Bonuses by Chicago B and Vanderbilt

1. Identify the author from a lesser-known work for 10 points, or from a more famous work for 5.

A. 10) The Thin Red Line (1962)
5) From Here to Eternity (1951)

Answer: James Jones

B. 10) Vineland (1990)
5) V (1963)

Answer: Thomas Pynchon

C. 10) Dangling Man (1944)
5) The Adventures of Augie March (1953)

Answer: Saul Bellow

2. Answer the following questions concerning the October peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians for the stated number of points.

A. 5) What was the Maryland plantation where the talks were held?

Answer: Wye Plantation

B. 10) This leader of Hamas was put under house arrest shortly afterward by the Palestinian Authority for "his recent statements against the Palestinian national interests."

Answer: Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

C. 15) Benjamin Netanyahu beat a no-confidence vote in the Knesset introduced by this ultra-conservative party.

Answer: Moledet

3. Identify these people associated with the behavior of light for the stated number of points.

A. For five points, name the winner of the 1927 Nobel Prize for physics for his discovery of an effect concerning the wavelength of scattered photons.

Answer: Arthur Holly Compton

B. For ten points, what particle scatters the photons and gains energy from them in the Compton effect? Answer: electron

C. For fifteen points, identify the scientist who noted the splitting of spectral lines in the presence of a strong electric field.

Answer: Johannes Stark

4. Name these members of the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame for ten points each.

A. Probably the best-known pool player ever, he never actually won a world championship. Known as a comic, orator, and publicity generator, he contributed hugely to the popularization of billiards. He named himself after the character played by Jackie Gleason in the film, "The Hustler."

Answer: Minnesota Fats (also accept Rudolph Wanderone)

B. At the time, the youngest inductee into the hall of fame, he won the US Open four straight years from 1970 to 1973, and the Professional Pocket Pool Association World Open in 1982 and 1983. He also has a commonly advertised instructional video detailing impressive trick shots.

Answer: Steve Mizerak

C. He won the pocket billiards World Title 15 times between 1940 and 1957. He also holds the amazing record for the longest run of balls without missing, 526.

Answer: Willie Mosconi

5. Name the person, 30-20-10.

30: Working with Dorothy Burlingham at a Hampstead nursery during World War II, this person founded Hampstead Child Therapy Course and Clinic, in London in 1947.

20: The Ego and Mechanisms of Defense, arguing that repression is the principle human defense mechanism, was authored by this psychologist.

10: This woman was the youngest daughter of another famous Austrian psychologist.

Answer: Anna Freud

6. Identify the following short stories by Eudora Welty for ten points each.

A. First appearing in The Atlantic Monthly in April 1941, this story details the comic conflict between an old maid and eccentric family members such as Papa-Daddy and Uncle Rondo and Stella Rondo.

Answer: Why I Live at the P.O.

B. An old woman named Phoenix regularly walks from Natchez Trace to and from town to provide medicine for her grandson who inadvertently swallowed lye two years before.

Answer: A Worn Path

C. Welty's first published story, it tells of R.J. Bowman whose car breaks down in an unpopulated area and who is given a place to rest by strangers in a secluded house.

Answer: Death of a Traveling Salesman

7. Identify the following nebulae for ten points each.

A. This nebula contains numerous young O-type stars clustered around four large stars called the Trapezium and was the first nebula to have been photographed.

Answer: Orion Nebula

B. This nebula in Sagittarius was discovered in 1750, but was not named until Sir John Herschel provided it with a name indicative of the three dark rifts that join at its center.

Answer: Trifid Nebula

C. Also in Sagittarius, this nebula is so large that light from its included stars cannot penetrate its boundaries, making it appear as a bright nebula superimposed on a larger dark nebula.

Answer: Lagoon Nebula

8. Name the characters from The Aeneid, 5-10-15.

A. 5: Aeneas marries this daughter of Latinus after defeating Turnus.

Answer: Lavinia

B. 10: Aeneas romances this queen of Carthage for a few months before Jupiter demands that he get on with fulfilling his destiny. She commits suicide following his departure.

Answer: Dido

C. 15: The son of Mercury and Carmenta, and father of Pallas, this Greek settled his people on the future site of Rome. Aeneas allies himself with this old chieftain of the Arcadians, who helps him become king of the Etruscans.

Answer: Evander

9. Identify the substance, 30-20-10-5.

30 - First isolated in 1770, its absolute structure was notoriously difficult to determine because there are 256 different stereoisomers of its basic structure.

20 - The Nobel Committee awarded Adolf Windaus and Heinrich Wieland the 1928 Nobel Prize for their outline of its structure.

10 - Their work turned out to be incorrect, as demonstrated by the x-ray diffraction studies of J. D. Bernal. Wieland used the British physicist's results to correct his rendering of the structure. This compound can be activated to form vitamin D.

5 - This common chemical compound is found in abundance in human gallstones, but has a more harmful effect when it overruns arteries.

Answer: cholesterol

10. Lord Byron was quite an author - and one who had many pieces set to music. Name the composer of these Byron-inspired works for ten points each.

A. Manfred Symphony

Answer: Peter Tchaikovsky

B. Overture to Manfred

Answer: Robert Schumann

C. Harold in Italy

Answer: Hector Berlioz

11. Answer the following questions about post-World-War II European relations for ten points each.

A. On January 29th, this nation vetoed Britain's application for membership in the Common Market. Walter Hallstein, executive head of the organization, criticized the country for its actions, but to no avail.

Answer: France

B. On July 4, 1967, this Romanian Premier proposed the dissolution of both NATO and of the eastern bloc - a proposal that did not receive much support from the assembled heads of Warsaw Pact nations.

Answer: Premier Nicolae Ceaucescu

C. Signed on May 15th, 1967 by 53 nations, this treaty provided for the reduction of duties on agricultural and industrial products.

Answer: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (accept: GATT)

12. Identify the heroes, 30-20-10.

30 - While at sea with Jason, a great storm in the sea of Colchis prompted Orpheus to call upon the gods. In response, the gods sent down blue flames over these heroes to signify the end of the storm, thus originating St. Elmo's Fire.

20 - The Roman dictator Aulus Posthumius made a vow to erect a temple to them if he took Tusculum, and shortly thereafter they were seen heading the Roman cavalry in the great victory at Lake Regillus.

10 - A rivalry with the Aphareids led to the death of one of these brothers when Idas proved a better swordsman.

Answer: Castor and Pollux (accept: the Dioscuri or Gemini)

13. Answer the following questions about the DNA replication process known as PCR for ten points apiece.

A. All or nothing, expand the acronym PCR.

Answer: Polymerase Chain Reaction

B. Name the American biochemist and 1993 Nobel Prize winner who invented the process.

Answer: Dr. Kary Banks Mullis

C. Mullis worked at this California biotech company, whose name sounds like an aquatic mammal.

Answer: Cetus

14. Identify the following about the 1986 film The Color of Money for ten points each.

A. It was directed by this man whose credits also include Raging Bull and Casino.

Answer: Martin Scorsese

B. Paul Newman, who starred in the 1961 prequel, reprised the role of this character.

Answer: Fast Eddie Felson (accept either name)

C. Vincent, the young pool player with loads of talent whom Paul Newman recruits, is played by this actor:

Answer: Tom Cruise

15. Identify the HTML tags from a brief description for the stated number of points.

A. 10: This tag defines clickable areas inside of an image.

Answer: MAP

B. 10: A file used by a plug-in application is placed into a web page using this tag.

Answer: EMBED

C. For five points each, these two tags add nothing to the text they enclose, but are useful for sectioning off parts of the page for positioning and styles.

Answer: DIV and SPAN

16. Name the year from events, 30-20-10:

A. 30: The Lateran Pact affirming Papal sovereignty over Vatican City, and Papal recognition of Italy as a state with Rome as it's capital, was signed.

B. 20: Leon Trotsky was banished from the Soviet Union, and began his exile in Turkey.

C.10: President Herbert Hoover helplessly watched the stock market crash, beginning the Great Depression.

Answer: 1929

17. Answer the following questions about lakes in the Canadian province of Manitoba, 5-10-15.

5: The largest lake in the province, it shares its name with the capital city.

Answer: Lake Winnipeg

10: This small western lake has a name identical to the term used to refer to the heir to the French throne.

Answer: Dauphin Lake

15: This lake, in between Lake Winnipeg and Dauphin Lake, is very irregularly shaped and is the second-largest lake in the province.

Answer: Lake Winnipegosis

18. Identify the Germanic literary conventions for ten points each.

A. Used by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Novalis, and Goethe, it means "little tale" and is intensely abstract, typically following a hero through a threefold quest and triumph.

Answer: Märchen

B. Meaning "novel of education," this type of novel focuses upon growth and was created in is present form in Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship.

Answer: bildungsroman

C. Originating from a parodic character in a short story by Ludwig Eichrodt, this term refers to the conservative, didactic movement in Germanic literature that arose in opposition to the optimism of the Romantics.

Answer: Biedermeier

19. Everyone can figure out the creator of the French socialist movement, Fourierism. Answer these tougher questions about the movement, 5-10-15.

5 - This was the base unit of Fourierist society, consisting of about 1600 people.

Answer: phalanx

10 - The most famous implementation of Fourierism occurred not in France but New England, where it lasted from 1841-47 under the leadership of Albert Brisbane.

Answer: Brook Farm

15 - This is the term Fourier used to describe the common buildings possessed by each phalanx.

Answer: phalanstery

20. Furnish the location of the given opera houses, 10 points each.

A. Festspielhaus

Answer: Bayreuth

B. Staatsoper

Answer: Vienna

C. La Scala

Answer: Milan

21. 30, 20, 10 name the artist.

30 - He broke his nose in a barroom brawl with a more skilled pugilist within a few years of completing the engraving "Battle of the Centaurs."

20 - A student of Domenico Ghirlandaio, he spent several years hiding from unhappy patrons in a Milan basement, but emerged to assuage his sponsors with his Doni Tondo.

10 - This artist drew a hostile papal advisor as the donkey-eared Minos - and compounded the insult by penning a serpent biting his penis - in his famous Last Judgement.

Answer: Michelangelo Buonarroti (accept either name)

22. Identify the actor/actress from movies for which they won the Best Actor/Actress Oscar, for ten points each. Each actor has won the award at least twice.

A. Captain's Courageous, Boys Town

Answer: Spencer Tracy

B. The Great Ziegfeld, The Good Earth

Answer: Luise Rainer

C. To Each His Own, The Heiress

Answer: Olivia de Havilland

23. Identify the Aristophanes play from a brief description for ten points each.

A. The women of Athens conspire to kill Euripides because of his offensive plays.

Answer: Women at the Thesmophoria

B. A farmer grows tired of the Peloponnesian War and makes a private peace treaty with the Spartans.

Answer: The Acharnians

C. Another farmer rescues the god of Peace from a pit.

Answer: Peace