PSU Bonuses

  1. Given some works, identify the poets for 10 points each, 5 if you need better-known works.

    A. 10 points - "Character of the Happy Warrior," "My Heart Leaps Up"

    5 points - "London, 1802," "Line Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey"

    Answer: William _Wordsworth_

    B. 10 points - "Stanzas written in Dejection, near Naples," "Autumn: A Dirge"

    5 points - "To a Skylark," "Ode to the West Wind"

    Answer: Percy Bysshe _Shelly_

    C. 10 points - "Ode on Melancholy," "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles"

    5 points - "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"

    Answer: John _Keats_

  2. Name the school of philosophy from famous followers:

    A. 5: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau

    Answer: _ Transcendentalism_

    B. 10: Brutus, Marcus Aurelias

    Answer: _Stoicism_

    C. 15: Simplicius, Plotinus, Porphyry, Numeniusans.

    Answer: _Neoplatonism

  3. Give the Biblical name, 30,20,10,5

    30. In Luke, 16:19, he is an outcast, covered in sores. After his death, he is comforted in the arms of Abraham, while a rich man looks on in agony from Hades.

    20. In John, chapter 11, his sisters Martha and Mary Magdelene summon Jesus to his home in Bethany when he falls ill.

    10. In that same chapter, Jesus arrives to find he has already died, and has lain in the tomb for four days.

    5. Jesus then resurrects him, performing one of the most famous miracles in the New Testament.

    Answer: _Lazarus_

  4. Quarks originally had much more fanciful names than they currently hold. See how much you know about that which constitutes all matter by answering these questions.

    First, for five points each, name the current standard names for the four quarks other than up and down.

    Answer: _Charm(ed) _, _Strange _, _Top _, and _Bottom _

    Next, for an additional ten points, name either of the two more fanciful names given to the top and bottom quark originally, beginning with the same letters.

    Answer: _Truth _, or _Beauty _

  5. Carbon is just a cool element, especially in organic compounds. Identify the number of carbon atoms in these compounds FFPE

    a) methylcyclobutane

    Answer: _5_

    b) napthalene

    Answer: _10_

    c) DDT

    Answer: _14_

    d) formaldehyde

    Answer: _1_

    e) glucose

    Answer: _6_

    f) nitrous oxide

    Answer: _0_

  6. For five points apiece, give me the six largest cities in the United States that have the word "Fort" in their names, three of which are in Florida.

    Answers: _Fort Worth , Fort Lauderdale, Fort Wayne, Fort Myers, Fort Pierce, Fort Collins_

  7. Do you remember thermodynamics? Given the definition, name the thermodynamic quantity for 10 points each.

    This is the energy of a system plus the pressure times the volume.

    Answer: _Enthalpy_ prompt on H

    This is the enthalpy minus the entropy times the temperature.

    Answer: _Gibbs Free Energy_ prompt on G

    This is the energy of the system minus the entropy times the temperature.

    Answer: _Helmholtz Free Energy_ prompt on A

  8. Given a group of people, name their rather fitting patron saint for ten points each.

    a. Fathers

    Answer: _Joseph_

    b. Ecologists

    Answer: _Francis_ of Assisi

    c. Postal workers

    Answer: _Gabriel_

  9. Name the composers of these musical works named for places; 5 points each with a 5 point bonus for all correct.

    a.Symphony #7, Leningrad

    Answer: Dmitri _Shostakovich_

    b. The "Scottish" Symphony

    Answer: Felix _Mendelsohn_

    c. Symphony #38 in D Major, Prague

    Answer: W. A. _Mozart_

    d .A Concert with America

    Answer: Aaron _Copland_

    e. The Pines of Rome

    Answer: Ottorino _Respighi

  10. Sometimes, major events are scheduled to occur in one locale but have to be moved for one reason or another. For 15 points, I'll give you the event and the locale it was held, you tell me where it was originally supposed to be held. Five points if you need another clue.

    a) 15: 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria

    5: Citizens in this Rocky Mountain metropolis rejected a tax measure that would have funded the construction of Olympic venues. Innsbruck was later chosen in it's place.

    Answer: _Denver_

    b) 15: 1986 World Cup of Soccer in Mexico

    5: The international Soccer federation was concerned that this South American nation was too politically unstable for such a large-scale event, due to corruption, drugs, and the terrorist actions of the F.A.R.C.

    Answer: _Colombia_

  11. Name the Musical from Characters, 30, 20, 10:

    30: Mrs. Pearce, Zoltan Karpathy

    20: Freddy Einsford-Hill, Colinel Hugh Pickering

    10: Professor Henry Higgins

    Answer: _ My Fair Lady_

  12. Identify the following poets of the Great War given works, for the stated number of points.

    5 points - "In Flanders Field"

    Answer: John _McRae_

    10 points - "Greater Love," "Dulce et Decorum Est"

    Answer: Wilfred _Owen_

    15 points - "Counter-Attack," "Dreamers," "Letter to Robert Graves"

    Answer: Siegfried _Sassoon_

  13. How well do you know your grammatical terms? Given this list of noun cases: Nomnitive, Genitive, Dative, and Accusative, for 5 points each, tell which one

    A) Marks the direct object of the verb?

    Answer: _Accusative_

    B) Marks the subject of the verb?

    Answer: _Nomnitive_

    C) Marks the indirect object of the verb?

    Answer: _Dative_

    D) Is the indicator of possession?

    Answer: _Genitive_

    For an extra ten points, what is the case of direct address?

    Answer: _Vocative_

  14. Answer these questions about Asian and Indian literature for 10 points each:

    A). This sages teachings, which advise followers on the organization of society, arecollected in his Analects.

    Answer: _Confucius_

    B) In Indian literature, these stories are addendums to the Vedas. Collectively their name literally means "the sitting around matters" alluding to the way they were taught and discussed.

    Answer: _Upanishads _

    C. The Chinese sage Lao Tzu wrote this collection of wisdom, which advises one to follow the path of Yin.

    Answer: _Tao teh Ching_

  15. Think you know all there is to know about energy storage in plants? For 15 points each, name the two types of starch from a brief description.

    A. This consists of long, unbranched chains of D-glucose units connected in alpha one four linkages.

    Answer: _amylose_

    B. This has a highly branched structure with glycosidic linkages of alpha one four, but also branch points occurring every 24 to 30 residues that are alpha one six linkages.

    Answer: _amylopectin_

  16. 30-20-10 name him

    30: He composed the music to the movie Postcards form the Edge.

    20: He wrote the play "The Lady and the Tiger," and while serving in Korea was cartoonist for military newsletter Pacific Stars and Stripes.

    10: He is best known for writing _Where the Sidewalk Ends_, _A Light in the Attic_, and _The Missing Piece_.

    Answer: Shel _Silverstein_

  17. Name the Shakespeare play from characters for the stated number of points:

    5: Iago, Desdemona

    Answer: _Othello_

    10: Hiro, Claudio, Bennedic, Beatrice

    Answer: _Much Ado About Nothing_

    15: Cleon, Dionyza, Thaisa, Marina

    Answer: _Pericles_, Prince of Tyre

  18. Yeah, right. Another fantastic bonus about things on TV, or at least that's what they want you to think. Then again, see if you're as cool as David Hamilton and identify these things from the animated show Daria for 10 points each:

    First, the name of the show that she and Jane always watch. Among some of these best episodes the Psychic Centerfolds ("what happens when Miss September can see October?") and When Aliens Can't Commit.

    Answer: _Sick Sad World_

    Second, for 5 points each, name the other two sidekicks in the Fashion Club, who are either backing up the President Sandy, or the Vice-President Quinn at any given time.

    Answer: _Tiffany and Stacy_

    We all know that David aspires to be as cool as the history teacher on the show. For a final 10 points, name this survivor or military school and Kevin and Brittany's collective intelligence in his class.

    Answer: Mr. Anthony _DeMartino_

  19. How much do you know about high energy astrophysics? Try your hand at some of these questions from the newly emerging field.

    First, for five points, name the physical phenomenon which accelerates particles to high energy. Hint: they also are the cause of sonic booms.

    Answer: _Shocks _ or shock waves

    Next, for ten points, of 15, 25, 50, or 75, which of these is closest to the order of magnitude of the energy released in a supernova (in joules)?

    Answer: _50 _ (~10^46 J)

    Finally, for fifteen points, name the first object in the sky which was identified with an X-ray source, located in the constellation Orion.

    Answer: _Crab Nebula _

  20. For ten points each, answer the following questions about terms from electromagnetism.

    First, this is the letter which commonly designates an electric field located inside matter.

    Answer: _D_

    Second, for five points each, give the two fundamental constants of electricity and magnetism, respectively. (in order)

    Answer: _permitivity _of free space , _permeability _ of free space

    Finally, what number do you obtain when you multiply the permitivity of free space and the permeability of free space together, and take its reciprocal?

    Answer: _ the speed of light squared _

  21. Given the paintings, name the American artist FTPE:

    A. _Old Battersea Bridge; Nocturne in Blue and Gold_; _The White Girl_

    Answer: James Abbot McNeil _Whistler_

    B. _Targets_ and _Flags_

    Answer: Jasper _Johns_

    C. _Mending the Net_, _The Gross Clinic_

    Answer: Thomas _Eakins_

  22. Name the Group 30-20-10.

    30: It consisted of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes and existed from 1979-1981.

    20: They put out two albums, The Age of Plastic and Adventures in Modern Recording.

    10: They are most famous for their song Video Killed the Radio Star.

    Answer: The _Buggles_