Technophobia 4: Massive Quizbowl Overdose
Caltech Packet Full of Posies: Bonuses

  1. Prepare an infusion of white wine, vinegar, tarragon, and shallots. Reduce it by boiling, add egg yolks, and heat. Beat in melted butter until the desired texture is obtained. For 10 points each--

    A. This is the recipe for what classic French sauce, whose colloidal properties were investigated in a 1977 paper published in Nature?

    answer: béarnaise sauce

    B. The addition of butter turns the sauce into this type of viscous colloidal mixture, in which the fat molecules do not mix evenly with the continuous wine mixture and are dispersed throughout it.

    answer: emulsion

    C. Along with cholesterol and livetin, the egg yolks in the sauce contain these common emulsifying agents, phosphoglycerides which help to keep the emulsion from separating on the way to the table.

    answer: lecithins

  2. Identify these military forces or battles from the commanding officer for 10 points, or from a more famous subordinate officer for 5.

    A. (10) The commanding officer of this military unit was Captain Leonard Wood.

    (5) Wood recruited this unit with his friend, Theodore Roosevelt.

    answer: 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry or Rough Riders

    B. (10) The commander in chief of this army was Thomas Fairfax.

    (5) Even though members of Parliament were supposedly not allowed to hold commands or offices in this army, Fairfax insisted that Oliver Cromwell be made second-in-command.

    answer: New Model Army

    C. (10) The Greek forces at this battle were commanded by Eurybiades.

    (5) Although Eurybiades was technically in charge because most of the Greeks wanted a Spartan commander, it was the Athenian Themistocles that received most of the credit for this tremendous victory.

    answer: Salamis

  3. The beautiful and impetuous Bathsheba Everdene inherits a farm and a great deal of money at a young age, and creates quite a stir in the county of Wessex.

    A. For 5 points each, give the author and title of this work, its author's first successful novel.

    answer: Thomas Hardy and Far From the Madding Crowd

    B. Bathsheba is pursued by three men: the rakish bastard soldier, the wealthy, respected gentleman farmer, and her sturdy, dependable, loyal shepherd and bailey. For 5 points for one, 10 for two, and 20 for all three, name these three suitors.

    answer: Sergeant Francis (Frank) Troy, Mr. William Boldwood, and Gabriel Oak (accept either name)

  4. Identify these cities of Andalusía, for 10 points each.

    A. Located on the Guadalquivir river, this largest city of Andalusía and fourth largest city of Spain is the setting for Carmen and The Marriage of Figaro.

    answer: Seville or Sevilla

    B. Probably founded by the Carthaginians, it was the capital of the Roman province of Baetica and of the Umayyad prince Abd ar-Rahman. Located on the Guadalquivir river about 75 miles northeast of Seville, during the 10th century it was the largest and perhaps the most cultured city of Europe.

    answer: Cordova or Córdoba

    C. Founded by the Phoenicians in the 12th century B.C., this city on the Costa del Sol shares its name with a variety of heavy, sweet, red wines, including certain kosher wines served at Jewish celebrations.

    answer: Málaga

  5. Answer the following about Los Angeles water politics for 10 points per answer.

    A. As the rapidly growing city of Los Angeles exhausted its local water resources, between 1911 and 1923 the water superintendent audaciously purchased 95% of the water rights to a distant river, then constructed a 233-mile-long aqueduct across the Mojave Desert to divert the water to Los Angeles. Tough luck, ranchers! Name the superintendent and the river.

    answer: William Mulholland, Owens River

    B. A highly fictionalized account of the Owens Valley water project appeared in this 1974 movie which won the Oscar for best screenplay.

    answer: Chinatown

  6. Given a pop music verse which Learjet could use in a commercial jingle, identify the song and the artist or group, 5 points per correct answer.

    A. "And then she chartered a Lear
    When she heard her career was in danger
    And gave the pilot somethin' extra for a perfect ride"

    answer: That's Not Her Style by Billy Joel

    B. "I'm in the hi-fidelity first class travelling set
    And I think I need a Learjet"

    answer: Money by Pink Floyd

    C. "Well I hear you went up to Saratoga and your horse naturally won
    Then you flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia
    To see the total eclipse of the sun"

    answer: You're So Vain by Carly Simon

  7. Are you scatterbrained? Identify these types of scattering for 10 points each.

    A. This is the dispersion of electromagnetic radiation by particles that have a diameter less than approximately one fifth the wavelength of the radiation. The intensity of the scattered light is related to that of the incident light by the inverse fourth power of the wavelength, which accounts for the blue color of the sky.

    answer: Rayleigh scattering

    B. If the size of the scattering particles approaches or exceeds the wavelength of the light, this complex theory explains why white light is scattered at the largest sizes, such as in fog and clouds.

    answer: Mie (pron. "me") scattering

    C. When applied to crystalline materials, this effect refers to inelastic scattering of light from a material, which changes the wavelength of the incident light as well as resulting in the creation of a phonon or magnon in the material.

    answer: Raman scattering or Raman effect

  8. In addition to confusing Slovenia with Slovakia, he has called the Greeks "Grecians," the Kosovars "Kosovarians," and the East Timorese the "East Timorians."

    A. First, for 5 points, name this man.

    answer: George W. Bush or Dubya

    Adding to the perception that he is a foreign policy lightweight, Bush flubbed a reporter's pop quiz and was unable to identify the leaders of four hotspots around the globe. Show that you can do better by naming these political leaders.

    B. (5) the prime minister of India

    answer: Atal Behari Vajpayee

    C. (10) the president of Taiwan

    answer: Lee Teng-Hui (prompt on "Lee." If the team can't give the full name, give them 5 points, since that is all Bush could come up with, either.)

    D. (10) the president of Chechnya

    answer: Aslan Mashkhadov

  9. Identify these related artists on a 15-10 basis.

    A. (15) This photographer, a pioneer of the solarization technique, dabbled in film and sculpture. His works include 1923's metronome with a photograph of an eye fixed to the pendulum, entitled Object to be Destroyed, which it was by anti-Dada rioters in 1957.

    (10) Born Emanuel Rabinovitch, he discovered how to make cameraless pictures, called, appropriately, rayographs, by placing objects on light-sensitive paper and then developing it.

    answer: Man Ray (accept: Emanuel Rabinovitch on 15-point clue)

    B. (15) His first sculpture, now lost, was 1913's Bicycle Wheel, which consisted of a wheel mounted on the seat of a stool. His brother, Jacques Villon, was also an artist.

    (10) He completed few paintings, but this sculptor of ready-mades like Fountain, which is a urinal, is most famous for his 1912 canvas Nude Descending a Staircase.

    answer: Marcel Duchamp

  10. For 10 points each--identify these famous Kurds.

    A. This Kurdish separatist leader was captured in Kenya by Turkish authorities, convicted of treason, and sentenced to hang.

    answer: Abdullah Ocalan

    B. This founder of the Ayyuvid dynasty captured Jerusalem from the Franks in 1187.

    answer: Saladin

    C. This Kurdish military leader was president of the short-lived Kurdish Mahabad Republic, which had been established with Soviet aid in northwestern Iran. He later fought a guerilla war against Iraq, but his forces were eventually crushed and he sought asylum in the U.S.

    answer: Mustafa al-Barzani

  11. Identify these birds for 10 points each.

    A. Most birds rely on vision to find food and have a poor sense of smell, but this American bird of species Cathartes aura is an exception. It subsists on carrion and it can smell a small piece of rotten meat over half a mile away.

    answer: turkey vulture or turkey buzzard

    B. There are estimated to be more than 100 billion of this small sparrow-like African bird. Sometimes called "locust birds," the enormous flocks of these birds will consume farmers' crops with devastating effect. Attempts to control their population with poisons, napalm, pathogens, and dynamite have not been very successful.

    answer: red-billed quelea (also accept: dioch)

    C. This bird migrates over longer distances than any other creature on Earth. It breeds north of the Arctic Circle, then migrates to the Antarctic pack ice 11,000 miles to the south.

    answer: Arctic tern

  12. Identify these measurements used to describe the volatility of a stock investment, for 15 points each:

    A. This variable describes the sensitivity of the stock price to movements in the overall market index. A value of 0.7 means the stock price is likely to change by 70% of the change up or down in the overall market. A value of 1.3 means the stock tends to move up or down 30% more than the index.

    answer: beta

    B. Named after a Stanford economist, this ratio is just the expected or measured differential return of the investment over some time period, divided by the expected or measured standard deviation of the return.

    answer: Sharpe ratio

  13. Is it Ben? Is it Noel? Is it Ben? Is it Noel? Right now, thank heavens, it's neither one. Identify these other romantic prospects of Felicity Porter for 10 points each:

    A. While Noel was about to cheat on her with Hannah, Felicity lost her virginity to this adorable art student.

    answer: Eli

    B. Felicity almost married this gay guy, her boss at Dean & DeLuca, so he wouldn't be deported back to Spain and separated from his one true love, Samuel.

    answer: Javier

    C. Felicity's new boyfriend, he's also the son of her Drawing 10 professor. He finally kissed her in last week's episode even though she had mono.

    answer: David Sherman

  14. Identify the entity 30/20/10/5.

    30: When it says, "darkness was over the surface of the deep" at the beginning of Genesis, the Hebrew word for "the deep" is derived from her name. She is the personification of salt water.

    20: Her consort was Apsu, the personification of fresh water. After Apsu was killed, her new consort was Kingu, one of her sons.

    10: The Enuma elish describes how Marduk killed her, cut her body in half, and used it to make the earth and the sky.

    5: She was the mother of everything in Mesopotamian mythology, but in "Dungeons and Dragons" she was merely the ruler of evil dragons.

    answer: Tiamat

  15. Identify the following oft-confused features of everyone's favourite epic, Beowulf, for the stated number of points:

    A. (5) The mead hall attacked by Grendel.

    answer: Heorot

    B. (5) The king of the Danes to which Heorot belongs.

    answer: Hrothgar

    C. (10) The king of the Geats to which Beowulf is a thane.

    answer: Hygelac

    D. (10) The trusty sword with which Beowulf slays Grendel's mother.

    answer: Hrunting

  16. For 10 points each--identify these authors who based collections of fables on those of Aesop:

    A. This Frenchman's verse Fables were published in twelve books between 1668 and 1694.

    answer: Jean de La Fontaine

    B. This earliest known French woman poet was the author of hundreds of 12th century lais, as well as a collection of fables dedicated to Henry II of England and entitled Ysopets. (pron: EE-so-PAY).

    answer: Marie de France

    C. This Swiss Dominican's 1350 book of fables, entitled The Precious Stone, was, in 1461, the first book to be printed in the German language. His surname is also the nickname of Mike Seaver's dorky friend on Growing Pains, and can also refer to an uncomfortable condition.

    answer: Ulrich Boner or Bonerius

  17. Identify the terms from abstract algebra for 10 points each.

    A. An element of a group G which can be written in the form "c a c-inverse"[cac^(-1)] for some c in G is said to have what relation to a?

    answer: they are conjugate

    B. If a subgroup K of a group G is fixed when G acts upon it by conjugation, then K is what sort of subgroup?

    answer: normal

    C. If the only normal subgroups of a group G are itself and the trivial group, G is known as what?

    answer: simple

  18. He landed at Lyme Regis, Dorset with 82 followers and quickly raised over 4,000 men to help him carry out a rebellion against the reigning monarch. For 10 points each, name:

    A. This illegitimate son of Charles II who, on July 6, 1685, was defeated on the plain of Sedgemoor by troops lead by John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough.

    answer: James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (accept either underlined name)

    B. The king who was the target of the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion.

    answer: James II

    C. The brutal trials conducted after the rebellion by Jeffreys of Wem, which resulted in Monmouth's beheading and thousands of his followers hanged, fined, flogged, imprisoned or sent to Barbados.

    answer: Bloody Assizes

  19. Identify the following about Japanese poetry for 10 points each:

    A. Ten points are yours if/ you can name the form in which/ this clue is written.

    answer: haiku

    B. This five-line, 31-syllable poem has historically been the basic form of Japanese poetry. It is synonymous with the term "waka," which more broadly denotes all Japanese poetry with classical forms.

    answer: tanka

    C. This linked verse form began as the composition of a single tanka by two people. A popular pastime in boring rural areas was to play "screw your neighbour" by making your part of the tanka incredibly difficult to complete intelligibly.

    answer: renga

  20. Identify these often-confused mountain ranges, for 10 points each.

    A. This large mountain range extends almost 2000 miles from Newfoundland to central Alabama.

    answer: Appalachian Mountains

    B. This mountain range in northeastern New York, sometimes considered a part of the Appalachians, extends from the St. Lawrence River valley and Lake Champlain southward to the Mohawk River valley.

    answer: Adirondack Mountains

    C. Also a part of the Appalachians, this mountain range extends for more than 500 miles from north-central Pennsylvania south-southwestward to southwestern Virginia.

    answer: Allegheny Mountains

  21. Pencil and paper may or may not be needed.

    A. For 10 points--ignoring leap years--how many minutes are in a year?

    answer: 525,600

    B. You didn't really need to do any calculation to figure out that 525,600 minutes are one way to measure a year. A song which begins the second act of a 1996 musical about starving artists in New York would have taught you this handy fact. For 10 points each--name the musical and the song.

    answer: Rent, Seasons of Love

  22. He had a phenomenal 1999 season, winning 8 PGA tournaments, and four in a row at the end, capped off by a dramatic playoff victory in the World Golf Championship.

    A. For 10 points, who is this #1 ranked golfer in the world, who earned $6.6 million in prize money this year?

    answer: Eldrick "Tiger" Woods

    B. Woods' final victory of the season came at what golf course on Spain's Costa del Sol, the site of the 1997 Ryder Cup?

    answer: Valderrama Golf Club

    C. What Spanish golfer did Woods defeat in the playoff to win his eighth title in 1999?

    answer: Miguel Angel Jiménez