Technophobia 3

Questions by Stanford "A Team"

Edited and submitted by Alan Taber


  1. This 20th century British novelist drew on his aeronautical engineering experience for his novel No Highway In The Sky. His best known novel, however, is set in post nuclear war Australia. For ten points, name this author of On the Beach.

    Answer: Nevil _Shute_ Norway

  2. Song titles of this oratorio include "All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray", "For As In Adam All Die," "Unto Us a Son Is Given", and most famously, the chorus for which King George III stood up, making it the only oratorio with a 44th inning stretch. For ten points, name this oratorio by Handel.

    Answer: The _Messiah_

  3. While one definition of this word has to do with cooking poultry on a spit, rabid sports fans will know it as the process of drafting favorite players from teams around the league to create their own personal All-Star teams, which then compete with each other. For ten points, name this kind of league.

    Answer: _rotisserie_ (note: do NOT accept hot stove league or fantasy league!)

  4. "God save our queer old dean" and "It is kisstomary to cuss the bride," are two famous examples that have nothing to do with silverware of, for ten points, what linguistic slip that involves interchanging two consonants or syllables?

    Answer: _Spoonerism_

  5. Though he had been granted a yearly pension by his nation for his earlier work for the independence movement, he stopped work in 1928 at the age of 63, but lived another 29 years. He is known today by concert audiences primarily for his Second Symphony as well as the greatest Scandinavian violin concerto, but is most associated with his nationalistic epics. For ten points, what composer wrote the Lemminkainen suite containing The Swan of Tuonela?

    Answer: Jean (Jan) _Sibelius_

  6. This game is based on a mathematical recreation centered on Paul Erdös (AIR-dush), but has wildly exceeded its forerunner in popularity. The idea is also loosely related to a John Guare play. For ten points, what primarily internet-based game has an Oracle that will put you in its Hall of Fame if you find someone with a number of 7 or higher?

    Answer: The _Kevin Bacon Game_, or _Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon_

  7. In her 80-year life, she was a poet, a playwright, a scientist, and a composer. Appropriately enough, she was famous for having visions of Sophia, the divine embodiment of female wisdom. For ten points, what 12th century abbess is now most famous for her music, with many CDs of her work being released for her 900th birthday this year?

    Answer: _Hildegard_ von Bingen

  8. If you've read the article "Ring theoretic properties of certain Hecke algebras," you should have a deep understanding of this theorem. In this paper, Richard Taylor and his advisor completed the proof to a special case of the Taniyama- Weil-Shimura conjecture. What greater conclusion was proved, as a result, about which its namesake wrote in his copy of Diophantus's Arithmetica - For ten points - "I have discovered a truly remarkable proof, but this margin is too small to contain it."

    Answer: _Fermat's Last Theorem_ (accept "Fermat's Great Theorem")

  9. He began in watch engraving at the École des Arts Décoratifs at La Chau-de- Fonds, where Charles L'Eplattenier - his only mentor - convinced him to become an architect. He would have won the 1927 contest to design the League of Nations building in Geneva had he turned in his entry in India ink, as required; instead, his project would only become the basis for all future United Nations buildings. His Notre- Dame-du-Haut is a terrible example of his style; it sacrifices much functionalism for superficiality. For ten points, name this architect, born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, the inventor of "Modulor" architecture.

    Answer: _Le Corbusier_ (accept early buzz of _Jeanneret_)

  10. The last name's pronounced the same - you need only give one of their last names. The first one was born with the last name Taylor, and has played Stephen Pynchon and Geoffrey Tolwyn. The second contributed his voice to A Bug's Life and played Octavian in Cleopatra. The first dragged around his droogs in a 1971 Kubrick classic and the second played the little boy Joe in the original Lassie Come Home. For ten points, name these actors, one of whom recently died of cancer; the other recently came back to life as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island.

    Answer: Malcolm _McDowell_ and Roderick "Roddy" (Andrew Anthony Jude) _McDowall_

  11. Ani DiFranco's upcoming album's title features this word repeated six times. It's the one-word title of Peter Gabriel's upcoming album. It's the one-word title of Right Said Fred's album featuring I'm Too Sexy. For ten points, give the one-word title of the latest offering from R.E.M.

    Answer: _Up_

  12. Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Union Township will see a new visitor soon - and for the next fifteen years. Hopefully the facility does not offer dance classes, since it was at a dance that this murderess committed aggravated manslaughter. For ten points, name this 20-year-old New Jersey student who will probably serve fewer than three years for birthing then killing her newborn at her prom.

    Answer: Melissa _Drexler_

  13. Located at 8.5 degrees North, 31.4 degrees East, this sea is approximately 900 miles wide. Its first close-up description in 1969 was as "a collection of every variety of shapes, angularities, and granularities - every variety of rock you could find." For ten points, name this waterless misnomer, the landing spot of Apollo 11.

    Answer: _Sea of Tranquility_ (accept "Mare Tranquillitatis")

  14. This German count first saw the possiblities of aerial military observeration while touring the Civil War battlefields in 1863. His first attempts were unsuccesful, but with the advent of aluminum, his LZ 3 and 4 were bought by the German army after 30 years of experimentation. For ten points, name this man, and you name the type of ship that bombed England in the First World War.

    Answer: Graf _Zeppelin_

  15. One was the queen of Jerusalem from 1192 to 1205. Another was the daughter of Philip IV of France and the wife of Edward II of England, who claimed the throne of France for her son Edward III upon the death of Philip's last son, Charles IV. For ten points, give the name these two women share with the queen of Spain from 1479 to 1504.

    Answer: _Isabella_ or _Isabelle_

  16. Any subset of R-N that is closed and bounded. Any subset of a metric space that is complete and totally bounded. By the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem, any subset S of a metric space such that any sequence in S has a subsequence that converges to a point in S. By definition, any subset S of a metric space so that every open cover of S has a finite subcover. For ten points, what 7-letter word describes all these sets?

    Answer: _compact_ (accept _sequentially compact_ before "open cover")

  17. Five men take off in a hot air balloon from Richmond in the closing days of the Civil War and land at the title location. Although cut off from civilization, they manage to make nitroglycerin, furniture, and electricity. Things go well until a dying captain Nemo tells them that their residence will soon explode due to volcanic activity. For ten points, name this work by Jules Verne, a sequel to _Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea._

    Answer: The _Mysterious Island_

  18. In classical mechanics, it is a function defined as the sum of the products of time derivatives of generalized coordinates with the generalized momenta minus the Lagrangian of the system. In quantum mechanics, it is an operator that, when applied to the wave function, produces a constant multiple of a wave function. In both cases, it is directly related to the energy of the system. For ten points, identify this physical quantity, which was initially associated with the least action principle when introduced in 1835 by the Irish mathematician whose name it bears. Answer: _Hamiltonian_

  19. Ay, tear her tattered ensign down!/ Long has it waved on high,/ And many an eye has danced to see /That banner in the sky. These lines helped to protect a frigate famous for its War of 1812 naval victories from being broken up. For ten points, what vessel, officially known as USS Constitution, is the oldest commissioned ship in the American Navy, largely because of Oliver Wendell Holmes' poem with the same name?

    Answer: _Old Ironsides_

  20. More is known of his life than of most medieval philosophers because much of it is described in his famous "Historia calamitatum", often translated as "The history of my troubles". He also wrote commentary on St. Paul's letter to the Romans, "A Dialogue between a Philosopher, a Jew, and a Christian", and a dialectical analysis of sin called "Scito te ipsum" ("Know Thyself") in which he reached the conclusion that human actions can not make one better or worse in the sight of God. For ten points, name this logician and theologian, the author of "Sic et non".

    Answer: Peter _Abelard_ or Pierre _Abailard_ or Petrus _Abaelardus_

  21. It is 163 kilometers long, and contains 8 major bends. Its route passes through Lake Manzala, At-Tinah, Al-Kab, Al-Baqar, Al-Ballah, Ismailiah, Lake Timsah, Great Bitter Lake, Al-Kibrit, Small Bitter Lake, Tisah, and Bur Tafiq. It shares its name with its south terminal, and reaches Port Saeed in the north. For ten points, name this canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to a Gulf of the Red Sea.

    Answer: _Suez_ Canal

  22. Born into a provincial Jewish family and expected to follow in his father's footsteps as a rabbi, he chose to pursue a secular education by enrolling in the Ecole Normal together with friend and future French socialist party leader Jean Jaures. He believed that only science and educational reform could solve the condition of anomie - a term he used to refer to social discontentness causes by lacking norms. In works like "The Elmentary Forms of Religious Life", he constructed concepts of the sacred and of totemism. For ten points, name this French sociologist, author of "Le Suicide" and teacher of Claude Levi-Strauss.

    Answer: Emile _Durkheim_

  23. In the winter of 1805-1806, the Lewis and Clark Expedition stayed in Fort Clatsop. Five years later, this city was set up, as a trading post. Under British control from 1813-1818, it has since been owned by the US. Since 1844, it has been the seat of Clatsop County. For ten points, name this Oregon city named after the founder of the American Fur Company.

    Answer: _Astoria_, OR

  24. The son of a barrel cooper and blacksmith, he ran away from home in 1788 to join a Hussar regiment. Despite a storied resistance to promotions, he became one of the 14 original marshals of the empire when the rank was reinstated in 1804, largely because of his service under Moreau and proximity to the court as the husband of one of Josephine's maids of honour. Active in most of the major battles of the Napoleonic wars, including Jena, Friedland, and the Spanish campaign, he was created the prince of Moskowa for the battle of Borodino. For ten points, name this marshal, whose legendary heroism was put to a final test in front of a firing squad at Luxembourg Gardens in 1815 after the restored Bourbons convicted him of treason.

    Answer: Michel _Ney_

  25. U-238 to Th-234. U-234 to Th-230. Ra-226 to Rn-220. Po-210 to Pb-206. For ten points, what particle, equivalent to a helium nucleus, is emitted in all of these radioactive decays?

    Answer: _alpha_ particle

  26. This Swiss man, once a personal tutor of Catherine the Great, died in St. Petersburg after having gone blind. However, his blindness evidently did not impede his work, as two constants, a number theoretic function, a line in a triangle, and a method for approximating solutions to differential equations, and numerous other mathematical objects bear his name. For ten points, what mathematician was so prolific that his works were still appearing in journals thirty years after he died?

    Answer: Leonhard _Euler_ (OI-ler)

  27. One of the most frequent uses of the word is to describe an event that occurred in Prague in 1618 after a meeting of Protestant and Catholic representatives. More recently, it has been adopted to mean "the act of exiting a window system to get a faster response time." For ten points, what twelve-letter word means, "to throw out of a window"?

    Answer: _Defenestrate_ (The Defenestration of Prague)

  28. Physicist Murray Gell-Mann drew the name of an important fundamental particle from the phrase "three quarks for Muster Mark" in this book. When asked why this book was so much more difficult to read than its predecessor was, the author explained that the action takes place at night when things are more obscure, instead of in the day. For ten points, what book contains the longest published sentence in the English language?

    Answer: _Finnegan's Wake_ (by James Joyce)