1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic

Toss-ups by Georgia St.


1 Of newspapers, he suggested that they be divided into four sections: "Truth," "Probability," "Possibility" and "Lies." He favored books, and after the British burned the original, his 6,500 volumes became the basis for the new Library of Congress. For 10 points, name this resident of Monticello.


2 In 1897, in the city of Hyderabad, India, Ronald Ross revealed the life-cycle of this disease, which kills more than 2.5 million people each year. For ten points, name this disease, transmitted by the Anopheles genus of mosquito.


3 Brahms, after seeing him conduct the Budapest Opera, helped him obtain posts in Hamburg and Vienna. He believed that we live through cycles of reincarnation, aiming towards purification. For 10 points, name this man, famous for his conducting, who composed the Resurrection Symphony and Das Lied von der Erde.


4 Founded during the reign of Ivan the Terrible by English merchants, this port city on the Dvina river gave Russia a trading route to Europe in the years before it annexed the Baltic Republics. For 10 points, name this city on the White Sea.


5. The first person to rule an empire over which the sun never set, he inherited American, Dutch, Spanish and Italian territories from his father, Charles V, in 1580; added Portugal and its Asian, Indian and African colonies, and was, for a time, king-consort of England. For 10 points, name this Spanish King who sent the Spanish Armada.


6 It was proposed by Julia Ward Howe, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in 1872, but Anna Jarvis, of Grafton, West Virginia was the one who made it a personal crusade, in 1907. For 10 points, name this holiday, proclaimed by Woodrow Wilson in 1915 -- celebrated on the second Sunday in May.


7 Phillip Johnson, America's 91 year-old icon of architecture, calls it "the greatest building of this century". Some praise for Frank Gehry's limestone structure covered in curves of titanium, located in Bilbao, Spain. For 10 points, identify this museum whose New York site was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


8 Their football team had the best win-loss record in the 90s in the NCAA and in 1997, they came back to Division 1-A football as part of the Mid-America Conference. The 1-AA defending champions hail from Huntingdon, WV and featured the Heismann candidate Randy Moss. For ten points, identify this school, known as "The Thundering Herd".


  1. This novel’s sequels include 1993's Streets of Laredo and 1995's Dead Man's Walk, but this year's Comanche Moon is both a sequel and a prequel. FTP name this 1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Larry McMurtry.


10 15 editions, more than 4 million copies, translated into 41 languages since it's original release in 1948, this book is the most influential in its discipline. For 10 points identify this text, authored by Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson, whose one word title names the "dismal science."


11 The only place on earth that the U.S. reserves the right to keep non-self-destructing land mines is this land located between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. For 10 points, name this peninsula divided into two countries by a demilitarized zone.

ANSWER: _KOREA_ (accept _SOUTH KOREA_, before the word "peninsula")

12 Name’s the same. One was the product of Zeus's rape of Europa, this king became a judge of the lower world after his death. The other was the grandson of the first. He was also king of Crete and built the Labyrinth to house the beast born from the union of his wife and a bull. For ten points, give their common name.


13 He emphasized the limitations of human reasoning and believed that man should live with a total suspension of judgement in regard to the belief in natural law. Kant said of him, that his ideas "awakened me from my dogmatic slumbers." For 10 points, identify this author of A Treatise of Human Nature.


14 One half of the T-shirts sold in Europe are produced in this populous nation, whose flag features a red circle on a green field. For 10 points, name this country on the delta formed by the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers, formerly known as East Pakistan.


15 He writes about the political kidnappings orchestrated by the Medellín (meh-deh-YEEN) Cartel's Pablo Escobar in his 1997 book News of a Kidnapping. FTP name this Nobel Prize-winning author, more famous for Love in the Time of Cholera and 100 Years of Solitude.


16 Probably the only current foreign head of state to have escaped from a US prison, he remains on active warrants for breaking out of a Massachusetts jail in 1989. For 10 points, name this man who, in July of 1997 was elected President of Liberia.


17 Abaco Island, Eleuthera Island, and New Providence are three of the larger islands of the nation whose largest island is Andros. FTP, name this commonwealth with its capital at Nassau.


18 A London pharmacist, in 1803, was the first to classify them. Using Latin names, he described some as "heaps," others as "curls," and a third groups as "spread-out." Since then, new categories have been added for those that are high, and for those formless, low-lying ones. For 10 points, what are these atmospheric objects?


19 The Broadway revival of this 1975 musical, originally directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, about a woman who kills her husband, has been a bigger success than the original. For 10 points, name this show, featuring "The Cell Block Tango" and set in the city of "big shoulders."


20 In a Padua botanical garden, you can visit the palm tree which, in 1786, inspired this author and amateur botanist to write "The Metamorphosis of Plants." For 10 points, name this man, who returned to Weimar to write "Wilhelm Meister's Apprentice", "The Sorrows of Young Werther", and "Faust".


21 A 1966 print, known as FD-26, based on a 19th century Edmund Sullivan illustration for "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam," is highly valued by poster collectors, as it was the first time that the "skeleton and roses" image was used to promote, for 10 points, what band?


22 In Victorian times, English drinking establishments were customarily divided into two rooms, the "public room" or "pub", for the working man, and this more genteel room for the upper crust. FTP, name this room, a name that was also used by cowboys to describe their "watering holes".


23 The 1952 movie version starring Gene Barry, played on nuclear war fears and showed the difficulties of an evacuation of Los Angeles. The 1898 novel, describing London decimated by chemical warfare and heat-rays, capitalized on fears of industrial and military mechanization. FTP, name this work which, in its 1938 radio tele-play form, was narrated by Orson Welles.


24 At 99 years of age, Gregorio Fuentes (FWEN-tayz) is Cojimar (co-HEE-mar), Cuba's most prized citizen, because, while only in his 50's, this fishing boat captain was the primary inspiration for the title character of Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea." For ten points, name this solitary fisherman.

ANSWER: _SANTIAGO_ (prompt if they answer the Old Man and the Sea)

26 From the title of his 1993 autobiography, "I'd Love To, but I have a Game: Twenty-Seven Years without a Life," one would think that he wouldn't have time for the shenanigan's that ultimately led to his loss of employment at NBC, a dubious achievement, indeed. For 10 points, name this sportscaster.


27 What the boll weevil did for American cotton, the Pakistan's red palm weevil is threatening to do for Arabia's production of, for 10 points, what agricultural product, called "the fruit of life"?


*28 LIGO, the laser interferometer laboratory being built in Livingston Parrish, Lousiana and similar labs under way in Pisa, Italy and Hansford, Washington, will be searching for a something predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. For 10 points, what type of wave do they seek?




Extras (Do NOT use)

For a time, he led in all five of Time Magazine’s categories in its reader’s poll to name the "Person of the Century," including that for "Entertainers and Artists." For 10 points, name this man who is certainly popular in Ankara, as he was the founder of the modern Turkish state.


Though the Redskins have been a Washington fixture for decades, they share their birthplace with baseball's Atlanta Braves. For 10 points, name this city, some of whose citizens dressed as Native Americans one night in 1773.


Located at the great hunter's shoulder, this red giant of variable magnitude is designated "alpha-Orion," even though Rigel is of greater magnitude. For 10 points, identify this star.




1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions by Georgia State

1. For 10 points each, I'll list three artists, and you tell the school of art to which they are collectively associated.

A- Juan Gris (greece), Fernand Léger (LAY-zhay) and Georges Braque (brock) ANSWER: _CUBISM_

B- Théodore Rousseau, Jean Corot (core-ROW) and Jean Millet (mee-LAY) ANSWER: _BARBIZON_ school (Prompt for specificity if "Romanticism" is given)

C- Benvenuto Cellini (chuh-LEE-nee), Il Rosso Fiorentino, and Parmigianino

ANSWER: _MANNERISM_ (Prompt for specificity if "Renaissance" is given)

2. LVMH, the French fashion and luxury-item conglomerate run by Bernard Arnault (are-NO), the so-called "Pope of Fashion", takes its name from that of three subsidiaries. You'll earn 10 points each for naming: the leather goods manufacturer abbreviated LV, the champagne producer indicated by the M, and the Congac firm designated H.


3 For 10 points each, answer these questions about the French Capetian dynasty.

A- What Capetian, in 1214, won large territories by defeating England's King John at Bouvines?

B- In 1302, Philip IV created what parliament, which met twice more, 1614 and 1789?

C- The succession crisis caused by the 1328 death of the last Capetian, Charles IV, sparked what war?




4 For 10 points each, identify the modern country in which you can find these Mayan cities.

A- Copán

B- Tikal

C- Chichén Itzá


5 For the stated number of points, give the full stage name for each of these actors.

A- For 5 points, brat-pack member Ramon Estevez

B- For 10 points, deceased comedian/violinist Benjamin Kubelski

C- For 15 points, confetti-throwing "Hollywood Square" comedian Charles Elmer, Jr.


6 For 10 points each, from it's description, name the principle of physics..

A- This equation describes the pressure, energy and velocity of an ideal fluid passing through a pipe which changes diameter along it's course.

B- In classical mechanics, it is defined as: force equals mass multiplied by acceleration.

C- Two principles for analyzing direct current electric circuits, the first states that the sum of the currents entering a junction must equal the sum of the currents leaving the junction.

ANSWERS: A- _BERNOULLI_'s equation

B- _NEWTON'S SECOND_ law of motion

C- _KIRCHHOFF_'s rules (or laws)

7 For 10 points, each, identify these battle-scarred characters of literature.

A- He led the Greeks against the Trojans to avenge his brother's loss of Helen to Paris.

B- An eleventh century Christian who battled the Moors, his real name was Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar.

C- A Russian czar over-thrown by the "false Dmitri," Puskin tells his story.


8 From a brief description, identify these operatic composers and earn 10 points for each.

A- An Englishman, who died in 1695, his most famous work is "Dido and Aeneas."


B- A German, who died in 1949, he composed "Salomé" and "Der Rosenkavalier."


C- A Czech nationalist, his "The Bartered Bride" is comedy about peasant life.

ANSWER: Bedrich _SMETANA_ (SMEH-ta-na)

9 While a part of the British Empire, India was governed by a viceroy, today it is governed by a prime minister. For 10 points, each, what man, in 1947 was India's last viceroy and what man became it's first prime minister? And for an additional 10 points, name India's current prime minister.

ANSWERS: Lord Louis _MOUNTBATTEN_, Jawaharlal _NEHRU_ , and Inder _GUJRAL_

10 The epistles of the Apostle Paul form nine of the New Testatament books. One is directed to the citizens of the country of Galatia, while the others are to the people of six different cities. For 5 points each, name those cities, not the books.




11 For 10 points each, answer these questions concerning Aristotle's ethics.

A- What name did Aristotle call his ethics, thus honoring his father?

B- He refuted what Athenian lawmaker's idea that "we should call no man happy until he is dead," because Aristotle considered happiness to be an activity.

C- Moral, Immoral or Amoral, which did Aristotle consider humans upon their birth?

ANSWER: A- _NICOMACHEAN_ (nick-oh-MACH-ee-an), B- _SOLON_ , C- _AMORAL_

12 Identify this writer, 30-20-10.

1- A personal friend of Flaubert and Turgenev, this realist's first important work of fiction was "A Passionate Pilgrim."

2- An American, he moved to London, authoring works such as "The Spoils of Poynton."

3- In 1915, this writer of "Washington Square" became a British citizen.


13 The National Retail Federation lists three days of the year as being the most popular for parties. For 10 points each, name these three days of communal celebration.



14 Since 1824, only 4 Presidents have won election with more than 60% of the popular vote, all of them in this century. For 5 points each, and a ten point bonus for all correct, name those four Presidents.

ANSWERS: Warren G. _HARDING_, 1920 (60.3%); _F_ranklin D. _ROOSEVELT_ 1936 (60.8%); _L_yndon B. _JOHNSON_, 1964 (61.1%); Richard M. _NIXON_, 1972 (60.7%).

15 You are Psyche, and Cupid's mother Venus is sending you on yet another impossible task, this time to Hades. For 10 points each:

A- Venus has given you a box to fill with beauty from Pluto's wife. Name this Roman woman.

B- Along the way, you have to cross the river Styx. Who do you pay to ferry you across?

C- In order to enter the palace, what three headed dog do you give a cake, so that he will allow your passage?

ANSWER: A- _PROSERPINE_ or _PROSERPINA_ (Persephone is the Greek equivalent)

B- _CHARON_ (CAR-on)


16 F15P each, from its description, identify these titles of works, all, US place-names, either real or imagined.

A- Upton Sinclair passionately portrays the climate of the Sacco-Vanzetti case in this 1928 novel.

B- John Steinbeck tells tales of Danny and his "paisano" friends in this 1935 story.


  1. Identify the literary work 30-20-10.

1- The narrator age 35, begins his 7 day journey on Good Friday at 1300 ( or 1 pm).

2- Virgil serves as guide for much of the trip but, as a pagan, cannot enter the final stage.

3- He reaches his ultimate vision with the help of St. Bernard and the love of Beatrice.

ANSWERS: The _DIVINE COMEDY_, by Dante (do not accept portions of the work... Inferno, Purgatorio or Paradiso. The 7 days includes all 3 parts.)

18 Identify these North American reptiles or amphibians with distinctive names, for 10 points each.

A- A reddish-colored venomous snake of the Eastern United States, during the Civil War it described Northerners sympathetic to the South.

B- A giant aquatic salamander of the Ohio River valley, it's name is slang for a drunken spree.

C- A wide-ranging sea turtle found in Pacific and Atlantic coastal waters, its name describes persons who are unable reach an agreement.




19 For 10 points each, given the phrase, name the Supreme Court Case from which it came.

A- "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

B- "Separate but equal"

C- "Clear and present danger"




20 For 10 points each, tell which of these chemical elements does not belong, based on the relationship given.

A- Elements: berylium, magnesium, calcium and cerium; Relationship: periodic table group.

B- Elements: silicon, selenium, polonium and thorium; Relationship: discoverer.

C- Elements: radon, rhenium, rhodium and rubidium; Relationship: radioactivity.

ANSWERS: A- _CERIUM_ (a lanthanide, the others are alkaline earths)

B- _POLONIUM_ (by the Curies, the others by Berzelius)

C- _RADON_ (radioactive, the others have stable isotopes)

21 Regarding the 5 largest lakes -salt or fresh water- in the world, you'll earn ten points for each of these you can identify from the clue given.

A- Which is located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?

B- Which of the 5 is the deepest, at 3,363 feet?

C- Which of the 5 is the highest, at 3,720 feet above sea level?


22 For 10 points each, identify these nations with the most lobbying power in the US, according to US News and World Report.

A- 9th on the list, Jonas Savimbi's UNITA rebel faction doubled its government's official spending.

B- In 7th place, an island nation led by President René Préval. It wants to continued US aid.

C- It's in 1st place, primarily because it is America's largest trading partner.


23 Fond of playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Then you should have no problem naming the film which featured these other actors and, of course, Kevin Bacon.

A- Tom Hulce, Karen Allen and Donald Sutherland.

B- Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman and Jason Patric

C- Kevin Costner, Joe Pesci, Tommy Lee Jones


24. Yes, nutrition is more than Papa John’s Pizza and fries. Answer these questions for 10 points each.

A- Two servings of omega-3 fatty acids per week can cut in half one's risk of cardiac arrest. What type of meat is the sole source for them?

B- Folic acid is the only vitamin shown to prevent the birth defect spina bifida. To what class of vitamins: A, B, C. D, or E, does folic acid belong?

C-Anti-oxidants such as beta carotene, obtained through natural food sources, helps reduce the number of certain unstable oxygen molecules which contribute to aging. What name is given to these highly reactive oxygen molecules?


25. Elton John's 1997 Candle in the Wind tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales became the all-time best-selling single. For 10 points each:

A- What other song is featured on that release?

B- The words "England's Rose" are substituted for what two-word name from the original version of Candle in the Wind.

C- The original version was a tribute to what other woman?




26. Identify this small city that seems to thrive on conflict on the first clue for 30 points, on the second for 20 and on the third for 10.

1- A few years ago, this Georgia town made national headlines by requiring every citizen to own a gun.

2- Here, Newt Gingrich taught his politically controversial "Renewing American Civilization" course.

3- A bloody Civil War battle fought here provided the name for a Major League Baseball commissioner.



Extras (do NOT use)

While Yeltsin tries to bury Lenin, the remains of patriarchal leaders of two other countries remain popular attractions, and a new memorial complex was recently completed for the mummy of a third country's long time head of state, who died in 1994. For 5 points each, name these three East Asian leaders, and the capital cities in which their respective remains lie.


B- _HO_ Chi Minh, _HANOI_


Up on the current class of US Senators? For the given state, you'll earn five points for each of it's senators you can name. Your states:

A- Mississippi B- Illinois C- New Mexico

ANSWERS: A- Trent _LOTT_ and Thad _COCHRAN_

B- Carol _MOSELEY-BRAUN_ and Richard J. _DURBIN_

C- Jeff _BINGAMAN_ and Pete V. _DOMENICI_

The NBA's career scoring leader and a Miami Dolphin, share the same name, albeit with a minor spelling difference. For 10 points each::

A- what was the former name of long-time Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

B- of running back Karim Abdul-Jabbar?

C- both wore what number while playing for the UCLA Bruins?

ANSWERS: A- Lew _ALCINDOR_, B- Sharmon _SHAH_ and C- _33_

Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski are the favorites to win figure skating's gold medal at the Nagano Olympics. If either does, she will become the sixth American woman to have achieved that feat. For five points each, with a five point bonus for all correct, name the five previous US gold medalists.

ANSWERS: Tenley _ALBRIGHT_ (1956) Carol _HEISS_ (1960)

Peggy _FLEMING_ (1968) Dorothy HAMILL , Kristi YAMAGUCHI