1999 Terrapin Invitational Tournament
Tossups by Kelly McKenzie

  1. At the end of this novel, the protagonist meets Lloyd McHarg and analyzes his artistic break with Foxhall Edwards. His attendance at a lavish party convinces him to end his relationship with Esther Jack, and on returning to the modernized, altered Libya Hill for the funeral of Aunt Maw, George "Monk" Webber makes the title observation. FTP, name this sequel to _The Web and the Rock_, written by Thomas Wolfe.


  2. These islands feature significant volcanic activity, especially on the islands of Savo and Simbo, and have their highest peak at Mount Makarakomburu. Consisting of a double chain of volcanic islands and atolls, including Santa Isabel, Malaita, and New Georgia, and converging on Makira, this island nation just east of Papua New Guinea has its capital at Honiara. FTP, name this country, home to the island of Guadalcanal.

    Answer: _SOLOMON_ Islands

  3. This theory's symmetry corresponds to the non-abelian group SU(3), and it allows use of perturbation theory because it exhibits asymptotic freedom. Patterned after quantum electrodynamics, it uses the gluon as the analogue of the photon and color in place of electric charge. FTP, name this theory which uses quarks and antiquarks to describe the strong nuclear force.


  4. Even though this empire's General Tokhtamysh sacked Moscow in the aftermath, General Mamai's defeat at the Battle of Kulikovo is often cited as the beginning of this empire's decline. Turkified and Islamized under Oz Beg, this eastern European empire was greatly expanded by Batu, for whose magnificent tent it is named, but in 1395 its capital of Sarai Berke was destroyed by Timur the Lame. FTP, name this western portion of the Mongol Empire.

    Answer: _GOLDEN HORDE_ (or _Kipchak_ Khanate or _Ulus Juchi_) (prompt on Mongol Empire)

  5. Often depicted as a naked young man with wings at his temples, this god is sometimes described as living in the underworld or in the land of the Cimmerians. He was given the Grace Pasithea in marriage for helping Hera during the Trojan War, and gave Endymion the power to see his beloved Selene at all times. The son of Erebus and Nyx and twin of Thanatos, he is described as laying on a soft couch in a dark, misty cave on Lemnos near the river Lethe, where he is surrounded by his sons, including Icelus, Phantasus, and Morpheus. FTP, name this god of sleep.

    Answer: _HYPNOS_ (or _Somnus_)

  6. This tragedy's action is motivated by the conflict between King Anselmo of Valencia and King Manuel of Granada. Manuel's daughter Almeria secretly marries Anselmo's son Alphonso only to be separated in a shipwreck, and after a series of misunderstandings King Manuel is killed by his own orders and Alphonso overthrows Manuel's government and regains his wife. FTP, name this drama known for the lines "a fury, like a woman scorn'd" and "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast", the only tragedy by William Congreve.

    Answer: The _MOURNING BRIDE_

  7. This bacteria, much studied in the field of molecular genetics, is the most common causitive organism of cystitis in women. An integral part of the normal gastrointestinal flora, this gram-negative bacteria, whose effects can be treated using polymyzin or by replacing lost fluids, is transmitted by water, milk, food, or insects, and can cause illness in humans by giving off toxins, by directly invading mucosal linings in the intestines, or by adhering to the intestinal wall. FTP, identify this bacteria whose name is best known in its abbreviated form.

    Answer: _E. COLI_ (or _Escherichia coli_)

  8. After WWII, this group's most influential member was probably Jurgen Habermans. Publishing much of their work in the "Journal for Social Research," this philosophical school critiqued the industrialization of culture and the decline of the individual within capitalist society using basic Marxian concepts, an approach which became known as "critical theory." They were associated with the Institute for Social Research, the first Marxist research center affiliated with a German university. FTP, name this group which included Walter Benjamin, Herbert Mercuse, Erich Fromm, and Theodore Adorno, named for a German city.

    Answer: _FRANKFURT_ School

  9. This politician served as ambassador to France from 1816-23 and to Britain from 1826-27, and is also known for founding the American Ethnological Society. Elected to the Senate in 1793 but unable to serve because he had been a US citizen for less than nine years, this native of Switzerland became minority leader of the Democratic Party and its expert on finance. FTP, name this politician who financed the war on the Barbary Pirates, cut the national debt, and financed the Louisiana Purchase as Secretary of the Treasury from 1800-14.

    Answer: (Abraham) Albert _GALLATIN_

  10. Childhood was one of the major themes of this poet's verse, as seen in the collection _The Lost World_. As a critic he is noted for revitalizing the reputations of Frost, Whitman, and Williams, and for his critical works _A Sad Heart at the Supermarket_ and _The Third Book of Criticism_. His only novel, _Pictures from an Institution_, is about a progressive girl's college, while his poetry, mainly based on his experiences as an instructor in the Air Corps during WWII, is found in collections like _Blood for a Stranger_ and _Little Friend, Little Friend_. FTP, name this author of "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner."

    Answer: Randall _JARRELL_

  11. This astronomer, the first to realize that the apparent voids in the Milky Way are dark nebulae of dust and gas, began working as an assistant in a photographic studio at the age of nine. Chair of practical astronomy at the University of Chicago, this astronomer renowned for his eyesight discovered the fifth satellite of Jupiter in 1892, but he is probably best known for his discovery of a "run-away" object in the constellation Ophiuchus. FTP, name this astronomer who discovered his namesake star, the second closest to the Sun.

    Answer: Edward _BARNARD_

  12. This religious order's Bollandist sect publishes the _Acta Sanctorum_, the great collection of biographies and legends of the saints. Doing away with traditional practices like regular penances and fasts in the interest of mobility and adaptability, this order's preeminent position in the Roman Catholic Church led to its abolition by Clement XIV. After its reestablishment by Pius VII, however, it was free to continue its education and missionary endeavors, which had begun with the missionary work of Francis Xavier. FTP, name this order founded by Ignatius of Loyola.

    Answer: _JESUITS_ (or _Society of Jesus_)

  13. Some of this psychologist's lesser known works are _A Way of Being_, _On Becoming A Person_, and _Becoming Partners: Marriage and Its Alternatives_. While at the Rochester Guidance Center he developed the material for _The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child_, and later went on to pioneer encounter group technique, originate the non-directive, or client-centered, approach to psychology, from which grew his Self Theory of Personality, and pen the classic _Counseling and Psychotherapy_. FTP, name this American psychologist, the founder of humanistic psychology.

    Answer: Carl Ransom _ROGERS_

  14. At the height of his power, this author of _Compendium revelationum_ and _Triumphus crucis_ was offered a cardinal's hat, but responded, "A red hat? I want a hat of blood." However, his feud with Pope Alexander VI led to his death at the stake in 1498. FTP, name this vicar of San Marco who predicted the fall of Piero de Medici, after which, despite the opposition of the Arrabbiati, he took political control of Florence, ushering in a brief period of religious fervor.

    Answer: Fra Girolamo _SAVONAROLA_

  15. Living at a depth of 200-300 meters, this brown to blue colored fish is typically 1-2 meters long and weighs over 80 kilograms. Covered with rough, circular, overlapping scales and possessing a three-lobed tail fin that can be used for seabed movement, this Indian Ocean fish, Latimeria chalumnae, is often found as fossils in deposits about 400 million years old, and no fossils less than 70 million years old have been found. FTP, name this bony fish thought extinct until one was caught in 1938.

    Answer: _COELACANTH_ (accept early answer of _Latimeria chalumnae_)

  16. Featuring the aria "Di rigori armato il seno" and the trio "Hab' mir's gelobt," this opera tells of Sophie von Faninal's betrothal to the crude Baron Ochs von Levchenau. Ochs' cousin, the Marschallin, sends her lover Octavian to visit Sophie on Ochs' behalf, but Octavian and Sophie promptly fall in love, and with the help of Valzacchi and Annina, they catch Ochs trying to seduce a young maid who is really Octavian in disguise. Such is the plot of, FTP, what comic opera by Richard Strauss?

    Answer: Der _ROSENKAVALIER_ (or The _Knight of the Rose_)

  17. Two of Rome's kings, Numa Pompilius and Ancus Marcius, had their origins with these peoples, and like the Samnites, they inhabited the Apennines and probably spoke Oscan. Badly defeated by the Romans in 449 BCE, they were conquered two centuries later by Manius Dentatus, who made them citizens without vote, after which they were rapidly Romanized. FTP, name these peoples ruled by the legendary Titus Tatius, best known today for the legend recounting how Romulus, in need of wives for his men, lured their male population away and abducted their virgins.

    Answer: _SABINES_

  18. This man's first published papers were in the field of medicine, and he served as court physician to Madame de Pompador and Louis XV before turning to economics in his 60s. His economic ideas, which were influenced by his medical experience, included the conviction that only the farm adds to a nation's wealth, the development of the assumption of economic equilibrium, and his analysis of capital as a stock of wealth, ideas which were collected in his major publication, 1758's _Tableau Economique_. FTP, name this French economist, the leader of the physiocrats.

    Answer: Francois _QUESNAY_

  19. Author of the autobiography _Living My Life_, this activist worked closely with Alexander Berkman, jointly publishing the magazine "Mother Earth" with him. As recorded in _My Disillusionment With Russia_, she was deported in 1919, but not before she had become notorious for her writings on feminism and birth control, for inciting a riot in New York City in 1893, and for obstructing the draft during WWI, for which she served two years in prison. FTP, name this famous anarchist.

    Answer: Emma _GOLDMAN_

  20. This composer of the opera _Der gedultige Socrates_ and the oratorio _Der Tod Jesu_ once remarked that "a proper composer should be able to set a placard to music." He backed up this claim with his prolific output, including the innumerable concerti, suites, quartets, and sonatas collected in _Musique de table_, and with the number of musical positions which he held, including musical director at Hamburg. In fact, this godfather of CPE Bach was so busy that he was forced to turn down the position of organist for Leipzig's Thomaskirche in favor of JS Bach. FTP, name this prolific Baroque composer known for his opera _Pimpinone_ and the cantata _Ino_.

    Answer: Georg Philipp _TELEMANN_

  21. This architect of the Maine Capitol at Augusta helped promote the voyage of the Columbia, the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. After travelling throughout Europe he became acquainted with Robert Adam, later introducing the Adam style into the US. In 1817 he succeeded Benjamin Latrobe as architect of the US Capitol and prepared a new design for the Rotunda, but he is perhaps best known for the Connecticut and Massachusetts State Houses. FTP, name this man, America's first professional architect.

    Answer: Charles _BULFINCH_

  22. One of this chemist's first achievements was his development of rules correlating ultraviolet spectra with molecular structure, and with Roald Hoffmann he developed the concept of conservation of orbital symmetry. The first to propose the correct biosynthetic pathway to the steroidal hormones in living organisms, this American chemist synthesized a large number of complex molecules, including reserpine, lysergic acid, strychnine, quinine, cholesterol, and chlorophyll, and in collaboration with Albert Eschenmoser he synthesized B12. FTP, name this winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1965.

    Answer: Robert _WOODWARD_

  23. This author's last major work, the satirical fable _Kappa_, revealed the despair induced by his explorations of the dark side of the human spirit, a despair which can also be seen in his autobiographical works _A Fool's Life_ and _Cogwheels_. Before his suicide in 1927, this author penned numerous short stories based upon medieval Japanese tales, the best known of which are _In a Grove_ and _Rashomon_. FTP, identify this author, the namesake of a literary prize for aspiring Japanese writers.

    Answer: _AKUTAGAWA_ Ryunosuke

  24. As this play opens, Rosaura happens upon a tower while looking for Duke Astolfo, whom she plans to kill to avenge her honor. In the tower she meets her father Clotaldo, who is tutor to King Basilio's son, who has been imprisoned in the tower since his birth due to evil portents. However, Basilio soon has Segismundo drugged, brought to the court of Poland, and installed as the new ruler, having determined that if Segismundo fulfills the portents he will be returned to the tower and told that the experience was his imagination. FTP, name this drama by Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

    Answer: _LIFE IS A DREAM_ (or _La vida es sueno_)

  25. This artist of "Agrippina Landing at Brundisium With the Ashes of Germanicus" was a pioneer in the use of medieval subjects, as seen in his series of paintings from the life of Edward III. Training in Italy and settling in London in 1763, this artist was a champion of the Romantic movement in works like "Saul and the Witch of Endor" and "Death on a Pale Horse," was appointed historical painter to George III, and became President of the Royal Academy in 1792. FTP, name this American artist of "Penn's Treaty With the Indians" and "The Death of General Wolfe."

    Answer: Benjamin _WEST_