The Dregs

Bonuses [ASU Evil]
  • Identify the work of literature 30-20-10:

    A. It was published in 1726 under a pseudonym taken from the story's main character and first person narrator. This fictitious author was supposed to have been a ship's surgeon and later a captain.

    B. This satirical work, written by an Irishman, was 80 years later made into a juvenile classic in two parts by a painter in Glasgow.

    C. The story features the amusing and distinctive lands of Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and Houyhnhnms (Hoo IHN uhms)

    answer: Gulliver's Travels

  • Sometimes there are just no good lead-ins for a bonus. Identify the word, 30-20-10-5-1.

    A. One could say that Cyan, the knight of Doma from Final Fantasy VI, expresses this trait.

    B. One could say that this trait may explain why the Amish choose to live an 18th century life style.

    C. It can be defined as a fear or dislike of complex devices, especially computers.

    D. It is also the name of an annual west coast quiz bowl gathering.

    E. Now in its fourth installment, it is the name of the tournament you are playing in right now.

    answer: Technophobia

  • Name the author, 30-20-10:

    A. Some of his novels include Confessions of a Mask, The Sound of Waves, and Forbidden Colors.

    B. Some of his plays include Madame de Sade and Five Modern Noh Plays.

    C. He disemboweled himself publicly after the publication of the last in his series of novels, The Sea of Fertility.

    answer: Mishima Yukio (also accept Hiraoka Kimitake.)

    [ASU Mini-me]
  • Identify these terms from matrix theory, for 10 points each.

    A. This is the term for the square matrix that has 1's along the diagonal and zeroes everywhere else.

    answer: identity

    B. For a given matrix, this term refers to the matrix to which it can be multiplied to result in the identity matrix.

    answer: inverse

    C. This term refers to a matrix that has no inverse.

    answer: singular

  • On 13 September 1759 the fate of the American portion of the Seven Years' War was all but sealed with the fall of Quebec. Answer these questions about it for the stated number of points.

    A. Named for a ship's pilot who formerly owned a part of it, the battlefield where it was fought is now part of a national historic park. For 5 points, name it.

    answer: The Plains of Abraham

    B. Both the British and French commanders were killed on the Plains of Abraham. 10 points for one and 25 points for both, identify the opposing military leaders.

    answer: Maj. Gen. James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm

  • 30-20-10. Identify the author.

    A. No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories

    B. Leafstorm and other Stories

    C. The General in His Labyrinth

    answer: Gabriel García Márquez

  • J.K. Rowling has gone from single welfare mother to best-selling author with the success of the first three books of a proposed 7-book series. For 10 points each, complete the titles of these three books, all starting with "Harry Potter and the..."

    answer: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban

  • During the 1970's, two American geographic clusters attracted international attention as the world's leading centers of technological innovation, near major centers of secondary education.

    A. For 5 points for one, or 15 for both--give the names for these specific sectors located on opposite coasts.

    answer: Silicon Valley and the Route 128 Sector (accept close equivalents for Route 128, but not "Boston")

    B. For 15 points--This man, a pioneer in both sectors, graduated from MIT and took a wartime position at Harvard, but is best known as the man who gave encouragement and financial support to two of his students at Stanford named Hewlett and Packard.

    answer: Fredrick Terman

  • Answer the following questions about deep sea bacteria for 10 points each:

    A. The base energy for almost all of life on earth is due to photosynthesis. However, bacteria thrive which do not require sunlight for energy but instead make use of this element which is abundant around hydrothermal vents.

    answer: Sulfur

    B. What is the general name given to the process through which these sulfur-oxidizing bacteria produce energy?

    answer: chemosynthesis

    C. Finally, what term designates this type of bacteria which refers to the fact that they synthesize their energy from a non-organic source other than sunlight?

    answer: chemoautotrophs

  • For the stated number of points, name these mythological figures who have issues with their feet:

    A. For 5 points: This greek hero was the son of Thetis who had managed to make him mostly invincible, but not completely so.

    answer: Achilles

    B. For 10 points: His name means swell foot. When only a baby, his ankles were pinned together and he was left to die on Mount Cithaeron where he was rescued by a shepherd.

    answer: Oedipus

    C. For 15 points: This gigantic Celtic deity was a mythical king over Britain. His body was killed after he was wounded in the foot in a battle against the Irish. His head lived on for over eighty more years and was eventually buried on the White Mount in London.

    answer: Bran

  • Identify the following thing 30-20-10:

    A. The precursor to the first one of these was established to help England raise funds to wage war against France and the Low Countries. Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the founding shareholders of the French one which was created in 1800 after the financial upheavals of the revolutionary period.

    B. The American one consists of twelve branch banks in cities like Cleveland, St. Louis, and San Francisco and was created by a federal act in 1913.

    C. These are banks which are agencies of national governments. They are largely responsible for printing money, and they also play a central role in setting interest rates in the national economies which they oversee.

    answer: central banks

  • Answer the following about the recent Indian election for the stated number of points:

    A. For 5 points each, what were the two main parties vying for control of the Indian parliament?

    answer: Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP

    B. For 5 points each, name the leader of the losing Congress party, an Italian-born woman, and the leader of the BJP who will remain prime minister of India.

    answer: Sonia Gandhi, and Atal Behari Vajpayee

    C. For a final 10 points, what was the name of the now-ruling party alliance of which the BJP was a part?

    answer: National Democratic Alliance

  • In January of 1879, at Sandalwa, an outpost in Natal province, a force of 1200 British soldiers was overwhelmed by a large contingent of local warriors. Hours later, 4000 more warriors descended on a nearby British military post guarded by only about 100; amazingly, the British force managed to fight them off. Answer these questions for the stated number of points:

    A. (5) Name the tribe to which the warriors belonged, and you'll also name the 1964 movie, starring Michael Caine, about this event.

    answer: Zulu

    B. (10) Name the king of the Zulus who led the failed assault.

    answer: Cetewayo

    C. (15) Name the location of this battle, at which eleven British soldiers earned the Victoria Cross.

    answer: Rorke's Drift

  • Answer these questions about recent fatalities in open wheeled racing for 10 points each:

    A. This young Canadian died following a Lap 10 incident in October's Marlboro 500. It was his final race for the Player's-Forsythe team before his planned move to Penske in 2000.

    answer: Greg Moore

    B. Moore's death was the second CART death in two months. Now name the Uruguayan driver who died in practice at Laguna Seca September 11, who was driving for Team Penske.

    answer: Gonzalo Rodriguez

    C. Besides the two 1999 fatalities, the last death in CART was that of this up and coming driver in 1996's Toronto event, in a crash which also killed two corner workers.

    answer: Jeff Krosnoff


  • I need a psychology bonus, a bonus the breaks the monotonous scoring of this packet, and a bonus that adds a true defensive element to quiz bowl. Therefore, you will now play a 6-game series of rock-paper-scissors with the opposing teams. No designation is allowed. You will receive 5 points for each game you win. Only the team that answered the tossup correctly may score points, the other team merely has the opportunity of preventing them from scoring points. Teams may confer before each play.

  • This so-called "Knot" is a highland region whose name in Turkic denotes its characteristic high, undulating grasslands.

    A. For 10 points--name this region centered in Tajikistan where four major mountain ranges meet.

    answer: Pamir Knot

    B. For 5 points each--name the four major mountain ranges that converge on the Pamir Knot.

    answer: Hindu Kush

    Kunlun or K'un-Lun Shan

    Karakoram Shan or K'a-La-K'un-Lun Shan

    T'ien Shan or Tian Shan or Tyan Shan

  • Given each hominid species, identify the present-day country in which specimens of it were first found, for 10 points each:

    A. Australopithecus africanus

    answer: South Africa

    B. Homo erectus

    answer: Indonesia

    C. Homo neanderthalensis

    answer: Germany

  • The pituitary gland secretes eight major hormones. For 5 points each--name any six of these.

    answer: growth hormone (or GH or somatrotropin)

    thyroid-stimulating hormone (or TSH or thryrotropin)

    adrenocorticotropic hormone (or ACTH or corticotropin)

    follicle-stimulating hormone (or FSH or folliculotropin)

    luteinizing hormone (or LH or luteotropin)


    antiduretic hormone (or ADH or vasopressin)


  • Given the university, name the mascot for 5 points each:

    A. Harvard University

    answer: Crimson

    B. Colorado State University

    answer: Rams

    C. West Virginia University

    answer: Mountaineers

    D. Syracuse University

    answer: Orangemen

    E. University of North Dakota

    answer: Fighting Sioux

    F. University of Alaska at Fairbanks

    answer: Nanooks

  • Identify the Russian Composers from their various compositions--10 points if you require only one, 5 if you need two.

    A. (10) Petruchka
    (5) Firebird

    answer: Igor Stravinsky

    B. (10) District of Mzensk
    (5) The Nose

    answer: Dimitri Shostakovich

    C. (10) Ilya Mourometz
    (5) The Red Poppy

    answer: Reinhold Glier

  • Identify the following literary works from medieval times and the Renaissance. 10 points if you need only a character from the work, 5 points if you need the author.

    A. (10) Mordred.
    (5) Sir Thomas Malory

    answer: Morte D'Arthur

    B. (10) Gargamelle
    (5) Francois Rabelais

    answer: Gargantua and Pantagruel

    C. (10) Mark of Tintagel
    (5) Chretien de Troyes

    answer: The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

  • Given a work, name its Nobel Prize winning author for 10 points each:

    A. The Dean's December

    answer: Saul Bellow

    B. Steppenwolf

    answer: Hermann Hesse

    C. Six Characters in Search of an Author

    answer: Luigi Pirandello

    D. Children of Gabelawi

    answer: Naguib Mahfouz

    E. The Cockatoos

    answer: Patrick White

    F. Return to the Future

    answer: Sigrid Undset

  • For 10 points each, given an atom, give its full electron configuration. No short cuts.

    A. Oxygen.

    answer: 1s2, 2s2, 2p4

    B. Potassium.

    answer: 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 4s1

    C. Zinc.

    answer: 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 3d10, 4s2 [Stanford]

  • Keynesian, monetarist, or neither? For 10 points each, given a governmental policy, define it as Keynesian, monetarist, or neither.

    A. Central bank allowing interest rates to float.

    answer: monetarist

    B. "Trickle down" economics--tax cuts for all, especially for the rich, to free up capital.

    answer: monetarist

    C. Government spending on public works to employ workers and stimulate the economy.

    answer: Keynesian

  • For the stated number of points, name the type of chord spelled by the following notes:

    A. 5: B-flat, D-flat, F

    answer: B-flat minor triad

    B. 5: F, A, C, E-flat

    answer: F dominant seventh or major-minor seventh,
    (do not prompt on "major seventh" or "minor seventh")

    C. 10: F, A, C, D-sharp

    answer: German augmented sixth

    D. 10: F-sharp, A, C, E

    answer: F-sharp half-diminished seventh (do not prompt on "diminished seventh")

  • Given a Shakespearean tragedy, name the people who die in the last act only, for 10 points each, all or nothing.

    A. Romeo and Juliet

    answer: Romeo, Juliet, and Paris

    B. Hamlet

    answer: Claudius, Gertrude, Hamlet, and Laertes

    C. King Lear

    answer: Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Lear, Edmund, and the Slave
    (Give full points if "slave" is all that is missed, since he is not an actual character and Lear kills him offstage.)

  • There's been a whole lot of shaking going on! For 5 points each, and a 5 point bonus for all correct, given a list of locations of earthquakes that have happened recently, put them in order of magnitude from greatest to least.

    List: Costa Rica, Turkey, California, Greece, Taiwan

    answer: Taiwan, Turkey, California, Costa Rica, Greece

  • For 10 points each--given a world champion and his country, identify his sport:

    A. Earl Anthony of the USA

    answer: bowling

    B. James Hunt of the USA

    answer: auto racing

    C. John Newcombe of Australia

    answer: tennis

  • For 10 points each--identify the capitals of the following Asian countries:

    A. North Korea

    answer: Pyongyang

    B. Malaysia

    answer: Kuala Lumpur

    C. Mongolia

    answer: Ulan Bator

  • Answer the following questions on the Russian Revolution in the twentieth century for 10 points each:

    A. Who was Czar up until the March Revolution?

    answer: Nicholas II

    B. Russia's October Revolution actually took place in what month?

    answer: November

    C. In what year did the Russian Revolution take place?

    answer: 1917

  • For 10 points each--given three Japanese anime, match them with the following schools of Japanese anime. Your answers are Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Princess Mononoke. [Moderator: Please hold the answers till the end of the bonus.]

    A. Shonen is anime for boys, with innocuous programming for the hyper, Attention Deficit Disordered kids.

    answer: Pokemon

    B. Wabi-Sabi is anime of gentle, lyrical, yet intense tales, often told in a pastoral or historical setting.

    answer: Princess Mononoke

    C. Shojo is anime for girls, with innocent situations told from a female perspective.

    answer: Sailor Moon

  • Koreans label important events in history by date. Answer the following questions for 10 points each:

    A. On Sa-I-Gu, or April 29, 1992, many Korean-Americans in Los Angeles were attacked in the riots following a famous trial about the alleged beating of what man?

    answer: Rodney King

    B. On Yook-I-O, or June 25 of this year, the Korean War began.

    answer: 1950

    C. On Sam-Il, or March 1, 1919, there was a massive protest against this country's colonial rule in Korea.

    answer: Japan

  • For 10 points each--identify these pre-Socratic Milesian philosophers:

    A. This first Milesian was one of the "Seven Wise Men" of Ancient Greece. He correctly predicted the 585 BC solar eclipse. As a philosopher, he identified water as common in everything.

    answer: Thales

    B. This second Milesian came up with the idea of the apeiron and produced the first maps.

    answer: Anaximander

    C. This third Milesian held that air to be first principle and the basis of matter. He thought other matters are formed by compressing or rarefacting air.

    answer: Anaximenes