1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic

Toss-ups written by Stanford



1. Anglerfish, hatchetfish, the sea worm of Bermuda, and the click beetle have this ability. It is a six-syllable term describing a reaction involving ATP, luciferin, and luciferase. FTP, name this ability, found most prominently in the firefly.

Answer: _bioluminecence_

2. Her recent book, "Mother Love," re-examines Greek myths about women and relates them to modern-day mother/daughter relationships. FTP, name this University of Virginia professor, author of "Through the Ivory Gate" and the poetry collections "Grace Notes" and "Thomas and Beulah," who served formerly as our Poet Laureate.

Answer: Rita _Dove_

3. Give a person a list of ten color words and ask him to tell you what color ink each word is printed in. Reaction time slows if the word does not match its color. For ten points, name the psychologist who pioneered this type of experiment, and after whom the procedure is now named.

Answer: J. Ridley _Stroop_ (also accept "Stroop Experiment", etc.)

4. His nickname was "The Staten Island Scot," as he was born in 1923 in Glasgow. His 15-year major league career included three All-Star games and only one World Series, though he might deserve most of the credit for getting his team there. FTP, name this outfielder who hit the "Shot Heard 'Round The World" to lead the New York Giants to the 1951 World Series.

Answer: Bobby _Thomson_

5. At room temperature, this chemical is an irritating, pale blue gas that is explosive and toxic, even at low concentrations. Because it can decolorize many substances, it is used commercially as a bleaching agent for organic compounds. FTP, give the common name of the triatomic allotrope of oxygen which appears primarily in the upper atmosphere.

Answer: OZONE (prompt on O3)

6. Rex Smith and Andy Gibb have hosted this show at one time or another. Jeff Altman and Nina Blackwood appeared as regulars, but hosts Marilyn McCoo and Rick Dees are better known. FTP, name this dance hour hosted for four non-consecutive years by Dionne Warwick.

Answer: _Solid Gold_

  1. Sent by Constantius to govern Gaul in 355, this nephew of Constantine the Great was proclaimed emperor by his troops in 360. FTP name this man killed in battle against the Persians, who revived pagan worship and refused to persecute heretics.

Answer: Julian the Apostate

8. This rite central to Christian faith is first described in Luke's gospel. However, it does not appear in Mathew or Mark, leading some scholars to assert that it was not a direct command from Jesus to his disciples. FTP, name this rite commanded by the statement, "Do this in remembrance of me," which involves the breaking of bread and drinking of wine.

Answer: _Eucharist_

9. Mexico City draws its water from one of these, the residue of a lake. Another one, called the Ogallala, gives water to the Great Plains from Texas to South Dakota. They consist of layers of water-bearing sand or porous rock into which wells may be sunk. FTP, name these formations, whose name comes from the Latin for "water-bearing."

Answer: _aquifers_

10. The birth of this tale occurred at a party in Geneva, where the author and several friends, including Lord Byron, challenged each other to tell ghost stories. From this spark sprang a masterpiece of horror which weaves together themes of loneliness, creation, and man's arrogance. FTP, name this story subtitled "The Modern Prometheus," written by Mary Shelley.

Answer: _Frankenstein_ (by Mary Shelley)

  1. In 1917 he purchased a urinal, signed it R. Mutt, and exhibited it as the sculpture "Fountain." A pioneer of the concept of "found object," he also exhibited "Mona Lisa with a Moustache." FTP name this Dadaist who also painted "Nude Descending a Staircase."

Answer: Marcel Duchamp

12. At his trial he maintained that until his involvement in the Final Solution he was following the moral dictates of Immanuel Kant. The subject of a book by Hannah Arendt, he was discovered in Argentina in 1960. FTP, name the man who was hanged in Jerusalem in 1962 for "crimes against the Jewish people."

Answer: Adolf _Eichmann_

13. Humphrey Bogart's character in "The African Queen" came to Africa to work on a bridge across this river, which is 2,200 miles long, drains most of south-central Africa and contains the Victoria Falls. FTP, name the river that, for a large portion of its course, forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Answer: Zambezi.

14. The grandson of a prominent Jewish philosopher, in 1829 he conducted the Passion According to St. Matthew for the first time since Bach's death. FTP, name this composer of the oratorios St. Paul and Elijah as well as the symphonies The Reformation, Italian, and Scottish.

Answer: Felix _Mendelssohn_-Bartholdy

15. In the theory of voting and social choice, there may arise an outcome which cannot be beaten by any alternative regardless of the voting agenda. FTP, What is the name given to this outcome which is strictly preferred by a majority to any other and dates back to the French Revolution?

Answer: _Condorcet winner_

  1. A hostage of the Vanir, his head was cut off, embalmed by Odin, pronounced with mystic runes, and thereafter consulted. Dwelling under the roof of Yggdrasil (IG dra zil), he drank from the Giallar horn. FTP name this giant to whom Odin offered an eye in exchange for the opportunity to drink from the well he guarded.

Answer: Mimir

17. Famous sayings are often misquoted, but this book is an extreme case in that the title itself is a misquote, as pointed out by the sister of the novel's hero. Describing a dream which reveals his desire to protect the innocence of childhood, the hero substitutes the word "catch" for Robert Burns' "meet," in FTP, what novel by J.D. Salinger?

Answer: The _Catcher in the Rye_

18. The quantity a-squared-b-squared plus 18-a-b-c minus 4-b-cubed minus 4-a-cubed-c minus 27-c-cubed is used to classify the roots of the cubic equation. FTP, name this mathematical classifier, whose quadratic analogue is b-squared minus 4-a-c.

Answer: _discriminant_

19. Being sued for sexual harassment can be a distraction, but being indicted and tried for loan fraud while serving a second term as governor is worse. This man was convicted and sentenced to two-and-a-half years, and his great-grandfather H.C. Frick would have been most disappointed. FTP, name this ex-Arizona governor.

Answer: Fife _Symington_

20. A famous painting by Manet depicts this writer sitting at a cluttered desk, while pictured above is a framed group of three pictures including Manet's "Olympia," an etching by Goya, and a Japanese woodcut print. FTP identify this writer of "Nana," "Germinal," and "J'Accuse."

Answer: Emile _Zola_

21. On July 10, 1898, a French force under Jean-Baptiste Marchand took over a fort in the Sudan. Eight days later Sir Herbert Kitchener headed a British detachment there, forcing the French to withdraw their claim to any land in the watershed of the Nile. FTP, name this incident, which almost tore apart the growing Anglo-French alliance.

Answer: The _Fashoda_ Incident

22. His first successes brought him into conflict with his mentors, who were Jansenists and disapproved of theater. Later, at age 37, having just produced his best-known work, he retired from drama to become a court historian for Louis XIV. FTP, name this author of "Britannicus" and "Phedre," whose fame in French classical tragedy is equalled only by Corneille.

Answer: Jean _Racine_

23. When Napoleon returned from Elba, this scientist deserted his post as civil engineer for the government. He developed new lenses for lighthouses and developed a lens that did not require reflectors to produce a bright parallel beam. FTP name this French physicist who studied diffraction and realized that light waves travel transversely.

Answer: Augustin Jean Fresnel

24. He supported the Union during the Civil War, serving as colonel in the 10th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry and being elected Kentucky Attorney General in 1863. FTP name this man also appointed associate justice to the Supreme Court in 1877, who shares all three names with a 1954 appointee by Dwight Eisenhower.

Answer: John Marshall Harlan

25. This company's ad for its new drug alprostadil, better known as Muse, was refused by NBC for the Super Bowl. The network cited "family programming" as the reason. FTP, name this company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, whose other well-known product is Actis.

Answer: _Vivus_

26. It was directed by the same director as the TV shows "Are You Being Served?", "Fawlty Towers", and "Absolutely Fabulous". Its only purposes were to further familiarize the world with the stars and to prove that Jennifer Saunders, Elvis Costello, Meat Loaf, and Roger Moore are still alive. FTP, name this film starring The Spice Girls.

Answer: _Spiceworld_

27. When this football team was first granted its franchise in 1932, it was known as the Boston Braves. From 1971 to 1997, this team made 13 playoff appearances, winning Super Bowls 17, 22, and 26. FTP, name this team which has featured Darrell Green, Art Monk, and John Riggins.

Answer: _Washington Redskins_

28. Stable interference patterns are formed only when the two beams of radiation have this property. FTP, what name is given to any two wave trains with a constant difference in phase, a word that also describes why things don't fall apart.

Answer: _coherence_


Extras (DO NOT read)

. She originally was thought to be succubus, a female incubus, who was the enemy of newborn children. In the 1970's she became a symbol for American Jewish feminism and a feminist magazine which bears her name began publishing in 1976. FTP, name this mythical woman, thought to be Adam's first wife.

Answer: _Lilith_

. Add the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything to the "magic number" according to ABC's Schoolhouse Rock and subtract the number of symphonies written by Mozart. FTP, what number do you get?

Answer: _4_ (42+3-41)



. This profound 1897 statement of faith stands alongside the Ontological Proofs of St. Anselm and St. Aquinas, affirming a sacred belief with simplicity and eloquence. Written in answer to an epistle from 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon, Francis Church penned, FTP, what immortal line affirming the existence of old Saint Nick?

Answer: _Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus_

. "First, I am obnoxious and you are well-liked. Second, it ought to be a Virginia man. Third, you write ten times better than me." For these reasons, Thomas Jefferson and not this man drafted the Declaration of Independence. However, they were not good enough to prevent, FTP, what Massachusetts man from becoming the nation's first Vice-President?

Answer: _John Adams_

. Among her talents on her resume are "[e]xcellent interpersonal and communication skills," "[s]trong organizational and detail-oriented skills," and "[e]xceptional creative abilities." FTP, name this Lewis and Clark graduate who put these skills to work during the summer of 1995 as a White House intern.

Answer: Monica _Lewinsky_

. I'm thinking of a word, but I just can't remember what it is. I know the definition, the number of syllables, and what the first syllable sounds like, but it's not coming to me. FTP, name not the word I am thinking of, but rather the four-word phrase describing the psychological phenomenon I'm undergoing.

Answer: _tip-of-the-tongue_ (accept _tip-of-my-tongue_, etc.)

. The Athenians were led to this battle by Miltiades, with aid from Plataea but not from Sparta. By the end, 6,400 Persian casualties had been inflicted as against fewer than 200 Greeks, and Darius' campaign in Greece had suffered a fatal setback. FTP, name this 490 B.C. battle which is probably best remembered for the actions of Pheidippides, who ran 150 miles in two days to ask the Spartans for aid.

Answer: The Battle of _Marathon_

. In North Carolina, in 1984, Velma Barfield was put to death for lacing her boyfriend's food with rat poison. The last time a woman was put to death in Texas, however, dates back to 1863, when Chipita Rodriguez was hanged from a mesquite tree for the ax murder of a horse trader during a robbery. FTP, give the name of the woman put to death in Texas on February 3, 1998, who hacked a man and woman to death in 1983, but then became a born-again Christian in prison.

Answer: Karla Faye TUCKER



1998 Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions written by Stanford

1. Nicknames of classical music pieces often get recycled. Given a pair of composers and compositions, give, FTP each the shared nickname.

a. A waltz by Johann Strauss and a piano concerto by Beethoven.

Answer: _Emperor_

b. A symphony by Schubert and a symphony by Mahler.

Answer: _Tragic_

c. A violin sonata by Beethoven and a symphony by Schumann.

Answer: _Spring_

2. Answer these questions about NASA's Voyager missions FTP each.

a. Both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in what year?

Answer: 1977

b. Name both extraterrestrial planets visited by Voyager 1.

Answer: _Jupiter and Saturn_

c. Name all four extraterrestrial planets visited by Voyager 2.


3. Given a place name, name the play in which Shakespeare places all or part

of the action there, for the stated number of points:

a. (5) Cyprus Answer: _Othello_

b. (10) Vienna Answer: _Measure for Measure_

c. (15) Navarre Answer: _Love's Labors Lost._

4. You must have heard about the currencies of East Asian countries hitting bottom as their economies fell into crises. So, for ten points each, name the currency units of South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia in order.

Answer: _won_, _baht_, _rinngit_

5. FTP each name the performer from his/her original name.

a. Ethel Agnes Zimmerman Answer: _Ethel Merman_

b. Robert Allen Zimmerman Answer: _Bob Dylan_

c. Laurence Tureaud [ter-O] Answer: _Mr. T_ (prompt on TERO)

6. 30-20-10, name the poem from the lines.

(30) "Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December"

(20) "'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door"

(10) "Then the bird said, 'Nevermore' "

Answer: The _Raven_

7. John Quincy Adams won the 1824 presidential election, the only one ever decided by the House of Representatives. For 10 points each, name the three men he defeated: a general, the Speaker of the House, and the Secretary of the Treasury.

Answer: Andrew _Jackson_, Henry _Clay_, William _Crawford_

8. Name the country, 30-20-10.

(30) From 1386 to 1795, it was part of an autonomous state with Poland.

(20) Their basketball team took home the bronze in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics.

(10) Its capital is Vilnius.

Answer: Republic of _Lithuania_

9. Given the university, give the team nickname, for the stated number of points.

a. (5) University of Minnesota Answer: _Golden Gophers_

b. (10) Marquette University Answer: _Golden Eagles_

c. (15) Gustavus Adolphus University Answer: _Golden Gusties_

10. The US Air Force has been much in the news lately with a crash in Italy and the tension in Iraq. Given the event, give me the air force base, 15 points each.

a. An EA-6B out of this base clipped gondola cable, causing 20 deaths.

Answer: _Aviano_

b. This base in Turkey is a key staging area for fighters enforcing the northern no-fly zone over Iraq.

Answer: _Incirlik_

11. How well have you kept up with the advances in political science last half century? Identify the authors of these modern classics of the field FTP each.

a. "The Theory of Political Coalitions" Answer: _William H. _Riker_ (not T.)

b. "An Economic Theory of Democracy" Answer: _Anthony _Downs_

c. "Theory of Committees and Elections" Answer: _Duncan Black_

12. Name the following popes from a description FTP each.

a. Elected in 1088 from the monastery of Cluny, he called for the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont.

Answer: _Urban II_

b. Elected in 999, he is credited with inventing the pendulum clock and introducing Arabic numerals into Western Europe.

Answer: _Sylvester II_

c. He was illiterate, but was elected pope in 1294. He served only five months and became the only pope to resign.

Answer: _Celestine V_

13. Given a subtitle of a Kurt Vonnegut novel, give the main title FTP each.

a. "The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death"

Answer: _Slaughterhouse-Five_

b. "Goodbye Blue Monday"

Answer: _Breakfast of Champions_

c. "Lonesome No More!"

Answer: _Slapstick_

14. For five points apiece, and a 15-point bonus for all correct, identify whether each structure is located in the forebrain, midbrain, or hindbrain.

a. Medulla Oblongata Answer: _hindbrain_

b. Hippocampus Answer: _forebrain_

c. Cerebellum Answer: _hindbrain_

15. Identify the man given his positions in the Nazi hierarchy and when he was given them, FTP each.

a. Ambassador to Britain, 1936; foreign minister 1938.

Answer: Joachim von _Ribbontrop_

b. Deputy in charge of party organization, 1929; minister and member of cabinet, 1934; third deputy of the Reich, 1939.

Answer: Rudolf _Hess_

c. President of the Reichstag, 1932; Minister for air defences, 1933; economic dictator of Germany, 1936.

Answer: Hermann _Goring_

16. Time to test your knowledge of The McLauglin Group's 1997 Year in Review. Given an award title, you give the recipient, 10 points each.

a. Eleanor Clift's Man or Woman of 1997. Hint: It's not a human.

Answer: DOLLY the sheep

b) Pat Buchanan's Biggest Loser Award of 1997 was a two-way tie.

Answer: _Socks_ and Al _Gore_

17. Identify the European makes of automobiles from a brief description FTP each.

a) Originally designed by a team of aircraft engineers, GM bought half the company shares in 1989.


b) Originally devoted to converting military vehicles into agricultural machines, its founder attempted to build a better sports car than Ferrari.


c) Built in Northern Ireland between 1981 and 1983, only 6,000 of these cars still exist.

Answer: DELOREAN (prompt on DMC (DeLorean Motor Company))

18. Answer the following questions about the three Theban plays of Sophocles, 5 points each part.

a. Name the three plays in chronological order with respect to the events they describe, from earliest to latest.

Answer: _Oedipus the King_ (accept _Oedipus Rex_ or _Oedipus Tyrannos_), _Oedipus at Colonus_, _Antigone_.

b. Now name them in the order in which Sophocles actually wrote them, again from earliest to latest.

Answer: _Antigone_, _Oedipus the King_, _Oedipus at Colonus_.

19. Name these women associated with the BBC production "I Claudius." for 15 points each.

a. This woman married the Germanicus Caesar and had nine children, the most famous of whom was the later emperor Gaius Ceaser. Tiberius had her banished.

Answer: _Agrippina the Elder_

b. Augustus' third wife, she schemed to have Tiberius adopted as an heir. She is rumored to have conspired in the death of Augustus' heirs and even Augustus himself.

Answer: _Livia_ Drusilla

20. FTP each answer these questions about rubies.

  1. What is the chemical name for rubies and other corundums?

    Answer: Al2O3 or _Aluminum Oxide_

    b. What trace element causes the deep red color of rubies?

    Answer: _Chromium_

    c. You should not confuse rubies with what other red gemstone, which is a form of silicate?

    Answer: _Garnet_

    21. Name the following Islamic groups and figures for 5 points each.

    a. First name the four "perfect" caliphs who succeeded Muhammad.

    Answer: _Abu Bakr_, _Umar_, _Uthman_ and _Ali_

    b. Now name the two sects of Islam, divided over who would become Caliph after Ali.

    Answer: _Sunni_ and _Shia_ (accept _Shi'ite_)

    22. Name the ice skaters who won the following titles in the 1992 Olympics in Albertville F15P, or from their country for 5.

    a. (15) Men's figure skating, gold medal

    (5) Ukraine

    Answer: Victor _Petrenko_

    b. (15) Men's figure skating, silver medal

    (5) U.S.A.

    Answer: Paul _Wylie_

    23. Answer these questions about potatoes FTP each.

    a. How did Dan Quayle famously spell the word potato?

    Answer: _P-O-T-A-T-O-E_

    b. In what mountain range were the first white potatoes grown?

    Answer: the _Andes_

  2. Give either the taxonomic genus or family name of the potato.

    Answer: _solanum_ or _solanaceae_

    24. Name the writer from works on a 30-20-10 basis:

    (30) "Smiley's People"

    (20) "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold."

    (10) "Little Drummer Girl"

    Answer: John _Le Carre_

    25. For ten points each, name the Irish political group given its leader

    a. Billy Wright Answer: _Loyalist Volunteer Force_ or _LVF_

    b. Gerry Adams Answer: _Sinn Fein_

    c. Gary McMichael Answer: _Ulster Democratic Party_ or _UDP_

    26. 30-20-10. Name the musical group from the albums given.

    (30) Meddle, More, Relics

    (20) Obscured by the Clouds, Division Bell, Animals

    (10) Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

    Answer: _Pink Floyd_

    27. Just weeks ago, another American astronaut who spent time on the Russian space station Mir returned to Earth aboard Endeavor. FTP each:

    a. Endeavour landing occurred on the 40th anniversary of the first satellite launched by the US. Name it.

    Answer: _Explorer 1_

  3. What was the name of the astronaut who returned to Earth?

Answer: David _Wolf_

c. How many months was Wolf aboard Mir?

Answer: _4_



. FTP each, give the minimum age of a cognac with the following designation on its label:

a. VSOP Answer: 4 years

b. VS Answer: 3 years

c. Napoleon Answer: 5 years

. Answer the following about sites in the City of Lights:

1. (10 pts) All the main road distancesin France are calculated from a spot called "kilometre zero," which is located, FTP, what Paris landmark?

Ans. Cathedral of NOTRE DAME

2. (10 pts) South of the Seine, a museum is housed in what was formerly the Hotel Biron. It is devoted to the work of what artist, who rented it from 1908 until 1916 as a studio and living quarters?

Ans. Auguste RODIN (Musee Rodin)

3. (10 pts) This historical landmark was first completed around 1715, though it had a turbulent history after that. FTP, what famous site is located outside the city, at the opposite compass point, Thank God, from Disneyland Paris?

Ans. Chateau de VERSAILLES

. Answer the following questions about or relating to the Spanish artist El Greco for the stated number of points.

1. For five points What was his actual name?

Answer: Domenikos _Theotokopoulos_.

2. For ten points One of El Greco's most famous works shows Saints Stephen and

Augustine assisting at the burial of a Spanish nobleman. Name the nobleman, whose name is part of the work's title.

Answer: The _Count de Orgaz_.

3. For fifteen points The city of Toledo, where El Greco made his home, is also famous for its artistic metalworking, specifically for a way of laying gold wire on to steel. Give the name of this style of work, which is taken from a Middle Eastern city.

Answer: Damascene.