1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic

Toss-ups Written by Stanford

Playoff Packet #3


1. Q: It took its current name soon after World War I with a call to find the 144,000 chosen of the Lamb. Founded in the 1870ís by an excommunicated Mormon, Charles Taze Russell, FTP name this religious sect, the publisher of the Watch Tower magazine.

ANSWER: Jehovah's Witnesses


2. Q: His wife died giving birth to their eighteenth child. As professor of physics at the Artillery and Engineering School at Berlin, he defined two distinct types of entropy. FTP, name the man who discovered the second law of thermodynamics.

ANSWER: Rudolph _Clausius_ (accept Julius Emanuel Clausius)


3. Q: Created by the National Unity and Reconciliation Act of 1995, this group consists of 17 commissioners and, while it cannot press charges, it can give evidence to police. FTP name this organization, before which former South African president P.W. Botha has refused to appear.

ANSWER: Truth and Reconciliation Commission


4. Q: A one-time director of an Italian railway, this economist introduced indifference curves. FTP name the economist for whom is named the condition of economic efficiency at which no one can be made better off without cost to another.

ANSWER: Vilfredo _Pareto_


5. Q: It is the etymological root for the word "gas." It is also the state of most dorm rooms. It is a relatively new mathematical discipline that involves non-linear systems with feedback. FTP, name this Greek word, the opposite of cosmos, or order.



6. Q: He was abandoned on the island of Lemnos when bitten by a serpent. Eventually won over by the compassion of Neoptolemus, he wielded Hercules' arrows for the Greeks, later killing Paris. FTP name this Greek hero, the subject of a play by Sophocles.

ANSWER: Philoctetes


7. Q: Three to four billion years ago, there must have been liquid water and volcanism here -- key ingredients for life. FTP, name the moon whose volcanism was probably fueled by a gravitational tug-of-war between Jupiter, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto.

ANSWER: Europa


8. Q: According to his biographer Fulke Greville, he was fatally wounded at Zutphen, yet gave his own water bottle to a dying footsoldier, saying "Thy necessity is more greater than mine." FTP name this English poet who wrote "Arcadia," and "Astrophel and Stella."

ANSWER: Sir Philip _Sidney_


9. Q: In the 13th century, King Kertanagara formed a religious alliance here to keep out Kublai Khan. This country was ruled by the Dutch from the early 19th century, with Japanese occupation during World War II and independence after it. FTP, name this country which includes the islands Celebes, Java and Sumatra.

ANSWER: Republic of _Indonesia_


10. Q: Congress recently decided to honor this man by naming a Washington landmark after him, over the objections of Jim Moran, in whose district it is located. Air traffic controllers also opposed the name change, because this man had fired 11,000 of them after a 1981 strike. FTP, name this man, for whom Washington National Airport is being renamed.

ANSWER: Ronald _Reagan_


11. Q: After studying physic at Leyden, he was recommended to Capt. Pannell of the "Swallow," and then to William Pritchard, master of the Antelope. FTP name this man, known also as Quinbus Fabius and later Glildrig, said to be based on his creator, Jonathan Swift.

ANSWER: Lemuel _Gulliver_


12 Q: This famed broadcaster was the winner of the American League Rookie of the Year award in 1955. Two years later a line drive hit this pitcher in the eye and he retired permanently. FTP, name this recently retired voice of the Cleveland Indians.

ANSWER: Herb _Score_


13. Q: Emigrating to the U.S. in 1940, he taught at Cornell University where he was the favorite professor of Thomas Pynchon. FTP name this writer who published "Invitation to a Beheading" under the pseudonym Vladimir Sirin, as well as "Pale Fire" and "Lolita."

ANSWER: Vladimir _Nabokov_


14. Q: The brutality of Charles of Anjou's rule fomented this massacre of the French on March 30, 1282 which began at the toll of a bell. FTP what is this uprising of Sicilians, described in a Verdi opera.

Answer: The Night of the _Sicilian Vespers_


15. Q: A dog, a pair of shoes, and a single lit candle are details in this painting, depicting a young couple exchanging vows in the privacy of the bridal chamber. In a mirror placed behind the couple we see the reflection of two more individuals. Along the mirror is inscribed "Jan van Eyck was here." FTP, name this painting.

ANSWER: "Arnolfini Wedding" (accept "Arnolfini Marriage" accept "Wedding



16. Q: When the Delphic oracle prophesied that war with Persia would cause the fall of a great empire, this man attacked Cyrus in 546 BC. However, the kingdom to fall turned out to be his own. FTP name this proverbially rich king of Lydia.

ANSWER: Croesus


17. Q: He is depicted playing his divine flute and attracting the "gopis", or milkmaids. According to legend he was created from one black hair of Vishnu. FTP name this King of Yadavas, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, and Arjuna's charioteer and teacher.

ANSWER: Krishna


18. Q: It was 30 years ago today / that Frank Zappa and his band did play / Someone shot a flare while / Montreux Casino became a pile. FTP, this is a recollection of the events that inspired what song by Deep Purple?

ANSWER: "Smoke on the Water" (prompt on "Deep Purple" before "what song by

Deep Purple")


19. Q: IN 1687 this explorer was killed by his own mutinous men. Born in 1643, he was instrumental in establishing French dominance west of the Appalachians. FTP, name the man who sailed down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico thereby claiming all land drained by the river for France.

ANSWER: Sieur de _La Salle_


20. Q: A grand jury is now investigating charges that executives of this company stole proprietary information from a competitor, Bloomberg LP. Hubert Holmes and others allegedly orchestrated a break-in to steal the source code of a market data analysis program to help, FTP, this company, whose standard news service is Europe's largest.

ANSWER: _Reuters_ Holdings (accept Reuters Analytics)


21. Q: Its first appearance in Europe was in the Italian cities of the 10th and 11th centuries. Its use against Christians was outlawed by the Lateran Council of 1139. FTP, with what weapon did William Tell shoot an apple from his son's head?

ANSWER: Crossbow


22. Q: It was founded by Ueshiba Morihei, who had trained under, among others, Takedao Sokaku. FTP, name this martial art known as "the way of harmony" which draws from Daito-ryu Aiki jutsu and Omoto-kyo religion.

ANSWER: Aikido


23. Q: Its name is thought to be Indian for "smoky hill" or "a good place to dig potatoes." This city is the capital of a state where turmoil erupted over slavery in the 1850's, and its name is still linked with racial issues. FTP, give name the city whose board of education was sued by Oliver Brown in the 1954 case that overturned Plessy v. Ferguson.

ANSWER: _Topeka_, Kan.


24. Q: He had run for the presidency twice before and lost, most recently to now-outgoing president Jose Maria Figueres. Representing the Social Christian Unity Party this time, he ran against Jose Miguel Corrales. FTP, name this president-elect of Costa Rica.

ANSWER: Miguel Angel _Rodriguez_


  1. He shared the Nobel prize with his colleagues Ilya Frank and Igor Tamm for work resulting in a cosmic-ray counter. FTP name the man who discovered the bluish light emitted when charged atomic particles pass through water or other media at a speed in excess of that of light.

ANSWER: Pavel Cherenkov


26. Q: Its text was written by Emanuel Schikaneder. Its plot concerns the exploits of Prince Tamino and Papageno and their exploits to free Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night. FTP, name this Mozart opera featuring two fantastic musical instruments.

ANSWER: The Magic Flute (accept Die Zauberflote)


27. Q: This man born in Duluth, Minn. recently released his first album in many years to receive rave reviews. He met his future manager at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert and also changed his name in honor of one of his favorite poets. FTP name this singer and song-writer who recently released "Time out of Mind."

ANSWER: _Bob Dylan_


28. Q: The last Astaire-Rogers movie was a story about this couple. One was an English engineer who came to New York to act. There he met his future wife and performed in musical shows in Paris. Returning to the U.S. in 1912, they soon became the most publicized dance team of their day. FTP, name them.

ANSWER: Vernon and Irene _Castle_


29. Q: In 1952 he received an Academy Award "for his contribution to the laughter of the world." He will soon receive an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. FTP, name this 94-year-old entertainer, most famous for entertaining troops during wartime.

ANSWER: Bob _Hope_




Extras (Do NOT use)

. Q: This right-hander holds the ignoble distinction of having suffered more losses than anyone in history of Major League Baseball. FTP name this legendary pitcher whose nickname was a shortened form of a wind phenomenon and who also holds the record for lifetime wins.

ANSWER: Cy _Young_

. Q: If you're participating in a Vickrey auction, where you are aware of your own valuation of the item being auctioned off but unaware of how others value the item, what is your optimal bid, in terms of your valuation of the item?

ANSWER: Exactly what you value the item to be worth.

. Q: Steven aims six laser beams at few sodium atoms. FTP, what happened to those atoms which gave Steven Chu of Stanford his Nobel Prize?

ANSWER: They cooled (accept slowed)

. Q: Add the number of letters in the name of Dilbert's female co-worker to the number of Cardinal Classics held before this year and multiply the result by the number of wizards that are explicitly named in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings." FTP, what number do you get?

ANSWER: 36 [(5+7) X 3]




1998 Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions by Stanford

Playoff packet 3


1. Given a line of poetry, name the poet, 30-20-10 30:

(30-point clue) "Terence, this is stupid stuff / You eat your victuals

fast enough."

(20-point clue) "The time you won your town the race / We chaired you

through the market-place."

(10-point clue) "When I was one-and-twenty / I heard a wise man say / Give

crowns and pounds and guineas / But not your heart away."

ANSWER: A. E. _Housman_


2. Answer the following questions about nucleic acids FTPE.

Q: Identify the nucleotide which replaces thiamine in RNA.

ANSWER: Uracil

Q: If the phosphate is removed from a nucleotide, what is the remaining

base-sugar unit called?

ANSWER: Nucleoside

Q: What is the collective term for the nucleotides adenine and guanine?

ANSWER: Purine


3. Answer the following questions about the Japanese attack on Pearl

Harbor, for the stated number of points:

Q: (5 points) What was the exact date of the attack, with an extra five

points for the day of the week.

ANSWER: Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941.

Q: (10 points) Name the American naval commander on Oahu on that date.

ANSWER: Husband E. _Kimmel_

Q: (10 points) What was the name of the battleship that sank with 1,100

deaths, almost half the total U.S. dead in the attack?

ANSWER: U.S.S. _Arizona_


4. Given the title, year of publication, and subject of an important book

in mathematics, give its author or authors, FTPE.

Q: "Laws of Thought", 1854, a general symbolic method of logical inference

ANSWER: George _Boole_

Q: "Principia Mathematica", 1910-1913, a derivation of basic mathematical

principles from the principles of logic

ANSWER: Bertrand _Russel and Alfred _Whitehead_ (no points for

just one author's name)

Q: "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae", 1801, on number theory

ANSWER: Carl Friedrich _Gauss_ (accept Johann Friedrich Gauss)


5. Give the C++ computer language keyword being described for the stated

number of points.

Q: (5 points) An access control label allowing use by its own class and

its subclasses.

ANSWER: Protected

Q: (10 points) A special nonmember function that has the right to access

the private part of a class.

ANSWER: Friend

Q: (15 points) A casting mechanism for safely casting pointers to objects

using run-time type information.

ANSWER: Dynamic Cast


6. Given a list of characters, identify the Oscar Wilde play, 30-20-10

(30-point clue) Parker the butler; Rosalie the maid

(20-point clue) Cecil Graham; The Duchess of Berwick

(10-point clue) Lord Augustus Lorton; Lord Darlington; Lord Windermere

ANSWER: Lady Windermere's Fan


7. Given brief clues, name the following Indian chiefs F15P each.

Q: (15 points) This Shawnee helped capture Detroit for the British in 1812.

A man named for him would later burn Atlanta.

ANSWER: Tecumseh

Q: (15 points) In 1867, the U.S. abandoned efforts to develop the Bozeman

Trail into Montana after two years of fighting by this Sioux chief.

ANSWER: Red Cloud


8. Given a noteworthy character or characters in the Bible, give for 15

points the name of his or their rather less noteworthy father.

Q: Joshua


Q: The disciples James and John

ANSWER: Zebedee


9. For the stated number of points, given a movie title and the name of

the man who played Wyatt Earp in the movie, name the man who played Doc


Q: (5 points) "Tombstone," Kurt Russell

ANSWER: Val _Kilmer_

Q: (10 points) "Gunfight at the OK Corral," Burt Lancaster

ANSWER: _Kirk Douglas_

Q: (15 points) "My Darling Clementine," Henry Fonda

ANSWER: Victor _Mature_


10. Answer these questions about children's literature FTPE.

Q: In this Frances Hodgson Burnett story, Mary returns to England from

India and meets two very different boys, Dickon and Colin.

ANSWER: "The Secret Garden"

Q: In this E.L. Konigsberg work, a girl and her brother run away to live

in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

ANSWER: "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler."

Q: In this Scott O'Dell book, a girl is stranded on an island after her

people leave.

ANSWER: "Island of the Blue Dolphins."


11. Q: According to legend, Rome had seven kings. The first was Romulus.

Name any five of the other six, for five points each and five for all


ANSWER: _Numa_ Pompilius; _Ancus_ Marcius; _Tullus_ Hostilius; Tarquin the

Elder (accept Tarqunius Priscus); _Servius_ Tullius; Tarquin the Proud

(accept Tarquinius Superbus)


12. Q: In 1926 A. A. Michelson measured the speed of light by bouncing a

beam of light on to a rotating mirror and measuring the angle of

deflection of the reflected light. He did this along the California coast,

near Los Angeles between two mountains 22 miles apart. For 15 points each,

name the mountains.

ANSWER: Mt. _Wilson_ and Mt. _San Antonio_


13. Answer the following questions about prominent characters in the White

House intern scandal, FTPE.

Q: Name the woman to whom Monica Lewinsky was taped speaking about what

may have been an affair with the President.

ANSWER: Linda _Tripp_

Q: Name the former Nixon "operative", who suggested to Tripp that she tape

her conversations with Lewinsky.

ANSWER: Lucianne _Goldberg_

Q: Name the medical malpractice attorney and friend of the Lewinsky

family, who is representing Lewinsky before Independent Counsel Kenneth


ANSWER: William _Ginsburg_


14. Q: There are four rivers in the continental United States that are

more than 1,000 miles long but do not empty into the Mississippi or any of

its tributaries. For five points each and 10 for all correct, name them.

ANSWER: Colorado; Columbia; Rio Grande; Snake


15. Given lines from a poem, name the work, 30-20-10

(30-point clue) "My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin /

My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin"

(20-point clue) "I should have been a pair of ragged claws / Scuttling

across the floors of silent seas"

(10-point clue) "Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? /

I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach"

ANSWER: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."


16. Name the following characters from "The Godfather" FTPE

Q: The assassin whom the Tattaglia family sends to "sleep with the


ANSWER: Luca _Brasi_

Q: Don Corleone's adopted son, played by Robert Duvall

ANSWER: Tom Hagen (either name acceptable)

Q: Don Corleone's longtime lieutenant who betrays him to Barzini.

ANSWER: Salvatore _Tessio_


17. Given a piece of music and the movie in which it was featured, name

its composer for the stated number of points:

Q: (5 points) "Ride of the Valkyries" in "Apocalypse Now"

ANSWER: Richard _Wagner_

Q: (15 points) Symphony No. 3 in C Minor in "Babe"

ANSWER: Camille _Saint-Saens_

Q: (10 points) "Adagio for Strings" in "Platoon"

ANSWER: Samuel _Barber_


18. Name these candidates this year's California gubernatorial race FTPE.

Q: The current state attorney general, he is the frontrunner for the GOP


ANSWER: Dan _Lundgren_

Q: This millionaire businessman and political neophyte may spend up to $50

million to win the race.

ANSWER: Al _Checchi_ (CHECK-y)

Q: This congresswoman declared just before the filing deadline and will

try to attract moderate, pro-choice voters.

ANSWER: Jane _Harman_


19. FTPE give the name of the microprocessor that powers the workstations

made by the following vendors.

Q: Digital


Q: Silicon Graphics


Q: Sun



20. Q: Six Celtic languages survived into modern times, but only four are

still spoken. for five points each, name those four.

ANSWER: Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic (accept Erse), Breton

Q: For an additional five points each, name the two other languages, both

of which disappeared in the 19th century.

ANSWER: Cornish, Manx.


21. Name the place, 30-20-10

(30-point clue) Thanks to its fertile soil, its slopes are covered in

vineyards and the resulting wine is called "Lacrima Christi."

(20-point clue) Spartacus and his army were besieged there in 73 BC but

escaped through fissures in the crater rim.

(10-point clue) It was dormant from 1036 until 1631, when it once again

threatened to bury towns around Naples, as it once did to Pompeii.

ANSWER: Mt. _Vesuvius_


22. Q: In both 1995 and 1996, one of the two managers of the year had also

won the Most Valuable Player award. F15P each name these men.

ANSWER: Don _Baylor_, Colorado Rockies; Joe _Torre_, New York Yankees


23. Given a double-barreled newspaper name, say in which American city it

is based FTPE.

Q: The Post-Intelligencer

ANSWER: _Seattle_, Wash.

Q: The Sun-Sentinel

ANSWER: _Fort Lauderdale_, Fla.

Q: The World-Herald

ANSWER: _Omaha_, Neb.


24. Given a short description of a commercial that aired during Super Bowl

32, identify the brand name being advertised FTPE.

Q: A man and a goose play a daredevil game of follow-the-leader at 10,000



Q: Voters in the first quarter decided to convict Suzy the Mouse of

stealing property from the company.


Q: Two Russians at a missile silo debate whether Moscow or a hacker is

ordering them to start World War III.

ANSWER: Network Solutions


25. Name the author from characters 30-20-10

30: Olive Chancellor, Maisie Farange

20: Kate Croy, Maggie Verver

10: Daisy Miller

ANSWER: Henry James


26. Q: For a quick 10 points each, name in any order the three men who


the post of German Army's General Chief of Staff during the Second World


ANSWER: Franz _Halder_, Kurt _Zeitzler_, Heinz von _Guderian_.


27. For 15 points apiece, name the following alternatives to money given a

brief description.

Q: This two-word term describes the voluntary swapping of goods or

services without haggling, the profit of which is in terms of social


ANSWER: Gift exchange (accept ceremonial exchange)

Q: This three-word term describes any commodity universally accepted in

exchange for goods and services and for the discharge of debt or


ANSWER: Medium of exchange




Extras (Do NOT use):


Q: Late last month, Andrew Thomas became the seventh American resident

on the space station Mir. For 5 points apiece, name the previous six in

any order.

ANSWER: John _Blaha_; Mike _Foale_; Jerry _Linenger_; Shannon _Lucid_;

Norman _Thagard_; David _Wolf_


Answer these questions about the Oprah Winfrey beef defamation suit FTPE.

Q: Name the vegetarian activist who suggested on Winfrey's show that U.S.

cows might develop Mad Cow Disease.

ANSWER: Howard _Lyman_

Q: Name the U.S. District Judge presiding over the case.

ANSWER: Mary Lou _Robinson_

Q: Give the scientific name of Mad Cow Disease.

ANSWER: Bovine Spongeiform Encephalopathy

. Q: For five points each, list the five pillars of Islam.

ANSWER: Prayer; Belief in one God and Mohammed; Alms (accept

charity); Pilgrimage to Mecca (accept Haaj); Fasting during Ramadan.

Q: For an additional five, give the Arabic name for the action, sometimes

called the sixth pillar, that involves defense of the faith.


Name the Dutch painter from his works, 30-20-10

(30-point clue) "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

(20-point clue) "Girl with Water Can"

(10-point clue) "View of Delft"

ANSWER: Jan _Vermeer_