Caltech Technophobia III

Questions by ASU Pimpbot 5000


1. Picric acid and 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene are extremes used over a range of 0.1 to 0.8 and 12.0 to 14.0, respectively. Bromocresol green changes over the range of 3.8 to 5.4, while bromocresol purple changes over the range of 5.2 to 6.8. For ten points, identify these types of color-changing chemicals, of which phenolphthalein and litmus are the most well known.

Answer: indicators

2. There's a dead woman knocking at the window, a spiteful young witch, a big, illiterate stable boy and a dark, revenge driven man. However unfriendly this group may be, it does not stop Mr. Lockwood from wanting to discover more of their story. For ten points, Lockwood learns the dark secrets of his neighbors, the Earnshaws and Lintons, in what gothic romance by Emily Bronte?

Answer: Wuthering Heights

3. He's known as "Superjudge" for his previous successes as a crime-buster, but now his reputation has gone worldwide. His latest case has embroiled three countries, as his investigation looks into "Operation Condor." For ten points, name this judge, who is fast becoming a Ken Starr to Augusto Pinochet.

Answer: Baltazar Garzon

4. His only championship game experiences, both in the AFC, came ten years apart. He holds the NFL single season record for most fumbles recovered, but that's not surprising, as he holds the NFL record for career fumbles. For ten points, name this graduate of the now defunct Milton College, the Seattle Seahawk record holder for most touchdowns and most passing yards, and a current Tennessee Oiler.

Answer: Dave Krieg

5. The first was waged after Campanian mercenaries secured the city of Messana and resulted in Roman control of Sicily. The third was fought to destroy the commercial competition that still plagued Roman interests, resulting in the annihilation of Rome's competitor at the end of the four year war. For ten points, identify this series of wars, the second of which featured the invasion of Italy by land and a herd of elephants crossing the Alps.

Answer: Punic Wars

6. The closest town to it is Ushuaia, Argentina, but most expeditions leave in cargo planes with ski landing gear from southern Chile. Discovered by explorer Lincoln Ellsworth in 1935, it rests at the base of the peninsula that separates the Weddell and Bellingshausen Seas. For ten points name this mountain named for a Georgia congressman, the highest in Antarctica.

Answer: Vinson Massif or Mt. Vinson

7. Nicknamed 'beta' because he was said to be at least second best in everything from geometry to drama, he settled in Alexandria in 255 and led its great library. He worked out a calendar with leap years and tried to fix the dates of literary and political events since the siege of Troy. For ten points, name this Cyrenian inventor of a method of finding prime numbers known as his sieve.

Answer: Eratosthenes

8. The first company to go global on its first day of business, its name comes from the number of satellites originally planned for the network. For ten points name this multinational brainchild of Motorola, which, though it is now comprised of 66 satellites, has not changed its name to element 66, "Dysprosium".

Answer: Iridium

9. It tells us that Jesus had engaged in a baptizing ministry before He began preaching and working miracles, and that He was crucified on the day before Passover. The placement of the cleansing of the temple in Jesus' life differs from that of the synoptic gospels, reflecting the author's emphasis on theology over historical accuracy. For ten points, identify this Biblical book, the fourth gospel of the New Testament.

Answer: The Gospel According to John

10. It is synthesized in the nucleus by polymerase I, which makes the 18s and 28s types, and polymerase III, which makes the 5s type. The 18s type combine with proteins to form the 40s subunit, while the 28s and 5s strands combine with protein to form the 60s subunit. During translation, the 40s subunit and 60s subunit form a functional ribosome composed of, for ten points, what type of nucleic acid?

Answer: Ribosomal RNA (prompt of "RNA" before "ribosome")

11. Harry Sinclair of the Mammoth Oil Company was acquitted of bribery charges, but spent six and a half months in jail for contempt. After secretly allowing Sinclair access to the naval oil reserves in Wyoming, Secretary of the Interior Fall was convicted of accepting bribes and imprisoned. For ten points, identify this scandal that occurred during Harding's Presidency.

Answer: Teapot Dome

12. Controversy started when buyers of this toy thought it was saying "faggot, faggot" and "bite my butt." The Asian actress who plays the character on television claims that she just needed to add more gibberish to the talking toy, and so chose "fidit, fidit," Cantonese for "faster, faster." For ten points, name the character, the red Teletubby, whose name has the closest tie to the macabre of any of the four.

Answer: Po [prompt on early buzz of "Teletubbies"]

13. Married to a cold, ambitious statesman, she struggles against a patriarchal society -- a world in which her brother can easily lead a dual life, while she is doomed in her love affair with a nobleman she met in a train station, foreshadowing her forthcoming end. For ten points identify this sister of Oblonsky and lover of Count Vronsky who throws herself under a train at the end of Tolstoy's famous novel.

Answer: Anna Karenina

14. He was the son of the Orthodox patriarch Philaret and a woman who became a nun during the reign of Boris Godunov. Elected by the "Assembly of the Land" at the age of sixteen because he was related to Fyodor I, he was poorly educated and allowed his mother's relatives to control government affairs. For ten points, identify this tsar who co-ruled with his father from 1619 to 1633, the founder of the Romanov dynasty.

Answer: Michael Romanov

15. A sick Arab who's harmless when not out of his head, a floating house, an aristocratic family feud, a ship wreck, Uncle Silas, Susan, Mary Jane, Joanna the hare-lip, Boggs, Miss Sophia, The Duke of Bilgewater, Judge Thatcher, the widow Douglas and Miss Watson are all part, for ten points, of what episodic tale taking place on the Mississippi, written by Mark Twain.

Answer: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (accept: Huck Finn)

16. They recorded their third Grand Royal release in New Orleans, far from their New York City roots. One of their members was the original Beastie Boys drummer, at age 15, and for this past season was a season ticket holder for the New York Liberty. For ten points, identify this band named for a Philadelphia 76er from the 1960's, whom you may know from their Gap commercial or their albums Natural Ingredients and Fever In, Fever Out.

Answer: Luscious Jackson

17. He was attracted to psychology by the works of Pavlov, Russell, and Watson, but none of them ever went so far as to train pigeons to play Ping-Pong. He also invented the Air-Crib, a large soundproof, germ-free mechanical baby tender that was supposed to provide an ideal environment for the first two years of life. For ten points, identify this American behavioural psychologist who authored The Behavior of Organisms and Walden Two.

Answer: Burrhus Frederick Skinner

18. This city was established in 1799 as Fort St. Michael. After the fort was destroyed by the Tlingit Indians, it was rebuilt in 1804 and dubbed New Archangel. For ten points name this city, on Baranof Island, the site of the formal transfer of Alaska to the U.S., and its first territorial capital.

Answer: Sitka

19. After writing articles supporting revolution and taking part in the Dresden uprising of 1849, a warrant was issued for his arrest, causing this composer to flee from Germany for fifteen years. His exile ended when he was invited to Bavaria by the newly enthroned king Ludwig II to complete work on a series of four operas. For ten points, identify this German composer of Parsifal, Tristan and Isolde, and the Ring cycle.

Answer: Richard Wagner

20. Known as "the Little Japanese," he left a sizable impression in the world of dance, beginning with his first choreographic experience in Fokine's interpretation of Petrouchka. His own choreography was displayed in Debussy's L'Apres-Midi d'un Faune, which he followed with an odd pas de trois of Debussy's Jeux. For ten points, who is this Russian dancer, the principal male in Diaghilev's Ballets Russe before his marriage and eventual descent into madness?

Answer: Vaslav Nijinsky

21. Nellie Ruth Shirley, a 39 year-old from Honea Path, South Carolina, has recently been charged with trespassing in Connecticut. Her actions are remarkably similar to Margaret Ray, a 46 year-old who recently committed suicide in Colorado. For ten points, name the object of their misguided affection, a former television weatherman and perhaps the world's most famous Ball State graduate, whose bachelorhood is often noted on his late-night talk show.

Answer: David Letterman

22. His theme song, a remake of the Theme from Shaft, mentions his time spent as a Navy SEAL, but this actor, former suburban mayor, and talk radio host left out his most obvious achievement. Previously best known for a supporting role in Predator and pinning hundreds on Saturday afternoons while strutting around the ring with a feather boa, who, for ten points, just got elected governor of Minnesota?

Answer: Jesse "The Body" Ventura

23. It was the the predominant influence on the development of a special form of Buddhism in Mongolia and Tibet. Prominent in India in the 7th century A.D., masters of this form have developed elaborate ritual usage of mudras, mantras, and madalas. For ten points, identify this Buddhist sect, which involves the identification of the initiate with a visualized deity and actions demonstrating the transcendence of all dualistic categories.

Answer: Tantric Buddhism (also accept Vajrayana or Mantrayana)

24. Jacob Riis's How the Other Half Lives, Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Women and Economics, Frank Norris's Octopus, John Dewey's School and Society, John Spargo's Bitter Cry of Children, and Ida Tarbell's History of the Standard Oil Company. These authors all have in common, for ten points, what name given to them by Theodore Roosevelt for supporting Progressive reform?

Answer: Muckrakers

25. This painter grew up in the French port town of Le Havre where he was originally influenced by Boudin, from whom he adopted the idea of painting en plein air. While at l'Ecole des Artistes, he became close friends with Sisley, Renoir, and Bazille. For ten points, name this painter of Impression Sunrise, the Rouen Cathedral, and Water Lily Pool.

Answer: Claude Monet

26. This author identified himself as the tortured artist. His early years were marked by repulsion for social convention; his influences were Hans Christian Andersen, Schopenhauer, the German Romantic poets, Nietzche and Freud. He believed in the duality of life and that true artistic masterpiece can only be derived from the experience of deepest decadence, an idea expressed, for ten points, through whose characters of Aushenbach and Tadzio in Death in Venice?

Answer: Thomas Mann

27. The Hubble Space Telescope has made over 10,000 observations since its launch in 1990. Now, after eight years the Space Telescope Science Institute has organized a team to produce a photogallery for the Web to present the most striking of these. For ten points, name this project, which launched its website October 21.

Answer: Hubble Heritage Program (or Project)