his body begins to decay

almost immediately.

(5) The Brothers Karamazov

Father Zossima

b. (10) Described as handsome, clever, and rich; she is also a snob and

an incurable gossip, with a passion for playing matchmaker and running other

people's lives in general.

(5) She is the title character in a novel by Austen.

Emma Woodhouse

c. (10) A huge hare, he rules the warren of Efrafa with an iron paw

before he is defeated by Bigwig.

(5) Watership Down

General Woundwort


18. Name the economics term from definition FTPE.

a. Situation where one sells a product at different prices in different

markets or to different customers for different prices due to reasons other than

those arising from differences in costs of production, or distribution.

Price Discrimination

b. A rise in value or an increase in the exchange rate or value of the

currency of one country in terms of the currencies of other countries.


c. Condition when one country is more efficient than another at producing

all goods

Absolute Advantage


19. Given the works, name the author, 30-20-10.

(30) Jonah's Gourd Vine

(20) Mules and Men

(10) Their Eyes Were Watching God

Zora Neale Hurston


20. Its been a long time since Uranus has been probed. Answer the following

questions about that joyous probing for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Which spacecraft did the probing? Voyager 2

b. (10) Within 2, how many satellites did Voyager 2 discover? 10

(accept 8-12,inclusive)

c. (10) Within 2, how Ùmany rings circle Uranus? 9

(accept 7-9, inclusive)

d. (5) From whose writing are all Uranian satellites named? William



21. There are a lot of Joes, Steves, Tylers, an Perrys out there in the

entertainment industry. For the stated number of points, answer the following

questions, giving both first name of Joe or Steve and last name of Tyler or


(5) Lead singer of Aerosmith: Don’t give him no lip, he’s got enough lip of

his own.

Steve Tyler

(5) Lead singer of Journey.

Steve Perry

(10) Guitarist who appeared on the video Wild Thing with the late, great Sam


Joe Perry (yes, also of Aerosmith)

(10) Writer of the sci-fi novel Men in Black.

Steve Perry


22. The average person uses a variety of psychological defense mechanisms

just to be able to continue to exist without screaming or curling up in a ball.

However, it is possible for their use to get out of hand. FTP each, give the

name of the defense mechanism from a description and an example.

a. "Mad at Daddy? I'm mad at Rags. Bad dog!" The negative emotion is

transferred from a target that can retaliate to one that cannot.


b. "No, I'm not mad at Daddy. Mommy is mad at daddy." The negative emotion

is attributed to someone else, making guilt and anxiety unnecessary.


c. "Yes, I guess I'm mad at Daddy. It would be fun to shoot him and watch

him die. May I have some more milk and cookies, please?" The patient

recognizes the negative emotion, but is disconnected from it, enabling him to

talk about it without feeling a thing.

Isolation or Intellectualization


23. Answer the following questions about the "three B's" of classical music


a. Within ten years, give the year of J. S. Bach's birth. 1685 (accept


b. State the number of symphonies Beethoven wrote. ten

c. What was the name of Johannes Brahms' wife? None (never married,




24. Name the following related composers from a description for the stated

number of points.

a. (5) iThis composer was a child prodigy, but he was embarrassed by

one of his most famous compositions that was written for children: The Carnival

of the Animals.

Camille Saint-Saens

b. (10) This composer was student of Saint-Saens. His compositions

include Fantastic Horizon from 1922 and his Requiem from 1887.

Gabriel Faure

c. (5) This composer was a student of Faure, and his works include Le

Tombeau de Couperin and Daphnis and Chloe.

Maurice Ravel

d. (10) This composer was also a student of Faure along with Ravel. This

Rumanian composer's most notable work is the opera Oedipe.

Georges Enesco


25. Identifyt her, 30-20-10.

(30) She burned the ancient equivalents of Colchester, St. Albens, and

London to the ground in 60 AD. Motive: revenge.

(20) She was the wife of King Prasutagus of the Iceni. When Prasutagus, an

ally of the Romans died, the local Roman governor decided that he would seize

her wealth and lands for himself. When Boudicca protested, the Roman soldiers

flogged her and raped her daughters.

(10) Her name lives on in legends. The term "bodacious", a lively and

spirited woman, is derived from her name. The animated series Gargoyles had, on

the island of Avalon, a "Bronx"-like beast named for her.