1998 Cardinal Classic

Written by Jesse Molesworth

T-1. One figure recalls Ugolino from Dante’s Inferno. Two others may be modelled on victims Alexandre Correard and Henri Savigny. And another is said to be modelled on the artist’s friend Eugene Delacroix. FTP name this painting exhibited in 1819 as A Shipwreck Scene – by Theodore Gericault.


T-2. The fountains at Caesar’s Palace, a tank full of live sharks at the Chicago Amphitheater, 14 buses at Wembley Stadium, and, most famously, the Snake River Canyon. FTP name the man who jumped these obstacles in his "Skycycle," retiring in 1976 with two broken arms and a brain concussion.

Answer: Evel KNIEVEL

T-3. A sports center was to be built on the site until Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote a poem about it. Also commemorated by Shostakovich, it is located near Kiev, Ukraine. FTP name this notorious ravine in which Nazis killed ninety-six thousand Jews.

Answer: BABI YAR

T-4. A friend of Ivan Turgenev, he may have inspired the novel Rudin. Also a friend of radical journalists Vissarion Belinski and Alexander Hertzen, his Reaction in Germany contains a phrase: "The passion for destruction is also a creative passion." FTP name this Russian revolutionary and anarchist leader.

Answer: Mikhail BAKUNIN

T-5. This film's director called his surrealist vision "Walter Mitty Meets Franz Kafka." Sam Lowrey is a low-level bureaucrat the Ministry of Information, who becomes involved with the cigar-chomping terrorist Harry Tuttle. FTP name this 1985 film directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Robert DeNiro and Jonathan Pryce.

Answer: BRAZIL

T-6. Designed by the sculptor Chares (CHAR ees) -- a pupil of Lysippus -- it was built from the war engines of the invading Demetrius Poliorcetes (Pol ee OR keh tees). The story that it fell and destroyed the adjacent the harbor arose only in the 16th century. FTP name this statue of Helios that stood 105 feet high and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


T-7. The play on which it was based was a flop and was set in the French Court of Francis I, rather than in Mantua. Keynotes include the aria La donna e mobile, performed by the Duke of Mantua, and Caro nome, performed by Gilda. FTP name this opera about a hunchbacked jester, based on Victor Hugo's La Roi s'muse and composed by Giuseppe Verdi.


T-8. The work begins with the writer’s birth on Beacon Hill and concludes with the death of the author’s friend John Hay. Containing the famous chapter "The Virgin and the Dynamo," it was intended as a sequel to Mont Saint Michel and Chartres. FTP name this work published in 1905 by Henry Adams.Answer: The EDUCATION OF HENRY ADAMS

T-9. Its entropy is defined based on the theorem that it has no hair. Its only practical physical observables are mass and angular momentum. The first law of its dynamics equates the product of the surface gravity and change in area of this body with the energy added to it. FTP what is this object formed by the collapse of stars, whose size is determined by its Schwarzschild radius.Answer: BLACK HOLE

T-10. He made appearances at the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo in 1901, the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, and in Theodore Roosevelt's inaugural procession. Before that, he escaped from General George Crook, only to surrender to General Nelson A. Miles. FTP name this leader of the Chiricahua Apaches.


T-11. Artistic treasures in this city include the Cathedral, the Brera Palace, and Da Vinci's Last Supper. Under the influence of the Visconti and Sforza families, it was the principal city in Lombardy. FTP name this city in Northern Italy which is also the site of the La Scala opera house.

Answer: MILAN

T-12. Allegedly he carries a sail owned by St. Peter and a splinter of the true cross. His waxen yellow hair suggests that he has syphillis, and his falsetto voice suggests that he is a eunuch. FTP name this companion of the Summoner who tells the tale of three knights seeking Death in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.Answer: the PARDONER

T-13. The daughter-in-law of this writer wants his papers to remain in Russian control. The Ivinskaya family wants the documents that belonged to the novelist’s lover Olga. At stake are the manuscripts of the play Blind Beauty and a novel originally rejected publication in the late 50’s. FTP name this writer of Dr. Zhivago.

Answer: Boris PASTERNAK

T-14. Opposing the 1917 Espionage Act and dissenting in the first wire-tap case Olmstead v. U.S., his opposition to vested interests and monopolies was the basis of Woodrow Wilson's "New Freedom." FTP name this "people’s attorney" and Zionist leader appointed to the Supreme Court in 1916.

Answer: Louis D. BRANDEIS

T-15. The name’s the same: the sea-god who instructed Apollo in soothsaying, a son of Minos who drowned in a vat of honey, and an enemy of Diomedes and leader of the Lycian troops in the Trojan War. FTP give the common name, also the lover of Ione in Bulwer-Lytton’s The Last Days of Pompeii.


T-16. The climax comes when the drums signify the approaching army. Swiss Cheese and Anna Fierling are but two casualties in this play, which covers twelve years of the Thirty Years’ War. FTP name this 1939 example of epic theater written by Bertolt Brecht.


T-17. The killings in this nation began in 1992 when the government canceled the last round of elections that would have brought to power the Islamic Salvation Front. Since Ramadan began Dec. 30, more than 1800 civilians have been killed, while the 6-year civil war has claimed more than 75,000. FTP name this nation with President Liamine Zeroual and capital Algiers.


T-18. Also named after him is a function in number theory, tetrahedra, and a net. During a lecture in 1840, he attempted to find the least number of colors on a map required to distinguish political regions. FTP name this formulator of barycentric calculus, a founder of topology, and discoverer of a one-sided "strip."

Answer: August Ferdinand MOEBIUS

T-19. He has had exactly four film roles: as a gangster, as a cross-dresser, as a phlegm-spouting clown, and as Tybalt. Currently, he stars in the Broadway show Freak, though he achieved higher acclaim for Spic-O-Rama and Mambo Mouth. FTP name this former host of Fox’s short-lived "House o’ Buggin.’"

Answer: John LEGUIZAMO

T-20. It reached its height under the leaders Sonni Ali and Askia Muhammed I, but was shattered in 1591 by the invasion of Moorish troops from Morocco. FTP name this largest West African empire located in the Niger Valley of what is now Mali, whose chief cities were its capital Gao and Timbuktu.


T-21. He and his crony Verges take Borachio into custody to be questioned by Leonato, whose botched job nearly enables Don John's plot against Hero and Claudio to succeed. FTP name this pompous but comical constable in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.


T-22. Formulated by Dirac from 1926-1934, it incorporated Maxwell's equations and a fundamental equation governing the motion and spin of electrons. The formalism was made workable by Bethe, Dyson, Tomonaga, Schwinger, and Feynman. FTP identify this theory that earned the 1965 Nobel Prize for Physics.


T-23. Stephen Jay Gould wrote about it in his Wonderful Life. Discovered in 1909 by Charles Walcott, it contains more than 120 species of marine invertebrates. FTP name this fossil-bearing site in Yoho National Park, British Columbia.


T-24. Released on April 21, 1971, the cover, complete with adjustable zipper, was designed by Andy Warhol. FTP name this album featuring "Bitch," "Can’t You Hear Me Knocking," and "Brown Sugar," usually regarded as the masterpiece of the Rolling Stones.


T-25. It is very electropositive and is produced by electrolysis through the Downs process. A solid at room temperature, it is often stored in kerosene to prevent rapid oxidation in air. FTP name this soft, silvery-white alkali metal that is the sixth most common element and has atomic weight 23.0 and atomic number 11.

Answer: SODIUM

T-26. He amalgamated the diamond mines around Kimberley under the corporation DeBeers Consolidated Mines. As prime minister of the Cape Colony, he instigated the Jameson Raids. FTP name this British financier, best remembered for the scholarships to study at Oxford which bear his name.

Answer: Cecil James RHODES

T-27. This child prodigy claimed that he "never played at cricket," which may have led to a nervous breakdown before the age of twenty-one. FTP name this author of The Subjection of Women, System of Logic and On Liberty, who formed the Utilitarian Society for reading and discussing essays at the home of Jeremy Bentham.

Answer: John Stuart MILL

T-28. Living in Acragas, Sicily, he committed suicide by throwing himslef into the crater of Mount Etna. He held that love and discord are continually constructed. FTP name this Greek philosopher who proposed that the universe is made of the four elements fire, air, earth, and water.


T-29. In 1866, the year that he met Charles Darwin, he introduced a method for representing evolutionary history through tree-like diagrams. He later coined the term "ecology." FTP name the German zoologist famous for his statement of ‘recapitulation’: "ontogeny repeats philogeny."

Answer: Ernst Heinrich Philipp August HAEKEL


1998 Cardinal Classic Bonus Questions by Jesse Molesworth

B-1. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote two books beginning with "Summa." One defends "the truth of Catholicism against pagans," while the other seeks to prove God’s existence. F15P each name them both.

Answer: SUMMA CONTRA GENTILES and SUMMA THEOLOGICAB-2. Tangle these titles with clues about Star Trek: the Next Generation and Shakespeare. For instance, if I said, "The character played by Marina Sirtis and the play about the Trojan siege, you would reply 'Deanna Troilus and Cressida.'"

  1. The fop who referees the fight between Hamlet and Laertes; and an executive producer of Star Trek: Generations.

Answer: OSRIC BERMANb. The man who, according to Tamarian legend, was with Jalad at Tanagra; and the Shakespearean character who was "from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd."

Answer: DARMOKDUFFc. King Lear's youngest daughter; and the woman who designed the engines of the Enterprise.

Answer: CORDELIA BRAHMSB-3. F15P identify these men influential to Einstein’s work in the Special Theory of Relativity.

  1. Whose transformations permit a coordinate shift from one inertial frame of reference to another?

    Answer: Hendrik Antoon LORENTZ

  2. Name Einstein's teacher at the Ecole Polytechnique who introduced the formalism of the space-time four vector.

Answer: Hermann MINKOWSKI

B-4. Identify the following religious allegories from their characters for fifteen points or from their authors FFP. a. 15: Of the three brothers, Peter is the Roman Catholic Church, Jack is the English dissenters, and Martin is the Anglican Church.

5: Jonathan Swift


b. 15: The title animals are the Church of Rome and the Church of England, respectively. James II is a lion which fends off the bear (Independents), the wolf (Presbyterians), and others.

5: John Dryden


B-5. FTP each identify these mythical creatures from descriptions.

  1. Wings of a fowl, tail of a dragon, head of a cock

    Answer: COCKATRICE

  2. Head of a lion, body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent

    Answer: CHIMAERA

  3. Head of a snake, the body of a leopard, legs of a lion, and feet of a deer


B-6. FTP each identify the capitals of the following empires.

  1. The capital of Egypt under the pharaoh Akhenaton

Answer: Tel-al-AMARNAb. The capital of the ancient Assyrian empire under Asshur-bani-pal

Answer: NINEVAHc. The capital of the Hittite Empire



B-7. Three Russians collaborated on the premiere of Maurice Ravel’s ballet Daphnis et Chloe on June 1912. FTP each name in order the impressario of the Ballet Russes, the chief choreographer, and the dancer who starred opposite Tamara Karsavina.Answer: Sergei DIAGHILEV, Michel FOKINE, Vaslav NIJINSKY

B-8. Identify the following films from their memorable quotes FFP each. a. 1967--"What we have here is a failure to communicate--some men you just can't reach."


b. 1975--"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore."


c. 1994--"Every time I touch brain, I'm superfly TNT, I'm the Guns of Navarone!"



B-9. F15P each identify the creators of these unsolved problems.

a. Consider an imaginary number s = a + bi. Let zeta = 1 + 1 over 2 to the s + 1 over 3 to the s, etc. Who conjectured that the zeroes of zeta in the unit interval lie on the central line a = 1/2?

Answer: Bernhard REIMANN

  1. At the International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris in 1900, who presented twenty-three problems, many of them still unsolved, as an exercise for his colleagues?

Answer: David HILBERT

B-10. F15P each identify the following current Broadway successes from descriptions.

  1. Baakari Wilder journeys through the African-American past that celebrates the persistence of rhythm.


  2. Musician Paul Simon and Nobel-Prize winning poet Derek Walcott scripted this story of a Puerto Rican gang member growing up in New York.

Answer: The CAPEMAN

B-11. Many historians believe that Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove was actually a composite of three people. One was an air force chief of staff who ran for vice-president under George Wallace; another was secretary of state from 1973-77; and the last was the Hungarian-born member of the Manhattan Project. FTP each name these three men.

Answer: Curtis LEMAY, Henry KISSINGER, and Edward TELLER

B-12. FTP each identify the figure that appears in all of the following works.

  1. Dramas by Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, and Hugo von Hofmannsthal; an opera by Richard Strauss

Answer: ELECTRAb. A story by Thomas Malory; a poem by Tennyson; an opera by Wagner; a narrative poem by Edward Arlington Robinson.

Answer: TRISTRAM or TRISTANc. Plays by Sudermann and Wilde; a short narrative by Flaubert; an opera by Richard Strauss; a drawing by Beardsley.

Answer: SALOME B-13. FTP each give the name of the woman celebrated by the following poems.

  1. Petrarch's Canzoniere.

Answer: LAURA
b. William Wordsworth’s "She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways"

Answer: LUCY

c. Robert Burns' "My Highland Lassie"

Answer: Highland MARY

B-14. Three men shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1973. One studied imprinting in birds; one studied the aggressive behavior of the male three-spined stickleback; and the last studied the dances of bees. FTP each name these three ethologists.

Answer: Konrad Zacharias LORENZ, Nikolaas TINBERGEN, Karl von FRISCH

B-15. The Canaanite Astarte, the Israelite Ashtoreth, and the Arab Athtar are all the same goddess. F15P each give the equivalent goddess in Sumerian and Babyonian mythology, whose domains were love and war.


B-16. FTP each answer the following questions about baseball's origins.

  1. First name the first entirely salaried team, which appeared in 1869.

    Answer: CINCINNATI Red Stockings

  2. Name the man who organized the National League in 1876.

Answer: Albert SPALDINGc. Name the National League's rival league, which appeared soon after.

Answer: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION B-17. FTP each identify the following Athenian rulers.

  1. Elected in 594 B.C., he instituted economic reforms called Seisachtheia and introduced a new law code to replace the harsh Draconian Code.

Answer: SOLON b. This tyrant of Athens, who ruled intermittently between 560 and 527 B.C., established hegemony in Ionia.


c. This man replaced tribal political divisions with 10 new electoral districts from which 50 members were chosen by lot to constitute the Council of 500.

Answer: CLEISTHENESB-18. a. Painted in 1656, it contains a portrait of Princess Margarita in the court of King Philip IV of Spain. F15P name this Diego Velazquez canvas.Answer: Las MENINAS or The MAIDS OF HONOR b. Francisco Goya would later pattern one of his paintings on Las Meninas. F15P Give the name of this work.Answer: Family PORTRAIT OF CHARLES IV

B-19. F15P each answer the following about white dwarfs.

  1. What name is given to the pressure produced by erratic, high-speed, wave/particle-duality-induced motions of electrons and neutrinos?

    Answer: DEGENERACY pressure

  2. White dwarfs appear near the bottom of what diagram used by astrophysicists to trace stellar evolution?


B-20. Identify the following 80’s Pulitzer Prize winning novels from descriptions for 15, or from its author for 5.

  1. 15: An obese man named Ignatius Reillly navigates from positions at the Levi Pants factory to hot-dog vending.

5: John Kennedy TooleAnswer: A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCESb. 15: Once a well-known singer, Helen is now a derelict, and her only companion is the bum Francis Phelan.

5: William Kennedy


B-21. FFP each give both U.S. Senators representing these states.

  1. Massachusetts

    Answer: Edward KENNEDY and John KERRY

  2. Pennsylvania

    Answer: Arlen SPECTER and Rick SANTORUM

  3. Arizona

Answer: John KYL and John MCCAIN

B-22. F15P each answer these questions about Brook Farm.

a. Who was the Unitarian minister who became President of the community?

Answer: George RIPLEY

  1. Brook Farm was founded around the social system developed by what French reformer, brought to the U.S. by Albert Brisbane?

Answer: Francois Marie Charles FOURIER

B-23. It is comprised of three groups of coral atolls: the 16 Gilbert Islands, 8 uninhabited Phoenix Islands, and 8 of the 11 Line Islands.

  1. First F15P name this island nation.

    Answer: KIRIBATI

  2. Now F15P give the capital of Kiribati.

Answer: BAIKIRI (or TARAWA Atoll)

B-24. Responsible for developing Germany’s rocket program during World War II, he designed the infamous V2 rocket. F15P each name both this German rocketeer and his army rocket research center.

Answer: Wernher von BRAUN and PEENEMUNDE

B-25. FTP name these 16th century English heretics, all burned at the stake.

  1. This compiler of the first Book of Common Prayer helped Henry VIII divorce his second, third, fourth, and fifth wives.

    Answer: Thomas CRANMER b. His translation of the Bible into English was printed at Cologne in 1525.

    Answer: William TYNDALE

  2. He was made bishop of Worcester in 1535, but resigned because he felt unable to accept the Act of the Six Articles of 1539.

Answer: Hugh LATIMER

B-26. Give the common name of these animals on a 15-5 basis.

  1. 15: Its large salivary glands permit the observation of its chromosomes using only low-powered magnification.

5: With genus-species name Drosophila melanogaster this insect proved useful to Thomas Hunt Morgan in his studies of genetics.


b. 15: The Ailurus fulgens species have an unusual sixth digit, a modified wristbone which has evolved to thumb-like size and flexibility.

5: A variety of raccoon, their diet is comprised mostly of bamboo.

Answer: PANDA

Extras (Do NOT use)

On January 31, he returned aboard space shuttle Endeavor after four months aboard an orbiting laboratory. F15P each name this U.S. astronaut and the space station in which he worked.

Answer: David WOLF and MIR