1998 Cardinal Classic

Tossups by Carleton College

Carleton College Tossups


1. . Its subtitle is "A Tale Intended to Be After the Fact, Being the Experience of Four Men from the Sunk Steamer Commodore." What, FTP, is the main title of this Stephen Crane short story?

Answer: The OPEN BOAT

2. After initial colonization by the French, the British won this island group in the 1814 Treaty of Paris. Its largest island is named Mahe, and until 1903 it was ruled as a part of Mauritius. FTP, identify this nation off the west coast of Africa with its capital at Victoria.

Answer: SEYCHELLES (say-shells)

3. Napoleon reached Smolensk in mid-August and decided to press on. Meanwhile, General Mikhail Kutuzov had been ordered to halt Napoleon's advance at this site, where the two forces met on September 7, 1812. FTP, what was this battle which left the road to Moscow open to Napoleon?


4. In this disease, the lack of aldosterone interrupts a feedback loop involved in controlling the volume of the extracellular fluid in the body, which leads to the characteristic hypotension. FTP, identify this disease, whose sufferers included Jane Austen and John F. Kennedy.

Answer: ADDISON's disease

5. Their forerunners were the "Buckshots" and they were named after a secret antilandlord faction in Europe. The American version thrived in the mountains of pennsylvania during the late 1860's and early 1870's before its infiltration and breakup by Pinkerton detectives. FTP, identify this terrorist society composed of Irish miners.


6. His first photographs were published with Hart Crane's poem "The Bridge." He served as a book reviewer for Time and a staff photographer at Fortune, and he taught photography at both Yale and Dartmouth. FTP, name this photographer who, with James Agee, created Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

Answer: Walker EVANS

7. On October 29, 1998, he will return to the place where he spent less than five hours on February 20, 1962. He will leave the job that he has held since 1974 soon after the October journey, on which he will work as a payload specialist with a secondary role of researching the aging process. FTP, identify this Ohioan congressman-astronaut, the first man to orbit the earth.

Answer: John GLENN

8. A paint manufacturer from Elyria, Ohio, in 1912 he had a nervous breakdown and moved to Chicago. There he met Theodore Dreiser, who helped him publish "Windy McPherson's Son" and "Marching Man." FTP name this writer best known for "The Triumph of the Egg" and "Winesburg, Ohio."

Answer: _S_herwood ANDERSON

9. Though she published poetry under the pseudonym Anne Singleton, her doctoral thesis was titled "The Concept of the Guardian Spirit in North America." She worked among the native American tribes of the Southwest, later publishing "Zuni Mythology." FTP, identify this anthropologist, author of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword and Patterns of Culture.

Answer: Ruth BENEDICT

10. First awarded in 1957, Wes Parker and Roberto Clemente were the only men to win one in their final seasons. Jim Kaat won the most among pitchers, with 16. Brooks Robinson also won 16. FTP, what is this baseball award, given annually to the best fielders in the majors?

Answer: GOLD(en) GLOVE

11. He incorrectly calculated that the Milky Way was larger than all other galaxies in his calculation of the value of the constant determining the rate of expansian of the universe. FTP, who is this man for whom an orbiting telescope is named?

Answer: Edwin Powell HUBBLE

12. Releasing their first single, which included "It's like That" and "Sucker MC's, in 1983, they changed their genre to include electric guitar. Their DJ is Jam Master Jay, and the title duo's real names are Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniel. FTP, identify this group whose albums include "King of Rock" and "Raising Hell."

Answer: RUN DMC

  1. He was the richest man in Russia during the late 1780's, largely from hisadministration of the territories won during the Russo-Turkish wars. He built Russian naval bases at Sevastopol and Ekaterinoslav on the Black Sea, and then arranged a triumphant tour of the area for his monarch and mistress. FTP, name this minister of Catherine II, whose name lives on in the title of a film by Sergei Eisenstein.

Answer: Grigory Aleksandrovich POTEMKIN

14. This thinker's first major work was written in 1905 after reading Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind. After writing "The Life of Reason," he developed the concept of "animal faith. FTP, identify this Spanish-American philosopher who also wrote "The Last Puritan."

Answer: George SANTAYANA

15. The action in this story begins with the funeral of Sophie Kochamma and ends with a lovers' rendezvous. The middle centers on the small events in the lives of the "two-egg twins" Estha and Rahel and their village of Ayemenem in India. FTP, identify this much-praised debut novel from

Arundhati Roy.


  1. He told his second wife that he was descended from Napoleon and that his father changed their last name when the family crossed from Sicily. His notable TV work included "Good Times," an episode of "Scooby Doo," a variety show and appearances on C-SPAN. FTP, identify this recently deceased entertainer and California congressman.

Answer: Salvatore "Sonny" BONO

17. It was first formed on June 5, 1995, by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman. Also studied by the Ketterle group at MIT, its creation involes LASER cooling a dilute atomic vapor within a magnetic trap followed by

evaporative cooling. FTP, identify this coherent phase of matter first postulated by its two eponymous physicists.


18. This graduate of Lincoln University became president of the African Students' Organization and coordinated the fifth Pan-African Congress. Moving back to Africa, he became his nationís first prime minister after it merged with British Togoland in 1957. FTP what man led his nation until 1966 when, while he was in China, the army seized power in Ghana.

Answer: Kwame NKRUMAH

19. It launched the careers of actors Sara Allgood and Barry Fitzgerald and has produced plays by Padraic (puh-DRAKE) Colum and Brendan Behan. FTP name the company also famous for its performances of Synge's "Playboy of the Western World" as well as Sean O'Casey's "Plough and the Stars," established by Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats as the Irish National Theater.

Answer: ABBEY Theater

20. After killing a dog, he gained his name which means "hound of the smith." A mildmannered man in daily life, in war he became possessed by uncontrollable fits of rage. FTP, identify this Irish hero of the Knights of the Red Branch, who killed all three sons of Queen Maev.

Answer: CU CHULAINN (koo koo-lane) (many variant spellings with similar pronunciations)

21. In 1840, six thousand people greeted the boat from England at New York pier, all desperate to discover the sad fate of this small heroine. She wandered the country and eventually died after her grandfather lost the money he borrowed from Daniel Quilp. FTP, identify the heroine of Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop.

Answer: LITTLE NELL or NELL TRENT (prompt on "Nell")

22. Growing need for water led to the building of the Hume Dam on this river, and water usage was further increased by the Snowy Mountains scheme. It rises on a mountain known as The Pilot and continues past Mount Kosciusko in New South Wales. FTP, name this longest river of Australia.

Answer: MURRAY River

23. Her early research into the structure of coal and graphite laid the foundation for modern carbon-fiber technology. Working at Kingís College, London, she first rejected a helical structure for DNA, but later wrote a paper confirming Watson and Crick's results. FTP, name this scientist who performed x-ray crystallographs of DNA structures.

Answer: Rosalind FRANKLIN

24. He served fifty-one years in the German navy without hearing a naval gun fired in combat. As an administrator in the Imperial navy, he headed the torpedo division before building the German battle fleet into the second-greatest in the world. FTP, name this fork-bearded Grand Admiral, who resigned his office in 1916 when he was no longer permitted to use submarine warfare.

Answer: Alfred von TIRPITZ

25. He was headed to Notre Dame until he was charged with attacking another student at DuPont High School and spent 30 days in jail. He then went to Florida State but left after violating his probation by smoking marijuana. Finally, he found a home among the Marshall Thundering Herd, where he set a Division I-A record with 25 touchdown catches in 1997. FTP, name this troubled wide-out, the 1997 Biletnikoff Award winner and fourth-place finisher in the voting for the Heisman Trophy.

Answer: Randy MOSS

26. One famous passage in this work is set in a factory where "One man draws out the wire, another straights it, a third cuts it, a fourth points it, [and] a fifth grinds it at the top for receiving," as the author

further elucidates the manufacture of pins. FTP, name this work which also introduced the "invisible hand," written by Adam Smith.

Answer: An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the WEALTH OF NATIONS

27. This pharmaceutical with formula C-19-H-34-N-O has a non-planar four ring structure. Researchers have recently discovered that this drug leads to neural tube and cranial defects in chicken embryos, and it is believed to cause miscarriages as well. It acts as a cough suppressant by activating opioid receptors in the brain. FTP, name this ingredient found in many cough medicines.


28. Captain Ahab tames it in Moby Dick, and Shakespeare mentions it in Julius Caesar. It appears most frequently on pointed structures, which concentrate electrical fields and permit a flow of electric discharge,

which them appears as a cold flame of faint aura. FTP, identify this phenomenon, also the title of a 1985 Brat Pack movie starring Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore.

Answer: ST. ELMO'S FIRE (accept CORONA DISCHARGE before "title")

29. This subdiscipline of civil engineering uses conparators to measure the distance between two points, goniometers to measure angles and photoalidades for use with terrestrial maps. It is used in the

construction of topographic maps, the acquisition of military intelligence, and the preparation of composite pictures of the ground. FTP, identify this technique which refers to the measuring of images on a photograph.


30 Brian Johnson, Andrew Clark, Allison Reynolds, Claire Standish and John Bender. "Saturday March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois, 60062. Dear Mr. Vernon. We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever is was we did wrong. What we did was wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are." FTP, name this classic brat-pack John Hughes film that tells of a brain, athlete, basket case, princess, and



Extras (Do NOT use):

This author was decorated for his work in the French Resistance movement during WWII. Early works such as More Pricks than Kicks earned him money while he was active in Joyce's circle, but it wasn't until he decided to switch to another language that he gained fame. FTP, name this author who won a Nobel Prize in 1969 for his French language works, including Endgame and Waiting for Godot.

Answer: Samuel BECKETT

He died after falling from a building in the Roman Forum while trying to demonstrate his ability to fly to Nero. Regarded as the father of Gnosticism, he was baptized by Philip, and he tried to buy the power of transmitting the Holy Spirit from Peter and John. FTP, name this man whose name came to mean the selling of religious offices.

Answer: SIMON Magus






1998 Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions by Carleton College

1. FTP each name the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry from citation.

(10) 1934 - "for his discovery of heavy hydrogen"

Answer: Harold Clayton UREY

(10) 1954 - "for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances"

Answer: Linus Carl PAULING

(10) 1958 -"for his work on the structure of proteins, especially that of insulin"

Answer: Frederick SANGER

2. Between them, the following four drinks use only six liquid ingredients: screwdriver, black Russian, martini and Manhattan. Name the ingredients for five points each.


(Screwdriver=vodka + OJ, black Russian=kahlua + vodka, martini=gin +

vermouth, Manhattan=whiskey + vermouth)

3. Identify the Shakespeare play from songs included in it for ten points each.

(10) "Under the Greenwood Tree" and "Blow, blow thou winter wind"


(10) "O Mistress Mine" and "The Rain it Raineth Every Day"

Answer: TWELFTH NIGHT, or What You Will

(10) "Full Fathom Five" and "Where the Bee Sucks, There Suck I"

Answer: The TEMPEST

  1. FTP each Identify the corporate sponsors of the following Bowl.

(10) Sugar Bowl Answer: NOKIA

(10) Fiesta Bowl Answer: TOSTITOS

(10) Gator Bowl Answer: TOYOTA

5. Identify the following Assyrian rulers for ten points each.

(10) He invaded and destroyed Babylonia for Assyria in the 13th century BC. The only extant Assyrian epic is named for him.


(10) This ruler rebuilt Nineveh, destroyed Babylon, and captured many cities in Judea during the reign of Hezekiah.


(10) This man, perhaps the last great Assyrian king, built the first organized library in the Middle East in Nineveh.


6. . Identify the authors of the following philosophical treatises on a 15-5 basis.

(15) Blue and Brown Books and Philosophical Investigations

(5) Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus


(15) Passions of the Soul and Rules for the Direction of the Mind

(5) Meditations on First Philosophy

Answer: Rene DESCARTES

7. 30-20-10: Composer from works.

(30) Academic Festival Overture

(20) A German Requiem

(10) "Beethoven's Tenth" Symphony

Answer: Johannes BRAHMS

8. Given the chemical name for a vitamin, give the letter associated with that compound for ten points each.

(10) tocopherol Answer: vitamin E

(10) cobalamin Answer: vitamin B-12

(10) pyridoxine Answer: vitamin B-6

9. Identify the mothers of these heroes of Greek myth for ten points each.

(10) Achilles Answer: THETIS

(10) Perseus Answer: DANAE

(10) Heracles Answer: ALCMENE

10. Identify the Vietnamese locations given their role in the Vietnam War.

(5) A supposed Communist attack in this body of water prompted the resolution for American escalation.


(10) Nixon mined the harbor of this city on the Gulf of Tonkin in the spring of 1972, thus cutting off the flow of VC supplies.


(15) This ancient imperial capital in South Vietnam was the center of Buddhist rebel activity.

Answer: HUI

11. FTP each Identify these non-fiction Pulitzer winners.

(10) 1984, Drama, by David Mamet


(10) 1980, General Nonfiction, by Douglas Hofstadter

Answer: GODEL, ESCHER, BACH: An Eternal Golden Braid

(10) 1948, Poetry, by W.H. Auden

Answer: The AGE OF ANXIETY, a Baroque Eclogue

12. Answer the following about myelinated neurons for ten points each.

(10) Myelin sheets are made by these cells in the central nervous system.


(10) In the peripheral nervous system, these cells make the myelin sheets.

Answer: SCHWANN cells

(10) These are the approximately equally spaced regions that have no myelination.


13. Identify the Confederate Civil War generals F15P each.

(15) This general, credited with the victory at the first battle of Bull Run, never lost a battle, but saw little further action because of his differences with Jefferson Davis. After being wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks, he was replaced by Robert E. Lee.

Answer: _J_oseph Eggleston JOHNSTON

(15) This general led the surprise attack on Shiloh, but died on the first day of fighting.

Answer: _A_lbert Sidney JOHNSTON


14. F15P each identify these men who tried to quantify intelligence.

(10) In 1904, the French government asked this psychologist to devise a test to predict which children would be most likely to succeed in school. His concept of "mental levels" was later modified into the "mental age" scores used in the modern version of his test.

Answer: Alfred BINET

(10) This psychologist's intelligence scales differ from those of Binet in that they test verbal and performance skills separately. His view of intelligence stresses the ability to understand the world and to cope with challenges to the environment.

Answer: David WECHSLER


15. For ten points each, identify the artists to whom the following Greek sculptures are attributed.

(10) Doryphoros, or the Spear Bearer Answer: POLYKLEITOS(pol-ee-KLIE-tus)

(10) Aphrodite of Knidos (NIGH-dus) Answer: PRAXITELES (pracks-IT-uh-lees)

(10) Apoxyomenos, or the Scraper Answer: LYSIPPUS (lye-SIP-us)

16. The equator runs through six African countries--name them for five points each.


KENYA and SOMALIA. (Do not accept Zaire; that's old hat.)


17. Identify the following families from Yoknapatawpha (yahk-na-pa-TAW-pha) County from members' first names F15P,or the novel for five.

(15) Quentin, Benjy, and Caddy

(5) The Sound and the Fury


(15) Addie, Darl, Cash and Jewel

(5) As I Lay Dying


18. Identify these people from headlines in South Africa for fifteen points each.

(15) He served as defense minister, prime minister and president of South Africa during the 1970's and 1980's and is soon to be tried for his defiance of three Truth Commission subpoenas.

Answer: Pieter (P.W.) BOTHA

(15) This founder of the Black Consciousness Movement died of severe brain injuries while in the custody of Johannesburg police. Twenty years later, the investigation into his death is being reopened.

Answer: Steve BIKO


  1. Identify these laws of physics for ten points each.
  1. This law states that an induced current flows in a direction to create a magnetic field which will counteract the change in magnetic flux.

Answer: LENZ's Law

(10) This law provides the electrical force exerted by one charged body on another as a function of the charges of the two bodies and the radius between them.

Answer: COULOMB's Law

(10) The magnetic equivalent of Coulomb's Law, it expresses the magnetic field as the sum of tiny sections of a current carrying circuit.



20. For ten points each, name these things from Zoroastrianism.

(10) The God of Light.


(10) The principle of evil.


(10) The holy texts.

Answer: AVESTAS (accept Zend-Avesta)


21. For five points each and five more for putting them in the order in which they finished at this year's Nationals, identify the three women who will make up the U.S. figure skating squad in Nagano.

Answers: Michelle KWAN, Tara LIPINSKI, and Nicole BOBEK

Now, for ten points, identify the man who placed second at the National

Championships and who would have been the first American to perform a

quadruple jump in competition, had he not two-footed it.

Answer: Michael WEISS



  1. Identify the following works by Vladimir Nabokov for ten points each.

(10) This novel is composed of a 999 line poem and commentary by a mad

scholar who fancies himself the King of Zembia.


(10) His longest novel, it is a tale of incest between the title character and Van Veen.

Answer: ADA, or Ardor: A Family Crisis

(10) This humorous novel is about the title character who is a Russian teaching at an American college.

Answer: PNIN

23. After the death of Walter Capps, a special open election was held to fill his seat for California's 22nd congressional district. For ten points apiece, name:

1) The centrist millionaire, favored by Newt Gingrich, who finished third.

Answer: Brooks FIRESTONE

2) Capps' widow, who finished first but fell short of an outright majority.


3) The conservative Republican who received significant third-party support and will face Capps in the runoff.


24. Identify the British monarch from his or her predecessor for ten points each.

(10) Henry III Answer: EDWARD _I_

(10) Victoria Answer: EDWARD _VII_

(10) Henry VI Answer: EDWARD _IV_

25. Given a list of an artist's recent Grammy nominations, identify the artist for ten points each.

(10) Album of the Year, Male Pop Vocal Artist of the Year, R&B Album of the Year , Producer of the Year, Pop Vocal Collaboration, plus three others.


(10) Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Producer of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Female Pop-Vocal Performance, plus two more.

Answer: Paula COLE

(10) Best New Artist, Best R&B Artist, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Album.

Answer: Erykah BADU

26. Identify the mountain range from its highest peak for the stated number of points.

(5) Mount Aconcagua Answer: ANDES Mountains

(10) Mount Elbrus Answer: CAUCASUS Mountains

(15) Mount Toubkal Answer: ATLAS Mountains


27. Fill in the blanks in these theorems from group theory, 15 points


(15) Any two cyclic groups of the same order are <blank>

Answer: ISOMORPHIC (both for finite and infinite orders!)

(15) Cayley's theorem for groups: Any group is isomorphic to a group of <blank>





Extras (Do NOT use)

28 F15P each Identify the following Alfred Hitchcock movies.

(15) Ingrid Bergman stars as Dr. Constance Peterson in this 1945 psychological thriller that featured a dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali.


(15) This 1946 spy thriller is set in South America. Cary Grant is an American agent who uses Ingrid Bergman to thwart the Nazis, whose leader is portrayed by Claude Rains.


29. For the stated number of points, answer the following concerning recent events in Indonesia.

(5) This Indonesian president has been in power for 32 years and is taking much flak for the current economic crisis.


(10) This is the country's unit of currency that has drastically fallen in value.

Answer: RUPIAH

(15) This is daughter of the man from whom Suharto gained power is a prominent opposition figure and has called on Suharto to retire when his latest term is up in March.

Answer: MEGAWATI Sukarnoputri

30. 30-20-10-5: Identify the man from chapter titles from his autobiography.

(30) Workhouse, At Sea, I Find a Father, and Shiloh

(20) The Rescue of Emin

(10) Journalism and Through the Dark Continent

(5) The Finding of Livingstone

Answer: Henry Morton STANLEY