Packet by Johns Hopkins University, "the boy with the evil eyes," Jason Schwalm and Swarthmore


1) In 1939 he led a successful counteroffensive against the Japanese at the Manchurian border, and during the Winter War he rose to chief of staff. It was he that organized the defense of the cities of Leningrad and Moscow in 1941. For ten points, name this Soviet general whose forces leveled much of Berlin in April of 1945.

Answer: Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov

2) Made into an opera in 1933 by Louis Gruenberg and Kathleen de Jaffa, it begins with a native revolt on an island in the West Indies that forces the title character to flee. After retrogressing on the evolutionary scale and participating in a slave auction he is killed by the natives, who use silver bullets. For ten points, name this 1920 Eugene O'Neill play about a former Pullman porter.

Answer: The Emperor Jones

3) The first five reactions can be described as the energy investment phase in which ATP is converted to ADP and in which the ending intermediate is glyceraldehyde3-phosphate. The next five reactions comprise the energy generation phase in which ADP is phosphorylated to ATP. For ten points, name this biological process whose end product is pyruvate and whose starting material is usually glucose.

Answer: glycolysis

4) WARNING! FULL NAME REQUIRED. This singer went to high school with kids with what he considers even weirder names of Experience and Chastity. Born in Stockholm, this son of a jazz great moved to New York at fourteen. He attended the New York School of Performing Arts when his sister Neneh had a top-ten hit. He says that it was through making his album Desireless that he listened to Bob Dylan and Neil Young. For ten points, give the first and last names this oddly named artist, author of the current hit "Save Tonight."

Answer: Eagle-Eye Cherry

5) He wrote several profiles and travel sketches which first appeared in the New Yorker and were later published in Local Color. Unanswered Prayers was a novel that was left unfinished at his death. For ten points, name this writer associated with New Journalism who wrote The Grass Harp, A Tree of Night, and Other Voices, Other Rooms, and is best known for In Cold Blood.

Answer: Truman Capote

6) The range runs for about 1200 miles and has its highest point at the 13,665 foot Mount Toubkal. The Tell Range of these mountains converge s with the southern range at the Tebessa and Medjerda Mountains. The sparse vegetation and harsh winters here impose severe living conditions on the inhabitants which include the Moulouya, the Chelif, and the Maghribi. For ten points, name this mountain range that runs through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Answer: the Atlas Mountains

7) He co-starred with Dolores Montenegro in the movies Preacher with a Shovel and Calling all Quakers!, and also appeared in The Erotic Adventures of Hercules. He also starred on television in "Buck Henderson, Union Buster" and "Handel with Kare." For ten points, name this fictional actor who has hosted such telethons as "Out with Gout '88" and is a regular on the game show "Springfield Squares," who was voiced by Phil Hartman on The Simpsons.

Answer: Troy McClure

8) Transfer of heat from the fluid to a low temperature reservoir; Adiabatic increase in the temperature of the working fluid; Heat transfer from the high-temperature reservoir to the working fluid; Adiabatic decrease in the fluid's temperature. For ten points, these four reversible processes are the steps in what thermodynamic process, named for a nineteenth-century French physicist?

Answer: Carnot Cycle/engine

9) The title is taken from a folk song which matches the book's theme of resurrection. The song tells the story of Tim, a construction worker and drunkard, who falls to his death but rises when Mickey Murphy spills a bottle of whiskey on the body. The book uses Humphrey Chipden Earwicker, a tavern-keeper, and the odd style and obscurity have led some to believe it relates a dream. The song is much less complex as Tim really is revived after a fight breaks out at, for ten points, event used as the title of a 1939 novel by James Joyce?

Answer: Finnegan's Wake

10) General von Lossow, the local Reichswehr commander, and Gustav von Kahr, the Bavarian state commissioner general, agreed to carry through with the plans but backed out later. The next day, during the march to the Marienplatz, 16 of the marchers were killed by police officers waiting for them. The remaining group, led by Ludendorff lost all hope of a successful coup. For ten points, name this event of November 8 and 9, 1923 for which Hitler was sent to prison.

Answer: the Beer Hall Putsch (prompt on Munich Putsch)

11) Electrons will be emitted only if the frequency of the incident light exceeds a threshold value that may vary with the particular metal. If the frequency is held constant, the magnitude of the emitted electron current is proportional to the intensity of the light source, and the maximum kinetic energy of the emitted electrons is independent of the intensity of the light source but varies linearly with the frequency. For ten points, I've just described what phenomenon, first seen in 1887 by Heinrich Hertz and elucidated in 1905 by Albert Einstein?

Answer: the photoelectric effect

12) Born in Oakland in 1953, he was adopted at five months. He attended the US Air Force Academy and has a BS degree in International Affairs, as well as an MBA from Pepperdine and a JD from the Southwestern University School of Law. He was Vice Chairman of the California State Board of Equalization, and presently serves as the state treasurer. For ten points, name this politician and senatorial candidate, opponent of Brown, Perrin, Erich, and most recently, Barbara Boxer.

Answer: Matt Fong

13) His 1967 paper, "How Long is the Coast of Britain?" answered that question with "it depends on the length of the measuring tool." Computers made his mathematics workable. Start with any complex number; square it and add some other complex number. Continue this ad infinitum. If this sequence does not diverge, then the original number is part of what set, named for the mathematician now best associated with fractals?

Answer: Benoit Mandelbrot

14) Its delegates had intended to enforce celibacy of the clergy and to establish a uniform date for Easter but failed to do either. It did, however, issue decrees on many other matters including the proper method of consecrating bishops, a condemnation of lending of money at interest by clerics, and a refusal to allow clergy to move from one church to another. For ten points, name this 325 ecumenical council that was attended by Constantine I and strongly condemned Aryanism.

Answer: Council of Nicaea

15) He does not appear in the early Welsh legends and seems to have been created by Chretien de Troyes in a work subtitled he Knight of the Cart. In most versions he is the son of King Ban of Benwick. In Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur he becomes a monk after killing Sir Gawain and after the Round Table has been disbanded. For ten points, name this knight of the Round Table, the father of Galahad by Elaine and the lover of Queen Guinevere.

Answer: Sir Launcelot (Lancelot)

16) Her worship involved ritual prostitution which was severely condemned by the Hebrew prophets and she may have been the "queen of heaven" referred to by Jeremiah. She was held prisoner in the underworld by her sister Ereshkigal until Ea sent a hermaphroditic creature called Asushu-Namir to use magic spells to free her. For ten points, Ashtoreth and Astarte are the names used by the Israelites and the Canaanites, respectively, to refer to what Babylonian goddess of love and war?

Answer: Ishtar (Athtar, Inanna; accept Ashtoreth or Astarte onearly buzz)

17) Ruth's Song (Because she could not sing it) was her account of growing up in Toledo, Ohio with her mentally ill mother. Campaigning was a compilation of her political articles following George McGovern, Eugene McCarthy, and Richard Nixon among others. But her most famous voice is found in The Real Linda Lovelace and I Was a Playboy Bunny. For ten points, name this journalist who penned the article, If Men Could Menstruate for Ms. Magazine.

Answer: Gloria Steinem

18) From the Latin for "before the temple", Mircea Eliade (mihr-CHAYehl-ee-AH-dah) defined it as the opposite of "sacred". The modern word has come to mean impure, defiled, or irreverent. For ten points, identify this adjective, used in its noun form to classify all those colorful 4-letter words you shouldn't say in front of mom.

Answer: profane (prompt on "profanity")

19) Many workers claimed that Section 14 (b), which permitted right-to-work laws, impeded their ability to organize. This series of amendments to the National Labor Relations Act limited the power of unions and required officers of certain unions to swear that they were not members of the Communist Party. For ten points, identify this 1947 act named for an Ohio senator and a congressman from New Jersey.

Answer: Taft-Hartley Act or the Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947

20) This movie was created by two Nobel Prize-winners, William Faulkner who adapted Ernest Hemingway's novel of the same name into the screenplay. In it, Harry Morgan, a fisherman, helps the beautiful Marie Browning and rescues a resistance fighter from Vichy-controlled Martinique. For ten points, name this film that starred Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall who taught us all how to whistle.

Answer: To Have and Have Not

21) At the Synod of Jerusalem in 1672, the Orthodox church confirmed this doctrine as essential to faith; the Roman Catholic church had officially adopted it more than 450 years before. In his encyclical _Mysterium Fidei_, Pope Paul VI attacked the idea that this process is merely symbolic, as had the Council of Trent five hundred years earlier. For ten points, name this Christian doctrine that says, in the Eucharist, the wine and bread become the blood and body of Jesus.

Answer: transubstantiation

22) He became a famous archer in Paran, married, and had twelve sons, from whom the Arab people are said to be descended. His name means "may God hear" and came to mean any outcast from society because of the prophecy in Genesis 16: "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against everyman, and every man's hand against him." He and his mother had been saved by an angel from thirst and starvation after they had been forced into the desert. For ten points, who is this son of Abraham and Hagar?

Answer: Ishmael