1998 NLIT Packet

Freelance Packet by Zinedine Lemieux (Adam Fine)

(Themes given in parentheses with questions, do NOT include them in giving answers!)


1. The work consists of two essays: the first a letter written by the author to his nephew on the one hundredth anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the second discussing the author's experiences in Harlem and with the Nation of Islam. In both essays the author employs biblical allusions and admonishes America to "end the racial nightmare." For ten points, identify the two-part essay divided into "My Dungeon Shook" and "Down on the Cross," written by James Baldwin.

Answer: The Fire Next Time
(Chicago Fire)

2. In 1993 U.S. astronomers detected two components at the center of it, indicating that it may have a double nucleus. The fainter component is its true center, with a black hole millions of masses greater than the Sun, while the brighter component may be the remnant of another galaxy that collided with it. For ten points, identify this largest member of the Local Group of galaxies, approximately 2.2 million light-years from Earth, also known as M31.

Answer: Andromeda (accept M31 until the end)
(LA Galaxy)

3. The authors used a former midshipman, Captain Roger Byam, as the book's narrator. A historical novel, it was followed by two others: Men Against the Sea and Pitcairn's Island. For ten points, what work co-written by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall tells the story of how a ship's first mate, Fletcher Christian, set his cruel commander, Captain William Bligh, adrift in an open boat?

Answer: Mutiny on the Bounty
(Tampa Bay Mutiny)

4. It is governed by a 36-member executive board that establishes policies, and its executive director is appointed for a five-year term. More than 130 countries receive support for primary health care, nutrition, basic education, and water and sanitation programs through it, while one of its main programs has vaccinated 80 percent of the world's children against the major infectious diseases. For ten points, identify the 1965 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, an agency of the United Nations devoted to the welfare of children.

Answer: United Nations Children's Fund (or UNICEF)
(DC United)

5. In 1989, an electrical current was passed through a cell containing heavy water, which forced deuterium nuclei to pack tightly into a platinum electrode. Since platinum metal has the ability to absorb large quantities of deuterium, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons thought they had achieved, for ten points, what never substantiated phenomenon, which is supposed to bring atomic nuclei together at room temperature?

Answer: Cold fusion
(Miami Fusion)

6. A reckless youth, hungry for power and knowledge, tampers with long-held secrets and unleashes a terrible shadow upon the world. The story concerns Spparowhawk's testing, how he masters the mighty words of power, and tames an ancient dragon. For ten points, identify the book where young Sparrowhawk develops into the sorcerer Ged, the first of a series by Ursula LeGuin.

Answer: A Wizard of Earthsea
(Kansas City Wizards)

7. Pope Paul III accepted the dedication of the work to himself. In it, planets are supposed to travel on special spheres, and the system of epicycles was retained, two incorrect assertions. The author feared its publication due to the belief that only those with an intimate knowledge of astronomy would understand it, not because he was worried about heresy. For ten points, identify the work, which revived the ideas of Aristarchus, published while Nikolaus Copernicus was on his deathbed.

Answer: On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres (De revolutionibus orbium coelestium)
(New England Revolution)

8. Founded in 1883, its first production was Gounod's Faust. Highlights of its history include the 1955 appearance of Marian Anderson in Verdi's Un ballo in maschera, its first live telecast in 1967, of Puccini's La Boheme, and Enrico Caruso's 1903 New York debut. For ten points, identify the opera company which currently occupies a spot in the Lincoln Center in New York City.

Answer: the Metropolitan Opera Company
(NY/NJ Metrostars)

9. The governor of Rhode Island from 1866 to 1869, he is better known for activities during the Civil War. Appointed brigadier general in the Union Army in 1861, for ten points, who succeeded McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac, but was blamed for the Union defeat at Petersburg in 1864, causing him to retire from active service; (although probably not from his hairstyle)?

Answer: Ambrose Everett Burnside
(Dallas Burn)

10. Flora Robson, Anna Manahan, and Freda Jackson played three Stygian witches. Neil McCarthy, Sian Phillips, Maggie Smith, and Judi Bowker are all lesser-known actors who had prominent roles in this 1981 film directed by Desmond Davis. For ten points, name the movie which starred Burgess Meredith as Ammon, Ursula Andress as Aphrodite, Laurence Olivier as Zeus, and Harry Hamlin as the hero Perseus.

Answer: Clash of the Titans
(San Jose Clash)

11. Son of Telamon of Salamis, from his blood sprang the Hyacinth, which bears the letters for the Greek for "woe." Sent to placate Achilles after the latter's quarrel with Agamemnon, he had an undecided encounter with Hector, and later defended the and rescued the bodies of Patroclus and Achilles. For ten points, name this second greatest Greek hero of the Trojan War, who committed suicide after going mad with jealousy when Agamemnon awarded the armor of the dead Achilles to Odysseus.

Answer: Ajax the Greater
(Ajax (pron. Eye-ax) Amsterdam)

12. In his 1813 work A New View of Society, he claimed that personal character is wholly determined by environment. In 1800 he became manager of a mill at New Lanark in Scotland, where he improved working and housing conditions and provided schools. His aim was to reorganize society into on the basis of small, cooperative communities which combined agriculture and industry. For ten points, which British socialist took his ideas to Indiana in 1825, founding New Harmony?

Answer: Robert Owen
(Michael Owen -- Liverpool/England)

13. In tests carried in 1994, U.S. doctors found that its freshly pressed extract killed a number of bacteria, even when diluted to one part in 250. Its effectiveness is probably due to allicin, a simple organic disulfide, and it has been used successfully as a fungicide in the cereal grass sorghum. A perennial Asian plant belonging to the lily family, it has white flowers. For ten points, what plant with scientific name Allium sativum has a bulb made up of smaller cloves, and can be used to ward off vampires?

Answer: Garlic
(Scott Garlic DC United)

14. In 1773 he inherited a property in Fredericksburg, Virginia, having been mate on a slave ship for five years. After the American Revolution, he joined the Russian navy as a rear admiral, and fought against Turkey, but fell out of favor with Catherine the Great and died in France. For ten points, what Scottish-born sailor won fame in 1779 by capturing the British warship Serapis while commodore of his own ship, the Bonhomme Richard?

Answer: John Paul Jones
(Cobi Jones, LA Galaxy)

15. After the forty settlers left were murdered, King Emanuel I fitted out a squadron of 40 ships under this man, who founded colonies in Mozambique and Sofala in 1502. Five years earlier he first reached land, which he named Natal on Christmas Day 1497, and after picking up a skilled Indian navigator in Malindi, he reached Calicut in 1498. For ten points, name the Portuguese explorer, the first to sail east to reach India by sea.

Answer: Vasco da Gama
(Brazilian team, playing DC United in the InterAmerican Cup next week)

16. Pacioli's work De divina Proportione contained 60 geometrical figures from this man's hand. He painted the celebrated beauty Ginevra de Benci, and had developed a drawing for a large-scale painting depicting the Battle of Anghiari, but abandoned the project in 1506 due to a faulty plastering technique. For ten points, what great artist served under both Ludovico Sforza and Cesare Borgia, painting The Last Supper for the former?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci (accept either name)
(Brazilian player Leonardo)

17. He served as a sergeant in the medical corps and as chaplain in World War I. In 1944 he became the first Papal Nuncio to liberated France, and championed the system of worker-priests. Elected pope on the twelfth ballot, he issued the encyclical Pacem in Terris, which advocated improved relations with the USSR. For ten points, name the pope, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who served from 1958 to 1963, a reformer who summoned the Second Vatican Council.

Answer: Pope John XXIII (accept Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli before that name is said)
(Eddie Pope, DC United)

18. Born of Basque descent in Madrid in 1833, he taught mathematics, held portfolios in various ministries, served as minister of finance in 1905, and as a professor of physics at Madrid University. However, he is known primarily for his plays in prose and verse, such as 1877's O locura o santidad and 1881's El gran galeoto. For ten points, identify this Spanish dramatist, the winner of the 1904 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Answer: Jose Echegaray y Eizaguirre
(Marco Etcheverry, DC United)

19. Its tributaries include the Gunnison, Green, and Gila Rivers, while the Imperial Valley is irrigated by it. To the west of it, in southeastern California, is a desert by the same name, an arid area of 2000 square miles. Very little of its water now reaches the sea, as the Glen Canyon and Hoover Dams have destroyed wildlife and scenery. For ten points, what great American river rises in the Rocky Mountains, cuts the Grand Canyon, and empties into the Gulf of California?

Answer: Colorado River
(Colorado Rapids)

20. His main aim was to expose the bourgeois values he saw as implicit in the language of French literature. In Mythologies he used a structuralist approach to the study of signs in everyday life, looking at such things as toys, advertisements, and wrestling, while his Camera Lucida is both a reflection on photography and an elegy to his mother. For ten points, what French literary theorist was at the forefront of the "nouveaux critiques," due to his 1953 work Writing Degree Zero?

Answer: Roland Barthes
(Barthez, French World Cup GK)

21. Barry Wagner was awarded the Ironman of the Game, while Rick Hamilton showed off his powerful running ability in taking home MVP honors. The winning head coach, Jay Gruden, prepared his team well in upsetting the top-seeded team on August 23 at the Ice Palace. For ten points, identify this championship game, where the Tampa Bay Storm fell to the Orlando Predators 62-31 in the showcase of 50-yard football.

Answer: Arena Bowl XII (accept Arena Bowl, but call them wrong if they give the wrong number)
(Bruce Arena, new US coach)

22. It is stated that he was the son of Manoah of Zorah, of the tribe of Dan. Manoah's wife was barren, but an angel appeared to her and promised a son, and said the boy should be a Nazarite. At the end of his life, he was exhibited as a public spectacle at a festival of Dagon, but he pulled down the pillars of the house in which 3000 Philistines has assembled, burying all of them in the ruins. For ten points, name the twelfth Judge of ancient Israel, known for strength he got from his hair.

Answer: Samson
(Steve Samson, former US coach)


(Again, a separate theme here - hockey, each bonus refers to a team or something related, do not reveal this until the end!)

1. World capitals -- given the nation, identify its capital for five points each and a five-point bonus for all correct.
(Washington Capitals)

a. Honduras

Answer: Tegucigalpa

b. Swaziland

Answer: Mbabane

c. Burkina Faso

Answer: Ouagadougou

d. Bhutan

Answer: Thimphu

e. Burundi

Answer: Bujumburu

2. "The Sabre Dance" is one of the most recognizable pieces of music around. For fifteen points each, identify both its Russian composer and the ballet of which "The Sabre Dance" is a part.
(Buffalo Sabres)

Answers: Aram Khachaturian; Gayaneh

3. As in any given year, 1998 has seen its share of deadly hurricanes. Identify these three for ten points each.
(Carolina Hurricanes)

a. In late August this category 3 storm slammed into the North Carolina coast, then turned north, ravaging the Tidewater area.

Answer: Bertha

b. This hurricane passed through Florida, ironically causing the postponement of the Miami Hurricanes' football game against UCLA.

Answer: Georges
(Georges Vezina Trophy -- Goaltenders)

c. The fourth strongest hurricane on record, with winds gusting to 220 miles per hour, this storm caused deaths in Honduras and Belize.

Answer: Mitch

4. Identify this pair of "Canadien" authors on a 15-5 basis.
(Montreal Canadiens)

a. 15: Her 1929 work Magic for Marigold captures the mysteries and terrors of early childhood, while Rilla of Ingleside describes the impact of World War I on an island community.

5: Her first book was a story about an orphan girl, Anne of Green Gables.

Answer: Lucy Maud Montgomery

b. 15: Her first published work was a collection of poems entitled The Circle Game, while her 1969 novel The Edible Woman provoked a lot of controversy relating to the women's movement.

5: In 1985 her work The Handmaid's Tale was short-listed for the Booker Prize.

Answer: Margaret Atwood

5. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim theology all contain a supreme spirit of evil, the devil. Answer the following about The Evil One, 5-10-15.
(NJ Devils)

a. Latin for "bearer of light," he was the leader of the angels who rebelled against God.

Answer: Lucifer

b. This eleventh-century Archbishop of Canterbury's work, Why Did God Become Man?, treated the subject of Atonement as the deliverance of mankind from the bondage of the devil.

Answer: Saint Anselm

c. In the Muslim faith, this devil is one of the jinn, or beings created by Allah from fire. He tempted Adam and his wife Hawwa (Eve) to disobey Allah, leading to their expulsion from Paradise.

Answer: Iblis

6. Answer the following questions about predators for ten points each.
(Nashville Predators)

a. The panther is not a distinct species, but simply the black color variant of this animal.

Answer: Leopard
(Florida Panthers)

b. Though many sharks prey on animals, only plankton would consider this shark, with scientific name Rhincodon typus, a predator.

Answer: Whale shark
(former Hartford Whalers)

c. This type of bruin, or brown bear, is the largest living land carnivore.

Answer: Kodiak bear (or Alaskan brown bear)
(Boston Bruins)

7. Identify these three Roman politicians who enjoyed various levels of success against Roman senators.
(Ottawa Senators)

a. Named a censor in 184 BC, he heavily revised the senatorial lists, and is famous for making the remark, "Carthage must be destroyed."

Answer: Cato the Elder

b. Give the surname of the two brothers who worked for agrarian reform; the elder was murdered by a mob of senators, while the younger was simply outlawed by them and killed in a riot.

Answer: Gracchus (Tiberius and Gaius) -- accept Gracchi, as they are collectively known)

c. Nicknamed "Felix," he strengthened the Senate as dictator before retiring in 79 BC.

Answer: Lucius Cornelius Sulla

8. Supposedly artists had a lot to be "Blue" about at the turn of the century. For the stated number of points, identify:
(St Louis Blues)

a. For five, the artist whose Blue Period lasted from 1901-1904, and was followed by a Rose Period.

Answer: Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

b. For ten, the painter whose colorful work The Red Room is more well-known than his Blue Nude: Souveneir of Biskra.

Answer: Henri Emile Benoit Matisse

c. For five for one and fifteen for both, the expressionist painter of Blue Horses, and the Munich group to which he belonged, founded by Wassily Kandinsky.

Answers: Franz Marc; Der Blaue Reiter (or The Blue Riders)

9. Answer the following about a geologic phenomenon, 5-10-15.

a. 5: From the French for "to swallow," it is a fall or flow of a mass of snow and ice down a steep slope under the force of gravity.

Answer: Avalanche
(Colorado Avalanche)

b. Most major avalanches tend to occur within a range of ten degrees of slope on a mountainside. For ten points, give any degree number within that range.

Answer: Anywhere from 30-40 degrees

c. A major avalanche in 1991 considerably altered the shape of what highest mountain in New Zealand?

Answer: Mount Cook

10. Zeus and Thor were thunder and lightning gods in Greek and Norse mythology respectively. Identify their counterparts in the myths of other groups from descriptions for ten points each.
(Tampa Bay Lightning)

a. Originally a god of thunderstorms, he became the supreme god of the Babylonians.

Answer: Marduk

b. The chief god of the lesser Hindu pantheon, he is the god of lightning, thunder, and storms.

Answer: Indra

c. If any significant rain fell in Egypt, this sky goddess, who was either the wife or mother of Horus, might have become a storm goddess.

Answer: Hathor

11. This bonus concerns the novel most dear to the hearts of New York Islanders -- The Great Gatsby.

a. First, for five points each, identify this couple; the wife has an affair with Tom Buchanan, while the husband murders Gatsby for allegedly hitting the wife with his car.

Answers: Myrtle Wilson and George Wilson

b. For ten, give the full name of Daisy Buchanan's friend who likes to cheat at golf.

Answer: Jordan Baker

c. For a final ten, the big eye which appears toward the end of the book on the surface signifies an advertisement for which eye doctor?

Answer: T.J. Eckelburg

12. Show yourself to be a true Oiler by answering these questions about petroleum, 5-10-15.
(Edmonton Oilers)

a. The chemical composition of all petroleum contains what basic family of organic compounds?

Answer: Hydrocarbons

b. This volatile, flammable liquid can be obtained from petroleum as a crude distillate that is lighter than kerosene and has a lower boiling point.

Answer: Petroleum Naphtha

c. Millions of years ago, bacteria changed the fats of sediments into fatty acids, which were then changed to this intermediate asphaltic material, which later becomes petroleum through the combined action of heat and pressure.

Answer: Kerogen

13. Literature has had its share of Mighty Ducks.
(Anaheim Mighty Ducks)

a. For ten points each, name both the author of the play The Wild Duck and its protagonist, whose daughter Hedvig kills herself after being rejected by him.

Answers: Henrik Ibsen; Hjalmar Ekdal (either name acceptable)

b. For five points each, give the names of the authors of children's tales about ducklike creatures, The Ugly Duckling and The Trumpet of the Swan.

Answers: Hans Christian Andersen and E.B. White

14. For ten points each, identify the three brightest stars in the night sky. If you cannot name one or more of the three, the stars' constellations will be given to you for five points each.
(Dallas Stars)

The constellations (in order; read only if they miss one or more of the answers): Canis Major, Carina, Centaurus

Answers: Sirius, Canopus, Rigil Kent (or Alpha Centauri)

15. Answer the following about kings of the later Valois dynasty.
(LA Kings)

a. For five points, name the son of Francis I who was killed in a joust, as predicted by Nostradamus.

Answer: Henri II

b. For five, name Henri II's widow, who controlled the throne through her children and also called the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

Answer: Catherine de Medicis

c. For five points each, identify the three children of Henri II and Catherine de Medicis who ruled as the last three kings of the Valois line.

Answers: Francis II, Charles IX, Henri III

16. Answer these questions concerning the Native American leader Black Hawk for ten points each.
(Chicago Blackhawks)

a. Black Hawk was the leader of what North American tribe?

Answer: Sauk (or Sac); DO NOT ACCEPT "Sac and Fox", as they are two tribes!

b. During the War of 1812, Black Hawk served under what Shawnee leader in the Tennessee River valley?

Answer: Tecumseh

c. Finally, after the Sauk, together with the Fox, were defeated in the Black Hawk War, Black Hawk himself was permanently exiled to what territory, which became a state in 1846?

Answer: Iowa

17. Coyotes have played a prominent role in "Looney Tunes."
(Phoenix Coyotes)

a. First, for five points, Wile E. Coyote orders machines to destroy the Road Runner from what company?

Answer: Acme

b. For fifteen points, in the first three Looney Tunes episodes ever to feature Wile E. Coyote, what was his Latin name?

Answer: Carnivorus vulgaris

c. Finally, for ten points, Wile E. Coyote's "Tiny Toon Adventures" counterpart is known by what name?

Answer: Furball

18. In honor of Mark Tervakoski's heritage, identify these three Finnish hockey players, none of whose names end in "-nen," 5-10-15.

a. 5: Currently a member of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, this prolific goal scorer began his career with the Winnipeg Jets.

Answer: Teemu Selanne

b. Now finally retired, this longtime Edmonton and Los Angeles teammate of Wayne Gretzky ranks in the top ten in many major all-time scoring categories.

Answer: Jari Kurri

c. Drafted with the 21st pick in 1993 by the Montreal Canadiens, this 23-year old is one of the NHL's more exciting young players.

Answer: Saku Koivu

18. For ten points each, identify the following relating to the American naturalist author Frank Norris.
(former Norris Division)

a. Perhaps his most famous work, it concerns a brutish San Francisco dentist and the love of gold.

Answer: McTeague

b. The novel McTeague was made into what 1923 movie, directed by Erich von Stroheim?

Answer: Greed

c. Norris' novels The Octopus and The Pit were two parts of an unfinished trilogy describing the growth, sale, and consumption of what food product?

Answer: The Epic of the Wheat

19. The title "Prince of Wales" was first created in 1301 to denote the eldest son of the king or queen of England.
(Prince of Wales Conference)

a. First, for ten points, identify the first Prince of Wales, who took the throne in 1307 and lost the battle of Bannockburn.

Answer: Edward II

b. For five, Richard II was able to take the throne of England because he was the son of what eldest son of Edward III, who died in 1376?

Answer: Edward the Black Prince

c. For fifteen, this eldest son of Henry VII married Catherine of Aragon at age 15, but died the following year.

Answer: Arthur, Prince of Wales

20. Identify this pair of social scientists on a 15-5 basis.

a. 15: He became a professor at MIT in 1940. He wrote the 1958 work Linear Programming and Economic Analysis.

5: A textbook of his, simply titled Economics, helped earn him the 1970 Nobel Prize.

Answer: Paul Anthony Samuelson
(many Swedish defensemen in the NHL)

b. 15: She called the Zuni peoples "Apollonian," while she called the Doubans of Melanesia "paranoid." Those anthropologists who worked with the Japanese after World War II found one of her works influential.

5: Those Indian descriptions can be found in her work Patterns of Culture, and she also wrote The Chrysanthemum and the Sword.

Answer: Ruth Benedict

This is a repeat from Chicago/Vandy:

21. 30-20-10 identify the body of water:

30: Its name is Cree for "murky waters." Among the large islands in it are Reindeer and Hecla.

20: It is drained by the Nelson River, which flows into the Hudson Bay. It is a remnant of Lake Agassiz, a prehistoric glacial lake.

10: It is located in southern Manitoba, near the capital city of the same name.

Answer: Lake Winnipeg
(former Winnepeg Jets)