Tossups by Carnegie-Mellon A

1) Born on April 1, 1873, he died in Beverly Hills on March 28, 1943. His fame and popularity was launched by his Prelude in C Sharp Minor, which haunted him throughout his life as the prelude was constantly requested by his concert audiences. For ten points, name this Russian Romantic, whose D minor concerto was showcased by David Helfgott in the movie Shine.

Answer: Sergei Vassilyevich Rachmaninoff

2) "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women," was how the title character answered the question "What is best in life?" in this 1981 movie. For ten points, name this R-rated flick which starred James Earl Jones as the snake cult leader who murders the parents of the hero, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Answer: Conan the Barbarian (prompt on Conan)

3) Picric acid is similar to this other nitrated aromatic compound, which has a methyl group where picric acid has a hydroxyl group. This chemical is often mixed with other explosives, such as ammonium nitrate, to form amatol. For ten points, what is this high explosive whose toluene molecule is bonded to three nitro groups.

Answer: Trinitrotoluene or TNT

4) His emphasis on personal self-realization, youth's search for meaning, and Eastern mysticism gained him a temporary wide following. The author of Pictor's Metamorphoses and Das Gasperlenspiel, he became a Swiss citizen at the outbreak of World War I. For ten points, name this German, the 1946 Nobel winner, best known for authoring Demian and Steppenwolf.

Answer: Hermann Hesse

5) "Benefit of clergy" protected many clerical lawbreakers from their just desserts, and perhaps the king of England expected this man to do something about it. The king had made him chancellor, then placed him in the highest office of the church in England, but soon they began to quarrel. For ten points, name this man killed by 4 knights after Henry Plantagenet asked in desperation "How can I rid myself of this meddlesome priest?"

Answer: Saint Thomas a Becket

6) "This desire to govern a woman - it lies very deep, and men and women must fight it together before they shall enter the garden." The preceding quote comes from this 1908 novel, where Lucy Honeychurch marries George Emerson instead of the shallow Cecil Vyse to whom she was engaged. For ten points, name this E.M. Forster novel whose title comes from Emerson's offer of a hotel suite to Lucy.

Answer: A Room with a View

7) James Yorke and Mitchell Feigenbaum are well known practitioners in this field. It is the study of processes that exhibit complex, apparently random behavior and the attempts to predict the behavior of these systems. Research might be conducted on cloud formation or fluctuations of biological populations. Also called nonlinear dynamics, for ten points, give the name for this interdisciplinary science, the subject of a James Gleick book.

Answer: chaos theory (accept nonlinear dynamics on an early buzz)

8) It was claimed that this cured headaches, hangovers, and "hysteria in the female". Formulated by pharmacist John Pemberton, it was first sold in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta in 1886. This elixir was made out of fruit syrup, cocoa leaves, and extract of kola nuts. For ten points, name this "pause that refreshes".

Answer: Coca Cola (accept Coke) Classic

9) "It is in vain, Sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace! But there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that Gentlemen want? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" For ten points, name the speaker who concluded the preceding monologue, "Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Answer: Patrick Henry (the War Inevitable Speech)

10) The French mathematician Legendre called this man's work a "monument more lasting than bronze". Like Legendre, this 19th century mathematician's primary work was in the study of elliptic functions. For ten points, name this Norwegian mathematician, who died at the age of 27 and who shares his last name with the name of one of Adam's sons.

Answer: Niels Henrik Abel

11) From 1925 to 1954 he was a fellow and tutor of Magdalen College, Oxford, and from 1954 to 1963 he was professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at Cambridge University. In Shadowland,s Anthony Hopkins played this author of some 40 books, most of them on Christian apologetics. For ten points, name this Anglican theologian, whose autobiography is titled Surprised by Joy, , and who is known for such works as The Screwtape Letters.

Answer: C(live) S(taples) Lewis

12) First plotted in 1904, its precise implications for the generation of the sun's internal magnetic field have not yet been determined. Most of the activity documented appears at latitudes between 35 degrees south and 35 degrees north, with a typical migration of subjects from high altitudes toward the equator as the number of sunspots rises, giving the diagram a shape like the wings of an insect. For 10 points, identify this diagram of sunspot cycles, named for the Greenwich Observatory astronomer who first plotted it.

Answer: Maunder Butterfly diagram

13) Lasting from July 1966 to November 1968, this rock band produced the single Anyone for Tennis? (The Savage Seven Theme) and such albums as Goodbye, Wheels of Fire, and Disraeli Gears. For ten points, name this band which featured Jack Bruce on bass, Ginger Baker on drums, and Eric Clapton on guitar.

Answer: Cream

14) In the Bible it is called Shabbat Shabbaton, or Sabbath of Sabbaths. Falling on the 10th day of the month of Tishri, before 70 AD it was on this day that the Azazel or scapegoat died in the desert to carry away Israel's sins. Today Jews recite Kol Nidre on its eve. For ten points, name this, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

Answer: Yom Kippur (accept Day of Atonement on an early buzz)

15) When courtiers questioned his representation of the king, he replied "My king will last longer than yours," referring to Louis XIV, who sat thirteen times for him. For ten points, name this Italian who, like Michelangelo, also sculpted a David, but who is better known for the baldacchino and Ecstacy of St Teresa at St. Peter's.

Answer: Gianlorenzo Bernini

16) He is the subject of Norman Mailer's Genius and Lust. He lived in Paris in the 1930's, and he had a 10 year relationship with Anais Nin. For ten points, name this author whose sexually explicit novels Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn were banned in the US until 1961.

Answer: Henry Miller

17) In this series of sketches whose characters were made of play dough, the title character was always beaten, broken, and abused for our amusement. For ten points, Miss Sally, Mr. Hands, Spot, and Mr. Sluggo are all characters in what 1970s Saturday Night Live sketches?

Answer: The Mr. Bill Show ("Oh no, Mr. Bill!" "He's going to be mean to me!")

18) His great-grandmother was the Moabite woman Ruth, who begat Obed who begat Jesse. He is Jesse's youngest son, whom Samuel anoints to replace Saul* as the king of Israel. As king, he is well remembered for usurping the wife of Uriah the Hittite. For ten points, name this old Testament figure who started killing Philistines at an early age with a sling shot.

Answer: David

19) Penned in 1847, the title character is an orphan and who becomes a governess. Her lover reveals to her his existing secret marriage on the day of their projected marriage. Fortunately, the title heroine is reunited with Edward Rochester at the end. For ten points, name this novel written by the sister of the author of Wuthering Heights.

Answer: Jane Eyre

20) Born in Arpinum to an equestrian family, he gained a name for himself with the successful prosecution of Catiline in 63 BC, the same year that saw him reach the highest office of consul. For ten points, name this Roman statesman and politician, whose oratorical skills got him not only fame, but also beheaded in 43 BC thanks to his Phillipics against Marc Antony.

Answer: Marcus Tullius Cicero

21) World War II was approaching, and the United States, which had much of the world's supply of helium, would not sell the gas to Germany. Hence this object, originally designed to be filled with helium, had to settle for hydrogen. "Oh the humanity!" For ten points, name this infamous airship, which exploded in May 1939 over Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Answer: the Hindenburg

22) It was so important that during the empire it was administered by a curator of praetorian rank. Begun in 312, it led from Rome to Capua, and it was later extended to Brundisium, stretching to over 350 miles long. For ten points, name this highway to Greece and the East, the oldest and best preserved of all the Roman roads, under the Roman censor Appius Claudius Caecus.

Answer: The Appian Way (or Via Appia)

Bonuses by Carnegie Mellon University

1) For 15 points for both or 5 points for one, identify both the speaker of each quote and the death of the President which prompted the quote.

A. There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen, and now he belongs to the ages.

Answer: Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War) on Abraham Lincoln

B. Fellow-citizens: God reigns, and the Government at Washington lives!

Answer: James Abram Garfield on Abraham Lincoln (from an 1865 speech)

2) This bonus was brought to you by DNA, so let's see how much you can recall about this miracle of life.

A. For ten points, all or nothing, name the four bases normally found in DNA.

Answer: Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine (Do NOT accept Uracil, it is found in RNA. Prompt on G, C, T, A.)

B. For ten points each, what are the two types of nitrogenous bases that all DNA nucleotides are based on. The first is a 6 member ring and the second is a joined five member and six member ring.

ANSWER: pyrimidine and purine

3) Given the art museum, tell what city is its home, for five points each with a five point bonus for all correct.

1. Musee du Louvre

Answer: Paris

2. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Answer: New York City

3. Uffizi Gallery

Answer: Florence

4. Museo del Prado

Answer: Madrid

5. Corcoran Gallery

Answer: Washington, DC

4) Identify the literary work from its subtitle and author for ten points each.

a. A Tale of the Christ, Lew Wallace

Answer: Ben Hur

b. The Weaver of Raveloe, George Eliot

Answer: Silas Marner

c. A Pure Woman, Thomas Hardy

Answer: Tess of the D'Urbervilles

5) "The King found her so different from her picture ... that ... he swore they had brought him a Flanders mare." For ten points each:

A. Identify the King spoken of in this quote.

Answer: Henry VIII

B. What fourth wife of Henry VIII is referred to as being unexpectedly ugly?

Answer: Anne of Cleves

C. Within five years, in what year were Henry and Anne married and quickly divorced?

Answer: 1540 (accept 1535-1545)

6) Identify the computer language given its developer for ten points each.

a. Bjarne Stroustrop

Answer: C++ (do not accept or prompt on C)

b. Niklaus Wirth

Answer: Pascal

c. John Backus and others at IBM


7) This baseball superstar is almost certain to win this year's American League Cy Young award. He was first in wins (20), ERA (2.65) and strikeouts (271). For ten points each:

A. Name this former Boston Red Sox pitcher

Answer: Roger Clemens

B. By leading the AL in wins, strikeouts, and ERA, Roger Clemens won pitching's triple crown, having done so last year as well. Who was the last player before Clemens to win baseball's triple crown in consecutive years?

Answer: Lefty Grove (1930-31)

C. Name the current Boston Red Sox pitcher who was second in the AL this year in wins, strikeouts, and ERA.

Answer: Pedro Martinez

8) Given the name of a sword, identify its owner for ten points each.

A. (10) Crocea Mors, meaning "Yellow Death"

Answer: _Julius Caesar_

B. (10) Joyeuse

Answer: _Charlemagne_ (also owned a sword called Flamberge)

C. (10) Balmung, or Gram

Answer: _Siegfried_ (also accept: _Sigurd_)

9) Wars in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries were often called something different if America. For instance, the French and Indian war was part of the 7 Years war in Europe. For ten points each, given a European conflict, give the American name.

a. War of Spanish Succession

Answer: Queen Anne's War

b. War of Austrian Succession Answer: King George's War

c. War of the Grand Alliance

Answer: King William's War

10) Identify the poem from lines, for ten points each.

A. Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Answer: Ode on a Grecian Urn (by John Keats)

B. And here we are here as on a darkling plain / Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight / Where ignorant armies clash by night.

Answer: Dover Beach (by Matthew Arnold)

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay / Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare / The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Answer: Ozymandias (by Percy Bysshe Shelley)

11) Identify these vitamins from its common or pharmaceutical name for five points each.

a. Retinol

Answer: vitamin A

b. Thiamine

Answer: vitamin B1

c. Nicotinic acid

Answer: vitamin B3

d. Folic acid Answer: vitamin B9

e. Biotin

Answer: vitamin H

f. Alpha-tocopherol

Answer: vitamin E

12) Given the year and citation for a Nobel Laureate, name the author for 15 points. You will get 5 points if it takes additional works.

15: Prize awarded in 1982 "for his novels and short stories, in which the fantastic and the realistic are combined in a richly composed world of imagination."

5: The Leaf Storm, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

15: Prize awarded in 1970 for "the ethical force with which he has pursued the indespensable tradition of Russian literature."

5: Cancer Ward, A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch.

Answer: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 13) Show that you've got the touch, and identify these people who voiced the following Transformers in Transformers: the Movie for ten points each.

a. Unicron

Answer: Orson Welles

b. Cliffjumper

Answer: Kasey Kasem

c. Optimus Prime

Answer: Peter Cummins

14) Given the political party, give their candidates for President and Vice President of the United States in the 1996 election for five points each.

A. Reform Party

Answer: H. Ross Perot, Pat Choate

B. Libertarian Party

Answer: Harry Browne, Jo Jorgenson

C. Natural Law Party

Answer: John Hagelin, Michael Tompkins

15) I'll give you the name of a current or former U.S. airbase; you tell me what country surrounds it for ten points each.

a) Ramstein Air Force Base

Answer: Germany

b) Keflavik Air Force Base

Answer: Iceland

c) Subic Bay Air Force Base

Answer: Philippines

16) Identify the following persons related to dance, for ten points each.

A. This man revolutionized ballet in the early 20th century although he was not a dancer. He combined music, painting, and drama with new types of choreography in the dance company he founded and directed, the Ballets Russes.

Answer: Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev

B. Ballet master for Diaghilev from 1925 to 1929, he is primarily associated with the New York City Ballet Company, which he organized.

Answer: George Balanchine

C. Her use of folk themes in ballets and musical comedy formed a distinctly American dance style. This choreographer's works for the New York City's Ballet Theatre include Fall River Legend and Three Virgins and a Devil.

Answer: Agnes de Mille

17) Identify the literary sources of the following words, for ten points each.

A. pandemonium

Answer: John Milton's Paradise Lost

B. yahoo

Answer: Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels

C. jabberwocky

Answer: Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass (and what Alice found there)

18) The Scrabble player needs to be really cheap at times. Give the two letter word acceptable in scrabble play from its definition for 5 points each and a bonus for all 5 correct:

a) Rough, cindery lava

Answer: AA

b) Monetary unit of Vietnam, 1/100 of a dong.

Answer: XU

c) The past tense of "to eat"

Answer: ET

d) An expression of protest

Answer: AW

e) Part of the psyche

Answer: ID

19) Identify these Jewish books, for ten points each.

A. From the Hebrew for "repetition", this is the commentary on the Torah which comprises the first half of the Talmud.

Answer: Mishnah

B. From the Latin for seventy, it is also called the LXX, after the 70 scholars who translated it around 300 BC. This was the Greek version of the Hebrew Bible.

Answer: Septuagint

C. The Mishnah soon became the subject of commentaries by scholars both in Palestine and in Babylon, the two leading centers of Judaism. From the Hebrew for "completion", what are these commentaries known as?

Answer: Gemara

20) The 1998 Nobel Peace Prize recognized the historic peace agreement ratified last spring in Northern Ireland. The prize was awarded to the leaders of the two main political parties in Northern Parties in Northern Ireland.

A. For 5 points each, name these two men.

Answer: John Hume and David Trimble

B. This is not the first Nobel Peace Prize awarded for encouraging peace in Northern Ireland. For 10 points each, name the winners of the 1976 prize, a Protestant woman and a Catholic woman.

Answer. Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan

21) Name these plants for ten points each.

A. This popular houseplant in the genus Spathiphyllium has lance-shaped leaves and cannot stand direct sun. It's leaf-like flowers grow on long spikes and are white with a yellow rod.

ANSWER: Peace Lily

B. This perenial, known as Hemerocallis, has clumps of strap-like leaves that give rise to branching flower stalks in summer. Flowers range from pale yellows to bright oranges to vivid reds and last a single day.

ANSWER: Day lily

C. Convallaria have two large lance-shaped leaves which appear together with an arching flower stem bearing a number of small, pendent white bells. For ten points, name this popular wedding bouquet flower.

ANSWER: Lily of the Valley [repeat bonus, possibly]

22) Identify these things relating to prime numbers for ten points each.

A. 5: This algorithm for finding primes involves crossing out all numbers o a table divisible by 2, then those divisible by 3, and so on. Those remaining are prime.

Answer: sieve of Eratothenes

B. 5: It was proposed to Euler in 1742. It states that all integers greater than 5 are expressible as the sum of three primes.

Answer: Goldbach conjecture

C. 10: What term identifies primes of the form 2 to the n minus 1? (2^n -1)

Answer: Mersenne primes

D. 10: This claim states that the zeros of the zeta function have real part one-half.

Answer: Riemann hypothesis