Miscellaneous tossups written Tuesday with no particular point in mind. By Dan Beshear, Oklahoma Academic Team

1. The term "grace under pressure" is first attributed to a quote of his in the New Yorker. One of many ambulance drivers in WWI, this hard drinking fellow was later a correspondent with the Toronto Star and Paris correspondent for the Hearst syndicate. FTP identify the writer, known for quotes such as "I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after," from Death in the Afternoon and "But did thee feel the earth move?," from For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Ernest Hemingway


2. For Whom the Bells Tolls was Batmanís clue as to Robinís peril in the 1960ís Batman TV series, when the Bookworm had captured him and tied him to the clapper of a very large bell. Toyman would have built something fun, functional, and quite lethal. Midler would have been too busy looking for minga melons. The Bookworm, the Toyman, and Midler were all done FTP by what actor, also playing the butler in Overboard and Cornelius in the Planet of the Apes series.

Roddy McDowell


3. Escape from the Planet of the Apes; The Adultress; The Aliens are Coming; The Forbin Project and its sequel Colossus: The Forbin Project; and as John Jacob Astor IV in Titanic; and most recently in Meet the Deedles. FTP identify this versatile actor, best known as Victor Newman in the soap The Young and the Restless.

Eric Braeden


4. Jeanne plays Kay Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. Sir Astley was a surgeon. Giles was a British dramatist and writer of Under the Loofah Tree and The Long House. Peter designed and built the Tom Thumb locomotive. Samuel painted portraits of Mrs. Pepys, Cromwell, Milton, and Prince Rupert. Merian produced She Wore A Yellow Ribbon; Last Days of Pompeii, and King Kong. FTP identify the common name, also that of singer Alice, who started life as Vincent Furnier.



5. Cooperstown NY lies at the south shore of Otsego Lake, at the effluence of a river. This river flows through Wilkes-Barre and Harrisburg PA and empties into the Chesapeake Bay at Havre de Grace MD. FTP identify this river, initially thought to have been contaminated in March 1979 by the accident at Three Mile Island.



6. FAQTP, spell Susquehanna.



7. No one died at Three Mile Island. People are still dying from Chernobyl from the release of radionuclides. While the iodine-131 has long since decayed, this radionuclide with a half-life of 29 years is quietly irradiating people from inside and will cause early deaths in 10,000 to 100,000 people throughout eastern and northern Europe. FTP identify this radionuclide which enters bones due to its chemical similarity to calcium.

strontium 90 (prompt on partial answer)


8. Under the pseudonym Ralph Bonehill, he wrote Flag of Freedom; Mexican War; and the Frontier series. Using a stable of hack writers and supplying plot outlines, he produced many series under pseudonyms: Tom Swift as Victor Appleton; Bobbsey Twins as Laura Lee Hope; Hardy Boys as Franklin W. Dixon; The Boy Scouts as Howard Payson; and Nancy Drew as Carolyn Keene. FTP identify this American writer, whose daughter Harriet continued his work for some 200 books, adding to Hardy Boys; Bobbsey Twins; Tom Swift, Jr.; and especially Nancy Drew series.

Edward Stratemeyer


9. Charles R. Drew developed efficient way to store blood plasma in blood banks and won this award in 1944. Robert C. Weaver headed the War Production Board in the early 1940s, won this award in 1962, then became HUD Secretary under LBJ. Coleman Young was elected mayor of Detroit in 1973 and won the award in 1981. FTP identify this award, given annually for highest achievement by the NAACP.

Spingarn Medal


10. This is the only year since 1915 that the Spingarn Medal was not awarded. The White Stag by Kate Seredy won the Newberry Medal that year. Thornton Wilder won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama with Our Town that same year. FTP identify this year, in which Bette Davis and Spencer Tracy won Oscars, Italyís fascist bloc passed anti-Semitic laws, and Hitler annexed the Sudetenland and Austria.



11. He was born near Vienna, Austria in 1918 and educated at the Diplomatic Academy and the University of Vienna. He joined the Austrian consular service in 1945, and his first foreign assignment was as first secretary in the embassy at Paris. He was the unsuccessful candidate of the conservative People's party for the Austrian presidency in 1971. In 1986 he was elected president of Austria despite charges that he had lied about the extent of his complicity in Nazi war crimes. FTP identify the Austrian, UN Secretary General from 1972-1982.

Kurt Waldheim


12. While Kurt Waldheim was on his way out of the UN Secreatary Generalís office, this Socialist became President of his country. He was born at Jarnac in 1916. While serving in World War II, he was taken as a prisoner to Germany in 1940. He escaped in December 1941, returned to France, and worked for the collaborationist Vichy regime. Late in 1943 he joined the Resistance movement. FTP, identify this co-writer of Memoirs of Two Voices (1995) with the American Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel (1928- ) and President of France from 1981 to 1995.

François Maurice Mitterrand


13. Elie Wiesel won his Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. She won hers in 1992. On November 4, 1995, her 2 year old nephew was abducted in broad daylight from his mother's arms. She believes the abduction was politically motivated due to her role in indicting 25 soldiers and one officer for the massacre of 11 Mayan Indians. The kidnapping bore a striking resemblance to "disappearance" tactics used by paramilitary squads to intimidate Indians a decade ago, the subject of her writings. FTP identify this Guatemalan, subject of the film When the Mountains Tremble.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum


14. Guatemala is one of three North American nations that border three other nations. FAQTP, identify one of the other two.

Mexico or Honduras


15. "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever; that considering numbers, nature, and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events; that it may become probably by supernatural interference!" This quote is from his Notes on Virginia. FTP identify this founding father, whose recent family reunion had some new participants, the descendants of Sally Hemmings.

Thomas Jefferson


16. Reunion Island is located at about 20įS and 55įE. Rodrigues Island is about 200 miles northeast of Reunion. Mauritius is between the two, but considerably closer to Reunion than to Rodrigues. FTP identify the southwest Indian ocean island group, noted for its near complete loss of bird species.

The Mascarenes


17. "Birds is strictly for the birds" was his motto after joining Birds Anonymous, a 12-step program for cats, but repeated cooking programs showing poultry convinced him that birds are still on his menu. FTP identify this cartoon cat, now starring in the WB knock-off of Scooby Doo with Spike, Granny, and Tweety.



18. Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Cushing, William Hartnell, Peter Davison, and Patrick Troughton have all portrayed this character on the BBC classic of the same name. FTP identify the show, the longest running science fiction show on television, who was portrayed most recently by Jon Pertwee and most often by Tom Baker.

Dr. Who


19. His lawyer, Captain Baker, convinced him instead to endow a university instead of high school. Baker, the grandfather of former Secretary of State James Baker, was also the one to figure out that the butler and another lawyer had poisoned this individual and forged a new will, leaving everything to the butler. FTP name this individual whose name lives on in the form of a prominent university founded in 1912 in Houston TX, whose mascots in the Owls.

William Marsh Rice


20. William Rice established his university to have a link to the future. In case you havenít noticed or how gotten all the question early, all the tossups in this packet have linked up from last line of previous tossups to first line of next tossup, although some have been more convoluted than others. FTP identify the Rush album that would complete the cycle back to Hemingwayís quote from the New Yorker magazine in the first tossup.

Grace Under Pressure


Miscellaneous bonuses written Wednesday with no particular point in mind. By Dan Beshear, Oklahoma Academic Team


1. Given a list of software titles, identify the software company that produces them FTPE.

a. Speed Doubler, RAM Doubler, Surf Doubler, Virtual GameStation, Virtual PC


b. InDesign, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat


c. Infini-D, Poser, Ray Dream Studio, Kaiís Power Tools, Kaiís Photo Soap

Meta Creations


2. Identify the hypothesized planet, 30-20-10.

(30) Urbain Leverrier had discovered Neptune, giving Newtonís law of gravitation a needed confirmation. He began searching for a new planet based on data provided by Dr. Lescarbault. (20) The new planet was supposedly perturbing Mercuryís orbit such that the perihelion point moved 0.104 seconds per revolution. Einstein proved that this was caused the mass-equivalence of the sunís energy. (10) This planet would have been named for the Roman god of the forge, the equivalent of the Greek Hephaistos. Since it didnít actually exist, the name got used for Spockís planet.



3. Identify the Isaac Asimov short story based on a description FTPE.

a. This planet of a six-star system is about to experience an eclipse of the only star in its sky at the time, a red dwarf. Darkness descends for the first time in two thousand years.


b. This story is supposedly an governmental account of a goose that lays eggs with gold in them. The government is seeking idea on how to produce more geese like it. The gooseís liver converts oxygen-18 into iron-56, which is then changed to gold-197.

Paté de Foie Gras

c. The computer was asked six times asking reversing entropy. Each time, the computer answered "Insufficient Data for Meaningful Answer." In the end, the computer finally has the answer, but no one was alive to receive the answer. The computer decides to demonstrate, and the computer said "Let there be light." And there was light...

The Last Question


4. Identify the football player-turned-actor FTPE.

a. He played Mongo in Blazing Saddles. Later, he played Emmanual Lewisís father on Webster. He was formerly with the Lions.

Alex Karras

b. He played Tonda in Caveman, quite possibly the most idiotic movie ever. He died of a drug overdose in 1989. He was formerly with the Raiders.

John Matusak

c. He played Hammer in Iím Gonna Git You Sucka. Other movies for this former Cleveland Browns running back include Ice Station Zebra and The Dirty Dozen.

Jim Brown


5. What would a packet be with some interstate questions? An ACF packet, thatís what. FTPE and excluding triple-digit interstates:

a. Identify one of the two states with three intrastate interstate highways.

Hawaii and Texas

b. Identify the one of the three states with two intrastate interstate highways.

Arizona New York Louisiana

c. Identify the interstate highway that passes through the most states, 15.



6. Since this question got canned from the regular packet, I stuck it in here. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Identify the city in Oklahoma, 30-20-10.

(30) The city has more Christian churches and more church-based schools per capita than any other city in the U.S. with a population over 10,000. (20) Dana Plato died of a drug overdose here while visiting her fiancéís parents. (10) The fastest wind reliably recorded on Earthís surface occurred here May 3, 1999, with the passing of an F5 tornado. The University of Oklahomaís doppler radar recorded winds of 318 mph.

Moore, Oklahoma


7. Once upon a time, a 200 lb person I didnít like owned an 1800 lb VW Bug. I thought of a couple ways to dispose of both of them simultaneously. Answer the following questions for 15 points each. You have 30 seconds to calculate.

a. If the person is tied up in the Bug, both are placed on the interstate in front of a 10000 lb pickup going 60 mph, and assuming a completely inelastic collision happens and the truck doesnít apply its brakes, what is the speed of the truck and its new hood ornament after the collision.

50 mph (prompt on partial answer)

b. If that same collision is redone except that the other object is a train weighing 59 tons going 60 mph, what is the speed of the train with debris on the front.

59 mph (prompt on partial answer)


8. Identify the actress, 30-20-10.

(30) Quoting her, "I remember the iron bikini I wore: what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of Hell. My mother was always the girl next door. I was the from the next dog star. The one in the titanium thong." (20) Her "girl next door" mother is Debbie Reynolds. Her father was one of Elizabeth Taylor many conquests. (10) Quoting her again, "I had a crush on Mr. Ford before it became a trend. When we shot the first movie, I was 19 and he was 34." A crush can be helpful, especially when your characters are supposed to fall in love at the end of the third movie, Episode VI.

Carrie Fisher


9. Identify these 2nd place candidates for U. S. President from the number of electoral votes for 10 points eaąch, or 5 if you need the winning candidate.

a. (10) 1 (5) James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

b. (10) 8 (5) Franklin Roosevelt

Alfred Landon

c. (10) 13 (5) Ronald Reagan

Walter Mondale


10. Flag time. Identify the flags FTPE.

a. Rectangle of solid green


b. In the upper left corner, a white equal-armed cross on a blue background. The rest of the flag consists of 4 white horizontal stripes separating 5 blue horizontal stripes.


c. Red upper half, black lower half. In the center and in yellow, a really big knife, half a gear, and a star positioned such that they look like the Soviet Unionís hammer, sickle, and star.



11. Identify the Nobel Prize winning chemists from the year for 10 points or a discovery for 5.

a. (10) 1954 (5) electronegativity and the physics of chemical bonding

Linus Pauling

b. (10) 1934 (5) deuterium, which led to widespread use of isotopic tracers in biological reactions

Harold Urey

c. (10) 1904 (5) the noble gases

Sir William Ramsey


12. For many people, Robert Heinleinís work Stranger in a Strange Land remains the only piece of sci-fi they ever read. Answer the following questions for the stated number of points.

a. (5) On what planet was Valentine Michael Smith reared?


b. (10) What groups of religious fanatics sought to have Mr. Smith destroyed?


c. (15) Identify the character, also appearing in Heinlein later works, that is the elderly doctor-lawyer who protects Mr. Smith from the government, likely based on either Heinlein himself or his father or grandfather.

Jubal Harshaw (accept either)


13. Given the process, identify the quantity that remains constant for the stated number of points.

a. (5) isobaric (eye-so-bear-ick) pressure b. (5) isothermal heat or temperature c. (10) isopycnic (eye-so-pike-nick) density d. (10) isochoric (eye-so-core-ick) volume


14. Jenny Jones is out $25 million for a show she never aired. Ha-ha-ha! Answer the following questions for ten points each.

a. Identify the poor fellow whoís dead because he revealed a crush on Jennyís show.

Scott Amedure

b. Identify the killer. Jonesís producers where supposed to determine was too unstable to handle the revelation, when court-appointed psychiatrists couldnít agree if he competent.

Johnathan Schmitz

c. Court TV covered the trial gavel to gavel, enjoying its highest rating ever. Oddly enough, Court TVís parent media giant is the one coughing up the $25 million, since they also own the rights to Jennyís Cavalcade of Loser and Idiots. Identify the parent company.



15. What? Another interstate question? Well, the plane leaves in 3 hours and Iíve still got 6 bonuses to write. You got a problem with that? You will after this bonus! FTPE:

a. Which interstate is the shortest completed, about 8 miles long? H-2 (In Hawaii) b. Connects Bob Doleís home town to the rest of the world? I-70 c. Branches off of I-10 in Baton Rouge LA and reconnects to I-10 at Slidell LA? The only useful purpose I can see for it is to avoid the New Orleans bus drivers. I-12


16. Five points for one correct answer, ten for two, twenty for three, or thirty for all four: identify the four Native American tribes with populations over 100,000 as of the 1990 census.

Cherokee Navajo Sioux Chippewa


17. Identify the chalcogen (kal-koh-jen) elements, five points each and a bonus 5 for all 5.

Oxygen Sulfur Selenium Tellurium Polonium


18. Means of transmitting data from peripheral to the computer are changing. FTPE identify these methods.

a. Most optical scanners, CD-recorders, and external hard drives use this system, which can theoretically transmit up to 20 megabits per second. Devices are number 0 through 7, but numbers cannot be duplicated and the total length of the chain cannot be more than 5 meters.

Small Computer Serial Interface (prompt on "scuzzy")

b. Originally developed by Intel, the primary proponent of this system is Apple. Data can be transmitted up to 1.2 megabits per second, but unlike SCSI, transmission near the maximum speed actually occurs. Up to 127 devices can be connected, and there are no "device numbers."

Universal Serial Bus

c. Also known as IEEE 1394, this means of data transmission can reach up to 400 megabits per second. Like USB, items can be unplugged and replugged and used without restarting the computer, and some power is sent through the connection. Up to 63 devices can be connected.



19. Got a ĎDí in science? Identify these science terms beginning with ĎDí FTPE.

a. In the semiconductor type of this, the forward current increases the potential difference above a certain threshold, whereas the reverse current is very small due to a negative potential difference.


b. To add a poisonous or unpleasant substance to ethanol to make it unsuitable for human consumption. To produce a structural change in a protein or nucleic acid that results in the reduction or loss of biological properties.


c. A large collection of information that has been coded and stored in a computer in such a way that it can be extracted under a number of different category headings.



20. If this question is actually being read, this means that all the tossups were answered correctly and that you know that they link. FTPE identify any three consecutive answers from the tossups portion of this packet. You have 15 seconds to consider your answer.

(Verify that the three are consecutive. If the first and third are right but the second is wrong, award 20 points. If the first is wrong, they cannot receive points on this bonus.)