Questions for Cardinal Classic 1998

Toss-ups by Berkeley A

by David Levinson (RT2) and T. Fred Carpenter


1. In 1941 he achieved Broadway fame in "Arsenic and Old Lace" and in 1950 he performed as Captain Hook in "Peter Pan". FTP whose movie credits include "The Mummy", "The Mask of Fu Manchu", "The Raven", and, most famously, "Frankenstein"?

Answer: Boris Karloff


2. Though he died of arteriosclerosis of the brain, his phrenology exam nevertheless revealed him to be a genius and his tombstone is a scaled down version of King Solomon’s tomb. For 10 points name this Long Island native, author of the novel Franklin Evans and the poems "Learned Astronomer" and ‘Song of Myself’.

Answer: Walt Whitman


3. To keep cool he wore a cabbage leaf under his cap. As a child, he attended St. Mary's Industrial School for orphans, and throughout his career he donated money to underprivileged children. His Baltimore birth is commemorated with a statue outside of Camden Yards. For 10 points who slugged 60 home-runs in 1927 and 714 in his career?

Answer: George Herman "Babe" Ruth


4. He subscribed to Bertolt Brecht’s notion of "alienation effect" and believed that tragedy is no longer possible in an apocalyptic post-World War II society. FTP name this absurdist Swiss dramatist who wrote The Physicists, The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi, and The Visit?

Answer: Friedrich Durrenmatt


5. Once, while campaigning in New Mexico, he shook 8,871 hands in a single day, qualifying for a place in the Guiness Book of World Records. FTP who followed his search for Missing in Action Soldiers by being appointed ambassador to the United Nations?

Answer: Bill Richardson


6. He was the first Layman to become Lord Chancellor in 1529. As a member of the Privy Council he voted to impeach Cardinal Wolsey, and he acquiesced in Henry VIII’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon, but he didn't support the Act of Succession. FTP who was charged with High Treason and beheaded in 1535, later buried in the Tower of London.

Answer: Thomas More


7. Though he served in the National Assembly, his own "Self-Denying Ordinance" prevented him from serving in the Legislative Assembly. A leader of the Jacobins in the Convention, he founded the journal "La Defenseur de la Constitution". FTP what menber of the Committee of Public Safety began the Reign of Terror?

Answer: Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre


8. In the 20th century, she has been represented by such beauties as Brigette Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. A peasant woman, she is known for her Phrygian cap. In Eugene Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People", she is Liberty. For 10 points who is this symbol of France?

Answer: Marianne


9. A perfectly dust-free atmosphere is brought to a super-saturated state, causing any ionizing particle to produce ions along its path, and forming the nuclei of small water droplets, which are visible. For 10 points this is the principle governing what device invented at Cambridge in 1911 by C.T.R. Wilson?

Answer: The Wilson Cloud Chamber


10. As a teacher, he called his pupils "little runtlings." As a lawyer, he wrote the 1765 "Dissertation on Canon and Federal Law" opposing the Stamp Act, and in 1770 defended the British at the Boston Massacre case. Though fellow federalist Alexander Hamilton called him "petty, mean, egotistic, erratic, eccentric, jealous- natured, and hot- tempered," he is also known as the "Atlas of Independence." FTP who is this candidate of 1800?

Answer: John Adams


11. A December 1996 court judgement in this country overturned claims that pastoral leases automatically extinguished native titles to the land. The Wik judgement created multiple titles, resulting in controversy for prime minister John Howard. For 10 points name this nation beset by tension between the aborigines and the whites.

Answer: Australia


12. A Swiss-American auto racer, in 1910 at the age of 32, he teamed up with the former head of General Motors, Billy Durant, to found an auto company. The company, which bears his name, enabled Durant to take over General Motors. For 10 points who is this man, whose car was popular primarily because it came in a color other than black?

Answer: Louis Chevrolet


13. Hands are clapped to rouse the gods, salt is tossed to purify the ground, and the ground stamped to scare off evil. Its earliest written is in the Kojiki, Record of Ancient Matters, where two gods compete for control of its native land. For 10 points name this national sport of Japan that has been derisively called survival of the fattest.

Answer: Sumo wrestling


14. Originally identified in Celtic mythology as a blessed island, later it became associated with Glastonbury in Southwest England and developed into popular folk mythology as the place ruled by Morgan Le Fay. For 10 points name this the resting place of King Arthur.

Answer: Avalon


15. It is "A thing whose head is in England, whose body is in America, and whose neck ought to be stretched". A word of Irish origin meaning "pursuer", it was first applied to Irish outlaws, and it later became a nickname for those who opposed the execution of the duke of York. For 10 points name this English political party synonymous with the Conservative Party?

Answer: Tory (Do Not Accept Conservative)


16. Whenever an electric current changes in value in a circuit, its associated magnetic field changes, and when this links with the conductor, an electromotive force is created. For 10 points what property of a circuit tends to oppose any change of current because of the magnetic field associated with the current itself, and is measured in henrys?

Answer: Inductance


17. Today considered a dead language, the name of this language of the gods translates as ‘purified’, ‘adorned’, ‘cultured’, or ‘ultimate’. The oral form dates to 2000 BCE developing into the classical form with alphabet and script known as Devangari. FTP what language, restricted to religious ceremony and Brahmins, is the sacred language of Hinduism?

Answer: Sanskrit


18. Guests have included Mama Cass, Sandy Duncan, Sonny and Cher and the Harlem Globetrotters. One character is based on the character Maynard G. Krebs from the show Dobie Gillis. For 10 points name the show featuring Fred, Dapphne, Velma, Shaggy and his best canine sidekick.

Answer: Scooby Doo


19. The first, the Ann McKim, was built in Baltimore in 1832. The largest, the Great Republic, was launched in 1853. The record time from east coast to west was set by The Flying Cloud in 89 days. Now memorialized in name of a professional sports franchise, for 10 points name this boat obviated by the transcontinental railroad and steam power?

Answer: Clipper Ship


20. John Ruskin and William Morris were critics against this doctrine of art. Developed from Immanuel Kant’s view that art can be judged only by its own criteria and not by external things, it was expressed best by Theophile Gautier in 1832 as ‘art for art’s sake.’ For 10 points name this doctrine that emphasized the form over content in art.

Answer: Aestheticism or Aesthetic movement (accept "art for art’s sake" on an early buzz)


21. This term was coined by American art critic, Harold Rosenberg, in 1952. Synonymous with abstract expressionism this painting method found its greatest exponents in Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollack. For 10 points what type of painting dripped, splashed, and dribbled its way into art consciousness?

Answer: Action or Gesture Painting


22. Before 1000 CE they banded together in cities for defense and cultivated the outlying land. They retain this tradition, and many are city dwellers who daily commute to farms in the suburbs and exurbs. For 10 points identify this Dahomeyan and Nigerian tribe.

Answer: Yoruba


23. The name is shared by several rivers. One is the last major tributary to join the Mississippi, along its banks you would find Alexandria and Sheveport, Louisiana. For 10 points, name this river that upstream is the border between Texas and Oklahoma?

Answer: Red River


24. Not long after primitive vertebrates diverged from insects on the evolutionary tree, evidence suggests that the vertebrate line experience a ventral-dorsal inversion. In other words, vertebrates are upside-down insects. This recalls a theory proposed in 1822 by this man, which was challenged by his peer, another French zoologist, Georges Cuvier. For 10 points who is this controversial zoologist who first proposed the unity of plan?

Answer: Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire


25. First developed by Professor dal Negro in 1830, it consisted of a pivoted magnet oscillating under the influence of current flowing in a coil. Upon oscillation, the magnet would contact a one-way cog wheel, causing the wheel to rotate under the series of strokes from the magnet. FTP name this device, which by 1854 was capable of driving a 12-ton locomotive.

Answer: Electric Motor (do not accept "engine")


26. The Year is the Same: The Abbey Theatre is formed in Ireland; Puccini's Madame Butterfly is performed in Milan; James Barrie publishes Peter Pan; Anton Chekov dies, but still has his "The Cherry Orchard" released; and the World's Fair and Olympics are held in St. Louis. For 10 points, name the common year.

Answer: 1904


27. Jinzaburo Takagi, Cindy Duehring, and Michael Succow have won what has been dubbed the alternative Nobel Prize. First presented in 1980 criticize a "new truth monopoly" imposed by the world's dominant economic and political forces, it is awarded to "People's Scientists." FTP name the award whose more famous previous winners have included German Greens leader Petra Kelly, jailed Israeli anti-nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu, and executed Nigerian Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Answer: Right Livelihood Award


28. A copy is in the National Archives. The most significant provisions of it were: No aid was to be levied without the permission of the Great Council and "No freeman shall be arrested and imprisoned, or dispossessed or outlawed or banished or in any way molested… unless by the lawful judgement of his peers and by the law of the land". For 10 points what is this document supported by Archbishop Stephen Langton, the barons, the knights, and the commercial classes and opposed by the Pope and King John?

Answer: Magna Charta


29. The Nationalists want to move it to Bilbao. The Queen Sophia Museum refuses to have it moved from its collection. FTP Prime Minister Aznar must resolve the controversy surrounding what painting depicting the bombing of a Basque town—painted by Pablo Picasso.

Answer: Guernica


30. This village on Luxemborg’s Moselle River has seen the signing of two key treaties relating to European Integration. The group of 15 signatories takes the name of the village, and promise to remove border controls between themselves. For 10 points, name this village, group, or treaty which includes Norway and Iceland, and all of the E.U. save Britain and Ireland.

Answer: Schengen


Extras (Do not read)


. The children are above average in this state, 14th in the nation in fourth grade reading proficiency and 1st in high school graduation. The men, like Skip Humphrey or Paul Wellstone, don’t seem particularly good-looking, but the women - tending to be of nordic stock, are probably stronger than average. For 10 points all of this is true in what state, home to Lake Wobegon and named for the Dakota word for Water, with a capital at St. Paul.

Answer: Minnesota


. This literary piece is one of the most popularly adopted tales in the world. It is about a monk who has gone on a pilgrimage to India to obtain certain sacred Buddhist scripts. His companions are a simian guardian by the name of Sun Wugong, a half pig - half human named Pigsy and a depressed monk named Sandy. No it is not an episode of Red Dwarf but for 10 points name this work written circa 1506-1581 by Wu Chengen.

Answer: Journey to the West or the Tale of Monkey


. He took part in raids on Kansas and soon joined General William Quantrill's raiders. Then he served under "Bloody Bill" Anderson and took part in raids killing hundreds during the Civil War. After the war, he, his brothers, and the James brothers began to rob banks. For 10 points, who is this criminal caught in 1876?

Answer: Thomas Coleman Younger



Bonus Questions by Berkeley SV2

By David Levinson (BB8-344) and T. Fred Carpenter


  1. FTP identify these mythological figures, all of whom were condemned to eternal punishment.
  1. He is said to have urged Jesus to go faster in carrying the cross to Calvary, to which the reply was "but thou shalt tarry till I come".

    Answer: The Wandering Jew

    2. Offering a banquet to the Gods, he served his dismembered son Pelops.

    Answer: Tantalus

    3. He revealed Zeus' rape of Aegina to her father Asopus, and by some is considered the true father of Odysseus.

    Answer: Sisyphus


  2. FTP each name the American novel from its narrator.
  1. Nick Carraway

    Answer: The Great Gatsby

  2. Frederick Winterbourne

    Answer: Daisy Miller

  3. Jack Burden

Answer: All the King’s Men


3. Name that Bach. Given a description of the Bach family member, give his first and middle names F15P each.

  1. He became master of church music in Hamburg in 1768 after leaving the service of Frederic the Great of Prussia. He helped establish the piano as a solo instrument.

    Answer: Carl Phillip Emmanuel

  2. In 1762 he became music master to the Royal family of England. Known as a composer of operas he remained in England until his death in 1782.

Answer: Johann Christian


4. Pencil and Paper may be needed. FTP answer these questions concerning the three by three matrix formed by the numeric dialing digits on a standard American pushbutton telephone (one through nine):

1. What matrix is the minor of the element one?

Answer: 5 6

7 8

2. What is the determinant of this two by two matrix?

Answer: -2

3. What rule employing determinants could you use to solve a set of n linear equations with n unknowns. It is applied so long as the determinant is not zero.

Answer: Cramer’s Rule


5. FTP each who wrote the following parental works:

1. Mother Night Answer: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

2. Mother Knows Best Answer: Edna Ferber

3. Life with Father Answer: Clarence Day


6. Name this actor 30-20-10.

A. (30) One of his passions is architecture though he majored in advertising while in college. 2 units short of his degree he dropped out.

B. (20) Raised in Springfield, Missouri he became a star with a ten minute appearance in the film, Thelma and Louise.

C. (10) Roles in Kalifornia, Interview with a Vampire and Legends of the Fall have cemented his popularity today.

Answer: Brad Pitt


7. Name the Musical Senator from clues FTP each.

1. Though he has recorded two albums, "Freedom's Light" and "My God is Love," his earlier compositions were written for the Osmond Brothers.

Answer: Orrin Hatch

2. This West Virginia Democrat, put out a collection of fiddle favorites called Mountain Fiddler in 1978.

Answer: Robert Byrd

3. This Watergate Committee chair parlayed his popularity into 1973’s "Senator Sam at Home," which included the North Carolina Democrat's warblings of "Bridge over Troubled Waters" and "If I Had a Hammer."

Answer: Sam Ervin


8. Identify these famous experiments AND the associated scientist for fifteen points each (both answers must be correct to receive the points):

1. What scientist determined the mass of an electron was 9.11*10^-28 grams in 1909 using what experiment?

Answer: Robert Millikan, oil drop experiment

2. In 1911 what scientist concluded that the atom was mostly empty space between the nucleus and the electrons using what experiment?

Answer: Ernest Rutherford, gold foil experiment


9. Name the following religious figures that suffered castration for 15 points each.

1. This 4th century AD religious philosopher developed the exegesis style of critique and applied it to the Bible. He castrated himself due to his interpretation of the Gospel of Mark and to guarantee his celibacy.

Answer: Origen

2. Living between 1079-1142, he studied with Roscelin and William of Champeaux before becoming canon at Notre Dame. He was castrated for a love affair with his landlord’s niece.

Answer: Abelard


10. Identify these Speakers of the House for 10 points each, and their Russian sounding nicknames for an additional five points each:

1. The Republican Speaker during the Taft administration, he seized extraordinary powers such as appointing the members of all House committees and appointing himself chair of the Rules Committee.

Answer: Joseph G. Cannon -- Uncle Joe

2. The Republican Speaker from 1889 to 1891, and 1895 to 1899, he also had a dictatorial reputation

Answer: Thomas B. Reed -- Czar


  1. Name these martial arts disciplines popular in Black Belt theater FTP each.

1. In 1532 Takenouchi Hisamori established this precursor of Aikido as a modern incarnation of a 2,000-year-old Japanese martial art form.

Answer: Jujutsu, jiujitsu, or jujitsu

2. Developed in 1962 by martial arts legend Bruce Lee this martial arts form is more concept-orientated than a formal discpline.

Answer: Jeet Kune Do

3. Popularized by Don "the Dragon" Wilson and Jean-Claude Van Damme this discpline was a part of the warrior training under King Naresuen the Great.

Answer: Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing


12. Answer these questions about economics:

1. MV=PQ is called the Equation of Exchange in economics. For five points each, what do "M", "V", "P", and "Q" stand?

Answer: M=Money supply or money stock, V=Velocity of Money, P=Price, Q=Quantity

2. FTP What kind of good or service has demand which decreases when its price goes down, generally when it is considered an inferior good?

Answer: Giffen Good


13. The recent Global Warming Conference was one environmental congress following many. In what city were the following conferences

A. The recent Global Warming Conference

Answer: Kyoto, Japan

B. The First Earth Summit

Answer: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

C. The Conference phasing out Chloro-Fluorcarbons

Answer: Montreal, Canada.


14. Name the following fantasy literature series for 15 points each.

1. This series is slated for ten very long volumes. Written by Robert Jordan, it is a monumental epic with the Rand al’ Thor, as a possible messiah or a destroyer of the world, serving as the main character with a large supporting cast.

Answer: Wheel of Time

2. A snark class exploration vessel named Streaker whose crew are predominately neo-fin dolphins stumbles across a fleet of abandoned ships in deep space. Written by David Brin, it begins with Startide Rising.

Answer: Earthclan


15. Identify the six independent nations that border South Africa for five points each:

Answer: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho


16. FTP each identify the following games from ancient Greece, none of which are Olympian.

1. Dedicated to Apollo and contested near Delphi

Answer: Pythian Games

2. Dedicated to Poseiden and contested near Corinth

Answer: Isthmian Games

3. Dedicated to Zeus and sharing its name with a mythical lion

Answer: Nemean Games


17. Give the last rulers of the following empires FTP each.

  1. the Incan Empire

    Answer: Atahualpa

  2. the Aztec Empire

    Answer: Montezuma II or Moctezuma II

  3. Western Roman Empire

Answer: Romulus Augustulus


18. FTP each, who wrote the following Odes:

1. Ode to the West Wind

Answer: P.B. Shelley

  1. Ode to a Nightingale

Answer: John Keats

3. Ode on the Taking of Khotin

Answer: Mikhail Lomonosov


19. Three major admirals (two British, one French) at Trafalgar, fought in Oct. of 1805. For five points each, name the admiral, and for an additional five, name the ship.

Answer: Cuthbert Collingwood (ship: Royal Sovereign), Horatio Nelson (ship: Victory), Villeneuve (ship: Bucentaure)


  1. FTP each give the name of the residence that houses the presidents of the following nations

1. South Korea Answer: Blue House

2. Chile Answer: La Moneda

3. France Answer: Palace d'Elyssee


21. Many nations in recent years have proposed moving their capitals. Given the nation, give both the old and proposed new capital, for five points per answer.

1. Kazakhstan Answer: Almaty (Alma Ata) and Akmola

2. Malaysia Answer: Kuala Lampur and Putrajaya

3. Nigeria Answer: Lagos and Abuja


22. Identify the mayors of these North American Cities for 10 points each

1. Mexico City Answer: Cauhtemoc Cardenas

2. New York City Answer: Rudy Giuliani

3. Washington DC Answer: Marion Barry


23. In ye olde England, money was not as it is. Answer these questions FTP each.

1. How many pence was a groat Answer: 4

2. How many shillings was a florin Answer: 2

3. How many crowns in a pound Answer: 4


24. Provide the first lines to the following nursery rhymes (FTP each):


Have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir,

Three Bags full

Answer: Baa, baa, black sheep


Come Blow your horn

The Sheep's in the meadow,

The Cow's in the corn

Answer: Little Boy Blue


Fly away home,

Your House is on fire

And your children all gone

Answer: Ladybird, Ladybird


25. Given the description name the stage tradition.

1. Literally meaning ‘ability,’ it originated in 14th century Buddhist rituals and is famous for its use of masks.

Answer: No

  1. Different from No theatre in its use of dance, acting and music, it was created in 1603 by a female attendant at the Izumo shrine.

Answer: Kabuki

3. Literally meaining ‘culture’ and ‘enjoyment’ this theatre form finds its expressions through puppets.

Answer: Bunraku


26. In the movie The Graduate, someone whispered into Dustin Hoffman's ear the word "Plastics". Had he invested in any of the following, he would have been rich. Place in chronological order the appearance of the following miracle plastics: Nylon, Cellophane, Formica, Vinyl, Acrylic (five points for each in the correct position, five for all correct.)

Answer: Cellophane, Vinyl, Acrylic, Formica, Nylon


27. Identify these terms and types of Japanese poetry from a brief description.

1. five lines of 5,7,5,7,7 syllables

Answer: Tanka

2. three lines of 5,7,5 syllables in a separate poem

Answer: Haiku

3. The opening verse in a series of linked verse

Answer: Hokku (not Haiku)


28. As everyone knows, the air we breathe is primarily nitrogen, oxygen and argon. For 10 points each, ± 1% what are the percentages of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon in the air.

Answer: Nitrogen:78% (accept 77 to 79); Oxygen: 21% (accept 20-22); Argon: 0.9% (accept 0-2)


29. Driving along the freeway, one notices that signs come in more than one color. Perhaps this is a subtle discovery, but there are rules behind the observation. What background color, according the Department of Transportation's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, are signs with the following purposes (5 each, 5 for all correct):

1. Construction and Maintenance warning

Answer: orange

2. Guide and Information related to Recreation or Cultural Interest

Answer: brown

3. Motorist Services

Answer: blue

4. Fallout Shelter Directional Signs

Answer: white

5. Warning other than Construction and Maintenance

Answer: yellow


30. Identify the following biomes or type of climate from a brief description (FTP each):

1. The coniferous forests of Canada where spruce and fir trees predominate. The black bear, the wolf, the lynx, and the squirrel live here.

Answer: The Taiga

2. Annual rainfall is less than 6.5 centimeters and evaporation is high. Creosote, sagebrush and cacti are found in this biome.

Answer: The Desert

3. Vast stretches of treeless plains surrounding the Arctic Ocean define this biome, lichens, mosses, and sedges live here, as well as the musk ox, the caribou, and some marine mammels.

Answer: The Tundra


31. Give the founders of the following Indian dynasties (FTP each):

1. Gupta Answer: Chandragupta I

2. Maurya Answer: Maurya Chandragupta or Asoka

3. Mogul Answer: Babur