Technophobia 4: Massive Quizbowl Overdose
Tossups by ASU 2 Mini-Me (Brian Moore)
  1. In his 17th appearance he has a new assistant, played by John Cleese. According to his first appearance his name is Major Boothroyd, but this character played by Desmond Llewellyn is known better by a single letter. For 10 points--name this role, who may be arming Bond for the last time in this year's The World Is Not Enough.

    answer: Q (accept Desmond Llewellyn on early buzz)

  2. This body of water shares its name with a manned spacecraft--ironic, since it was the unmanned spacecraft Galileo that has generated renewed interest in it. For 10 points--name this Antarctic lake which, similar to the proposed oceans of Europa, is sealed beneath a thick sheet of ice.

    answer: Lake Vostok

  3. Are the beliefs of doomsday cults all Greek to you? If so, you're in luck, because you probably already know the 11-letter word, from the Greek for "study of the last," that describes the Christian doctrines concerning the Last Judgment. So--for 10 points--put an end to this question and say the word.

    answer: eschatology

  4. This founding member of Studio Ghibli wrote his first feature in 1972, Panda, Little Panda. Since then he has worked on over a dozen films, including Laputa and My Neighbor Totoro. For 10 points--name him, a celebrated Japanese animator poised for mainstream American success with the star-studded dubbing of his latest film Princess Mononoke.

    answer: Hayao Miyazaki

  5. It arises during the transformation between coordinate systems. Named for the 19th century mathematician who first investigated its properties, students of calculus use it when changing the coordinates of a multiple integral. For 10 points--name this mathematical device, which sounds like it might also refer to the lead actor of I, Claudius.

    answer: Jacobian

  6. He rejected the predominant philosophy of 18th-century warfare, and instead advocated in the face of Napoleonic conflict that the concept of limited war should be set aside in favor of all-out conflict. For 10 points--name this Prussian general and military scientist, who set down his ideas on total war in his Vom Kriege, or On War.

    answer: Carl Philip Gottlieb von Clausewitz

  7. By itself it has the same mass as a single gold atom. Of course that is irrelevant, since in theory it cannot be found by itself. For 10 points--name this now experimentally verified particle, the heaviest of the six flavors of quarks.

    answer: top or truth

  8. She performed at both Prince Charles' 50th birthday celebration and the Christmas in the Vatican concert. The latter performance was all the more unusual since Pope John Paul II's reign predates her birth by nine years. For 10 points--name this Welsh singer, the youngest ever to have an album hit No. 1 on the classical chart, 1999's "Voice of an Angel."

    answer: Charlotte Church

  9. The only scoring areas are the left and right sides, the top of the head, the wrists, the trunk, or a thrust to the throat. In addition, the point struck must be called out to the judges in order to be considered scored. For 10 points--name this sport, compulsory in some high schools, and requiring body armor and a bamboo sword called a shinai (shi-NIGH).

    answer: kendo

  10. It is currently the capital of the Chinese province of Jiangsu. A port on the Yangtze River, it served as the prefectural capital under several dynasties, and in 1853 was taken over during the Taiping Rebellion and renamed "The Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace." For 10 points--name this city, best known in the West as the site of a massacre in 1937.

    answer: Nanking (accept Nan-ching, Nanjing)

  11. The muse Clio is often represented in art with a trumpet and one of these objects. The only town one in North America is in Middleton, Nova Scotia. Galileo used one filled with mercury to time his experiments on falling bodies. For 10 points--name this timepiece, whose name comes from the Greek for "water thief."

    answer: clepsydra (accept water clock on early buzz)

  12. Thanks to the actions of the Earl of Burford it has earned mention in the American press. In a protest without recent precedent, he stood upon it to voice his displeasure with the abolition of hereditary peerage. For 10 points--name his roost, the cushion that serves as the official seat of the Lord Chancellor in Britain's soon-to-be-reformed House of Lords.

    answer: the Woolsack

  13. One of them sits in the Frederik Maijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The other sits not in the courtyard of the Sportsa Castle where it was intended, but in a new cultural park next to Milan's race track. For 10 points--name this statue, designed by Nina Akamu but planned five centuries earlier.

    answer: Leonardo (da Vinci)'s Horse
    Note: prompt on "Leonardo" or "Horse"

  14. It is composed of many tightly packed elements called ommatidia, each with a transparent facet at the top, four Semper's cells forming the crystalline cone, and a sensory region called the retinula. For 10 points--name this organ, found only in arthropods and responsible for their sense of sight.

    answer: compound eye

  15. It made and administered its own laws and formed a militia to ward off Indian attacks. It drew up a constitution and elected officers led by John Sevier, but it was eventually dissolved. For 10 points--name it, incorporated into the Southwest Territory and now part of Tennessee, but once an unofficial state.

    answer: Franklin

  16. His latest film project, co-written with Harvey Firestein, will be next year's "Common Ground." When it comes out, though, he probably won't be travelling to promote it in Muslim countries, as he is now the subject of a fatwa because of his play about a homosexual Jesus. For 10 points--name this man, who earlier drew the ire of Christians with the play, Corpus Christi.

    answer: Terrence McNally

  17. This Cuban-born author earned his degree in literature while working for the Communist periodical L'Unita. His service in the Italian Resistance inspired his first work The Path to the Nest of the Spiders. But he made his mark with his more fantastic works such as The Baron in the Trees and Invisible Cities. For 10 points--name him, the author of Cosmicomics and If On a Winter's Night a Traveler.

    answer: Italo Calvino

  18. Its unusual name comes from the Middle English word for the confession of sins to a priest. This was to prepare the devout for the onset of Lent on the next day. For 10 points--name this religious day, which the French refer to as "Fat Tuesday."

    answer: Shrove Tuesday

  19. The first of these cults developed in 1869 around Wodziwob and spread to California and Oregon. The second derived from Wovoka, who had a vision during a solar eclipse in 1889. The following year, it reached the Sioux, with disastrous consequnces. For 10 points--name this Native American religious movement, partly blamed for inducing the massacre at Wounded Knee.

    answer: Ghost Dance

  20. As an apprentice for the weekly The Countryman he became familiar with slave dialect and folklore. The first of his best-known series of stories appeared in 1879 in the Atlanta Constitution. For 10 points--name this author, who spent the last part of his life as editor of Uncle Remus's Magazine.

    answer: Joel Chandler Harris

  21. Earlier this year the eight-year Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale used the Cepheid variable stars to determine the distance to the spiral galaxy NGC 4603. This was the final measurement used in determining--for 10 points--what cosmologically important parameter, appropriately using the Hubble Space Telescope?

    answer: Hubble constant or H0 [H-Naught]

  22. An early example of this genre was Yevgeny Zamyatin's 1924 novel We. Cinematic versions include Metropolis and THX-1138. For 10 points--name this literary view of a dismal future, other examples of which include Brave New World and 1984.

    answer: dystopia

    Tiebreaker question

  23. With the addition of Microsoft and Disney to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the index now appears less industrial. In fact, with the elimination of Chevron, there is only one oil company remaining on the average's roster. For 10 points--name it.

    answer: Exxon Corporation