1998 Cardinal Classic

Toss-ups by Berkeley B

Compiled by Steve Lin and Haggai Elitzur


1. In the Iliad, he is described as Glaucus' son and Sisyphus' grandson, but he is better known for his feats described in Sophocles' "Iobates," namely his ability to control and ride Pegasus and then kill the Chimera. FTP, name this mythological figure.

Answer: _Bellerophon_

2. This scientist published a theory of gravitation 1 year before Newton, used a compound microscope to examine a slice of cork, and coined the term "cells." FTP, name this man known for his law regarding the displacement of a spring.

Answer: Robert _Hooke_

3. Mercedes and Frasquita predict death for this Spanish title character while fortune telling, and the prediction comes true in the fourth act, when Don Jose stabs her. FTP, name this cigarette girl of Seville who appears in Georges Bizet's most famous opera.

Answer: _Carmen_

4. She supposedly based her novel "Mercy Philbrick's Choice" on the life of her friend Emily Dickinson. FTP, name this author best known for researching the lives of the Mission Indians of California, resulting in "Ramona" and "A Century of Dishonor."

Answer: Helen Hunt _Jackson_

5. The Sound of the Shell, Fire on the Mountain, Castle Rock, and Cry of the Hunters are all chapters in this novel, whose characters include the identical twins Sam and Eric, the power hungry Jack, the leader Ralph, and the asthmatic Piggy. FTP, name this William Golding novel.

Answer: _Lord of the Flies_

6. On November 28, 1997, its government designated 1,503 commercial farms to be redistributed in mid-1998 for the retribution of land seized by white pioneers from black Africans in 1890, 1930, and 1969. FTP, name this country led by Robert Mugabe with its capital at Harare.

Answer: _Zimbabwe_

7. This circular, double-stranded sructure replicates when its host bacterium reproduces. Because it can be harvested and manipulated, it was used by biologists in the early '70s to alter bacteria. FTP, name these pieces of DNA, the first carriers of foreign DNA for genetic engineering.

Answer: _plasmids_

8. This company's new president is Douglas Ivester, who follows in the footsteps of the late Robert Goizueta. Goizueta's 16 years as CEO led to the ubiquity of this company's main product all over the world. FTP, name this "Real Thing" which has a secret formula reportedly known to only 6 people.

Answer: _Coca-Cola_

9. The title is the same -- an 1859 poem dedicated to the poet's 3 daughters and a 1934 play dealing with boarding school teachers who are accused of being lesbians by students. FTP, give the common title of these works of Longfellow and Lillian Hellman.

Answer: The _Children's Hour_

10. Driven out of Northern India by Muslims in the 18th century, they conquered Nepal, where they currently form the largest ethnic group. When the British took over Nepal in the 19th century, they enlisted in the army, and became well-known for their loyalty and fighting spirit. FTP, name them.

Answer: _Gurkhas_

11. It is a member of the alkaline family, but none of its isotopes are stable. It is not found free in nature but within uranium ores such as pitchblende, in which it was discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898. FTP, name this element with atomic number 88.

Answer: _radium_

12. In 192 B.C., a battle between Antiochus III, Macedonian king of Syria, and a Roman army commenced at a site in central Greece made famous 300 years earlier. FTP, name the battlefield where 300 soldiers under King Leonidas of Sparta held out for a while against a much larger Persian force.

Answer: _Thermopylae_

13. Each of these war machines weighed twenty tons and had to be moved into position by nine tractors. A crane was required to insert the shell, which upon explosion shattered windows within a two-mile radius. FTP, name this seventeen-inch caliber German gun of World War I.

Answer: _Big Bertha_

14. When residents of Tennessee sued their state's Secretary of State in 1959, they were complaining that its legislature had not been reapportioned since 1901. FTP, name this case which eventually reached the Supreme Court and is usually associated with the phrase "one man, one vote."

Answer: _Baker vs. Carr_

15. In his youth he sailed with Essex and Raleigh to capture and loot Cadiz in 1596, though he ended his life as Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral. He wrote religious poems like "The Progress of the Soul" as well as erotic verse such as "To his Mistress going to Bed" and "The Flea." FTP, name this great metaphysical poet.

Answer: John _Donne_

16. For a process at constant temperature and volume, the sign of the Gibbs free energy is not a criterion for equilibrium. A new thermodynamic variable of state is needed. FTP, name this variable defined as A = E - TS, named after a famous German scientist.

Answer: _Helmholtz Free Energy_

17. Han Solo never actually led a revolt in any of the Star Wars movies, but the leader of an October 1997 revolt in this country was reported to be "Captain Solo." Perhaps current president Frederick Chiluba believes Captain Solo is former president Kenneth Kaunda. FTP, name this country with capital at Lusaka.

Answer: _Zambia_

18. Calixa Lavallee composed the music in 1880, and Adolphe-Basile Routhier wrote the French lyrics. The English lyrics, written by Robert Weir in 1908, are not translated from the French, however. FTP, name this song which exhorts "God to keep our land glorious and free" while "we stand on guard for thee."

Answer: _O Canada_

19. His 2 major works are "The Book of Healing" and "The Crown of Medicine." Although he based his books on classical models such as Aristotle's, he could not discuss Aristotle's politics or ethics, perhaps because he was a Muslim. FTP, name this most productive of Middle Age Arabic writers.

Answer: _Avicenna_

20. In the end credits of "Jackie Brown," Quentin Tarantino thanked this maverick filmmaker who made movies about low-lifes with smart dialogue, featuring a relativist, almost post-modern attitude at the height of rabid anti-Communism. FTP, name this director of "Pickup at 42nd Street" and "Underworld USA" who died recently.

Answer: Sam _Fuller_

21. In "The Pilgrim's Progress", he is described as a man who "could look no way but downward." Teddy Roosevelt borrowed this word in a speech in 1906, referring to men such as John Waller and S.S. McClure. FTP, name this term for investigative journalists such as Ida Tarbell and Lincoln Steffens.

Answer: _muckraker_ (accept _man with the muckrake_)

22. 5.25 to 5.25 to 3.5 to 1.75 to 1.75 was the ratio agreed to by the UK, USA, Japan, France, and Italy respectively for the tonnage of their warships for the 10 years following this agreement. FTP, identify this 1921 conference aimed at reducing Far East tensions through naval disarmament.

Answer: _Washington Conference_

23. In 1281, he inherited the weakest Turkish principality, which bordered the weakened Byzantine Empire. He led the land war against the Christians and started the famous policy of incorporating conquered ruling classes, Christian or Muslim, into the system. FTP, name this founder of the Ottoman Dynasty.

Answer: _Osman_

24. With a population over 50,000 it is the largest Arab city in Israel, and most of its inhabitants are Christian. Major sites include the Church of the Annuciation, Church of Joseph, St. Mary's Well, and the Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent. FTP, name this boyhood home of Jesus Christ.

Answer: _Nazareth_

25. Shifting viewpoints and fragmentation of forms elevated everyday city life to the artistic in this movement, whose vanguard included Fernand Leger and Umberto Boccioni. FTP, name this movement epitomized by Filippo Marinetti's claim that "A roaring automobile ... is more beautiful than the 'Victory of Samothrace.'"

Answer: _Futurism_

26. At age 33 he designed his own house in 1901 at Darmstadt. In 1907, he went to Berlin to work for the electric company, where he built houses and factories and designed both products and packaging. He was not an innovative architect but inspired Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, and Mies van Der Rohe. FTP, name this father-figure of modern architecture.

Answer: Peter _Behrens_

27. Nicola Tesla patents the AC motor, George Eastman invents the Kodak camera, a great blizzard kills hundreds of New Yorkers, Irving Berlin and T.S. Eliot are born, and an unknown killer named Jack the Ripper brutally murders five women in London. FTP, these events happened in what year?

Answer: _1888_

28. This country's premier, Vincent Siew, recently made a suprise visit to the Philippines. Ostensibly, Siew was granted a visa only to meet with officials at the Asian Development Bank, but his presence in Manila has caused the Philippine government to fear China's reaction, because Siew is the premier of, FTP, what prosperous Asian country?

Answer: _Taiwan_

29. In October 1997, he accused Germany of mistreating asylum seekers and delivering arms to Turkey to help exterminate the Kurds, not surprising given his novels about the pain dealing with Germany's past. FTP, name this novelist, whose most famous work tells the story of Oskar Matzerath, a dwarf confined to a mental institution who beats a tin drum.

Answer: Gunter _Grass_

30. The last Ice Age receded, the English Channel was created, giant mammals disappeared, human beings domesticated animals, developed agriculture, and learned how to use bronze, iron, coal, gas, and nuclear power. FTP, name this most recent Epoch of earth's history.

Answer: _Holocene_

Extras (Do NOT use)

31. The title of Nietzsche's work "Beyond Good and Evil" refers to the main tenet of this 3rd century religious system. It held that the life was a constant battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. FTP, name this religion once espoused by Augustine of Hippo, which influenced the Jansenists.

Answer: _Manichaeism_


1998 Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions by Berkeley B

Compiled by Steve Lin and Haggai Elitzur


1. Identify the following 20th century Chinese politicians, for 15 points each.

a. The Chinese premier during Nixon's first visit to China in 1972, he was known as the architect of Chinese foreign policy until his death in 1976.

Answer: _Zhou_ En-Lai

b. As leader of the People's Liberation Army, he died in a plane crash in 1971 after participating in a coup attempt against Mao.

Answer: _Lin_ Biao

2. Identify the following about Sherlock Holmes, for 15 points each.

a. Appearing in "A Scandal in Bohemia", she is always "THE woman" to Sherlock Holmes.

Answer: Irene _Adler_

b. The last of the 4 Sherlock Holmes novels, succeeding "A Study in Scarlet", "Hound of the Baskervilles", and "The Sign of Four."

Answer: The _Valley of Fear_

3. Answer the following about bells in literary and musical works.

a. For 5 points, he wrote the poem "The Bells."

Answer: Edgar Allan _Poe_

b. For 10 points, he composed the musical work "The Bells", based on Poe's work.

Answer: Sergei _Rachmaninoff_

c. For 15 points, this novel tells the story of Major Joppolo's attempt to obtain the title object for a town attacked by Fascists during World War II.

Answer: A _Bell for Adano_

4. Identify the following characters in Asia's current economic crisis, 10 points each.

a. This billionaire speculator and Quantum Fund manager has been blamed for Asia's currency troubles.

Answer: George _Soros_

b. This Malaysian prime minister blames Soros, speculators and Jews for his country's economic problems.

Answer: _Mahathir_ Mohamad

c. This US Deputy Treasury Secretary helped arrange much of the economic bailout package in South Korea.

Answer: Lawrence _Summers_

5. Identify these words beginning with "A" from biology, FTP each.

a. An air pocket of the vertebrate lung through whose wall gases are exchanged.

Answer: _alveolus_ or _alveoli_

b. The distal part of a stamen that produces pollen.

Answer: _anther_

c. A centriole with its radiating microtubules in a dividing animal cell.

Answer: _aster_

6. Identify the title of these Seinfeld episodes, FTP each.

a. Because Kramer's girlfriend is inaudible when she speaks, Jerry must go on national TV wearing the title garment that makes him look like a pirate.

Answer: The _Puffy Shirt_

b. This November 1997 episode was shown chronologically backwards.

Answer: The _Betrayal_

c. A parody of "Schindler's List," Kramer and Jerry’s father strike a deal to sell the title objects.

Answer: The _Raincoats_

7. Identify these treaties from American history, 15 points each.

a. This treaty of friendship with China permitted unrestricted immigration of Chinese to the U.S. in 1866.

Answer: Treaty of _Burlingame_

b. This 1850 treaty between the U.S. and Great Britain stated that neither would take exclusive control of any canal built in Central America.

Answer: _Clayton-Bulwer_ Treaty

8. Julius Caesar married 3 wives during his life, FTP each, name them.

Answer: Cornelia, Pompeia, Calpurnia

9. Identify the architects of these newly built structures, 15 points each.

a. The Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao, Spain.

Answer: Frank _Gehry_

b. The new Getty Museum in Brentwood, California.

Answer: Richard _Meier_

10. 30-20-10, Identify the statesman.

30. An Irishman by birth, he is given credit for suppressing the French aided rebellion in Ireland in 1798.

20. He was British Secretary of War from 1805-1806 and 1807-1809 and committed suicide in 1822.

10. He was the major British representative at the Congress of Vienna, who advocated a moderate approach towards the French.

Answer: Robert Stewart _Castlereagh_

11. Identify these financial contracts for 15 points each.

a. An agreement to buy some commodity at a future time at a price which is agreed upon now. This type of agreement is usually not traded on an exchange, and the commodity is usually delivered.

Answer: _forward_ contract

b. This is similar to a forward contract, except the contract is traded publicly and changes in the value of the contract require resettlement.

Answer: _futures_ or _future_ contract

12. In 1933, a major dispute arose over a mural painted at Rockefeller Center in New York.

a. First, for 5 points, who was the artist originally commisioned to paint the mural?

Answer: Diego _Rivera_

b. Second, for 10 points, the dispute arose after Rivera included a portrait of whom in the mural?

Answer: Vladimir Ilyich _Lenin_

  1. For 15 points, what was the title of the mural?

    Answer: _Man at the Crossroads_

    13. 30-20-10 name the scientist.

    30. Born in Paris in 1796, he published his only work, "Reflections on the Motive Power of Heat," in 1824.

    20. He died of cholera in 1832, and his surviving notes indicated that heat is essentially work in a different form, for which he is known as the founder of the study of thermodynamics.

    10. The ideal heat engine, which has maximum efficiency of all working cycles, is named for him.

    Answer: Sadi _Carnot_

    14. Identify the author from characters created, 30-20-10.

    30. Lily Bart, Lawrence Selden

    20. May Welland, Undine Spragg

    10. Ethan Frome, Newland Archer

    Answer: Edith _Wharton_

    15. Winston Churchill's speech which introduced the phrase "Iron Curtain" was delivered at a small college in Missouri in 1946.

    a. First, FTP, which college did Churchill give the speech?

    Answer: _Westminster_ College

    b. Churchill said the curtain had descended from this city in the Baltic to this city in the Adriatic. FTP each, name the 2 cities.

    Answer: _Stettin_, _Trieste_

    16. For 15 points each, identify the corresponding elements of one computer language given a term from another.

  2. Name the C++ version of the "case" statement from Pascal.

Answer: _switch_-case

b. Which operator word in Fortran and Pascal corresponds to the

percent sign in C++?

Answer: _mod_

17. Identify the following World War II Pacific battles FTP each.

a. One of the first significant Allied losses in the war came when this island was captured by amphibious assault on Dec. 23, 1941.

Answer: _Wake_ Island

b. In this battle of June 1942, the Japanese lost 4 carriers. It is often cited as the turning point of the Pacific War.

Answer: _Midway_

c. In late October 1944, the Allies recaptured the Philippines in the biggest battle of the war that also marked the first Japanese use of suicide planes.

Answer: _Leyte Gulf_

18. For 10 points each name these Heisman Trophy candidates who didn't touch the ball very much.

a. This defensive end from Pittsburgh who later played for Miami in the NFL finished second behind George Rogers in 1980.

Answer: Hugh _Green_

b. This dominant offensive lineman from Ohio State got many votes in 1996, but finished behind Florida's Danny Wuerffel.

Answer: Orlando _Pace_

c. The current trophy holder.

Answer: Charles _Woodson_

19. Identify the following mathematical terms dealing with metric spaces, FTP each.

a. In this type of space, every infinite sequence has a subsequence that converges to an element of the space.

Answer: _compact_

b. Every Cauchy sequence converges in this type of space.

Answer: _complete_

c. In topological terms, this kind of space cannot be decomposed into 2 disjoint non-empty open sets.

Answer: _connected_

20. Given the world city, name the river that flows through it, FTP each.

a. Florence

Answer: _Arno_

b. Liverpool

Answer: _Mersey_

c. Lisbon

Answer: _Tagus_

21. Identify the actors who won both a Tony and an Oscar for the same role, FTP each.

a. As Professor Henry Higgins, he won the Tony in 1957 and the Oscar in 1964.

Answer: Rex _Harrison_

b. As Sir Thomas More, he won the Tony in 1962 and the Oscar in 1966.

Answer: Paul _Scofield_

c. As Anne Sullivan, she won the Tony in 1960 and the Oscar in 1962.

Answer: Anne _Bancroft_

22.Identify the American, 30-20-10.

30. In 1977, he was killed while flying a traffic helicopter for a Los Angeles TV station.

20. He was released from prison in 1962 thanks to Rudolph Abel.

10. Abel was a Russian spymaster who was traded for this U-2 pilot.

Answer: Francis Gary _Powers_

23. Name these people who have been in the news regarding the Hockey Hall of Fame FTP each.

a. This coach and general manager of the Edmonton Oilers teams in the middle and late '80s was recently inducted into the Hall.

Answer: Glen _Sather_

b. This winger, another recent inductee, starred for the New York Islanders in the '80s before winning 2 more Stanley cups with Pittsburgh in the '90s.

Answer: Bryan _Trottier_

c. He was inducted for helping to found the players' union, but his recent fraud convictions have led many to call for his expulsion from the Hall.

Answer: Alan _Eagleson_

24. . Recently, Iran's leader gave a public interview to a Western journalist. Answer the following:

a. FTP each, name Iran's current leader and the journalist, best known for her coverage of the war in Bosnia, who conducted the interview.

Answer: Mohamed _Khatami_ and Christiane _Amanpour_

b. Amanpour may be able to get high level information from the U.S. because she is engaged to which Deputy Secretary of State?

Answer: James _Rubin_

25. Identify the authors of these political works, deemed some of the most significant works of the past 75 years by Foreign Affairs.

a. His 1944 "The Road to Serfdom" was an intellectual attack on socialism.

Answer: Friedrich A. von _Hayek_

b. His "The Best and the Brightest" published in 1972 revealed the arrogance and vulgarity of the Vietnam War policy makers in the U.S.

Answer: David _Halberstam_

c. The most influential textbook on economics, simply titled "Economics: An Introductory Analysis" was published by this future Nobel Laureate in 1948.

Answer: Paul _Samuelson_

26. Identify these Biblical places for 15 points each.

a. The valley outside Jerusalem where the Jews slipped into the pagan rite of human sacrifice. Later, this place's name became synonymous with hell.

Answer: _Gehenna_ or _GeHinnom_

b. This is where the Philistines brought Samson to blind him after his betrayal by Delilah. The ancient city's location is unknown but the modern city has been the site of endless clashes between Arabs and Israelis.

Answer: _Gaza_

27. Identify the assassinated figure from the alleged assassins for 15 points each.

a. Talmadge Hayer, Norman Butler, and Thomas Johnson were arrested and tried for his murder. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1966, Hayer later claimed Butler and Johnson were innocent.

Answer: _Malcolm X_

b. The only man put on trial for his murder was Christer Pettersson. Convicted in 1989, the verdict was overturned only 4 months later.

Answer: Olof _Palme_

28. Identify the Hitchcock movies from clues, FTP each.

a. Hitchcock's cameo appearance comes in a newspaper ad for weight loss.

Answer: _Lifeboat_

b. The dream sequence in this film was designed by Salvador Dali.

Answer: _Spellbound_

c. Cary Grant's character is named Roger Thornhill but everyone believes him to be George Kaplan.

Answer: _North by Northwest_

29. Identify these state capitals named after people, FTP each.

  1. This state capital is named for the last Stuart monarch of England.

Answer: _Annapolis_

b. This capital is named for "the Iron Chancellor."

Answer: _Bismarck_

c. This capital is named for King James II of England.

Answer: _Albany_ (Note to moderator: James was Duke of York and Albany)


Repeats (DO NOT use)

8. 30-20-10, name the famous experiment.

30. The observed objects were referred to as "shining stars" because they were lit up against a dark background.

20. The apparatus consisted of 2 parallel metal plates with the observed objects passing through a small hole in the upper plate. A light beam was used to illuminate the objects, observed at a right angle to the beam.

10. The experimenter, Robert Millikan, did his work around 1910 to measure the elementary charge of an electron.

Answer: Millikan's _Oil-drop_ Experiment