Technophobia 4: Massive Quizbowl Overdose
Boni by UCLA (Oz Pathare, Patrick Friel)

  1. Given a pair of artistic works, name the school with which they are associated for 10 points each. If you need to know the painters, you'll get only 5 points.

    A. (10) the 14-part Stations of the Cross completed in 1966 and Easter and the Totem
    (5): Barnett Newman and Jackson Pollack

    answer: Abstract Expressionism

    B. (10) Flock of Sheep and Man with the Hoe
    (5) Charles Emile Jacque and Jean-Francois Millet

    answer: Barbizon School

    C. (10) the 1771 frescoes of the Saragossa cathedral and "The Italian Comedians"
    (5) Francisco de Goya and Antoine Watteau

    answer: Rococo

  2. Tired of questions with only one answer? Well, for this question, each part has hundreds of possible answers. I'll give a phonetic description of a sound, and for 10 points, give an English word beginning with that sound.

    A. Unvoiced labiodental fricative

    answer: Fester, Fetus, Phonetics, etc.

    B. Bilabial nasal

    answer: Monster, Message, Manner etc.

    Voiced alveolar stop

    answer: Double, , Dog, etc.

  3. Network TV shows often get cancelled after only a few or sometimes just one or two showings, but it's still fairly unusual for prime-time TV shows to be cancelled before a single episode is even broadcast. Yet one network has done this each of the last 3 years.

    A. First--for 5 points--name this quick-triggered network.

    answer: Fox

    B. Next--for 10 points--name this year's casualty, a TV adaptation of Cruel Intentions which Rupert Murdoch reportedly frowned upon because of scenes involving step-sibling lasciviousness and female equestrian hijinks.

    answer: Manchester Prep

    C. Finally--for 15 points--name either of the two casualties from Fall 1997 or Fall 1998: one a present-day sitcom starring Scott Baio featuring flashbacks to the seventies, the other a supernatural detective drama produced by Shaun Cassidy about strange happenings in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

    answer: Rewind or Hollyweird

  4. Answer these questions about a Civil War battle for the stated number of points:

    A. On the night of May 2, 1863, Robert E. Lee's dynamic subordinate was mortally wounded by friendly fire. For 5 points each--name both this fallen Confederate general and the battle at which this event happened.

    answer: Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson , Battle of Chancellorsville

    B. For 10 points--which general, Jackson's second in command, was also wounded, allowing J.E.B. Stuart to take over?

    answer: Ambrose A Hill

    C. For 10 points--which Union general, having just taken over after the Union defeat at Fredericksburg, saw this defeat become his only battle as commander of the Army of the Potomac?

    answer: Joseph (Fighting Joe) Hooker

  5. Identify these cities from landmarks on a 15-10-5 basis:

    A. (15) Amalienborg Palace, residence of the royal family.
    (10) Tivoli Gardens, site of one of the world's oldest amusement parks.
    (5) Tycho Brahe Planetarium

    answer: Copenhagen

    B. (15) Frauenkirche, the two-towered Gothic Cathedral of our Blessed Lady
    (10) Lenbachhaus, the museum home of a friend to members of Der blaue Reiter.
    (5) Olympic Park

    answer: Munich

  6. Have you been following recent Nobel Prize developments in medicine? Answer the following for 10 points each:

    A. The 1997 prize was awarded to Stanley Prusiner for the discovery of what infectious objects?

    answer: prions

    B. The 1998 prize went to Robert Furchgott, Luis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad for discoveries concerning the cardiovascular signalling properties of what molecule?

    answer: nitric oxide (accept: _NO_)

    C. The most recent prize was awarded for "the discovery that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localization in the cell." Who received this 1999 prize?

    answer: Gunter Blobel

  7. Identify these directors from works on a 15-10-5 basis:

    A. (15) Levi's landmark "Doctor" commercial, in which an ER-like crew operates on a patient in sync to the song "Tainted Love"
    (10) Several innovative music videos, such as the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" and Fat Boy Slim's "Praise You"
    (5) His recent debut film, "Being John Malkovich"

    answer: Spike Jonze

    B. (15) The American Cancer Society's landmark "Smoking Fetus" commercial, in which-- well, the title is kind of self-explanatory.
    (10) Several innovative music videos, such as Madonna's "Express Yourself" and "Vogue", and Aerosmith's "Jamie's Got a Gun"
    (5) His most recent film, "Fight Club"

    answer: David Fincher

  8. Identify the following about Rastafarianism for 10 points each:

    A. This is the Rastafarian term for God.

    answer: Jah

    B. This term, with obvious Old Testament connotations, applies to the white power structure that has kept down the black race.

    answer: Babylon

    C. It is used in the Nyabingi celebration and for various other purposes. Its use is supported by Psalms 104:14.

    answer: Ganja (prompt on marijuana)

  9. Name these 20th century American composers from works on a 10-5 basis:

    A. (10) the music for the operas Vanessa and Antony and Cleopatra
    (5) Adagio for Strings

    answer: Samuel Barber

    B. (10) the libretto for Barber's Vanessa and the recent vocal work Jacob's Prayer
    (5) Amahl and the Night Visitors

    answer: Gian Carlo Menotti

    C. (10) The music for the dance works A Descent into the Maelstrom and In the Upper Room
    (5) the opera Einstein on the Beach

    answer: Philip Glass

  10. For 10 points each--answer the following related questions.

    A. This anatomist made the first careful analysis of the human body based on detailed disection, and published the first complete textbook of human anatomy, "De Humanis Corporis Fabrica."

    answer: Vesalius

    B. His portraits of Pope Innocent X, Maria Theresa, and Philip IV, for whom he was the court painter, have a quiet, commanding power.

    answer: Diego Velasquez

    C. This chief of the Arverni forced Julius Caesar to prolong his campaign in Gaul; he was captured in 51 BC, taken as captive to Rome and was killed 6 years later.

    answer: Vercingetorix

  11. The Dow Jones Industrial Average recently announced a change to its roster of 30 companies in order to make its index more representative of the American economy.

    A. For the first time, two NASDAQ stocks are included in the Dow Jones 30. For 5 points each--name these stocks.

    answer: Microsoft and Intel

    B. Also, two other companies were added, and four companies were dropped from the Dow Jones index. For 5 points each--name any four of these six other companies involved in the recent revision.

    answer: Home Depot, SBC Communications (both added), Sears Roebuck, and Co., Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Chevron, Union Carbide (all dropped)

  12. For 10 points each--given a play, name both of its playwrights, all or nothing.

    A. The Diary of Anne Frank

    answer: Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

    B. The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

    answer: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

    C. You Can't Take It With You

    answer: George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

  13. These days, it seems de rigeur for presidential candidates to publish books as part of their campaign. For this three-part question, you have two options. If given an author, you can name his or her latest book, you'll get 10 points apiece. Otherwise, given the titles, you can name the authors, for 5 points each, which is easier but means you can only amass 15 points. Which option do you select?

    (Author option: 10 points each)

    A. John McCain

    answer: Faith of My Fathers

    B. Pat Buchanan

    answer: A Republic, Not an Empire

    C. George W. Bush

    answer: A Charge to Keep

    (Book option: 5 points each)

    A. Faith of My Fathers

    answer: John McCain

    B. A Republic, Not an Empire

    answer: Pat Buchanan

    C. A Charge to Keep

    answer: George W. Bush

  14. For 10 points each--given a figure from Roman myth or history, name his mother.

    A. Aeneas

    answer: Venus

    B. Hercules

    answer: Alcmene

    C. the Emperor Tiberius

    answer: Livia Drusilla

  15. Given an NBA player who was traded since the end of the 1999 season, identify the team he started the 1999-2000 with, for 5 points each:

    A. Anfernee Hardaway

    answer: Phoenix or Suns

    B. Scottie Pippen

    answer: Portland or Trail Blazers

    C. Mookie Blaylock

    answer: Golden State or Warriors

    D. Ron Mercer

    answer: Denver or Nuggets

    E. Antonio Davis

    answer: Toronto or Raptors

    F. Stacy Augmon

    answer: Portland or Trail Blazers
    (Portland traded him to Houston, who cut him, and Portland then re-signed him)

  16. Given a villain from the 1960s Batman TV show, identify the celebrity who played that villain, for the stated number of points:

    A. (5) The Siren

    answer: Joan Collins

    B. (5) Egghead

    answer: Vincent Price

    C. (10) The Bookworm

    answer: Roddy McDowall

    D. (10) Mr. Freeze

    answer: Otto Preminger

  17. Answer these questions about the battle of Marathon, for 10 points each:

    A. In what year did the battle of Marathon take place, within 2 years?

    answer: 490 BC (accept 488-492 BC)

    B. What Greek historian from Halicarnassus wrote about Marathon in the 6th book of The Histories?

    answer: Herodotus

    C. According to Herodotus, what herald, commonly associated with the famous 26 mile run from Marathon to Athens, actually ran an even more impressive 150 miles from Athens to Sparta?

    answer: Phidippides or Philippides

  18. For 10 points each--name these Supreme Court cases of the 1960s.

    A. In this 1961 case, the Court ruled, although the case originally involved pornography, free speech and, yes, Don King, that evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure is inadmissible in court.

    answer: Mapp v Ohio (prompt on partial answer)

    B. In this 1963 case, the Court ruled that free legal counseling must be provided to indigent persons accused of felonies.

    answer: Gideon v Wainwright (prompt on partial answer)

    C. In this 1964 precursor to Roe v Wade, the Court ruled that a ban on the use of contraceptives and on medical advice concerning them was unconstitutional and thereby reinforced the notion of privacy as a constitutional right.

    answer: Griswold v Connecticut

  19. Identify the author from works on a 30-20-10 basis:

    A. Local Anaesthetic and The Call of the Toad

    B. The Rat and Cat and Mouse

    C. The Tin Drum

    answer: Gunter Grass

  20. For 10 points each-identify the common name of these monkeys:

    A. It can give birth up to 2 times per year and twins are common; it belongs to the subfamily Callitrichinae and its brightly colored golden lion type is endangered.

    answer: Marmoset

    B. These agile leapers and runners are actually able to use simple tools and can draw and paint. They live in the forests of Honduras and Argentina and belong to the famile Cebidae.

    answer: Capuchin

    C. These leaf-eaters are among the largest monkeys and it is believed that their long periods of dormancy are necessary to detoxify the large number of harmful chemicals they eat. Their trumpet-like bony voice box is accomodated by an enlarged jaw and throat.

    answer: Howler Monkey

  21. Name the Crusade, given a short description for 10 points each:

    A. After Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, captured Jerusalem, Philip II of France and Richard I of England, joined with Frederick I against him and ultimately gained a three-year truce and access to Jerusalem.

    answer: Third Crusade

    B. Lasting from 1248-54, this crusade saw Louis IX of France take the Egyptian seaport of Damietta but be captured near Cairo.

    answer: Seventh Crusade

    C. Launched by Pope Innocent III, the Crusaders met in Venice and sacked Constantinople in 1204.

    answer: Fourth Crusade

  22. 30-20-10, identify the office given candidates in the running:

    A. The Prime Minister is backing Frank Dobson, who is being strongly challenged by maverick Ken Livingstone.

    B. The leading Conservative candidate is multimillionare and international best-selling author Jeffrey Archer.

    C. Also vying for the Labour nomination is the Academy Award winning former actress and current member of Parliament, Glenda Jackson.

    answer: Mayor of London

  23. The recent nuclear secrets spying scandal led Energy Secretary Bill Richardson to order a temporary halt to all computer work at the nation's three main nuclear research laboratories. For five points for one, fifteen points for two, and thirty points for all three, name these laboratories.

    answer: Los Alamos, Lawrence-Livermore, and Sandia National Labs

  24. Answer these questions on a "literary" phenomenon for the stated number of points:

    A. For 5 points--name the main character in a series of children's fantasy books which account for 3 of the 4 best sellers on

    answer: Harry Potter

    B. For 10 points--name the author of the Harry Potter books.

    answer: J. K. Rowling

    C. For 5 points each--name the three books in the series. All titles begin with "Harry Potter and the...", so you can leave that out. Please use the U.S. titles.

    answer: Chamber of Secrets. Sorcerer's Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban

  25. Identify these math things for 10 points each:

    A. Given a sequence in a metric space, this is a point such that for any positive epsilon, all but finitely many of the points in the sequence are within epsilon of the point.

    answer: Limit point or point of Convergence

    B. This is a sequence in which for any positive epsilon, all but finitely many of the points in the sequence are within epsilon of each other.

    answer: Cauchy sequence

    C. A space has this property if each Cauchy sequence has a limit point.

    answer: Completeness