1998 Technophobia III -- Packet by Kentucky


1. The protagonist is a rich Bostonian who attempts to cure his insomnia with hypnosis. The cure works too well, however, and he finds himself waking up 113 years later in a radically different socialist Boston, to which he gradually learns to adjust with the help of Edith Leete, the great-great granddaughter of his fiancee. Such are the circumstances surrounding Julian West in, for ten points, what Utopian novel by Edward Bellamy?

Answer: Looking Backward: 2000-1887

2. Entering the Royal Navy at the age of 13, he served under Nelson in the West Indies and in the Americas, where he was almost kidnapped by Washington in 1782. Though the rank of Lord High Admiral was revived for him by George Canning in 1827, he was unpopular for his many love affairs with women such as Dorothea Jordan. He had to abandon both her and the Navy when he ascended to the British throne. For ten points, name this Sailor King, who succeeded his brother George IV in 1830.

Answer: William IV

3. A 1924 paper entitled Planck's Law and the Hypothesis of Light Quanta by this University of Dacca mathematician attracted the attention of a famous physicist, who sought him out for collaboration. Together they worked on equations to explain the behavior of particles not limited to single occupancy of the same state. For ten points name this man, whose collaboration with Einstein led to their famous statistics, suggesting a new form of matter recently discovered.

Answer: Satyendra Nath Bose

4. While transporting purple dye from Phoenicia to Athens this man became shipwrecked and decided to spend his free time reading philosophy, ultimately deciding to follow the teachings of Crates the Cynic. It was under the tutleage of Crates that he wrote his Republic, and soon he began to acquire pupils of his own, such as Cleanthes. For ten points, name this man, whose wanderings in the Stoa provided the name for his new philosophy.

Answer: Zeno of Citium

5. During World War I this man served in the Italian air force. After the war he led the occupation of Fiume, which he ruled as dictator for almost a year. By that time his literary fame had been established by such plays as La Gioconda and Franchesca Da Rimini, based on his love affair with the actress Eleonora Duse, the novels The Intruder and Triumph of Death, and such poetry collections as In Praise of Sky, Sea, Earth, and Heroes. For 10 points name this Italian poet best known for such works as Canto Novo and Prima Vere.

Answer: Gabriele D'Annunzio

6. In 1843 he earned a medical degree, but medicine soon bored him, and he tried his hand at law and journalism before moving to California in 1850. He attempted to start a revolution in Baja California in 1853, which proved unsuccessful, but in 1855 a similar effort, financed by American businessmen, fared better in Nicaragua. For ten points name this adventurer, deposed in 1857 and later executed in an attempt to regain power in 1860.

Answer: William Walker

7. Because it does not depend on the temperature of the objects which emit it, it is often called nonthermal radiation. It occurs when charged particles that are moving at speeds close to the speed of light when their paths are altered by magnetic fields, and it is found in such celestial bodies as quasars, the Crab Nebula and Jupiter. For ten points, name this type of radiation named for devices, such as those found at Fermilabs and CERN, which produce it.

Answer: synchrotron radiation

8. Among the ports along this body of water are the cities of Taganrog, Mariupol, and Yevsk, and Berdyansk. Composed of fresh water separated from the more saline Syvash by true Arabat Spit, it is about 210 miles long, 85 miles wide, and fed by such rivers as the Don and Kuban, whose silt deposits make it very shallow. For 10 points name this body of water connected to the Black Sea by the Kerch Strait, located between the Ukraine and Russia.

Answer: Sea of Azov

9. In an attempt to escape creditors, down-and-out screenwriter Joe Gillis pulls into the driveway of Norma Desmond, a faded silent-film star who is trying to make a comeback with a screenplay she has written. Gillis agrees to edit her work and ends up becoming her lover, but when he leaves her for another younger woman she goes insane and shoots him. This is, for 10 points, a plot summary of what 1950 classic film starring William Holden, Gloria Swanson, and Erich von Stroheim?

Answer: Sunset Boulevard

10. He won 22 games in 1903 and struck out 349 batters in 1904, a record which was broken by Koufax in 1965. In 1905 he bested Cy Young in a 20-inning duel and led his league in strikeouts seven times, six consecutively. Despite these feats he is perhaps best known for exploits like wrestling alligators, touring in the melodrama ``The Stain of Guilt,'' and chasing fire engines. For ten points name this turn-of-the-century pitching star for the Athletics, whose antics more than earned him his famous nickname.

Answer: Edward ``Rube'' Waddell

11. Though his studies at Harvard were a success, except for a disapproved love affair with Mary Monahan, he is deemed unfit to run the family business and instead becomes a man-about-town before marrying the more suitable Catharine Bosworth. He later dabbles in conservative Boston politics, but his health declines after the stock market crash. For ten points, this is the life of what recently-deceased character as told by Horatio Willing, the title character of a novel by John Phillips Marquand?

Answer: The Late George Apley

12. According to legend, this ancient king was exposed by his priestess-mother at birth and raised by a gardener, though his fortunes improved when he was made royal cup-bearer of King Ur-Zababa of Kish, whose throne he later took over. His victory over king Lugalzagesi of Ur led to a gradual conquest of most of Mesopotamia and the establishment of an empire which he ruled from his capital city of Agade. For 10 points name this ancient soldier and king, founder of the Akkadian dynasty.

Answer: Sargon I

13. After earning a medical degree from the University of Uppsala in 1802 this man became a professor of medicine, botany, and pharmacy in Stockholm. When not occupied by professorial duties he began to experiment with a large variety of chemical compounds, which resulted in a new theory of dual electrolysis, stating that all compounds had positive and negative components, and a fairly accurate table of atomic weights. For 10 points name this scientist whose experiments also resulted in the discovery of cerium, thorium, and selenium.

Answer: Jons Jakob Berzelius

14. After losing the benevolence of Siva for transgressions, this asura was given the choice of being reincarnated twelve times as Vishnu's friend or three times as his enemy. He chose the latter, and was dispatched in his third incarnation, Sisupala, by the avatar Krishna and by the avatar Naramsimha in his second, Harinyakashipu. For ten points name this demon, who resumed his original name in his second incarnation, and who was destroyed by the avatar Rama.

Answer: Ravana

15. Margaret suspects that her husband is having an affair with the mysterious Mrs. Erlynne, whom he financially supports though he claims his interest is honorable. When he invites Mrs. Erlynne to a dinner party over Margaret's objections she decides to leave her husband and run off with Lord Darlington, but she is dissuaded from this by Mrs. Erlynne herself, who is actually Margaret's mother. For 10 points identify this play, named for a possession of Margaret thought to be stolen by Mrs. Erlynne, written by Oscar Wilde.

Answer: Lady Windermere's Fan

16. The war was launched on November 30th from Murmansk, when several million men attempted to attack a badly outnumbered force of defenders. Yet somehow the invaders had not expected the extreme cold of the invaded country, and by the time the Mannerheim line was breached and the city of Viipuri was taken, they had suffered over a million casualties to only 25,000 of the natives. For ten points name this four month conflict of 1939-1949, through which the Soviets gained a naval base on the Hanko Peninsula as well as valuable cold-weather fighting lessons.

Answer: Winter war (accept Russo-Finnish war)

17. Initially a musician, he studied the psychology of music and developed an early lie detector. His discovery that feebleminded children can solve problems when they can grasp the overall structures involved, and his observation of the phi phenomenon, led him to formulate a new approach towards psychology with colleagues Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang Kohler, which he named ``configuration.'' For ten points, name this developer of Gestalt.

Answer: Max Wertheimer

18. While serving in the French army he became friends with soldiers who had served under the Emperor Maximilian, listening with fascination to their descriptions of the exotic landscapes of Mexico. These stories inspired some of his most famous paintings, lush pictures of tropical scenes in such works as The Snake Charmer, made while working in the customs house of Paris. For ten points, name this leader of the naive art movement known as Le Douanier, famous for the Sleeping Gypsy.

Answer: Henri Rousseau (accept an early hit with ``Le Douanier'')

19. Among its highlights are dramatizations of erotic encounters in the style of Alfred Hitchcock and its hosts' fascination with Delta Burke, whose physical virtues are contrasted with those of the bus-station skank. Call-ins and letters are encouraged and answered as long as there is an ample supply of the Cognac Casvasier, but when this runs out the show must end. This is, for ten points, what show hosted by Leon Phelps, after whom it is named, which aims to answer ``all your romantic queries'' on Saturday Night Live?

Answer: The Ladies Man

20. A classmate of Jefferson Davis at Transylvania University and West Point, he served in the Black Hawk War before resigning to serve in the army of the Republic of Texas, becoming a general and later its Secretary of War. Returning to the US Army in 1855, he saw service in the ``Mormon War'' before joining the Confederate Army, becoming commander of the Army of the West in 1861 shortly before his only battle. For ten points, name this general, who bled to death from a minor wound before he could finish the job at Shiloh.

Answer: Albert Sidney Johnston

21. From the Greek for ``less recent,'' this epoch featured the evolution of such equine forms as the Parahippus and Pliohippus, the first dogs and bears, and the first hyenas. Commonly divided into six ages -the Aquitanian, Burdigalian, Langhian, Serravallian, Tortonian, and Messinian- it also featured the appearance of the sabre-toothed cat, an early form of the gibbon, and the hominid Ramapithecus. For ten points, name this epoch following the Oligocene and preceding the Pliocene.

Answer: miocene

22. By 1357 this man was already a general of some repute who was made vizier to the khan Tughlaq Temur of Transoxania before turning against him and setting himself on the throne. He then embarked on a series of conquests which encompassed Persia, Fars, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Georgia, as well as parts of India while making his capital, Samarkand, a center of architectural splendor and culture. For 10 points name this Tartar ruler, whose life was dramatized by Christopher Marlowe.

Answer: Timur the Lame (accept Tamer lane, Tambor-Lenk)

23. The leaf of this plant is heart-shaped and has traditionally been a symbol of love in Italy, though it is actually native to India and Iran. The dried large-leaf varieties have a fragrant aroma faintly reminiscent of anise, and a warm, sweet, aromatic, mildly pungent flavour, and tea made from it is a mild stimulant . For ten points, name this common spice, whose name is derived from the Greek for king.

Answer: basil

24. After the death of his father, Redmond is sent to live with his uncle Brady, where he soon gains a reputation as a bully and falls in love with his uncle's daughter Nora. Mistakenly thinking he has killed a man in a duel over her, he flees Ireland to the continent, where he contrives to marry a rich widow and become a landed gentleman and member of parliament before the widow's son, Lord Bullington, has him arrested. Such are the exploits of, for ten points, what unsympathetic character, who assumes a new name, that of the title, in a work by William Thackeray?

Answer: Barry Lyndon

25. The title character of this opera is a young girl who is in love with the local mill owner Stiva Burjiya, whose child she carries, and who spurns Stiva's brother Laca , who loves her and believes Stiva only loves her for her beauty. In a fit of exasperation Laca cuts her cheek with a knife to prove that Stiva will no longer love her if her beauty is gone, which later turns out to be the case, but she eventually forgives Laca and they find happiness together. This is, for 10 points, a very brief sketch of what opera by Leos Janacek?

Answer: Jenufa

26. After studying economics at Berkeley this man taught at the University of Washington and Washington University, and has served as economic consultant to the governments of Russia, Argentina, Peru, and the Czech Republic. His theories, which are contained in such works as Structure and Change in Economic History , argue that certain legal institutions must be present in addition to technical innovations for economic development to take place. FTP name this man, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize with Robert W. Fogel for his work in the ``new economic history'' known as cliometrics.

Answer: Douglass C. North