Technophobia 4: Massive Quizbowl Overdose
Caltech Packet Full of Posies: Tossups

  1. They were a late species of dromaeosaur, similar to Deinonychus but not as big, only six feet long and weighing maybe one hundred pounds. They probably had feathers and must have had a high metabolism, since they were bipedal but agile enough to kill prey with the large talons on their feet. For 10 points--identify these "speedy plunderers" who were smaller and less scaly than they appear in the movies.

    answer: velociraptors

  2. In the century after its publication, it averaged an edition a year and was translated into over thirty languages. The underlining in surviving copies suggests that readers paid more attention to the jokes and instructions on how to ride and dance with elegance than the conversations of Duchess Elizabeth of Gonzaga and her lieutenant Emilia, which dealt with philosophical questions of the necessity of noble birth and the role of warfare in the life of the well-bred Italian. For 10 points--name this set of instructions on good behaviour and courtly love written in 1513 by Baldassare Castiglione.

    answer: The Book of the Courtier or Il cortegiano

  3. She is not Joycelyn Elders, but she has advocated teaching children about masturbation as a more realistic safe-sex alternative than abstinence in her best-seller Promiscuities. Stances such as these have been controversial since she has reportedly been paid $15,000 per month by the Gore campaign for political strategy advice on how to appeal to women voters, including how to make him be perceived as an "alpha male." For 10 points--name this prominent feminist, author of The Beauty Myth.

    answer: Naomi Wolf

  4. They are like humans in that they have bodily needs, are mortal, can do good or evil, and will eventually face salvation or damnation by Allah. They were thought to inspire poets, and Muhammed originally feared that his revelations were due to them. Christina Aguilera claims to be one in a hit song. For 10 points--identify these supernatural beings beneath angels and devils in Islamic mythology.

    answer: jinni or jinn (accept ifrit before "Christina")

  5. Its lobby features walls of Moroccan red marble, elevator doors inlaid with Japanese ash, and a ceiling covered with an Edward Trumbull mural entitled "Energy, Result, Workmanship and Transportation." Its seven-story pinnacle was assembled inside the building and, at the last minute, jockeyed into position, thwarting its competitors in the contest to become the world's tallest building. For 10 points--name this Art Deco masterpiece of William Van Alen, a 1,084-foot New York landmark notable for its gargoyles made of radiator caps.

    answer: Chrysler Building

  6. Despite saying such things as "Since God has given us the Papacy, let us enjoy it," and "What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us," he was considered more pious than his Borgia predecessors. He formed the League of Mechlin to oppose France. A lavish supporter of the arts, he re-affirmed the indulgences which had been authorized by Julius II to finance the construction of St. Peter's, but these indulgences were not popular in northern Europe. For 10 points--name this pope who was driven to excommunicate Martin Luther.

    answer: Leo X or Giovanni de Medici

  7. It was advertised with the tagline, "There is no future without it." Ruby Rhod couldn't figure out if he was more like Prince or Arsenio Hall, and Zorg was dumb enough to get blown up by his own bomb. It's a good thing Plavalaguna had those stones inside her, or everyone on Earth would have been crushed by a huge fireball of pure evil. These plot elements appear in--for 10 points--what 1997 Luc Besson movie starring Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis?

    answer : The Fifth Element

  8. His greatest memorial is his mortuary temple at Abydos, and his tomb is the finest in the Valley of the Kings. During his reign, the great hypostyle hall at Karnak was completed, and many public works were restored after the troubled years of the 18th Dynasty. He reclaimed Palestine and parts of Syria for the Egyptian empire and pushed the Hittites under Muwatallis back to the Orontes River. For 10 points--identify this king of the 19th Dynasty, the son of Ramses I and the father of Ramses II.

    answer: Seti I

  9. His Bathroom had seamless germ-free surfaces, a mirror which didn't steam up, a "Fog Gun" vapor shower that only required one cup of water, and a toilet which neatly shrink-wrapped excrement for composting. His House was heated and cooled by natural means, had downdraft ventilation to reduce the need for vacuuming and dusting, and had rotating closets to bring you your clothes. His Car got 30 miles to the gallon, went 120 miles an hour, and could do a 180 degree turn in its own length. For 10 points--what inventor of the Dymaxion House, Car, and Bathroom also invented the geodesic dome?

    answer: R(ichard) Buckminster Fuller

  10. The name may have been derived from the Spanish for "flat country." Formed by the confluence of the Tugaloo and Seneca rivers, it constitutes the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina as it flows southeastward past Augusta and its namesake city, which was the objective of Sherman's march to the sea. For 10 points, give the name of this river and colonial capital of Georgia, which has nothing to do with a terrain characterized by an open tree canopy above a hot, dry grassland.

    answer: Savannah

  11. His last words were, "Oh dear, I think I'm becoming a god." Milestones on the way to immortality included his proconsulship in Africa, where he was so miserly that the people pelted him with turnips, and his successful military campaign in Judaea, which was interrupted by the death of Nero. For 10 points--identify this Roman general who, after the brief reigns of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius, ended a civil war by becoming emperor and founding the Flavian dynasty.

    answer: Vespasian

  12. Dedicated to the Biblical command of Exodus 22:18, it was first published in 1486 by Johann Sprenger and Heinrich Kraemer, and it would go through 28 editions over the next century. Sprenger and Kraemer had received a papal bull from Innocent VIII two years earlier, which gave the book an aura of papal authority as it advocated the use of torture in securing confessions. For 10 points--identify this handbook on how to hunt witches.

    answer: Malleus maleficarum or The Witches' Hammer

  13. Their first recording was in the Virtual Earth sound studio around February, 1977, and their first live performance was in Paris on May 28, 1977. They only recorded one album, which contains the songs "Visions of the Night," "New World Blues," and "Lady of Delight." The band that followed them reworked their song "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" and made it famous. For 10 points--identify this rock group, the precursor to The Police, which also shares its name with a highly radioactive isotope of element 38 which has a 28-year half-life and is the product of nuclear fallout.

    answer: Strontium-90

  14. "When at the first I took my pen in hand/ Thus for to write, I did not understand/ That I at all should make a little book/ In such a mode: nay I had undertook/ To make another, which when almost done,/ Before I was aware, I this begun." begins the author's apology for this book. The story proper begins, "As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where there was a den (the gaol), and I laid me down in that place to sleep: and as I slept, I dreamed a dream." For 10 points--name this 1678 book about the adventures of Christian, written by John Bunyan.

    answer: Pilgrim's Progress

  15. He was not Jesus, but he was murdered on an Easter Friday. He was not the Archangel Michael, but the army that he commanded was described as "the glory of the coming of the Lord." He was not Moses, but he is famous for delivering a people from bondage. He was not the patriarch Abraham, but you might say that he was a patriarch Abraham. He still was not Jesus, but he is well-known for saying that "a house divided against itself cannot stand." For 10 points--identify this sixteenth President of the United States.

    answer: Abraham Lincoln

  16. Its creators admitted that their intent was to design a product for a company that would be bought out quickly. Internet users are now starting to auction off their numbers on eBay and attracting bids if the numbers are small enough. The numbers identify users of this service that allows instant communication through the internet via a protocol first created by the Mirabilis company. The UINs in question are--for 10 points--used by what instant-messaging program now owned by America Online?

    answer: ICQ

  17. In his 1903 tone poem Symphonia Domestica, a huge orchestra describes 24 hours in the life of his family, including bathing the baby, quarreling, and having make-up sex. He and his wife appear again as the protagonists of the 1918 opera Die Frau ohne Schatten, a bizarre Wagnerian version of Mozart's The Magic Flute. For 10 points--name this composer more famous for the opera Der Rosenkavalier and the tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra.

    answer: Richard Georg Strauss

  18. His grandnephew, who was named for him, had the last name Pickard and developed the crystal detector radio receiver, a point-contact rectifier which was the forerunner of the transistor. He himself wrote antislavery pamphlets for William Lloyd Garrison's Liberator, as well as church hymns which are still sung today, but he is better known for sentimental poetry about nature and incidents in rural life. For 10 points--name this Quaker poet, influenced by Robert Burns, whose works include "Maud Muller" and "Snowbound."

    answer: John Greenleaf Whittier
    [note: his grandnephew was named Greenleaf Whittier Pickard, and probably got beat up a lot at school.]

  19. The Interrotron, which allows persons to look directly into the camera while maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, was used to speak to mole-rat specialist Ray Mendez, lion-tamer Dave Hoover, topiary gardener George Mendonca, and designer of bug-like robots Rodney Brooks. For 10 points--these men appear in what 1997 Errol Morris documentary, whose title comes from a paper by Brooks subtitled "A Robot Invasion of the Solar System"?

    answer: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

  20. The Wiedemann-Franz law shows that, for this class of materials, the ratio of the thermal conductivity to the electrical conductivity is directly proportional to the temperature. The constant of proportionality, called the Lorenz number, is independent of the particular material, a result which supports the theory of the free electron gas used to describe the properties of--for 10 points--which materials which include rubidium, cesium and sodium and are useful for body piercings and chain link fences?

    answer: metals

  21. Her death at the age of 34 tormented her father, who had found great comfort in their correspondence, until his own death nine years later. The daughter of Maria Gamba, she was considered unfit for marriage because of her illegitimacy and was placed into a convent. There she took vows as Sister Maria Celeste, a name she chose out of respect for her father's fascination with the stars. For 10 points--identify this Venetian nun, whose 124 letters to her father, the discoverer of four moons of Jupiter, form the basis of a 1999 book by Dava Sobel.

    answer: Galileo's Daughter (accept Virginia)

  22. Called hamestagan by Zoroastrians, it is inhabited by the faithful who have fallen off the Bridge of the Requiter and are doomed to suffer extreme heat and cold. In Laetentur Caeli, Pope Eugenius IV authoritatively defined it according to Second Maccabees 12:45, which states, "...If he was looking to the splendid reward laid up for those who fall asleep in godliness, it was a holy and pious thought. Therefore he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin." For 10 points--name this haven for souls which can be purified by indulgences bought on their behalf by the faithful on earth.

    answer: purgatory (do not accept: limbo)