Technophobia 4: Massive Quizbowl Overdose
Bonuses by ASU 1 Evil

  1. For 10 points each, name these geographical features of Antarctica:

    A. Antarctica is traditionally divided into East and West Antarctica, with the dividing line being placed at this 2000-mile long mountain range.

    answer: Transantarctic Mountains
    [Moderator note: Console the team sympathetically if they were unable to find their butt.]

    B. Both the United States' McMurdo base and New Zealand's Scott base are located on this ice shelf that borders the Pacific ocean.

    answer: Ross Ice Shelf

    C. This sea on the west side of Antarctica, near the Antarctic Peninsula, borders the Ronne Ice Shelf.

    answer: Weddell Sea

  2. For 10 points each, given a character in the South Park movie, name the actor.

    A. Kenny during his goodbye

    answer: Mike Judge

    B. The Baldwins

    answer: Dave Foley

    C. Conan O'Brien

    answer: Brent Spiner

  3. Identify these 20th century Indian political leaders (5-10-15):

    A. (5) First, give the surname of the father and son, the first of whom wrote a new constitution for India and supported Gandhi's civil disobedience, and the second of whom became India's inaugural prime minister in 1947.

    answer: Nehru

    B. (10) Now name the granddaughter of Motilal Nehru, who became India's first woman prime minister.

    answer: Indira Ghandi

    C. (15) Finally, name the daughter who became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly, and whose name means "scholar."

    answer: Vijaha Pandit

  4. Identify the amino acids from the given R group, for 10 points each:

    A. CH3

    answer: alanine

    B. CH2OH

    answer: serine

    C. CH2-SH.

    answer: cysteine

  5. So, what do you have when you own two mallards? A paradox, of course. Okay, stop groaning, and answer the following about some famous paradoxes, for 10 points each.

    A. It states that an object moving from point A to point B must pass through a center point between A and B. Once the object passes this center point, there is a new center point halfway between point B and the old center point. As there are an infinite number of such center points between A and B that the object must pass, the object never reaches point B.

    answer: dichotomy paradox (prompt on "Zeno's paradox")

    B. It states that an object is at rest so long as it occupies a space equal to itself. Since a moving object also occupies a space equal to itself while it is moving , the moving object must be at rest.

    answer: arrow paradox (prompt on "Zeno's paradox")

    C. He is the one to whom these, as well as the Achilles and stadium paradoxes, are attributed to.

    answer: Zeno of Elea

  6. What do you think of when you hear "Particle Man?" They Might Be Giants, right? Too bad this is a bonus on particle physics. Identify this particle, man, 30-20-10.

    A. It has a mass of 200 MeV/c2.

    B. It is found in all baryons except the proton and neutron.

    C. Like the down and bottom quark, it has a charge of -1/3.

    answer: strange quark

  7. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about East Timor.

    A. For 10 points--name the man who before recent events led a guerrilla army under the name Xanana against Indonesia.

    answer: José Alexander Gusmao

    B. Now, for 10 points apiece, name the two people who shared the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in East Timor.

    answer: José Ramos-Horta, Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo

  8. Identify the painter from works, for 10 points each:

    A. Raising of the Cross, Peace and War, Rainbow Landscape, The Garden of Love

    answer: Peter Paul Rubens

    B. Sleeping Venus, La Tempesta, Laura, The Three Philosophers

    answer: Giorgione

    C. Bouquet with Irises, Allegory of Sight, Village Fair, Latona and the Peasants

    answer: Jan Brueghel or Brueghel the Younger

  9. For the stated number of points, given the work, name the author.

    A. (5) The PLAY Madame Butterfly

    answer: David Belasco (do not accept Puccini)

    B. (10) Two answers, 5 points each: The musical Miss Saigon

    answer: Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Shönberg

    C. (15) The play M. Butterfly

    answer: David Henry Hwang

  10. Identify these U.S. acts from the 1910s, 5-10-15.

    A. (5) Issued in 1914, its purpose was to strengthen the Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    answer: Clayton Anti-Trust Act

    B. (10) Issued in 1913, its purpose was to supplant the power of private banking institutions giving the power of controlling the expansion and contraction of currency to the federal government.

    answer: Federal Reserve Act

    C. (15) Issued in 1916, its purpose was to establish an eight-hour work day for railroad workers to avert a railroad strike. Republicans criticized Wilson for passing this act as it seem to be a sell-out to labor.

    answer: Adamson Act

  11. Answer these questions about an Indian epic, for 10 points each.

    A. This poem of 24,000 couplets, attributed to the sage Valmiki, is the shorter of the two great epic poems of India.

    answer: Ramayana

    B. This demon god kidnaps Rama's wife and attempts to seduce her, but she rejects his advances.

    answer: Ravana

    C. To rescue his wife, Rama enlists the aid of this monkey general.

    answer: Hanuman

  12. Pen and paper might be useful in answering these questions involving probability. You'll get 15 points if you give the exact fraction (no exponents, please!), or 5 points if you give a percentage that is correct to within 5%. You have 15 seconds for each part.

    A. In the game of Liar's Dice, five dice are used to form poker hands. What is the probability of rolling three of a kind with these five dice? Don't count four or five of a kind, but do count full houses.

    answer: 250/1296 or 125/648
    Give 5 points for percentages in the range of 15-24%.

    B. If that 3 of a kind is thrown on the first throw, what is the probability that when the 2 odd dice are rerolled there will be a full house, but not 5 of a kind?

    answer: 5/36
    Give 5 points for percentages in the range of 9-18%.

  13. Given a film directed by Stanley Kubrick, identify the author of the work from which it was adapted, the first two for 5 points and the next two for 10:

    A. (5) 2001: A Space Odyssey

    answer: Arthur C. Clarke

    B. (5) Barry Lyndon

    answer: William Makepiece Thackeray

    C. (10) Paths of Glory

    answer: Humphrey Cobb

    D. (10) Eyes Wide Shut

    answer: Arthur Schnitzler

  14. Mmm, what's the next best thing to caffeine for college student sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Show that you know your sugars by identifying these disaccharides from the following descriptions, for 10 points each.

    A. Glucose, bonded a1 to b2, to fructose

    answer: sucrose

    B. Galactose, bonded b1 to 4, to glucose

    answer: lactose

    C. Glucose, bonded a1 to 4, to glucose

    answer: maltose

  15. Identify the musical work from a description for 15 points each:

    A. One of Benjamin Britten's finest works, it is based on the Roman Catholic Mass for the dead, blended with verses from antiwar poems by the English poet Wilfred Owen and was written in 1962.

    answer: War Requiem

    B. Written by Elgar in 1900, it a masterful oratorio and reaches its climax with the hymn "Praise to the Holiness in the High." It was based on a poem by John Cardinal Newman.

    answer: The Dream of Gerontius

  16. Name the saint, 30-20-10.

    A. This saint, whose feast day is April 29th, has her head on display as a relic in a church in Tuscany.

    B. She was a part of the Third Order of Saint Dominic in the 14th century and was derisively given the name Queen of Fontebranda.

    C. In 1376 she traveled to Avignon and convinced Pope Gregory XI to return the Papacy to Rome.

    answer: Saint Catherine of Siena

  17. Given a character, name the Squaresoft game from which it comes, on a 5-10-15 basis. (Note: the answers are all from the American Version)

    A. (5) Golbez

    answer: Final Fantasy II

    B. (10) Frog

    answer: Chrono Trigger

    C. (15) Lute

    answer: SaGa Frontier

  18. Name the object, 30-20-10.

    A. It is a hybrid of two words: one an instrument invented by Wilhelm Bruhn and the other for a two-wheeled carriage.

    B. The first electric ones premiered in the late 1890s.

    C. The first internal combustion-powered one appeared in 1907 combined with its signature invention that automatically records the distance traveled and/or the time consumed.

    answer: taxi or taxicab

  19. Name the person, 30-20-10.

    A. In the 1994 draft, he was chosen 59th overall from USC.

    B. He sat out all of last year for the Giants after suffering a knee injury.

    C. According to Shannon Sharpe, this cornerback can't even spell "Dow Jones."

    answer: Jason Sehorn

  20. Name these commonly-themed countries on a 15-5 basis.

    A. (15) It was, until the establishment of Nauru in 1968, the smallest republic in the world. It remains the third smallest country in Europe.

    (5) It is entirely contained within Italy.

    answer: San Marino

    B. (15) This country is sometimes described as a hostage state, as it must import to of its labor to meet its needs. Before its independence on Oct. 4, 1966, it was one of the three British High Commission Territories.

    (5) It is entirely contained within South Africa.

    answer: Lesotho

  21. Give the name, 30-20-10.

    A. One of its earliest known precursors is chaturanga, which was named for a battle formation in the Mahabharata.

    B. Wilhelm Steinitz is considered to have been the world champion of this for the longest period of time.

    C. Bobby Fischer was the first man to lose the world championship position for this game by default.

    answer: chess

  22. Not quite all Roman emperors were insane megalomaniacs. For 5 points each and 30 for all 5, name the good emperors of Rome.

    answer: Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius

  23. In the mid '90s, the Dodgers had a string of 5 consecutive Rookies of the Year. For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all in the correct chronological order, list these players from earliest to latest.

    answers: Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, Raul Mondesi, Hideo Nomo, and Todd Hollandsworth