1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic VIII

Questions by Caltech (Richard Mason, Maribeth Swiatek, and Chris Nolte)



Tossup: 1. Those containing fewer than four chlorine atoms are not considered toxic, but those with chlorine atoms in the 2,3,7,8 positions are currently considered toxic and/or

carcinogenic. Major sources include manufactured organic chemicals, such as an impurity in the defoliant Agent Orange. For ten points, give the common name for PCDDs.

Answer: DIOXINs (prompt on PCDDs before PCDDs is said)


(Pop Culture)

Tossup: 2. It will celebrate its 30th birthday this year with an engine conversion to allow it to run on unleaded gasoline. Built by a team that created James Bond cars, the original book about it was written by Ian Fleming. FTP name this car owned by Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes in a 1968 movie.



(General Knowledge)

Tossup: 3. This University of Michigan center received contract offers from the Packers and the Lions, but turned them down to attend Yale Law School. Nevertheless, his U-M jersey and number were retired in 1994. For ten points, name this man who served as House Minority Leader from 1965-1973 before succeeding Spiro Agnew as Richard Nixon's vice president.

Answer: Gerald R(udolph) FORD, Jr. or Leslie Lynch KING, Jr.


(Current Events)

Tossup: 4. Army pathologist Steven Cogswell never personally examined this man's body, but based on x-rays and photographs he announced late in 1997 that a wound near the top of the head might have been caused by a bullet. Janet Reno believes that no crime was committed in the plane-crash death of, for ten points, what former Commerce secretary?

Answer: Ronald BROWN


(General Knowledge)

Tossup: 5. Touch the earth when it thunders. Always spit on your nail clippings. Keep swallows out of the house. Wear white clothes. Observe sexual purity. Never touch beans, and don't dare tell anyone that the square root of two is irrational, or, for ten points, you might be excommunicated from the fraternity led by what philosopher and mathematician from Samos?

Answer: PYTHAGORAS (accept PYTHAGOREANISM or PYTHAGOREANS before "what philosopher")



Tossup: 6. When artist Marie Laurencin met him at a London party, she exclaimed in confusion, "But they told me you were a woman!" In 1928 he described himself as "classical in literature, royalist in politics, and Anglo-Catholic in religion." For ten points, identify this critic and poet known for The Sacred Wood and Murder in the Cathedral.

Answer: T(homas) S(tearns) ELIOT

Tossup: 7. Also known as Elissa, she fled her homeland after learning that her brother Pygmalion killed her husband Sychaeus. She sailed from Phoenicia to northern Africa, founding a city in modern Tunisia. FTP, name this ruler of Carthage who fell in love with and was later spurned by Aeneas.

Answer: DIDO


Tossup: 8. With a name meaning "Our Land" in its native language, this vast region has an area 1/5 the size of all Canada. On April 1, 1999, it will split off from the Northwest Territories and form a separate self-governing Canadian territory. For 10 points, name this sparsely populated region, home to approximately 22,000 Inuit.


(Pop Culture)

Tossup: 9. Wynonna Judd said that when she watched this man, 'I realized I could only wish to be that cool.' George Harrison played his tune Your True Love and Paul McCartney sent a videotape recounting The Beatles’s fascination with his music to his funeral at Lambuth University. For ten points, name this recently deceased songwriter most famous for the Elvis hit Blue Suede Shoes.

Answer: Carl PERKINS


(Fine Arts)

Tossup: 10. In 1946, he lost many of his paintings in a studio fire. In June 1948, his neck was broken in an automobile accident and he lost the use of his painting hand; the next month his wife left him and he then hanged himself. For ten points, name this bitter painter of The Liver Is the Cock's Comb and The Diary of a Seducer, whose pseudonym pays homage to a Greek hero and a Russian author.

Answer: Arshile GORKY (prompt on Vosdanik ADOIAN)


Tossup: 11. These two cryptic individuals have the same last name. One of them is the author of the data encryption software called PGP, short for Pretty Good Privacy. The other one was the German foreign secretary who sent an encoded message to the Mexican president in 1917 proposing an alliance between Germany, Mexico, and Japan. For ten points, what name do they share?

Answer: ZIMMERMAN (Philip and Arthur, respectively)



Tossup: 12. Its scientific name is Latimeria chalumnae (pronounced kah-LUM-nay); Latimeria after Miss Courtenay Latimer who first noticed, and chalumnae after the Chalumna River near which it was captured. For ten points, identify this sole surviving example of a class of bony fishes that flourished in the Mesozoic Era.

Answer: COELACANTH (pronounced SEE-luh-kanth)


(Current Events)

Tossup: 13. United Airlines thinks this latest $17-million acquisition can provide a $100-million-dollar quantum leap in revenue each year. They expect to use its parallel-processing power to track the itinerary of each individual passenger. For ten points, give the common name of this IBM RS6000/SP2 whose new job might be far less enjoyable than beating Gary Kasparov at chess.

Answer: DEEP BLUE (prompt on an early IBM RS6000/SP2)



Tossup: 14. He underwent amputation of an arm because of tuberculosis of the bone and died in a hospital near his prison. This student claimed that he had been aiming not at the Duchess von Hohenberg, but at General Oskar Potiorek, military governor of Bosnia. For ten points name this Serbian nationalist who on 28 June 1914 assassinated the duchess and Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Answer: Gavrilo PRINCIP


Tossup: 15. The game's most interesting spectacle is the high mark, in which three or four players leap, and sometimes ride on the back or shoulder of an opponent. The oval ball is passed between teammates either by punt-kicking or by handballing; throwing is illegal. For ten points, name this mixture of soccer and rugby played on an oval field with four goalposts at each end.




Tossup: 16. His friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar suggest that his children may have sinned or he himself may have sinned. Yahweh finally appears and explains that his actions are beyond mere human comprehension. For ten points, identify this Edomite who loses his possessions, his family, and his health, but eventually is restored to prosperity by God.

Answer: JOB



Tossup: 17. This author's novel of a stupid dentist who murders his wife and then meets his own end while fleeing through Death Valley was made into an astonishingly-long movie by Erich von Stroheim. For ten points, identify American naturalist writer who wrote McTeague but may be better known for 1901’s The Octopus.

Answer: (Benjamin) Frank(lin) NORRIS



Tossup: 18. Some time in the summer of 1999, seven grams of his cremated remains will crash into the surface of the Moon on board the spacecraft Lunar Prospector. The science team leader for the Clementine spacecraft, FTP name this scientist who studied meteor impacts, but is best-known for the Jupiter-striking comet discovered by him, his wife, and David Levy.

Answer: Eugene SHOEMAKER



Tossup: 19. Rising in the Wicklow Mountains, it flows northwesterly from its source to the Lackan Reservoir, the site of a gorge cut through the Slievethoul ridge. FTP name this river which eventually flows eastward through Dublin and empties into the Irish Sea.

Answer: River LIFFEY

(Social Science)

Tossup: 20. He interpreted the crises of great men like Freud, Luther, and Gandhi in terms of the crises of their times. For ten points, name this German psychoanalyst who introduced eight stages of psychosocial development and the concept of the "identity crisis" in his 1950 work Childhood and Society.

Answer: Erik H(omburger) ERIKSON


Tossup: 21. You arrive on the airline controlled by his youngest son. You exchange currency at the bank one-third owned by his eldest son and daughter. You drive into the city on roads built by the eldest daughter's company, and perhaps stay at his middle son's hotel, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. For ten points, identify the 76-year-old whose relatives seem to own practically everything in Indonesia.



Tossup: 22. Crudely confirmed experimentally by M. J. Sparnaay in 1958, it is a way of creating very small amounts of negative mass in the laboratory. FTP name this small attractive force between conductive plates, named after the Dutch physicist who first postulated its existence in 1948?

Answer: CASIMIR force or CASIMIR effect


Tossup: 23. Influenced by Christian teachings, Hung Hsiu-ch'uan had a series of visions and came to believe that he was the son of God and the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Joining a group of Kwangsi peasants called the God Worshippers' Society, FTP name the uprising he founded, dedicated to the violent overthrow of China's Manchu rulers.

Answer: The TAIPING Rebellion



Tossup: 24. His wife, Ann Meyers, was a former All-American basketball star with UCLA and was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993. He himself had been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984, and his number 53 was retired by his former team. For ten points, name this 1962 Cy Young Award winner who, with Sandy Koufax led the Dodgers to win the 1965 World Series.

Answer: Don(ald Scott) "Big D" DRYSDALE


(Fine Arts)

Tossup: 25. Of this organist, Paul Festa said, "It must have sucked to be a composer in Vienna at the same time as Brahms and sound like Wagner. You got all the abuse of the anti-Wagner mob and none of the fun of actually being Wagner." For ten points, name this "eternal student" of Wagner who is most famous for his unfinished ninth symphony, and an 1881 setting of the Te Deum.

Answer: (Josef) Anton BRUCKNER


Tossup: 26. At the age of about ten, he led his siblings in the ceremonial cooking of the pig's head his mother had been saving for the New Year, but made himself ill by overeating underdone meat and worse, was caught. Apparently every Yugoslav schoolchild knows this story, since little Josip grew up to be the chief architect of the "second Yugoslavia" and the first Communist leader in power to defy Soviet hegemony. For ten points, name this dictator.

Answer: TITO or Josip BROZ


Tossup: 27. This woman spent her later years working to promote understanding between Asia and the West, and established an adoption agency for children fathered by American

servicemen in Asia. FTP name this novelist of The Mother, The Proud Heart, and The Good Earth.

Answer: Pearl S(ydenstricker) BUCK


Tossup: 28. "Books are fatal. They are the curse of the human race. Nine-tenths of existing books are nonsense, and the clever books are the refutation of that nonsense. The greatest misfortune that ever befell man was the invention of printing." So wrote this author of Coningsby, Sybil, and Tancred. FTP name this earl of Beaconsfield who served twice as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Answer: Benjamin DISRAELI

(General Knowledge)

Tossup: A 1994 Red Savina variety was tested by high-pressure liquid chromatography and registered an amazing 577,000 Scoville Units. The orange variety only contains enough capsaicin for a rating of 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units, but that's still 20 to 60 times hotter than the hottest jalapeño. For ten points, identify this kind of pepper,

considered the world's hottest.

Answer: HABAÑERO pepper (prompt on early interrupt of "pepper"

Extras (Do NOT use):

(Pop Culture)

Tossup: In issue #4 of Amazing Spider-Man, Flint Marko became a shape-changing super-villain with this name. In the DC-Comics universe, Wesley Dodds, Dr. Garrett Sanford, and Hector Sanders Hall were the real names of three successive superheroes with the same name, all of whom put bad guys to sleep with gas cartridges. For ten points, what name was given a new twist in 1988 as the title of a "mature" comic

book by Neil Gaiman about Morpheus, the King of Dreams?



(Pop Culture)

Tossup: As of August 1997, its ranks had swelled to over 200,000 inexplicably attractive and astonishingly intelligent members. When a certain megalomaniacal canine conquers the world, this organization will come into power with him, forcing all ^ÓInduhviduals^Ô to become domestic servants. For ten points, name this organization headed by Scott Adams.

Answer: DOGBERT^ÒS NEW RULING CLASS or DNRC (prompt on "Dilbert" or "Dogbert Fan Club" etc.)




1998 Stanford Cardinal Classic VIII

Questions by Caltech (Maribeth Swiatek, Richard Mason, and Chris Nolte)



Bonus: 1. 30-20-10, identify the author:

(30) After losing money in a smuggling operation, he tried to recoup his debts gambling at Monte Carlo, with disastrous results. He then attempted to shoot himself, but the bullet missed his heart; for the rest of his life he pretended that he had been injured in a duel.

(20) In 1893, John Galsworthy was a passenger on his ship and wrote of him, "The first mate is a Pole... and has a fund of yarns on which I draw freely."

(10) He wrote The Nigger of the Narcissus, and Nostromo.

Answer: Joseph CONRAD (also accept: Józef Teodor Konrad KORZENIOWSKI)



Bonus: 2. Answer these questions about Pakistan FTP each.

A. (10) For five points, identify the province whose name means "five rivers", after the tributaries of the Indus River.

Answer: PUNJAB

B. (10) For ten points, name the second largest city in Pakistan, which has been the capital of Punjab for over 1000 years.

Answer: LAHORE

C. (10) For five points, name the city on the coast of the Arabian Sea northwest of the Indus River Delta that is Pakistan's largest city and most important seaport.



Bonus: 3. Name these principles put forth by Niels Bohr F15P each.

A. In this principle, Bohr stated that any new physics should not only correctly describe atomic phenomena, it should apply to conventional phenomena in a way that would reproduce the results of the old physics.

Answer: CORRESPONDENCE principle

B. (10) This principle states that a complete knowledge of atomic-scale phenomena requires a description of both wave and particle properties.

Answer: COMPLEMENTARITY principle



Bonus: 4. Answer the following about Joan of Arc for ten points each.

A. The turning point of the Hundred Years' War came when the English siege of this French city was broken by forces led by Joan of Arc.


B. Who was the French king whom Joan aided and enabled to be crowned at Reims?

Answer: CHARLES VII (prompt on Charles the Well-Served, Charles The Victorious, Charles le Bien-Servi, or Charles le Victorieux)

C. Joan was fighting the armies of this English king, who was, however, only a small child at the time.

Answer: HENRY VI

(Social Science)

Bonus 5. Name the economists associated with the following ideas for ten points each.

A. (10) the "invisible hand"

Answer: Adam SMITH

B. (10) "pecuniary emulation" and "conspicuous consumption

Answer: Thorstein (Bunde) VEBLEN

C. (10) the "quantity theory of money"

Answer: Milton FRIEDMAN



Bonus: 6. Identify these Eugene O'Neill plays F15P each.

A. (15) Set in New England during the Civil War, it tells of the heroic leader returning from war, his adulterous wife who murders him, his jealous daughter who murders her mother, and his weak, incestuous son who kills himself.


B. (10) This play is about one day in the life of a family consisting of a defeated drug addict, a failed husband and father, a bitter alcoholic, and a disillusioned youth with tuberculosis.


Bonus 7. Identify the following Supreme Court Justices for ten points each.

A. (10) This moderate-to-conservative Nixon appointee, who wrote the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, was replaced by Steven Breyer in 1994.

Answer: Harry Andrew BLACKMUN

B. (10) Nicknamed "Whizzer," this moderate appointed by Kennedy played two seasons with the Detroit Lions while he attended Yale Law School.

Answer: Byron R(aymond) WHITE

C. (10) This liberal justice’s last major opinion supported the right of The New York Times to publish the Pentagon papers in 1971.

Answer: Hugo (La Fayette) BLACK

(General Knowledge)

Bonus: 8. Answer these questions about the reality behind James Bond for ten points each.

A. (10) For what real organization does James Bond supposedly work?

Answer: Secret Intelligence Service or MI-6

B. (10) In the Bond stories, the head of SIS is referred to as "M." What is the code name for this individual in reality?

Answer: C

C. (10) What real Bondesque gadget was used to assassinate exiled Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov in London in 1978?

Answer: He was injected with a poison pellet by means of a spiked UMBRELLA (accept similar answers)


(Fine Arts)

Bonus: 9. 30-20-10, name the artist:

(30) While watching the family flock of sheep, he learned to carve wood. The construction of a violin from an orange crate led an industrialist to enroll him in the Craiova School of Arts and Crafts.

(20) In 1903, this sculptor received his first commission, which was a bust of General Carol Davila, the founder of medical pedagogy in his native Romania.

(10) He sculpted Bird in Space.

Answer: Constantin BRANCUSI or BRÎNCUSI


Bonus: 10. Name these mathematicians that died a LONG TIME AGO F15P each.

A. (15) This 9th century Arab is famous for a treatise discussing linear and quadratic equations along with elementary geometry. The computer science term "algorithm" is derived from his name.

Answer: Muhammad Ibn Musa al-KHWARIZMI

B. (15) In his 1202 Liber abaci, he introduced the use of Arabic numerals to Europe and posed a problem that introduced the particular sequence for which he is best known.

Answer: Leonardo FIBONACCI or Leonardo PISANO or LEONARDO DE PISA

(Current Events)

11. Identify these figures associated with the current Mideast situation for ten points each.

A. (10) This chief United Nations weapons inspector recently announced that Baghdad had the capacity to destroy Tel Aviv with biological weapons.

Answer: Richard BUTLER

B. (10) This Iraqi Foreign Minister said that Baghdad was shocked by the claim and accused Butler of non-neutrality.

Answer: Saeed AL-SAHAF

C. (10) This Israeli Defense Minister recently advised all Israelis to obtain gas masks.

Answer: Yitzhak MORDECHAI



12. 30-20-10 name the writer from the quotes:

(30) "In other countries poverty is a misfortune, with us it is a crime."

(20) Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword.

(10) "It was a dark and stormy night..."

Answer: (Edward) Robert BULWER-LYTTON (accept pseudonym Owen MEREDITH)


13. Answer the following about the beginning of the Crusades for ten points each:

A. (10) Name the Byzantine emperor who appealed to the West for military aid in 1095.

Answer: ALEXIUS I Comnenus

B. (10) Name the pope who in response to the request granted a plenary indulgence to those who would undertake to aid Christians in the East.

Answer: Pope URBAN II

C. (10) Identify the ecclesiastical council in southern France at which Urban II made his famous speech launching the First Crusade.

Answer: The Council of CLERMONT

(Current Events)

14. British current events, FTP each.

A. (10) Identify the British Foreign Secretary currently in the spotlight for leaving his wife for his mistress, Gaynor Regan.

Answer: Robin COOK

B. (10) Identify the British Secretary of State who recently made a controversial visit to talk with IRA and Unionist terrorists in a Northern Ireland prison.

Answer: Mo MOWLAM

C. (10) Identify the high-security prison which houses 537 members of the IRA, Ulster Defence Association, and Ulster Volunteer Force.

Answer: MAZE Prison or "THE MAZE"


15. F15 P each name these college football players who recently announced their eligibility for the NFL draft.

A. (15) This quarterback said Washington State alum Drew Bledsoe was among those who advised him to forgo his senior season.

Answer: Ryan LEAF

B. (15) This 5-9 All-American wide receiver is the third Gator receiver to turn pro early in the last two years.

Answer: Jacquez GREEN


16. In August 1997, an international compromise was finally reached on the names of elements 101 through 107. Most of the elements are named after dead scientists, but there are exceptions.

A. (10) For ten points, what name was given to element 105, in honor of the Russian city which houses the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research?


B. (10) For ten points, what name was given to element 108, in honor of the German state which houses the Institute for Heavy Ion Research?


C. (10) For ten points, what name was given to element 106, in honor of a physicist who is (as of this writing) still alive?


(Fine Arts)

17. Identify the opera from the last line for ten points each.

A. (10) 'Mimi...Mimi!'


B. (10) 'Colla mia! O Scarpia, avanti a Dio!'

Answer: TOSCA

C. (10) ‘Commedia finito!’



18. Answer the following questions about Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles for ten points each.

A. (10) What is Tess' last name at the outset of the book?


B. (10) Name the minister's son with whom Tess falls in love.

Answer: Angel CLARE

C. (10) When Angel discover's Tess' awful secret, he leaves her and goes to be a farmer in what country?

Answer: Federative Republic of BRAZIL


19. Identify the following treaties from American history F15P each.

A. (15) Signed with Great Britain in 1842, it defined the boundary between Maine and New Brunswick and established a joint naval system to suppress the slave trade off the African coast.


B. (15) In this 1819 treaty, Spain ceded Florida and renounced the Oregon Country in exchange for recognition of Spanish sovereignty over Texas.




20. Name the following saints who might be useful to quiz-bowlers for ten points each.

A. (10) When confused about which teammate has the correct answer to a bonus, pray to this carpenter, patron of those in doubt.

Answer: Saint JOSEPH

B. (10) When pulling an all-nighter the night before your tournament, pray to this founder of the Salesians, the patron saint of editors.

Answer: Saint John BOSCO or San Giovanni Melchior BOSCO or Don BOSCO

C. (10) When poring over lists of works and authors, pray to this 5th century Irish woman, author of Heavenly Writings, who is the patron saint of scholars.

Answer: Saint BRIDGET of Sweden or Saint BRIGID of Sweden or Saint BIRGIT of Sweden or Sankta BIRGITTA av Sverige

(General Knowledge)

Bonus 21. Name these chess champions for ten points each.

A. (10) This Cuban diplomat won the title from Lasker in 1921.

Answer: José Raúl CAPABLANCA

B. (10) This first Soviet world champion got the title for the first time in 1948 after Alekhine died; he also ran a chess school whose students included Karpov and Kasparov.

Answer: Mikhail Moiseyevich BOTVINNIK

C. (10) He first challenged Tigran Petrosyan for the world title in 1966, but didn't get it until three years later, and played unremarkably until losing the title in 1972.

Answer: Boris Vasilyevich SPASSKY


22. Founded in 1883 in London by Thomas Davidson, its goal is to establish a democratic socialist state in Britain

A. (15) F15P name this society whose early members included Edward Pease, Sidney Webb and George Bernard Shaw.

Answer: FABIAN Society

B. (15) For 15 points, the Fabians are associated with what political party, most of whose members in the House of Commons belong to the society?

Answer: LABOUR Party



23. 30-20-10, identify the internal organ:

(30) Baudelaire referred to his frequent fits of isolation and despair as this, and poet Nicholas Moore used it as the title of a 1975 book of 30 variations on a Baudelaire poem.

(20) In some species, it acts as a reservoir for blood during periods of inactivity, so that when an animal is aroused for defense or flight, it can force additional blood reserves into the circulatory system.

(10) The primary function of this lymphoid organ is to filter the blood.

Answer: SPLEEN


24. Name these territories for 15 points each.

A. (15) This desolate, barren, volcanic Norwegian territory lies between in the Greenland Sea, northeast of Iceland, and is inhabited only by navigation station personnel.


B. (15) Named Savage Island by James Cook in 1774, this self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand is one of the world's largest coral islands. It lies in the

south-central Pacific east of Tonga.

Answer: NIUE


25. Answer these questions which have to do with the number 20 for ten points each.

A. (10) This 20th book of fiction by Nadine Gordimer concerns the parents of a white man in post-apartheid South Africa who shoots the friend he finds sleeping with his girlfriend.


B. (10) This 47th book by John Updike is set in 2020. It is about a 66-year-old retired broker who lives north of Boston, which has been damaged in a Sino-American nuclear war.


C. (10) This book by Kenzaburo Oe (pronounced OH-ay) is not really that recent; it was published in Japanese in 1990. It concerns the 20-year-old girl Ma who must care for her young brother O and her older brother Eeyore, who is mentally handicapped but a musical genius.



(Current Events)

26. (30) The two largest companies in the financial data industry are in the news since one of them is under federal investigation for having conducted industrial espionage against the other. Name the two companies for fifteen points each.

Answer: REUTERS Analytics, Inc. and BLOOMBERG LP

(Pop Culture)

27. All My Children Part Six: Erica Kane is now in a happy relationship with district attorney Jackson Montgomery. Previously, she was married nine times, to six different people. For five points each, name those six people.

Answers (moderator, accept either first or last names): Jeff Martin, Philip Brent, Tom Cudahy, Adam Chandler, Travis Montgomery, Dimitri Marick

[Note: she was married twice to each of the last three men]




Extras (Do NOT use)

(Pop Culture)

11. Identify the Weird Al Yankovic song from lyrics for ten points each.

A. (10) I was tense, I was nervous

I guess it just wasn't my night.

Art Fleming gave the answers,

Oh, but I couldn't get the questions right-ight-ight.


B. (10) I guess I might seem kinda bitter

You got me feelin^Ò down in the dumps.

'Cause I'm stranded all alone in the Gas Station of Love,

And I have to use the self-service pumps!


C. (10) You're pretty close to what I've always hoped for,

That's why my love for you is fairly strong.

And I swear I'm never gonna leave you, darlin',

At least 'til something better comes along.


(Current Events)

Bonus: 7. Wouldn't it be ironic if this question on cloning was a repeat? Answer the following.

A. (20) For ten points apiece, identify the two Scottish scientists responsible for the "Dolly" experiment, one of whom recently startled biologists at an MIT seminar by saying he had no interest in replicating the experiment.

Answer: Ian WILMUT and Keith CAMPBELL

B. (10) One reason to make clones is that you can genetically engineer them. After Dolly, on July 17 Wilmut and Campbell produced this lamb which contained a human gene in every one of its cells.

Answer: POLLY


Bonus: 5. Answer the following about Zoroastrian cosmology for ten points each.

A. (10) For five points each name the two warring gods of Zoroastrianism, one who dwelt in the light and the other who dwelt below him in the darkness.


B. (10) The drama between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman is divided into four periods, the first of war, the second of creation, the third of destruction, and the fourth commencing with the birth of Zoroaster. Each period consisted of, for ten points, how many years?

Answer: 3000 (three thousand)

C. (10) This third and last saviour will come at the end of the fourth period to bring about the last judgment, dispense the drink of immortality, and usher in the new world, merging Finite Time again with Infinite Time.